Magnificent Proudness of Stupidity

I am not jealous of Milan Kundera! On the contrary, Milan Kundera was always an inspiration with his novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being.
There you can find many thoughts, one being: “When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.” That happens when you still have a heart and fight for a higher cause, which implies that you still have a soul, and at least do not lie and do not try to cure your complexes by judging other people’s masculinity. LGBT is ok but for themselves. FVM or Family Values Movement is also good, but for themselves. No need to advertise and to produce those that is “their job,” to somehow lead. Leading begins with self-sacrifice, not from the parties while other people are locked! Meddling in other peoples and, God forbid, other nations’ business brings the revelation of the truth faster! Patience and time are two main ingredients of strength! Nothing of those two simple things is to be seen in the geographic areas of the western hemisphere! Someone was patiently waiting for the right time to be provoked and to send to the hole those that dig it! And that time is here. It is a process, and it is irreversible.
When you combine the unbearable lightness of being with the magnificent proudness of stupidity, you get precisely the picture from that round table filled with those creatures making cheap jokes about riding horses. They would be better off if they were talking about hokey! Not bicycles but hokey! Also, after “highly likely,” some of them presented to the public the lack of the basic knowledge of geography, they now acknowledge the absolute lack of basic knowledge of recent history. That is why they forgot that one great and iron lady existed! Margaret Thatcher!
It looks like all strong characters from all parts of the world, in today’s decadent world of the western hemisphere, are to be forgotten to cure narcissistic complexes, insane delusions, and “reckless self-regard” of the weak creatures making comments about the masculinity of other counterparts.
They should be reminded even that it will make them more jealous about the nationality of the code name TRICYCLE, the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s double 0 seven, Mr. Bond. James Bond. Or Mr. Boss – Pambos!
That was Dusko Popov. The Serb. Dusko got the code name TRICYCLE from legendary Stewart Menzies, Major General and the Chief of MI6 from 1939 to 1952!
“Menzies was educated at Eton College, becoming president of the student society Pop, and left in 1909. He excelled in sports, hunting, and cross-country running. He won prizes for his language studies and was considered an excellent all-around student.” Masculinity was a must in those days in a particular geographical area.
Then, the magnificent proudness of stupidity took over and degraded all the achievements of a man like Sir Stewart.
Deep reform is needed, but with new patriots, visionary and independent personalities, free of corruption and blackmail and ready to rebuild the society! That is the only way or no way.
To make you think, let me share some statistics taken from the remarkable book of J.M.Kaynes “The Economic Consequences of the Peace.”
Population figures
Germany had in June 1914 about 64 million people with an annual increase of about 850000!
Austro-Hungarian Empire had 50 million inhabitants.
Russia had 150 million inhabitants at the same time. June 1914!
“The excess of the births over deaths in Russia as a whole was at the prodigious rate of 2 million per annum!”
What are the numbers today?

So, who is fooling whom?

However, the times are changing, and as some wise men that know how to ride a horse say, nothing will be the same anymore.

Tricycle is great!



Ensuring strategic depth

Shortsite is very common issue when you lose imagination and/or are stuck with stereotypes. Those stereotypes are  introduced to the public by the  creatures acting as so-called leaders. The tragedy is that they believe in all those manipulative and mean information that they are planting to the public. Sea of lies, ocean of lies, mountains of lies and list goes on with one immutable word- LIES!

Lies come out of innate stupidity and lack of vision plus high fear of being caught lying.

No talent in upgrading lies? Sqme old formulas that are rapidly losing their strenght. To try to increase it and to develop further the teaching of propaganda, western hemisphere used one person with the Khrushchev surname. The descendent of Nikita who with one signature gave Crimea to newly established geographical area on the “edge.”

So, now that President of Russia visited Central Asian Republic of Tajikistan to participate next day in  the summit of five countries bordering Caspian Sea in Turkmenistan the great news from the western geographical areas are stipulating the visit as a friendly countries visit.

What is Caspian Sea?

