Rabies of Blindness


This morning, with the usual coffee company, I wanted to get info about the news happening in the world. It was the first time after a long time that I did not know where to go and which site to use. Somehow the pattern of the sites I was reading, alternatives, and “trojan horse” once included became less objective, without good examples, without inspiration, and more one-sided. Like that, they all were programmed to follow only one pattern! That od deceiving! 

I needed refreshment as so much negativity is published on the mainstream sites in every corner of the globe! Negativity, fear, stupidity, projected to affect us to consume time in fighting fear instead of contributing something substantial to the wellbeing of us and around us! I humbly convey genuine respect to all who are fighting to remain human in their everyday dealings! It is not easy when the society of one-eyed follows the blind.

I visited one page to read an essay about current events when http://GAB.COM appeared in front of my eyes! I believe in coincidences as “orderly laws in the spiritual life of man” ( Norman Vincent Peale) and, at the same time, believe in the human ability to project energy, especially the positive one. It is evident to those aware that we live in times like other times. The only change is the energy. Without energy, there will be no need to advertise anything like smartphones, PCs, TVs, etc… There was a great but highly insidious mind who “baptized” mobile phones “smart!” Smartphone, projecting stupidity! Smartphone equals stupidity and smartness! That’s the coming advert! With smartphones, you can be three in one! Both, one of the above or nothing. “Nothing” looks good to me. Both “stupid” and “smart” have an ego in front! That “nothing” might have a pure love hidden without ego! 

Ask your self as Jean-Luc Nancy put it at Volksbuhne Berlin on 16/1/2018 in the discussion, “how democracy can be reclaimed by the people!” Apart from many exciting thoughts, Mr. Nancy asked us in the audience mentioning the famous Lenin quote that “Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country”: ” What would happen if someone comes and switches off our electricity supply?” I remember that you could hear the silence in the auditorium! 

Be aware of those insidious minds inventing many, many, many more “frog” effect manipulations. Talk about it, and insidious becomes stripped, bare, arid, shorn, losing the ability to manipulate again! 

For the “frog” effect explanation, you can visit the end of the following article here:


Encourage yourself and your children to write on paper! Please encourage them to write nice letters! Kaligrafi is an excellent way to feel positive and fulfilled with your achievements! That is the beauty coming from deep down of you! That is the beauty that will inspire you! That is the way for your brain to get in touch with your soul! Concentrate, and “Think by yourself.” Exercise your right to be different! 

 It looks like that Voltaire has been right all the way when saying that “Common sense is not so common.” and that Thomas Paine was as well right when stating that” Time makes more converts than a reason.” 

One or two questions arise– How not comprehending the above quotes affects our lifetime clock? And is it essential to comprehend at all?

It is like the quote from my eBook ” Quarantine diaries and beyond” -“To conform or to confront?” You decide.


Mock downs and then lockdowns. From mock up-downs at a mountain resort to real disasters. This group of minds thinks that manipulating people can go on and on. They believe that going to a mountain resort, seeing each other, and preparing disasters to subdue people is their purpose of existence. That is history repeating its self! Uniforms are different, but the idea of having slaves and usurp and suppress freedom is the same. Propaganda improved with a half-truth bombardment to pure lies repeated so often that no one is questioning the basics! That is the target! To not examine the basics! To not think by yourself! And what is the new basic? 

Accept the test results and continuously manipulate information around it, without even considering to explain the METHODOLOGY! 

Not to question if the RT-PCR test reveals any virus, but only parts, specific gene sequences of the same! 

Not to use common sense to question what is Ct! “Ct” meaning Cycle Time or Cycle Threshold, and why is this crucial for the Rt-Pcr test results! 

How did we contribute to that? Did we become so much of conformists? If some trouble or misfortune takes a neighbor or someone we know, instead to help or at least to show compassion, the majority of us walk away thinking – it is not affecting me, so it is not my business. At the end, when it happens to you, will anyone be there to give you a hand of help? How comes that we gave space to corrupt people to decide about us? What has gone wrong in the last 2500 years? 

On the one hand, humanity inventing tremendously important vehicles to make our life easier and more productive. Simultaneously, on the other hand, some of the most insidious minds manage to corrupt and use the decision-makers to grab all the positive inventions usurping it for their benefit only! Words stayed, but behind the scenes, they became a matter for irony and twist! Is this how we got blind?

Did you hear about Jose Saramago? His book Blindness? 

Are we blind? Did we become blind? How? Is this blindness, as Saramago said, “a private matter between a person and the eyes with which he or she was born?” If it is private, then it is up to us to cure it! No one can impose blindness on us! They try! They can try hard underhandedly. But, we all have the necessary power of self to fight it and win it! We are only one decision away to cure ourselves. How? 

Everything is out there. You just need to start looking and filter the findings! No one from the media will look for you! They look for them and their interests. You begin looking FOR YOU AND COMMON INTERESTS. All the answers are there! No matter how strict their internet control will be. They will disappear as soon as we, the majority, wake up! Or they will accept the change and free themselves also! 

