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Sharing Sentiments


One good friend of mine recently told me that there is a common denominator for those who have and those who do not have material wealth. Both have strong headaches.

Those who have are trying to keep and increase what they have and those who do not have are fighting to obtain what they do not have. Both are in the game of expanding their material worth.

However, both are omitting that fulfilment, life fulfilment, has to do first with spiritual consciousness.

From spiritual consciousness arises the material while material alone can not provide spiritual awareness. Thus headaches!

Spiritual consciousness delivers wisdom to life. Wisdom increases intuition. Intuition expands imagination. Imagination helps obtaining real knowledge and knowledge contributes to the rebirth of humanity and love!

It is an excellent time!

The rebirth of the pure meaning of love is happening. Will you join in?



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Quarantine diaries-Day 34 Manipulation


Is mainstream science more open for lease, rent, or hire? 

If yes, a humble suggestion to all involved, and if ethics still in place, is to practice humanity, which is to protect others from yourself !

Great disappointment it is when you see how people became lost in all of this epidemic talk. Well, some are lost, and some are well aware of what they want to achieve. Reminds of the article of Nicolas Taleb, “The intellectual yet idiot,” which is starting like this:

“What we have been seeing worldwide, from India to the UK to the US, is the rebellion against the inner circle of no-skin-in-the-game policymaking “clerks” and journalists-insiders, that class of paternalistic semi-intellectual experts with some Ivy league, Oxford-Cambridge, or similar label-driven education who are telling the rest of us 1) what to do, 2) what to eat, 3) how to speak, 4) how to think… and 5) who to vote for….”

To quote William Engdahl from http://www.williamengdahl.comthat Imperial College modeling operations about epidemics received “only” $184.872.226,99 from one foundation you all know today. I do not mention who it is, as they are not crucial for the future of humanity. They just have money to spend. Maybe, without noticing, they are being played by different “The intellectual yet idiots”? It is for them to sit down, reflect, and find out! My simple message to that sympathetic fellow human beings is a name – Nikola Tesla! Instead of all those vaccines and pharma businesses invest in discovering Nikola Tesla’s work! Then you will become really immortal! Especially when we learn that viruses have frequency they operate from.


So, when they found out that this kind of manipulation does not pass with speed wanted, they thought to introduce FEAR! Every time humanity intends to take the chains off, they add more fear! But the difference is that now the first echelon is on display! So beautiful to see you all! 

It is like preparation for war. Semi truth is planted as the whole truth! 

No balanced thoughts are allowed to grow! Come on! I am very sure that the majority of the world is for vaccination but not the vaccination being forced by people who are known for their investments only and not for any, repeat ANY medical knowledge! And that lack of virtues connected with real knowledge is a disaster when you chose partners to invest. They know how to manipulate you! Then you are pushed into the corner! And you need to play their game! Because investment looks for return! There is no free lunch in the system we live in! SO WAKE UP! Investors first and then manipulators.

It could be that all those “influencers” think that they are dealing with “deplorable” who can easily be controlled! Well, dear humans, it is not possible. New science is emerging to treat you all and take you back to humanity! 

It is essential to all those who want us to follow them blindly to comprehend that we all are capable of making our own decisions based on our instincts and balanced thought! Always with common sense as an ally! From 2005 and birds flu, with the stop in 2009 with Swine flu, and now in 2020, with this epidemic, all the mainstream projections are wrong! WRONG! 

It is all about funding and money! Who started to fund WHO? Who is the main donator now? https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2016/jan/15/bill-gates-rockefeller-influence-agenda-poor-nations-big-pharma-gm-hunger

They call it philanthropism today. But for manipulators, there is no free lunch! As one of them just recently used the word “grab”! To paraphrase that creature living the life of despair to God knows what said that now is everything for grabs. So the culture is to grab! Greed and grab and “lockdown” and “social distancing” and seeds of doubt! 

