Our Children, Us and the System


“But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart!” ( Little Prince)
When the system is made so that the education it provides is strictly narrow and, as they say, specialized, and at the same time dry, with many unnecessary pieces of information, nothing good can be expected from the people who are victims of it. Of course, there is no question of any guilt on the part of these people. But those who design programs have intentions. Investigate who those are and when and under which influence and financial help educational boards were formed. Where do these people come from? Who are they? It will help you understand and immerse yourself even more profound in what is kept under the table. Maybe you will discover that “Conspiracy Practitioners” are funded to influence youngsters to learn what they want, sweetening their desires and playing with their ambitions.
What are we to do?
The most important thing is to spend more time, the productive, essential one with your children. To give your unconditional love!
I remember that every Sunday, my whole family, four of us, used to read a bunch of newspapers and magazines. It did not stop at reading, but it went further in discussing the topics read. It was the first time I heard the expression from my father “learn to read between the lines.” This was the beginning of learning the value of words!

As Yunus Emre said:

” A single word can brighten the face

of one who knows the value of words.”

Then books! Make by your example your children to become book lovers!
Embolden, inspire your children to keep diaries!
Create games by yourself, or remind yourself of the games your parents played with you and play with your children.

Here are some examples.
When I was little, and during our rides to the sea, we played the game word for word instead of listening to the radio and music. We spoke the first letter of the name from the items that were with us in the car. Let’s say “W” as a steering wheel. Whoever won the round, discovering the right word, had the right to introduce his word. It helps your children by having fun to train the brain also.
When we got bored of it, we played Geography. We also played geography at home. The children would look at a map of the world, of the Earth which, as the Little Prince said, has (still) a “good reputation.”
And we would learn the names of the capitals of different countries. We would understand to distinguish Slovenia from Serbia and Slovakia.
To have a sense of where we live and who is around us. Although we studied Geography, we were not geographers but explorers. Explorers are having curiosity and inspiration as geographers are “just sitting in the office.” (Little Prince). To enrich the “game” and calibrate your imagination, you could take a blank piece of paper and start drawing. Let’s say draw France and ask your children which countries are bordering France from each side. Then you could cross the sea and ocean asking them to guess, to find out, which countries are positioned in which place.
Or entrust the arrangement of their rooms only to them. Work habits are acquired, not by force but by play. How to inspire them? Here is one idea I used.
Tell them that after tidying up the room, you will play one game. Namely, enter the room, close the door, and change positions to 5 items. Then go out and tell your child to come in and find out which items you moved from their original place. Repeat this a few times to get the kids trained, sharpening their ability to observe. Observation helps very much after when they start reading and learning to read between the lines. By exercising that, your children are naturally more protected from manipulation. Observation! Let them count the stars! Encourage them! Let them imagine looking at the firmament, heaven.

Also, do not forget to let them make mistakes! No need to remind them directly. Play with them and always leave the space and let them understand by themselves. They will come to you with confirmation of their mistakes! Hug them with love!

Once in three months, propose to the children to write down their goals for the next three months.
Let them put that paper in an envelope to open it themselves after those three months pass. Of course, don’t insist on telling you if they are not ready. That time will come if you leave them space. And don’t judge them! They have and will have so many people judging them in the school system.
Along with balanced and targeted use of the Internet, encourage your children to write “old fashion” letters!
They can write to their relatives in another country or another city.
Letters take time to be delivered. That is important for feelings expressed to be digested.
They will establish a habit of writing, organizing, and sending letters through the post office. As they will need stamps, maybe collecting them will become their hobby!

Many generations have been lost because life has forced them, taught them, to live fast. The whole culture is created on fast living when everyone says, “I don’t have time!”
Slow down the life! Make priorities and train your self to be able to help your children!
Eat smaller pieces and allow time for your feelings to subside.
Reduce your heart rate.
You will have a healthier and longer life.
Both better and prettier.
And your brain will work more precisely, and your heart and soul will find their natural place in your body.
If you haven’t dreamed, you will start!
If you dreamed, your dreams would increase.
And don’t forget that love is the goal and not the means.
When you talk to your children and young people, don’t forget that you were children too!

BREATHE and let others BREATHE!

As Epictetus taught us:

” The soul is like the bowl of water, with the soul’s impressions like the rays of light that strike the water. Now , if the water is disturbed, the light appears to be disturbed together with it-though of course it is not. So when someone loses consciousness, it is not the persons knowledge and virtues impaired, it is the breath that contains them. Once the breath returns to normal, knowledge and the virtues are restored to the normal also.”


Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect

Conversations with Italian friend, Longines Passion, Drina and Venezia Giulia

Following a conversation with my Italian friend, now part of the “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond” eBook, which you can preorder here https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/subscription-page/ today we had another exciting exchange of views and news!

After concluding that our politicians are optimistic but are acting pessimistic we started exchanging information’s. 

