Sane or Insane-The Prize that Vandalize-OIL

Berlin at the time

As Daniel Yergin said at the beginning of his (another Prize to Utilize) 1991 book “The Prize-The epic quest for oil, money, and power:” “IT WAS A MATTER of the missing $526.08.” That was 1854!

But before that, there was a curiosity of some businessmen, the predecessors of todays popularly called “startups,” that heard and saw somewhere in Pennsylvania a substance they named “rock oil,” that was burning and was used in the 1850s to make medicine called “Seneca Oil”! These people, which Daniel Yergin reveals to us, were one New York lawyer and one New Haven banker. They did not settle the fee with Mr. Sillman Jr., a chemist, the professor of chemistry at Yale University, who has done the analysis of the “rock oil” sample!
Ah, that curiosity! Life without it would not be called life, but a state of infinite sleep!
The name of that lawyer and businessman was George Henry Bissell!
He is considered the father of the oil industry in America and the founder and president of the Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company. Mr. Bisell was the first to recognize petroleum as a valuable commerce article and was the first one to refine it to the state for general use!
Noble aims are always driving people at the beginning but many times are converted through greed to cause suffering and torture of so many human beings!

With history always being a vital tool to understand today’s happenings and project the future, let’s see what is behind these terrible current events.
After Nixon disconnected the dollar from the gold standard and connected it with petroleum, the US dollar became the world’s primary reserve currency. All oil purchases from all countries were invoiced and paid by using USD.
When Sadam Husein started to sell Oil accepting other currencies, he got removed, and Iraq was destroyed using lies and a theatre play in the UN! Very convenient is that UN headquarters are in New York.
To fast forward, Rand Corporation in May 2019 published following document “Overextending and Unbalancing Russia,” https://www.rand.org/pubs/research_briefs/RB10014.html Than in July of 2021, the new National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation, under the number 400, is approved.
Just to mention 3 out of 106 points. The first is very indicative!

“18. reduction in the use of the US dollar in the implementation of foreign economic activity.” Rings the bell? 15 words only. BREAKING NEWS OF TODAY 23/3/2022! RUSSIA TO ACCEPT PAYMENTS FOR GAS IN RUSSIAN RUBLES!

“76.(19) ensuring the transfer of knowledge and technology between the defense and civil sectors of the economy.”
In my eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond( available to purchase here:Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook,),you will find a hint connecting V.Putin speech about new weapon systems and transferring that technology for civilian use. Keep in mind that Russia deployed the newest “Kinzhal”(Dagger) hypersonic missile two times in Ukraine.

The below point enlightens further why all the west went ballistic after Russia forestalled the eminent attack on Donbas by starting its “special operation.”

95.”Countries that are losing their undisputed leadership are trying to dictate their own rules to other members of the international community, use the means of unfair competition, apply restrictive measures(sanctions) unilaterally, and openly interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states. Such actions lead to the loosening of the universally recognized principles and norms of international law, the weakening and destruction of existing institutions and regimes of international legal regulation, the aggravation of the military-political situation, the decrease in predictability and the weakening of trust in relations between states.”

The time has passed when French President George’s Pompidou bluntly told to Kissinger :” You only barely depend on the Arabs for about a tenth of your consumption. We are entirely dependent upon them”( page 627 of Daniel Yergin book THE PRIZE). Now, the question of why Middle Eastern countries do not increase the oil output can be answered with one common sensed answer! THERE IS NO MORE OIL THERE! Actually, to put it mildly, the increase in oil extraction will destroy sources and block those underground reserves that can be still extracted, but only under a lower regime of exploitation. Otherwise, it could happen that Middle Eastern Oil fields will have the same destiny as Romanian oil fields that were destroyed by Hitler’s regime of extreme exploitation, which created the vacuum that it is no longer possible to extract that Oil, although there are huge reserves!

The only place to find Oil in excess with absolutely stunning oil reserves is Russia. And it is not propaganda. It is a plain fact that those they need to know know, as the majority is put in the state of hatred and depression. Or sleepwalking.

Famous Piri Re’is Map from the Smithsonian book of Great Maps

Russia developes her part, huge vastness of the Arctic Ocean routes. By the way, oil reserves are in the Russian territorial waters and not Canadian ones. Explains another puzzle. Explains the U.N RESOLUTION AGAINST NAZISM and against votes of the USA and Ukraine and abstentions votes of dominions including Canada! https://consortiumnews.com/2021/12/23/us-ukraine-refuse-to-condemn-nazism-at-un/

Is the real reason oil? Degradation of human principles and sacrificing people for oil? For greed? It is not a first time but this time is extremely dangerous!

We will all learn that all these insidious stories about green energy were placed as a bluff to get cheap Russian Oil in the same way as the west was getting Middle Eastern Oil. Paying in freshly printed dollars and than taking those same dollars back to the USA banks! Those USD reserves of Saudi Arabia does not exist! That is going to change, as sustainability of the current system of the USD domination is drooping as house of cards! As the change is rapid and will continue to accelerate, there is a complete disaster in the western reaction towards Russia! West wanted to use poor Ukraine to become a thorn causing pain in the Russian ass. That is now under surgery. Tragically, so tragically, but under surgery!

How many of dominions will stay sobber and not play useful idiots to the interests of roamers and wanderers is to be seen. We will also see how all those blackmailed, corrupted, insidious, and looks like lost narcissist creatures that like to say they represent us explain all the lies and hatred they are pumping and pumping to manipulate whole societies!
Will this be enough to awake?

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Darko Richard Lancelot
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Sane or Insane-Common sense is not so Common

After the head of one house used such words for the head of another house, the world is in deep trouble. Hopefully all this hate projected and injected will not last as long as Methuselah which life span according to Bible was 969 years. Some months maybe, but it would be enough for great many of us to dissappear. It all started with the thoughts that WE ARE EXCEPTIONAL WE ARE EMPIRE! That has a cost. Then it went personal, from one side to reach the other. Why? Well still even after personal insults the reply we hear is as much as possible polite leaving bridge still to be walkable. “Peskov – about Biden’s insulting words: “These statements are personal insults.  Given Biden’s irritability, fatigue and forgetfulness, we will not give harsh assessments so as not to cause more aggressiveness.” They think about EARTH! That has come from inside!

But the costs are high with financing BIOLABS https://news.am/eng/news/690459.html, and bombings of so many countries around the world, with poor Yemen bombings to still continue killing innocent women and children. But they are not of interest for the Empires perversed rullers. Actually they are not of interest of some that would like to call themselves Empire. Those narcissistic hypocrites which are driven by impulses and not by idea of building something to last. However the majority of us left are ordinary peace loving people practicing togetherness!

Those two men from the photo above had very fruitfull and respectful cooperation and exchanged many letters while having also a couple of personal meetings. They were united in fighting Fascists and Nazis. Even, as correctly, one of the readers pointed out, Stalin thought that Roosevelt sudden death was the product of poisoning and wanted to send his ambassador Gromyko to see the dead body of Roosevelt but was denied by his wife Eleanor. Gromyko later became Soviet Union longest serving foreign minister, meeting todays tenant of the house.

Interesting greetings

There is a book published in 1960s that has their(Roosevelt and Stalin)exchange of letters, most confidential and personal.

In those letters trust permeates, together with respect and determination to win the war against Fascist and Nazis and to make the world a better place for cooperation by practicing simple togetherness. All differences were solved by mutual understanding, as there is always a way when you are open minded, understanding each other concerns. That atmosphere was transferred to vast majority of the people of both countries including both Armies.

Soviet and American Army in Germany 1945

Here are few letters to see how positive attitude it was and compare it with today’s.


In reply to your message of February 16 in which you set forth certain considerations that you had transmitted to Mr Churchill in reply to his message of February 12 to you, I desire to state that I share your regret that the Allied effort in North Africa did not proceed in accordance with the schedule. It was interrupted by unexpected heavy rains that made the roads extremely difficult for both supplies and troops proceeding to the front lines from our landing ports. These rains made the fields and mountains impassable.