For those eager to learn here is a little geography courtesy of Wikipedia…

“The Caspian Sea is the world’s largest inland body of water, often described as the world’s largest lake or a full-fledged sea. An endorheic basin, it lies between Europe and Asia; east of the Caucasus, west of the broad steppe of Central Asia, south of the fertile plains of Southern Russia in Eastern Europe, and north of the mountainous Iranian Plateau of Western Asia. It covers 143,550 sq mi (372,000 km2) (excluding the highly saline lagoon of Garabogazköl to its east) and a volume of 78,200 km3 (19,000 cu mi).[5] It has a salinity of approximately 1.2% (12 g/l), about a third that of average seawater. It is bounded by Kazakhstan from mid-north to mid-east, Russia from mid-north to mid-west, Azerbaijan to the southwest, Iran to the south and adjacent corners, and Turkmenistan along southern parts of its eastern coast.

Max. length1,030 km (640 mi)

Max. width435 km (270 mi)

Surface area371,000 km2 (143,200 sq mi)

Average depth211 m (690 ft)

Max. depth1,025 m (3,360 ft)

Water volume78,200 km3

With so-called leaders, especially one with white disheveled hair desperately begging Russian Scientists to go to his geographical area and sell their knowledge for printed paper, it became crystal clear in what huge bad shape the science is in that particular western hemisphere geographical area is.

It also could, to use popular expression, highly likely, confirm who was eliminating Russian Scientists around… Maybe he was told to say it publicly and invite some to make the highest treason and sell them selves for that soon to be toilet paper…

That white hair, “doing my job” man is increasingly becoming a tragic figure in his downgraded down all behaviour. Nothing better to offer than call for betrayal? Why? It is REAL that the technological gap between Russia and geographical areas of western hemisphere increased so much that it will be insurmountable for foreseeable future. Just imagine, following the new strategy of Russian Federation no. 400 , when these technologies become available for civilian use! Give it two three years.

However, we can not forget that there are so great places with even greater history in that island geographical area. One being so well known as Cambridge! That place introduced to the world many Magnificent Man. Five was the number? But that is history. At the present no need for that as the system of education and family values that are used for inspiration of human mind are attacked and destroyed by lgbt and other nonsense. Maybe the way to proceed is to organise FAMILY VALUES PARADE OR FVP. Is that possible in that geographical area? The area often it be! Let it FVP be! Especially as they found a country in the Balkans that will host European lgbt event in autumn. That country name is Serbia. Can you imagine?

Aside from all that one is so obvious for those that have the eyes to see. Preparations, serious preparations are underway.

Preparing STRATEGIC DEPTH is crucial move having in mind that you can expect all from those western hemisphere delusional minds. Maybe those unique minds and amazing jokers would do the same if they had a depth in their geographical areas. That depth is available only in one of them. The boss country.

One is certain. Caspian Sea together with other areas of vast Russian Federation land represents the place that can be expected to stay as an oasis in the case of the worst scenario. So, the visit has multiple reasons and aims, soon to be seen.

And those great so called leaders can continue discussing riding the bear or horse…

They will be accountable for all the disaster they insidiously provoked.



Provoke and Run if it is not 19 to 1

Finland and Sweeden finally joined NATO.

It has happened. No Ukraine, that’s ok! Let them die! Provoke and run is the policy of brave democratic organisation based on never announced rules.

Then dementia and families pride worked and stubborn and delusional, ignorant and bankrupt, corrupted and blackmailed creatures decided to continue further for self and Earth catastrophe. We fooled you they think. If we can not rule the Earth will not exist.

The feeling they have is – we have made this system and we will destroy it taking all earth down with us. They omitted to say that they made the system as a tool to suck and loot so many continents and other geographical areas. Now looting stopped and the looters got so nervous! They are completely delusional irreversibly approaching insanity!

So, democratic, rule based geographical areas are again confirming what the Earth biggest geographical area was saying. “You are coming towards us, we are not coming towards you.”

So, is it worthwhile all this provocation and plans for destruction?Simple is the answer.

If it was “hard but worth” ( Here it is ) that half million Iraqi children died from that democratic, rule based geographical areas than the answer is obvious. Exeptionals in the rule based( they have the right to change the rules as they wish without announcements) geographical areas became delusional and further, unfortunately, they approach insanity.

But still they love to live while others die!

They use many proxies as they have from many to chose. However, somehow and by surprise these proxies are getting less and less.

The obvious and common sensed answer to all is that the truth will prevail. Propaganda of insidious looters is just not working in the scale they want.

So here is projection. Simple and short.