In his book, Rabies, Borislav Pekic takes us through the labyrinth of human existence, giving many inspirational sentences activating our common sense! Let me share some of them! To inform you that as Saramago Blindness is happening in the unnamed city, Pekic Rabies is happening at Heathrow airport, which is quarantined due to the Rabies virus. It is a thriller as the last 11 months are a thriller for all of us! 

“One does not fight with the dug in the wrong place, but with the fools who dug it. He simply fills the hole.” 

When we get cured of the madness and awake from manipulation, we will see clearly! Just as in Saramago’s book, the blindness will go away suddenly as it appeared. 

In the meantime, even one-eyed, we should not stop trying to awake people who know as Confucius wisely said: “Who knows, but do not know that knows, WAKE HIM UP!”



Connect and Respect

Sunday, November 8, 2020


“Sleepwaking is one way, awareness is another” ( Darko Richard Lancelot)

The pot is on, and the water has a perfect temperature to collect and accept us in to be boiled like a frog. We will enjoy it till the few seconds before the end when nothing can be done to overrun it.

Briefly, we were let outside till some said enough! Outside can harm you. Those cooks for sure read Platon and his remarkable “Allegory of the cave” concerning human perception.

Anton Gustav Matos, a Croatian poet, wrote countless rhymes, essays, and short stories about love, human perception, and behavior.

Here are some of them:

“Appearance often deceives; that’s what he resembles, judge do not, when your eye trembles.” 

“People forgive everything but honesty.”

“Do not regret, do not grieve for those eyes, beautiful Isabela. The man sees that he can not see, regretting what he saw. When I want to look, I close my eyes, like you, and I look at the darkness inside my self!”

So we chose! Manipulated or not is the excuse! We select, and we stay with our choices. We are responsible for our choices. We make history with our choices.! Cost is, as many times history teaches us, a disaster. To mention Mr. Matos again: “Only a barbarian can make fun of history.” Some of us are fed up with history. They want to put an end to history. That is their choice and their opinion. 

What are we doing in the meantime?

Here I would like to share one of my quotes from the beginning: “Sleepwalking is one way, awareness is another” 

Maybe there is another way to put it as in the coming eBook “Quarantine diaries and beyond”, “TO CONFORM OR TO CONFRONT?” 

Do we conform for some crumbs to be given to us from the table of the minority? Or do we get informed better and deeper, ready to confront, first in us, all the manipulation presented in any shape, look, or form? 

There are two profoundly common sensed articles informing us about the PCR tests and MASKS and their usage I will share with you. But first, let me tell you about other common sensed thoughts.

Recently I listen to the argument presented by one of the doctors with common sense. 

Every medical aid product has its specifications stating indications for which it should be prescribed and informing the users about side effects.

Masks are no exceptions. As we are forced in many countries to wear masks outside, even when we are alone, those forcing us by high fines to wear them outside should let us know the positive and negative side of it!

Especially side effects! In that way, people will regain trust as no law can do that! 

So dear all who are deciding about our faith and stating that “HEALTH GOES FIRST”, please let us know about the side effects of wearing masks in the open! Trust will be regained, and it will not be forced on fear of paying massive fines! 

An article from DR. Pascal Sacré, who is a physician specialized in critical care, author and renowned public health analyst, Charleroi, Belgium. He is a Research Associate of the entre for Research on Globalization (CRG) published here


Let me bring your attention to the article with some quotes. I learned, so I am sure you will too! It can help in the process of awakening. 

Positive RT-PCR test means being sick with COVID. This assumption is misleading.

Very few people, including doctors, understand how a PCR test works.

RT-PCR means Real Time-Polymerase Chain Reaction.”

Common sense question would be:

Have you ever thought about how comes that Influenza disappeared from the statistics?  

Continuing with the quotes, just to make you read the article as mentioned above

“This misuse of RT-PCR technique is used as a relentless and intentional strategy by some governments, supported by scientific safety councils and by the dominant media, to justify excessive measures such as the violation of a large number of constitutional rights, the destruction of the economy with the bankruptcy of entire active sectors of society, the degradation of living conditions for a large number of ordinary citizens, under the pretext of a pandemic based on a number of positive RT-PCR tests, and not on a real number of patients.

Technical aspects: to better understand and not be manipulated……….RT-PCR does not reveal any virus, but only parts, specific gene sequences of the virus……

Then you will find all about the history of the test and his inventor. It will clear your mind as well as reduce the fear! 

To finish here is another essential quote, following with the summary of the article:

“Even a symptomatic person should not automatically be tested, as long as they can place themselves in isolation for 7 days.

Let’s stop this debauchery of RT-PCR testing at too high Ct levels and return to clinical, quality medicine.

Once we understand how RT-PCR testing works, it becomes impossible to let the current government routine screening strategy, inexplicably supported by the virologists in the safety councils, continue.

My hope is that, finally, properly informed, more and more people will demand that this strategy be stopped, because it is all of us, enlightened, guided by real benevolence and common sense, who must decide our collective and individual destinies.

