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Leonardo da Vinci, Lefkara lace, Caterina Cornaro, Mona Lisa and Robinson Cyprus


Inspiration is the guiding idea to continue learning and connecting facts history left with us. Intuition is born when you combine curiosity with inspiration!
How are these five names connected?
First, to make a statement.
However today’s known history and today’s known science will react, or most probably ignore, I would like to make an assumption that Mona Lisa is Caterina Cornaro! It is an intuition that I am not prepared to trade for anything! However, certain events happened at a particular time that has somehow made me uneasy but sure that intuition is higher and more significant and ultimate human virtue than any definitions for history research. How comes that in 2013 lost Leonardo da Vinci mural has been found in a room of the Sforzesco Castle as per https://www.lagazzettadelmezzogiorno.it/news/english/500381/new-section-of-mural-by-leonardo-discovered-in-milan.html
and that at the same year, a priceless 500 years old portrait of an Italian noblewoman, Isabella d’Este, painted by Leonardo, was discovered as part of a private collection in a Swiss bank with Italian owners choosing to keep their identity a secret.
With two names, Caterina and Leonardo, connected, and me taking some weight off my soul due to the statement I wrote above, let me start the story that led to the intense feeling of enlightenment.
It was March 2020. First lockdown in Cyprus. I had a meeting with the new Robinson Club Resort designer to discuss her concept for the project and textile textures and colors to be introduced as decoration for the rooms. I had the pleasure to cooperate with her a year before, during the refurbishment of the vast restaurant and lobby at the same premises, then under another operator.
As soon as we started, Sophia shared her concept to connect the new Robinson Club with Leonardo Da Vinci’s visit to Cyprus and his visit to Lefkara village, where he discovered the famous Lefkara lace. To let you know that Robinson Club Cyprus is situated in the beautiful seaside of the Alaminos village, some 20 kilometers from Lefkara and built by the Muskis family, the owners of Four Seasons, and Amathus Beach Hotel in Limassol.
Hearing her idea, I got very excited as in April of 2018, I published a short article with the title “Leonardo da Vinci, Lefkara village lace and The Last Supper mural.” It was based on the quote I found in the book “Historic Cyprus,” published 14th of May 1936, by Rupert Forbes Gunnis, Eton College graduate English historian and a private secretary of Governor of Cyprus. He wrote on page 321:
“Leonardo da Vinci, when he visited the island( of Cyprus*)in 1481 purchased lace made at Lefkara for the altar cloth at Milan Cathedral.”
The idea I had then was to use my first and short article based on the above quote as an inspiration to investigate and write more about that extraordinary visit. I then had the same feeling and reported the following:
“I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future, technology finds out that the portrait of Caterina just recently presented to the public by Levendis museum in Nicosia or some other one waiting to be discovered had a “touch” of Leonardo da Vinci.” If you want to learn more about Caterina Cornaro, I strongly suggest visiting two museums in Nicosia.
“CVAR Severis” museum- cvar.severis.org and
Leventis Museum- leventismuseum.org

Sophia’s idea was the initiation I was looking for to continue.
Let me share with you a short history of Lefakara.
Mentioned first in 1134 in the testament of Saint Neophytos, born in the nearby village of Kato Drys, Lefkara village is situated in the mountains some 50 kilometers from Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, and 20 kilometers from the new Robinson Club Cyprus.
During the Franco Venetian rule of Cyprus, Lefkara has been used as a safe retreat oasis for women and children of the Venetians. They escaped Pirate raids of coastal towns of Famagusta, Morfou, Kyrenia, Limassol, etc.…
Having not much to do at the retreat of Lefkara, women practiced an abstruse form of unique needlework coming deep down the soul, making each lace a masterpiece of its own. That kind of work requires a lot of patience and concentration, focus, and a clear mind! It was the time when TV sets, mobile phones, and computers did not exist to distract people’s minds. The time when intuition was still sharp!
This is how the history of Lefkara lace was born!