I am fully aware of the adverse effect on the common Allied effort of this delay and I am taking every possible step to begin successful aggressive action against the forces of the Axis in Africa at the earliest possible moment with the purpose of accomplishing their destruction.

The wide dispersion of America’s transportation facilities at the present time is well known by you and I can assure you that a maximum effort to increase our transportation is being made.

I understand the importance of a military effort on the continent of Europe at the earliest date practicable in order to reduce Axis resistance to your heroic army. You may be sure that the American war effort will be projected on to the European Continent at as early a date subsequent to success in North Africa as transportation facilities can be provided by our maximum effort.

We wish for the continuance of the success of your heroic army which is an inspiration to all of us.

February 22, 1943

Received on February 23, 1943


On behalf of the people of the United States I want to express to the Red Army on its twenty-fifth anniversary our profound admiration for its magnificent achievements unsurpassed in all history. For many months in spite of many tremendous losses in supplies, transportation and territory the Red Army denied victory to a most powerful enemy. It checked him at Leningrad, at Moscow, at Voronezh, in the Caucasus and finally at the immortal battle of Stalingrad the Red Army not only defeated the enemy but launched the great offensive which is still moving forward along the whole front from the Baltic to the Black Sea. The enforced retreat of the enemy is costing him heavily in men, supplies, territory and especially in morale. Such achievements can only be accomplished by an army that has skillful leadership, sound organization, adequate training and above all determination to defeat the enemy no matter what the cost in self-sacrifice. At the same time I also wish to pay tribute to the Russian people from whom the Red Army springs and upon whom it is dependent for its men, women and supplies. They, too, are giving their full efforts to the war and are making the supreme sacrifice. The Red Army and the Russian people have surely started the Hitler forces on the road to ultimate defeat and have earned the lasting admiration of the people of the United States.”


My dear Mr Stalin,

I am sending this personal note to you by the hands of my old friend, Joseph E. Davies. It relates solely to one subject which I think it is easier for us to talk over through a mutual friend. Mr Litvinov is the only other person with whom I have talked about it.

I want to get away from the difficulties of large Staff conferences or the red tape of diplomatic conversations. Therefore, the simplest and most practical method that I can think of would be an informal and completely simple visit for a few days between you and me.

I fully appreciate the desirability for you to stay in daily touch with your military operations; I also find it inadvisable to be away from Washington more than a short time. There are two sides to the problem. The first relates to timing. There is always the possibility that the historic Russian defense, followed by taking the offensive, may cause a crack-up in Germany next winter. In such a case we must be prepared for the many next steps. We are none of us prepared today. Therefore, it is my belief that you and I ought to meet this summer.

The second problem is where to meet. Africa is almost out of the question in summer and Khartoum is British territory. Iceland I do not like because for both you and me it involves rather difficult flights and, in addition, would make it, quite frankly, difficult not to invite Prime Minister Churchill at the same time.

Therefore, I suggest that we could meet either on your side or my side of Bering Straits. Such a point would be about three days from Washington and I think about two days from Moscow if the weather is good. That means that you could always get back to Moscow in two days in an emergency.

It is my thought that neither of us would want to bring any Staff. I would be accompanied by Harry Hopkins, an interpreter and a stenographer—and that you and I would talk very informally and get what we call “a meeting of the minds.” I do not believe that any official agreements or declarations are in the least bit necessary.

You and I would, of course, talk over the military and naval situation, but I think we can both do that without Staffs being present.

Mr Davies has no knowledge of our military affairs nor of the post-war plans of this Government, and I am sending him to you for the sole purpose of talking over our meeting.

I greatly hope that our forces will be in complete control of Tunisia by the end of May, and Churchill and I next week will be working on the second phase of the offensive.

Our estimates of the situation are that Germany will deliver an all-out attack on you this summer, and my Staff people think it will be directed against the middle of your line.

You are doing a grand job. Good luck!

Always sincerely,


May 6, 1943″



I congratulate you and the gallant U.S. and British troops on the brilliant victory which has resulted in the liberation of Bi-zerta and Tunis from Hitler tyranny. I wish you further success.



My dear Mr Roosevelt,

Mr Davies has delivered your message to me.

I agree that this summer—possibly as early as June—we should expect the Hitlerites to launch a new major offensive on the Soviet-German front. Hitler has already concentrated about 200 German divisions and up to 30 divisions of his allies for use against us. We are getting ready to repel the new German offensive and to launch counter-attacks, but we are short of aircraft and aircraft fuel. Of course, it is at the moment impossible to foresee all the military and other steps that we may have to take. That will depend on the course of events on our front. A good deal will also depend on the speed and vigour with which Anglo-American military operations are launched in Europe.

I have mentioned these important circumstances to explain why my reply to your suggestion for a meeting between us cannot be quite specific as yet.

I agree that the time is ripe for such a meeting and that it should not be delayed. But I beg you to assess properly the importance of the circumstances I have referred to, because the summer months will be exceedingly trying for the Soviet armies. As I do not know how events will develop on the Soviet-German front in June, I shall not be able to leave Moscow during that month. I therefore suggest holding the meeting in July or August. If you agree, I shall let you know two weeks before the date of the meeting just when it could be held in July or August. If, after being notified by me, you agree to the date suggested, I could arrive in time.

Mr Davies will personally inform you of the meeting place.

I agree with you about cutting down the number of your advisers and mine.

Thank you for sending Mr Davies to Moscow, a man familiar with the Soviet Union and who can pass impartial judgment on things.

Yours very sincerely,


May 26, 1943″

And a couple of letters before the death of great man President Roosevelt.

“Received on March 25, 1945


The State Department has just been informed by Ambassador Gromyko concerning the composition of the Soviet Delegation to the San Francisco Conference. We have the highest regard for Ambassador Gromyko’s character and capabilities and know that he would ably represent the Soviet Union. Nevertheless I cannot help but be deeply disappointed that Mr Molotov apparently does not plan to attend. Recalling the friendly and fruitful cooperation at Yalta between Mr Molotov, Mr Eden and Mr Stettinius, I know that the Secretary of State has been looking forward to continuing at San Francisco in the same spirit the joint work for the eventual realization of our common goal—the establishment of an effective international organization to insure for the world a secure and peaceful future.

The Conference, without Mr Molotov’s presence, will be deprived of a very great asset. If his pressing and heavy responsibilities in the Soviet Union make it impossible for him to stay for the entire Conference, I hope very much that you will find it possible to let him come at least for the vital opening sessions. All sponsoring Powers and the majority of the other countries attending will be represented by their Ministers of Foreign Affairs. In these circumstances I am afraid that Mr Molotov’s absence will be construed all over the world as a lack of comparable interest in the great objectives of this Conference on the part of the Soviet Government.


Ambassador Harriman has communicated to me a letter which he has received from Mr Molotov regarding an investigation being made by Field Marshal Alexander into a reported possibility of obtaining the surrender of part or all of the German army in Italy. In this letter Mr Molotov demands that, because of the non-participation therein of Soviet officers, this investigation to be undertaken in Switzerland should be stopped forthwith.

The facts of this matter I am sure have, through a misunderstanding, not been correctly presented to you. The following are the facts:

Unconfirmed information was received some days ago in Switzerland that some German officers were considering the possibility of arranging for the surrender of German troops that are opposed to Field Marshal Alexander’s British-American Armies in Italy.

Upon the receipt of this information in Washington, Field Marshal Alexander was authorized to send to Switzerland an officer or officers of his staff to ascertain the accuracy of the report and if it appeared to be of sufficient promise to arrange with any competent German officers for a conference to discuss details of the surrender with Field Marshal Alexander at his headquarters in Italy. If such a meeting could be arranged Soviet representatives would, of course, be welcome.

Information concerning this investigation to be made in Switzerland was immediately communicated to the Soviet Government. Your Government was later informed that it will be agreeable for Soviet officers to be present at Field Marshal Alexander’s meetings with German officers if and when arrangements are finally made in Berne for such a meeting at Caserta to discuss details of a surrender.

Up to the present time the attempts by our representatives to arrange a meeting with German officers have met with no success, but it still appears that such a meeting is a possibility.

