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Dear Friends ,

After more than two years and nearly 200000 views philosophyofgoodnews decided to change the way how the site http://www.philosophyofgoodnews.com works.

We will transfer gradually all the articles published in two and a half years time with some additional thoughts and information.

We hope that our new set up will be an inspiration not only for you to read and comment but also to us  to write more and more and to jointly walk towards awakening, awareness, respect, as only our human souls can do.

That is coming through reading,participating,writing in a word learning every single moment.

Hope that you can contribute also with your suggestions,opinions,ideas. Further more you are encouraged to submit your writings which we will publish at our sub page “Beautiful Minds” as well as suggestions for quote of the day.

We will anounnce in due time the game we would like to invite you to play. It will be a game of thoughts ,human,genuine and humble.

And there will be a PRIZE also.

So , stay tuned, enjoy and be active !



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The Beauty of goodness

Beautiful humble people! Just saw this short story published by dear Mr. Dragan Stosic and decided to share it with you. Reminded me of an article of our alluring reader called “Recycling the Values”. Those values we somehow forgot. Those values passed to us by our parents and great partners. Those “small things” which are actually defining everything! Those “simple” things that define everything are when you see a 5 star hotel owner in Ayia Napa helping in cleaning arround swimming pool ! Or an old ex president of one small but important island who checked if he buttoned his jacket when called to receive an award from his fellow citizens. And I will repeat because it is necessary to repeat ! Simple things are not only crucial, they define everything!

And the story goes:

“Paper on both sides of the scale, to prevent anyone from blaming the weight of the paper.
Asked why he had an empty bag under the weights, grandpa Ahmed answered: For justice, because my son, I sell the one in the bag, not the bag. One day we will be asked about a gram of someone else’s property …” Hope so much that this short “simple” story can awake the most beautiful ingredient in our soul. That of justice!!



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Game of Life


“It was Time’s morning,
When there nothing was;
Nor sand, nor sea,
Nor cooling billows.
Earth there was not,
Nor heaven above.
The Ginungagap was,
But grass nowhere.”

There was a giant, Ymer, in existence!

“What did Ymer eat? It seems there was also a cow, Audhumla. And what did she eat? Well, there was also some salt….”

Extract from “Younger Edda”, a collection of Norse myths written around 1220 by the Icelander Snorri Sturleson suggests that the game started of nothing.

Further, moves started with the game.

Some objects and thoughts were going towards something and the other moving away from the same something, shortening or widening distances.
If we somehow get to understand or discover the law of existence, with the state of our today’s mind, we might gain, but we also might lose. Or we might contribute to the process of our evolution.
Opinions differ.
What is the goal of our existence here? What information has to do with that? How do we come into possession of information? Wherefrom does it occur?
Life is a game!
It is the essence of existence. To return to your own being by playing the game. To become creative!. The goal is to play the game. The goal is evolution through playing.
Even that the game itself only makes sense when you do not know that it is a simulation, by being in the game, you enlarge, expand, increase, evolve, and unfold the natural process of evolution.
The goal of life is not to reach one point but passing the path, finding the way, to that point. Simulation or not, LIFE IS THE GAME.

Happy further reading!

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Contribution to the thoughts about existence

There are books you buy and place on your bookshelf awaiting the right time to read, awaiting the right time to meet each other. Like when you think about the lady and the way to invite her for the first date. You are not asking till the day when somehow, all is in the place, and it happens without too much thought. Spontaneously we might think, forgetting the power of ideas and the energy which surrounds it.
The Green Face book of Gustav Meyer(Meyerink), an Austrian novelist of late 19th and early 20th century, was not a surprise. It was patiently awaiting me at my bookshelf. It came in my hands just on time, confirming and, at the same time, encouraging me to read it.
I was seeking a kind of confirmation, answer, from some, would say, magic source to the question: What I am doing here?
Usually, asking the right question is already half of the correct answer!
That magic source, at the time of reading and after, was definitely The Green Face book.
It is impregnated with so many wise thoughts transferred to words. The reader forgets for some moments, the story of the book, and starts dreaming on his own. He starts actually using his real abilities, he often thinks that are lost due to the everyday non-essential life obligations. It is somehow a daily burden, instead of joy, deducting such a precious ingredient of this life, of every lifetime.