In May of 2020, I visited Lefkara village three times till I found a suitable lace reflecting Sophia’s idea to present it to the owners of Robinson Club Cyprus.
After their meeting, that extraordinary lady informed me that they were impressed with an idea and approved it for the mockup room. The lace 20 x 20 cm, as an emblem, was introduced for the headboard. From there on, we were awaiting the decision if the lace will be a part of the rooms or part of the reception!
You can see the first lace below.

Empowered by the excitement and curiosity, I continued visiting Lefkara and walking through its narrow streets decorated with many different flowers, paintings, and even books. My feeling intensified by irradiating the old rocky houses conjuring the ancient atmosphere. Here you can test your soul. If it is positioned in the right place, one can sensate spirits wandering around to detect the visitor’s aim. If your soul is strolling without having the place to park itself and work clearly, you will be deprived of unique experiences. But for a curious truth seeker, that will give birth to the idea to revisit Lefkara.
I remembered that many historians did not confirm Leonardo da Vinci’s visit. While researching, I recalled my participation and the opportunity to ask eminent connoisseurs of Leonardo da Vinci’s work like Professor Seracini during his memorable lecture in October 2019, “Rediscovering Leonardo da Vinci: the secret lives of his paintings.”
Here are some photos were taken during the lecture of October 2019

I felt that politics might somehow keep Leonardo da Vinci’s stay in Cyprus under the veil of secrecy. Secrecy, which is transmuted to legend as beautiful, profound words of His Excellency the Italian Ambassador to Cyprus, Mr. Andrea Cavallari, conveyed at the opening of the lecture:
“The legend says that Leonardo da Vinci traveled to Cyprus and that he brought back to Italy a beautiful piece of embroidery from Lefkara village for the altar of the Duomo in Milano. I am sure that, 500 years later, the “piece of Leonardo” that Professor Seracini will bring to Cyprus will enlighten us on Leonardo’s struggle to expand the limits of human knowledge, combining as never before, hope and reason. May his work and research be an example for all of us,”
Common sense made me adopt a strong feeling that it was not only politics but also the financial interests of the leading players at the time that did not allow Caterina to get involved intimately with anyone, to be sure that the chances for an eventual new successor will be reduced to zero!
This assumption becomes more profound if you learn that Leonardo was 29 years old and Caterina 27 years of age at the time of his 1481 visit. To make my premise even more interesting, keep in mind that Queen Caterina lost her husband, King James I, suddenly in 1473, and her only son, King James III, slightly more than one year old, in 1474.
As Queen Caterina stayed without descendants and was under the constant pressure of Venice merchants, including her own family with vast business interests in Cyprus, she succumbed. In February of 1489, she finally ceded her rights to the doge of Venice. It is from then that Venice started ruling Cyprus till 1571 and the Ottoman’s invasion.

Imagination and intuition are genuine human qualities that can be diluted with different definitions, statistics, and many other restrictive men made manipulative rules. It is always a fantastic pleasure to feel that you are not affected by that!
So, let’s imagine Leonardo coming in 1481 to Cyprus and meeting Queen Caterina Cornaro. To greet him, she took him on a short visit to Lefkara village to feel the romantic and artistic atmosphere and boost his inspiration and her mood. Who does not like a passionate, young, enchanting artist! Especially when both were sharing the idea that people should be judged only by their virtues and not by their flaws.
Maybe Leonardo, impressed first with the beauty and manners of Queen Caterina and secondly by the quality and uniqueness of the laces he saw, conveyed to her that he will move to Milan next year to work as a painter and sculptor under the patronage of Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan. Then as a memory of the visit and his first encounter with Queen Caterina, he bought or was presented with an exceptional Lefkara lace!
No one can deny that love ignites people in the millisecond and opens all the pores! If we say that in love, one feels more than it should and suffers more than thinks, dreams more than lives, then it would be inevitable that Leonardo never forgot his Cyprus visit and, of course, Queen Caterina Cornaro!
You will read more about Leonardo and Caterina in the upcoming book “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond.”
Whatever they say about Leonardo’s affiliations and Caterina depressions, my intuition is making me shiver.
Lefkara generates that kind of atmosphere to make people want to connect! I felt it on my own skin!