Russia will not do absolutely nothing about Finland and Sweden joining democratic and rule based organisation that fights wars only with 19 to 1 ratio as when bombing ex Yugoslavia. No need to do anything. No need to cure narcissistic morons. When your “partners ” start making mistakes let them continue…If they will be good nothing will happen. Maybe, even, they will sing the song “Johny be good!” And smile.

But if they do not listen and self dance slowly and humbly being good, than one is certain- God help us. Actually first God help them and if we are lucky God help us.

It is good to start asking forgiveness from GOD now, till we have time. Narcissist first.



Insane Delusion

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It is throughout the history that we have those creatures around us acting for us without us! They are delusional and insane. Tragedy.

The term insane delusion is used by J.M.Keynes in his remarkable 1919 book “The Economic Consequences of Peace.” The sentence uses another term that reflects today’s state of mind of those that would like to be called leaders- that of “reckless self-regard.” That is somehow being projected by the spoiled so-called leaders to the rotten societies being divided between “exceptionals” and “deplorables!”
However, I must say that Cambridge still radiates that subtle yet powerful energy where the independent and common sensed minds are being molded to be of great use to humanity. Or, unfortunately, misuse.

Listening to how the narrative of those that would like to be called leaders develops, one can not stay calm. Calmness is not the state we need to be in now. We need to demand answers! Not LIES but TRUTH! The times are not for lies to govern! Even if you want to protect your family by destroying whole societies! Instead of talking about riding horses and insidiously laughing about a bad joke told by the “young leader” of Davos moron, you at the round table could concentrate, if you still can, on how to avoid the disaster you made! You that influenced the technocrat to say at Munchen conference on 22nd of February 2022 that Russia can not demand anything and that will have more instead of less of NATO at its borders, and further, to foster the actor to demand nuclear weapons to be placed in still operational silos in his lands, making all this mess and tragedy just to cover so many of your misdoings and corruption involved.
Misdoings as printing many trillions of your currencies, making them not worthy of paper being printed on, where Japan’s bankruptcy is awaiting to be announced, while you struggle without any idea what is to be done except less shower… Supported with charts! Shower in charts! Wooow! Such a vision!
Do not forget that, whatever time passes, you will be held accountable to the people you represent! All of you.
Maybe that is why you want war! Perhaps you think that you will be there forever! But nothing is forever, and the world is changing!
America will reform! Not with you! The UK will reform also. Not with you! EU, if it wants to survive, will reform. Not with you. Canada will also reform, but without young Davos leaders. Those new leaders will DEMAND that you be held accountable for all disasters that happened on your watch, like bombing innocent people in Iraq( 500000 children died, which was a “very hard choice but worthed!” WORTHED ), Libya(do you remember who said with a smile: “we came we saw he died?” Came, saw died), Yugoslavia( By the way, the Serbs had the most refugees in the whole of ex-Yugoslavia, but “it was worthed?”), Jemen, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Biolabs in Ukraine and near China borders, virus escaping and jabs coming, demanding the Attorney General of the place on the “edge of Europe” to be sacked, to receive a billion-dollar credit, just to protect the family! If this was not one of the many bribes, we lost the meaning of the word bribe! Or as more extensive the bribe, it will be less believable! Who cares about that it is our “THE PEOPLE” money! Who cares that the people of that place at the “edge of Europe” are forced to fight a war that it can not win!
But the jokes about riding are great?
A complete mess of the “reckless self-regard” creatures.
You can have twenty diplomas, ten PhDs, seventy masters, and know ten foreign languages and still be a psychologically crippled creature.
The power is a heavy burden for those that are narcissists! And always ends tragically! Always!
If it was only for them, it would be ok, but when those crippled creatures take with them whole nations, that is the highest crime against all of humanity!

To finish, or better to prepare the beginning of the following story, here is one of the extracts from J.M.Keynes Book ” The Economic Consequences of the Peace:”
… Europe is apart, and England is not of her flesh and body. But Europe is solid with herself…… They flourish together, and their structure and civilization are essentially one. They flourish together, they have rocked together in a war in which we, in spite of our enormous contribution and sacrifices ( like though in a less degree than America), economically stood outside, and they may fall together. In this lies the destructive significance of the Peace of Paris. If the European civil war is to end with France and Italy abusing their momentary victorious power to destroy Germany and Austria-Hungary now prostrate, they invite their own destruction also, being so deeply and inextricably intertwined with their victims by hidden psychic and economic bonds…. “

Use your imagination and project by changing some of the geographical names and think, why is this war called a “special military operation?”