By reading the novel, I had first, a strange, warm, true impression that time has been added. Thoughts expressed are not only wise but simple, human, awakening. That makes, somehow, your brain to transmute fast and learn even better not to pay attention, not lose precious time.
In most of the cases, we lose time on idiotic, explanations of different “specialists” which are placed to make you doubt everything.
That is making for you to circle around instead to proceed forward. Forcing you to chose, hopelessly, between lie number one and lie number two! Both were placed between us to produce dullness, improving the concept of controlling. Somebody could say, as one of my friends has said: “It is hopeless to try to change the world”. No, it is not!
We need to start from ourselves first!
Surprisingly or just on time at the Green Face book, I found a nice passage which says:
“In a certain sense, people are right to laugh at someone who says he intends to transform mankind. But they overlook the fact that all that is needed is for one person to transform himself root and branch. His achievements will never fade, whether the world recognizes or no. Anyone who does that tears a hole in the established order that will never heal, whether the rest notice it immediately or in a million years. All things that come into being, remain, they only seem to disappear. That is what I want to do, to tear a hole in the net in which mankind has caught itself; and not by preaching, but by escaping from the meshes myself.”
It discusses the very meaning of existence. Our fears, our questions, our disagreements, and agreements. Our yes’s and no’s.
Affair is situated in Holland at the time when it was “flooded with people of all nations”!
To remind that the novel has been written 1916.
And besides from Green “Chidher Green” Face, there is an old Jew shop owner who cast his “eyes downwards” but also upwards. The man who forgot how to cry, but have not yet learned how to smile. There is a manuscript which the main character Mr. Fortunatus Hauberrisser, an Engineer tries to decipher and finds the following passage:
“ Whoever believes he is living for the sake of his children and his children’s children is deceiving himself. It is not true; mankind has not advanced one inch; it only seems to have. There are merely occasional individuals who are more advanced than the rest. To go around in a circle means not making progress. We must break out of the circle, or we will achieve nothing. All they who think that life begins with birth and ends with death cannot even see the circle, how should they break out of it.”

Doubt, all around us. To do this or that? To be one or another? To proceed … where? To turn back or not? To forget or to remember? To be balanced or not?
One is certain! This novel helps the brain working better and smother. It is, would hope very much for those they will read it, transmuting it. And it is awakening us!
As our writer has stated:
“For a thousand years and more men have learned to understand the laws of nature and put it to their service. Happy are they, that have understood the meaning of this labor, namely that the spiritual laws are the same as the physical laws, only an octave higher, for they shall enjoy the fruits of their labor while the others continue to toil, their faces turned towards the earth. The key to power over spiritual nature has been rusting since the flood. It is; wakefulness.
Wakefulness is all……..
The first step towards it is so simple that any child can take it. Only, so-called over-educated have forgotten how to walk and are lame in both feet because they refuse to let go of the crutches they inherited from their forefathers. Forefathers of the educational system we live Wakefulness is all.
Be watchful in all that you do. Think not you are already so. No, you are asleep and dreaming.
Stand firm, gather up your thoughts, and force yourself for one single moment to send sensation coursing through every fiber of your body. You will see when you subconsciously say to your self, “now I am awake.”
That is the first, faltering step on the long road from slavery to omnipotence.
Do not let your self be put off by the fear of failing to reach your goal in this life.”
It is inspiring to acknowledge that man with ideas is not alone! On the contrary, “if one man has an idea, that means that many others will have the same idea at the same time. Thoughts are contagious, even if they are not expressed; perhaps most contagious, even if they are not expressed”.
So dear readers believe in magic!
Believe in yourself and your abilities. Take out fear and awake.
And love! The essence is love in all that you do!

I found in one of our humble reader’s profile, a statement that was written by J.M.Green
“Do you believe in magic?
She asked.
I believe in you, he said.
And you are the closest thing to magic
That I have found.”
So simple, so pure, so human!
Happy Awakening

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Sultana Marija Mara Brankovic

Belgrade Gate-Constantinopole-Carigrad-Istanbul

Did you know that Serbian Princes Mara Brankovic was the third wife of Sultan Murat II? Mara Brankovic or Sultana Marija or Despina Hatun was the daughter of Serbian Despot Djuradj Brankovic and step mother of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. When very young future Sultan Mehmed lost his mother and Mara Brankovic was in charge of his education. Mara was something like Jelena Gencic to Novak Djokovic. Teaching him poems, languages and virtues needed for the person who was destined to lead or die. There was strong love towards Mara Brankovic from Sultan Mehmed. He used to call her “mama” – mother.