No one else should do it for us, especially when we realize that those who decide are no longer reasonable or rational.

Summary of important points :………..”

Please find repeated the link to read the whole article from Globalresearch.ca

Another one has to do with the analysis of the MASKS and the ingredients used for their manufacturing.


Let me open your appetite to read this highly educational, eye-opening article with the following quote:

“Personal protective equipment (PPE) in 2020, in particular face masks, have become a new genre of pollution. The majority of face masks being purchase and disposed of are single-use surgical masks made of melt-blown fabric manufactured from polypropylene, a type of thermoplastic. The vast majority of all disposable face masks being consumed have two outer layers with a filter between them (polypropylene), made from nonwoven plastic fibres.”

Polypropylene, polyester are derivates of crude oil. 

Crude oil processed in a refinery complex produces various products. To produce polypropylene, the essential monomer needed is propylene. … Naphtha is obtained from the distillation of crude oil.”

Polyester is a polymer, or a long chain of repeating molecular units. The most common variety is polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, a plastic derived from crude oil that’s used to make soda and ketchup bottles.”

The rest you can find all by yourself, reading the above two articles and many many many references given!


Sleepwalking is a way, awareness is another!” It is up to you!

Special thanks for https://www.globalresearch.ca/ and https://off-guardian.org/ 



Connect and Respect



November 3, 2020.
Nothing looks certain still! Nor will it be allowed to look! Uncertainty is the ultimate tool of control and manipulation.
Regarding the quantity of money, those from up think that they will live forever and have a headache on how to project their influence and maintain the influx of cash. Those who lack money would like to live forever and have a headache of obtaining more cash!
Three common denominators are Immortality, Headache, and Cash.
Or to put it fashionably by today’s values; Cash, Headache, and Immortality.
First is CASH, the ultimate thing which runs the machines of today’s concept!
Second is HEADACHE, caused by the worry and fear of protecting, preserving, and expanding the cash.
The third is a deep-down concern and wish to become IMMORTAL.
All three are connected with one, just till before ten months, a very ordinary process! That of Breathing.
If you breathe, then all can be done! If you respect and breathe even more, can be done! If you are protecting others from yourself, if you breathe and genuinely know what the LOVE is, you can change yourself and contribute to the world to change. You might even become slightly(Measuring is one way of making profits) immortal!
It is not easy! But nothing is easy till it becomes easy!
These ultrarich are not very brave people. Instead, to stay and face the storm, they escape it, thinking that this will help. It will not. We have to deal with sickness passed from generation to generation for nearly 2000 years.

Colonel House, that enormously important figure in American politics stated in his novel of 1912 when President asked him to organize his campaign that he got the opportunity to “tighten a nearly invisible coil around the people, which held them fast.

Do not forget that there was someone who allowed you to become ultra-rich. That someone came, or it is coming to give the invoice and demand doings! Escape is not a viable solution. To face things is!Listening and talking with many people recently give me the impression that we are stuck. Why and how is a long story to be presented in further diaries. Or Beyond!

The photo below is from National Museum of Serbia Picasso painting “Head of the Woman”


As the day slowly approaches the end in Europe, you could see some of the rulers postponing another lockdown decision till Wednesday the 4th, just a day after the USA Presidential Elections. Brave hearts they are!
Do they employ Intuition, or do they not, that is the question!
Let’s define what Intuition is, even that By Oscar Wilde “to define is to limit!”
Intuition is:
1) Direct perception of truth, fact, etc..independent of any reasoning process, immediate apprehension.
2) Fact, truth, etc.. perceived in this way
3) Keen and quick insight
4) Quality or the ability to have such direct perception or quick insight
It comes from the Latin word “Intuitio” aged 1400-1450.
However, even before the word Intuition was placed in our vocabulary, people had the ability to project the events without having all the statistics, trends etc…
They used just ordinary, clear, human mind, enhanced with real-life events, and faced up with common sense and upgraded by reading books as the extra exercise of the superior, unique muscle called BRAIN.
The philosophy of good news is not a political site. Never will be. However, as it looks like we are all going to be affected, one way or another, by the outcome of the USA election Philosophyofgoodnews would like one thing to win!
Common Sense! Pure common sense, as stated by Mr. Thomas Paine in his pamphlet with the same title published January 10, 1776!
Intuition says that all men are good. Intuition also says that all men want to leave something good behind themselves. Intuition also says that what is started and had results is about to continue to have even better results.
Will World be a better or worse place after we do not know. We will realize that the world has changed and that we need to participate in that change for the better!
Will there be opposition? Yes!
What we should take care of is, as Hindu proverb tells us: ” Choose well your enemies, because before too long, you will become like them.”

And in all the meantime, practice LOVE!



Connect and Respect

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Rom 8:31)


Ah, these Sundays! I wanted to write in the diary about tasting and smelling abilities while drinking wine, whiskey, cognac, plum brandy, or just vodka and how that can help you discover if you are free of this virus.
I mean the second, third, and other coming waves of virus mutations. Now is the second wave, mysteriously visiting all of us simultaneously from some cluster from somewhere disturbing our lives again and again. Fewer people than businesses are dying. Unemployment is traveling with the speed of light assisted with the projection of fear. The great Barrington Declaration calling for common sense is not mentioned in the main stream media.