My Government, as you will of course understand, must give every assistance to all officers in the field in command of Allied forces who believe there is a possibility of forcing the surrender of enemy troops in their area. For me to take any other attitude or to permit any delay which must cause additional and avoidable loss of life in the American forces would be completely unreasonable. As a military man you will understand the necessity for prompt action to avoid losing an opportunity. The sending of a flag of truce to your General at Konigsberg or Danzig would be in the same category.

There can be in such a surrender of enemy forces in the field no violation of our agreed principle of unconditional surrender and no political implications whatever. I will be pleased to have at any discussion of the details of surrender by our commander of American forces in the field the benefit of the experience and advice of any of your officers who can be present, but I cannot agree to suspend investigation of the possibility because of objection by Mr Molotov for some reason completely beyond my comprehension.

Not much is expected from the reported possibility, but for the purpose of preventing misunderstanding between our officers, I hope you will point out to the Soviet officials concerned the desirability and necessity of our taking prompt and effective action without any delay to effect the surrender of any enemy military forces that are opposed to American forces in the field.

I feel certain that you will have the same attitude and will take the same action when a similar opportunity comes on the Soviet front.


We highly value and attach great importance to the San Francisco Conference to lay the foundations of an international organisation for peace and security of the nations, but present circumstances preclude V. M. Molotov’s attendance. I and Molotov are very sorry about this, but the convening, at the instance of Deputies to the Supreme Soviet, of a session of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R. in April, at which Mo-lotov’s attendance is imperative, makes it impossible for him to attend even the opening session of the Conference.

You are aware that Ambassador Gromyko successfully coped with his task at Dumbarton Oaks, and we are certain that he will ably head the Soviet Delegation at San Francisco.

As to the different interpretations, you will appreciate that they cannot determine the decisions to be taken.


I have analysed the matter raised in your letter of March 25, and find that the Soviet Government could not have given any other reply after its representatives were barred from the Berne negotiations with the Germans for a German surrender and opening the front to the Anglo-American troops in Northern Italy.

Far from being against, I am all for profiting from cases of disintegration in the German armies to hasten their surrender on one or another sector and encourage them to open the front to Allied forces.

But I agree to such talks with the enemy only in cases where they do not lead to an easing of the enemy’s position, if the opportunity for the Germans to manoeuvre and to use the talks for switching troops to other sectors, above all to the Soviet front, is precluded.

And it was solely with an eye to providing this guarantee that the Soviet Government found it necessary to have representatives of its Military Command take part in such negotiations with the enemy wherever they might take place—whether in Berne or in Caserta. I cannot understand why the representatives of the Soviet Command have been excluded from the talks and in what way they could have handicapped

the representatives of the Allied Command.

I must tell you for your information that the Germans have already taken advantage of the talks with the Allied Command to move three divisions from Northern Italy to the Soviet front. The task of coordinated operations involving a blow at the Germans from the West, South and East, proclaimed at the Crimea Conference, is to hold the enemy on the spot and prevent him from manoeuvring, from moving his forces to the points where he needs them most. The Soviet Command is doing this. But Field Marshal Alexander is not. This circumstance irritates the Soviet Command and engenders distrust.

“As a military man,” you write to me, “you will understand the necessity for prompt action to avoid losing an opportunity. The sending of a flag of truce to your General at Konigsberg or Danzig would be in the same category.” I am afraid the analogy does not fit the case. The German troops at Danzig and at Konigsberg are encircled. If they surrender they will do so to escape extermination, but they cannot open the front to Soviet troops because the front has shifted as far west as the Oder. The German troops in Northern Italy are in an entirely different position. They are not encircled and are not faced with extermination. If, nevertheless, the Germans in Northern Italy seek negotiations in order to surrender and to open the front to the Allied troops, then they must have some other, more far-reaching aims affecting the destiny of Germany.

I must tell you that if a similar situation had obtained on the Eastern Front, somewhere on the Oder, providing an opportunity for a German surrender and for the opening of the front to the Soviet troops, I should have immediately notified the Anglo-American Military Command and asked it to send its representatives to take part in the talks, for in a situation of this kind Allies should have nothing to conceal from each other.

March 29, 1945″

It is a little too much but still it shows the magnitude of relation and understanding of each one interests.

It looks like that the forces which were “Conjuring Hitler”( book by Guido Giacomo Preparata) in the USA and Britain did not want the relationship with Soviet Union to grow. In that they had collaborators and secret alies from the Soviet Union side as both military industrial complex were exited and drunk from the vision of power and money they would make and the control over the destinies of the people they would have. That was the real conspiratory empire in making. Those are the real fifth column of the world. Those are the real destroyers of the world development and inventors of higher grade manipulation techniques. Including infections and wars! They employed so many useful idiots that you can see every moment infront of your cameras, that are projecting hate, fear and destruction instead of cooperation and understanding of each other concerns.

About Conspiracy Practitioners you can read in the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond here Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook

To be continued

The letters of Stalin and Roosevelt were taken from the web site http://marxsist.org which I thank warmly!


Darko Richard Lancelot


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Sane or Insane- Paying the tribute


It’s not enough. Never will be till the Empire is, or reformed or it dissappears, it fades away. The Empire looks now like the house of cards.

When there is no idea to unite it, no spiritual values to make people move with vigour and be ready to sacrifice for, when leaders elected are corrupted and controllable by unelected destroyers of logic positioned at the offices that once had a specific weight and were the role model for many of us, then we all suffer and will suffer as long as someone decides that there is a need to have new FDR and JFK combined. Combined because systemic issues are rising every single day and the influence based on sanctions, blackmail and fear, the only way Empire communicate with the rest of the world is not enough to limit them.

Politicians we listen to are puppets without integrity. Without backbone. Without any pure, original, uniting idea! Only interests, commissions, laundering of any kind and blackops. Their minds are so shallow that they do not understand that by deceiving others they are deceiving themselves and their country, not anymore in the long run, as they wished, but in the short run that is becoming shorter every single day. No vision, no souls, no beliefs, no ideas, no integrity, nothing.

The only thing they understand is tribute! Money! Pay nothing to get it all. And robbing! That could work great some time ago, and it still works with corrupted personalities in Europe. But not anymore will all as the numbers are decreasing. The news say that the new currency is being prepared to be introduced by people and nations that are completely fed up by fast food and sugary drinks that in the long run are producing profits for another completely controlled pharmaceutical industry.

But, they do not care, as the only demand they have is for all of us to pay tribute to them with our sweat, our blood and our tears. That makes them happy.

This is comming to an end and there is no space anymore to say, sorry we were wrong! It looks like that the message about Russians sanctioning Biden, his business partner Blinken and so many of others of the same team is the message that point of no return has been reached. No more tributes and haha and hehe, or look how we fucked them up, or it will be OK, we were just joking. That came to an end.

Will we the people understand that no one wants to destroy Enpire, as it has produced so many positive things also, but on the contrary to see the place reformed? The place that will genuinely respect others and their rights to feel secure. Reforms are painful and by implementation they will cause tribute to dissappear, which is ok for ordinary people, actually great for all ordinary hard working family oriented people, but is a complete disaster for those that are running us.

They learned to get more and give less! What the America needs are people with the idea said by JFK: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” That isnthe real power! Power of genuine, clean, human ideas that are inspiring people to practice it with smile and determination!


New vision, new air with integrity to be the most crucial virtue is needed immediately. Leave propaganda and those invertebrate creatures and start thinking with your own head. There is still time even that somehow the time is accelerated now. Will we manage to use time left to the benefit of us all? Awake and you will be amazed to see how many lies and manipulation you were the victims of! But do not be angry. Use that energy for goodness! That will piss off the others much more as they live from projecting hate and divide. So, we UNITE!


Darko Richard Lancelot


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Sane or Insane-It is not about the subject,it is how you treat it

I unfriend you from your biolabs

Biolabs are rising as mushrooms after the rain. Someone decided to make a surprise and present us with discovered proofs and documents. Just to make sure that the destiny of the findings will not to be like with NATO expansion promises. With that promises all are playing fools now. All those corrupted officials everywhere! “Where are the written documents on that,” they ask. They provoke, thinking that we all are in the state of manipulated mind, and that we all will believe in the doubts they are insidiously implanting. I think that we all wish to find out the truth about 9/11 also. Comming after then Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld found about that famous financial hole in Pentagon finances. No more idiotic deceiving manipulated informations is wishful thinking but still! No more going around and round is another wishful thinking, but still!

