On the road

Being on the road, as we popularly say when on the trip of any kind, is an opportunity to connect with your self first and then armed with positivity and respect, with other people you meet.

First you would need

To “be in love with love”.

To “gain a soul” and then

To “sit on the throne of hearts”

As Emre said.

Trips are for that! Not necessarily by any means of transport. But it is always nice and better to meet people face to face.

We call them, like myself, ordinary people. Those who are working, or looking for job. Those having their everyday obligations and thoughts, kind of problems, issues in life and about life and existence. Those, that people from power are speaking with kindness, but never being familiar.

Well on the road you become familiar. You connect and you respect! That what philosophy of good news is made for!

We meet. We start communicating in any language we know, and we understand each other from the language of our eyes! And smile! Such a beauty has genuine human smile! And we discover! Ourselves and person in front of us.

We discover how we all are just the same! Same fears, same desires, same passion, same small “devils” and same beautiful angels. And curiosity! Ah curiosity! It is moving us in the road called life!

You understand that we all are very fragile and that we all are transient.

Than, maybe, in that moment of awakening, of awareness we live! We really live the life.

On the road !

It is obvious that places and people we see, meet, communicate with when “on the road” do not only make you think about the present and future but also about past, about memories. Somehow those new or could say reborn thoughts become part of you injecting more of wisdom, genuine humanity and understanding of past matters. If you observe people with clean soul and open eyes you will be amazed how easy, how beautiful you will feel even not understanding the language.

And then you could thing differently about the past too. Let’s say that your thoughts are projected towards the person you still somehow love but do not know why. Than you try to find the way to communicate. With nearly all the bridges being destroyed you chose the one, narrow hanging bridge over chasm and start composing words. Your allies are all those known and unknown people from”on the road” and energy you got by observing them with clean soul and open eyes.

And the words flow! Not many but much!

With a day more at the place of my stay, thoughts are accompanying me. I think and I write. Beautiful feeling. And I talk over the phone and learn more.

It is about you as the thoughts go there by themselves. Not that I do not want them to go there! I, secretly show them the path to continue going towards there. Towards the thoughts about you. Becouse you contributed to what I am today. What I write and talk about. How do I communicate with others and how do I see the others. And I want to share it with you. Those words are aimed at that. And about the soup. The ordinary, traditional soup. I tasted it, three years ago, and got the greatest compliment a traveler can get. “You are one of us” the waiter said. And I was there becouse the idea of you sent me there.

I continued with words inspired by very deep feelings.

Offcourse you can give my writings to your friends to read. There is no copyright to that. And even if it was copyrighted I hereby make you free of that obligation. You are free to give it where ever you want. I would prefer that you pass it to your heart and cover it with that beautiful warmth of your soul. It would be good for you and good for me. It would be good for me and good for you.

But what I want usually does not happen. The universe did not arrived at that point yet! But it is approaching. It is approaching…

It is approaching as we are “in love with love” gaining soul and finally “sit in the throne of hearts)

What do we learn? Learn to feel other people, with clean soul and open eyes. As much as they help you, be sure, you help them. That is the time they will call you one of theirs. With genuine beautiful human smile!

Learn not to burn all the bridges. Leave one, narrow, dangerous, but leave the one. Or construct another one!

On the road..


5/1/2020 and 7/1/2020

Connect and Respect

Seven minutes of eternity

Once upon the time, there was you and I. Moments to remember as ,at least I thought, they will not again be able to assemble. Not in a couple of reincarnations!

Those moments you wanted to last forever having also fear that they would dissappear. That is why you arrange to make above photo. Work of art is always coming from a beautiful soul. Beautiful and authentic soul like yours. And love! Love! Naked love!

Years have passed. We tried to suppress feelings, to proceed with lives and new experiences.

Explanations are very unnecessary. You understand that after some time. It is like obtaining experience by long circle walk. No need to explain anything to anyone. But it is nice to remember. Pain or no pain remembarance is a healer. Absolutely it is. Energy is there. Reflects,as eye rays show if clean is the soul.

And after some years that moments were reborn. Just for a few minutes. That seven minutes and three songs. Seven minutes of eternity! Oh yes! Even that we are mistaken to measure fellings that last for eternity! To measure them in minutes!? Well no! I did not measure it till it lasted! But after when it was finished.

Usually that happens when the magic is gone. Than we go back to time to see if it was long enough or good enough or just enough. Thinking and judging. By doing so, we lose momentum and magic dissappears. This is why I write these words. To stay as a remainder of those seven minutes of eternity. It can happen again. Eternity does have the tendency to repeat it self!

All is in the stars as some wiser ancestors were saying. Look at stars! There might be me from another part of the world, still alive flying and passing by and winking to you. It is a thought from imortal poem of Serbian poet Mika Antic but here in this, our story, we are all alive! Very alive and breathing.

Ordinary is that breathing?! Or it is very special?

One is learned! Should not bother with the time. Instead we should live making every period of time eternity. Eternity of creativity leaving deeds to generations to come, eternity of goodness, humanity, love, passion, respect and anything else which makes us and people arround us deeply happy and healthy. Like those three songs letting magic to dance. As magic is timeless. Magic makes time, not viseversa.