First and not widely reported in the international news was the information about “The scam of Chinese masks sold to Italy as Ffp2,” published on February 21st, 2021, by http://www.blogo.it stating that the “tests showed that the Ffp2 masks purchased from Italy in China filter only 36% and not 95% required by law.”


Further liberoquotidiano.it reported on February 25th, 2021, that the first arrests “coordinated by the Rome Public Prosecutors Office” were made “as a part of an investigation of the assignment for a total value of 1.25 billion euros for the purchase of masks during Covid emergency.”


The justice is slow but achievable. In this case, it was not so slow! 

At least it is public, and people can inform themselves about it. 

As we were exchanging valuable information, it was my turn to let him know that the Ministry of Health Directive instructs people to make Corona Rapid Test every week in Cyprus. “Every week?!” he asked to reconfirm it with great surprise. It is how it is, and it will be making history. However, history is already achieved with the statement of one of the epidemiologists in the EU country that instead for the people to protest on the roads, to start protesting online! 

“It is a beautiful thing, the destruction of words,” said George Orwell, but all of them count that as Steven Wright said, “everyone has a photographic memory, some just don’t have film.” I hope we all get a lot of stock of film! 

My dear Italian friend who lives in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region bordering Austria, Slovenia, and the Adriatic sea with capital Trieste, as a true patriot, loves his country’s people his true friends. He mentions that his descendant had a nickname, “Drina.” For those who do not know, the Drina is the river bordering today’s Serbia and Republika Srpska, a part of the Bosnian Federation. He is also a passionate collector of Longine watches, and below I will quote extracts from his beautiful article from some five years ago about “Serbian” Longine watches!  

The article title is 

“Longines Passion”

“A Longines Special Prize Watch: The Serbian”

  1. “The Serbian Military Academy

The army and the Serbians are closely connected. Their first military formation was dated 1500 years ago. Vlastimir of Serbia formed the first medieval state in Raska in the 7th Century, and from that time, it evolved into Serbian Empire. A long history and a very long tradition in the army development. Many wars passed, always with the deep involvement of the Serbian people. We can say that Serbian history is deeply connected with the army as every single battle is a milestone.”

He continues with Serbian Military Academy’s establishment in Belgrade( 1830 as Artillery school) and the short but knowledgeable Serbia history, emphasizing his passion for the Longines watches.

However, he mentioned the Serbian army and people contribution to wining of the WWI with special mention of Drina river!

” The Serbian Army distinguished itself in the battles at (mountain) Cer and at the Drina river in 1914, scoring victories against the Austro-Hungarian forces. In 1915 the Serbian army with the aged HM King Peter I and the Crown Prince Aleksandar suffered many losses being attacked from all directions by the alliance of Germany, Austro-Hungary and Bulgaria. It withdrew through the gorges of Montenegro and northern Albania to the Greek island of Corfu, where it was possible to reorganize the troups. After the army was regrouped and reinforced, it was possible to achieve a decisive victory on the Macedonia front at Kaimakcalan. The Serbian army carried out a major part in the final Allied breakthrough in the autumn of 1918…”

Here you can see a photo of the back of the Longine watch given to the new Lieutenants finishing 62nd Class of Military Academy in Belgrade with all outstanding explanations!


The original article you can find it here http://watchexpertise.com/oldlonginespassion/Longines_Passion/the_serbian.html

It will be worthwhile reading it all!

We continued with exchanging thoughts about the 1900 “Tale of the Anti-Christ,” of Vladimir Soloviev.

The tale is about establishing the “United States of Europe” under the command of the “Coming Man” by the idea of “the principal directors of European policy, who belonged to the powerful brotherhood of Freemasons…”, and Uniting all Churches under the supreme rule of Him the Emperor. The tale finishes incomplete after the Catholic Pope and Orthodox leader Elder John raised from the death, after being eliminated by the ,after elected, supreme cleric of all Christianity Pope Apollonius who was an intimate of the Emperor.

It is a valuable tale.

However we concluded that the EU as we know it, is in great difficulties due to the Brexit and huge bureaucracy, unable to move quickly and effectively to address first and foremost the vaccine supply and then all the other issues facing Europe. It looks like that EU needs lifting and fast!

It looks like also that, whenever humanity wants to proceed with universal values someone stuck the wheels and the vehicle instead to continue forward goes backward.

It is obvious who those are! We call them “Conspiracy Practitioners.”

To be continued…


Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect


Conspiracy Practitioners

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We all heard about so-called “Conspiracy Theorists.”
An exciting invention is this etiquette ready to be glued to any who are not following system rules. Conspiracy is theory as long as it does not become practice.
Could it be that the term has been invented by, let’s start calling them, the “Conspiracy Practitioners.”
“Conspiracy Practitioners” could have found out that the best way to hide something is to place it in open view. Thus for extra security, the term “Conspiracy Theorist” might be created. Easy to use, consolidated in the minds of people educated by the parts of the system seeking ultimate control.
The term “Conspiracy Practitioners” is used here for the first time ever, as long as we know.
Between “Conspiracy Practitioners” and “Conspiracy Theorists,” there is a gap filled with masses. We, the people, are trying to connect and understand the events, mostly in vain. Our education system taught us to look for the reasons and facts without being warned that many facts are kneaded in different bakeries and as many just mysteriously disappear. Then the rule is set to make unworthy any common sense thoughts. Money funding makes the world go round.
To overcome this difficulty set upon us, instead of always looking for a reason, we should sharpen and learn to use our intuition given to us by nature. Then, you will see that it will be much easier to penetrate the depths of manipulation.