There is a legend that after Sultan Murat II death and when the siege of Constantinopole was evident on site, Mara Brankovic received marrige proposal or let’s say marrige inquiry from Imperor Constantine which she rejected.

There are many historians who have thoughts that if Mara Brankovic accepted to marry Imperor Constantine Sultan Mehmed might transform his campaign against Constantinopole to something else.

We have in mind that there might be some kind of marriage agreement like in the case of Caterina Cornaro and James in Cyprus which said that if Caterina Cornaro stays without successors all her property will be transfered to Venice!

Which actually happened !

This article about Mara Brankovic, Serbian Princes, third wife of Sultan Murat II and loved step mother of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror will be continued.



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This end of January 2020 early morning at one of the social pages I saw the photo of a friend of mine and somehow got very inspired to write a couple of sentences which I will share with you here.

Namely , like in Mona Lisa painting ,there are some photos where multiply feelings are discovered. Just that the painter has the opportunity to repaint the portrait many times, as at the photografy, the face is there, the expression is settled and few, if any, changes can be made to alter the substance. So the photo of early morning woke up in me following thoughts..

Just great look. Whole book you could write about it I said. To start…

Once upon a time there was, and stil is, living among us, a lady with exceptional character and even better abilities. Quietly fighting for moments of joy and happiness. Like all of us. Her intelligence is high, showed by great sence for humor. Full of dreams, but standing with her both feet on the ground…..

Lady who is doing two jobs having full days, many days. Lady who quietly goes to church and even more quietly believes in human beings. Lady with beautiful, genuine, common sense, inspirational smile, full of wit. Lady you will easely single out in the crowd due to her unique nature.

When I sent her a comment apart from thanking , she informed me, as I let you already know, that this day is a full day for her as it is doing two jobs. In the process of preparing for the day a cup of coffee is an important ritual in the part of the world she lives in. Well, coffee is part of my ritual too. And, sure, of many of you!

Coffee can be an excuse also to meet and talk but at this case, early in the morning, with all this wind arround it is a kind of vitamine injection.

So, feeling that there is a kind of anxious thoughts in her mind of how will the day go I sent her a message which I am sending to all of you out there preparing for work you like or dislike.

Arm your self with smile, let the energy flow, chew the air, breathe with full lungs, and go out there and eat them all!

Enjoy the day as it is only today.

Well tomorrow is also a day, do not forget that!



Connect and Respect

"How very wet this water is"

Quote is from “True marvelous land of OZ” by Frank Baum.

Is it obviously obvious? Do we comprehend? Usualy we can not see clearly the object which is just infront of our nose. Majority of us try to find somewhere else something which is usually not that what we are looking for. In the process we lose precious time, becoming even more deranged and suspicious about wide range of issues, not withstanding personal once.

We forget who we are.

We omit to ask ourselves what are we doing here on this earth.

We just forget that we are great species! Who ever is trying to usurp our conscience and implant doubt to the soul that we are not great is just one more of manipulators. One from so called sustainable project. Word sustainable is such a great invention. It comes from the same cuisine where word Progress have been cooked and beautifully presented to humanity.

Those who invented it are those Nicholas Taleb explains in his article from 2016 ( no it is not 1984) called “The intellectual yet idiot”.

However even them are our fellow humans with everyday life issues. They breathe same air and have same concerns. All are like the rest of us. Let’s help them also. Let’s awake that code we all have as humans, that code which is explained by numerous fellow human beings. One of them saying that bravery is to protect your self from others and that humanity is to protect others from yourself!

We are being trained to live the life of survival instead of creation. Even creation is used to pass to us that plastic, not natural origination where people are forced to copy ideas instead to invent them. And all for one purpose. That of personal advancement instead of group amelioration.

Every day we witnessed preasure, rush to nowhere, as we forget that the secret lies inside of us. Think!