So three songs with words, describing state of the souls. Our souls. Dreams and reality and sorrow and decisiveness. Conected we were again…

There are words which lose its power when actually pronounced, said one poet, Magic words. Those were in the air, in the ethar, embracing every part of our being.

Even that we communicate not, even that you are, for someone else hot, even that I have another person in my life we have managed to stay quiet. And to stay! To stand still! And be quiet. Quietness does let us to feel more intense and deep. And we have done all in that seven minutes of eternity.

As usual you turned your back at me and I could not see your face. But I could feel the soul, the heart and the brain. All of it.You gave some time to us, to you. You gave seven minutes and three songs. Eternity emanated suddenly ,we found out, like in the game “blinds man buff” where you do not see but you are in a way forced to feel. Than choice is yours to stay or to go! And you stayed and I stayed.

For seven minutes of eternity. …



Philosophy of good news

Connect and Respect


Sunrise as new beginning

Just a few days ago we were talking about Christmas. About the meaning and about our habits. Somehow we all connected Christmas with material things. Presents we were receiving, and presents we were presenting to our children, spouse and close family and some friends also. It was like we were trained more to receive presents, reacting like dogs awaiting food in famous Pavlov experiment. Presents and go. Very few of us talked about the atmosphere, about preparing Christmas tree, about stories heard, kisses and admiration exchanged. Love felt. Christmas is not about presents. Our concept of material made it like that. Christmas is about family values and love. Christmas is about forgiving. Christmas is about new beginning.

Some months ago I was attending beautiful, rare in the days we live, fortieth marriage anniversary. Something I was very proud of as, I could see how love can look, and be alive as new, after whole 40 years! It was memorable experience for all of us attending the celebration in Romanian capital of Bucharest. There, as the atmosphere was the one of taking summary of life, all present created beautiful energy, very positive magnetic field enabling us to leave aside our every day issues and concentrate on the substance of life. In one of many opinion sharing the lady, well known TV presenter and actress, convey to me that she has one daughter and that she decided and her underaged daughter accepted, not to buy any more presents. You may ask, what was that which made the daughter to agree. Well it was the exchange! Mother exchanged presents with presenting new experiences! Experiences by learning virtues, excursions, reading and in one word communicating! It was not “Present and go”! It was creating memories to stay. This is what many of us, know middle-aged, experienced in our childhood. Less presents and more communication. Lots of laugh and stories about our parents experiences. Many different games and as a must and the addition to the Christmas, watching NEW YEAR´S concert of the Vienna Philharmonic! Even now and every year we are sitting in front of the TV and enjoying beautiful music together.

But if you are in need to buy presents, then buy something meaningful and practical. Something which will make you and your loved ones closer. Something to make you communicate more and eat less. Something to let you experience togetherness.

I think that Christmas is for that.

After, you see how it goes and decide accordingly. You.might be surprised with the outcome.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and health and happiness to all of the readers.


Connect and Respect


"I love her with my ears"

Title is from Branko Miljkovic poem ” In vane I wake her”

Sometime ago I had a talk what is more important than love? That is the question we in our civilisation ask ourselves and others many times. We see love as universal feeling not measurable by anything. So how comes that something can be more important than love?! And then it came as pure magic! A simple passionate French kiss. The kiss that has power to awake you, giving you the awareness that pure love is possible and to boost your love for love and life.

As in couple of months there will be an anniversary of Serbian poet Branko Miljkovic leaving this world I decided to write an article about him, mentioning also another Romantic Mihai Eminescu and Yesenin and Mayakovsky. Maybe, if they had that passionate French kiss experience they would walk the roads of our Earth longer! The writer of this words had it! It gave infinite energy to cope with life and to see it from completely different perspective.

If you think that Veronica Micle was somehow a great disappointment for Mihai Eminescu who even wanted to trade immortality just for one kiss ( from Veronica off course) let me introduce to you Branko Miljkovic Serbian poet who commit, so they say, suicide ( found hanging from a tree).

He joined Yesenin who committed suicide (so they say) and another one of his favourite poets, he translated to Serbian language, Vladimir Mayakovsky who also committed suicide (so they confirmed).

Branko Miljkovic was born 29th of January 1934 and died in the night between 12/13th of February 1961. He was 27 years old.

He wrote an epitaph in his collection ORIGIN OF HOPE !!!! which says

“Killed by a too powerful word”.

Many are analysing who, why, how and what happened, trying to define Branko Miljkovic among other magicianc of our “modern” world, forgeting statement of Oscar Wild that “to define is to limit”.

I am writing this article just as Branko wrote “In Vain I wake Her” ! No preparations, no second, third thoughts . Just translating passion to words. And adding more of it after some time!

Well Branko Miljkovic, his poems and esseys were “planted” in me and my generation some decades ago so it is easy to translate the passion and present it here, even in Englsh.

Here I will concentrate on one point, like with Eminescu and Chopin and Petofi( the article is being prepared as it will be together with Nusic and Eminescu)and all the others having that ingredient in tremendous quantity ! PASSION ! PASSION in all we do!

PASSION! Passion is the ingredient which is fighting all kind of depressions but if not used in the right dosage can kill you! It is our choice.