Is it possible that this world will finally find out the real truth about that part of it who wanted, and still want, to subdue us and even to genetically modify our organisms! They are runned by complete insanity and ,believe it, or are, many of them, descendants of Nazis or Nazi collaborators. Does it matter? Well it did not till it started to matter! We, with “we,” I mean humanity as a whole, have to deal with an absolute evil! Someone was more diplomatic calling it “the Empire of Lies.” That is the empire which is behind so many black operations, so many killings, so many bombings and in short so many inhuman activities that corrupeted individuals everywherewant to water it. At least recognise them. The best medicine against manipulationis the TRUTH. The “Empire of Lies,” is the Empire representing people who are GOOD, with FAMILY VALUES, who practice TOGETHERNESS and KINDNESS, and are now subject of tremendous authoritarian practices of the minority moronic, insidious, inhuman, corrupted and mostly stupid creatures. Here it is not about countries, no! It is about people running it!

One of the readers of this website mentioned in his comment that “U.S.S.A. is an evil, war-loving, sodomy-promoting, gender-confused, hedonistic, pro-abortion, pornified, anti-family, anti-Christ nation.” It is not about a nation, it is not about a geographical term it is about people! Not to go 1000 years before but to mention 1913 and Federal Reserve Act. Privatisation of money supply. Money which was invented to be the means of exchange, producing dept while goods and services are always an asset! Stock exchanges with casino type futures and other derivatives are just another way to take us from real values! Values of produced goods and services provided, such as tourism. However, that is what will happen now! Goods, commodities, services are to get their place back! They will become an asset while all this thin paper will either go back to its original meaning or it will dissappear together with those that are running the casino type system!

With the system in chaos, or better, approaching chaos, all those brain washers lost it and are asking for assassination of presidents of foreign countries. The others are wishing forvthat to happen to cover practices of their family members in Ukraine. The idea of assassination most probably came out because of the experience they had with JFK and the memory about Lincoln they like to think of, plus the warning they gave to R.Regan. That is a complete insanity! That is the danger for the whole Earth! America became the hostage of insidious and corrupted creatures. Some of those have hate so deeply stocked that any cure is of no help. Tragedy!

So, those we see them on our screens thought that Bioweapons near the borders of China and Russia is a Great idea. However, as always they omitted to acknowledge that producing bioweapons has one crucial problem! It can not be controlled. It can and will be a boomerang. It can spread to all the Earth population and not only to the one that is targeted.Do not forget that when this so-called pandemic started Russia sent help to Italy and Serbia. Plus planes to USA with goods. However the help for Italy and Serbia was in men! Doctors. But those doctors were wearing military uniforms and their vehicles were military vehicles. Remember? So if the epidemic was natural why military personnel of Russia was sent, with consent of NATO country Italy, to help with the epidemic or what ever it was. It confirms that moronic fascist were behind this event and took us, the people as hostages! Awake for GOD sake.


One can ask, what is to be done? Practicaly it can! First stop, stop immediately with all activities that are contributing to brain wash! Read books, love people, be kind, ignore idiots and morons, avoid manipulated beings as they will need their own time to awake, and contribute your well being to the well being of your family and friends. That is the start.

There was a story comparing crisis situation in West and Russia. The best indicator in the Western part of the world that crisis started was the increase in abandoned dogs, while in Russia all those years with difficulties the increase of abandoned dogs did not happen. Why? Well because in Russia those that did not have dogs were sharing leftovers of their food with dog owners. They were practicing togetherness! So simple! MORE TOGETHERNESS LESS MANIPULATION!

That is why we were bombarded with lockdowns, social distancing and quarantines! That IS the crime against humanity!We did not protect others as manipulators were propagating, and instead, we were harming ourselves and our ability to trust and live together!

Now, the same idiots and morons that were propagating social distancing, lockdowns, trial jabs not tested on mouses but on people, are at the side of the same propaganda that will fall like house of cards. All of us know who they are and how they manipulate. Their awaking will come sooner if we just ignore them. Their usual way is to ask questions and to reply with questions. Than to avoid the obvious using the narratives like parrots. By avoiding them we will provide time for their consciousness to start cleaning the dirt. Than, as we will always have open arms for those who had their hands clean of any atrocity, they will join us, again!



Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect


Sane or Insane-It is not right the one who is right before the right time

Everything is motion-Orly Terquem circles
Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook

Things constantly change. Alliances also. Currently everything is under change!

Those thinking that are masters of befool are befooled. That becomes more and more obvious. Those promoting great reset will experience great reset. Not the one they were wanting but the one which is 180 degrees different. Could be that it would be like this Grandpa Vania!


Would anyone be surprised with more surprise? These advisors of “highly likely,” narcissistic public figures are as blind as their masters. They learned to rule using blackmails, fear mongering. They wanted domination to continue robbing people with their banking system. Why banking system? Because their ancestors were money changers and “conspiratory practitioners,”(Table of Content for eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond), towards power of issuing money by themselves covered by the LAW! 1913 Federal Reserve Act! How did all started and who are those, or they?

One tribe, brave warriors, and a long history that introduced hatred and revenge. Continuing till today. Sakadean,Saka(to roam), Scythians…Which year, you might ask. There are no years, only feelings of revenge.
After the fall of the Persian Empire, they crossed the Caucasus, invaded Armenia, and conquered the Crimean peninsula, which bore the name Chazaria for some time. Crimean=Chazaria? Interesting? Well, that is what history says. There are many things that history displays, and as many that it covers not to be seen and primarily understood by the majority of us. There are events that happened never to be forgotten, as they stay in the narratives passed from generation to generation to surface when the tragic rats are out! It looks like another revenge time is approaching us.
“The Byzantine emperors trembled at the name of the Chazars, flattered them, and paid them a tribute to restrain their lust after the booty of Constantinople. Kyiv (Russians) people on the Dnieper were obliged to pay them as an annual tax, a sword, and a delicate skin for every household. With the Arabs, whose near neighbors they gradually became, they carried on terrible wars.”
To refresh the memory, I looked again at the “Dictionary of Khazars” by Milorad Pavic and tried to imagine Kozar’s places’ landscape and atmosphere. Kozar is the name Slavs used to call these roaming tribe people. A legend described in the Pavic Khazars Dictionary was that ” Khazar women would be given a pillow to hold the tears they would weep for the warriors.” Brave do not cry! Remember that? By the way, when in need to cry just cry without any pillow! Reliefs and is cleaning the soul.

Courtesy of Biblicism Institute

In 943, the Khazar capital was destroyed, and between 965 and 970 A.D., the Khazar state was destroyed by Russians. Pavic continued that “eyewitnesses noted that the shadows of the houses in the capital held their outlines for years although the buildings themselves had already been destroyed for many years.” From then onward, they are shadowy people driven by history and the need to revenge!
However, the descendants of those people are also pawns used by others! Who are those? Those are the groups that sometimes work together and sometimes against each other, like their representative Trump and their representative Obama or Biden. Not to mention China and liberals, or the idea of Poland-Ukraine-Turkey-UK, now being diminished, not to say destroyed.

From the book “Conjuring Hitler.”

To make things easier for understandings and contemplating mentality you can continue reading a story, legend that many say it has happened.

That is the story when Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt met in Yalta – Crimea in 1945 to divide the sphere of “influence.”

From https://carnegieeurope.eu/2020/02/04/yalta-conference-was-more-than-victors-feast-pub-80973

Both Churchill and Roosevelt liked Yalta and the climate very much and asked Stalin if he could give Crimea to them and, instead, receive more concessions in Europe. Stalin listened and said- so they say- Well ok! he showed them three fingers- The Thumb, The Index, and the Middle finger. Then, he continued, pointing out that he would do that and would negotiate about concessions but needed them to reply to his straightforward and simple question.
He asked them with those three fingers open, which is to be considered the middle one?

