Novak Djokovic-“Gde si Brate!?”

Photo taken from the TV screen

Twenty times Grand Slam winner with six Wimbledon titles, Novak Djokovic is writing the unique history of tennis!
Before going further, it is good to give it a try and translate the expression “Gde si brate,” from Serbian to the English language.
So “Gde Si Brate!?” can be translated as
1) Hey, bro
2) What’s up, Brother?
3) How ya doing, Brother? Whoo!
4) Hey, my Brother! What’s going on, man?
5) Yo, chillin’.
6) Where are you, Brother?
7) Where you at, my Brother?
8) Where are you, Man?
9) Hey, Brother, Man!
10) Hey, what’s happening, Bro?
11) Hiya, Buddy
12) What go on, Coz?
As you can see, but still maybe not identify, a simple saying can be translated in many ways, and it has many meanings interacting with plenty of feelings!
Meanings do become feelings, and feelings cause our mind and body to react in a specific manner. Placing the finger on your forehead( Novak move in the final of Wimbledon 2021) is a sign that you got it, as you gain the patience to continue with the slice backhand and wait! Pays off!
Novak Djokovic comes from a country where people talk with eyes, dream often and deep while being perfectly awake, fly high and safe, and have a unique way to express their common sense using intuition while being the masters of improvisation! To get to the Novak Djokovic multidimensional mindset is not possible! That is why he is what he is, and that is why he is where he is, and of course, that is why he will be where he will be the best of all times in tennis and further, and beyond!
To enlighten my readers about the place Novak Djokovic and his great family comes from, let me tell you a story that happened, if the memory serves me well, in the 1977 EuroBasket semifinal between then Yugoslavia and Italy. Then the playmaker, Belgrade born and 180 cm high Zoran Slavnic, the soul of the team and the soul of every team he coached and played for, had made one of the memorable moves that honestly describe the way how the champions are born and, most notably made!
As Yugoslavia was wining Italy with a safe lead, Moka ( Zoran Slavnic- nickname) spotted at the stand the coach of the Soviet Union, 165 cm high, Colonel Alexander Gomelsky. The Colonel watched the game and took notes as the Soviet Union in the previous semifinal beat Czechoslovakia. Moka, as he knew the Italian language used his knowledge to ask the opponent, the Italian defender playmaker, to stop for two seconds and shouted towards the surprised Colonel- “Colonel, what are you writing about? Our system, method of play, tactics? Well, we do not know what we are playing either!”
That was in now far 1977!
When I first saw the interview of Mr. Srdjan Djokovic, the father of Novak, I was so impressed with his skills as a parent and his mindset! He was not playing basketball. He was skiing, but he was and always will be the fantastic, unique, exceptional playmaker for his family and, yes, Novak! This is not a “secret.” This is the way life works in the country they come from, the proud land of Serbia!
In that country, playmakers have a special place!
If life is a play, then so-called playmakers are mastering the life-making by stacking mosaic to perfection! They are the ones that cooperate with the right people at the right time; they are the ones making strategic decisions and controlling the outcome armed with instinct and improvisation, two skills that can not be copied! They, the playmakers, are not very loved by many but are respected by all! They are unique, and they are the MAKERS! That is what is happening in the land of Serbia. Till I write this short tribute about Novak Djokovic, knowing that not mentioning him so many times will be understood by him and by the place he comes from, many youngsters are working hard, waiving up their relative comfort and through sweat and dedication follow their dreams often spending nights by counting the stars and imaging raising the Wimbledon Trophy like Novak did six times now!
Novak Djokovic’s success shows that integrity is not negotiable and that strategic decisions are never made alone but with the whole family’s contribution.
For all the youngsters it is crucial to understand that their parents are, by nature, the best and the most trusted people they will ever have. Then, having that values as the guiding idea, finding the partner, and making your life meaningful will be much easier.
From the follower of his playmaker father, Novak Djokovic, the best ever tennis player, is becoming the playmaker for his beautiful family and trusted friends. Wise, with manners and skills in and outside of the court, Novak Djokovic shows the real meaning of life and how many, if not all, of us, could achieve it! No matter the age!
Do what you like, and forget doing what you do not like, to, after, do what you want! Do it from the beginning and enjoy it all! Happiness, disappointments, ups, and downs. Learn from all situations, and do not stop! Better buy experiences and do not sell them! Keep them for you and your loved ones.
Keep going and keep enjoying all, even when you blow it up! Because it is YOU!
Life is not easy and should not be easy! It should be excitable and above all enjoyable!
Get inspired by Novak Djokovic and his personality! That is a unique opportunity!
And do not forget to dream as Langston Hughes’s poem “Dreams” inspire us!
“Hold fast to dreams
for if dream die
life is a broken-winged bird
that can not fly.
Hold fast to dreams
for when dreams go
life is a barren field
frozen with snow.”