Branko Miljkovic had PASSION in all he was doing !

When drunk he showed , apart from being aggressive that he was again VERY PASSIONATE!

There is a story. After a few drinks he started shouting in the pub full of people : ” We demand freedom for our whorehouses! You dirty little communists have taken away our whorehouses! We want freedom! Who will have the courage to fight me you cowards?!”

“In Vain I Wake Her” he wrote , as they say, when he visited neighbours house in his home town of Nis and saw a picture of his friend’s dead sister. Instantly he felt in love with the dead girl and wrote most admirable verses in her honour. It was a victory over poet and life, as he said. Instantly it was but it was slowly slowly growing in Brankos soul. It looks like that we keep feelings inside of us awaiting the right moment to erupt as an earthquake, having lava, that tremendous lava translated to words and presented to the world. This is how this poem was born. And definitely many others.

Here is the whole poem for you dear readers to enjoy !

In Vain I Wake Her

“I wake her for the sun that explains itself in plants

For sky stretched between the fingers

I wake her for words that burn my throat

I love her with my ears.

End of the world should be reached and drops of dew found in grass.

I wake her for some distant things that look like these here,

For people who, without forehead or name, go along the street,

For anonymous words, for squares I wake her,

For manufactured landscapes of public parks.

I wake her for this planet of ours which may become a mine In bloodshed sky

For smiles in stones, friends fallen asleep between two battles

When sky was no longer a big birdcage but An airport

My love full of others is a part of dawn,

I wake her for the dawn, for love, for myself, for others,

I wake her, even if it is more in vain than to call a bird

That landed forever

She must have said: let him look for me and see that I am gone

That woman with the hands of a child that I love

That child fallen asleep with tears still not wiped, which I wake In vain

in vain in vain In vain

I wake her

For she will wake up different and new

In vain I wake her

For her mouth will not be able to tell

In vain I wake her

You know the water runs through but says nothing

In vain I wake her

A lost name should be promised someone’s face in sand

If this is not so

Cut off my arms and turn me into stone”

Translated by Milanović, Aleksandra

Uh ! Emotional and very passionate !

In his letter to a friend which you will have a pleasure to read below he presented us with more PASSION ! And desire and love! That is the purpose of our life ! This is what we are living for!

As Robin Williams said ” Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits , and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.” Addition can be made mentioning French kiss also!

And letter goes…

“Dear friend, I don’t know why, but I want to explain to you the essence of my failure from which I shall never again recuperate.

First of all, you must know that my misery is not some simple love ache. Or rather, it is, if we understand my love as Eros in Espinoza’s sense.

That woman wasn’t merely my lover. She was the first and foremost need of my soul. She was also my spiritual protector and my shelter. She was my protective shield from the metaphysical frost. Without Her I am directly and completely exposed to the nonsense of the Universe and the night.

My loneliness is now absolute.

There is no realm of pure meaning and poetry for me any more. My poems want my head now. There is no one to reconciliate me with them any more. She was the only one who knew how. Only, she didn’t know that she does. With her, the most dangerous thoughts would turn into beautiful and harmless metaphors. Now, all that is raging and mercilessly charging at me. If only I could run away from what I said! I live in terrible fear. I fear to speak, to write. Each word could be the death of me. Most of poems that I wrote, I wrote before I loved Her, but only with Her, have I become the poet, that is, the one who is not affected by what he sings about, the one who has privileged position regarding to what he says. My poetry is losing every meaning now and turning into my worst enemy. Maybe I would have become a real poet if that wonderful woman had stayed with me. This way, I am the one who played with fire and burned to ashes. Defeat can not be a triumph, no matter how grand it is. By losing Her, I lost both my strength and my gift. I can not write anymore. There is only misery left that can not create anything but more misery.

Do you remember, dear friend, that I wrote the verse : “One unhappy man can not be a poet”.

Only now I see how true that is. I will try to live on, though I am dead more than all the dead combined. This terrible suffering is the last piece of humanity in me. If I outlive it, don’t expect anything good from me. But I don’t think I will.

Wishing you all the best.


P.S. If you wish to write to me, write about Her. Anything. Not in reference with me. What does she eat, if she’s sleeping well, if she’s having cold etc.; You could know all this. Every detail about her is priceless to me. If I stop thinking about Her, I will start thinking about death. It is midnight. Goodbye. Branko”

(Translated by Aleksandra Milanović)

Pasion, pain, love !!!!

Is it worth dying for? It is definitely worthy living for! And be patient as it takes time to discover, build and digest all! And love, and passion and pain! And kiss! Or “just” simple hug!

First published in November 2018 and now 11/12/2019 republished with more of thoughts about love, pain, kiss, passion.

Philosophy of good news

Connect and Respect


Mihai Eminescu "Of all dreams we will dream the happiest"

Mihai Eminescu is back! He is always ready to be back! When the soul is at the right place and working, we are ready to welcome magicians back! One of those magicians is Mihai Eminescu.”The godfather of modern Romanian language”. Mihai Eminescu was called many names like “Romanian Shakespeare” and “The last Romantic”. I think that he was “just” simple Mihai Eminescu who pointed out the beauty and pain and hardness and flair and passion of being Romanian. By evincing all those feelings Mihai Eminescu let us have the answer to all our fears about what the life is, who we are and what is the purpose of us being here! That answer is “only” one word! Love!

