Dragon strike-2021 instead of 2001

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It is a part of quarantine diaries as it originated in quarantine we all are in still. I will baptize it Day X=26 !

Twenty-three years ago, the book “Dragon Strike” The Millennium War published by Humphrey Hawksley and Simon Holberton tried to make future history and predict the coming war with China in 2001. They had experience as first was the BBC Correspondent in Asia and second Hong Kong Bureau Chief for Financial Times in the late nineties of the last century.
However, 11/9/2001 happened, and the world had other things to do. Putin just became the president of the Russian Federation, and G.W. had all the attention in making other wars for oil.
So the book stayed under the radar and is still valued with three stars at Amazon. The good thing is that it has the price of less than 4 $ !

We are now passing the time with virus”outbreak” being handled by some personalities who are called Professors at some of the famous colleges and trusted by those who govern. One who is presented as a leader has planted the seeds of fear with his “statistical” and “mathematical” and beyond stupidity predictions of people to die. From the first projection that more than 500000 people are going to die in the UK and more than a million in the USA on March 16th, he admitted on March the 22nd that calculations on this epidemic were based exclusively with a 13-year data from Influenza epidemic! The numbers did not fit! However, with others to follow the example, nearly the whole world in so popularly called “lock-down” or “quarantine”! That is irresponsible and charlatanism!
So, we had 13 years of influenza epidemic without knowing and without quarantines and lock-downs? Very interesting! ||||Using statistics to predict what the living organism will do!? The virus does not want to kill us as, by killing, it will destroy itself! Very many viruses and bacteria are living with us, they coexist, and we can say, make deals and friendships in our organism! The complications following death are unintentional as antibodies are not enough to make the balance! Common sense says that all that is happening with our immune system has to do with the type of food we consume and the way of life we live! Simple but not profitable! Just think! Let us go now to “Dragon Strike.”

As this situation had the origin in China, the stage was set to start the blame game. The USA blames China, China blames the USA. One wants to be left in peace; the other wants to investigate that peace. The names are different; maybe the timetable wrong, but the play is on the go! In the book, the number of staggering 250000000( two hundred and fifty million) unemployed are mentioned to be in China before the “Dragon Strike”. How many unemployed were in the USA the authors did not specify which makes the reader think that we, the majority, are brought in this mess by the minority! That 1%.
To make things more exciting without going into the details and mentioning Parcel Islands and the South China Sea and Vietnam and the Philippines and Brunei and Singapore, let mention one beautiful project on the other side of the South China Sea.
It could be the main reason that all this is happening. Notwithstanding the talk about vaccines and mind control.
Recently I was talking with an Italian friend of mine about the reasons for all this going on! While talking, it came to my mind the very old idea to connect by railway USA and Russia through Alaska! Including 200 km tunnel passing Bering Strait! There was a report in 2014 that Chinese and Russian officials discussed the project that would cost 100 billion $. In 2015 the head of Russian Academy of Science picked up on the same idea based on new technology of high-speed rail transport! Then the reasons for “Dragon Strike”, Hong Kong uprising, and the philosophy of “Grand Chessboard” of late Zbigniew Brzezinski will cease to exist. That would be the final stage of one belt one road initiative as it will connect by land USA, Russia, and China! Who benefits? Who is loosing? “Social Distancing”? Employ Common Sense.
It is always lovely to read the above book, with common sense as a friend, as you will be inspired to think and investigate many new sources and events.



