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Did you know that inspiration for Ian Fleming character for James Bond was Dusko Popov a Serb, with British intelligence under Sir Stewart Graham Menzies code name Tricycle! He had another two code names. Yugoslav secret services used Duško and Abwer (German military intelligence) used code name Ivan( that was also the name of his brother). He was womaniser, very communicative and friendly. Information was, is and will be the power. But alone it can not help much. Information and analytics, wise analytics together are game changers. However, personal contact is the King, Queen and all nobility. This is where Duško Popov was unbeatable. Unique . His contribution towards success of “Operation Fortitude” is still under the veil of secrecy as some things will never be known.

Just like James Bond. Many people have temptation for intelligence information. Many are looking for technology as main provider of information. That is great, however,field work, personal contact and open, firm character are something no AI and any technology can compete with. And with personal contact avoidance of wars are always more successful! Be human! And if your common sense does have an issue cure it and use it. Thinks are simple.

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