Simple question.
So, Churchill said first-as the legend says- Joseph(Stalin’s name), it is an easy thing! Obviously, it is the index! To that, Stalin replied with the strate NO.
It was Roosevelt’s turn. So-as the legend says- Roosevelt smiled and said- Naughty boy, Josef! It is the Middle one!
Stalin smiled and said- so the legend says- no. It is not.
Both Winston and Theodore asked, but if those two are not, how comes the remaining one, the Thumb, can be called the middle in any case!?
Then, as the legend says, Stalin smiled, positioning the Thumb between the Index and Middle finger, saying- this is how Thumb becomes the middle one explaining that this gesture indicates nothing for you, nuts to you!

This could be the message Russia sent to all interested parties regarding NATO in Ukraine and Crimea

However! After Stalin’s strange death and Beria’s execution, Nikita Khrushchev became Secretary-General of Communist Party of S.U. and in 1954 by ONE SIGNATURE transferred Crimea to the Ukraine Socialist Republic. “Everything in life has a pattern, and a coincidence is simply the moment when the pattern becomes briefly visible,” said Anthony Horowitz.
But! However, history can teach us that events are provoked to graft the new crisis and cover up the holes and difficulties of the system!
That is why the West wants the Ukraine conflict to go on and on! But it will not happen like that. Why? Because of geometry an simple universe. There will be No- Gene modification, no so-called “green revolution.” That will accumulate even more hatred towards Russia from one still powerful part of the world, based in Europe! However, the island overlooking Europe still has a chance to settle. Continental countries are in deep decay and even deeper systemic problems. No clear vision is possible as long as they are preoccupied with hatred! Abandon and reform! If you have balls!
Schwab, who knows very well where V.V.Putin stands regarding family values and great reset, is propagating the continuation of hostilities, as it is the only way for this “grand plan” to be alive still.
The so-called “Great Reset.” book by Schwab and Malleret someone could call it an equivalent to Mein Kampf, with the difference that Mein Kampf was the projection for Europe while Great Reset is meant to be implemented to the whole world with gene modification of the man! Even another one Shwartz got very nervous and is complaining!
In this “special operation,” you could see that the hysteria in Europe is at unprecedented levels! All corrupted, blackmailed, rented people in different places are put in motion. America is at the back, balancing as much as possible without being caught. One of the very serious indications is the talk of madame undersecretary of state confirming that Ukraine has Biolabs developed with the USA. This was meant to go out in public! More you can find it here: Sane or Insane-Tragedy of the rats

Below is the quote from the book of Nikolai Alexandrovich Berdyaev, “THE DIVINE AND THE HUMAN.” If he is still allowed to be quoted:
“War is waged between peoples, between families, between classes and estates. There are wars within social groups and political parties, wars between nations and states. Finally there is among men no less an inclination to wars of religion and ideological wars. In fact there has never been a stabilized order; there has always been war, an internal state of war. War is the final expression of every way of realizing one’s end by means of force. And every man who is permeated by an integral idea which he desires at whatever cost to realize, for example, to assure a dominating position for the Christian Church, to create a great empire, to bring about a great revolution, to win a war, may indeed display heroism;
but he may also easily turn not only into a man of violence but even into a wild beast.
War takes place because there is ‘this’ and there is ‘the other’, because every course of action meets with opposition because contradiction is of the essence of the life of the world.
Human beings cannot live in harmony with one another; they cannot live in harmony in any group whether in a family, or in some economic, political, social, religious or ideological association. For two friends, or two lovers, for parents and children, for two people who hold the same beliefs, two of the same way of thinking, transition to a state of war is easy. Egoism, self-assertion, envy, jealousy, self-love, self-interest, and fanaticism readily lead to war.”

One could add revenge and fear! And one primary character trait- Stupidity!
Someone dear said: ” When you die, you do not know that, and it is not hard for you. It is hard for others. It’s the same when you’re stupid! Please save us of your Stupidity!
NATO-Russia does not have a say! If Russia wants less NATO, it will get MORE OF IT! Then the narrative changed- We did not have plans to include Ukraine in NATO! It looks like they do not know that they are stupid. All this tragedy for one sentence avoided being said by those that are paid to protect us the people!?
Can we make a better world? As without us, those all are one single nothing! Yes we can! We could use the following expression to let them know about the real middle finger!

Courtesy of a human being

This essay will be included in the Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook in two days together with another two eye-opening essays. You can purchase the eBook here and be entitled to all new publications we will publish soon. Very soon.

Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook


Darko Richard Lancelot


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Tabula Smaragdina-Comments about Numbers and Alchemy

The sum of all dates is 5. Number 5 represents as per tabula smaragdina “Pater omnis thelesmi totius mundi est hic.” Or in English “It is Thelesma, the father of the whole world.”Arab version- It is the father and protector of magic, its strenght is perfect and wakes all lights.”

More will be published soon and revealed here.



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Sane or Insane-Approaching the Future 1.

Photo by philosophyofgoodnews.com

What the Future brings? If we had eyes to read and ears to listen maybe we would be better prepared. V.V.Putin the Russian Federation President said many things. One of those to mention was in his Davos speech( using technology instead of being at Davos). ” There is a chance that we will face a formidable break-down in global development, which will be fraught with a war of all against all and attempts to deal with contradictions through appointment of internal and external enemies and the destruction of not only traditional values such as family, which we hold dear in Russia but fundamental freedoms such as the right of choice and privacy.” The entire address is available on the Internet.

Well before the future let’s talk about the state of our civilization. One word is common LIES and again LIES. Now without even a style anymore. Raw lies! Where we have gone?

Wherever you go whatever matter you touch and want to go deeper to investigate further the walls are build and surrounded by lies and half truth, popularly called manipulation, the manipulation of consciousness! It starts from the the basic thing that we are 8 billion on this planet! We are not. We are less! Than Darwin theory! If Charles was reading his theory today he would be very nervous with the way how is presented and how his words are used turning upside down his original meaning, for the benefit of the usurpators of human souls and minds. Further, to help the schemers, statistics are invented and introduced as science! Using statistics the system creates standards and those standards are “injected” to make us “infected” with false information from the beginning! Standardisation! Barcodes first and then QR codes. Both invented for the good of humanity, with simplicity to store more of the informations for products, reducing the usage of paper! But after like with the creation of money or nuclear energy manipulators took precedence and turned the positive into the danger for human existence. Both physically and mentally. After, everything else becomes easy as numerous variations can be used when those that someone called “Empire of Lies,” are in need. You can call them as you like but there is a real common denominator for all of them! Psychological destruction! Hatred, revenge, greed, jealousy. And fear due to the huge corruption!

But, before the future let’s see the past as if you did not know, who controls the past creates and controlled the future. That same game was played over and over again as it was presented as patriotism, calling for ordinary people to sacrifice their lives, their families and their future. Of course many institutions are created to obscure the real truth and cover the profits not necessarily material, of masterminds! They are called for the first time Conspiracy Practitioners in an essay you can find in the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond. There you can find names that will awake curiosity with some of documented practices, from the idea, then preparing public opinion, opening the theatre of opperations and executing the plans! And that is repeated and repeated and repeated, and it is possible exactly because of covering the real history! That is why even Pfizer wanted some seven decades for their jab documentation to become available to the public. How convenient is this Russia crisis.


Well many, so many practical things have happened as Practitioners wanted to, and were covered by an amazing amount of Lies and Manipulations! One of the recent happenings was to coordinate and pay governments in the way of subsidies for lockdowns and quarantines following the request for social distancing just to further cement and avoid the possibility of population awaking. If governments wanted money they needed to behave accordingly. That is why the first statements were about “ordinary flu,” which were changed dramatically after the button was pressed! Well what was planned to preceed the “flu,” in March 2020, was the People Congress of China CP, where changes of the policies, and more substantial involvement of the state in sharing wealth was to be accepted, announced and implemented. Even with the “infection,” that postponed it, this strategic plan passed one year later. Globalism experienced a serious blow. That caused great disappointment and huge nervousness of masterminds of Great Reset and their slaves, corrupted officials. Shwab and Shwartz got very angry. Shwartz even appeared in YouTube advertising, reading the script against the Chinese President. It looks like even Shwartz has short memory or due to his age he forgot to inform him self about the Chinese ability to settle open accounts. They wanted to transfer their operations of Globalism from America that they wanted to be destroyed, to China and become the Real masters of the world without having in mind Chinese proverb that “tremendousness is reducing life.”

