Esoterics and Human mind

Don’t you think sometimes what are we doing here on this planet?

Do you ask sometimes, secretly, yourself only, just not the others to find out about your thoughts being outside of the ruling concept and so called liberal atmosphere ,what is enough to feel happy?

What is enough to be fulfilled?

Well below there is a short story about a Man who lived 103 years and it is coming from the village of Kato Drys in Cyprus.

Mr. Angelis Solomou was born at the same village of Kato Drys in Cyprus where St. Neophyte was born.
At the young age he took the road like many young people those days and he immigrated to United States of America where he had amazingly eventful life.

In Chicago he started as a waiter at famous Lexington Hotel and as he was the youngest waiter and had sharp practical mind like many of the Kato Drys people have, his colleagues suggested, being afraid themselves to do it, that he be the one who will serve food to all time famous Al Capone.

The job he has done remarkably well getting even the tips from Capone bodyguards armed with heavy machine-guns. Years passed and as it is usually happening, driven by nostalgia, he decided to go back to Cyprus and his village of Kato Drys to settle there and pass his retirement in his own land.
He lived the rest of his life very actively, cultivating the land he had, always with great care, with always alive, awake eyes ready to engage in communication with fellow people offering help for those in need. He never changed his attitude. Always felt like a boy enjoying the life from all sides with wide open hearted smile.
He had a special affection to his nephew who let me know this story and who alao wrote a short poem called LIFE for his 100th birthday.
“Feel like a swallow coming spring,
like a seagull caressing the foam of a blessed sea.
Feel the joy of the morning light
overcoming the last remains of darkness….”

One day when he was 103 years old he called his nephew and conveyed to him his feelings in just two sentences.
He said:
“I had enough! I am ready to go dear nephew!”
After three days he passed away.

Those two sentences remained me of the though of late Serbian Patriarch Pavle who said:
“When the man is born, all world celebrates, and only he cries. We should live the life in that way than when we die, all world is crying and we celebrate. “

In other words we should live our life in a way to feel fulfilled.
Clown from the photo of one January at the street of open hearts in Belgrade shows how we can be fulfilled!

By helping those in need with open hearts!

By practicing togetherness .

First writen 12/12/2018 and republished with some change due to the maturity 7/11/2019

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2 thoughts on “Esoterics and Human mind

    1. And practice togetherness and be good to one another and fight poverty in all itypes and shades, from food to mind. And to know what is enough. A lot of and. And there is always one more. That is why it is crucial to reply to the question WHAT IS ENOUGH. Neolithic age might give us an inspiration.


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