Well, it is very positive that at least we can see them all! From the top towards the bottom. All of them. But as humans, we need them all! We need them to awake and practice humanism. We need them to donate all that they have to humanity, and humanity will give them three times a day food, and they will have tea time with biscuits! But unfortunately, no transplants. 

That sacred word, Philanthropism, manipulators managed to degrade! 

Like the word Love, which they wanted to equal with sex and then introduce all humanly unimaginable performances. They always employed agents to deliver the needed doubts and to degrade human dignity! 

Full is the known science of all those selling us “thin air” as they produce the money of any kind from the same “thin air”!

Their “job” is to plant doubt in every thought we have! Our “job” is to use common sense, intuition, imagination, togetherness! 

They all do not stand a chance, especially now, when they are forced to come out and talk publicly!  

All those “gurus” thinking that they will live forever. All those who were projected to degrade humanity! All those who are presented to us only because they fund some of the scientists for lease. All of those who still think that money can buy all.  

And all those coming from a minimal circle. Not measurable with the wealth of money but with the devil inside.


There are the winds of change approaching as a dear person reminded me by posting the Scorpions song from 31/12/1991 “Winds Of Change.”

And as regards to AI( Artificial Intelligence) and so-called “Big Data” coming from the same type of people for lease, in the next diary day, I will refresh all of football fans’ memory about that fourth goal of Liverpool against Barcelona some time ago. 

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Quarantine diaries


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“I miss God!” Quarantine diaries talk


Days pass, we are stuck with the necessity to stay home and do activities we did not have time, or we were not in the mood of doing.
But first, most of us had to overcome the fear planted by people who were authorities in their fields. I say “they were” because some of them resigned after managing to pass to the majority of us their statistical models who did not have any touch with the reality. After that shock and like coming out of being drunk, we woke up and started thinking about other more important things which are enabling us to live life! We found time to open to ourselves, we began to think with our own brain and heart. We engage our soul in the whole process and start looking for the answers. We have the answers. However, we need compassion from somewhere. Not as a sign of weakness! On the contrary, it is a sign of togetherness! It is the sign that we are still human beings!
As we are programmed to run after money, and as the system made us believe that the time is money, we forgot to stop and reflect. To look at our face in the mirror and ask ourselves some questions! Demand answers also!
One simple question would be: “What will happen if I do not do this?”
That is how you could approach a specialized knowledge! The knowledge of self! It was a shame that seeking particular knowledge was replaced with different artificial needs we developed over time. Unfortunately, we lost the ability to concentrate and look inward! Instead, most of us were looking outward to satisfy the need for happiness, fulfillment, and purpose.
Exchanging the thoughts about that purpose with friends living the same, uniform situation, I heard a short statement of three words!
“I miss God!”
He conveyed to me that because he is disappointed with the situation in his religious circle, and due to the continuous mistakes being made in proclaiming some other values strange and disconnected from the original ones, he is thinking of changing religion.
Quarantine, as I said before, made us feel deeper!
It was not a religious statement ! On the contrary! It was the pure, beautiful, genuine, love for life statement conjoining with the though of togetherness and mutual aid!
We discussed the matter with all the love for human anticipation and concern about the specific religious beliefs. I think that we came to a conclusion, not explicitly said by either of us, but sincerely meant by me at least, that the religions we currently claim that they represent us to God, do not necessarily convey what is needed to be expressed.
That is definitely due to the same difficulties, into which they fell following us, or taking us, ordinary people towards the same frustration. More material and very less spiritual. More interest in one than the interest of many! “Distinguished” persons are measured by money and not by spirituality and humanity!
Maybe the situation we are passing through is an opportunity!
The opportunity for the people expressing different religions to start acting as unifiers and not dividers out of fear to lose influence and material conditions.
As a starting point, I would like to mention Nikola Telsa, who gave all his life to science and goodness for all mankind! Who tore the contract with famous Westinghouse for his dividends in using Alternative Current to produce electricity at Niagara waterfalls! He just refused material! Loads of US dollars!
In one interview, the journalist asked Nikola Tesla, that larger than life men, is he religious? Tesla replied: “I am a deeply religious man. I believe in one God, which is not described in any of the existing religions.”