Magnificent Serbian writer, journalist, and politician Slobodan Jovanovic acknowledged, “That a man has, in his mind, an infallible guide, but on condition that he is previously freed from all superstitions and prejudices.”
To protect themselves, “Conspiracy Practitioners” use beautiful and skillful language and deceiving terms. When the thieves want to secure themselves, they create restrictive rules. Subtle and always stating humanity and protection of it at the beginning. It is as talk over whiskey and cigar to give time for adjustment to as many as possible.
It just came to my attention that one of the epidemiologists in the country member of the European Union suggested that the protesters protest online! Orwell could not suggest that when he wrote “1984,” and this statement is an excellent contribution to the nouveau Orwell file!

It all started prior to Great War continuing till today.

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(1) https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/lords/1914/feb/10/the-kings-speech

(2) “How Diplomats make War” Francis Neilson- 1915( Leo Amery speech-Remember “Peaky Blinders?”)

(3) ” Nicholas and Alexandra” Robert Massie 1968

(4)”How Diplomats make War” Francis Neilson-1915

(5)Translation of the author from the book “Pukovnik Apis” Milan Z Zivanovic 1955

(6) “How Diplomats make War” Francis Neilson-1915

(7) H.H. Asquith “Letters to Venetia Stanley” 1982

Darko Richard Lancelot



Connect And Respect


Need never go out…

Imagination, inspiration, invention, creation, realization.

Without imagination who we are?

Without dreams are we anything?

Without love?

What are we doing here without love?

Remember that only transience is constant and unchanging.

Instead to fear, live actively, love with open heart, breath with full lungs!

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Connect and Respect

Sweet Cherry


Once upon a time

I made sour cherry pie

Just to try,

to get your smile.


It was more than expected

as I got your attention

and, surprisingly,

some genuine affection.


We both learned that sour can

become pleasant and sweet

as long as two souls

are open to really meet,


That was confirmed with your look

and special irresistible angle your lively eyes took.


The rest would be a history

If there was a date of expiry.

But, but, but it was just the beginning

giving to sour cherry pie all the new

Sweet meaning!


First Published 13/8/2019

And republished 17/2/2021

Copyright Darko Richard Lancelot -all rights reserved-



Connect and Respect 

Common Sense, again


There are people you listen to who remind, inspire, and awake you.
Remind about the pamphlet published 10/1/1776 called Common Sense of Thomas Paine, inspiring by talking about family values, patriotism, and common sense(again), sending messages between the lines to awaken you.

Nothing to do with politics but with values and awareness.
The awareness that things can change with hard work, honesty, love for the place you live and the whole world!
Who would disagree that we lost family values in the last 30 years? That human feeling as love, compassion, togetherness, patriotism, loyalty, honesty was degraded by constant manipulation, increasing temptation to raise our material needs and losing our spiritual part. We lost balance!
Mainstream news is obsessed with bombarding us with so much information without substance as they are just interested in ratings; thus, they judge everything. Instead, if you want to judge someone, the message would be to have in mind that person’s entire life!
I wrote about mixing Nationalism and Chauvinism. Again, by manipulating the words and constant use, in the negative meaning, of the term nationalism, many young people are indoctrinated to lose the sense of love for their living place! That is by no means making favorite any nation, but it shows the love and dedication for the country, the place you live in!
Nationalism is when you love your country and people you share your everyday life with and do not hate any other nation or people or country!
Nationalism is when you understand that to be human is to protect others from yourself and still love your country and all its people. That projects universal love for the Earth and all its inhabitants!
Chauvinism is when you hate other people and their place of living, their country!
It is vital to comprehend that nationalism is by no means an inviolable principle. It can be corrupted as everything can be! But we should all have in mind that this is simply a part of the strategy to demoralize one nation standing in the way of those who think that manipulation is their way of life and that they are always right no matter what! They lure us but in wain as we just can not lose our identity! But they are always welcome to join!
We came from somewhere, and we live somewhere. The place we live in is our country, and if we want the country to prosper, we need to decide if we’re going to live life for ourselves only or live the life for the common good!
So to use one of the beautifully said quotes from the interview I watched recently, in the context that came to my mind is that if you want to be a leader, you should focus on making your country and your people strong and safe, practicing togetherness and compassion, instead to focus on which bathroom to choose. Common sense, isn’t it?
There is always a way! To start with, cherish family and love your country!
Then continue and do not fight against anything but fight for something, let’s say family values recycled!
For those that do not know what enough is and acting as pseudo philanthropists, remember that only what counts is what stays behind us!
Learn every single moment! Learning is inspiring! Respect all! Connect with all!
Another phrase I heard and learned from the above inspirational interview is:
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” This phrase responds to the verbal bullying in school playgrounds in the English speaking world, sending the message that true courage consists of doing what is right, despite our companions’ ridicule and sneers.
When there is love and faith, all can be done for the common goodness!
And be actively patient as Thomas Paine said that ” Time makes more converts than the reason.”