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Quarantine diaries-Day 25

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Day 25
Diaries are a meaningful tool in expressing thoughts about a wide variety of feelings, including current life issues.
Diaries are also for memories. Those that made our life more exciting and shaped it influenced it, without us having an understanding at the first how that has happened.
From my first day in primary school, I was writing something. In those days when education was substantial not in the number of pages but in the information given to us to become good people, we were encouraged and by parents and by teachers to keep the diary. And the majority of us have done it in different forms. I remember that we kept the diary having to glue the famous paintings with a short explanation about each picture! That is how the taste for beauty is created together with shaping the brain towards common sense and expressing, not suppressing the feelings.
That diary is long gone, but I remember a couple of lines. To be precise, I remember the feelings pure and innocent. In my first four years in primary school, I was in love with Andriana. She had a tween sister called Alexandra. They were dizygotic tweens, meaning that they did not look like real twins as each twin developed from a separate egg, and each egg was fertilized by its own sperm. When you are interested in someone or something, you learn fast!
We were the same age, and our classrooms were one next to another. I was stunned by her beauty! Long blondish hair, tall, open green towards turquoise eyes with a proud, curious, humble look. After, I found out that she was looking like Grace Kelly! In vain, I tried and tried to provoke her interest. She liked sports, and since I was one of the fastest, if not the fastest, in my generation, I noticed that she was observing me from a distance! She was felling that I radiated energy towards her! Right, I did!
So we were looking at each other, me with greater interest, her with a calm but firm interest, not giving me a chance to come as close as I wanted. Platonic, pure platonic feelings.
After three years passed somehow, and my feelings instead do decrease increased to the level that I needed to react not to face qualm in the future for not expressing my pure emotion.
I found the strength to express my love to her! It happened like in Netflix movie “Crazy Stupid Love”! However, instead of “Jesica,” I went to her classroom and shout towards her with full lungs,” Andriana, I love you!”
She got astonished and immediately went under the table! My God, I was red in all parts of my body, realizing how stupid I behaved! But it has been done and I never regret it! We did not have any relation, but I know, through her sister Alexandra that she secretly had an interest in me.
She didn’t give me her photos as a present when I was changing school as Jesica gave to Robbie Weaver, but we definitely stayed in one another memory never to be forgotten. And as you see, it is here now as a memory for humble, human, platonic love only humans can express!

Did we forget what humble, human, spiritual love is?
NOOOOO! We did not! We might temporarily store it in some corner of our soul but, for all to be very sure, we will awake it and not forget.



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Quarantine diaries-Day 24


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Day 24
With lockdown and quarantine going on and as various Governments are looking for ways to introduce new grants to the economy concerned about the reaction of the people when this situation is allowed to be behind us quarantine diaries are a way to go back reflect and learn new things. One is history of money that we all are anxious of.

The concept is made, out of human necessity for advancing, and it was placed to begin its life within humans.
Money is introduced as a medium of exchange, thus making our life easier, more comfortable and ready to advance.

We are thought that goods are an asset while money is a dept.

Murray N.Rothbard, in his beautiful essay, “What Has Government done with Our Money”, first published in 1963, analyzed its history, advocating a free market for the money. Without Government interference. Common sense says that there are some concerns about the so-called free market for the money. The most important, from the perspective of the human mind as we know it is greed! Greed destroyed many great concepts made for making our life as humans easier.
For those who want to learn about gold and fiat standards and short history of money the essay is great. But, I was always puzzled why we could not learn about meeting at Jekyll Island in Georgia in 1910 and 1913 act of establishing the Federal Reserve signed by President Woodrow Wilson.
However, Federal Reserve, were established and are still here with us. There was an attempt from J.F.Kennedy to get control of issuing the dollars by the Government elected by the people working for the people. Executive order 11110 was issued on 4/6/1963 and signed by President J.F.Kennedy who delegated to the Secretary of the Treasury the president’s authority to issue “silver” certificates as a plan to eliminate them after and use Federal Reserve notes instead.
Those, as I remember, were called Kennedy dollars.
What has happened after will not be exploited here, but it can be said that in early 21st-century money became a commodity like goods produced and huge gamble begun with derivatives and futures. Bubbles of all kinds started!

Now as we learn Mr. President Donald J. Trump has managed to get back Federal Reserve under the government as it will start issuing new dollars for internal economy of USA. They call it investment or internal dollars. This was the idea of some years ago to have two types of US Dollars. One for domestic market and one for international to keep creditors happy. It happened. Lets see how it will go.

Some 150 years ago, there was a lady called Helena Blavatsky, who wrote an important book in 1888 called “The Secret Doctrine: The synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy”, published by The Theosophy Company of Los Angeles.
Why is this important?

