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Quarantine diaries-Day 4

Day 4
“Bob Dylan”
There are days that pass without something worth mentioning. Except for ordinary things! Ordinary thinks. No fast cars, no “shopping therapy.” Just usual things such as breathing, walking, seeing, listening, and talking.
And then after some days, we realize! Usual things are becoming important as without “ordinary things” we will not be able to have “extraordinary” things. Then transfer is made! Ordinary matters occupy the position of extraordinary issues. Furthermore, we learn; definitely, the majority learns to measure what is enough! And you realize that it is not much!
The day passed in reading and collecting information about the situation regarding the issues we face now.
Somewhere towards the end, I learned that Bob Dylan published 17 minutes song called “Murder Most Foul” about the assassination of J.F.Kennedy 22/11/1963 (=25= 7 – “Separabis terram ab igne, subtile a spisso, suaviter, cum magno ingenio=Separate Fire from Earth, subtle from gross, but with skill and passion”).

His message was
“Greetings to my fans and followers with gratitude for all your support and loyalty over the years.
This is an unreleased song we recorded a while back that you might find interesting.
Stay safe, stay observant and may God be with you.”
“Bob Dylan”
Stay Observant!

Then it is quite intriguing why Bob Dilan published the song just on 26/3/2020(= 15= 6 – “Vis elus integra est, si versa fuerit in= Its power is most perfect when it has AGAIN been changed into Earth”).
I started to go a little bit deeper. I found out the gossip that President Trump received secretly, Mrs.Caroline Kennedy, who, on 19th of February unexpectedly, resigned from an advisory board at Harvard school named after her father, John F. Kennedy.
In the end, it was an ordinary day with extraordinary coincidences spreading around.

Hope that I gave you some further food for thought.

As Bob Dylan said: “… Stay observant…”
And another hint! Find out what is going on in Belorussia.



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Quarantine diaries – Day 3

Day 3
You might laugh, but, walking the dog at the times of quarantine, even for half an hour, can clear the mind and structure your thoughts! As there is no pressure from the real world. That pressure is on hold. Sleeps for a while, awaiting the time to wake up and start grinding us all again and again. Till we die.
Apparent, logical thought is to use the time we have left on Earth to do something which will stay behind us. Not like Gladio, but like Nikola Tesla.
Mentioning Nikola Tesla is not for a scientific reason. Neither for his inventions, we still use as the main idea for advancing our civilization. It is because Nikola Tesla did not let his school interfere with his education as Mark Twain, his friend, said! Like it or not, knowing about Nikola Tesla or not, when you switch on and off the lights at your home, you send the message to Nikola Tesla. That is called immortality.
Or, to mention the story about the moral values of King Louis XVI, who in 1755 rejected the new weapon, the forerunner of machine-gun. He made the inventor the enemy of humanity using the expression of famous Rolan de Roncevaux, “Cursed be the coward who invented arms capable of killing from a distance.”
From then onward, the distance was increasing, and now the speed of delivering is expanding. What went wrong?
Nothing. It just stayed the same. Conquer was then conquer is now.
Means changed. Our minds stayed the same. However, quarantine is the opportunity event letting us to, at least try, to transmute our mind!
Be able to see what is in front of our nose! Finally!
That was part of the fascinating and inspiring discussion I had in the evening with another young gentleman of the same age as my youngest son. Namely, we started to talk about soda bicarbonate and lemon. About and the pros and cons of different prevention processes, continuing by mentioning one lecture, I do not want to reveal here, and finishing with the observation of two crucial figures in the history of biology and microbiology.
That of Louis Paster and that of Antoine Bechamp. The first discovered principles of vaccination supporting the germ theory of disease and is called the father of microbiology. The second synthesized the first organic arsenical drug. That drug was used by Paul Erlich to manufacture the first chemotherapeutic drug.
As we continue discussing different matters, I was pleasantly surprised by the zeal of that young gentleman to learn new and to share his knowledge and thoughts about many issues arising from the situation we are facing now. With the young generation eager to learn, Earth has the future I already mentioned in Quarantine diaries Day 2.
I will not emphasize the quality of education in the last 100 years. Still I will only mention that the Theory of Paster is compulsory in schools while the Theory of Becham is somehow not taught. Like it is forbidden, but still in front of our nose! So, let me quote a passage from Wikipedia: “Béchamp’s rivalry with Pasteur was initially for priority in attributing fermentation to microorganisms, later for attributing the silkworm disease pebrine to microorganisms, and eventually over the validity of germ theory. Béchamp also disputed cell theory.
Claiming discovery that the “molecular granulations” in biological fluids were actually the elementary units of life, Béchamp named them microzymas—that is, “tiny enzymes”—and credited them with producing both enzymes and cells while “evolving” amid favorable conditions into multicellular organisms. Denying that bacteria could invade a healthy animal and cause disease, Béchamp claimed instead that unfavorable host and environmental conditions destabilize the host’s native microzymas, whereupon they decompose host tissue by producing pathogenic bacteria.
While cell theory and germ theory gained widespread acceptance, granular theories became obscure. Béchamp’s version, microzymian theory, has been retained by small groups, especially in alternative medicine.”
Food for thought it is thanks to the young gentleman and his first doubts about soda bicarbonate and lemon!
Here you can find more about “forgotten” Antoine Bechamp by reading the book in kindle edition.