That citation was used by Nikola Tesla in his 1899 interview for Immortality magazine. When asked by James Donahue-is the disease a requirement for adjustment, having in mind that, in his youth,Tesla was seriously ill several times – he replied: “Yes. It is often the result of over-exhaustion of life force, but it is often the purification of the mind and body from the toxins that have accumulated. It is necessary for a man to suffer from time to time. The source of most diseases is in the spirit. Therefore, the spirit can cure almost all diseases. When I was a student, I was sick with anger that ravaged the Lika(place of his birth) region. I healed because my father finally allowed me to study technology, which was my life. The illusion for me has not been a disease but the ability of the mind to penetrate beyond the three dimensions of the Earth….” You the reader do not need to understand! As Tesla said- “just believe as everything is light. In one of its rays is the fate of nations…”

You can find more in the essay about Nikola Tesla with some of the information not widely known in the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond- https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/quarantine-diaries-and-beyond-book/


Let me finish this first Approaching the Future with the quote from the book of professor of Georgetown University Carroll Quigley Tragedy and Hope which is also recommended( http://archive.org ) It is a must for a complete awakening.

Before the quote just a small digression to let you know about the curiosity that the wife of ex-president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko Mrs. Katerina Yushchenko born Chumachenko graduated at School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University the same establishment where late professor Carroll Quigley was teaching.

He said:

“…The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.”

That plan is now in jeopardy! That is why we see all this propaganda and hate projected to the people of the West. Divide and Rule will not pass as it might happen that there will be noone left neither divided nor capable to be ruled. But about that in the next text.

In the mean time! Look at the stars and believe in light not forgetting as Nikola Tesla said-“there is no man that has existed and has not died!”


Darko Richard Lancelot

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Leonardo Da Vinci/Caterina Cornaro/Mona Lisa

See below video- the first in series


First time ever those three are connected.

You can subscribe the chanel, it is free!

Thank you!



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Sane or Insane-Unite against Fascism

This is what Americans were fighting against

This is not propaganda! Wish so much that it was! Wish that we did not have hate and extremism overtaking humanity again! Just confirmed what you had here in previous SANE OR INSANE stories, that BIOLABS in Ukraine are true. That is against humanity, against poor Ukrainians also! The question is, can people change?

Taken from DinkyTroy twitter

Yes they can! But not all of them. The tragedy is that those that can not change are running the show from infront and from behind!

You will see photos and names of all heros of Abraham Lincoln Brigade fighting fascists in Spanish Civil war. Then you investigate who is who today and decide! Who was talking and CONFIRMING that Biolabs are in Ukraine financed by US? That people who took hostage US people. Their ancestors are roamers. Are we still sleeping? Below you can see photos and all the names of the heros to make you aware how deep freedom lovers are the American people. Do not be surprised if you see Americans join forces with Russians and all other freedom living people of the world to fight Neo Nazis and Neo Fascists.

We are all descendants of someone. We all carry the weight of our ancestors. If you investigate further and see who are the ones that are representing us even nonelected you will find out much more. Also if you follow the small, tiny little information who met with whom and what happens next you all will not need those corrupted media manipulating you all this time. They will stay without viewers. They are the manipulators, from infection which is man made to lockdowns, to social distancing and flattening the curve morbid stories are! Those that brainwash many, depriving them to see things deeper and clearly,and instead to judge by own interest and inferiority complex injected to them by prestitue media.

From the brochure celebrating 50th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln Brigade ♥

As for descendants. Some are descendants of Nazis and some are descendants of those that were first executed and than hanged by Nazis. It was not enough to be executed. They needed rhe show! To project fear it was necessary to hang them dead and show it to the rest of community. That is how immortal regiment was formed. They ARE IMMORTAL! The people from whole of the world with same experiences.

Despite infiltration of pseudo historians and corrupted politicians to dilute the memories! That is why when 9th of May the Victory Day was celebrated in Moscow in EU they established insidiously the EUROPE DAY celebrating the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration in 1950, when the first step was made towards the creation of what is now known as the European Union. Which EU? EU to survive needs cleaning! Cleaning of those unelected and highly corrupted bureaucrats with, to be diplomatic, peculiar history who want to diminish peoples memories about Fascists and Nazis! So the common sense question is WHY? The answer is in the ancestors! Find out as only than you will learn.

Then you ask yourself again, can people change? Print Euros, Dollars give grants and buy peoples souls. However, not all are the same. Those that got awake are mostly afraid to talk and express themselves like with these jabs and tremendous corruption surrounding it.

Or, like in recent wars it was necessary to take people alive, get their organs in the so-called yellow house, sell it on the international market and then kill them. Those are the results of democratic forces fighting Slavs and Sephardic Jews and establishing new states in the Balkans.

But, again! Humanity WILL PREVAIL. Humanity and the TRUTH can be described with one Russian proverb: “They saddle slowly but they ride fast.”

The only thing is not to be diluted with new roamers that will definitely try to infiltrate clean, human, lovable, soft and humble souls in order to manipulate till the next revenge. At least let’s get some time free of them.


Darko Richard Lancelot


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Sane or Insane-Fascism reborn?


What the West could not do in 1939 due to the Hitler attack on Poland and war with the U.K. stayed buried to resurface after 2007 and Putin’s speech in Munich. All roads go to…. Russia! How did they forget about Helena Blavatsky! It is so obvious that the hate blinded them to read and learn from the history!

Helena Blavatsky – source Wikipedia

September 11 and all these wars done by U.S.A. and slaves incorporation were the best warnings for Russia to prepare for insidious yet stupid as obvious events that were approaching. And still, Russian politicians talked to Western politicians calling them partners. Both knew that this was not the case, but both used time to organize better. After the 2014 coup against the legally elected president of Ukraine and now famous but for broad audience suppressed statement of the high ranking U.S.A. diplomat “Fuck Europe,” America put in motion the final preparations for instant and highly destructive “intervention” in Russia. Is Russia so big that it is not fair to have so much wealth? So, the best way is to cut Russia into pieces and rob as much as possible, like in all other places? Remember Opium War one and two? Or taking all the petroleum from Iraq as fast as possible after the Iraqi president at the time, decided to sell crude in other currencies, avoiding transactions in USD? To refresh your memory or make you a memory, the man who had doubts about Saddam’s W.M.D., David Christopher Kelly, was found dead 17/7/2003.
From Wikipedia: David Christopher Kelly C.M.G. (May 14 1944 – July 17 2003) was a Welsh scientist and authority on biological warfare (B.W.). In July 2003, he had an off-the-record conversation with Andrew Gilligan, a B.B.C. journalist; during their discussion, they talked about the 2002 dossier on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, which stated that some of Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons were deployable within 45 minutes. When Gilligan reported this on B.B.C. Radio 4’s Today program, he stated that the 45-minute claim was included at the insistence of Alastair Campbell, the Downing Street Director of Communications—something Kelly denied. The government complained to the B.B.C. about the claim, but they refused to recant on the claim; political tumult between Downing Street and the B.B.C. developed. Kelly informed his line managers in the Ministry of Defence that he may have been the source, but did not think he was the only one, as Gilligan had reported points he had not mentioned. Kelly’s name became known to the media, and he was called to appear on July 15 before the parliamentary Intelligence and Security and Foreign Affairs Select committees. Two days later, Kelly was found dead near his home.
And the story from Guardian-https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/oct/29/body-of-wmd-dossier-scientist-david-kelly-exhumed