Slowly even the smell will not help, so I wanted to write about it and to store it here. For the history of smelling and for the history of wine! Scripta Manent (writings remain)! Great Bela Hamvas, in his “History of wine,” at the very beginning, said, ” In the end there remain these two: God and Wine!” Please, I kindly ask all the other popular spirits to excuse me for giving the advantage to wine!
With wine given the place in the introduction, the following words will be, as it happened again to me, about the book, letter, my genuine Italian friend, and God!
In continuation of the “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond” eBook, I wrote the essay called “Believe in yourself.”


One of the inspirational quotes I used was from the book “The Power of Positive Thinking” By N.V.Peale. To make it even better, I have the book for the last three years, and just two weeks ago, I started and finished reading it. Some books are with us, patiently staying on the shelf waiting to convey the knowledge and inspire the reader. The mentioned book of N.V.Peale was one of them.
But that was just the beginning! It looks like we are awakening and, by going further and deeper, rediscovering pure love and compassion towards our fellow human beings. Our soul is cleaned and takes its rightful place in our earthly organism.
When I finished my essay “Believe in yourself,” I sent it to my Italian friend, the one I already mentioned in Quarantine diaries day 26 and in “Conversation with Italian friend” on March 22.
He came back to me with an article mentioning the open letter of former Nuncio and high-ranking Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano towards the USA president, Mr. Donald J. Trump.
The letter is dated Sunday, October 25, 2020.
Here you have a link to read it by your self.


What I would like is to take to your attention about two quotes of HE Vigano.
One is from the title “If God is for us, who can be against us”( Romans 8:31), and the other one “I can do all things with HIM who strengthens me”(Philippians 4:13)
Both of the above quotes you can find in the book of N.V.Peale in the first chapter with the same title as my previous essay, “Believe in yourself!”
Coincidence? Do not think so anymore! Clean soul full of love has other plans for us!
When you clean and reopen your soul, it will receive what the instigators of all this “Reset” do not have! Love! Love! Love! As “this world includes people” with all greatness, prevail, we will.


In the end, I need to repeat the “frog” message! Just to alert you again.

When you put the frog in the boiled water, it will jump out of it immediately! But if you put it in lukewarm water, it will swim with pleasure and will not notice that the pot is placed on fire as the warmth will gradually increase. The frog will enjoy the heat so much and will continue swimming until it has been cooked! Conformism equals just “another brick in the wall” ( Pink Floyd)!

Stay safe and think with your own brain! It helps!

1/11/2020 = 7

Connect and Respect

Believe in yourself


As a continuation of “Quarantine Diaries” there is a simple yet important, crucial thought shared with you!! “Believe in Yourself” and “Do not believe in anything based on fear!”

Before starting, one thing is significant! To get our common sense back!
To connect with respect! Those they cause our fear and pain, let them pause, and let’s see if they will join!
Let us comprehend that to wear the mask in the open is another way to degrade and to subdue ourselves to the corrupt, unhuman minority! We can take care of our destiny! We do not need untrustworthy, profiteering, unethical, fraudulent people to play with us and our lives! Do you want to become a slave of the vast business interests? To accept all that propaganda filters and never question anything? That is “1984” plus plus plus coming back to us! Just see the smile of Gates couple letting us know what attention “next one” will get!


That is why believing in yourself is crucial, even if you make mistakes! Encourage mistakes! Play with them freely without fear! You will convince yourself first that to believe in your self is a way of advancing as a human being, and second, your common sense instincts will sharpen.
That is what I was saying to my children from the moment they started to talk! Believe in your selves!

Even that many of us had an issue, as one Romanian poet described with his poem title, “If I hadn’t been forced to speak,” we learned how to speak, and we went to the world full of antagonisms, judging, and continuous measurement of all we do. It is not easy to have a constant belief in yourself.

There is one way to extend faith in yourself for a long time, and that is to become and stay positive! Optimistic without giving importance to the sneaky system put in force. The system does not like people thinking freely! From down till up! From those who got some crumbs from the system to cure their fears and get some sick importance till the upper echelon who thinks of us as “deplorables.”
And what we want? Just the freedom to decide for ourselves! But that is frightening the concept! No! It can not be accepted! So concept is fighting that, which, if it spreads, can be more contagious than any epidemic made! Feeling free unmasks all the manipulation. To confront the feeling of being free, the concept introduces new types of fear and worry as two essential ingredients of control. The aim is to cut, diminish any possibility for people to develop and exercise freedom of choice and belief in themselves.
The epidemic we are not informed of, all these years is the epidemic of fear and anxiety! The epidemy which is disorienting the people, making them easy to be open for further manipulation. That is transferred to us directly by the news, some called “independent” but in reality rented and presented. Those are decoys. Trojan Horse! To silence common sense more fear is introduced! Total absurdity! However, many are caught in the net of absurdity! Everywhere you go there is some kind of survey “for your own sake”, for “your own good!” That makes you even more vulnerable if your life is not in order. And for many of us life is not in order as we forgot, or do not know what is to be done!