Let’s see why banks have the attitude to call you on Friday’s to “remind” you about your open issues. Could they await Monday giving you at least a weekend without bad thoughts? Suggestion! Be calm and forget the call as soon as it is finished. How? Read the book instead short quotes. Quotes are there to inspire you to read more. They are not the source of knowledge. Remember that.

By reading books you will learn to concentrate! You will learn to filter thoughts. And to read between the lines. That means you will go into the very core of the “popular” words…

Like the word progress. Means consumption, material over spiritual values, rule of money out of thin air, rule of “polices” of different Central institutions which are made independent only on paper,but as always are depended of those who actually own, or influence them.

Progress, word progress was introduced to us, humble human species, to manipulate us. To increase to the full our desires thus projecting our weaknesses resulting in fears.

Than word sustainable. It is introduced to increase the fear and division of us, human species. Divided we will be and very easy to control.

Than you start asking questions like

Why me ? I do not want to be poor. I want money. I live for the moment with five houses and six cars and a private plane and boat without asking what is enough !

When we all understand, and it is possible due to internet as Nikola Tesla projected, only togetherness can make you feel safe and individually grow. When we awake the sensors in our soul ,only then,and only then we will comprehend why are we inhabitants on the Earth and where do we go from here.

246 000 000 000 000 – twohundredfortysixtrilon is world dept as of now. We are living at the times of change as infinite becomes finite.

If we awake,majority, we will stop the bus, as someone said, currently in the blind street going towards the wall to crush. It looks like that we are fighting for the seats on the bus hoping that the crush will make us injured but that we will eventually survive.

What are for us to do every day?

Find ,it is a must to find, more time to think about humanity ,our past and our future. About what we will leave behind us instead what we will spend for us. From that thoughts about our past and our future we will develop clear meaning of our life today.

Never forget that there was a past and there will be future. Both are closely connected with every single present time of our life. Those with postulates like ,live for today and today only, are just another product of the same kitchen which introduced such beautifully presented words like progress and sustainability.

Awake and connect and respect and you will see from “small” things how easy is to feel that we are human. Human again. Or human reinvented. What ever it is learn that HUMANITY IS TO PROTECT OTHERS FROM YOURSELF. And do not judge. Live! Openly and with great positive thoughts!

And help wherever you can. Voluntarily! Because you ARE Human.

Happy Awakening



Connect and Respect

On the road

Being on the road, as we popularly say when on the trip of any kind, is an opportunity to connect with your self first and then armed with positivity and respect, with other people you meet.

First you would need

To “be in love with love”.

To “gain a soul” and then

To “sit on the throne of hearts”

As Emre said.

Trips are for that! Not necessarily by any means of transport. But it is always nice and better to meet people face to face.

We call them, like myself, ordinary people. Those who are working, or looking for job. Those having their everyday obligations and thoughts, kind of problems, issues in life and about life and existence. Those, that people from power are speaking with kindness, but never being familiar.

Well on the road you become familiar. You connect and you respect! That what philosophy of good news is made for!

We meet. We start communicating in any language we know, and we understand each other from the language of our eyes! And smile! Such a beauty has genuine human smile! And we discover! Ourselves and person in front of us.

We discover how we all are just the same! Same fears, same desires, same passion, same small “devils” and same beautiful angels. And curiosity! Ah curiosity! It is moving us in the road called life!

You understand that we all are very fragile and that we all are transient.

Than, maybe, in that moment of awakening, of awareness we live! We really live the life.

On the road !

It is obvious that places and people we see, meet, communicate with when “on the road” do not only make you think about the present and future but also about past, about memories. Somehow those new or could say reborn thoughts become part of you injecting more of wisdom, genuine humanity and understanding of past matters. If you observe people with clean soul and open eyes you will be amazed how easy, how beautiful you will feel even not understanding the language.

And then you could thing differently about the past too. Let’s say that your thoughts are projected towards the person you still somehow love but do not know why. Than you try to find the way to communicate. With nearly all the bridges being destroyed you chose the one, narrow hanging bridge over chasm and start composing words. Your allies are all those known and unknown people from”on the road” and energy you got by observing them with clean soul and open eyes.

And the words flow! Not many but much!