God help us all!


Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect

Brief thoughts

Lithuania – who looses in strategy looses nerves first and uses others to get punched as no courage left! That is an island country, so poorly runned ex colonial power. Without reforms ex will stay.

From TASS news agency

“Vilnius is not blocking Russia’s Kaliningrad, says Lithuanian PM
Earlier, it was reported that Lithuanian officials had informed the region’s railway authorities of a ban on the transit of a range of goods through their territory due to the EU’s anti-Russian sanctions from June 18
VILNIUS, June 21. /TASS/. The ban on transit to Russia’s westernmost Kaliningrad region via Lithuania’s territory is not geared toward the region’s blockade but is aimed against goods falling under the EU sanctions rather, Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte said on Tuesday.

“There is no blockade of Kaliningrad. We simply imposed sanctions in respect of some goods, which are covered by the so-called sanction package, such as steel and ferrous metals, from the last weekend. Railway clients or parties to contracts were informed about these sanctions,” the Delfi portal quoted her as saying.

According to Simonyte, passenger transit and transit of non-sanctioned goods under agreements between the European Union, Lithuania and Russia continue. In her words, Lithuania demonstrated a gesture of good will and refrained from terminating the agreement on passenger transit when Russia was unable to pay for it due to the sanctions imposed on Russian banks.

Governor Anton Alikhanov of the Kaliningrad Region reported earlier that Lithuanian officials had informed the region’s railway authorities of a ban on the transit of a range of goods through their territory due to the EU’s anti-Russian sanctions from June 18. He slammed Lithuania’s actions as illegitimate and violating its obligations as when it was joining the European Union it guaranteed to allow transit to the Kaliningrad region. According to the region’s governor, cargoes will be shipped by ferries. The Russian foreign ministry condemned Lithuania’s actions as openly hostile and demanded the ban be immediately lifted. Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov also characterized Vilnius’ move as unprecedented and illegal. He warned that Russia will thoroughly analyze the situation and will work out response measures in the next few days.”

You are playing fire. All of you that are provoking. Are you sane? “Highly likely,” you are not.

You can only be something if you have a good relationship with a neighbor. Forget insidious ex colonial power. You are feed with hatred for everything and everyone Russian and Orthodox and you got blind. Instead of keeping your character you followbthe orders and meddling of island ex colonial power.

World can not sustain that kind of behaviour.

And it is becoming more obvious every day that there are forces in USA who want to destroy everything worthy in that great country. Just beyond comprehension! Completely.


Connect and Respect

While Drinking Beer

Link to the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond

While drinking beer, not for 100 euros ( ), I got many messages from concerned people reading the above post sharing their thoughts about what we are passing now. They all share the same feelings. That of uncertainty, fear, anger, and despair. Few are positive. Increasing prices of all products became daily news, drastically affecting personal and family budgets. As we are brought by the system to think about everything and all only from a material perspective, many sounded lost. They can not see the light in the tunnel. Well, there might not be a light at all. Prepare candles? Maybe. Or just stop paying for increases? Did the leaders, unelected and elected, ask us when deciding about policies of cutting the energy supplies? Did they consider our well-being, our children’s future, and jobs? Or do they like being transported with last model cars as their petrol is being paid for by all of us? Golden Billion? What kind of Nazis are those? Again! Wake up!
So, what is to be done? The first important crucial thing is to refuse to pay for energy increases! No pay for increases. Get one envelope put a copy of your bill stating that you will pay the last year energy price humbly requesting for those that like to govern without responsibility to settle the difference! They all are at the positions because of us. We are not on this earth because of them! Wake up and act!