Well, she managed to share with us old knowledge stating that “old truisms are often the wisest.” She knew that the “error runs down an inclined plane, while Truth has to laboriously climb its way uphill.”
Still, the truth is climbing! However, now it looks like it can see the top.
There was one warning of Helena Blavatsky, and that is the whole passage about materialism, which leads Europe towards catastrophe.
It looks like, still today, we did not learn from World Wars, and we did not yet answer the question “Cui bono?” ( Who benefits?) properly!!!
So having this little question in mind, we can apply it to all the situations we are facing in our life, including the current one. However, to find the answer to that little question, one needs to employ common sense and to believe in self!
“The aim of this work,” Blavatsky wrote, “may be thus stated to show that Nature is not “a fortuitous concurrence of atoms,” and to assign to man his rightful place in the scheme of Universe; to rescue from degradation the archaic truths which are the basis of all religions;…. and finally show that the occult side of Nature has never been approached by the Science of modern civilization.”
Not forcing anybody to anything, Blavatsky invites all readers who are not Theosophists to read the book as a fairy tale, and as “unproven speculations of dreamers” somehow trying for our paralyzed and atrophied Spirit-Soul to become again alive and active!
To use Shakespeare as Blavatsky did, I kindly ask you “Gently to hear, kindly to judge”
Believe in self and old truisms!
Further, remember before judging and coming into conclusions, especially at the times we live now, that little things define everything and those who understand it, understand all!

And “stay observant” !



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Quarantine diaries-Day 23


Day 23
As we are in quarantine world is changing. People are organizing what they can, with people who want this world clean of that 1% who want to control another 99% are trying to pick up the pieces and thinking about different models for keeping things in order.
Before models, let’s talk about the scheme which is starting to unravel!
Here are some extracts from the article by Tony Cartalucci “The Massive Covid-19 Hoax” published at http://www.globalresearch.ca
“Another study conducted in the United States by Stanford University found the infection rate was likely 50-85 times higher than reported – meaning the death rate was astronomically lower than reported at around 0.2% to as low as 0.12% – not the 3-4% claimed by the World Health Organization.
In other words – Covid-19 is no more dangerous or deadly than the annual flu. But it has been hyped as such by Western politicians, the Western corporate media, and even international institutions like WHO – a deliberate deception accompanied by coordinated theater including government briefings with reporters comically spaced out in “fear” of contracting Covid-19.”
Professor Ioannides of Stanford University explained the model in many interviews!
Then there is Robert F.Kenedy Junior, who launched a petition demanding investigation about the depopulation agenda of one Gates.
Let’s see what those models are.
Status Quo
Such a beautiful model where nothing changes dramatically, people who sucked dry others continue doing so with even more zeal. Definitely, there will be a tendency to divide people, to make them spy to one another using such a “human” way like “Neighborhood Observers,” who will be getting some crumbs as thank you from the status quo wishers! Always one eye will be watching you! It could become one-eyed following the blind while taking time for awaking.
There are places in this world that raised the income of prosecutors now! Using all this mess we are facing, prosecutors’ income substantially increased. Preparations are made. Incentives are given. Better? As always, time will show.

Status Not Quo
Here the game could be an interesting one.
Just programmed somewhere, society starts to react.
To react to all the injustice that bothered people all these years but did not want to respond in mass as they had better things to do. Now the reaction might be the only thing left for the people to do.
There is a strong possibility that the movement like yellow vests started in France will renew their presence and might even increase. There will be no leader! So it will not be easy to get to them. That is what might happen with Status Not Quo. Some demonstrations will go on, and that could be the beginning of some other changes when things get more severe, and we are cleansed of minority obsessed with the ruling. It was always the question of how can someone give instructions on what to do and how to behave only because it has loads of money? Non-elected not appointed! Nothing! Come on! All only based on fearmongering!