Love without analysing, love without defining. Just Love as each of us feels it. Feels it! And to feel the love soul is clean and working at the frequency of Love. What is the frequency of Love you might ask. Well, read Eminescu poems. The words are combined in a way to turn your soul into pure love mode. We could say that Mihai Eminescu was precursor of modern life coaching.

Two years passed from the visit to his home town and to Copou Park at Iasi where I had first “encounter” with him and with Veronica Micle.

Mihai Eminescu , born Mihail Eminovici in Botosani some 100 km from Iasi , as one of eleven children of Georghe Eminovici and Raluca Iurascu.

If we agree that the men’s character is formed up to teenage years, there are two events that marked life of young, curious , open minded Romanian Mihai Eminescu.

First being the death of his teacher and his fathers friend Aron Pumnul which happened near him, and second his first love Casandra Elena of Ipotesti.

He expressed him self about those two affairs by writing poems.

“ La moartea lui Aron Pumnul”( At Aron Pumnuls death)which he signs as M.Eminoviciu,privatist and the second, firstly called Elena and then renamed to “De-as avea”(“ I would have”?) which was published in the review “Familia” and signed as Mihai Eminescu. He was 16 years old.

The rest is for historians , linguists , poetry critics to analyse .

We would like to awake , to intensify the feelings of our readers , thus making them to believe in them selves in their abilities in their deep humanity, awaking passion for life, passion for love.

And Mihai Eminescu as poet, as visionary as human being is exactly the person from whom we can learn how important is to be yourself as he said:

“ Past and future ,ever blending

Are the truth side of same page

New start will begin with ending

When you know to learn from age”

( From Glossa 1883)

I am quite sure that all of us men had one Elena, Casandra , Veronica , Mariana , Liliana , Ionela,Gabriela, Mihaela or Stella , like women had Mihai ,John,David, Ionut , Gabriel , Dragos , Valentin , Darko , Stefan , Vasile who have made a strong impression at some moments in our life’s ,thus influencing our future without us realizing it most of the time.

And we all react to that strong feelings .

The beauty of it is that we have Mihai Eminescu poems to enrich our souls, to share all kinds of feelings we might encounter and to enjoy even more the love we feel !

Wake up! Chose your way whatever that might be and fight for that as a human being.

Mihai Eminescu words woven into his poems are a powerful tool for us to awake to feel more intense yet humble and act better as beautiful minds we all are !

And do not be afraid of too much love! Do not question it ! Instead live it! With all your being !

“Remember how in times go by ,

We walked together you and I,

I’d lift you up into my arms ,

So many times , so many times!

The world is full of lovely girls

With fiery eyes which shine like pearls

But be they angels to my view ,

They are not you , they are not you!”

And in Romanian

“Ti-aduci aminte cum pe atunci

Cand ne primblam prin vai si lunci

Te ridicam de subsuori

De atatea ori , de atatea ori ?

In lumea asta sunt femei

Cu ochi ce izvorasc scantei…

Dar , oricat ele sunt de sus,

Ca tine nu-s , ca tine nu-s!”

From “ De ce nu-mi vii” “Why won’t you come”

Even when disappointed ,communicate , express your self , destroy the “mute” button , even when stubborn , love more!

With all your being.

Even in separation “despartire”

“ Yet in a spring the blossom do you remain the while,

With gentle eyes and humid, and tender childish smile;

So much a child , yet seeming each day to younger grow,

And of my fate know nothing , as I too nothing know.”

And in Romanian

“ Ci tu ramai in floare ca luna lui April,

Cu ochii mari si umezi , cu zambet de copil,

Din cat esti de copila sa-ntineresti mereu,

Si nu mai sti da mane , ca nu m-oi sti nici eu.”

Written 1879 as he separated from beautiful Veronica Micle the wife of rector Stefan Micle .

They say that the relationship between them seems to have the intensity of teenage love .

“ On my shoulder you incline

And your lip’s delicious plunder

Raise up willingly to mine.”

And doubts about faith , about how to proceed , about practical issues regarding Victoria two kids .

“ Isn’t our love an abnormality in the worlds state of things , an abnormality for which they try to punish us”( From the book of Secret Correspondence between Mihai and Veronica)

Seems that he found the perfect addressee and have open him self completely using beautiful expressions when explaining his surroundings

“ cold friends and warm foes”

It looks like that we the curious people are “lucky” that two of them had quarrel ,where angry Veronica asked back for the letters she had sent and Mihai complied. And now we can read them even if my personal feeling is that apart from rhymes , the rest should stay secret to help us imagine only!

Mihai , our friend, a friend of humanity have shown us what pain , what love , what passion is capable to do and how all those feelings are unique and strong , and human , and not wrong!

He might lived only 39 years however his “opus” is tens of thousands of pages full of passion, wise thoughts , feelings of all kinds !

Real , so real human being !

In one of his emotional poem called “Immortal poem” Serbian poet Mika Antic is saying

“ In half a century only

yet centuries have I inspected”

Or in Romanian

“ Pentru doar o jumatate de secol,

Secolul a fost de a vizita”

This is exactly what Mihai Eminescu has done!