And learn and practice to PROTECT OTHERS FROM YOUR SELF.

Connect and Respect

Manipulation of Lomechusoides strumos


Nature has it all! By studying the species and their relations, behavior, manipulations, and organization of their lives, we can learn more about us!
We can observe that by some magic stick, the system is made, built in the way that we get inoculated with the increasing needs, and through these needs, we are programmed to work longer and more while the parasites are having a party by selling us precisely those needs. Thus, the “golden” parasites obtain two crucial things; Control and Wealth. Not to forget to say that even those governing us have needs inoculated to them as they are to us. Just that they are blind from their pseudo power, and that is why we need them to awake also!
Question What is enough and how to implement that “enough” arise!
In the photo by M.E.Smirnov courtesy of the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, you can see the back of Lomechusoides that are very similar to ants. They penetrate ants colony and, through golden hair on their back, secrete juice, making ants lose their sanity.
In continuation, Lomechusoides plant their eggs gradually causing the extinction of ants colony progeny!
Not all that glitters is gold says one proverb.
And we see much glamour in as many advertising campaigns made to increase our wants. What is enough?
As someone said, advertising is arresting the human mind long enough to get the money from it. And by the value of the society we live in, to obtain the money you need to work and work and work and work!
And as you work, some others, by voting the laws, are making, as alchemists, charcoal to become gold.
As Sergey Kara-Murza said in his excellent book “Manipulation of Consciousness,”
manipulation is not violence but temptation!
It is crucial to learn how to restrain temptations! Especially for those that occupy neuralgic positions in each society! It is never late to comprehend and start practicing that profits are not private and losses are public!
It is never late to regain common sense and fight all the juices coming from manipulative sources!
Instead of so-called spin doctors promoting divide and rule philosophy between left or right and at the same time protecting corruption coming from temptation, we all should encourage togetherness as we all are just passing by this tiny planet earth!
We will not be remembered by the amount of money we had, but by the deeds we left behind us, by the sacrifices we made for the common good!

When you struggle for something, you do not have opponents but followers! Opponents will be against you, and you will battle for something! We should not fight against anything but for something!
Instead of water canons and violence towards your neighbors, wake up and reject the juices of Lomechusoides firmly!
Protect your soul and save the anger.
And again! Be HUMAN!


Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect

Hazy Sunday or any given day?

As per dictionary word hazy means lacking distinctness or clarity; vague; indefinite; obscure; confused.
We are living in those days!
The days of confusion. One might ask when humanity was living other days from days of confusion?
Behind the mountain, a new, devastating economic crisis is approaching us. The concept of power, of obedience, is in disarray, especially in the west. Narcissistic corruption is common. But, of course, it is never all that bad. There are always people who recognize the manipulation, and by sharing their thoughts, send the rays of awakening towards others. Some people want genuinely to leave goodness behind them as we all pass away one day. As I was writing, I got a phone call from a very good friend, and as I shared my writings and ideas with him, he narrated to me a story about two fictional characters, two people. He named them Mario and Mathew. Double M is coincidental. So Mathew had a bachelor’s degree from Trinity College, and after he went and obtained his Master’s degree from Oxford and got his Ph.D. from MIT. On the other hand, you have Mario, who started to work in construction when he was 12 years old and throughout the years learned plumber craft and other work.
So, who do you value more, he asked, immediately giving the answer that their intrinsic value is the same. SAME!
Think about it. Think about how the conceptual power breaks morale and makes people deprave. How immorality becomes a way of functioning and how this profoundly affects our spirit and our soul.
We struggle for as long as we know our civilization. But we somehow omit understanding that history, real history, is covered with a veil of secrecy. Not in a sense that you can not find it but in a sense that you can not see it! Someone said that the best way to hide something is to place it in open view. Believe! All is written somewhere and placed on www. Read a lot, and the ability to read between the lines will come by itself! Fear will be gone at the time when you recognize that your way of thinking is crossing the barriers established by manipulation. Then you will be cured of blindness. Lessons of corruption are everywhere, so they do happen today, every day. It all starts with children being taught about competition and antagonism! Be better than the other as you will advance further, forgetting that our intrinsic value is the SAME!
How the French Revolution started?
People were brought in a hazy state and manipulated by Maria Antoinette using the expression, ” give them sweets!” Instead, Maria Antoinette used the expression from the book “Confessions” of Jan Jacques Rousseau, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche,” which means let them eat pastry, the food for the rich. But who cares today about that? Or about the fact that the food shortage was organized by Louis Philippe II Duke of Orleans, cousin of King, who voted for King Louis XVI to be executed and after he himself got executed in 1793. Interesting story about how the destiny of the traitors and usurpers can become. There are so many similar stories where the people are managed by disorientation and systematic uncertainty and placed between severe punitive measures and promises of good treatment, like the story of a bad cop and a good cop. That is combined by spreading contradictory news, making the situation unclear, thus developing an individual to cease to comprehend if a particular plan would advance toward or away from the goal set. That leads to demoralization and makes the majority follow whatever is planned for them without them.
I strongly recommend the “Tale of the Anti-Christ” by Vladimir Soloviev, published in 1900. If anyone is interested, I can send a link.
We, humans, lost thousands of years for so-called advancement. From donkey to the space shuttle, and did something intrinsically changed? Yes! Our morals became corrupted. Our sins became our everyday companions. Some are proud of it. Some disobey the advancement of their countries for their own.
People are methodically and systematically brainwashed without being cognizant of it!
Serbian Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric who saw many historical characters of his time warn us by saying that”If people would know how little brain is ruling the world, they would die of fear…”
So what is to be done?
First and foremost is to get education back to its roots! Education is the future!
If you want to succeed, teach your children values and demand from all teachers’ associations everywhere to rebuild, remake programs. Programs build on truth! Programs with morale in the core and love towards fellow human beings as a standard. But not watery stuff! No manipulation and sleepy things! Active, awake, and aware programs build, as I said on TRUTH! Truth is the most significant and most effective medicine for manipulation!
And as programs are changed, learn your children from home! They can start changing their teachers after! That is a good thing to have them home! Teach them values and show them your morals! If any issue is there, just include love for the family, and all is fixed!
Love pure love is the medicine for all!
There is a try from many sick brains to degrade words that accompany profound feelings! Give them their real meaning and transfer that to your children!
And we will prevail!




