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Dear Friends ,

After more than two years and nearly 200000 views philosophyofgoodnews decided to change the way how the site http://www.philosophyofgoodnews.com works.

We will transfer gradually all the articles published in two and a half years time with some additional thoughts and information.

We hope that our new set up will be an inspiration not only for you to read and comment but also to us  to write more and more and to jointly walk towards awakening, awareness, respect, as only our human souls can do.

That is coming through reading,participating,writing in a word learning every single moment.

Hope that you can contribute also with your suggestions,opinions,ideas. Further more you are encouraged to submit your writings which we will publish at our sub page “Beautiful Minds” as well as suggestions for quote of the day.

We will anounnce in due time the game we would like to invite you to play. It will be a game of thoughts ,human,genuine and humble.

And there will be a PRIZE also.

So , stay tuned, enjoy and be active !



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The sentence

Yesterday as it was Sunday, ah that Sunday, we went to visit some ancient churches. As usual, the talk with the priest started. He, Pater Theodoros, born Bogdan from Romania and currently serving at the Monastery of St. John Lampadistis of Kalopanayiotis village in Cyprus, shared a brief history of this holy place. It is one of the most exciting churches as it shows”the curious custom of apportioning a church between the Latin and Orthodox rites.”Latin Chapel is in the north and Orthodox church south, and both are under the same roof!
After the visit, I went to the nearby village of Prodromos to see the ruins of the, once very famous, Berengaria Hotel named after Berengaria of Navarre, the wife of King Richard the Lion Heart.
As I walked towards the hotel, a car stopped by, and the lady, with a genuine smile, asked me where Prodromos is. Surprised, but returning the smile, I told them that it is here. “Is there anything else to see here?” she asked, having the same beautiful smile accompanying her question.
Well, I said, there is a Prodromos dam nearby. And when asked where it is, I cross my hands’ opposite way showing left and right and said -There!
I did not know the direction, and even if I knew I thought that it would be nice to meet the lady with such genuine, wholehearted smile in person. Actually, there were two of them( one driving and one smiling), not only with an exceptional smile but with wide open, curious, smart eyes. My inspiration doubled.
To cut the story short, we met, had a coffee, and talked about life in general. As I spoke about my philosophy of good news, I mentioned a respectful friend of mine living in the same city with them, giving his pseudonym “Velendis”! Poem reader, poem writer, successful businessman, father, and grandfather, he is the man with a beautiful heart and deep thoughts!
The day passed and today in the morning, ah that Monday morning, my dear friend “Velendis” called after many months!
We started talking about the situation in the world and how things are changing, for him to share with me the following short story!
Namely, his friend had a friend who decided to become a monk. He left for Mount Athos, where he became a hermit. Hermits are monks living in caves, avoiding contact with other people, dedicating their life to God, and praying.
After a time, his friend went to Mount Athos to visit him in his cave.
He approached the cave and saw outside some vegetables, onions, and water. He said hello to his friend hermit. With the face turned towards the cave, the monk replied: Welcome you, Cypriot! He understood his voice without looking at him after such a long time! “I am praying for you all this time,” he said.
Emotionally touched, his friend said: “Do you want me to bring you something?” thinking to take some juices and some more food.
And then, as it happens in life, the sentence came out of the hermit, profound and straightforward, and it represents all life!

One walk and one talk made my friend contact me and share the above sentence!
Comments are yours!



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Goat or Sheep, Wolf and Cabbage