He did not “ nibble the days like a mouse”

He actually have “widely chewed the air overtaking winds and birds” knowing that

“immortality is short”!

I salute from whole my being the Man who have lived more than century ago and whose words are still immortal !



May 2017

Mehmed Pasha Sokollu and Makarije Sokolovic

A little more than a year ago monument showing two brothers, Mehmed Pasha Sokollu – Sokolovic and Makarije Sokolovic was unveiled at Andric Grad near Visegrad. Visegrad is a home town of Sokolovic Family famous for its bridge build by Josif, Koca Mimar Sinan Aga for the account of Sokolu Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic.

In the book”The Bridge on the river Drina” by Nobel Price winner Ivo Andric you can find out about this silent witness to the four centuries of history, from Ottoman rule to Austro-Hungarian occupation, and learn about the life conditions , relations, expectations, kismet of the local inhabitants.

At the same time it is at least intriguing that during Mehmed Pasha Sokollu reign as Grand Vizier from 1565 to 1579 Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate of Pec was restored with his close kinsman Makarije Sokolovic becoming the first Patriarch. Also another event took place and that is the invasion and conquering of Cyprus by Ottoman Empire 1571.

Here are some details.

Makarije spent some time before becoming Patriarch Archimandrite of Hilandar monastery of Mount Athos and had a nick name “topuzli Makarije” due to the maze (topuz) he carried under his mantle.

Using just common sense thoughts one could conclude that during his days in Athos as Archimandrite of Serbian Monastery of Hilandar he had encounters with other monasteries, including Greek Orthodox Monastery of Vatopedi as well as with Ottomans. We could imagine that he could convey to them the solicitude of Orthodox Church towards the involvement and actions of Catholic Church in Cyprus.

This could have happened, as even today we express our deep feelings over coffee and especially tasty food accompanied with even better wine.

That, combined with the position of Sokollou as a Grand Vizier is at least a sign that there was a talk going behind the scenes. And behind the scenes talks are often crucial, vital for the fate of the people. Some details are somewhere stored awaiting discovery and we do hope that we will have the privilege to learn about them during our life time.

What is certain is that Bajica Sokolovic – Mehmed Pasha Sokollu was second longest serving Grand Vizier of Ottoman Empire with continuous fourteen years in the office, serving three different Sultans, Suleiman the Magnificent, Selim II and Murat III. He got married with Ismihan a very young daughter of then heir of the throne Selim II . Ismihan mother comes from the famous Bafos family of Venice ( gave the wife of the Grand Duke ) and she was a grand daughter of Sultana Roxelana ( her self being the daughter of Russian priest) and Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Their son Ibrahim ( Jovan) birth was kept in secret in order to avoid any attempt on his life from would be future Sultans.

In the book Hamam Balkania, cleverly written by Vladislav Bajac there is a quote, said to be his, which explains why he was entrusted the position of Grand Vizier by three different Sultans and will also help to understand his practical moves during siege of Cyprus and building, among other endowments, the famous bridge over the river Drina. ” I like to see myself more as a wise person who is careful about what he says than as a great statesman who is careful about what he won’t say.”

And just to make this story even more interesting the writer of this passages found Mehmed Pasha Sokollu descendants in Cyprus.

So as stated above Venetians were the rulers of Cyprus in 1571 when Ottomans invade it and manage to conquer it. The fleet for Cyprus conquest was built at Payas ship yard in Iskenderun ( Alexandretta). It was used as a rest place for caravans going to Syrian town of Aleppo. Interesting it is. In today’s Iskenderun you can still find 13000 sq.mtrs Caravanserai financed by Mehmed Pasha Sokollu Sokolovic and build and supervised by famous Josif born Mimar Sinan, intimate friend of Mehmed Pasha Sokollu Sokolovic and a chief architect of Ottoman empire. It was built after Cyprus campaign.

As one beautiful friend of mine always asks WHY, the reader might ask it self why it was built after Cyprus campaign. There is a common sense explanation which I will mention later.

In planning of the campaign to conquer Cyprus, Porta needed to find out how this campaign would be financed like today when NATO alliance is asking for extra funding.

I found just a brief information at Wikipedia that Cyprus campaign was financed by “confiscation and resale of monasteries and Churches of Greek orthodox Church.” Again it looks extremely interesting having in mind the beginning of this article. And as there were two opinions regarding Cyprus campaign, Mehmed Pasha Sokollu Sokolovic said not to be in favour of it ,the DIVAN asked Sheikh-ul-islam and got a favourable opinion that as Cyprus was “former land of Islam” it is justified to conquer it. If you want to find the reason you can always find it! In this case it was a brief Arab conquest of Cyprus at 649 AD under the leadership of Muawiyah I and in 650 they established a garrison of more than 10000 soldiers. They remained until 680 AD. Another interesting detail is that todays famous HALA SULTAN TEKKE on the brinks of salt lake in Larnaca was build by Ottomans on the place where a relative of MUHAMMAD, Umm-Haram felt from the mule and was killed.