Connect and Respect

Inspiration and common sense

It was January 2018. Frankfurt central train station. I was going to Berlin via Leipzig and Dresden. Pianist came, humbly took a seat and started to play. It was so powerful that I shivered. We will prevail. In time but we will prevail. If you enjoy and if it help to inspire you to be more human I will be very glad!

Humanism iis to protect others from yourself

This and more similar stories are presented at eBook “Quarantine diaries and beyond.”




Connect and Respect

Iasi experience and beyond


When going into the world, we all take experiences, attitudes, energy from the home place. Place where we were born and lived enough to form the basics of our character, our behavior. In a highly mixed world, there are places where you can meet many different cultures and people and learn more about them even if, by coincidence, your previous countries are neighbors and have deep connections. Somehow, we humans tend to like all distant places and not pay attention to places near us! That happened to me as well.
Having that in mind, I thought that by meeting people from Iasi at the foreign lands, I would get the feeling about it and part of that place’s energy!
How the story developed, I got part of the energy, but it was not enough! By eating, your desire rises, says one proverb.
I had a feeling that I consumed only one-third of the meal. Not wanting to be deprived of another two thirds, I slowly prepared to visit that historic city.
Iasi is a famous, extraordinary city in Romania, where Alexander Ypsilantis, a descendant of the Phanaroit Greek family, had the headquarters of “Filiki Eteria” and after an unsuccessful uprising against the Ottoman Empire went to Greece to organize the 1821 Greek revolution against the Ottoman rule. It is where famous Mihai Eminescu stayed, spending his time with Ion Creanga at the renowned restaurant “Casa Bolta Rece.” It is where an outstanding Iasi National theatre exists and the famous Trian Hotel built by Gustave Eiffel! Not to mention the university with exceptional “Hall of Lost Steps” and Copou Park.
I must convey that my visit to Iasi was a complete success, even that nothing more has happened in the relationship which inspired me to go for that marvelous trip… But, it helped me to meet many beautiful people and feel the atmosphere of Iasi neighborhoods. During day and night. It revealed to me the greatness of Eminescu, his patriotism, and his love for Veronica Micle. I even visited the famous Humbold University in Berlin because of him! It allowed me to see the famous Iasi Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre and enjoy the unique performance of Friedrich Durrenmatt’s play “The Visit,” directed by Claudiu Goga. I got the motivation to be the first who connected Chopin and Eminescu, planting seeds for the essay to get published later in the year when visiting Warshaw and Cambridge.
My visit, somehow, released such a potent, incredibly positive energy, even that a disappointment for her not being with me was enormous.
I mentioned to her, I will call her Aurelia for the sake of the story, many times after my visit, that when reading about Eminescu and Campeanu-Micle, I thought that we shared the same destiny, in the sense of the intensity of feelings as I did not die, and she did not have a husband who was Rector of the University of Iasi, which, by the way, as I said, I also visited!
And to straighten the ethics issue, we were both separated.
Sometimes, life happenings are saved deep down in our souls, waiting for the right moment to harmoniously get out in the open, setting off on the journey for memories to unfold and become immortal!
And here it is. The journey of memories presented to you, the readers! You might find it a complete mess, but it is my mess, and I am proud of it!

