Quarantine diaries-Day 13

Day 13
Going through some of the memories, Nikos Kazantzakis came in front of my eyes! And one word came to my mind! Passion!
Immortal Nikos Kazantzakis and who else then Alexis Zorbas!
Well, 13th of June 2018, I was invited to enjoy the musical “Zorba.” performed by the Vempo Theatre of Athens and held at open Municipal Theatre in Larnaca. Just an exceptional experience with passionate people. Even those that had doubts about life became passionate about living life, by chewing the air with full lungs! You can see the video I took at the closing of the play. It is not long, and it will, I hope, increase your immunity to all viruses around!

Video link:

Why Nikos Kazantzakis and why Zorbas?
Well, in the first quarantine diary, 13 days ago, I stated the following:
“However, thoughts were flying due to spare time, that there are tremendous positive things which will definitely, happen during quarantine! After a week of preparing and another week of getting crazy, the third week will be producing some of the unique thoughts humanity experienced! Even we might find out in the next one to two decades that new Nikola Tesla is among us! That new way of development of human species started taking place in the days of quarantine!
What a gold for behavioralists! Good one!
In the end, all those scientists might realize that real science is somewhere else.
It is in us!”

And Nikos Kazantzakis fit the thought!
Yes, before “Zorbas” Nikos Kazantzakis already published some of his writings. Or under the pseudonym of “Karma Nirvami” or with his name. However, many analyses mentioned that he had in his mind to write the book about Giorgi Zorba, his partner in lignite business they set up in Greece Mani Peninsula some years before he wrote it. That is, again, beautiful information. The idea about the book was crunched for more than two decades in Kazantzakis’s mind! Those years that he needed to live and survive by doing other things. And then what happened?!
It was August of 1941, the first days of the German occupation of Greece when under quarantine in Aegina Kazantzakis wrote “Zorba” in 45 days!
Then it was not called quarantine, but maybe isolation as curfew was put in place by Germans! That was the time when feelings and thoughts stored in the soul of immortal Nikos Kazantzakis went out, translated into the words which are here to stay with us forever! The final version was completed in Athens in 1943.

So what makes Zorba so unique?
It is unique in the expression! Radiating such a positive energy about life purpose and life needs. About PASSION! Not about business profits. But in search of what life is! Questioning what we are doing here, what is the purpose of our existence, where do we stand with it, and so many other feelings that derivate from the words Kazantzakis used like the violin virtuoso.
Words that can hide other words as those will lose their meaning if said!
Or to say it differently as a quote from one song, that there are words which show their value ONLY if they are not said!
That is called common sense!
Something we have lost it and something we have the opportunity to get it back in the quarantine we live now. It is not an occupation; it can be a liberation! It is your choice!
As Marie Curie explained: “there is nothing in life to be feared; it is only to be understood.”

Dear readers, use immortal Kazantzakis and his Zorba as inspiration to do things which will stay behind you when all this is behind us!



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About the quote of the day-second edition

All is said. Sometimes it needs to be combined to reflect different “achievements” from experiments like “The Little Albert”, The third wave”, “Milgram experiment”.

Let’s salute all real Heros especially volunteers and all the others who learn how to protect others from themselves!



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About the quote of the day

What are we facing now is the process which will be changing, or better to say, which is changing our priorities and by changing priorities we start to change ourselves.

This situation we live in, is something that is done to us. Freedom is to find a way what to do till this situation cease to exist.

So, we could start to think what is our purpose of existence and to find out what is enough for us to feel fulfilled! That’s freedom.

Further, to find out what is enough we might need to find out, to face directly and bluntly, who we really are, what we became and to find out what we want to do with the rest of our lives.

There is a technique where we could try to stay infront of the mirror every day for 15 minutes and see what happens. Maybe not after the first day, but after a couple of days something will happen. You can try and talk with yourself. Freely! You can face your personality and find out how to change that what you think is not representing you.

Freely and openly face yourself. Face fears and thoughts about many different things that are occupying your life. You will be amazed what you discover inside and even more satisfied with the redefinition of your values. Values will become more of a substance and less material! That might make you a genuinely positive person equipped with deep feelings of solidarity and altruism!

Wishing you a healthy discovering of self.

Take care.



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Quarantine diaries-Day 10

“The Third Wave”