With a day more at the place of my stay, thoughts are accompanying me. I think and I write. Beautiful feeling. And I talk over the phone and learn more.

It is about you as the thoughts go there by themselves. Not that I do not want them to go there! I, secretly show them the path to continue going towards there. Towards the thoughts about you. Becouse you contributed to what I am today. What I write and talk about. How do I communicate with others and how do I see the others. And I want to share it with you. Those words are aimed at that. And about the soup. The ordinary, traditional soup. I tasted it, three years ago, and got the greatest compliment a traveler can get. “You are one of us” the waiter said. And I was there becouse the idea of you sent me there.

I continued with words inspired by very deep feelings.

Offcourse you can give my writings to your friends to read. There is no copyright to that. And even if it was copyrighted I hereby make you free of that obligation. You are free to give it where ever you want. I would prefer that you pass it to your heart and cover it with that beautiful warmth of your soul. It would be good for you and good for me. It would be good for me and good for you.

But what I want usually does not happen. The universe did not arrived at that point yet! But it is approaching. It is approaching…

It is approaching as we are “in love with love” gaining soul and finally “sit in the throne of hearts)

What do we learn? Learn to feel other people, with clean soul and open eyes. As much as they help you, be sure, you help them. That is the time they will call you one of theirs. With genuine beautiful human smile!

Learn not to burn all the bridges. Leave one, narrow, dangerous, but leave the one. Or construct another one!

On the road..


5/1/2020 and 7/1/2020

Connect and Respect

Seven minutes of eternity

Once upon the time, there was you and I. Moments to remember as ,at least I thought, they will not again be able to assemble. Not in a couple of reincarnations!

Those moments you wanted to last forever having also fear that they would dissappear. That is why you arrange to make above photo. Work of art is always coming from a beautiful soul. Beautiful and authentic soul like yours. And love! Love! Naked love!

Years have passed. We tried to suppress feelings, to proceed with lives and new experiences.

Explanations are very unnecessary. You understand that after some time. It is like obtaining experience by long circle walk. No need to explain anything to anyone. But it is nice to remember. Pain or no pain remembarance is a healer. Absolutely it is. Energy is there. Reflects,as eye rays show if clean is the soul.

And after some years that moments were reborn. Just for a few minutes. That seven minutes and three songs. Seven minutes of eternity! Oh yes! Even that we are mistaken to measure fellings that last for eternity! To measure them in minutes!? Well no! I did not measure it till it lasted! But after when it was finished.

Usually that happens when the magic is gone. Than we go back to time to see if it was long enough or good enough or just enough. Thinking and judging. By doing so, we lose momentum and magic dissappears. This is why I write these words. To stay as a remainder of those seven minutes of eternity. It can happen again. Eternity does have the tendency to repeat it self!

All is in the stars as some wiser ancestors were saying. Look at stars! There might be me from another part of the world, still alive flying and passing by and winking to you. It is a thought from imortal poem of Serbian poet Mika Antic but here in this, our story, we are all alive! Very alive and breathing.

Ordinary is that breathing?! Or it is very special?

One is learned! Should not bother with the time. Instead we should live making every period of time eternity. Eternity of creativity leaving deeds to generations to come, eternity of goodness, humanity, love, passion, respect and anything else which makes us and people arround us deeply happy and healthy. Like those three songs letting magic to dance. As magic is timeless. Magic makes time, not viseversa.

So three songs with words, describing state of the souls. Our souls. Dreams and reality and sorrow and decisiveness. Conected we were again…

There are words which lose its power when actually pronounced, said one poet, Magic words. Those were in the air, in the ethar, embracing every part of our being.

Even that we communicate not, even that you are, for someone else hot, even that I have another person in my life we have managed to stay quiet. And to stay! To stand still! And be quiet. Quietness does let us to feel more intense and deep. And we have done all in that seven minutes of eternity.

As usual you turned your back at me and I could not see your face. But I could feel the soul, the heart and the brain. All of it.You gave some time to us, to you. You gave seven minutes and three songs. Eternity emanated suddenly ,we found out, like in the game “blinds man buff” where you do not see but you are in a way forced to feel. Than choice is yours to stay or to go! And you stayed and I stayed.

For seven minutes of eternity. …



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