To come, for the moment, to the present and recommend to the visitors of Robinson Club Cyprus to ask their hosts about Lefkara excursions! But, if you ever go to Lefkara, do not go only one time. Repeat the visits. As I already said, it is excellent for the soul! The first impression is essential, but you need to go several times to feel more. Lefkara has some force, some energy, some secrets that it is not revealing immediately. It waits for the repeated visitors, and then it chooses whom to target to enlighten further! If you feel something extraordinary after visiting Lefkara, be sure that when going back to your living place, you will take with you unique vibrations to use it, consciously or unconsciously, as a foundation for your advancement! In any field! Just imagine Leonardo da Vinci whose creativity rose to the stars after his visit to Lefkara. The period 1482-1500 and while he stayed in Milan “was the most fruitful of fully completed works and of other resumes later.”

While visiting Lefkara when there were no tourists, I had a human, genuine pleasure to meet many people. They all were an inspiration and somehow medium to sense that old, natural, unique excitability. That is how over the coffee at friendly and above all full of wise proverbs “Καφέ της παρέας” or “Companionship Coffee shop,” I first met Neofitos, the young and absolutely aware and aware owner and then all the others. It overwhelmed me with such a positive atmosphere and pure human smiles and hospitality that I wanted to stay for an extended period. It was another reminder that we are all good as humans. We just need initiation of positive vibes around us. One old but the well-aware and wise man paid for my coffee, and we exchanged thoughts learning that the nearby shop I visited was his and his wife and that he was a father of Mrs. Margarita, I will introduce to you later. Also, I met the husband of Mrs. Margarita as I ordered some more Lefkara lace to give an option to Sophia if she needed one.
At the time, I did not know whom I met and what kind of history that family carries, but I felt a complete, human, genuine trust!
We exchanged many opinions and shared as many life stories with the people there that will be revealed in another essay about innate human goodness!

This air of genuine hospitality has first initiated and then matured in me the idea that, in the end, the Mona Lisa may be Caterina Cornaro, the secret love of Leonardo da Vinci! Does not need to have the same face! The structure of both looks familiar, and we will never learn what and about whom Leonardo was thinking when painting the so-called Mona.
I could change maybe the saying that eyes do not lie to hands do not lie. Why? Guess by yourself.
You might think that I exaggerate, but when I took Mrs. Margarita’s unique, black lace, I felt Leonardo Spirit and another one mingling around whom I recognize as Knight without being able to identify the name!

How did I get the honor to be introduced to Mrs. Margarita’s unique lace?
Well, the Robinson Club Cyprus owners decided not to have the original Lefkara lace in each room, as it would be an issue for maintenance. Still, instead, they wanted to introduce more extensive lace, two of them at the resort’s reception.
So, the “usual suspect,” being me, was kindly asked to go again to Lefkara and organize the lace making. I accepted it with pleasure and went again to see my now dear friends and to order two pieces of 40×40 centimeters handmade original Lefkara lace!
I went to Mrs. Margarita’s shop, and after the designer Sophia’s approval, the deal was done! However, life always has surprises hidden in the sleeves!
While discussing the lace order, Mrs. Margarita informed me that one of the laces she made was selected by Michelangelo Foundation to participate in the Milan exhibition! She conveyed that certain Mr. Jean Blanchaert from the Cultural Council of the Michelangelo Foundation visited her and picked the lace!
As curious as I am, I said to dear Mrs. Margarita to bring the lace when I come to pick up the already ordered laces for Robinson Club Cyprus Resort.
Sometimes waiting for things to happen can result in stress, but I did not feel one as somehow tranquility and calmness overwhelmed me.
I think that I got in love with Lefkara, with Caterina and Leonardo and all the people I met there and about there!
If you agree with Plutarch that the soul of man in love lives in someone else’s body, I can say with all certainty that parts of me are left will all those beautiful people I met in person and spiritually!
A week passed, and it was the day to go and pick up the laces from Mrs.Margarita and meet the lace chosen by Michelangelo Foundation Cultural Council member Jean Blanchaert.
When I saw two laces ready, I was so proud to participate in this venture and highly grateful to work with Sophia Suri and to follow her idea till the end. You can see the photos of the identical laces ready to take place at the new Robinson Club Cyprus reception at Alaminos village.