Let’s repeat what was announced in July 2021 in the Russian Federation National Security Strategy point 18- “Reduction in the use of the U.S. dollar in the implementation of foreign economic activity.”
So what is the issue? The issue is that EVERY COUNTRY HAS RIGHT TO DECIDE FOLLOWING ITS INTERESTS! Do not forget that in Ukraine, after the 2014 illegal coup, those interests are expressed by the interests of another country! That of the U.S.A. Many visits of U.S. officials were conducted there with so many different aims, including the making of Biolabs( 30 found up to know) and with one common denominator: Destroy Russia.
What fools! Russia that helped America in the Civil War and cooperated in the Spanish Civil War and WWII?
One is certain!
The world needs America as it needs Russia! America reformed and reindustrialized! The world needs positivity and inspiration from the Americans! Those that love their country but do not hate any other one! Those that gave so many inventions to the world due to the atmosphere created! One Nikola Tesla was living there! One Mark Twain! I mentioned those two but do not forget all the others you might think of now! Write and read about those people! Thomas Paine and his Common Sense Pamphlet! J.Q.Adams! Or J.F.K. or Dwight Eisenhower or Nixon and his beautiful quote towards Chinese delegation I just sent to one of my eBook readers: “Since you do not know me, you shouldn’t trust me. You will find I never say something I can not do. And I always will do more than I can say.”
What a beautiful way to start injecting fresh air into the world! Was he forced to resign and because of this?
It is for the American people to get rid of the fifth column that usurped the enormous power America has. Those are roamers and wanderers! Infiltrated everywhere! Now you can see them, as they are forced out of the holes! Those are trained with hate and instead of following the cooperation policy, they follow the policy of revenge and destruction! Their ancestors lost and they are thought to hate and to seek revenge!
However, the world is waiting! Russia is waiting! China is waiting! India ia waiting! Pakistan is waiting! All are awaiting the U.S.A.’s awaking, which does not call for the assassination of foreign leaders but for cooperation and peaceful coexistence!

You change; the world will change!

Darko Richard Lancelot
Connect and Respect
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Sane or Insane-The trap is working in the opposite direction


It is confirmed another time that manipulation of consciousness has far-reaching effects. It became so substantial and is taking those incapacitated so-called politicians like the centripetal force down towards the abyss! Their existence and survival are based on lies, combined with insidious stupidity!
What was the German chief of intelligence BND looking for in Ukraina prior to the Russian Special operation? Well he did not receive the files of Ukrainian fascists killings of civilians and mass graves. That was given, as some say, to the new German Chancelor by diplomatic post. However, the BND boss was not in Kyiv, as reports say. He was somewhere else and did not reach Kyiv to be evacuated with others, but the special team needed to be sent to pick him up and evacuate him by road. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/special-forces-evacuated-german-spy-chief-ukraine-focus-magazine-2022-02-25/

It would be interesting to learn if the head of MI6 or CIA would risk being in the position he put himself in. It means that there was something very substantial that shows that German involvement was very serious.Whatever, it confirms that no one knew when the special operation would begin. Surprise.
In connection to that, or maybe not, but here it is now, we hear reports that Pentagone ran Biowarfare Programme with nearly 30 Biolabs “suitable” to store and work with pathogens, including those used in bioweapons. This story will develop further, be sure about that.
It can not be explained otherwise than with plain behavior analysis!
When you are taken by surprise and realize that your opponent knew all these years about your plans and your ideas to subdue, conquer rob and destroy Russia and its people taking all of its national resources by using Ukraine and its people, you respond with so much fascistoid rage and hate when you awake from your dreams and see Russia reacting preemptively! Very difficult decision!

However, that behavior is not the western one! Not of western hemisphere people! It was imported and built in the Western societies by those roaming wanderers seeking to use the West to take revenge on Russia! The same story that has happened in 1917! Who killed Romanovs? You can read more here

Russia warned and warned and warned, but the West and the people who took the West as a hostage never wanted any peaceful coexistence, but only plain revenge from the defeat that happened 1000 years ago! History IS the teacher of life! Find out! If it was not sick, it would be a fairytale!
There will be no change in policies as long as they are in charge of the western most influential countries. They infiltrated all and everything! Even the cats’ international competitions! However! There are people running some Western countries who have their own view and integrity and are always well informed about the factual truth and the happenings on the ground, plus have the vision and aim to leave something good behind them! That would be said for today’s President of France, Mr. Macron. No need to elaborate more, as history will be remembering him!
There are rumors that the foreign fighters will be going to Ukraine to fight the Russians. Which Russians? Russians of Ukraine or Russians from Russia? They are the same Russians! How will they be distinguishing between Russian of Ukraine and Russians from Russia? If they do not care, one is sure; they are fascists whose only aim is to kill Russians everywhere. That is the racist behavior propagated and promoted by Goebels and German Nazis! I am sure that Americans are not for that. A small group inside of their government, unelected officials, makes decisions for the American people but without the American people! They could be called as voltairenet.org baptized them “Straussians.” They run the USA government.
Their ancestors took Gehlen from Nazi Germany to show them how to establish the security apparatus. That same Reinhard Gehlen who was behind the Berlin uprising in 1953 and the Hungarian revolt in 1956! He left behind the policies and practical know-how for all those “color” revolutions. Manipulate and manipulate, and again, whatever happens, manipulate! He was one of the students of Joseph Goebbels. The latter at the 1934 Nuremberg Rally stated: ” While enemy states produced unprecedented atrocity propaganda aimed at Germany throughout the whole world, we did nothing and were completely defenseless against it… Just as we were militarily and economically unprepared for the war, so also with PROPAGANDA. We lost the war( WWI) in this area more than in any other. THE CLEVEREST TRICK USED IN PROPAGANDA AGAINST GERMANY DURING THE WAR WAS TO ACCUSE GERMANY OF WHAT OUR ENEMIES THEMSELVES WERE DOING!”
That is what is happening now! The West is accusing Russia of what it has been doing all these years and continues doing!

The reaction of the free people of the West would be like in the Spanish Civil War! To form international brigades and to help Russians fight fascism in Ukraine! At this moment, France is showing a stable and logical stance, and it does not “close” its ability to be in balance. It is contrary to 1933-1936 when France closed its territory for international fighters to join Spanish Civil War.

This is the brochure’s cover page marking the 50th anniversary of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade established by Americans to fight against fascists in Spain.
Abraham Lincoln Battalion and George Washington Battalion consisted of American volunteers in the International Brigades that fought during the Spanish Civil War. George Washington’s battalion commander was the Yugoslavian-American, Mirko Markovic.
The battalion fought alongside the Abraham Lincoln Battalion at Brunete in July 1937. As casualties were so high, two units merged on the 14th of July 1937 to become Abraham Lincoln Brigade!

Americans did it and can do it again!
Russia, China, and reformed reindustrialized America, together with all antifascist people of Europe, can deal with their fifth columns and make the world paradise!
It is only up to us!

Darko Richard Lancelot
Connect and Respect
Our Attic Our Ladder



At turbulent times, when logic and calmness are lost, when disappointments of the people with superiority complex come to the fore, the truth becomes the victim! People are once more blinded, like with the appearance of so-called epidemy and all authoritarian measures that followed and that were implemented. But at the same time, many humans awake and start looking at the world without fear, realizing that they have been manipulated!
One thing is never enough, and it is always in deficit! That is togetherness!
This short film below is a try for a wake-up call! Some kind of try to cure BLINDNESS and HATE and STUPIDITY!
Not because of Russia – Ukraine but because of all of us, and especially about insidious operations of outsiders using bribery and corruption to manipulate part of the world view and trying to suppress the truth and the real reason for the conflict. But, before the video, you can find below, let me share with you a real story.