Coincidence or not Ebussuud el Amadi ( Sheikh-ul-islam) was a neighbor of Mehmed Pasha Sokollu Sokolovic and not only that they highly respected one another they also passed long hours together discussing issues of Ottoman empire and, believe it or not, a practical way to renew the Serbian orthodox church Patriarchate with first Patriarch to be , as already said Makarije Sokolovic, Mehmed Pashas kinsman! This has happened with connive acceptance of Sultan Selim II.

Some 350-400 ships were built and nearly 100000 army assembled with Lala Mustafa Pasha being in charge of it. He managed to conquer Cyprus with big losses(50000 soldiers !) and only after the supplies for last stronghold fortress of Famagusta stopped due to the diplomatic effort of Mehmed pasha Sokollu Sokolovic.

Lala Mustafa Pasha as Janissary( coming from Bosnia) and being extremely nervous for the losses, tried to confirm his loyalty to the Sultan by killing many people especially in Nicosia and Famagusta. At Famagusta he brutally killed Marco Antonio Bragadin a Captain-General and commander of Famagusta even as he agreed to let him and his remaining soldiers and protégés go back to Venice in negotiated handover of Famagusta fortress. Lala Mustafa Pasha went back to Istambul as a hero but he was very unpleasantly surprised when he learned that he will be deprived of all income from Cyprus campaign which, by the decision of Sultan Selim II has been transferred to Mehmed Pasha Sokollu Sokolovic. From that income I am very certain he built mentioned caravanserai in Iskenderun and definitely there was more money left to finish the bridge on the Drina river and caravanserais or han nearby.

Mehmed Pasha Sokollu – Bajica Sokolovic having seen how cheap and fragile life is and having close, beautiful friendship with Josif Mimar Sinan, the greatest architect and builder of the time, had a thought to leave behind him as many endowments as possible, realising what we all should realise, that life is a temporary state we are passing through and that living a life is a special way to prepare for the death leaving behind achievements to be recognised by new generations That, and only that will stay behind us!

Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic Sokollu definitely achieved it as more than 500 years from his death we still remember him through his deeds one being the bridge over the river Drina. The humble message to the people who today have more money than they will ever need is coming through one awake and aware human being who passed away some years ago with the name of Momo Kapor.


“ Our predecessors taught us to raise a piece of bread from the ground to whiff it, kiss it and cross it. Once I saw Princess Jelisaveta Karadjordjevic raising a piece of fallen bread kissing it and making a cross on it. Good, forgotten custom, full of the respect for bread. Forgot like the old word – ENDOWMENT . ………. Like Father Mitrofan from Serbian monastery of Hilandar said : “Ours is only what we give to the others”

Bajica Sokolovic – Mehmed Pasha Sokollu knew that long before! Dear readers , do good , build your endowment for the future generations. Some of us can leave the buildings for common purpose, some of us can help without wanting to be known – that is the word SEVAP meaning, some of us will plant a tree and some will paint. Some will compose and some awake, some will write and some will make happy the others. Some will do all that only with just one pure human smile! I deeply feel that this is happening and that we are awaking as a human beings!

Philosophy of good news

First published July 2018 and republished December 2019 with some additions.

Connect and Respect

Date at Kyrenia

Below you will find the story about unexpected encounter happened in Kyrenia one year ago. It was brief but powerful, human and genuine. In last twelve months I visited Kyrenia many times. There is very strong feeling inside of me that when two souls meet and connect as two souls did that November’s day of 2018, you always feel the energy when visiting the place where all began. Like the souls left vibrations at the place of the unexpected date awaiting protagonists to appear and reconnect. Beautiful friendship was born.

Friendship based on attraction, on, as they say “click”, wishes to live romantic moments, joint love for books and soul matters, with special attention to respect of the life circumstances of both of us. Even if cleverly said that it is “Mission impossible” , and that being the plain truth, we still talk sometimes forbidding for memories to dissappear. This is how it was…

Sunday is the day for a rest in any form or shape. Depends of what one likes. Some like lying in bed, some waking up early. Some just reading the books and some staring at Facebook and Instagram. And some , as me on Sunday 11/11/2018 , fancy going for excursion at nearby place overlooking Mediterranean sea, equipped with book, phone, PC, chargers for both , diary called Blah Blah Blah ,a T-Shirt to change and a lot positive energy.

I felt as a soldier going in the battle to liberate the world from manipulation. Huge task! Idealist I could be called? Does not matter as the overwhelming feeling one have is much more important than the opinion of others.

I started the journey from Nicosia to Kerynia this time using public transport, to have more time to relax and enable my mind to reach a state of increased inspiration and invention and to sharpen my senses. And it worked. I came, ready for new task, to Kyrenia, the place I visited last Sunday with the group of people who were born and lived there and who took us to the places where, at least, I haven’t been.

Last week I decided to make Signs of Kyrenia page on Facebook and subpage at http://www.philosophyofgoodnews.com to try to share with my readers the findings, happenings and feelings concerning Kyrenia. Strait from the bus station I went to visit again St. George Church, situated in once mixed neighbourhood of Turkish and Greek Cypriots, we visited last Sunday and to see it from the quiet side as there was no liturgy planned for this Sunday. The doors were closed and I stayed for a couple of minutes enjoying the quietness and remembering the lady of last week who shared her memories about happenings in and around church especially during marriage celebrations.