Furthermore, Mrs. Margarita presented me with THE LACE and told me the story.
Before the story, I want to share with you, dear readers, the feeling I had when my hands took the lace! I felt that I went back like with the time machine being a knight wearing the same lace as an armor! The lace was different! It was black and cumbersome! It reflects security, pride, chivalry, humanism, and completely unexplainable passion and love!

That was the moment when I felt that Leonardo da Vinci is for the second time among Cypriots! That was the moment of awaking cognition, awareness that Leonardo loved Caterina and never stopped loving her in his own way!
Mrs. Margarita told me that it took her four months to finish the lace you see in the picture below and that her life motto was always to “challenge her efforts to be different and curious!”
That was precisely what Sophia was doing by suggesting Lefkara lace and Leonardo da Vinci’s story as an inspiration for the Robinson Cyprus project!
That is what the undersigned is following for a long time now!
If there is any conclusion to be made, it is that the people with the same vibration meet and cooperate smoothly, connecting their curiosity and passion for leaving something behind!

Tuesday 8th of June 2021

To be continued…

Part of the book “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond” by
Darko Richard Lancelot you can pre-order here https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/subscription-page/

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Connect and Respect

At the waves of life


Curiosity does lead to the inspiration of any kind. Positive or negative. I will always concentrate on the positive side. Yesterday late afternoon with working hours expired I wanted to visit the same place for the third time.
The first time was during the second Cyprus lockdown in January 2021. When going to work, I passed by this fantastic place, then obviously closed. I spotted a beautiful garden, and literally next to it, a ship-style bar combined with the sea view, giving the perfect shape to absolutely unique scenery. Then I thought to write about Leonardo Da Vinci and his “Second time among the Cypriots,” imaging what he would say or paint inspired by this place. Maybe in Cyprus, he got the inspiration to leave with us some of the words like: ” As well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.” As many different feelings were playing inside of me, I could not help it, so I went back to a nearby town to take away some food and eat it in, then, utterly deserted place. It was an excellent, fantastic decision. Being alone with the sea, I started singing using the music created by waves. Concerns about the present and future disappeared, replaced by new ideas or, better, old ideas surfacing the soul, reminding me that they were always there, just that I was not ready to feel them! Does it happen to you also?
These thirty minutes of my first stay were a flywheel to continue with all the possible and impossible enthusiasm and understanding of all the actions of our fellow human beings. I confirmed within myself for one more time that people are good! Maybe that many do not know that for themselves, but THEY ARE GOOD! When they realize that it might hurt them, but no pain, no gain. With the pain of admitting your mistakes, you gain wisdom and humanity. Never is too late. Courage and common sense are needed.

So, I left the place with a contract signed in my mind that I will come back. Five months passed, lockdown number two became lockdown number three. However, everything which has the beginning has an end also. We must realize that nothing is forever and that our joint road is taking us all to the same destination. But before that destination, we have many things to do for the good of ALL by starting from ourselves.

Just a week ago, I visited the same place, now open. It was out of curiosity and, as I already said, the contract with my mind. Sudden but safe move and we parked the car to approach the garden and have lunch. It is not always, and indeed, it is not a rule, but this beautiful place also has the most tasteful food. It could be that the whole atmosphere adds to the taste completing the harmony. We enjoyed beautifully presented refined food, amicable service from the entire family wearing the same fashionable and plain T-shirts. Each table has a different number decorations, making visitors accumulate infinite positive feelings. With all this overwhelming excitement, we left towards another place I will write about soon to further increase the pleasure of living in this world. Below you can see some pictures from the second visit.

Meet “PAS TO KIMA” or in English ” AT THE WAVES.”

The story will never be complete as love for a person or place never disappears when you feel it genuinely. You have a need to test it and meet it from all sides!
Just after five days, the third “date” happened. The date with the same place but at a different time. The time for dinner with the sunset. It reminded me of the Third date in Toledo, the poem of 19th century romantic Gustavo Adolfo Becquer! Not because of the third date poem he left with us, but because of the presence of the excess of emotions!