All that and on Sunday! It looks like Sundays are the source of inspiration! Sundays, and by the sea! Sundays, by the sea, sun and some wind!
Words that got matured inside me take their place as athletes that are preparing to start the race! Then they begin to flow! It looks easy as instincts are clean, inspired by the need to get expressed, even if that is understandable only to me! That is how it goes on this particular Sunday!
Yesterday night made me happy as I could see that my behavior makes people around me positive, cheerful, and at the same time, thoughtful!
That renews the thought of what is to be human, what is to be a man.
Further, refreshing my information about Gurdjieff made me excited, and I started to reread some of his writings.
We are making compromises every day. With our selves and with the world around us! Our mind continually needs to search for compromises fighting our shortcomings all the time, as Gurdjieff observed a long time ago.
Reading George Gurdjieff brings always boost of inspiration.
Warmly suggesting you start or continue or refresh your interest in his writings.
So, what is to be a human being?
It is to protect and save as a whole and wolf and goat and shep and cabbage and at the same time, not only to protect them from each other but to protect them also from yourself!
Using ancient stories, Gurdjieff reminded me about one awkward problem our mathematics teachers used to ask us to solve, presenting it as “amusing math.” It creates zeal towards problem-solving and teaches us that being slothful is not a trait of man, of the human being.
The story goes like this.
Men have with him a Goat, Wolf, and Cabbage. He also has a small fishing boat and needs to take all of them to the other side of the river. To mention that Goat, Wolf, and Cabbage can not affect each other as long as men’s presence is assured. Also, men have only two places in his small fishing boat available. One position is reserved for him, and he needs to find a way to transport all three to the other side of the river, protecting all of them! If he takes the wolf to the other side of the river first, the goat will eat the cabbage. If he takes the cabbage first, the wolf might eat the goat. So the men start with the goat leaving the wolf with the cabbage. Then it goes back and takes the?


By getting the cabbage to the other side, men take the goat back!
Leaving the goat back, men transport the wolf.
And finally, men go back and takes the goat.
After a long journey and extra effort, men have completed the task.
No one eats anyone! Mission accomplished.
Hard work paid off.
Conclusions are yours.


Sunday. Maybe there should not be Sunday. Maybe Sunday should be canceled as it allows people to relax and think clearly.
However, manipulators are so sure that manipulation became so much interwoven as DNA and RNA spiral inside of us, that they sleep well with Sunday being a kind of free day. Nikolaj Velimirovic, late Serbian bishop( died in 1956 in the USA), said once that when modern Serbia was created great, huge, influential people were living in small houses. When Serbia was replaced with Yugoslavia ( from 1/12/1918), little, tiny, small creatures lived in big, huge houses and palaces. People were complaining, but after some time started to conform and live as per the example of their rulers. The fate was lost. And when fate is lost, hate enters the soul at a considerable cost.
That negative energy becomes very destructive and also easily manipulative.
And for what? To destroy whom and why and for what? It comes to that simple thought. Life does not finish when you are 20-25 years old! Life starts then. If you, the young once, the very future of your country, try to define yourself and find yourself, instead to blame who knows what! If you refuse to get sold to something worthless but showy, if you, the very future of your country, replace frivolity with pure love for the place you are born in, you can really change many things!

If you make your small houses to become the nurseries of creative ideas instead of playroom for different destructive manipulative energies, then you will feel that you grow. Then, you will be surprised how easy it will be to realize your Purpose of Existence! With that path, without realizing you are walking towards fulfillment as a human being! That achievement is making all of us, IMMORTAL! You will become immortal! Immortality is connected with building, not destroying. Immortality is closely connected with goodness and love!
We all still have consciousness. That is something no manipulator can control or project the reaction. That is the last line of defense of the souls. And, to use statistics, it wins over in more than 95 percent of cases! The point is TIME! Do not waste time and destroy from 20 to 40 years old. Instead, learn to build from the time you remember that you exist in this world! Let the building of trust, love, respect be the first memory you will never forget! Always to remember!
Definitely, the great manipulators will consider canceling Sundays!
Sunday is not only a free day, but it becomes the day of consciousness increasingly!
And as a message to all, pure human consciousness will prevail over your destructive video games you transfer to the streets of freedom-loving cities! Whatever you think about manipulated youth, be sure that all of them have consciousness protected and working deep down! They know that you are thinking of them as “deplorables!” They despise you! Yes, you, the manipulators. When awakening happens, with destructive becoming creative energy, with the truth enlightening our souls, we will give it a try and push to awake you also!
We will try to diminish palaces as living places, instead, making them museums. And we will reborn creative ideas and work for the good of all! No matter the number! 20 billion is an excellent number for inhabitants of this planet! So much work is in front of us! Instead of destroying with sick selfishness, we will build to make an Earth paradise for 20 billion people!
To do that we start from our own city first! Instead of destroying, we build!
Instead of hate, we love! In spite of all those manipulators!

Love, Build, Respect!
And Sundays will continue to exist!



