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Napoleons Josephine and

Sultan Abdul Hamids Aimee

Did you know that Josephine from being near to be executed by Guillotine, became French Empress and Aimee taken by pirates and brought to the slave market to be sold, became Naskidil Sultan(First wife of the Sultan and mother of future Sultan Mahmud II).

Josephine was the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte and Aimee, also known as Naksidil Sultan, the wife of Sultan Abdul Hamid and mother of Sultan Mahmud II often described as ” Peter the Great” of Turkey due to reforms he instituted including abolition of Janissary corps in 1826.

Josephine was born as Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de La Pagerie and Aimee was born as Aimee du Buc de Rivery.

Aimee was a distant cousin-in-law of Josephine. Both were raised in Martinique, French colony.

Both cousins had very adventurous and dramatic life with Josephine to lose her first husband to the Guillotine and Aimee to be captured by pirates and sold in the slave market to the Governor General of Algeir who took her to Constantinople and present her as a gift to Sultan Abdul Hamid.

Both had to face endless intrigues and both managed to become very important figures,influencing their husbands in both French and Ottoman Empires!

Aimee, in her letter to Josephine reminiscences their joint childhood in Martinique stating how important was the drill they both received from their mothers, on behaviour, book reading, virtues and manners and how that helped them in overcoming any life difficulties and even infuencing history!

Just dear readers never ever give up having in mind what Ivan Djaja said : “It is not the knowledge that makes the man, it is upbringing.”

Life always have surprises ready to appear in front of you!


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First published 7/7/2019 and now 7/11/2019 republished with some additions.


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