What can we do practically to stop giving attention to the news reported without any positivity?
Easy and simple steps!
Find words that are calming you and repeat them laud as they have suggestive power and will take you to the state of mind free of all or as many as possible “breaking news,” spreading fear and worry!
Two of them I found in the beautiful book ” The Power of Positive Thinking” by N.V.Peale are
Tranquility- said to be one of the most melodic words in English. Just by repeatedly saying it will take you to the state of TRANQUILITY! TRY IT! It is still free!
Another one is “SERENITY.” Imagine serenity when you say this word. Repeat it slowly in the spirit that this word symbolizes. TRY THIS ONE ALSO! It is also still free!
To do that, we need to empty mind from troubles, hates, insecurities fears—all the negative feelings and thoughts. If you remember how in the movie “The Last Samurai,” Tom Cruise tries to learn how to use the Samurai sword in vain. He got a tip from a young Samurai saying: “Too much mind! Free your mind.” He followed it and became a good, great genuine Samurai!
So, free your mind from all the negative thoughts and feelings and fears!

“He who dares, he may! You do not give a dam about fear! He who knows no fear beats and goes forward!”
The quote from the beginning and the above one are quotes from the trilogy called “Times of Death,” written by Serbian Writer Dobrica Cosic



Connect and Respect

Something is rotten…


The word beyond in the title of eBook “Quarantine diaries and beyond” is slowly going back to its roots! Quarantine again! In another way, but quarantine again! That gives a chance to expand and share some thoughts! Quarantine is the opportunity to think! By your self! And investigate! Did you know that to print a 100 USD bill costs 15.4 cents?!
Did you know that for the 50 Euro bill, there is no printing cost published?!
In the late XVI and early XVII century, William Shakespeare explained us to us, the humans. Nothing crucial has changed except that technology’s rise made it possible to take a precious limited time from us. We were and are manipulated that technology will make our life easier, simple, and more profitable! Part of that is true! So, we all were thinking about how beneficial that can be!
But it was not! We lost the feeling of togetherness. We lost touch with the common good and replaced it with individual good! It was first ME and then all the others; instead, all the others with me included. The new “psychology” and “psychiatry” was invented and passed to us by sick people with numerous issues in their lives and accepted by educational programs worldwide. Just a common-sense question. Did those so-called “gurus” of psychoanalysis and psychiatry theories expressed themselves having in mind first their sick thoughts? As it was not enough, they started planting them to us by “science” and, of course, medicaments! Instead of making us sharpen our common sense and togetherness, we became lonely and depressive! Easy to control! Instead of going deeper down and further up, realizing what we are doing on this Earth, we were positioned in lukewarm water and cooked like a frog! Again that frog! But it is true! We like lukewarm water as it gives you a pleasant feeling. It makes us relaxed. It makes us enjoy the moment! In the meantime, all those making you think that the moment is the most crucial part of life were planning how to “cook” you. For them, the idea of “moment” was a great idea to subdue all of us without noticing it!
We were able to get loans, cheap loans, as money does not cost anything. As stated above, to print 100 USD costs 15.4 cents!
So the profit of those distributing it is beyond imagination. They used a hard working, clever individuals to advance their plans. Then, to protect the idea and to promote the power over all of us, they introduced regulations, more regulations, and even more laws. The entrepreneurship became more difficult and costs even more to implement, destroying the original meaning of money! That of medium of exchange!

They made the labyrinth where the simple fact of the cost of printing the currencies was placed in front of our noses( at least for USD). But did we bother to find out? NOOOOOO. We were swimming in a beautifully smooth, enjoyable lukewarm water. We had good work; money was not an issue with easy loans to get, and then it happens. They planed with introducing new words like “sustainability.
Please think about the root of the word! To sustain at the end is to confront humans against humans! It is to divide us! Those in favor of “sustain” might think that they will stay in the boat and will not be thrown out when this is concluded with the win of “sustainability” forces. Just look the ones that were in favor of the word “progress” some decades ago. Where are they now? Come on! Some common sense! We were and are played all the time! Constantly! And the plan started to be executed from 2008 onwards.. No turning back! Except in consciousness. The minority did not think that consciousness still exists! Surprise, surprise! The consciousness is expressed in their own families by common sense questions asked by their children and their children’s children. If they suppress their own families, then that is a huge issue! God help them, and us all!
Corruption and greed can be diminished only by self-consciousness and thoughts that all passes! This, happening now, will pass! What will stay are the practices of those making decisions for us all, as long as the system lasts. The people are begin to organize. Lawyers presenting the facts in the document called “Crimes against humanity.”