Enjoying food and the scenery, this time having the whole star, our Sun as a companion, I realized that this place exists with one purpose! To help you, to enable us to feel real love! To teach us that we can feel real love many times in our short lives. Especially with these sunsets, like you can see below!

There will definitely be fourth, fifth, and many other dates at this magnificent place “PAS TO KYMA, or “AT THE WAVES,” so let suggestion at the end of this writing be Leonardo Da Vinci words: ” It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment are rarely sitting back letting things happen to them. Instead, they go out and happen to things!”

Extracts from the book “Quarantine diaries and Beyond.” All rights reserved.


by Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect



The world as we know it is changing. Things are unwinding. The billionaires understand that they are not as powerful as they thought and, indeed, as many of us still believe.
That is another message to all those blindly supporting lost cases! Those support everything that comes from sophisticated propaganda, not realizing that it is the way of brainwashing at its best.
Lost cases are those that are based on lies and deceptions. Always. Just that they are courted to one extent till they are needed. Then when they cross the line and think that they are omnipotent, they are sacrificed by forces that exceed all the billions and influence they, poor people, thought they have. That is a type of change. Awaking is also the way of a change! Like is sleepwalking. I firmly believe that all of the blindness, sleepwalk, depression, and other destructive emotional states come from the educational system that became a “Landfill of useless things!”
“Landfill of useless things” is so powerful expression used by a friend of mine, Ph.D. in Philosophy and aware, awake person! He is, first of all, a genuine human being, and then we can add all the other titles.
Educate your children at home! Educate them with virtues and common sensed plays. Let them love books and count the stars! Let them dream! Let them get lost in their dreams, their thoughts! Let them wake up early to enjoy the sunrise! Let them love freely! Let them love with full lungs! Without masks!
“What is the change for you?”
That is the question I received online ( became modern to do things online) from a fellow Toastmaster to give a little publicity for our upcoming meeting.
My reply was swift, and here it is.
While visiting a pub in England, more than 100 years old, my friend ordered a beer. The beer came, and he gave a 10-pound note to pay for it. After a while, he consumed his beer, but the change did not arrive yet. So he kindly asked the barman, “Excuse me, what about my change? ” to get an immediate answer: “Change? We don’t like change here.”
Joke aside, change is a process, not an institution. Like Science is! It is a process in which many lose directions, and many discover beautiful things. I could call change to be the process of becoming!

To add some thoughts for the sake of the diary, Quarantine Diary and Beyond, the process of becoming is not defining what you will become or what you are becoming! You might become a billionaire but emotionally completely destructed person with a triple personality. You became!
But what?
Or you became, just, a human being with compassion and genuine love towards others.
You also become!
As there is no free lunch, if you think that it is possible to combine, you will be disappointed running for that without ever being satisfied!
The choice is yours. The option is ours!

Things are simple and obvious. You only need, and that is the truth, common sense! Free mind and a decision to abandon the “landfill of useless things,” one being statistics!
And to remind you that one great mind that of Sir Isaac Newton left with us and this simple sentence: ” I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion…”

Dear all readers! Unite as humans! It is possible!

Darko Richard Lancelot



Connect and Respect

Great Moments


We live in the great moments! Being great does not mean that it is not difficult. But it means that as Nikola Tesla said: ” Great moments are born great opportunity!” Opportunity to clean our minds, get the soul in the right place and practice Love and Respect! With all! Even with planers!  


That is the number of the rapid tests done in the Republic of Cyprus, with approximately 875000 inhabitants, on the 9th of May, Victory Day, the Day of Europe, Mothers Day. 

It is possible that, in the near future, to try to degrade Victory Day further, someone might decide to make the 9th of May the Rapid Test day. 

There is a serious possibility for this great event to be included in history books for the new generations to learn about our achievements.

Let it be decided when the time comes, and now, let’s focus on just one thing! FREEDOM OF CHOICE! 