I hope that at least you will have food for thought!

Like me!



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Quarantine diaries-Day 32 Good Day


Day 31-Good day!
When I was around seven years old, I remember one specific lesson learned. At the time, I spent some of my summer holidays in the village with my grandparents where I was free to walk without shoes, eat with my hands not always clean, swimming in the nearby river, and sometimes walking up to the top of the nearby hill.
Every day we used to walk around two kilometres to get drinking water from a mountain spring and bring full two 5 liter water canisters back. So I remember when my Grandmother asked me one morning when I was preparing to go for the drinking water if I greet people I meet on the road with one simple “Good Morning”? Sometimes, I replied with curiosity. Well, welcome all the people you see on the way by saying one dull Good Morning! Wish from your heart that they have a good day! You will be surprised, my dear, she said when you see that people start replying to you with the same positivity and with a smile wishing you the same! Good Morning to you too!
I had unmeasured respect to my Grand Mother as she passed many awkward moments in her life. She lost the son in the second world war just towards the end of it 26/4/1945. Her brother was killed and then hanged by fascist in 1941. They tried to take her house. She and her husband, my Grand Father, worked hard, loved each other, and taught their children that it is more important to have a clean soul and be white-handed than to have all the monies of this world. Be always fair and square, no matter what! Through different stories, they were passing the same message to us, their grandchildren.
So having all this in mind, my first cousin and I started greeting all the people, known and unknown, going towards the spring and back. That later was extended when we were going to the town for a traditional promenade. Our experience was terrific! People not only greeted us back, but many of them had a smile and started communicating with us. We suddenly found out that nearly all of the people we were greeting have the same thoughts and shared the same idea about togetherness and the purpose of life! Ordinary great people!
It helped me very much when I was offering my grandparents eggs for sale in the nearby open market. Positivity and compassion towards all the people, customers, or not, made the atmosphere around me that I somehow, in record time, managed to sell all the eggs I brought. 360 in total! Unbelievable for the 12 years old kid!
When we started to convey experiences to our grandparents, my Grandmother said: “Good is always to return with more good, even over time, and bad, even that it can make you think that it passed, will return and ask for repayment than when you are least prepared!”
And it all starts with one simple, genuine, humble, good morning, good day, good evening!
Goodness makes us happy, and happiness shared is happiness doubled!

Be just simple kind towards fellow human beings, and you will be surprised when you see that your “investment” is paying off more than any material one!



Connect and Respect
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Teatrul National”Vasile Alexandri”Iasi memories

My first live “encounter” with Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre has happened the night I arrived in Iasi.
It was Sunday, and after checking in the hotel, I decided to drive around alone.
I took my rented car, and start driving to learn the routes for next day appointments and to feel a little bit of Sunday night atmosphere in Iasi.
Further, I needed, definitely, to refresh, renew, my feeling of driving on the left side as my experience of more than twenty years is in driving on the opposite side with occasional exceptions, like this one.
During investigative drive towards Palas moll, I passed by the Theatre building.
First time!
And then instead of going to the moll, I went back and passed the Theatre second time just to be sure that the building I was looking at, is The Theatre I saw in numerous photos before my trip.
And then I passed the third and fourth and fifth (!) time before deciding to stop somewhere near and walk towards that so impressive building!
Feelings of respect, admiration, and God knows what else, erupted from my inner self. Even now, I get goosebumps when thinking about it! Perhaps it sounds kind of crazy; however, I felt that the building was trying to communicate with me, watching my moves and mimic carefully, trying to learn what this intruder is looking for in the middle of the night!
Even immovable, or as per our perception immovable, this respectful edifice, opened in 1840, can somehow conquer the attention of passers-by, to outwit and thus to win them not as blind followers, or only admirers, but as active participants, which one realize when actually enters the building! I must say that the standard and quality of the people I have met reflects absolutely the beauty, the history, the purpose of The Theatre!

The week started with one part of me concentrated on Thursdays performance!