Wishing you all health and happiness!


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Quarantine diaries-Day 2

Day 2
During the dinner I had with my son day 1, we were talking about the epidemy we are passing through now and how this situation will affect us all. How difficult is it to know the truth.
As Montesquieu said, “Error runs down an inclined plane, while truth has to laboriously climb its way uphill.” It made me think about how extreme situations are making children grow faster and become more focused on their future. Their instincts sharpen, their logic renewed with fresh common sense thoughts. Again common sense!
Even without defining, instinctively, the young generation uses amazingly good SWOT analysis!
SWOT being Strenght Opportunities Weaknesses and Threats! Good old school! Before Bologna.
We both agree, after analyzing lines and in between the lines of the statement by different institutions and individuals, that opportunities are rising with the threats and that the strength obtained will exceed weaknesses!
It was a beautiful exchange of thoughts that brought comfortable and deep sleep.
A new day, number 2, came without asking if it is acceptable to approach as time is not considering our needs and thoughts. It comes, and it goes. Nothing is forever!
While taking the dog for a must walk, I remembered the following quote:
“I must not fear. Fear is a mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me, and when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see that path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
Reading this quote from Frank Herbert’s novel “DUNE” one thought came to my mind.
That common sensed human mind free of fear can do miracles!
But the issue is if the world needs miracles! Status quo is another option as those in power do not want change! Or they do? Cosmetic one.
It is like that beautiful joke when Londoner goes to the pub in some rural place in Ireland, orders pint of beer, and pays with a 20 pound note. While enjoying the Guinness, the men get puzzled about why he is not receiving change. Then when he realizes that change is not coming he askes the barmaid “What about change, please?” and gets an immediate answer
“Change? No, we do not like change here!”…
That is what is mind concept of the majority of us, human beings. Stuck with what we have and afraid of change!
To start with changes, an opening event is needed. The one we are living in now. Good or bad, we do not know at the moment as the game is still in play.
What we know is that we ask for miracles when something goes wrong and when the structure of different interests and the whole concept starts to crumble. Those forces that are coming to the top have the benefit not to destroy the old idea, but to take from its positive achievements and insert them to the new system, the original concept of power—something that Marx did with Hegel.
Is it that what is happening now, the two-day quarantine brain can not answer.
However, if we start to judge not by the appearance but by the meaning, we might discover the truth! If we comprehend what is in between the lines! If we sharpen our common sense!

All for the future of the people coming after us!

Everything is transient, except our deeds! What we do today will affect and us and someone else tomorrow. Better to be human, positive, and kind!


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Quarantine diaries

Day one!
People are good! They are always good! Even those that are bad! Even those that are selling to others their research regarding behavior. Even those that transferred Pavlov’s dog conditioning( now conveniently called “classical” conditioning) to emotional conditioning with like “Little Albert experiment” done 1920 at John Hopkins University. Great tradition.
All people are good! To someone.
So, as usual, I took the dog for a morning walk not knowing if it is vise versa as she dragged me with a lot of enthusiasm towards the nearby park.
I was thinking that I am the lucky one as the park is situated just over 100 meters from the place I live but after I realized that those having a quarantine near the sea or those having the house in the village are better off than us staying in the city.
And then common sense answer appeared! Be happy with what you have! Enjoy that what you have!
And the best thing you have is YOU!
Having that in mind my walk was combined with very optimistic thoughts about the future. Because of one ingredient! Just simple TIME! If this what is happening today with our civilization is a product of man-made alternations using protein Cas9 genome editing technique and derivates of it, then again time will show. And it will pass!
Sometimes is beyond comprehension why are some people looking forward to other people suffering. Because it will pass! Instead to be remembered by future generations(many of them!!!) for philanthropy and altruism nearly all will disappear without being mentioned anywhere in 200 years when we, humans, will be settling in other planets. But first is the moon!
However, thoughts were flying due to spare time, there are tremendous positive things which will, definitely, happen during quarantine! After a week of preparing and another week of getting crazy the third week will be producing some of the most unique thoughts humanity experienced! Even we might find out in the next one to two decades that new Nikola Tesla is among us! That new way of development of human species started taking place in the days of quarantine!
What a gold for behavioralists! Good one!
In the end, all those scientists might realize that real science is somewhere else.
It is in us!