Someone before us said the following:
“Through suffering, humanity becomes wiser; the inability to see leads to despair and torment. In torment, the soul is purified and can be seen. Then, the gaze is clear and becomes a reliable source of wisdom-obviousness. But the first condition of wisdom is sincerity, sincerity towards the self and the object before God’s face.” (1)
The genuine values of God( not religion) and Homeland will appear once we start seeing clearly!
The first condition is- to be sincere! First to self and then to everything else!
The idiotic statements- “I am just doing my job”- are unacceptable. The message should change to ” I want to help you!” “My job is to help you!”
By changing the narative and practicing it, the evil inside us will decrease, freeing us as prisoners of the evil.
Continuing with what someone else said:
“As a result of a process that has matured for a long time, evil today has managed to get rid of all internal divisions and external obstacles, has managed to discover its true face, spread its wings, express its goals, gather its strengths, know its ways and means; besides, it openly legitimized itself, formulated its dogmas and canons, elevated its now undisguised nature and showed the world its spiritual being. Nothing so powerful and perverted human history has not seen or, in any case, does not remember. True evil was so openly given to the human spirit for the first time.”(2)

So, again, what is to be done, you might ask?
Oppose. To be stubborn, I will repeat that someone before us said that the man who does not oppose the evil becomes absorbed by it as the evil is a mental inclination of man! Inherent in each of us.
Discouragement leads to ruin as evil overwhelms our spirit!
Like that, ” They will crush us like ants!” and my reply- Well, “they” will stay without ants! Long before they managed to introduce sufficient AI. And without energy AI does not work! Hint, it is!
There is no surrender-NO PASARAN- to fear, to evil!
Encourage yourself, get angry at yourself, seek repentance, grunt, but do not sink!
Never become the weapon of villainous! Give up low passions and external influences. Cherish and pursue the feeling of shame and duty, awareness of the need for universal human norms, and share spiritual rejoicing with living beings!
Opposing is healthy. Not destroying, but opposing.
And be kind as all people continuously educate each other, whether we like it or not. We educate each other by our gestures, tone of voice, our smile or the absence of it, our comings and goings, our address or request, our communication or boycott!

We will prevail! But need less casualties in spite of the Methuselahs!

(1) and (2) and generally, the inspiration to address the current issue was Ivan Ilyin 1925 book “On Resistance to Evil by Force.”
That man was accused by Bolshevists, and as we learn more every day, their Western mentors that he is too much patriot to use diplomatic wordings!

Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect

Beer and Profits

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Recently I came across below anecdote.

“A German walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender tells him:

“That’ll be 100 euros.”

The German is in shock.

“What do you mean, 100 euros? Yesterday it was only 10!”

“Well today it’s 100.”

“But why 100, dammit?!”

“I’ll explain it to you now”, the bartender says. “10 euros is for the beer. 10 more – to help Ukraine. 20 – assistance to the European countries which have imposed sanctions and are not members of the EU. Another 10 – to help the UK for the successful implementation of its sanctions against Russia. Another 10 go to the Balkan countries to help them to buy heating coal. And the remaining 40 euros – they’re for the gas subsidy to the EU and the fund to help maintain sanctions.”
The German silently took out a hundred-euro bill and handed it to the bartender. The bartender took the money, put it into his cash register, and then took out a 10-euro note and gave it back.
The German is confused.

“Wait, you said 100 – I gave you 100. Why are you giving me back 10 euros?”

“There’s no beer.”

You can find the anecdote here.

The bar tender was not informed that new price of the beer coming soon will be 150 euro with extra 50 EU going for increased oil cost, that same oil being bought from Russia now and in a couple of months will be coming to EU from India through British companies. Who cares if Europeans pay more! “ Europe,” has been declared in 2014 somewhere on the “edge of Europe.” “The edge of Europe” that has actors, short actors, long sleeves, and no gold. That gold was transported to US, more here. Collective manipulation has been in place there for so many decades making the awaking a painful and tragic process.

How long it will take for the citizens of beer loving, wine loving, ouzo loving, whiskey loving etc.. loving countries to realize that they, us all, are being played by corrupted and blackmailed creatures we see at the news every day selling us more of the more to more manipulations and lies? They do not care when they learn that less and less of us are listening what they have to say! Being so corrupted and blackmailed, they try to sell their narrative to as many as possible. They might want to be set free but with their private behavior used against them they are stuck and glued so deep that moving free is not an option anymore. To confirm the above you can just see the tweet here! Wake up! Otherwise 150 EU beer is just the beginning! The appetite increases with eating and beer drinking.