Monday morning approached fast and , somehow, overwhelmed by meeting new people and having work to do ,apart from early morning investigative walk , I cornered the feelings for The Theatre knowing that they will surface in the coming days.
I needed first to obtain reserved tickets, and second to get Liliana’s confirmation of joining me.
Tuesday came fast as it is usually happening when you have an amazingly great time. Early morning inquiring long walk through many of Iasi neighborhoods,meeting people, talking, taking the tram, and making pictures. Visit to Copou Park and “meeting” Ioan Creanga and Victoria Micle making friends to great Mihai Eminescu. Somehow I had a feeling that I just missed morning coffee they had between themselves! Tuesday was also the deadline for obtaining tickets for Thursday performance at Vasile Alecsandru National Theatre of Iasi. Dressed as a jogger, I got at the office where the tickets are sold. I asked for Mrs. Simona, even if I found her details on FB and through that application “met” her beautiful family as well.
She looked at me in a professional yet surprising way, but having a disarming smile, made me be at ease.
To justify my appearance, apart from usual, thank you, nice to meet you, and looking forward to the performance, I mentioned that I know about the dress code and that I was dressed as jogger due to a long walk I have been doing that day. While receiving precious tickets, I also noticed a second smile, which made me facilitate and proudly get out of the office, thinking that I will remember it for a very very long time.

Wednesday is not very important for my story except that Liliana confirmed that she is coming.
I got confident that, even if I saw the performance in my native language and reread it in English to be prepared, I will have an exceptionally well educated, eloquent lady to enrich the atmosphere and help augment the knowledge.
Thursday came, and if I remember, as I do remember but just writing “if” to make it mystic in a kind, the day was sunny and a little windy and full of expectations! It is absolutely fascinating to have hopes and absolutely stunning to live it!
I will maybe disappoint you as I will not analyze the “VIZIT” performance in detail, but will focus on the atmosphere.
I was waiting for my classy date to appear and was caught flatfooted by the beauty and elegance of Liliana. She was like a muse, inspiring me to feel more and now to write this article. Maybe I should deduct the word “like” in front of muse and keep just muse as she was, and still, I am sure, is a muse!
Going inside of The Theatre is a ritual! The people attending were beautifully dressed, showing respect, with open eyes, ready to learn, and enjoy! Awake, aware, attentive, mindful, bursting with admiration and proudness and yet, as I said, being active participants in the continuing history of “ Vasile Aleksandru National Theatre Iasi”!
The ladies offering the program were awaiting us with a smile, again smile, so natural thing in Iasi and its Theatre that have set my standards very high for future experiences.
The feeling I had was the one of entering another world! Another way of living, anticipating, understanding. Divine magnanimity!
Together with Liliana, we took our seats, and, as awaiting performance to start, I observed people, trying to get further inspiration.
One detail stayed in my mind, and it is the beauty, love, respect couples have. Namely, I assume, husband and wife, were exchanging seats between them two times as man was trying to help her to see better the stage. Patiently with such a great tact, the man was serving his wife that this had made me very emotional before the performance started!
And it happened! It started!
For two and a half hours, all of us attending were “hypnotized” with the power of play and its participants!
Strongly suggest you read the VIZIT of Friedrich Durrenmatt as it has never aging issues concerning life values!
I concentrated on actors’ expression, tone of the voice, grimace, movement etc…
I was amazed by professionalism, so real authentic acting, yet infused with deep human feelings, and have enjoyed every second, checking from time to time with Liliana my memory of the wording! And mind was working!!!!
Not only actors, and not only the main actors Mihaela Arsenescu Werner and Emil Coseru, even that they gave a unique tone managing to transfer extraordinary feelings to the audience, but all the play participants! From colleague actors, which, even without having a text to say were participating so lively with their mimics, from Light Master, prompter, Technical Director, Art Director, Back Stage and Sound people, Decoration, Costume(The Costumes!!!!) designer, Makeup artists, Music, Graphics, Marketing, and Management, till the last but certainly not the least the Director Claudiu Goga, made us all feel the power of being human!
To learn that we exist and that we can make the difference!
This is what theatres are for, especially THE National Theatre Vasile Alecsandri Iasi!