Day 10
Below is the article from March 2017.
It is about “The Third Wave” experiment taking place in 1967, trying to explain the obedience and acceptance of the German population of the Nazi regime. Four years before, in 1963, there was a Milgram experiment trying to measure the “Obedience to Authority.” Interesting how all have some pattern of continuation.
Below is the article with minor changes.
Hope is important! Everything in this life starts with hope for love and from a genuine need of people to be hugged, as one of our young actresses so bluntly and hearty, stated in beautifully performed “The third wave” play, done in Nicosia, Cyprus by students of PanCyprian Gymnasium.
In Greek is called “Trito Kyma”!
This experiment started, should be, out of love for a job young Professor Jones, brilliantly performed by David Anastasiou who is now a student of piano!
We as public, somehow magically, lost the feeling of time and followed, blindly, amazing, powerful performance of the students of PanCyprian Gymnasium.
We felt in the audience that we were manipulated together with the class of Mr. Jones. Just to the point of the experiment!
Discipline, Involvement, Team, special Salute as the upgrade, then Songs were used to achieve a manipulation. If you take the above words one by one, they will be acceptable to the masses but presented together, and in the group, they become the means for manipulation.
We became sleepwalkers, following the play as the vocabulary used excluded words like love and compassion.
Mr.Jones had a secret thought and desire to discover hidden forces not only in his students and in himself but by performing the play tried to see invisible forces in the general public as well, making them participants in the experiment.
My feeling is that we all have moments of feeling lonely and having the need to love and be loved to hug and being hugged. When this happens as we are afraid to lose our comfort and our way of life, we become easily manipulated.
As already mentioned in one of the quarantine diaries manipulation is not violent! It is a temptation! It is the state of mind where the human being is doing something that others want him to do, coercing him to want to do that! Men might become the victim of manipulation only in case when he becomes coauthor, an accomplice of it. That is what “The Third Wave” experiment taught us!
The play induces the awakening bell to ring in our organisms!
As “being awake is everything.”
One pure moment of a need for being awake and a need for love have happened during the play. Showing how lovely human beings we all are. Namely, a son needed to leave the theatre, and my eye caught the moment when mother fingers have tried to touch the son leaving, in so smooth, human, full of love way, only the mother can give. It made me feel warm and positive that humanity is not lost, and that it can not be lost whatever manipulation is applied!
As love is around us and in vast quantities and it will always find it’s way back!
And unconditionally, love!
We are in the process of change. In that process, we will fight, we will be manipulated, we well awake on and on, we will sleepwalk also, but we will prevail!
New ideas, fresh air, revolutionary moves, are all, always, in the past as now, faced with antagonism. That is encouraged as long as it is genuine and productive for the common good. When it becomes a part of the manipulation of consciousness than we need to react immediately in order not to have the life of the frog!
When you put the frog in the boiled water, it will jump out of it immediately! But if you put it in lukewarm water, it will swim with the pleasure in it and will not notice that the pot is set on fire as the warmth will increase gradually. The frog will enjoy the heat so much until it is cooked!
And I have a feeling that somebody just switched off the fire under the pot we were in!

March 2017
P.S. 3/4/2020
It looks like that there are powers who want us to be in the above pot again!
However, this time, even with fear, the pot is too hot, and the majority of humanity understood that! It looks like that more and more are just jumping out of the boiling pot!

March 2017

Quarantine diaries-Day 9

Sour cherry pie, goat cheese, hot peppers, green peppers, smoked fillet, boiled egg, tomato aand multi grain biscuits

Day 9

Enough of politics, or infection, or blame game. That will come. In the mean time we need to eat. Following the human urge for food, yesterday I made sour cherry pie. It is one of the specialities I do. At least it looks special to me! Below is how I made it. It is not a recipe it is just experience sharing!

As there are no fresh sour cherries where I live we settled for frozen ones. So here how it goes.

Put frozen cherries in the bowl and mix it with cinnamon, brown sugar and sour cherry jam. That is my secret. The jam! Not a lot.

Leave it for sour cherries to defrost and start feeling the the baking tray pie crusts in prepared baking tray greased with olive oil.

With each two layers of crusts inject the filler. Till it lasts. Then transfer it to the oven which was preheated to 220 C and leave it in for 20-25 minutes.

You will love it!

And to make this Day 9 even sweater here is the my short and sweet poem called


Sour cherry pie ,you and I
Once upon a time
I made sour cherry pie
Just to try to get your smile.

It was more than expected
as I got also a little attention
and, surprisingly, some genuine affection.

We both learned that sour can become pleasant and sweet
as long as two souls are open to really meet.

And that has happened with your look
with that special angle your lively eyes took.

The rest would be history
If there was a date of expiry.

But, but, but it was just the beginning
giving to sour cherry pie
all the new meaning!

Copyright D.K.

First published 13/8/2019

Republished 20/11/2019

And now!

Just remember!

This is the end of the beginning!

We will prevail!



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Quarantine diaries – Day 8

Day 8
Is it possible that some of the non elected officials want to usurp the power from elected representatives of the people?
Serious question for extreme times?
I have a strong feeling to believe only the elected Presidents who have the power to make decisions!
Only them! Whoever they are and wherever they come from!

People are good!
They intend to believe the doctors!
But as we all are humans, the doctors are human too! So before being the doctor, you should be a human being! Complete human being distinguishing between protecting others from your self!
How do we rate doctors?
Usually, we start with “he or she is a good person”!
Being a good person as per the perception of patients, which is us, all of us for you doctors not to forget, you are to be open-minded, not stubborn, with extensive knowledge, not short-sited, with humble and kind ego, not a narcissist, and even emotionally crippled to be ready to learn and understand that each patient is the unique one, as you choose to deal with other people lives!
Then you can start to talk about practice and knowledge!