European Union leaders went to see an actor. They were greeted with some noise. But still they passed the message that the situation must be resolved and fast! Immediately after a man with white disheveled hair came to the “edge of Europe,” saw the actor, just to make sure that investment is secured( Sleepers by BBC) and that everything continues as it is. For now! Too much profits are in the game from oil. And beer? Europeans, with the so called leadership, will pay 150 EU for a beer without getting the beer. Than they, or some at least could go to Turkey and actually drink tasteful Efes beer. Many beers for 150 EU. Still it is possible there.

And the energy bills? With no beer to drink, no wine to taste, no ouzo to offer, only to pay, it will be difficult for the inhabitants of great EU to swallow more than double cost for electricity, gas and petrol.

Changing the leadership and getting some fresh air could be good, if still possible.

Thanks to Dances With Bears for an inspirational joke.



Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect

Observant and Curious

As the atmosphere initiates inspiration, and while taking notes of my thoughts one name came to my mind.

Namely, just recently, I was talking to the very dear friend. He introduced to me Khalil Gibran( 1883-1931) the famous Lebanese philosopher, poet, writer… whom he rediscovered recently. Sign that we sometimes read the book and are not ready for the feelings that initiates. That is why, after time, sometimes long time we go back to the book we read, rediscovering it! My curiosity, that makes me feel alive again awaked, and I got his book The Prophet.

It is the book to have somewhere near you. Whenever you feel that inspirational boost is needed, open it to read his wise words. You do not need to agree, like with his ” the deeper the sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain,” but at least it will make you think. It will make you feel! It will awake you as human! It will take you “out of the box” as some “guru’s” like to say. What a manipulative statement! By the way, the statement “to think out of the box,” imply that we are in the box! But we are not! We are free even when fear overwhelms us, and as Mr. Gibran said, “what is the fear of need but need itself.”

As children are our future, even that so called and highly overpriced project of soon to be abandoned “Great Reset,” would not agree, let me share some short thoughts about children from his book The Prophet. More you will read in the coming post about education, so current today when we, as humanity, are slowly awaking.

So, Khalil Gibran said:

“Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts, For they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls, For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you can not visit, not even in your dreams. You may strive to like them, but seek not to make them like you. ……”
By the way, the picture of the monument of Khalil Gibran is taken in Limassol and was unveiled on 10/12/2018!

Beautiful gesture of Cypriots towards this highly spiritual person.


Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect

Sorry we made a mistake

Will it be repeated?

It looks like some not widely visible forces pushed and highly managed to destroy all the  communication bridges between Russia and the so-called Western world. Just to state the obvious. So-called Western world has around a billion( 1,000,000,000) inhabitants while the projected world population on Jan. 1, 2022 is 7,868,872,451. However minority learned to rule majority and suck them dry, insidiously propagating material values, hedonism and everything else that is contrary to universal law. That is why Dostoyevski is forbidden. He was not at the LGBT world. Weak, and fearful personalities do not seek publicity. They organise terrible doings behind the scenes, while presenting themselves in public as humble, dear, sympathetic creatures, that manipulate other human beings behind their back with vigorous zeal and unimaginable hatred! They managed to corrupt, black mail , manipulate and use all those officials who are now burning all the bridges without thinking about what future will bring and where will that future position them.

Ivo Andric, the Nobel Prize for Literature winner has one poem worth presenting you with. I found it translated by Ljiljana Parović whom I thank very much!

“Do not burn all the bridges, you may return.
You’re no bird or butterfly flying along the shore,
When there are no bridges, it is futile to yearn,
It is futile to comprehend, it is futile to wish for.
Do not burn all the bridges, you may return.
Leave at least one between your heart and me.
In solitude, the unfathomed is easier to discern,
You may be driven back by your memory…”

Will we survive those that are at the wheel now it has to be seen in the coming weeks, months, and ,gosh, years…

With no capacity left for change towards better they can not be trusted and thus will not be accepted to negotiate anything. They can change the wording but the attitude is unchangeable. If we comprehend that, we the people could change them, or we the people could continue sleeping, lulled by the manipulators delivering different kinds of sugar to sweeting for a while all the sour they have prepared to reveal. Further, officials who called their counterparts killers should be accountable for their words and insidious deeds including biolabs and fighting at foreign lands thousands of kilometers far from their domicile country. That will stop but as always with a huge cost in pain and human lives.