Even that this event happened three years ago, it enriched us with many always current messages.
Connect and Respect

Quarantine diaries Day 30-We will rise again


Day 30
In now far 1990s, there was a significant shift in the world. The Soviet Union collapsed, the Warsaw pact ceased to exist, Germany was united even that Margaret Thacher opposed it fiercely but late! The so-called “Cold War” finished with USA President George Bush declaring the win for the USA and its allies, mentioning for the first time ” New World Order,” which over the years took more human lives than today’s corona epidemic multiply by 10/20/30?
I remember one article in the mid-eighties, which was not repeated anywhere after. At least I did not recall seeing anything similar for a long time.
It was about Grigory Vladimirovich Andropov-Fyodorov, later known as Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov, who at the time was a Chairman of the Committee for State Security, short KGB. Namely, there is a legend that he ordered all residents of KGB in the world to reply to the following simple question: What will happen if the Soviet Union disintegrates and the Warsaw Pact is abolished?
I do not remember to detail the article, however, the reply of the majority of the residents, as legend says, I do.
If memory is still serving well, the reply was as simple as the question.
Nothing! The strategic interests of Russia will strengthen over time.
That is how famous perestroika started!
The rest is known till 31/12/1999 when Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin is introduced to the highest office of the Russian Federation.
Russia started to rebuild itself.
So many stories were around having grave concern about how secure will be the weapons of disintegrating Soviet Union and if there will be attempts to misuse it. All went well, nothing of it happened, and the world was continuing with “cold” antagonisms. Russia rebuilds itself, with passing to another level.
That left us with the so-called “winner” of the Cold War. The United States of America and allies. Intoxicated by the success, without noticing that knife had two edges, “New World Order” from being the one excellent idea for advancing humanity to another way of operating and thinking became an acute disease.
That has happened as all the same things that happened in the history of our civilization happened! Because of simple but pure greed!
Greed is making our planet not sustainable!
It is not a population! It is simple greed!
Because of greed, the USA “forgot” to transform itself.
That is now in the process!
It is painful, it will be painful, but it is necessary not because of America only! It is essential because of the future of this planet!
When asked if he will be running for the president by Oprah in 1988, Donald J. Trump declared, “probably not if the country does not go to the real trouble.” Year 1988!
Trouble it is, and it will be solved. Then we will read history and be proud that we were living in such difficult but challenging times!
One huge step forward is the join statement of two Presidents, Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Meeting on the Elbe during the last days of WW II.
Slowly the reforms are taking place, and it will include China and Mr.President Xi also. For the good of humanity and life on earth!

Connect and Respect
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Quarantine diaries-Day 29 And we rise again


Day 29
Nearly a month in the quarantine. I was thinking about people’s reactions following lockdown. It is confirmed once again that we are never satisfied. However, if it was justified or not, we will find after some time. What we have now is to follow the instructions and be patient until this is all finished. That is what we have, and those are the people we have, so the best option is to hope that they will somehow take us till the end. Never forget that they are the product of the educational system that is made by someone to take away general knowledge about the world we live in and to implant the specific knowledge not concerned with the general well being of the humans. Louis Pasteur or Antonie Bechamp. World always have options!
Vaccines or no vaccines? That is the question. But before that, if I remember well, Shakespeare started with “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”
Well, as there will be continuous talk about the quality of vaccines and the people behind it, we just need to use common sense. When you hear the word “depopulation,” your inner bell starts ringing and hopefully is awaking your senses. And it is open. Sources are open. People who are on one side will react, their agents will start talking about the scientific approach and how science is all that matters. They will forget to let you think that the same science produced the atomic bomb and after used the same energy for making the electricity. They will omit to let you know about the experiments on children in Africa and the homeless also. What is essential is never to stop investigating. Never to abandon reading as art is often, if not always, the place where the truth reveals its self. It will help you to “smell” the greed!
So stay awake, stay curious, and stay observant! I just can not let the word observant go! Two words “Stay Observant” Bob Dylan used when sending the message to the people after publishing his 17-minute song about the J.F.Kennedy on 28/3/2020 are reflecting precisely what we need to practice! March is just a preparation for April, which is a special month, as I mentioned in Day 28 diary.
Extract from Bob Dylan Song
“Freedom, oh freedom
Freedom above me
I hate to tell you, mister, but only dead men are free
Send me some lovin’, tell me no lies
Throw the gun in the gutter and walk on by
Wake up, little Suzie, let’s go for a drive
Cross the Trinity River, let’s keep hope alive
Turn the radio on, don’t touch the dials
Parkland hospital, only six more miles”