The story began many years ago when the writer of these words could not understand what would happen and how the affair would have thoroughly affected his life. It started slow, significantly slow, and during years, nonchalantly, and without realizing raised to pure love. After some seven years of acquaintance, one late afternoon, I felt dizzy talking to her. I shivered at her presence. And that was it—the start.
The story reflects Thoreau’s beautiful quote, which I found at Saatchi and Saatchi Gallery while visiting London.
It says:
“Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder…”
This is precisely what happened. But like in many happenings, it is easier to happen than to have a happy ending! However, it is a life experience, and I love it and will always love it!
No, it was not desire, neither passion only. It was the moment on the bench one late afternoon where we shared thoughts about family. When her child asked for some extra money to go and skate for some more time. I still do not know why, but as I said, I had shivers all over my body! It happened. Nevertheless, I kept my feelings for myself only, most probably having concerns about many things I still can not write here. Some things we buried with us because I am taught that reverence is leading over popularity and smart words!
From that moment, we talked about many things. We exchanged our experiences and found out that we share the same values and equivalent pain. At that moment, I asked nothing about her relationships, focusing only on common ground, which was our children and our experiences with them. I started making different pies, sweets to present myself as a talented cook, at least. Simultaneously, she showed me her cocking skills in preparing lentils and pasticcio with ingredients she kept secret! We met for a coffee, exchanging pies and “pasticcio” (oven spaghetti) and talking about many subjects. It continued with some shrimps based dinners. We were steadily approaching the state of “soul mates” It all lasted for nearly three months when one night it happened—the first kiss. I am sure we will both remember it forever and pass it to eternity through our souls!
She knew how to listen, and I was, as usual, and sometimes now, very talkative.
When I asked: “Do you love me?” She replied with her expressive eyes going from down up: “Yes! For today!” This is how we agreed that we would love each other only for a day! Like butterflies, love was to live for one day! And then be reborn the next day! Also, we agreed, after negotiation, not to have the relation for over six months.
Negotiations for the extension were hard and with a lot of laughter and teasing, as love cannot be for leasing! And it was not! It was “extended” four times and just a little more!
We were creating memories to stay for a lifetime. I wish for memories to stay longer! After we passed our visit to this beautiful planet Earth. Like those nights at a café where we were dreaming with the company of genuine organic coffee and quiet, passionate music. When her sweet black boots were on my knees. Or going for shrimps and beer or wine. There I received her first cheek kiss as thanks for an excellent company and super tasty shrimps.
Or unsuccessfully trying to go for a brief trip! Or just walking on the beach and singing with both our voices, not in the choir mode! Or, really “just” inspiring one another, being very inventive!
Two small, tiny biscuits with the shape of Heart put together and photographed by her to perpetuate the feelings, with one sentence added compensating all pages of “War and Peace” of Tolstoy!
It said:” There are some moments….. you want to hold on forever.” We lived moments of eternity rediscovering pure love.
It was the 14th of February, our first 14th of February, and we went for a coffee. She reminded me it is St. Valentine’s Day. The day of love. That’s great, but I do not celebrate it, I replied. Ok, she said. Let’s just go for a coffee.
While driving towards the meeting place, I went to the nearby flower shop where I got one burgundy color rose, tied a red color ribbon, and took it with me. I arrived first at the parking and, while waiting for her to appear, I was inspecting the rose! It was a perfect choice! She came, parked the car near mine, and opened the door. Then I presented her with the rose. Even today, and whenever I remember how her look was, I love her again, for a moment! Memories are wonderwork, sensational prodigy towards our soul!
Not to forget her genuine, deep, practical interest in me and my health. She was there. From day one of my new life.
As we shared all of ourselves. It was so intense that I just did not notice some words said and the message behind them, which is typical for a woman who deeply loves and thinks about the future.
That moment got lost somehow, and we came to an end.