Darko Richard Lancelot
All rights reserved


Connect and Respect

It will pass


It looks like that it is the day of stories!
So, here is one from ancient China.
Fater and son, from a young age, were working hard at the rice fields.
Father had a hobby which was Calligraphy. He was teaching his son during their spare time the technique and wanted his son to become a master of it! He was constantly repeating to his son that he was sorry that he could not leave him with more money but extremely satisfied with his sons’ advances. His son became the real master in Calligraphy!
As father felt that he would pass away soon, he wrote two sentences and put the one in the small black box and the other in the small white box.
He then asked his son never to open the boxes except in two cases. The first case when he should open the white box, father said, would be as if he was desperate and running out of fate and hope for life’s purpose.
The second case, when the son should open the small black box, would be if he made such a massive success that he thought that all his life purpose was fulfilled and that he achieved the top of his life and carrier!
After some time, the father died, and the son was left alone to fight for his survival at the rice fields. As he was a very open person giving all his trust to all the co-workers, some of them used that trust and stole from him all the equipment he had together with the food he stored as a reserve not to starve if there would be a food shortage. He was in a complete downflow, and he starved as the only way to work was with his hands which was not enough to get some decent food to survive. He tried very hard, and when he saw, or thought, that his suffering will not end, he decided to give the end to his life. Then in the millisecond, he remembered the two small boxes he always carried with him and decided to read the sentence his father left at the white box before he takes his life. He opened the white box, and there he found in beautiful calligraphy the following sentence: ” Dear Son, It will pass!”
He decided to give more time to his life and to try to survive. Some of his co-workers saw how difficult and desperate his suffering was. They knew how talented a calligraphy writer he was and decided to help him by giving him more food and teaching him how to make his own equipment again. He managed to survive and became dedicated to continuing with his life, looking for a better future.
Some of his co-workers heard that the master of the whole land fields was looking for someone who knows how to write to employ him in his central offices to help with his personal correspondence.
He finally got a job and started to advance his carrier in the master house, and after some time, when the master’s daughter fell in love with him, they decided to marry, always with the consent of the girl’s father and the master of the whole land!
They got married and had a beautiful life. Had six children, and all were brought up to have respect towards all. Their parents taught them to practice togetherness, always giving them a chance to advance their talents!
One day as he was sitting on his balcony, satisfied with all his life achievements, he thought about the small black box his father left with him and decided to open it and read the message.
He opened a small black box and read the sentence written in exceptional calligraphy by his father.
It said: “Dear Son, this will pass too!”


To continue with wise words, I asked and Ukrainian gentleman who conquered Mount Everest about what he thought when only twenty meters from the top. He said without hesitation, “I was thinking how to go safely down!”

All that we are living today will pass. What will stay are our actions and remembrance about the suffering caused to other fellow human beings. That and only that will take all to the dustbin of history!
We all have a choice! Will we protect our integrity and democracy, or will we make half of our population feel like livestock!
It is up to those that govern us all.

Just remember that all will pass, with the deeds to stay.
I am honestly concerned if the results of all this going on with pushing the people to do something they do not want to do will be without human loss.
Someone said, “If I knew that you exist, I would go to hell immediately!”
How easy would it be to trust all those involved and do as instructed. However, things are not at all clear yet.