New humans will be arising from the disaster. They will build new bridges. They will connect people again. They will project their vision, the truth, enlightening and awaking those that were at the sleep. Same process as many thousands of years ago, just this one will be crucial for the existence of us as humans. People will learn about lies promoted as the truth for so many centuries. Values will be educated in the schools before any other subjects.

People will learn, as stated by one her, the person who fought wars and learned that


So, let me say again

“TO BE HUMAN IS TO PROTECT OTHERS FROM SELF.” FULL STOP! No need to elaborate! There is a need to practice!

Better to start practicing it fast and now!

More you can find at eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond

Your donation would be highly appreciated


Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect

The worst is better

Who do you think you are to pressure and corrupt people of foreign lands to commit their economic suicide? You have more than 800 hundred military bases around OUR planet, EARTH! You destroyed numerous countries to make military bases. You are not the owner of OUR EARTH! You are just a small, SMALL member of the huge community. You are at permanent war as war is the source of your profit. At least stop stealing and using foreign people, their children, and organs! You profit from children’s blood you spit in every corner of OUR EARTH! And YOU are MINORITY even in your own country! Instead of reforming your own place, you want to destroy all other places! What for are more than 300 Biolabs that you planted all around the world, including Ukraine? Who do you think you are? The Methuselah movement is a minority! Strate is the majority! Shut up and reform. It is the road towards no return, and that no return, you will be surprised, will be for you; however, you think you are powerful. Many thought the same but were surprised to learn how nothing they are at the end. Zero! Tragically zero! Maybe it would be of help to read Dostoyevski and his Brothers Karamazov?! Is it still existing at our libraries? Is the bible there also?

There are so many manipulated stupid souls that now are proceeding towards awakening when they see their energy bill double! Costs rising, and they are still sleeping! They are so manipulated that they can not see their own nose!

So, you slaves, you pay and shut up or awake and react. Let those who are imposing sanctions pay for them. All those corrupted non-elected, or elected by stealing, should pay that extra cost they want to IMPOSE ON US!

Hypocrisy, narcissistic behavior, stupidity, lack of vision, and more are just some of the characteristics of disaster. Those that call themselves west are such a minor minority without their printed so-called money. What do they have to justify their printing press? As of March 2022, there is nothing much left except Nuclear weapons a recipe for disaster. But even in that sphere, they will shut up as they are a minority there too! So, again, or reform or let others govern and reform societies you brought to this tragic state. Time to react for the common good or run away. Let me narrate to you one story I heard from a mindful friend of mine with the hope that those idiots do not have the end of the story in mind.

So, God visited the Earth and was looking at how various people live. He first spotted a man who was at his vineyard thinking. So God asked if there was anything to help and the man said yes! ” Can you please give me wisdom on how to proceed with my vineyard and produce grapes that will enable me to make the best wines in the world?” God said Yes, I can help you and left the place. After some time, the grandiose idea came to his mind, and he managed to start making the best French wines! Now it was the time for God to see a fisherman who was looking unsatisfied with his catch. So God asked if there is anything to do to make him satisfied? The fisherman said yes! Can you please help me to catch the biggest swordfish? The God was affirmative and left the place to listen to the happy voice of the fisherman who shouted: Oh my God, thank you, I got it! I catch the biggest swordfish!” Then, by proceeding further, God saw one man in despair sitting near his dead Donkey. God approached the man and asked if there was anything to do to help? The man looked at God and asked: ” what do you mean?” The God said,” my dear child I want to help you and if you would like I could resurrect your Donkey?!” The man, still in despair, said, “I do not want that!” So God asked: What is that you want instead?” The man, still in despair, calmly replied: ” I want you to kill my neighbor’s Donkey.”

You who invented lies, you who propagated those lies, you who manipulated people and at the end started to believe the same lies you promoted, hopefully, will not wish for your neighbor’s Donkey to die when your Donkey dies. If not, then that is complete madness and insanity, and we as humans “have a problem.” To quote one of the commentators here: “U.S.S.A. is an evil, war-loving, sodomy-promoting, gender-confused, hedonistic, pro-abortion, pornified, anti-family, anti-Christ nation.
We are either complicit or cowards or too stupid to even understand what’s happening. The bubble has a hole, and it is getting bigger.”