“Wake up little Suzie!”

After this all ends, and we rise again, we can talk and discuss and find out how this has happened. Where it came from and who are those responsible. It will happen.
The point is, to repeat the questions and answers we get, as repetition is the mother of knowledge( Repetito mater studiorum est), to stay focused and observant as we go back to the society that will be opening slowly again.
There will be, as there always are, attempts to inject doubt, mistrust through the irony of so-called educated fellow human beings who see the others as “basket of deplorables” and themselves as “exceptional.”
Just be aware.
Instead of complaints, we need to exercise togetherness, solidarity, compassion towards our fellow human beings. That is the best answer to all that might have other plans for us and this planet. Those that were and still are introducing “new” words in our vocabulary. It started with the word “PROGRESS” than it went to today’s modern one, “SUSTAINABILITY” connected with “DEPOPULATION,” and who knows, maybe with “LOCKDOWN” and “SOCIAL DISTANCING” also.
Get to know one gentleman who gave us the honor to live on this planet, and his name was Milutin Milankovic. He is not the product of western education? No exceptional? No. He was just one man who, as young, was lying on the ground counting the stars! And after he left with us, “Cannons of the Earth Isolation” and “Milankovich Cycles.” Climate change?

He was ranked among fifteen top minds in the field of earth science by NASA in the edition” On the Shoulders of Giants.” Why I mention Mr. Milutin? Well, first of all because he was counting the stars!
How many of our children are doing that “non-exceptional” activity? How many of our children are encouraged to imagine instead of sweating in the classroom learning how to antagonize?
It starts with each one of us. And we begin with our children! No matter if the system is taking the time from us! Calm down and focus on your children! Communicate with them. Learn stories to tell them if you do not have your own. Let us try to leave to our children the world better than it is now.
Let us practice what we preach ( Facias ipse quod faciamus nobis suades) as said in beautiful ancient comedy Asinaria(the story about Donkeys) written in 195 BC by Titus Maccius Platus!
And do not forget to investigate the quotes that are now deep inside of us without their full meaning! Deceptions are everywhere. Go, investigate deeper.
Like the famous one, “A Man is a Wolf to another Man” from the same comedy! However, the complete quote is more in-depth, and I leave you to think about it till next quarantine diary day, number 30!
“Lupus est homohomini, non homo, quom qualis sit non novit”
” A man is a Wolf to another man when he hasn’t yet found out what he is like!”



Connect and Respect

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Quarantine diaries-Day 28


His diary said: “April 4th, 1984!”  April! It seems that April is a very famous month! And our hero wrote in his diary his THOUGHTS!  “Thought crime is death,” he said as they said for him to say.  April is the fourth month of the year! Is it still allowed to continue with the diary? Yes? Good!  So April is an excellent fourth month of the year, and it looks like, is somehow connected to March!  May 4th is also an exciting symbolic date connected somehow to April.  What the hell are you writing about? You might ask!

Well, it is just a brief inspiration from the film 1984 about the book with the same title of one George Orwell.  

Someone said,” For those with eyes to see, coincidences are clad in shining light!”

Philosophy of good news came into life with the though to sharpen awareness there where it already existed, to awake it there where it was sleeping, and to boost it further where it already passed the honing process. Awareness that our mind is capable of activities outside of the margin of official psychology paralyzed with many useless definitions based on statistics. Our mind contains all universe! 