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Conversation with Italian friend

As the epidemic in the Italian province of Lombardy continues our eyes and ears and all our deep human feelings of solidarity and compassion go first to the people we know there and then to all Italians affected by this terrible situation.
As we know each other for nearly 20 years the first thing I asked, obviously, how is he and his family. All good and under control as we are near but not at the epicenter of infection he replied. We stay at home doing many activities we did not have time to do as we all work a lot. Just two days ago we painted the house inside and now planing some repair outside. Refreshing the place you live in is beautiful as it boosts morale and good, positive energy. More negative ions are produced as some say that when negative ions are increased in the atmosphere our immune system gets a boost. Like after the rain when negative ions fill the atmosphere.

I told him that one way of boosting the immune system is to cut three, four slices of washed Lemon, put it in the cup and cover it with hot water and some ginger. there was a reply by usual smile! Then he sent a photo you can see at the beginning of the article! Plate with traditional Italian macaroni with hot peppers on the top, accompanied by the dosage instruction!
It stated: Three times a day together with the glass or two of wine! Italian way! It continued with the humor about the concept behind it!
“If we have to go away, better with a full stomach!”

We also read a lot and I am trying to learn Chinese language! It will be the fifth language in my portfolio! Then he sent me photos of the books written by Danilo Kis ( Homo Poeticus), Crnjanski ( Migrazioni I and II) and Andric ( Il ponte sulla Drina) proudly letting me know that he is reading again Migrazioni by Crnjanski.

We exchanged information about the virus and all sides of the story including politics, the future, after an epidemic, civil liberties and generally the state of our civilization. There will be a lot of work for all of us we concluded. First psychological and then merging broken pieces with the gold! As per Japanese tradition.
Then we went on to find out who benefits?
That will be seen after the epidemic is finished, even that there are clues already emerging.
In the meantime, we need to stay safe and get more information and educate ourselves to the point of being more human and even more altruistic! It is not me it is us, we concluded.
Hope all of us get to the same conclusion and practice it!

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Antologie de Poezie Romana Moderna


The anthology is a real gem! I got it when visiting Iasi in 2017. The time when I “met” Mihai Eminescu and Ioan Creanga at Casa Bolta Rece restaurant. It is called Testament, that what we leave behind, but I can call it an introduction to Romanian language and mentality as it is bilingual and filled with poems. In Romanian and English! From Eminescu, Alecsandri, Stanescu, and Labis. And others like Vieru, Sorescu, Malancioiu, Paunescu, Ivanescu, Bladiana, Mazilescu, Arghezi and Bacovias”Plumb”(Lead) and Es pop “Daca n-as fi fost silit sa vorbesc”(If I hadn’t been forced to speak) and many many more! Real gem!
It helped me to observe better Romanian society and a much more real, beautiful, traditional Romanian soul. Challenging but rewarding, as in the process, I became better then I was. I learned how, in uncertain times, interwoven with a lot of pain and struggle for survival, people are becoming more human and are expressing solidarity much more than usual. It made me prepared to comprehend immediately, to the full, the deep meaning of a friend saying, ” It is hard to be Romanian” a year after when we were celebrating a 100 years of Romanian independence! It made me happy to have so many Romanian friends understanding and sharing all possible and impossible feelings the life offers!
Following is the quote from the introduction!
“Totusi si in aceste natiuni mici se nasc, traiesc si mor oameni care trec prin aceleasi experiente de viata ca si noi ceilalti: imaginatie si plictis, dulce si ama, triumf si tragedie. De fapt, probabil ca aceste simtaminte sunt traite si mai intens in aceste zone, deoarece aceste popoare au fost bantuite de unele din cele mai drastice evenimente ale istoriei umane, aflandu-se prinse intre marile puteri politice.”
And in English: “And yet in those little nations, people are born, live and die through precisely the same set of experiences that we all do: glorious imagination and dull drudgery, sweetness and bitterness, triumph and tragedy. Indeed, perhaps they experience these things more intensely than many of us, for these nations have been subjected to some of the greatest highs and lows in human history, as the unfortunate meat in the sandwich of Great Power politics.”
The times we are living in can make us or to die out of fear or to realize what life is and what are we doing here!
From Jurnal de zi or Daily Jurnal by Raminescu
” Alergam toti in cautarea acelui drum unic
pe care fiecare dintre noi trebuie sa-I
gaseasca singur.
Oare la ce viteza cosmica am ajuns?”
” We are all running seeking that unique way
which every one of us must
find by ourselves.
Pray tell me, what cosmic speed have we reached now?”