Darko Richard Lancelot



Connect and Respect

Chill your beans and awake


Do we “Spit in the wind,” when asked not to?
In previous thought shared with you, there was a kind invitation not “to spit in the wind” mentioning “Kapos” of the concentration camps in the terrible WWII to somehow awake one or two of us, not to participate in it. If yes, it would be a considerable achievement!
In the meantime, I heard one story concerning three nationalities and GOD. But it is not about nationalities. It is about us, human beings!
So the story conveyed to me by a friend goes that God came to the Earth and wanted to help three people in and around the Mediterranean. In one place, God spotted a person looking at his land with concerning feelings and asked him what is that he wants. He replied- please, God, please help me to master the production of Wine! God did it without hesitation, explaining to the man that making Wine, like all the other things in Life, needs patience. After some time, the men saw that the grapes were growing exceptionally good and he mastered the technique of making the best wines the world has.
God proceeded further and saw another man near the sea, with his eyes reflecting a desire he could not achieve. God asked him if there is anything he wants and the man with a humble smile said YES!
God, I humbly want to catch a vast, magnificent, big and tasty Swordfish!
God just made an affirmative move and left.
The next day the men caught an exceptional and never seen before giant Swordfish!
God continued to another place and was moved by the sorrow of the men sitting next to his dead donkey.
God asked the man if he wants his donkey revived?
The man saw God and disappointingly said NO! So, what is that you want, God asked?
I want the donkey of my neighbor to die too!

Do we still have that feeling to force someone who does not do what we did wanting to live life peacefully, to suffer because we decided to suffer?
Especially when we see and realize after that the decision we made was not based on long-term thoughts but very short-term conformism.
If yes, those that are following conformism should stop for their own long term sake! Stop and reflect and give it a time before deciding anything.
From one of many comments I read, I got a beautiful forty-year-old quote from one university professor shared with us by his ex-student: ” Trust absolutely nothing, unless you have absolutely doubted everything.”
That takes time, and what is needed is more time and patience and a clear mind, without any fear!


Instead of only the freedom of choice, there should be the freedom of doubt.
Doubts are cured by time and only time.
That is why whatever is based on fear with the insidious term used that “there is no time,” just stop, reflect and use your freedom of doubt!
I am sure that as people are getting back from the sleepwalk and starting to realize that the facts are different from reported or not reported by the mainstream media, those who are in the position to influence our lives will come with us! We do not need to be against someone or something to be in favour of something else. When all is based on free decidion, and clear genuine human feelings.
It is crucial to love our fellow human beings even though some do not want their donkey back but our donkey to die also.
Nature is here with us, and there is always a way to clean the body and soul from toxins. If you concentrate, find the method, and investigate, you will have someone, let’s call it the good fairy, that will contact you in many ways!
To use immortal Cronin:
“Life is no straight and easy corridor along which we travel free and unhampered, but a maze of passages, through which we must seek our way, lost and confused, now and again checked in a blind alley.
But always, if we have faith, a door will open for us, not perhaps one that we ourselves would ever have thought of, but one that will ultimately prove good for us.”

Never trade integrity for comfort, as Cronin left with us another quote: “A wise man enjoys in what little he has, while a fool asks for more.”
And from immortal Citadel novel of his which is highly recommended to youth, and not only, to read.
” If we go on trying to make out that everything’s wrong outside the profession and everything is right within, it means the death of scientific progress.”
That is definitely where the word sustain is coming to a play!
To sustain everything, including real scientific progress! That will mean…?
Many questions will come to your mind when you free it from the everyday mainstream fear-based news, and as many ideas will “ring the bell” to investigate further.
If these few words made their way to you, as Rick Blaine(Humphry Bogart) said in the Casablanca movie, I think that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!”
To finish with the ultimate goal for all of us if we lost it, hopefully for a while only, and it comes again from immortal Humphry-“Rick”- “With the whole world crumbling, we pick this time to fall in love,” without fear because THAT IS THE LIFE!

Fall in love, with no distancing, and no fear.

Darko Richard Lancelot
Connect and Respect

New Epidemiology dictionary (in making)


This is the beginning of new epidemiology dictionary. We kindly ask you to contribute with your word suggestions. Thank you.

Family- the place where children who are not vaccinated will transfer the virus to vaccinated parents

Variants- If Delta is not enough Delta Plus to be introduced

Herd immunity – with every new variant add 7% of population. If it passes 100% just continue like nothing has happened. Numbers endure all. For God sake you are scientists and people believe you and your gray hair.

