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“Ш”one or many, is, are, familiar with methods, mentality and weaknesses of greedy narcissistic creatures that are self-destructive in their core. The most dangerous detail of all their minds is the thought- after me the flood! Usualy those are inteligent people but with no compassion. And the essence is not in intelligence but in feelings. In the soul, heart, spirit! Being inteligent without soul is the definition of the devil. Dangerous yes, but looser. To remind you, the readers, the plan is not of today. The plan is from the end of the 19th Century and it is using our weaknesses! It is demolishing family values by promoting individuality and constant present! All made to confuse! The tragic that confirms the manipulation and complete confusion is seen in the families that are destroyed by egoism and utter stupidity of manipulated members. The plan is still in motion, everywhere and in every segment of human exsistance! Especially in the education of the young generation! Wake up!

“The world is in the midst of a crisis not less serious than that of the great war.” To continue with quotes-“It is near, at the door.”
It says further it is “concerning something people do not wish to believe and which is so near.”
Even Matthew 24,13 is mentioned! “He who suffers to the end shall be saved.”

The quotes are from the Serge Nilus 1905 book published in Tsarskoie Selo – Russia. Translated to English in 1920.

Question arises. What is the purpose of life?
Is the purpose of life not to know the gender? Is it the purpose of life to kill the freedom of choice to humanity as the Nazi doctors were doing?
Is the purpose of life to destroy all awaiting messiah? Is the purpose of life to live for the moment while the planers plan how to exterminate us? How many of “popular” writers are saying and asking you poor souls to live for today? Ask your self why!

This is short post aimed for anyone who wants to read and investigate further!

Actions matter! So we need to awake first and act!

And the message to all insidious destroyers is another quote from the same papers:

” Slavdom has not yet spoken its last word, and therefore, no matter how cunning and strong the roamers may be, their efforts are doomed to failure, and for this reason there is no need to despair!”

Show is for show and action is for action. We want all reformed and awake! All the humanity!

You decide who is determined for goodness and who is Clown used by the Wonderers, Roamers, the destroyers!

“Ш” the friend or friends of Yuri Andropov knew that!

Let me finish with one anecdote

Namely dear President Obama was talking to Mrs. Angela Merkel explaing to her about the power he has. So he said showing her three buttons- this is the red button and by pressing it the China will be destroyed. By pressing this blue one, the Russia will be destroyed and thos green one is reserved for Europe.

She listened carefully and said: “My grandmother had three toilets. One gold, one silver and one bronze. When she learned that the Russians conquered Berlin she pooped in the kitchen.”

Slavdom will find a way to proceed while the initiators of 33 degree will lose as they are not the genuine one! They just found the way how to usurp a nice idea, like many ideas! However they might join humanity, join us, if they start feeling as humans do!

As it was not widely published here is the link of UN resolution of December 2022 to condemn glorification of Nazism.

You can find how your country voted as the votes will be remembered for as long as there is a need especially having in mind that Nazi doctors trial conclusion at Nuremberg aftervthe WWII was that THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE IS GUARANTEED! Remember that when morons push you to do something you do not want to do! Once – do not be stupid! And use bicycle! “Ш” was using it! Why not you?!

As for the remote village in Switzerland who cares!

Universe is king! And Queen!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate today!

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