We can not be forced to love someone we do not have affection for!? Or maybe, by some “soft” pressure, we can be moved to reconsider to “love” that person because of the interest we might see, or because of the advice of our parents who might have in mind financial situation, family standing, position in the society, etc… That is called fixed marriage. It has happened in previous centuries. It was not always that bad as improvements were always possible. But with something injected to our body? Especially when that something is still in the experimental phase. Every revision will not delete the substance already injected, but it will demand to inject another substance until it becomes practice. And if that is allowed by us and becomes new normal, who will “guard the guardians?” 

Use common sense.  

It is possible that the whole of the civilization, western in particular, as we know it, is built on interests. Then only by the interest, it acts, and only by the conformism, makes decisions. However, when AI-Artificial Intelligence enters our lives, the conformists, to call it lightly, might decide that humans can slowly disappear as their services are no longer required. Then, who will protect you?  

Use common sense! 

Love without sacrifice is like a theft Nicholas Taleb said. That Nicholas Taleb who wrote an essay ” The intellectual yet idiot,” and the Black Swan book. That Nicholas Taleb who tries to awake you! 

Love of any kind, universal love, for us human beings can not happen without sacrifice! That is not utopia. It is the state of mind, vibrations we project! It does not have anything to do with statistics! With flattening the curve stupidity! 

As dear Professor Velimir Abramovic said, “statistics is a human ignorance about the particular event!” 

The signs are all over us, starting with introducing the word sustainability continuing with so many other events, including the video from 2016 projecting the chip implants. You can see it here:


Use common sense,

We were not aware of the plans, as most of us want to have a simple family life, raise kids, enjoy the grandchildren, good company, and well-deserved retirement.

Well, it is time to observe better, get aware, open eyes, and investigate!  

When suspicion develops into confidence, that is when we will get awake and aware of situations and plans of those that want to affect our lives in a dividing way, to make us antagonize between ourselves. Those forces proceed with insidious, sneaky ways, like bribes and the renting of scientists(those who think that science is an institution and not the everlasting process) to divide and subdue populations.

Use common sense.

Lately, as plans are not going as expected, it looks like that there is no way back for them. They will use as leverage all the sleepwakers who forgot themselves in sleep, as Bulgakov wrote in Master and Margarita. By sophisticated propaganda, they label all the people using common sense to express their views as morons, anti-vaxxers, or anti who knows what! 

They are treated with irony and postulate like “Trust Science not Morons.” Such a pity that we have fellow human beings to react like that.  

The question for them all is, WHO WILL PROTECT YOU AT THE END?

Use common sense.

If my favorite historian and late professor at Georgetown Univesity, Carroll Quigley, were among us, he would probably change the title of his unique and highly common sensed book “Tragedy and Hope” to Tragedy of Hope! If we all start, just start using common sense, hope will overcome the tragedy and become a massive force of projecting freedom! Freedom of all corrupted fellow human beings, to whom we would provide a way to awake themselves and get to understand that they are also used! Tragically used! 

So dear fellow human beings, instead of showing off that you got vaccinated, stop for a while and reflect and respect both decisions. To do and to do not. 

Both choices are human, and both are valid!

 If we had freedom of choice and decided anything of the two, and respect other people’s decisions, hope will rise, and results for the good of all will be visible sooner! At the same time, the manipulation like “do it to protect others, or do it for the “good of the society,” will lose strength as more and more awake people will start walking freely around asking many questions like “who is responsible for this mess,” “what can we do to bring them to justice,” etc…

It would be fantastic if all this process of vaccinations will not affect the general population’s health in the next five or ten years. If it would, then history will say that the days we live now were the worst ever experiment with the general population’s health. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is conspiracy practice.  

Use common sense.

Even that Thomas Paine said that “Time makes more converts than a reason,” we might relatively soon realize what the plan was and how it was projected to us by presenting fearful news and negativity every day.

Then we can get organized and advance towards the courtrooms to bring all those organizers and paid followers to the trials! 

That is happening, and there is an attempt to postpone the first scheduled hearings as negotiations are definitely being held somewhere by someone. 

As planned, “Quarantine Diaries” are completed, and beyond is slowly taking its place! The above is part of it. 