The story when NATO was bombing Belgrade in 1999 without ANY legal basis. During the 78 days of destruction caused by NATO airplanes, Serbs demonstrated in different countries. In one of them this story took place. Namely, Serbs came to demonstrate in front of one of the aggressors’ embassy, and as it was hot, many came with t-shirts and as many with short trousers. However, one Serb had a tie as he came from the nearby office and did not have time to change. The journalists who were there to cover the demonstration saw that man, and one of them approached him and asked the question: “Are you organizing this?” The man calmly replied: “Dear Sir, in the civilized world, you first salute, introduce yourself saying who you are and whom you represent, and then you can ask any question you like.” The journalist immediately replied, giving his name and saying that he was a correspondent of the TIMES of London. That was like a relief for the men with the tie, as he said his name and replied that he was not organizing anything and that this get-together was spontaneous. As the contact was established, the correspondent of the TIMES of London asked that man if he had anything to say about the intervention of the NATO countries. The men, humbly and with great self-confidence, replied- YES! “Yes, sir, I have! But I do not think that your esteemed and highly respected newspaper will publish this what I have to say.” The correspondent insisted, encouraging the man to express himself, saying that he would do his utmost for the reply to be published. He opened his reporter’s diary and got ready to write to show his commitment. The man with the tie was hesitant but after some time, and after giving his name, said: Me, that and that, want to say one billion times! “Did you write one billion times?” he asked the journalist to get the answer- “Yes. Look, I wrote it.” So men with the tie continued- “Me that, and that says one billion times- I LOVE BRITISH PEOPLE!” “You are bombing my country, but I love you!” “That is the only way for us to stay human, whatever disaster we are facing! Love!”
The correspondent of the TIMES of London was astonished, and while he stopped writing, he said- ” I am not British, I am Irish!” The men with the tie replied calmly-” Does not make the difference! I love you too!” As the men with the tie saw that the Irish correspondent of Times of London did not wrote his statement, he said with great disappointment- “Dear, if I said fuck you or I cursed your leaders, you would gladly publish it as it would follow the policy of Divide and Rule your employers would like to promote! I hope I am mistaken! Will you have the human capacity to report that one man said that he LOVES BRITISH PEOPLE even when his country is bombed by their planes?!” Correspondent left without a goodbye, and I saw the lady coming to the man with the tie, touching his shoulder and saying, I am from Reuters, and I adore and highly respect what you have said!
Is it possible that the only what is left in this western world are lies, propaganda, and manipulation by corrupted people? Carroll Quigley talked and wrote about it many decades ago. What he analyzed is happening in front of our eyes! The only way out is TOGETHERNESS, and this video is about that!


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Sane or Insane-Tragedy of the rats

History repeats? Usually does. Just with different actors

23/3/2022 Hate! Hatred! Institutionalised Hatred! Such a degradation that will leave scars at our societies for a long long time. Will we remember what has been done what is being done? If memory is satisfied desire, said by Carlos Fuentes, then it is better to forget. Immediately! To stop, to take a deep breath, to start using common sense and begin building or better rebuilding first ourselves! To rediscover the self! That self we let go allowing hatred to overcome us. That self which is made for love, kindness, compassion, togetherness. That self which is made for connecting and not separating! That self bigger than any specialisation, which instead to connect is separating, dividing, segregating and depriving from the human culture! Wake, wake up. Or be accountable for the tragedy! As everything starts with us! Just and only with us!

21/3/2022 Just a small addition as it looks like that we are under siege of so many negative feelings that are attacking our spirituality.

Nikola Tesla interview

“The source of most disease is in the spirit. Therefore the spirit and can cure most diseases.”
In his famous, yet still not well known1899 interview Nikola Tesla talked about many things one being a diseases he had several times in his youth. It gives a guideance for today and every day!

“Journalist: In youth you have several times been seriously ill. Is it a disease and a requirement to adapt?

Nikola Tesla: Yes. It is often the result of a lack of exhaustion or vital force, but often the purification of mind and body from the toxins that have accumulated. It is necessary that a man suffers from time to time. The source of most disease is in the spirit. Therefore the spirit and can cure most diseases. As a student I got sick of cholera which raged in the region of Lika. I was cured because my father finally allowed me to study technology, which was my life. Illusion for me was not a disease, but the mind’s ability to penetrate beyond the three dimensions of the earth.”

Psychology is not the science. It is the art. The art of human behaviour. The art of contemplating pain and hate many humans carry with them. It is so unfortunate to see how those that are masterminds seeking more than 1000 years revenge, manipulate with human suffering.

There was a country that collapsed. It is not Russia neither Ukraine.

And that country was giving their babies to be adopt by foreigners. Their youth was destroyed and young men and woman started to look how to continue their lives abroad escaping the hardship. I will not talk about human trafficking, but about soul trafficking which is the worst atrocity those so called Wonderers have managed to do. But still, when I read their writings there are signs of doubt. The truth does not have doubt.  Those people burned alive in Odesa are the truth. Surprised? Propaganda? https://www.peoplesworld.org/article/ukrainian-rightists-burn-alive-39-at-odessa-union-building/  The only happy are Wonderers! Those that rape human souls.

It is a tragedy that the pure human consciousness in all those our fellow humans, manipulated to hate, comes out only after the unbelievable inhuman rage and firing of hatred. Many of those try to find a way to come back to humanity but in vain. Wonderers made them slaves and slaves they will be till they breathe. Such a tragedy!

As for Wonderers there is no mercy. No soul, no consciousness. Zero. They, the Wonderers are the core of all the tragedies our planet had last 1000 years. Absolutely yes  Everywhere and with everyone.  It is not about Conspiracy or about Who did what to whom. It is about how the Wonderers, by getting the right to “produce” paper money infiltrated all segments of our lives, blackmailing and threatening and corrupting all and everybody. Those that did not want to be everyone and everybody they conveniently got rid of. Remember Kennedy Dollar? And then 22/11/1963? Or Lincoln? Or Regan? Well Regan had a vice-president then to help with “continuation” of government. Zapata Oil.

To return to those fellow humans that are programed by their history to sow hatred. They do not stop,blinded with half truth and their experiences forced by circumstances made by Wonderers.  They will never escape those. But at least they try, poor souls. That is called the soul rape done from behind by the whole system made by the same Wonderers and the people they own!

Even that awaking of many is not certain let’s say that in 1936 Soviet Union wanted to make alliance to fight growing fascists threat. The meeting was organised in Poland. However the UK made sure the meeting was not successful, as then as now the forces behind 1666 fire exactly within the City of London borders, wanted Gemans to invade Russia. You all know who from European countries sent soldiers to fight Soviet Union. If you don’t then find out.

What is happening now, many poor souls think that it has to do with the trap wonderers made. Well you, when in trap those that feel that there is no way to go up dig more down till the hole of abyss is open. That hole might take them, even that the skillful diggers can go also left and right to protect themselves while all coming from up will be going strate to, as Dante Alighieri named it, inferno. Wonderers included. If that will not be the case and world reacts establishing new concept, pure and genuinely human, free of fascist and Wonderers, we as homosapiens have a chance. 

How the things develop the smallest country represented here in February 1945 will be replaced with the country with the biggest population and economy. So unfortunate if that happens.

Taken from the marvellous book of Chris Bellamy – Absolute War. Self explanatory. Those who investigate can find out which countries still supported Nazi Germany at the particular time and had their soldiers at these theatre of operations. Pity.

And usually, when bear starts walking doesn’t stop till there is an end. It does not have to do, all the time, with money and payments. It has to do with survival and higher idea. It has to do either patriotism and family values instead of insidiously promoted imbalances. Where is that going to end? Well there is no world war yet. But the theatre is being prepared for the war to start as economic situation of wanderers controlled system is cracking and imploding. From inside. They still have actors and other theatre equipment but in vain as the reality is awaking  citizens.

Courtesy of the book of Chris Bellamy-Absolute War

The tragedy is that Slavs are now fighting Slavs. That is unacceptable! If those wonderers had balls they would fight. However the Denazification will happen again.

And the truth will rise and enlighten our poor fellow human souls.  To quote myself from https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/2022/02/23/sane-or-insane-no-8-the-truth/

“The truth. Big word. Huge word. That is why it is always being manipulated and complicated by more questions and more explanation. That is how you “water” it. I do hope that what you find here, together with your own investigative talents and curiosity, can be your truth also.
“One of the surest paths to the true future is to go in the direction in which your fear grows. “Milorad Pavic Dictionary of Khazars. Sir Winston Churchill said that” the truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end there it is.”

When we help ourselves God is ready to provide  help also.



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