I tried to recall that atmosphere in my thoughts having faces of the people from the last week group as active participants! It worked! Amazing feelings at a special place! And special it is as there is a story of a couple Turkish Cypriot man and Greek Cypriot woman who got married before 1974 , had two boys( living in USA now) and manage to stay married all these years becoming a key keepers of the Church and overcoming all kinds of pressure from both sides, but also enjoying the support from both sides! The secret is LOVE! LOVE and as my dear new lady friend said ENERGY! Positive energy! Mr. Yasar and Mrs.Angeliki. Unfortunately Mrs. Angeliki died and Mr. Yasar even smiling has sorrow in his eyes when talking about his only LOVE Mrs. Angeliki! Immediately after I went for a traditional Cyprus coffee at the nearby coffee shop, again from the last week, where I saw Ferhat a child friend of Panicos( they met last week after a long long long time!) and enjoyed great backgammon game between two neighbours. Believe it or not they were using and Greek Cypriot as well as their own Turkish Cypriot dialect. It was easy to follow and highly enjoyable atmosphere full of talk, respect, jokes. You can find this kind of atmosphere at traditional Cyprus coffee shops in the whole Island! Unfortunately even this Sunday I did not have a luck to get traditional Cypriot Olive Pie as Hussein bakery did not have any left! Next time I will come earlier and get at least three to surprise my dear friend Panicos and his wife.

As the backgammon game finished I decided to follow the route of last week, at least till the late breakfast time. Going towards the Metropolitan Church of Archangel Michael I discovered Greco-Roman Rock Caves we did not see last time. However a lady architect told us that the rock caves exists and that in the days of House of Lusignan when Cyprus was known as Crusaders Island the orthodox monks were abused by Crusaders looking to convert them to Catholicism.

Taking photos of all available signs, doors, caves, church and mosque I approached famous Kerynia port and chose to sit at the same place our group visited last week. Just seek to develop tradition!

I ordered omelette and soda and started to read trying to boost my inspiration.

It is then, when you do not expect, that miracles happen! There was she! The lady! With Orhan Pamuk book. She ordered a coffee, soda (actually I ordered my soda seeing her ordering soda and it was a winner! Great soda!) and lit a cigarette. She did not have lighter which made her even more sympathetic in my eyes. I know some exceptionally sympathetic ladies with the same attitude, that of smoking but not having lighter! And I started shyly to look at her.

Eyes! Smile and self-confidence.

And we started to talk. Actually I started a conversation refereeing to Orhan Pamuk and his unique novels, and a connection with a Serbian writers and town of Visegrad where the famous bridge on Drina river build by Mimar Sinan for Sokollu Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic still stands connecting cultures and religions.

She told me that after reading Pamuk she has difficulty reading anything else.

We start exchanging writer and novel names trying to “compete” the feeling about Pamuk!

She introduced me to Elif Safal and her book “Three daughters of Eve” and I introduced her to Mesa Selimovic classic “Dervish and Death”. She found out that it is rated 5 star in Turkey and I found out that Elif Safak is translated to Serbian and also rated 5 stars!

As I stil have her hand writing in my Blah Blah Blah diary, want to mention another writer Zulfu Livaneli and his novel Serenad! Warmly recommended!

Will quote him at my Philosophyofgoodnews quote of the day Facebook page!

Our talk was going so smoothly and easy that honest, genuine feelings were growing and energy was getting higher. Afterwards we agreed that it looks like Duracell renewable battery energy! Destiny? No! Energy as we both agreed for couple of times. Even, to try to explain the atmosphere we mentioned stars and astrology and future telling from the coffee cup!

But we overlooked one major ingredient – SOUL! As Zulfu said in his novel Serenad

” Everything in life is the state of the soul”!

After some time we realised that we need to go back to reality. No words needed to feel that! But it happened just when I set near her. Things like that happen and have meaning! Meaning of continuity! You seek unlived experiences.

She was going back to her city in Turkey and me back to Nicosia. Even that we both understood that, we continued our talk, being afraid to let emotions go just like that. And then to make things even more complicated I found a quote of Elif Safar( by the way, my lady friend looks like Elif! And she knows it!) and I published it at Philosophyofgoodnews Facebook page which says:

“Every true love and friendship is a story of unexpected transformation…”

I am sure that we could talk and walk days and days and yes, some of the nights too, but, as there is always but, time has come for her to go and catch a plane!

And as she left me dizzy from the impressions I started to walk further around Kyrenia photographing signs on walls, houses, roads…. Coming gradually to the entrance of Kyrenia Castle. Ah that Castle! Another source of inspiration and admiration. Signs of Kyrenia, Philosophy of good news and of course myself first of all got many new information to be gradually presented here. One is certain! People are the same wherever you go and only one ingredient is important! As my dear friend, the lady which looks like Elif Safar said and I must say I agreed – ENERGY! Energy full of positivity. This makes heart to open and love to appear. And love delivers all needed for a good positive life! This is the ultimate goal of Signs of Kerynia and Philosophyofgoodnews! To connect people wherever they are from! To make people to express their feelings easier! Signs of Kerynia will try to pass all that Duracell energy to the readers and then you the readers please pass it on!