You could get it and read it with your own contribution of one personal diary day. More at https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/subscription-page/ 

Beyond is here. Beyond starts in the minds of those awakened! Those who finally recognize that programmed and massive world experiment of enslavement took place. Those that found out that the whole process got funded by huge money and interests, with all the same narratives instructed by the financiers. 

Humanity will prevail, like it or not, as it is getting organized and testing the system’s core. Let’s see how the judiciary will respond. 


Green Pass or any Pass being introduced to limit freedom of choice, especially with medicaments which are still under the experimental stage, are crimes against humanity, and you should know it. Everything is written. It just needs implementation. 

Great Moments , Great Opportunity! Let us seize it and act!

Darko Richard Lancelot



Connect and Respect



From the book “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond” you can preorder here – https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/subscription-page/ – all rights reserved.

How interesting it is to go back and read a diary from October of 2020.
In the meantime, many things have happened!
First, the Republic of Cyprus, when you use the analogy of population, became the world recorder in concluding daily rapid tests. With slightly more than 870000 inhabitants, the Cyprus Republic on the 9th of May completed 109846 rapid tests. The Government of the Republic of Cyprus spent nearly 30000000(thirty million euros) for the rapid tests without building any new hospital beds for treating Covid-19 patients. Interestingly, the positive results were 269( two hundred sixty-nine) or 0.24% of the total number of the tested people.

Common sense says that this is a great success of the Republic of Cyprus Government fighting such a deadly disease. Now that the measures have been proved right, and with already 30 million euros spent on the rapid tests, the Republic of Cyprus Government might decide to change how the tests are done and demand the test from the people who have symptoms only(high temperature). As all the other countries are doing, except a few.
It looks like that making so many tests will not be sustainable for the budget of the Republic hit by economic decline and many cases of alleged corruption. That is why yesterday’s results and, hopefully, coming days results will make the great Cypriot Scientists decide to abandon such massive tests with tremendous cost to the Cypriot population.
At the same time, the Republic of Cyprus has introduced firstly called “Corona Pass,” and then renamed it to “Safe Pass,” allowing people with tests, vaccination of the first dose, and recently recovered from the Covid-19 infectious disease, to visit specific places. Those without any of the three mentioned are not allowed to do so. The Great Minds of Scientists have decided to use such a beautiful, human name for the pass! “SAFE PASS!” Forward-thinking of such great Scientists, thinking that they are playing with the population, as after Corona and massive vaccination, “Safe Pass” will be staying in our lives contributing, as those minds are thinking, to our safety.
We salute all those minds thinking of and contributing to general population safety. As we all should make them a tribute and thank them from the bottom of our population hearts, they should let us know who they are to receive our utmost gratitude.

Furthermore, there is confirmation after confirmation that passes of many kinds are being developed to stay in the population and get the place in the minds of young people. Like new fashion! Modern! Cool!
It is up to us to decide what is cool and modern and good? Or maybe it is not, and we need to follow what others let us.

Below philosophyofgoodnews and Darko Richard Lancelot said that there is no way back as instructions are received ….
We are not happy that we were right! We do not want to be right!
We want from the bottom of the human soul to be very wrong!

Continue reading below… from 14/10/2020.

Diary continues as it is a way to share thoughts and feelings with a friend who never complains. It used to be blank paper, and now it is a kind of relative-computer blank screen.

After complete lockdown, partial lockdowns are coming into our lives.

There is no way back. Instructions are received, and now we are at the stage of practical application.

It is to sustain epidemics. It is to limit the virus—marketing at its best. To get people’s fear up and reasoning down. Organized by nonelected forced to elected. Words are nicely wrapped to cause confinement and confusion. Behind all is knowledge or cognition that stars have a tremendous influence on us! When Euclid was writing his Geometry, where was he looking for inspiration? Down or up? What is up? When Nikola Tesla was growing up in his village of Smiljan, where was he looking to? One great lady wrote a book about that called “Star Counters.”

Stars! Look at the stars! Instead of watching the news, use that time to just simply look at the stars! Then do not sustain your feelings! Let them grow and inspire you! Do not forget to thoroughly wash your hands. Some Vitamin D can be of help. At least the French National Academy of Medicine says some of it.