Connect and Respect



Some years ago, I had the privilege of reading my daughter’s first essay.
She was then in primary school. It was about a small city where all the residents used examples of family values to educate children. Interwoven with love for books and developing virtues to enhance the ability to comprehend the knowledge.
I was amazed by the way how smooth her thoughts were and the idea to write about that. I even had a couple of tears but managed not to be seen by anyone. As excited as a parent can be, I told her that the enjoyment I had is not connected with paternalistic love. That if she will study literature and continue to write keeping originality, she would find happiness doing the job she loves! I said not to “forget” writing diaries and anything that comes on her mind.
It reminded me of my mother, who, even that could not move any part of her body due to the multiple sclerosis illness, wanted to hear my essay about Belgrade when I was nearly the same age as my daughter!
You know, it is that Belgrade city bombed four times in the 20th Century. Austro Hungarian Empire in 1914 WWI bombed it, continuing with Hitler Germany on April the 6th 1941, with National Library as the first target burning 1300 Cyrillic manuscripts from 12th till 18th Century, carrying on with our dear allies bombing Belgrade in 1944. Twentieth Century could not finish without another bombing of Belgarde in 1999 by the same precious allies from two world wars pounding it again. That last bombing, I obviously could not mention to my mother as I wrote the essay in 1978.
So, I read to her my romantic essay about Belgrade and its streets and multiculturality. About the peaceful coexistence of people with many religions and different roots. About Serbs, Jews, Muslims, Croatians, Gypsies, Aromanians( Cincari), Turks, Hungarians, Romanians, Bulgarians, Albanians, and many others!
The message was that of unity and prosperity as everyone, no matter religion or nationality had something to offer for Belgrade to continue growing. The message also was that of forgiving but not forgetting as memories are an essential part of our being. Memories make us wiser and more human as long as we overcome the emotions of hate and antagonism, adding that of cooperation, respect, and universal love.
My mother, who passed away in 1980, nodded in agreement letting out a few tears to be seen! After many years I understood that those tears were let on purpose to be seen as she wanted to create a memory!
And to mention that those two ladies of my life were born in the same month with three days date difference.
In the meantime, my daughter graduated English literature from a UK university and started teaching English and even contributed with an article here at philosophyofgoodnews. Her article is titled ” The process of becoming” published the first time in 2017.
Then just a week ago, two articles were published at the web site she made with her friends, those that inspired me to write these words!
Especially the second one about the passion for photography and
the statement that photos are “universal need of humans to preserve memories.”
It is precisely what all of us should do! Preserve memories, whatever they are! Memories are a part of what we are! Without them, we are lost!
That is the opposite of modern “gurus” teaching to forget what happened, to throw the past behind, and to proceed anew. And then when we do that we understand that something is missing! And that is our memories!
I see myself as the connection of my late mother with my daughter, I must confess that this article is born to, guess what?
Create a memory!
Memories have energy, and if we think about them, what ever they are harmful or not, they are always useful! They have the great ability to solve today’s issues we all face, much more comfortable making us happier and wiser!

Cherish your memories as they are you!

Here is the link of the article!




Connect and Respect

Consciousness and Soul

Sunset somewhere on Earth

It was a day, like any other day, except that she wanted to see him. He was busy making statistic projections for epidemic, as they call it that way. He knew that his forecasts would not pass the test and that the numbers he published projecting possible deaths will not match the reality. He also wanted to see her!
He proposed so-called “social distancing” and another so-called “lockdown”! Of course, to save lives. But he knew that he could not stand “lockdown”! Passion is much more potent than the fear for life!
The passion that many people discovered during the lockdown! Many did not manage to upgrade it but some have done it! However, the beauty of Passion is that it is diametrically opposite of so nicely called “social distancing.”
He knew that people are secretly meeting and making love. He knew so well that most are using the “lockdown” to practice “social arriving” or “social advancing” or “social moving closer.” He knew that whatever his statistics say, people, the majority of the people will not follow! But it was his job! His way of making a living! He was a kind of scientist for hire. However, he was a very expensive scientist to hire. He needed to follow the rules, at least publicly. Like so many public people follow the rules precisely as he!
However, somehow, he had a doubt!
One thing that we still have as it is not yes demolished by the matrix is conscience. Deep inside of us, it lays, and it is the only one that it is still alive! Justice and the truth are lost somewhere. We manage to lose it! Even that the system helped, we are the ones to chose to swim in lukewarm water and enjoy the fake pleasures presented to us.