As we both said at our first unexpected encounter – SMILE! And feel the SMILE! I must say that her smile, combined with the expression of eyes, gives something of extraordinary to the person on the receiving side.

I felt that my energy went to turbo Duracell making me accomplish so many different tasks on Synday at Kyrenia.

The story will definitely continue as one Corona beer is left somewhere to be offered to the lady from Turkey I had a pleasure to meet at Kerynia! To use a quote,again, of Zulfu Livaneli “If she doesn’t like Istanbul, then does she understand love?”

And it continued …

It will be addition to the book being prepared. If you wish to receive additional chapters you can enter your email address and confirm the subscription when mail from wordpress reaches you.

Enjoy !

First published 11/11/2018 and republished 4/12/2019 with some additions.

Philosophy of good news


Connect and Respect

16th century Cyprus and Serbs in Ottoman Empire

Saint Triad Basilica- Rizokarpaso

Did you know that when Ottoman Empire conquered Cyprus from Venice in 1571 Grand Vizier was Sokolu Mehmed Pasha and that the commander of the Ottoman army was Mustafa Lala Pasha both from Bosnia with Serbian origin. They like Pertev Mehmed Pasha, Piyale Mehmed Pasha, Zal Mahmud Pasha and Huseyin Pasha who also were of Bosnian Serb origin were moved to imperial court together, and later became viziers or admiral. Sokollu Mehmed Pasha entered Imperial court after serving Iskender Çelebi for 13 years.

Curiosity is that all of them were in the viziereal council in 1571 the year Ottoman Empire invaded and conquered Cyprus. 

They were not united in their interests and aims and it is said that Mehmed Pasha Sokollu and Lala Mustafa Pasha were fierce enemies. 

Lala Mustafa Pasha was in favour of conquering Cyprus while Sokollu Mehmed Pasha was concerned at the begining.

Legend says that his relative Makarije who was appointed as a first Patriarch of renewed Serbian Orthodox church was the one who established a connection between Orthodox priests in Cyprus and Ottoman court in order to attract the interest of Ottoman Empire towards the state of affairs on the island. At that time Catholic bishop was the prime ruler of Christians getting approval, unwillingly, from Orthodox church as well. Even attending liturgies in the same Churches, Orthodox Christians were entering the Church from side doors, something you can see at the Church of Panagia Eleousa in Rizokarpaso area.

After achieving consensus at the Imperial council and Lala Mustafa Pasha got approval to prepare. Ships were build and campaign started. As he had difficulties of conquering Famagusta, Mehmed Pasha Sokollu, using his deep connections, concluded secret separate peace agreement with Venice thus stoping the supplies reaching the city. 

This is how Marko Antonio Bragadin , the commander of Famagusta was forced to surrender. 

As there is a talk now in 2019 about Famagusta old city and property issues the legend says that when Selim II heard that Lala Mustafa Pasha lost many many soldiers in conquering Cyprus he ordered for him to be deprived of any profit from Cyprus campaign and gave the right of profit to Sokollu Mehmed Pasha.  

Just to mention that some sources say that Sokollu Mehmed Pasha wealth was at 18 000 000( eighteen million ducats).

Sokollu Mehmed Pasha, Bajica Sokolovic, was not the first family member of Sokolovic family to be taken to the court through “dervişirme”. The first one was Deli Husrev Pasha, who even became the second Vizier of Sultan Suleiman in 1543 (from”Sokollu Familly” Encyclopedia of Ottoman Empire 2009 New York).

This information sounds right as all Janissaries which were proceeding upward wanted to have family members near them in order to feel safer and to make so called household which would give them even more power and possibility for advancement. It is quite possible that Yeşilce Mehmed Pasha acted per instructions of Deli Hüsrev Pasha to recruit Bajica Sokolovic, then 18 years old, together with his brother Lala Mustafa Pasha all in order as said above to strengthen his clan. 

However it looks like that plan backfired as Lala Mustafa Pasha and Sokollu Mehmed Pasha became enemies. That is to be confirmed many times one being the aim to conquer Cyprus where Sokollu Mehmed Pasha was against and Lala Mustafa Pasha in favour of Cyprus invasion. 

There is to this day the dispute in historiography if parents gave their children voluntarily or they forced to do so. 

What it looks like is that it was a mixed phenomenon, different from family to family. 

To be continued …

This article was published in October 2019 and republished now with some new information

Philosophy of good news

Connect and Respect

Life is beautiful

Paphos, Cyprus, 29/11/2019

Love! Love unconditionally! Do not ask for anything! Just simply love. Get nervous, ask questions, comment and shout, kiss and softly fondle! All that is life. Be passionate. But LOVE! As by loving your nervousness is easy, your shout is humble and your questions respectful. And again and again, simply LOVE ! You will understand why you exist! You will feel the world and every breath you take! You will feel your blood passing through your veins. Just love! Do not define the feelings. Just and only love !

And tomorrow? Even that it could be reserved for sorrow, again love! Love the pain you get from love! Love the breath smoothening your soul. Again and again and get tired of simple love ! Happy weekend!