The word Sustainability or better, term Sustainable Development was introduced in 1987! It was mentioned in the UN report OUR COMMON FUTURE or Brundtland Report named by Gro Harlem Brundtland. She was a Prime Minister of Norway three times and then Director-General of the world health organization from 1998 till 2003, and VP of the World Socialist Party. The first official mentioning of Sustainability was introduced in 1992 in the document called UN sustainable development agenda 21! Today is simply known as Agenda 21! However, many are using the word Sustainability as a necessity! Come on!

To sustain is to limit! To limit is to exclude! To exclude is to diminish! Is it that what, between the lines, is all this about?

That idea of diminishing started many years ago when some thought they have the right to decide what the Earth will look like and how many of us should live in it.

How has this happened, and we are trapped?

Let’s ask ourselves where we were in 1987, 1992, etc.? It is not a blame game, but an understanding one!

Today some human beings tend to accuse other human beings that we are worst than animals and not worth the Earth we live in, and many more! Those that are accusing, who are they?! They are also part of us! Those that are making plans on how to destroy FAMILY VALUES are also part of us. It would be for a laugh if it was not for tears! And just ask yourself, why is this all happening? Could it be to, first of all, introduce the worm of doubt, sneaking suspicion, into human relations! Divide and Rule! Simple it is! So on the side of the divide, there are many tools! Fear is one of the main!

We have our concerns about making families, having kids, the right job to make our future to the best of our ability! With all those bad news, with all those fear projected, we are still giving a hand to those in need. That is the consciousness being alive, and well, even that in some of us is stored deep, very deep in our soul.

We are under attack! Our souls are under attack! By the same concept that introduced the word Sustainability and made so many presentations and propaganda about it! Men against the man! Humans against humans! Again injecting uncertainty, fear for existence! With fellow humans to blame only. Your neighbors, family and relatives? Will we come to the senses?

Did we trust, and are we trusting our elected officials? Are they used by other interests? Those of nonelected people? If yes, they need to find the strength to lead, again! We will be with them!

We just want to live our lives in peace! To pass through this Earth as better as possible, leaving our most precious achievements to contribute more to the better of general goodness and advance of mankind! We brought up our children! Our children! We dream of becoming grandparents! We dreamed about celebrating 50 years of successful marriage or partnership with our wife or husband. We still do! That is called building, continuous building for the future!

Some of us are trying to program our lives in the system that was not, still, in the boiling water stage, some sleepwalking and enjoying life, thinking that all that will last forever. “Time makes more converts than a reason!” Thomas Paine said! Common sense is the title of the pamphlet.

We were played to live for today only! Forgetting our past and being lazy to build our future! We let others plan about our and our kids, kids, kid’s future! That minority organized such underhanded, sneaky policies like PPP( Public-Private Partnership with tax breaks to implement Sustainability!). They also understood that their THE TIME IS RUNNING OUT, and they proceed with remarkable speed! But people are awakening everywhere. Even WHO, World Health Organisation is pouring the water into the wine by WHO envoy Dr. David Nabarro telling The Spectator that “We really do appeal to all world leaders: stop using lockdown as your primary control method.”

Till those they call themselves leaders, influencers were being rented by a minority to impose their will on the majority, we were swimming in the lukewarm water, and we liked it as the frog likes it! To repeat the story of the frog! A very true one. When you put the frog in the boiled water, it will jump out of it immediately! But if you put it in lukewarm water, it will swim with pleasure and will not notice that the pot is placed on fire as the warmth will increase gradually. The frog will enjoy the heat so much until it has been cooked!

Small detail we did not take into consideration as it was a pleasure at the time to swim and enjoy! Small piece but crucial! Those little things define everything!

Other details are also developing! Science gives other explanations than before, while lockdowns are forced over people, forbidding us with the air we breathe. Or just making a habit of wearing masks. In this stage, everything is possible as the trust is approaching very low levels.

Twiter from Jordan Schachtel @JordanSchachtel Oct 12

“CDC: 85% of COVID-19 patients report ‘always’ or ‘often’ wearing a mask”.

So, the “science” argument is slowly going to an end!

What is to stay?

There is no free lunch!