Those that are on the other side implementing the orders usurping our freedom can come back to the senses. Unfortunately, they will not be remembered as something worth remembering. They will be remembered as executioners of freedom of fellow human beings. There is no water in this world to clean them and their consciousness! Only themselves should stand and refuse the orders! Only they can show now if they are ready to lead or are just passers-by in the history of humankind!
Wake up!
Money is cheap! Consciousness is expensive!
Money is cheap! The soul is irreplaceable! Use Money as its first form! As a medium of exchange! Not as an asset but as a dept. Goods and services are assets!
As long as this system works, balance it, and you will be free!
Balance it, always having in the front seat the idea of COMMON GOOD!


All of us can do it, and you can do it!
Sometimes Rotten fruits have the most critical ingredients to advance the health and immune system! Fermentation! Antoine Béchamp!
To help you, below is the link you can find a book
“The Dream & Lie of Louis Pasteur (originally Pasteur, Plagiarist, Imposter 1942)” by R. B. Pearson in 1942!


Antoine is not well known as it was a genuine human being interested only in real science and the common good! Pasteur, on the contrary, was a marketer with a close relation to Napoleon! Dream and Lie is a great book to awake!
Those they rule today should inspect who the advisors really are!
People are awaking! Awake with them!

They can love again!

As Shakespeare said in Hamlet : “Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love”



Connect and Respect

Thank you

As of now philosophyofgoodnews Facebook page has 7007 followers and 223000 unique visitors. From as many as 35 countries in all continents. Excuse if I omitted some! Be positive and love humans. No need, pure, genuine, human need without the greed to attach the strains on universal values by complicating them. Posetivity, creativity. Interests of few replace with joy and happiness for many. There is always a way!

People are the key for everything. Without us there is nothing.

Instead of divide let’s practice unite!

Not as word but in very practice!

Start from you, your family, neighbors, business associates. But START!

We will not change! We will just rediscover our real self’s!

Try, be steady, patient and you will see!



Connect and Respect

Sunrise on Sunday Soul awareness


Mid-October 2020.
The world, as we know it, is changing. Corruption is everywhere, like there is no tomorrow.
You can plan and plan and corrupt as much as you can, but humanity will prevail! Do you know why?
It is not because of the sunrise on Sundays! It is not because of the sea and the Sun! It is not!
It is because of us! Us THE PEOPLE! PEOPLE! Simply and firmly! The People!
I woke up early this Sunday, ready to write about nature, love, sea, Sun, magic sunrise near the sea. I was ready!
I made many photos and videos to make a memory and store it somewhere inside my soul to use it when things become foggy. To be my secret weapon against negativity! Against lies and greed! Against corrupted people who think that we own them something!


To make the experience even more memorable, I swam in the perfect sea! Clean, very smooth, enriched with rising sun rays, the sea was yet another source to boost already high positive energy and inspiration and love for life! Passion for life and sharing! Compassion!
The time has come to sit somewhere and transfer the feelings to the words. I think that it is counterproductive to suppress emotions. The opposite, to share indisputable, absolute positive feelings with as many people possible is the way to free all that tremendous energy and let it “infect” many human beings!
It works! It is real!
So, I was driving around trying to refresh my memory where I could have breakfast with ordinary, happy, genuine people around. Sea view would be the standard extension to my wish! Being near the sea, breakfast with the sea view is something familiar. However, something made me change the road and go to the place I know for so many years, not to say decades. They were always serving early morning breakfast!
But that place does not have a sea view!
No sea view!
Before parking, I passed by, asking from the car if they serve breakfast.
The affirmative answer made me really happy, moving stored memories towards the surface. I felt warmth and excitement as there was some time to visit the place due to the so-called “epidemic.”
I sat at the same “my” table and ordered coffee and breakfast, still in doubt if I made the right choice, denying myself a sea view.
And then it started! Sun energy, Sunday’s sun energy is everywhere if you have it in yourself!
All three ladies are familiar to me as they work as many years as I was coming. We mention the lost season, the comedy in the play, and hope for the future! We remembered old stories with respect and genuine love towards the persons we were mentioning. I remembered my friend Alin and his statement, “How hard is to be Romanian,” which I renamed to “How beautiful is to be Human.”


Such awesome energy, such colossal humanity expressed, such extraordinary feelings were signs that I did not make a mistake! The Sun rising power just directed me towards the place where that energy can be felt and shared to the best!
I was overwhelmed with feelings that I said to the fantastic Romanian lady that she made my day! Then, as it was not enough, I said: You made my week also!

What I realized this Sunday Sunrise morning is that it is unnecessary to have the sea view if you do not have the view of yourself first, as that fabulous lady said!
It inspired me to say to her that the sea view is just felt by me here and now! The sea view is what I see now! You and this roundabout in front of me is my sea view!
She continued with: “WE need to value ourselves! As we love ourselves, others will respect us more, and if there are enough of us, we would not be treated as sheep!

At the same place, there was another blue-eyed lady who brought me a bottle of water and wanted to open it and serve me. I refused, saying that I will do it myself. She looked at me with those magic blue eyes and said: ” You do not trust me?” and without waiting for my answer, continued: ” You are right not to trust women, except myself!” Then she smiled and quickly walked away, not allowing me to say a word!” Generally, it is difficult not to reply to those two interesting statements asking for some more explanations!