Do not believe when they say to you: “Do not go back” or different expressions for the same opinion. If you feel and work hard on yourself, you might somehow, somewhere, sometime get to know each other anew, even with all nervousness passing by and interrupting humble, subtle feelings of love and respect. Or you can rediscover love again. We settle no limits for us to rediscover love in any way! Fading sometimes can clear many issues and free the mind from ego energies.
She said that we did what we did before the right time! Well, what is the right time? The right time is the time when something happens! There are no plans and programs!
After such a rooted experience of feelings, one asks questions like:
“Who am I? What I am here for?”, and trying to find some light, just a tiny photon, you comprehend that” It seems nobody has found and answer yet. Perhaps, until an answer is found, some individuals could assume that they are here to convert the air they breathe into conscious pulses of love. Perhaps that love will eventually guide someone to a proper answer to what we are here for” ( Thich Nhat Hanh)
Beautifully said, especially that it has to do with breathing! Ordinary breathing which now took the place which was always belonging to it! The place of extraordinary, of magic! Breathing is all that!
We had a talk in her car in the nearby parking where I noticed two drops of tears coming from her left eye! Those tears I still remember as it was a sign that her love was genuine. She had a lot of pain from the past, and she was taught by who knows whom to suppress her deep feelings! Wrong! But at least some change occurred, and she expressed herself briefly!
Before deciding to go to Iasi, I have done a couple, more than a couple actually, unique acts trying to find out how far she and I stand.
The first thing I did was wait for her at the traffic lights and present her with the envelope! Letter it was! But it was not a love or hate letter! It was a quiz! Quiz for her to answer to herself only!
Question 1 was( as far as I remember as she told me she threw that quiz in the garbage)
“Do you still look at my window while passing by sometimes?”
Question 2 was
“Do you smile when you remember how we tried to go to a nearby city?
Question 3 was
Do you still remember our first kiss?
( She said that she might forget all but the first kiss never!)
And another three or four, which had to do with other memories! MEMORIES!
That was without result. Even now, when I write these words, I have a smile on my face! Smile because my actions were original and were coming directly from the soul.
The second envelope I gave her was filled with 5 different color roses explaining each one’s meaning! Pink, Red, White, Orange, Yellow.
There was a reason why I gave her the quiz and roses. To check how deep her consultants told her to forget everything if she wanted to be cured! Come on! Cured from love? You can do that by ignoring?
It is just terrible, I thought! You make your memories, good or bad, with love or hate, and whatever they are, you make them your best friends! Your very best friends!
I was called a clown at the time without her close relative and, most probably herself, to realize that the real clowns are very inventive and emotionally resonant people trying to make others overcome their difficulties in a profound, creative way… It was a compliment without intention—another lesson for all of us. Everything that someone says or does to you can be reverted to the other positive side. And it can make you happy even while experiencing pain.
I realized that the policy of no return was governing her mind.
That is how I decided to find out more about Iasi and go there!
Alone, which is always enough when you have aim! That it was Eminescu sending a message without me knowing at the time!
“For you will die the moment you have in life no aim.” Mihai Eminescu
As my dear Aurelia blocked my phone once, I used another number to sometimes exchange messages.
I decided to give one last try and send the message that I am going to Isai and would like her to accompany me as a pure friend. Difficult to believe, but it would be exactly like that as I had a deep respect for her. Deep and genuine. To sweeten the “offer,” I included two days’ visit to Venice from Iasi. I sent a message, and after less than two minutes, I got a “great” answer! She replied with one word only! “Who?”
Well after seeing that message I was not disappointed, I was happy! Happy that I met her, that I had a beautiful relationship, and that I will visit her home town and meet new people! Actually, that “WHO” reply gave me the inspiration to enjoy my trip and write essays on my website http://www.philosophyofgoodnews.com about that city and that part of the world.

So, as the decision was taken, tickets were bought and downloaded hotel and rent a car boked, and I was at the airport.
Like in all public places, people wander around investigating other people and their behavior, usually to find some inspiration for their thoughts. That is positive thinking applied! Try it. It helps the soul.
Check-in passed, boarding started, and while in the cue looking in front of the lady, till then not well spotted, I heard her voice saying: “Do not look further, you might be scared.” I looked at her restless eyes with all due attention and interest. She was radiating very positive feelings towards me as we started to introduce ourselves. Her name was Liliana, and even not a Shakespearean name, I will find out later that her character definitely was! She was such a refreshment that I thought about why William did not introduce her name to the world before! Reason (that reason is always making us be somehow unnecessary dialectic) why I was thinking of Shakespeare is that I found out that Eminescu was compared with him and called “Romanian Shakespeare”!
If her name was Adriana (from Comedy of Errors) or Alice (from Henry V) or Juliet (from Romeo and Juliet) or Mariana (from All’s Well that Ends Well) or even Ophelia (from Hamlet), I wouldn’t think so much about Eminescu Shakespeare connection! In the end, it was productive as Liliana, without knowing, made me feel more and inspired me more!
Being a London resident, Liliana was only passing by Larnaca, having three days of swim and rest before boarding the plane to her native Iasi to visit her sick mother.
We exchanged contact numbers as I decided to invite her to the theatre performance called “VIZITA” by Friedrich Durrenmatt. I reserved two tickets at Vasile Alexandri National Theatre before as I was very much impressed reading about the history of that magnificent place! We boarded the plane and took off towards Iasi.

Jassiorum Municipium or by Jassic people – Yazyges or just IASI today, is one of the oldest cities in Romania’s ancient Moldavia region. The city with at least 600 years of history.
The city with the first university and oldest Theatre in Romania. City, where in October of 1820, unsuccessfully, Filiki Eteria of Phanariots with Ypsilantis as a leader, started a revolution against the Sultan. It was a catastrophic move as thousands of fighters got killed. City in which poets and many great characters eponym and anonym lived, chewing the air of life, sometimes exceeding their lung capacity! But always with passion!