Status- unbearable lightness of being
to use the title of famous Milan Kundera book
Unbearable is a dangerous word. When it becomes unbearable extremes happen.
But this can also be programmed. Here minority can infiltrate the majority using even the name of the majority to carry the plan of a minority.
Then a minority gets the majority who just want to be left in peace to live the life on this Earth!
And they present the unbearable concept look like high ideals and then start making camps for people to visit occasionally. Just to be reminded who is in charge. Attempts are made for authorities to “visit” houses of all of us for “public good”. Always for “public good” as it is what was in the portfolio of such”human” oriented people.
A little bit of history attached!
By the way, the first ideological, “re-educational camps,” were made after the Bolshevik revolution as early as March 1918 near Ladoga lake near St.Petersbough.
In August 1918 that who was called Lenin and which Kropotkin, the author of “Mutual Aid” and supporter of real Darwin, characterized by his quote that “Lenin is not comparable to any revolutionary figure in history. Revolutionaries have had ideals. Lenin has none,” sent following instruction( Source Wikipedia):

“On August 11, 1918 Lenin instructed the following action:

“Comrades! The insurrection of five kulak districts should be pitilessly suppressed. The interests of the whole revolution require this because ‘the last decisive battle’ with the kulaks is now under way everywhere. An example must be demonstrated.

Hang (absolutely hang, in full view of the people) no fewer than one hundred known kulaks, filthy rich men, bloodsuckers.
Publish their names.
Seize all grain from them.
Designate hostages – in accordance with yesterday’s telegram.
Do it in such a fashion, that for hundreds of verst around the people see, tremble, know, shout: “strangling (is done) and will continue for the bloodsucking kulaks”.

Telegraph the receipt and the implementation. Yours, Lenin.

P.S. Use your toughest people for this.”

On August 17, 1918, the assassination of Petrograd Cheka leader Moisei Uritsky by Leonid Kannegisser happened. Moisei Uritsky was Cheka( Forerunner of KGB) chief from March 10, 1918 – August 17, 1918. This man was working together with Israel Lazarevich Gelfand or Alexander Pravus Helphand( this Helphand is a beautifully attached nickname, British are capable of giving to their essential person).
Israel Pravus organized that train having Lenin and the group to go without any disturbance from Switzerland to Russia through Germany!
Moisei and Israel were working together from 1905, sending agents to infiltrate the Tsarist regime.
And Mr. Israel Lazarevich Gelfand or Alexander Pravus Helphand is known as “Merchant of Revolution,” which is the title of the book written about him by Zbynek Anthony Bohuslav Zeman and W.B. Scharlau in 1965.

Second World War followed with the minority using the majority more and more and more. Till today?
What will the future brings one quarantine diary can not project. However, let’s repeat it! It started!
The scheme begins to unravel!
What is the wish is for the minority to awake and become the majority in that minority! Still, there is time.
To become an engine of awakening and significant change!


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Quarantine diaries-Day 21

Are we drinking water or oil?
No, it is not an environmentalist thought.
It is about oil. It is about the commodity that gave an advance to our civilization but, at the same time, took more lives than all coronas together.
Fighting and fighting and again fighting! Brake even price for one loss for another one.
Calm down!
What will you do with all this oil when there will be no people to use it!
Oil business started of curiosity became a necessity, transferred to greed.