Even though it was an early morning till noon my day, my Sundays Sunrise experience day had so many feelings expressed that it was enough for Sunday!
The rest of the day will be used to accumulate some of the very positive energy for the coming Monday!



Connect and Respect

Sustain is to limit? Who and what?


Diary continues as it is a way to share thoughts and feelings with a friend who never complains. It used to be a blank paper and know it is still an empty paper with a kind of relative, computer blank screen.

After complete lockdown, partial lockdowns are coming into our lives.

There is no way back. Instructions are received, and now we are at the stage of practical application. 

It is to sustain epidemics. It is to limit the virus—marketing at its best. To get people’s fear up and reasoning down. Organized by non elected forced to elected. Words are nicely wrapped to cause confinement and confusion. Behind all is a knowledge, or cognition that stars have a tremendous influence on us! When Euclid was writing his Geometry, where he was looking for inspiration? Down or up? What is up? When Nikola Tesla was growing up in his village of Smiljan, where was he looking to? One great lady wrote a book about that called “Star Counters.”

Stars! Look at the stars! Instead of watching the news, use that time to just simply look at the stars! Then do not sustain your feelings! Let them grow and inspire you! Do not forget to simply wash your hands. Some of Vitamin D can be of help. At least the French National Academy of Medicine says some of it. 

The word Sustainability or better, term Sustainable Development was introduced in 1987! It was mentioned in the UN report OUR COMMON FUTURE or Brundtland Report named by Gro Harlem Brundtland. She was a Prime Minister of Norway three times and then Director-General of the world health organization from 1998 till 2003 and VP of the World Socialist Party. The first official mentioning of Sustainability was introduced in 1992 in the document called UN sustainable development agenda 21! Today is simply known as Agenda 21! However, many are using the word Sustainability as a necessity! Come on! 

To sustain is to limit! To limit is to exclude! To exclude is to diminish! Is it that what, between the lines, is all this about? 

That idea of diminishing started many years ago when some thought they have the right to decide what the Earth will look like and how many of us should live in it. 

How has this happened, and we are trapped? 

Let’s ask ourselves where we were in 1987, 1992 etc.? It is not a blame game, but an understanding one! 

Today some human beings tend to accuse other human beings that we are worst than animals and not worth the Earth we live in, and many more! Those that are accusing, who are they?! They are also part of us! Those that are making plans on how to destroy FAMILY VALUES are also part of us. It would be for a laugh if it was not for tears! And just ask yourself, why is this all happening? Could it be to, first of all, introduce the worm of doubt, sneaking suspicion, gualm into human relations! Divide and Rule! Simple it is! So on the side of the divide, there are many tools! Fear is one of the main! 

We have our concerns about making families, having kids, the right job to make our future to the best of our ability! With all those bad news, with all those fear projected, we are still giving a hand to those in need. That is the consciousness being alive, and well, even that in some of us is stored deep, very deep in our soul. 

We are under attack! Our souls are under attack! By the same concept that introduced the word sustainability and made so many presentations and propaganda about it! Men against the man! Humans against humans! Again injecting uncertainty, fear for existence! With fellow humans to blame only. Your neighbors, family and relatives? Will we come to the senses?

Did we trust, and are we trusting our elected officials? Are they used by other interests? Those of nonelected people? If yes, they need to find the strength to lead, again! We will be with them!

We just want to live our lives in peace! To pass through this Earth as better as possible, leaving our most precious achievements to contribute more to the better towards general goodness and advance of mankind! We brought up our children! Our children! We dream of becoming grandparents! We dreamed about celebrating 50 years of successful marriage or partnership with our wife or husband. We still do! That is called building, continuous building for the future! 

Some of us are trying to program their lives in the system that was not, still, in the boiling water stage, some sleepwalking and enjoying life, thinking that all that will last forever. “Time makes more converts than a reason!” Thomas Paine said! Common sense is the title of the pamphlet. 

We were played to live for today only! Forgetting our past and being lazy to build our future! We let others plan about our and our kids, kids, kid’s future! That minority organized such underhanded, sneaky policies like PPP( Public-Private Partnership with tax breaks to implement Sustainability!). They also understood that their THE TIME IS RUNNING OUT, and they proceed with remarkable speed! But people are awakening everywhere. Even WHO, World Health Organisation is pouring the water into the wine by WHO envoy Dr. David Nabarro telling The Spectator that “We really do appeal to all world leaders: stop using lockdown as your primary control method.”

Till those they call themselves leaders, influencers were being rented by a minority to impose their will on the majority, we were swimming in the lukewarm water, and we liked it as the frog likes it! To repeat the story of the frog! A very true one. When you put the frog in the boiled water, it will jump out of it immediately! But if you put it in lukewarm water, it will swim with the pleasure and will not notice that the pot is placed on fire as the warmth will increase gradually. The frog will enjoy the heat so much until it has been cooked!


