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Marie Antoinette

From the “Lost steps” Hall University of Iasi

Marie Antoinette the Queen of France and wife of King Louis XVI who both were executed in so called French Revoloution said that “there is nothing new exept what has been forgotten” .

It is important to remember that famous scientist Antoine Lavoisier was also executed 1794 by so called revolutionaries. Lavoisier said that he is a scientist and does not have anything to do with politics and he got the reply from the judge that ” The Republic has no need of scientists or chemists….” He was executed 8 of May 1794.

Also it is refreshing to learn that Maria Antoinette did not use the expression ” give them sweets” to express opinion what to do with the people of Paris as there was a wheat shortage and people were starving. That shortage was organised by Louis Philippe II Duke of Orleans, cousin of King, who voted for King Louis XVI to be executed and after he himself was executed in 1793.

She actually used the expression from the book “Confessions” of Jan Jacques Rousseau which goes ” Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”which means let them eat pastry, which was the food for the rich.

And last but not the least, just to make you investigate further about Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI and learn more about the consequences of French so called Revoloution, including the “LAW OF SUSPECTS” are the last words of her before the giliotene: “UPS, excuse me mister, it was not on purpose” addressing the headsman at the guillotine as she stepped on his feet few minutes before her execution!!!

First published 31/8/2019 and republished 11/12/2019

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