As Daniel Yergin in his unique, fantastic book ” The Prize-The epic quest for oil and power,” stated, ” There was a matter of the missing $526.08.”
It was an unpaid amount towards one chemist who researched the use of so-called “rock oil.” From there on many things have happened
I read the book in 1994, and again another four times with not countable moments when going back to read some of the parts to refresh my mind how the world works! When I understand that I will become too much of the Romantic, I was going back to this precious, beautifully written book to take me down to the earth and to inspire me to do some business deals needed for the men to survive.
The other book, of the same gentleman, a continuation of the first, published some 20 years after, was a disappointment.
He managed to mention one Medvedev in three pages and Nikola Tesla only in two out of more than 700 pages.
But, at the time of writing, Medvedev was more useful than Nikola Tesla, isn’t he?
Looking from this perspective, with or without a virus, with or without social distancing, with or without masks and gloves, with or better without vaccines financed by declared euphemists, it is quite disappointing to see how disorder and somehow hidden hate prevails over the goodness of men!
It could be because of Nikola Tesla’s innate feeling and struggle for FREE energy FOR ALL!
If this is “eccentric,” than it is great to be judged and called “eccentric.”
So instead of the second book of the above gentleman, I strongly recommend the book of Jhon J. O’Neill ” Prodigal Genius: The Life of Nikola Tesla.” It looks incredible that you can not get a kindle edition!
So instead of oil and 500 000 000 000 $ ( woooow) reserves in here and in there, below you will find a couple of lines about Nikola Tesla with one small curiosity involving the uncle of President Trump.
“I am working for the future,” he said!
He also knew the system.
He knew the people from the deep inside of the system. He knew that greed could cost us our existence, and he never revealed how his weapons could be made. He had so-called “open vacuum tubes,” where he produced vacuum using tubes geometry combined with electromagnetic fields making car running without any fuel. To repeat- Without any fuel. It looks like he was playing with nature, and as he had an exceptional tuned attitude towards it, nature let him understand it’s mechanisms knowing that Nikola would never”sell” that trust. To repeat, he probed in 1931 radiant energy car ( Radiant energy is an energy that travels by waves or particles, particularly electromagnetic radiation) with no fuel and using tubes as converters of the power of vibration.
Another curiosity is that the younger brother of the father of Mr.Donald Trump, Mr. John G. Trump was the first to visit Nikola Tesla hotel room and take documents.
He was the head of research at MIT( Massachusetts Institute of Technology). After examining Tesla Papers taken from his hotel suite after his death 7th of January 1943, that there was no evidence except rumors that Tesla actually developed a “Deathray” particle beam weapon. To believe or not to believe that is the question, especially when you find out in newly declassified FBI Tesla files that the FBI was not in charge of collecting and examining Tesla documents. Army was.
Today while experiencing quarantine and social distancing, many of us think how nice it is for the Earth to recover from “abusive” human species. They omit to notice that those human species which are acting like that are minority wanting to get rid of the majority by reducing us to the maximum one billion. With the above number being negotiable.
Do not let the mind to be captured by manipulation and fear!

Quarantine diaries will continue as the book is being prepared to be the witness of an experiment done to us.
Below is the link to the book you can reserve now.
It includes the book plus access to a one-year subscription to the articles to be published soon.


Each eBook will be coming with unique number and so called ” One day personal diary” giving you an opportunity to publish one day of your diaries or thoughts and make the eBook unique and personal! You will create memories to be saved for your loved once to remember you!



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Quarantine diaries-Day 20


Quarantine day 20
To conform or to confront? That is the question!
That is the question for all our activities as humans!
Trump stops financing WHO.

Trump confronting deep state.

To conform or to confront!?

But before that, just some short history hints.
Medici bank was established in 1397. In 1531 New Exchange opens in Antwerp. Bank of Amsterdam founded 1609.
1666 Money changers went from Holland to London, where they re-established in the City of London after the, now famous, Great Fire.
1694 was the year the Bank of England was founded.
That is approximately the time when British pound slowly started to overtake Dutch guilder to become a world reserve currency in the 19th Century. In 1816 England made gold a benchmark of value, and American Congress passes a bill permitting another privately owned central bank called “The Second Bank of the United States.”
1818 was the issue of the first Government bond for Prussian loan by the house of Rothschild.
From then onward, the British pound is in the first five reserve currencies.
Geography was next to enhance currency status.
In 1904 there is a “The Geographical Pivot of History” of Halford John Mackinder submitted to the Royal Geographical Society.
To make it simple and leave you to investigate further as there is plenty of quarantine time, Mr. Mackinder advocated that:
“Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;
who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;
who rules the World-Island commands the world.”
There were many attempts even before 1904 to conquer Russia and its wast lands. Till today there are geopoliticians “crying” for that.
When it was not possible to capture it from outside, the fifth column strategy was organized and implemented. German intelligence being sold to British intelligence by one Mr. Alexander Israel Helpland (Parvus) (1867-1924), called “The merchant of revolution,” allowed
the train that carried Lenin (Vladimir Ilic Ulianov) from Switzerland to Russia through Germany, to pass without any control.
No controls. It is that Lenin, who had a brother Alexandr Ulyanov who tried to assassinate Car Alexander III ( Romanov) of Russia, the son of Alexander II ( Romanov).
Imperator of all Russia Alexander II Romanov sent in 1863 a navy squadron to USA port of New York as help towards president Lincoln to prevent British navy from giving a hand to Confederacy forces.
“Russia desires above all the maintenance of the American Union as one indivisible nation,” Foreign Minister Alexander Gorchakov wrote to Bayard Taylor who was in 1862 secretary of the U.S. embassy in St. Petersburg.