It goes without saying that doctors are not politicians, and their explicit work is to cure the patients. Otherwise, they are not doctors. They become something else.

If we still live in a democratic society, elected leaders, like it or not, have all the moral power to lead. Bad or good, does not matter. If we still live in a democracy. Virus or not virus! Peace or not peace! Sun or not Sun! Anything or nothing! That is how democracy works!
That is why real, human, patriotic leaders to whom the people entrusted their destinies are essential.
Those that develop themselves and from leaders become statesmen are precious for the inhabitants of any nation, as they, definitely, by nature, want to leave good deeds behind them. Acts to be remembered for!
That is the category of great people!
Those who think how to step down when they are climbing towards the top, as one brave, wise man who conquered Mount Everest said when asked about his thoughts approaching the top of the world!

There is another question. How deep is the manipulation of consciousness and how is affecting us?
Manipulation is not violence but temptation. You notice that it is very little one can do with logic if the other is not ready to listen, or not ready to accept anything.
And what is the best way to make people not to listen to anything else except what they are told by widely used means of communication?
“Your life is in danger! There is no alternative to that! There is no questioning! It is life!” The most precious thing to all species!
There is a thought that manipulation succeeds when it is hidden, secret.
However, it is succeeding when it targets the existence in the open.
So this is the double responsibility facing people who have to do with human life. This is why all those doctors that are humble, common sensed, highly ethical people are real Heroes! A huge salute to them with the hope that the others will come to the senses and also become real human HEROES!
Humanity does not have anyone to spare! All are us, and we are all!

Do not ignore people opinions!

Even as Benjamin Franklin said that: “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”

Let us make the above quote not valid!



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Quarantine diaries -Day 7

Day 7
Usually, after the week, everywhere you get statistics with many of us trying to see a pattern, to explain something, all from the fear of unknown.
And since there will be a lot of changes in the world after this is passed, could it be that this outbreak is based on 80% fear and 20% actual as it is the perfect way to shut down the system and restart it with the new
concept of power, of social governing taking place.
Statistics can help with that. We concentrate on statistics, become statistics-driven as we need hope from somewhere, thus not paying attention to how the world is molding in front of our eyes.
Before unbelievable events are happening!
Russia sends 11 cargo planes to Italy, and Russian Army doctors are actively participating in helping Italian state and Italian people.

To be honest, I wanted to start this day diary by mentioning an absolutely astonishing article of http://stratfor.com dated 23/8/1999 with the title “Putin: Yeltsin’s Madness or Silent Coup?”. It was an analysis about Mr. Putin appointment to the place of Prime-minister of Russian Federation. Prediction of http://Stratfor.com became true. Legal and nice! The article conclusion was, to quote:

“We can’t be sure, of course, but Putin is a man who looks like he
has staying power. A coup involves illegality. There was nothing
illegal here. But we think something definitive has happened in
Russia. Putin is not just another pretty face. The KGB is sitting
in the prime minister’s chair. To put it differently: having
forced Primakov out of the chair, the shadow forces fighting the
KGB in the Kremlin lost another round, and put the boss himself in
charge. Yeltsin announced to anyone who would listen that he is
healthy and doesn’t need hospitalization. That may be true. But
it isn’t clear that he is still in charge.”

The last sentence was the trigger when I was reading some of the analysis of the speech of Mr. Putin on 25th of March stating that he showed that he did not like the script given to him. Speculation followed till even more unbelievable information, following the telephone conversation between President Trump and President Putin, that Russia is sending two cargo planes as humanitarian help to the USA.

Furthermore it has been confirmed by Department of Energy Spokeswoman Shaylyn Hynes to TASS news agency, that US Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette will discuss ways of solving the problem of volatility on global oil markets with Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak. It looks like both Presidents are masters of the game!

Well, unimaginable is becoming believable. Furthermore, following its announcement in August 2018 about “limiting exposure to quoted equities” https://www.rt.com/business/435490-rothschild-new-world-order-stability/
and just recent warning about financial hit https://www.rt.com/business/484549-rothschild-warns-financial-hit-coronavirus/
both coming from a historic banking firm, Rothchild, shows that we are living the times of reset.
President Trump gets back Federal Reserve and will print money, cash money, in the range of 2.2 trillion USD ( excuse me if I am wrong) to help each American Familly. Directly!
Cash-free society? Looks no.

To finish with a small but significant happening.
I attended on 16/1/2018 in Berlins Volksbuhne theatre a very intriquing talk with Jean-Luc Nancy and Peter Egelmann.
The title was ” Democracy to be reclaimed by the people?”
Apart from philosophical points about democracy and the state of the human mind in our days at one point, Jean-Luc Nancy stopped for the moment and mentioned Lenin ( Vladimir Ilic Ulianov) and his quote: “Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country.”
Then he said calmly: “Now that we all enjoy the electricity, what
will happen if we switch off the light?”
There was dead silence in the auditorium.
Well, we will restart it. But it might not be the same things we will be seeing after restarting it.
It is a constant change as Benjamin Franklin said:
“When you are finished changing, you are finished!”

And as Bob Dylan said “… Stay observant…”

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