Zero cases- It is not recommended to have zero cases. We might become more relaxed and regain freedom.

Relaxed- that word is deleted from vocabulary

Fear- it is for the good of society, it is recommended. Dosage-five times a day after any meal and/or tea, coffee, alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks.

Gray hair- a must for all epidemiologist as it projects trust.

Parrot-the ability to say the same words as your masters are teaching you.

Mask-“a covering for the face, as a bandage, an apparatus for administering anesthesia or oxygen, or a cloth that prevents droplets from the mouth and nose from spreading in the air.” – to wear in accordance who you are and who will see it.

To be continued…



Connect and Respect

Do not spit in the wind


Old idea new way to implement control and divide and rule policies.

“A kapo or prisoner functionary was a special type of prisoner in the Nazi concentration camps during The HolocaustKapos were chosen by the Schutzstaffel (SS) camp guards to help run the camps. Some kapos were in charge of other prisoners, who had to do forced labor.”

During the second world war, at concentration camps and well-known Warsaw Geto, some so-called “kapos,” even prisoners themselves, were in charge of other prisoners who had to do forced labor.
The SS recruited “kapos” from the majority of the prisoners, who were obviously Jews.
So, the people from the same nation were controlling and forcing other compatriots to do hard work, and not only.
It was the implementation of the old policy “Divide and Rule.”
Second World War passed with tremendous cost to human lives and left scars on humanity to warn future generations not to live the same and worst experiences!
We are now at that future.
Kapos are slowly put in place to control the rest of the population. Some will be easily controlled by fear, some by harsh rules, some by isolation, and some by ultimate control, like in the WW2 concentration camps.
The actual authors of this divide and rule policies will stay hidden until the time of great revelation and the greater reaction of humanity!
A humble suggestion to new kapos in the making is to not spit in the wind!
Instead, awake and contribute to the beauty of our planet and fellow human beings. Do not allow to become the tools, just tools of conspiracy practitioners! Yes! Conspiracy Practitioners!
Western World as we know it is slowly but, unfortunately, very surely, decisively approaching the imploding state. Whatever practitioners try to do will be with a small and short effect! You will see our governments try to free themselves from the clutches of corrupt and intolerable conspiracy practitioners. It will not be easy as we are all surrounded by them!
They are everywhere, and the majority of them are not aware that they are used! Big time!
Conspiracy practitioners know how to manipulate and use propaganda machinery. Read their moves, talk about them, and manipulation, as it does not like publicity is gone!
Then there will be more free space for awaking!
Awaking means to LOVE! To practice togetherness and to find the meaning of your existence here on this planet!
Kapos are temporary, and they will go to the rubbish of history without anyone remembering their name. If you want to be remembered, do GOOD! Help people in need! Be one face all the time! Double or triple faces are for politicians, those that are just passers-by in this world without any chance to achieve posthumous fame!
Many would like to be remembered, but people will forget about them when they get out of power! The exact and very moment!
If you want to be remembered after you pass your life or better time in power, then find that real genuine one instead of three faces and start using it!
People have antennas to see genuine, human vibes, and at the same time, they recognize insidious acts!
Do not spit in the wind!
If you chose not to, the whole new world is opening to you, dear kapos!
The world of genuine feelings, love, respect, and continuous development for the goodness of humanity, your children, and your children’s children!
I am so sure that goodness will prevail and that humanity will proceed without manipulators and conspiracy practitioners and kapos that nothing can change that! Postpone maybe, but change, never!
Awake, and again DO NOT SPIT IN THE WIND!

Cover photo courtesy of “Points of You!” Thank you!

Connect and Respect

Ignorance or Corruption


Helena Blavatsky said to not be afraid of your difficulties. “Do not wish you could be in other circumstances than you are. For when you have made the best of an adversity, it becomes the stepping stone to a splendid opportunity!”