He knew, with the help of her, even with their “social distance” to be
more than 30 miles, that you will experience salvation not when you deal with your self but when you remember yourself!
She made him alive! She told him: “Feel emotions, think and feel! Share attention as Man is a Temple!”
He felt that positive energy is radiating from her as she was one of them! Coming from Ra or Ram!
By bestowing him with unconditional love, she made him comprehend that no statistics of any model and software can replace the real nature of men! None big data will ever be in the position to feel. None of the big data will ever understand that divine power which creates everything in this world is coming from consciousness and soul, and not from any channeled type of education or information! Information is created in us! that is the real nature of men! We are all different and still we are all the same! There is no program to decipher it!
Having above in mind, it was not a surprise to learn that he, the master of statistics, even terribly wrong in all of the projections, woke up one of the days of “lockdown” and went to see her! Humanity won over all of that manipulation!
And then he resigned! He refused to continue to be for hire! Instead, he went back to humans! He became, even without knowing, a part of a positive civilization!

His personality did not manage to strangle his consciousness! It looks like that really Man is a Temple!

Hope we can do it too! You can do it also!



Connect and Respect

Fighting Fear

There is a tendency in the last weeks to have fear warm and ready to be boiled fast. Many authorities with terrible track record are trying to make fear not to dissappear. But fortunately the whole charade is unravelling and in couple of months naked true will be presented. Can you imagine if you learn that whole story arround epidemy was false and used for extortion of nations and governments and that it was turned into making all those working underground to come in the light of the day for whole world to see it. And it is not only about epidemy and a push for non existent and evidently not secure vacsination. Even Oxford University said that it is difficult to get enough virus for trials! So not enough virus anymore!? Anothet very disturbing news came to light from DW on 15/6/2020 by Rinq Goldenberg that “Berlin authorities placed children with pedophiles for 30 years.”


It is continuation of rumors about using children worldwide in different rituals!

To cut the story short here is a breaking news we need to see!

To remind us about the beauty of life and to unravel all those who with”Breaking News” want to send us more fear!

Breaking news

Life is beautiful


Connect and Respect


Playing with the words-Chauvinism and Nationalism

Chauvinism and Nationalism

“It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.”
George Orwell, 1984

Most of us around were educated that word nationalism represents something terrible and nasty.
Most of us do not even consider to analyze what word nationalism represents. Furthermore, most of us do not bother to investigate if the meaning of the word nationalism is misinterpreted using an interpretation of another word, that of Chauvinism.
Let us play!
Word Nationalism is widely used to manipulate the feelings of the masses.
Presented together with the cause for something universal, like that all people are equal, regardless of skin color or religion, word nationalism is used to mark those who still possess the love for their country, region, the nation as some pariahs and people who hate other people.
That is well-placed and professionally executed propaganda by the followers of those who are manipulating masses and openly sending messages that “everything is for grab now”!
Ronald Reagan well said that there are no left or right! Only up and down!
“Up,” meaning the love for the place you live in, the roots of the family you are coming from, the family you will be making, and the children you will be educating. Obviously, down is all the opposite.
For those who do not know, Ronald Reagan was that actor, who became a 40th President of the USA from 1981 till 1989.
You, us, are thought that the only real-time is present. That might be, however, you, and we, are manipulated to degrade all of our previous histories and family values. If one tries to express himself as a patriot who loves the nation, he or she is born in, it is automatically baptized, or better, gets the etiquette of Nationalist! The question is, why?
Why do the manipulators insist on making a stereotype of the word nationalism as something wrong?
Common sense answer is simple! Without a nation to love and share values, you are easier to be manipulated further! You are becoming more comfortable to be channeled towards the “modern” way of accepting things. Like the frog in lukewarm water! Ready to be cooked without noticing!
Recently I had a delightful conversation with 83 years old men who lost his wife five years ago after 56 years of marriage! He was and still is a nationalist! He loves his nation and his family and does not hate anyone! Even those who occupied part of his country! His values are profoundly human and sincere. He simply, genuinely, and not blindly loves his nation!