That is not new. It is just suppressed as we somehow got lost in the oneway street heading towards the wall.

You might disagree, it is normal, but I strongly think that the basics of the system of our civilization are made of, human, humble, genuine concern for the goodness of people, even that there are, always, issues to address. Universal rights are recognized, thus allowing each man to try to feel free! And, it looks like, that In the process, the system is penetrated by the greed of minority serving another less than a minority.  

That brings me to one colossal book called Philosophy of Freedom, written by Rudolf Steiner in 1894 and revised in 1918. 

Quaranteen or popularly called, the old, made new, expression, “Lock Down” for everybody to understand is generally a great opportunity. 

Even with masks introduced, gloves also, social distancing definitely, swimming in pairs only, and statistics from just as great intellectuals in their specific fields, we got the opportunity to meet ourselves! 

Such a beauty to experience self, the one we did not have time to meet, the one that we forgot that exists! Becoming free?!  

However, all those statistics masters did not let us be reminded that Josef Stalin said approximately: “It is not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count that count!”

Who is guarding the guardians?

In his book “Philosophy of Freedom,” Mr. Steiner is taking us to the journey towards ourselves. 

Talks about “free will” and motives behind it. Lectures ( in 1894) that instead of different sciences trying to penetrate into separate realms of human life, there “must be a knowledge,” which seeks to synthesize the parts of each science taking man back to the “fullness of life”! 

Our education system has changed from then onwards! From general knowledge towards the “specialized” one! You visit many of the specialists of any kind to find out that their understanding, awareness, feelings about life are so shortsighted and out of touch with common sense. Just empty. 

In 1906 General Education Board of the USA, financed by Rockefeller foundation, issued the following statement:

“In our dreams…people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present educational conventions [intellectual and character education] fade from our minds, and unhampered by tradition we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors, educators, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians, nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we have ample supply. The task we set before ourselves is very simple…we will organize children…and teach them to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way.”

No need to comment. 

This subject is so vast that quarantine diaries will continue to address it. However, let me share some of the thoughts of Mr.Steiner, a new “friend” of mine from 1894. Exited that this book came to my site and that I read it. 

Apart from statistics, there is a feeling we all think about, and that is love.

His opinion was that love depends on the mental picture we form. More idealistic, it is becoming more blessed! Love is not the expression of “bare sexual instincts.”

To continue, even we say that love makes us blind, the good qualities are making love to actually open eyes. Those good qualities can pass by us without notice. For those that grasped them, love is awakening their soul. “No mental picture, no love.”

Whatever and however and ever, one is certain!

We can find anything outside of us, only when we find that something inside of us.

The day of this diary is Day 28, one of the days of April 2020.



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Quarantine diaries-night 27

Night 27

It was one night five years ago connected with any night and republished now at Night 27. Above the heart biscuits there was a text : “there are some moments…. that you wish to hold forever.” Well they do! I can still feel the taste of those salted biscuits, the atmosphere of cafe which is now a restaurant, our lips joying. Her look at my hands, and my look on her look. Than quietness. No need for words to spoil the moment! Then she took two, made a photo and wrote that which no one can take it! It is there, it is here, it will stay. Just as she said. Forever. Those moments are with us, inside of us, stay with us. Whatever the outcome. They are there to make us a company at the times of quarantine, and not only! Then, when we are alone with us! Thoughts can pass million miles and come back. We do not need to travel. Thoughts travel for us. Imagine! And it happens. Well a glass of wine can help. As we are still free to express our thoughts even after 1984 and Orwell, here is “Tonight” again. Hope you remember your memories!


Tonight I love you!

I feel, and write,

even poems for you

I create.

From clean soul

full of love!

I do not interpret!

Nothing to repeat

All genuine, new,

from deep in me;

said by words

felt by heart !

Naked as born

I love you tonight.

Copy right D.K. -Richard Criscross

March 2017 three years before quarantine

Republished April 2020 in quarantine.