I can’t get rid of the impression that the propaganda is waning. It seems that either the money has run out or some other good guys have organized themselves and started acting for the benefit of humanity. There are more stumps here and there, most probably due to the deals done, but somehow it is more apparent that there is less blackmail. The whole situation is a “splendid opportunity!” People are waking up, and now is the time to reorganize humanity. It’s not the Great Reset as some have planned it, but it’s the HUMAN RESET. Variants are a desperate try by the losing side to stay in the game by prolonging it. It looks like it was planned as a contingency operation to extend the fear and reduce our ability for common sense answers using the old policy of “Divide and Rule.” Those poor, insidious minds who think that they found out that the “pot has a hole” should know that the Great Rome disappeared from the map of the world after such ideas were implemented as practical politics. The same is going to happen with our civilization if those are not brought fast to the senses! It looks like, or better, there are indications that this is happening!
Common sense is giving you all the answers as long as you wake up!
It is not by mistake that FDA issued the statement on 25/6/2021 “for immediate release:”


It is saying that: “Today, the FDA is announcing revisions to the patient and provider fact sheets for the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines regarding the suggested increased risks of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart) following vaccination. For each vaccine, the Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccine (Vaccination Providers) has been revised to include a warning about myocarditis and pericarditis and the Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers has been revised to include information about myocarditis and pericarditis. This update follows an extensive review of information and the discussion by CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices meeting on Wednesday. The data presented at this meeting reinforced the FDA’s decision to revise the fact sheets and further informed the specific revisions. The warning in the Fact Sheets for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccines notes that reports of adverse events suggest increased risks of myocarditis and pericarditis, particularly following the second dose and with onset of symptoms within a few days after vaccination. Additionally, the Fact Sheets for Recipients and Caregivers for these vaccines note that vaccine recipients should seek medical attention right away if they have chest pain, shortness of breath, or feelings of having a fast-beating, fluttering, or pounding heart after vaccination. The FDA and CDC are monitoring the reports, collecting more information, and will follow-up to assess longer-term outcomes over several months.”

Who understands, comprehends.

So, for mainstream media NOT to cover this significant announcement affecting human lives was astonishing for me. I do believe that all humans are good! Even when they act bad!
To analyze why and how and other reasons would just take time without much possibility to awake already sleepwalking fellow human beings. But one is certain! The seeds for the catastrophe were planted the moment when money, instead of staying as originally and naturally being invented as a medium of exchange, became a commodity!
Instead of adding another brick to the wall, all those futures and derivatives of money took the bricks from the wall like playing the famous game Jenga! Let’s see who will be blamed when all the building representing today’s world collapses!

It could be that we were experiencing the Third World War, which could be now coming to an end, with some of the participants realizing that the time has come for them to pay all the bills, but not being able to accept it are provoking everywhere where they still can. Such a pity. Instead to reorganize and be ready for the new world, they crawl like an elephant in the greenhouse. We all should genuinely hope that the damage will not be irreparable! Suggestion would be to be repaired with gold as an old Japanese custom Kintsugi. It treats the broken object as a part of history and by repairing it by gold shows its beauty diminishing the feeling of disguise! The other side, look like, it is ready to accept that, as long as the price of natural gas is adjusted.

To avoid ignorance and diminish corruption one crucial and easy step is needed! To take the money back to its original condition as medium, simple medium of exchange!

Exchange of ideas becoming practice for the common good of humanity!

No more something like “opium” wars one and two, or any other similar ideas of catastrophe for majority for the comfortable life of minority!

And All are needed! ALL! The faster this is realized, the faster we are going to grow! Not sustained but enduring growth of ideas and humanity!

Extract from the book “Quarantine Diaries and beyond” you can preorder below contributing to it!


All rights reserved



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Common Sense Today


When reading some of the articles covering this situation we are passing through now, one needs to be very optimistic about our human consciousness, which can not be deleted by anything! It can be suppressed by money, nice cars, rare wristwatches, and other corruption methods, but not deleted! 

All approval agencies, and please help if this is not valid, issued temporarily or conditional authorization to market medicaments known as vaccines for the virus known as Covid-19. 

If we take EMA-European Medical Agency, who stated that “EMA also looks at results on the vaccine’s efficacy and initial safety data emerging from large-scale clinical trial as they become available. This significantly shortens the normal assessment times while maintaining the principles of quality, safety and efficacy.”

Pointing further that “benefits outweigh the risks.” 