Small detail we did not take into consideration as it was a pleasure at the time to swim and enjoy! Small piece but crucial! Those little things define everything! 

Other details are also developing! Science gives other explanations than before, while lockdowns are forced over people, forbidding us with the air we breathe. Or just making the habit to wear masks. In this stage everything is possible as the trust is approaching very low levels.

Twiter from Jordan Schachtel @JordanSchachtel Oct 12

“CDC: 85% of COVID-19 patients report ‘always’ or ‘often’ wearing a mask”. 

So, the “science” argument is slowly going to an end! 

What is to stay?

There is no free lunch! 


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Always”There is a way” Great Barrington Declaration 4/10/2020


An article below” Great Barrington declaration” came to the attention of Philosophyofgoodnews 7/10/2020 and it was a pleasant positive surprise, worth mentioning! At the same time Philosophyofgoodnews posted a comment through DISQUS, which was removed. You can find it below. It was a reply to the beautiful statement from a nurse living in New Zealand, who commented about the article. Following is the link to the article.


Also here is the link to read and if you wish sign the declaration


As of today 26/10/2020 it was signed by 568473 concerned citizens , 11102 medical and public health and 30992 medical practitioners. Coincidence or not just after declaration was published the numbers started going high again nearly everywhere and simultaneously! Like the virus reacted to the declaration! Intelligent virus it is!

Three world known Professors wrote it!

SUNETRA GUPTA (Dr Sunetra Gupta is a professor at Oxford University, an epidemiologist with expertise in immunology, vaccine development, and mathematical modelling of infectious diseases)

JAY BHATTACHARYA (Dr Bhattacharya is a professor at Stanford University Medical School, a physician, epidemiologist, health economist, and public health policy expert focusing on infectious diseases and vulnerable populations.)

AND MARTIN KULLDORFF ( Dr Kulldorff is a Professor of medicine at Harvard University, a biostatistician, and epidemiologist with expertise in detecting and monitoring of infectious disease outbreaks and vaccine safety evaluations.)

Curtesy of UNHERD.COM( unherd.com )

Comment was as follows:

“Thomas Paine in his pamphlet “Common Sense,” said that

“Time makes more converts than a reason.” 

(https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/world-view/ )

Maybe that time has come or is slowly approaching…. as we awake. 

I would like to share a quote from the book “Dream & Lie of Louis Pasteur,” written in 1942 by R. B. Pearson.

“….world-famous English nurse, Florence Nightingale, published an attack on the idea in 1860, over 17 years before Pasteur adopted it and claimed it as his own.

She said of ‘infection’:

“Diseases are not individuals arranged in classes, like cats and dogs, but conditions growing out of one another.

Is it not living in a continual mistake to look upon diseases as we do now, as separate entities, which must exist, like cats and dogs, instead of looking upon them as conditions, like a dirty and a clean condition, and just as much under our control; or rather as the reactions of kindly nature, against the conditions in which we have placed ourselves?

I was brought up to believe that smallpox, for instance, was a thing of which there was once a first specimen in the world, which went on propagating itself, in a perpetual chain of descent, just as there was a first dog, (or a first pair of dogs) and that smallpox would not begin itself, any more than a new dog would begin without there having been a parent dog.

Since then, I have seen with my own eyes and smelled with my own nose smallpox growing up in first specimens, either in closed rooms or in overcrowded wards, where it could not by any possibility have been ‘caught’, but must have begun.

I have seen diseases begin, grow up, and pass into one another. Now, dogs do not pass into cats.

I have seen, for instance, with a little overcrowding, continued fever grow up; and with a little more, typhoid fever, and with a little more, typhus, and all in the same ward or hut.

Would it not be far better, truer, and more practical, if we looked upon disease in this light (for diseases, as all experience shows, are adjectives, not noun-substantives):

– True nursing ignores infection, except to prevent it. Cleanliness and fresh air from open windows, with unremitting attention to the patient, are the only defense a true nurse either asks or needs.

– Wise and humane management of the patient is the best safeguard against infection. The greater part of nursing consists of preserving cleanliness.

– The specific disease doctrine is the grand refuge of weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule in the medical profession. There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions.”

Here you have Florence Nightingale, one of the most famous nurses in history, after a life-long experience with infection, contagion and epidemics, challenging the germ theory 17 years before Pasteur put it forward as his own discovery!” Quote finished.

And if you want to find out about an experiment done in 1918 and results published in 1919, I humbly suggest seeing this

( https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/2020/09/23/vitamin-d/ )

Common Sense became not so common. Let’s try to bring it back to common!”

If there is anything that makes others offended following the above comment Philosophyofgoodnews is genuinely and wholeheartedly apologizing! If there is nothing of the above than following sentences apply.

There is always a hope that people will be generally more open to other people opinions and thoughts. We should make the world free for exchanging the thoughts and let the knowledge to spread! We should finally position Togetherness in front of any jealousy hiding behind different policies.

Still there is a chance to get senses back!



7/10/2020 and republished 26/10/2020

Connect and Respect