It was Lenin who ordered the assassination of Car Nikolas II Romanov and his whole family on 17/7/1918.
One Peter Kropotkin, the author of the highly degraded book in the west called The Mutual Aid, said about Lenin: ” Lenin is not comparable to any revolutionary figure in history: Revolutionary have had some ideals. Lenin has none.”

As Russia was incorporated in the Soviet Union, there was a room for developing organizations and institutes elsewhere to become policymakers and controllers of any elected president or government. Just a small digression that Napoleon was the product of the first “institutes” made after the French Revolution.
So under the famous but not widely known “Colonel” House, Council for Foreign Relations came to existence in the USA as well as the Institute for foreign relations, the famous Chapman House in London.
Time was passing, games were played, people were born, and people were gone.
Then the Second World war came, and things became much more severe due to nuclear weapons discovery and use. Mr. Truman will stay in the history of humankind as men who ordered the use of the two first atomic bombs.
Than Chinese uprising which started 1911 in, surprisingly, Wuchang when the Qing Empire fell. And, again surprisingly, the same place Wuchang was the center of “cultural revolution” under Mao Zedong and currently is a hub for many air and river transports.
Regarding Iran, to come to today, the virus began to spread from the city of Qum – the holy city of Shiites, the spiritual and administrative capital, but also a place located close to the nuclear facilities.
As regards Russia, president Putin made significant changes in the government in January this year, before the virus outbreak, thus protecting Russia against the groups from within. The same was going to happen in China, but the outbreak of the virus postponed planed 3-5 of March parliamentary meetings.
Then we have the USA and President Trump, who in three years organized seven million new jobs and reduced unemployment. Suddenly the crisis caused by the virus gives Trump again 4 million unemployed.
Not to mention Oxford University research of 24/3/2020 about the possibility that fewer than one in a thousand people were infected and that majority developed mild symptoms or none. Immediately after Imperial College published research, which is particularly interesting.
Namely, as reported by Business insider, 27/3/2020


that “Without intense government intervention, the novel coronavirus could infect 7 billion people and kill 40 million this year, according to a new report from researchers at the Imperial College of London.”
Furthermore as fear is here, then comes the disclaimer ( again quote from Business Insider article 27/3/2020)
“The report, according to co-author Charles Whittaker, is meant to project the impact of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. The projections are not an inevitability, he said.
“The results we present in this paper are not predictions of what will [necessarily] happen,” Whittaker told BBC NewsHour on Friday morning. “Instead, what we’re trying to do is illustrate the magnitude of the problem and the benefits of acting quickly.”
The report has not been published in a scientific journal nor peer-reviewed. Nearly four dozen researchers from the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team and the WHO Collaborating Center for Infectious Disease Modeling are co-authors.”

Following the above, you had telephone conversations between Mr. President Trump and Mr. President Xi and Mr. President Putin.
You also had a hospital ship USNS Comfort, called by Mr. President Trump, “a 70,000-ton message of hope and solidarity,” docking at New York on 2/4/2020. plus
At the same time, repeating history, Russian planes were delivering help to the USA!
In Italy and Serbia, Russia sent teams of Biological warfare doctors and specialists to get to know virus or viruses better. That is absolutely great news! Comprehend?
At the same time, China is sending aid everywhere.
Interestingly enough, they are joined by Children’s Health Defence organization Chaired by Robert F. Kenedy with an article about “Globalist Vaccine Agenda,” and Mr. President Trump’s decision to stop founding WHO. WHO being World Health Organisation.