How comes now when our governments are using the old divide and rule principle to cover themselves and their greed and their stupidity by pushing us towards who knows what with all these greek alphabet variants, we have the following:

“For Immediate Release:

June 25, 2021

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continued to take action in the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Today, the FDA is announcing revisions to the patient and provider fact sheets for the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines regarding the suggested increased risks of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart) following vaccination. For each vaccine, the Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccine (Vaccination Providers) has been revised to include a warning about myocarditis and pericarditis and the Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers has been revised to include information about myocarditis and pericarditis. This update follows an extensive review of information and the discussion by CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices meeting on Wednesday. The data presented at this meeting reinforced the FDA’s decision to revise the fact sheets and further informed the specific revisions. The warning in the Fact Sheets for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccines notes that reports of adverse events suggest increased risks of myocarditis and pericarditis, particularly following the second dose and with onset of symptoms within a few days after vaccination. Additionally, the Fact Sheets for Recipients and Caregivers for these vaccines note that vaccine recipients should seek medical attention right away if they have chest pain, shortness of breath, or feelings of having a fast-beating, fluttering, or pounding heart after vaccination. The FDA and CDC are monitoring the reports, collecting more information, and will follow-up to assess longer-term outcomes over several months.”

In short, they warn that there is “increased risks of myocarditis (heart muscle inflammation) and pericarditis (inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart) following vaccination.”

Thank you! So, for those with the heart issues what would you say know dear epidemiologists and medical scientists? There is still some time for you to wake up and do the come back!

They informed us that they will follow and assess “Longer-term” outcomes! 

How many more lives will be put in danger in the “longer-term” no one is informing us, simply because THEY DO NOT KNOW! But at least the first warning is issued. 

What is this?

Science? Or new generation vaccines, human testing trials!?

All is temporary, conditional, but it is approved as benefits outweigh the risks! 

Is this logical? Is this possible? 

Are we became crazy and ultimately lost in space?

Well, always see the bright side! At least the people at the FDA have issued a warning statement, and philosophyofgoodnews salute them, imaging what kind of pressure they are facing! 

There is still a hope that the greedy will cease to influence and that the governments will come to the senses fast! And fast.


Leave the Hans Christian Andersen fairytales for the kids and come to the senses! 

Life is beautiful, your body is YOUR BODY, and Nuremberg is Nuremberg! 

Hope that the sacrifice done by our fellow human beings who were the victims of the experiment will not stay without a legal answer. Public legal answer! 



Our Attic Our Ladder

Connect and Respect

Pythagoras and Variants


Pythagoras and variants

Pythagoras Theorem says α2+β2=γ2.
Pythagoras and his students did not think how to use the “Δδ” Delta letter. But since it is there, it would be a disgrace not to find a way to use it. So now when Δδ Delta is used, we have another 20 Greek letters to attribute the meaning of our choice, as they would be jealous of Δδ Delta.
Delta has a psychological impact but imagine “Χχ” Chi or “Ψψ” Psi or famous “Ωω” Omega what effect would have!
But on the other hand, “Ωω” Omega is not so profitable as there are no more Greek letters after it, so another alphabet would need to be used. Someone might come to an idea to use 16 century BC letters found at the Engomi-Cyprus archaeological site. You can enjoy this, they say, still not deciphered letters in the below photo courtesy of an exciting book “The Origins of Cypriots” by Marie-Louise Winbladh.


That someone who thinks that ” Quod licet lovi, non licet bovi” or in English ” What is permissible for Jupiter may not be permissible for a bull” is wrong like all his predecessors.
It just reveals a common-sense reason why the decline of world powers is irreversible. No matter how many advances happened during their reign, the downturn, when it starts, is inevitable. Hope without changeless destructive consequences for humanity!
We “THE PEOPLE” would reverse one of the things: to make accountable all those that were selling to us colorful lies!
The faster we do it, the fewer alphabets will be used.

It is up to us to chose if we want to look like flies or like bees! https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/2021/06/25/apropos-corruption/

In the mean time you could choose to go for a holyday and forget for a while all the alphabets!

Just enjoy sun, sea, air clearing your mind!

Darko Richard Lancelot



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