On the other hand, you have the word Chauvinism.
Word Chauvinism is not widely used. Again common sense reason is that the meaning of the word Chauvinism is precisely the meaning being implied to the term Nationalism!
So let us see how the dictionary presents the word Chauvinism.
1)the denigration, disparagement, and patronization of either sex based on the belief that one sex is inferior to the other and thus deserving of less than equal treatment or benefit
2)biased devotion to any group, attitude, or cause
3)zealous and aggressive patriotism or blind enthusiasm for military glory

One could make it simple by stating that Chauvinism is overwhelming devotion towards any group, attitude, or cause and hatred towards all the others! But that is implied in the modern explanation of the word nationalism! Just to see how penetration towards the indoctrination of young generations is organized. It takes a lot of patience and persistence to overcome all that brainwashing and educate at least your loved once with a clear mind.
However, dictionaries could not yet hide the real meaning of word nationalism, even that afterward, there is the tendency to equalize it with chauvinism.
1) spirit or aspiration common to the whole of a nation
2) devotion and loyalty to one’s own country, patriotism
Other explanations are closely connected with the manipulative purpose of conceptual power, which does not want any connection of the people with their roots and nations’ values.
Common sense explains the word Nationalism as love for a native nation without hate to any other nation or group!

As a conclusion of this short words play, we can say that any half-true explanation can be presented to the masses as the only truth!
How right was George Orwell in his works!
Just think!
Why, on the one hand, some are encouraged to have ten children, and some are discouraged with different manipulative techniques, not even to get married! Why there is so much pressure to protect the rights of minorities and not at all even thought to, at least respect, the rights of other people. Equality needs to be real for all! Whoever manipulates the right to equality is firstly doing wrong for itself!
It is the same as interpreting the word Nationalism as word Chauvinism.

Connect and Respect

Leonardo da Vinci, Lefkara village lace and The last Supper mural

Lefkara village is first mentioned 1134 in the testament of Saint Neophytos, who was born in the nearby village of Kato Drys. In the neighborhood, you can also find Neolithic archaeological remains forming exceptional, inspirational energy ready to be shared with visitors, both from Cyprus and abroad.
The legend says that Leonardo Da Vinci visited Cyprus in 1481 and that he spotted extraordinary Lefkara village lace, which captivated him so much that he bought it, took it to Milan, and used it for the altar of Duomo Cathedral!
At the time of his visit, Cyprus was ruled by Katherine Cornaro, the wife of late King James II of Cyprus and also called the last Queen of Cyprus as she “delivered” Cyprus as a “present” to the Venetians!

Katherine was born in Venice at the noble family of the “Corner” who had vast business interests in Cyprus! I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the future, technology finds out that the portrait of Katherine just recently presented to the public by Levendis museum in Nicosia or some other one waiting to be discovered had a”touch” of Leonardo da Vinci.

During the Franco Venetian rule of Cyprus, Lefkara village, situated in the mountains some 50 km from the capital of Nicosia, has been used as a safe retreat, oasis, for women and children of the Venetians. They escaped Pirate raids of coastal towns of Famagusta, Morfou, Kyrenia, Limassol, etc…
Having not much to do at the retreat of Lefkara, women practiced an abstruse form of unique needlework coming deep down the soul, making each lace a masterpiece of its own. That kind of work requires a lot of patience and concentration, focus, and clear mind! It was the time when TV sets, mobile phones, and computers did not exist to distract people’s minds. Time when intuition was still sharp!
In the long hours of waiting for their husbands, women were making laces, each being original, authentic, archetypal. In Leonardo notebooks, there are references about Cyprus, where he probably spotted gorgeous unique lace in Pano Lefkara and bought it to be positioned at the altar of Cathedral Duomo di Milano.
The unconfirmed legend continues with a suggestion that the table cloth design at The Last Supper mural Da Vinci started to work on around 1495 is actually Lefkara lace.
What is confirmed is that some 30 years ago, the old Lefkara lace was replaced with the new one by the Pano Lefkara municipality and that it is in the cathedral Duomo of Milan now.
Cyprus is not only Sun and Sea but also an inconspicuous source of history with many stories yet awaiting to be brought to the light.
So use your stay in Cyprus to mingle with people and discover more about this beautiful place.
Philosophy of good news
Connect and Respect
first published in April 2018 and Republished 15/6/2020