When Mr. President Trump announced his decision, those on the losing side reacted. Apparently, it is highly irritable to have a nonspecialist,
non-epidemiologist, non-doctor to use WHO, and to give instructions to the whole of a planet Earth just because he has billions and interest in vaccines! The same person who said that the population of the Earth needs to be reduced.
If there is some common sense left on this planet, then that is not acceptable.
The hints are here, and real history is available. You can go further and investigate.
Recommended are two old books!
One is Anglo American Establishment
The other is Tragedy and Hope
Kindle edition

The writer is late Professor Carroll Quigley who said
“We are living in a very dangerous age in which insatiably greedy men are prepared to sacrifice anybody’s health and tranquility to satisfy their own insatiable greed for money and power.”
Professor Quigley passed away 3/1/1977. Today is 15/4/2020
Names changed; the concept is the same!
Shall we conform or shall we confront, that is the question!


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Quarantine diaries-Day 18

Sun rise, soul rise

Day 18
It is regrettable to realize that complex is not curable.
That one we could call the superiority complex. If we accept that Alfred Adler was right, then the superiority complex is arising from the inferiority complex.
Inferiority to accept other people’s thoughts, writings, poems. It goes to the point of not allowing the people to breathe if it is not suitable to the dear fellow human beings with a wide range of complexities in their character.
Judging all the others is the name of the game.
Instead of judging, it would be the very best for them to look in the mirror and find out who they are! Narcissists or just plain idiots? Or maybe, only, distressed persons who are trying to find a way out by judging all the others instead of themselves.
They are also good people. For themselves, only, one could argue.
Maybe, but it does not make them our enemies. On the contrary, they need help. They lose all the energy in judging if the verses are good or bad if the thoughts are acceptable or not. If you read them, you think that they are the ones running all the courts around. Constitutional court for judging the views of other fellow citizens. Did Orwell write about this as well?
If not, here is the chance!
And it is not enough!
They encourage one another with irony and so-called “intelligent” comments. It is beautiful that they exist. It is highly educational to see what the group of about, let’s say, 40 people can do and how does it behave when together. They call themselves journalists or “communication” experts. When faced with reality, they stay without words as their knowledge is very shallow. They are afraid of more profound insight.
They are scared of change. But the change is here. And thanks God there are journalists and communication people who have the understanding about the coming change.
Change, that is approaching every aspect of our lives.
Reading different comments of all those “specialist” judges, one with common sense statement made me not to lose faith in that group of people, counting 110 that was laughing, showing some psychological issues worth of monitoring.
Namely, a gentleman, men, the men said when faced with “specialist” statistic explanations: “The matter is when will all this finish and if there will be bread on our table!”
It stayed without the answer!
But there were 67 comments based on verses and writings and expressing thoughts. Such an irony that no one of those 110 laughable people did not reply.
Instead of being filled with compassion, solidarity, understanding, and positive energy to encourage people to be creative, those fellow human beings decided that it is better to judge and to laugh with other people’s pain.
“One says one the other says the other. Than statistics comes to help. And then more statistics. How statistics was invented, no one cares. As long as it satisfies their world view. That’s OK. Just no one is obliged to accept anyone’s world view. And expressing views, especially the views downgrading panic, is positive. At least it was.
Please, do not answer by asking questions. Instead, reply with statements. Do not judge! Do not judge people you will be living with tomorrow. This will pass, comments will stay. We will meet with or without masks with or without gloves. Will we become better or worse or stay as we are no one knows. So as said in Quarantine diaries Day 16, using the quote of Jack Kerouac, “Practice kindness all day to everybody, and you will realize you are already in heaven now!” Do not act kindness! Practice it genuinely. It will help you first.



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