It was Sunday afternoon when we landed. My first encounter with Romanian soil was thoughtful and curious as I was thinking about Liliana’s response to my invitation while watching her sleep on the plane. She looked at ease with herself with beautiful black hair, straight facial features harmoniously filled with a lovely nose, lips, and eyebrows.
Till I was waiting for rent a car company representative to appear Liliana approached. She informed me that she will probably attend a theatre performance with me on Thursday and confirm it by Tuesday. It was a hopeful beginning of my Iasi stay. I thought that sleep helps people make decisions and wondered if she had a dream! I was going to find out many more than just about the dream. But about that later.
In the meantime, Felix, rent a car representative, and now my friend came, and we finished all the necessary paperwork needed for me to get the car. I got in and started driving towards the center of the city and hotel Trian, where I would spend the next seven days.
I do not know why but while looking at the scenery of the forest I was passing, I felt disappointed that I would never have the opportunity to live the Iasi experience with her, the woman who made me come here!
Her artistic name for this story, as I said, is Aurelia.
It was easy to find Traian Hotel. It is an exceptional place built between 1879 and 1882 by Gustave Eiffel, of, yes, Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty! It was meant to be a theatre first, and due to the debt generated was turned into a hotel. After taking some magnificent photos from the room overlooking the street in front of the hotel, I decided to widen my excitement and go for a ride, using Sunday afternoon empty roads.
During the investigative drive towards Palas moll, I have passed by the Theatre building.
First time!
Instead of going to the moll, I went back and passed for the second time to be sure that the building I was looking at, is The Theatre, as I saw in numerous photos before my trip. It was! Still, my curiosity led me to turn back and pass the third and fourth time before deciding to stop somewhere near and walk towards that so impressive building!
While walking towards the Theatre, feelings of respect, admiration, and God knows what else erupted from my inner self. Even now, writing about it, I get goosebumps! Perhaps it sounds kind of crazy; however, I felt that the building was trying to communicate with me, watching my moves and mimic carefully, trying to learn what this invader is looking for in the middle of the night!
Even immovable, or as per our perception immovable, this respectful edifice, opened in 1840, can somehow conquer the attention of passers-by, to outwit and thus to win them not as blind followers, or only admirers, but as active participants, which one realize when actually enters the building! I must say that the standard and quality of the people I have met reflects absolutely the beauty, the history, the purpose of The Theatre!
I cornered the feeling knowing that it will surface in the coming days by obtaining reserved tickets and secondly by Liliana’s company. I went to the Palas Moll and, recognizing that it is just another result of globalization, left in less than half an hour towards another gem!
The Palace of Culture!
While walking around different restaurants and cafes, experiencing the beauty of fountains, I felt alone! Not alone in the primary sense of the word alone but in the sense that I did not have with whom to share all this beauty, as the beauty shared is the beauty doubled!
To send the message to her, hoping that the universe can transfer such deep feelings thousands of miles away, I started to recite my poem written to her one night.
Here it is
Tonight I love you
I feel and write.
Even poems for you
I create!
From clean soul
Full of love!

I do not interpret!
Nothing to repeat,
All genuine
from deep in me.
Said by words
Felt by heart.
And that is me,
Naked as born
I love you tonight!

After some months, I added two more verses

…and tomorrow?
Tomorrow is for sorrow.

Now when I write these words after years, I could change them again.

…and tomorrow?
tomorrow is morrow (another day)


…and tomorrow is
for love to borrow.

You can choose what suits you!

As I was in the romantic and dreamer state while going back towards my hotel, I managed to get lost! Dreamers business!
First time visiting Iasi, first time dreaming while night driving somehow it is normal to get lost for a while. It can be inspirational when you get lost in the city you visit for the first time as it gives you the opportunity if you are talkative and respectful to meet new people and feel the real atmosphere. Something like that happened to me.
I was driving around for some time, not knowing where the road will take me, until I approached a boulevard with side parking for many cars.

Tramp and Trolley bus lines were visible down and up. I stopped trying to employ my sixth sense, as the fifth was alive and working after being in front of the theatre building, and especially The Palace of Culture. I chose a downward direction to go back to the hotel. While driving, I spotted a man in a big car looking at me. Using that eye contact, as my Romanian was near zero at the time, I opened the window and asked him in English where Trayan Hotel was. He smiled and said, “No English,” but he showed me with his hand to continue straight, which I did, leaving him with an overwhelming smile. At the next traffic lights, where I think that I recognized a famous Iasi university on my right, that man drove his car next to mine and showed me to follow him. I did it with pleasure and curiosity. After not more than 5 minutes we were in front of Trayan hotel.
I let him understand to wait for a little, parked the car, and went to meet that good man. I presented him with my card and slowly explained that I invite him next afternoon to join me for a coffee or food at the hotel. He wanted to express himself, but his English was poor. However, I told him not to worry, as we can use our native languages first. I wanted to show my gratitude for such genuine hospitality. He was most likely ashamed and did not respond. Does not matter, as he gave me the idea of what to expect in Iasi! It was the truth! Hospitality and human approach I felt everywhere!
I went to the hotel, took a shower, and went to sleep, satisfied with my decision to come to this extraordinary place.

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