And at the same time reflect on our past and think like Es pop in his poem
“Daca n-as fi fost silit sa vorbesc” ( If I hadn’t been forced to speak).
Warmly recommended book!
Iti scoate frica si iti stimuleaza sistemul imunitar!
It takes all fear away, and it is boosting your immune system!
Lectura placuta, Happy reading

Testament – Anthology of Romanian Verse


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Corona and us-The opportunity

Viruses are everywhere. They are with us from the beginning of time. Extra small and dangerous accompanying every living organism! At his immortal book, “Rabies” Borislav Pekic stated that virus has no less right to kill to live than humans have to kill to rule! Or at “The Plague” Albert Camus remarked perfectly: “But what does it mean the plague? It is life, that is all!”

Let’s stop at the moment!
Instead of fighting who will get more antiseptics from the supermarket shelves, shall we start thinking out of the dicey box? Instead of uniformity, let us embrace variety!
By doing so, we might get into the conclusion that mother nature has made viruses as a micro copy of us, reminding us of our own vulnerability and fragility!
However, viruses do not necessarily kill! They are in and around us. They can ignite many things, but they can also stand still! And they can run away!
They are also here from always as a great sign of opportunity!
Opportunity to be more human! To let others get that antiseptic from supermarkets and pharmacies! To give it as a present for people who do not have it! To help and to work together! To practice, yes, practice, humanity!
As I was writing about Cyprus and real Epidemic, that of Love, (https://www.cyprustourismdeals.com/) togetherness came on my mind! Mutual Aid as a factor of evolution! Like Kropotkin wrote in his excellent book with the same title!
“Don’t compete! – competition is always injurious to the species, and you have plenty of resources to avoid it!”
Instead, cooperate!
That is the opportunity viruses, with their existence from the beginning of time, are letting us have!
Think about it! It makes panic to run away and, at the same time, inspires solidarity!
And in the long run, solidarity always “proves much more advantageous to the species than the development of individuals endowed with predatory inclinations.”( Mutal Aid – Kropotkin)

There is an opportunity to practice solidarity when situations like this are happening! First, solidarity with other people’s thoughts, other people fears, whatever they are!
Furthermore, as we all are painfully distrustful, we should give trust! That is the only way to learn who to trust!
Viruses should not scare us! Implications of it, such as panic, stockpiling of unreasonable amounts of anything, are for concern!
Let us recapitulate with common sense as a ruler, the knowledge, the feelings of rationality, openness, altruism! At the book “Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness: A Personalized Program” of Wener Hoeger, Sharon Hoeger there is a passage about Altruism.

“Altruism, a key attribute of spiritual people, seems to enhance health and longevity. Studies indicate that people who regularly volunteer live longer. Research has found that Health benefits of altruism are so powerful that doing good for others is good for oneself especially for the immune system”

And we could go back to the times when our parents read to us fairy tales every night before sleep and start reading it to our children! And by reading to our children we will be reading it to us again! A way to practice togetherness with the human beings we love the most! Here is a beautiful bilingual fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen and brothers Grimm book in English and Romanian available in Kindle.

Take it an practice it!

We do not yet have any other planet to go to!
Earth is still one and only!
Let us use this opportunity of a pandemic to wake up and be better human beings having as life motto to protect others from ourselves!
When a virus finds out that we are practicing the protection of others from ourselves, through chemical reaction in our brain it will understand that it is unwanted and will run away and completely disappear!

What will stay?

Memories of togetherness and solidarity, altruism and love!

And it will be up to us to make them daily routine enriching our personality!

Maybe then we will realize why are we here and what is our life purpose!

Be what you are! Human!
And wake up!

12/3/2020 and modified 20/3/2020


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Read Poetry

In his”Memoirs Of A Revolutionist” Peter Kropotkin said:

“Sometimes he would advise me to read poetry, and would send me in his letters quantities of verses and whole poems, which he wrote from memory. ‘Read poetry,’ he wrote: ‘poetry makes men better.’ How often, in my later life, I realized the truth of this remark of his! Read poetry: it makes men better.”
To contribute here is a poem of March 2017. It happened one night when I was lying on the grass looking at the stars trying to find out how we react when our love is under scrutiny. And it goes


Tonight I love you,

I feel and write.

Even poems for you

I create

from clean soul

full of love.

I do not interpret !

Nothing to repeat

All genuine , new ,

from deep in me.

Said by words

Felt by heart !

And that is me,

naked as born

I love you tonight!

And tomorrow?

Tomorrow is for sorrow…

Copyright Philosophyofgoodnews

D. K.

March 2017

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