Day 28 is coming as night 27 is gone. But memories stay!



Connect and Respect

Love without fear! ( that is new!)

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Give wax, take wax Quarantine diaries-Day 26


Yesterday it was a day we got many new information about China, USA, Russia, the UK, Italy, Germany, France and, of course, Trump.
More powerful, you can find below the exchange of thoughts with my Italian friend!
Further, the day has been spiced with specialist reports about the economy, virus laboratory in Wuhan giving us just beyond comprehension report about games played by scientists there, and following with stories about situations in human rights playground!
I use the word playground as it is honestly at a distance of common sense to master why it is necessary to close the parks, forbidding people to walk by keeping the gap of 2 meters or 6.5 feet between themselves. Parks closed, pavements open! It does not make sense at all! It is only another brick in the wall of completing the thought that those they are deciding for us want us paralyzed and long term crippled! You can show that you care if you open beaches and parks and waterfalls! All the places where negative ions are at vast supply! YES! NEGATIVE IONS! Do you genuinely care about people? You, who like to govern? Then open sites where NEGATIVE IONS can help people! Distance will be followed, be sure! You can find out about NEGATIVE IONS by your self investigating! Or read Quarantine diaries-Day 5!


It will inspire you and maybe awake!
Is this corona so powerful to attack the common sense of humans? Does it have as much strength to produce the fear above any measures?
To use some common sense, the answer is no! Media does!
There is no help someone else can provide you with, to avoid fear-mongering media except for yourself!
It is still your choice and your decision! Like it will be your decision and your choice to take or to take not any vaccine developed.
Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevski said in his tremendous work, “The Brothers Karamazov,” that “the mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” Find that something!
It would be of spiritual importance to choose nonmaterial purposes, defining what would be enough to be happy and fulfilled!
Yesterday was also the day I learned that in Italy, they talk about electronic bracelets to be introduced to some categories of older people over 65. That made a friend of mine very depressed(he has some years to reach 65!), stating that he feels like a third-grade citizen in his own country with all the illegal immigrants being free to do as they wish on Italian soil. After exchanging ideas that it is necessary to find the strength to go on with life and to fight for a better world to leave for future generations, I got a reply that as regards Italy, all seems compromised. ” It is hard to have enough stamina to start again and again,” my friend said to continue with the following words:
“Try to imagine that 20/50/100 60 plus Italians are declaring we do euthanasia because we feel we are an overload to our society. We make a declaration of intent thanking Italian Prime Minister, Government, Parlament, Pope, European Parlament, Greta Thunberg, Trump, Xi Jimping, Putin, Merkel, Rutte….thank you all for what you gave us after a life of hard-working. Thank you for the fake dreams, fake rules, fake life…
Our greatest mistake was that we enjoyed a lot of bullshit presented to us!”
Reminded me of the story about the frog!
When you put the frog in the boiled water, it will jump out of it immediately! But if you put it in lukewarm water, it will swim with the pleasure in it and will not notice that the pot is placed on fire as the warmth will increase gradually. The frog will enjoy the heat so much until it has been cooked!
And then as a pure, genuine, great sign of a human being unbeatable positivity and zeal to continue life, he sent me a picture showing a photo of his terrace external windows he refreshed with paint!

With the message: “Give wax, take wax!” Miyagi spirit is still alive in my dear Italian friend. For the moment, I thought about Marco Polo and his never stopping struggle to connect people and cultures! Great spirt, and more significant, great curiosity! Many to learn and as many to practice from Marco Polo’s life!

Some of us may feel cooked! But again, no! No, you are not cooked! The purpose of our existence is to do until we are alive! “Give wax, take wax!” To do and to form groups! Togetherness and mutual aid is the key to our survival! That produces trust! Trust and trust! Our representatives, honor to exceptions, managed to ruin all the trust we gave them.
As human goodness is innate, little is needed to regain trust! Genuinity!
Be genuine and through ! Mistakes happen, and they are here to let us become wiser !
“Give wax, take wax!”



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