Those descendants of the losing sides throughout history, being wanderers, roamers, or Nazis, are going out of their holes and presenting their real selves to the rest of us. All that corrupted creatures will be experiencing the same situation as their ancestors in 1945. Maybe the flag will not be the same but it will not be theirs. That is for very sure. Sanctions, but not, restrictions but not, yes or but little not, at all is already happening. That is called madness, not confusion.

Do you know, or did you hear about, forced vaccination from September or October 2022? Do you know about it, you poor manipulated creatures and sisters and brothers. The third gender is not natural, and that is why it is not mentioned here. That is just another way for THEM to continue manipulating us and dividing us. Everybody is free to do whatever want with their own body as long that does not interfere with others. Especially with children. Enough!

Those sick corrupted non elected creatures should resign or reform.

Or should give to all of us the example.




If you can not do it, just resign and let others govern and reform our declining societies by the example of giving and not receiving “presents” from different interest groups! Those that did it humbly give it back from where you got it. You will feel relieved.

Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook

In his book about PROPAGANDA Edward L. Bernays, you can find to download free from the internet, said between other things!
“There are invisible rulers who control the destinies of millions. It is not generally realized to what extent the words and actions of our most influential public men are dictated by shrewd persons operating behind the scenes.”
The book starts: “Prior to World War One, the word propaganda was little-used in English, except by certain social activists, and close observers of the Vatican; and, back then, propagandatended not to be the damning term we throw around today. The word had been coined in 1622, when Pope Gregory XV, frightened by the global spread of Protestantism, urgently proposed an addition to the Roman curia….”
So it is not without reason that WWI is called The Great War!
You can read about those Conspiracy Practitioners for the first time called like that in the ebook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook you can order here. It is worth it!

Or you could help with the donation of your choice. It is not about money, it is about knowing that we are not alone!


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Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect

Black Jack, Cricket and Chess

There is always a way to enlightenment

Impression, confusion and the beauty of the strategy.

Impression, the way that once important news outlets work today is irreversibly tragic. They are all in a total dismay. When you start with lies and not repair it fast but continue with even bigger lies the expiry date instead to be prolonged is shortened and fast.

More of us the people are experiencing awaking. Awaking is a process that needs hard work and dedication. Less and less interest is to follow disgusting lies that produce instant impressions. Awaking is accelerating as we realize that in the news facts are left for after. Or for never. However the atmosphere is changing as insidiousness is being seen clearly. No chemtrails lately? It is not a theory as Conspiracy Practitioners covered it with Conspiracy theory. You can see it, if you start looking at the sky instead down where the rats are hiding.

Practitioners do like blackjack. That one played in casinos. It develops instant feelings. Winning or loosing. Instant! Like the 5 trillion sanctions against Russia. Wooow. You feel instantly great and powerful! Till you realize that all is just the surface covering sneaky ideas and terrible doings. Terrible doings by destroyers of humanity for the sake of few sick idiots with an idea of Golden Billion. Did we became such conformists to forget what is the way forward and change ? Do you still have doubts about BIG PHARMA? Nature article worthy looking . It is now obvious that, as one of my friends said, that jabs accelerate birth certificate and take you faster towards the end of the road.


No one sane could imagine that irresponsible sneaky wanderers from the tribe that is costing us our life and future would held us hostage without our consent and without our reaction! They are completely lost and irresponsible! All those that were for one against the other. Such short-sightedness and stupidity, and insanity is not registered for a long long time.

Now a little suspension. Blackjack!America has score of seventeen (17) and a chance to ask for another card hoping that it will be four(4) to get a blackjack. Or less than four(4) to, at least, stay in the game. Without realizing that even with ten blackjack nothing substantial will change the play is pushed and pushed and pushed as there is nothing better to do due to the sindrom of the “exceptionall.” That sindrom has been spread by that president who is nice looking and instead of running the country he played golf. Exeptional. No vision. Not Eurovision. Just vision. With all of the exeptionals working for higher exeptionals new ideas of cooperation can not be thought of and obviously implemented. When you have majority of”deplorables,” you as exeptional “intellectual yet idiot,” are afraid and want to get rid of the majority. The rest is history if you still can imagine. It is not a theory, it is practice infront of our eyes. That is how imploding of the society started. Society filled with corruption at the highest levels accelerates distruction. Every moment we are much closer to distruction! Not days or months or years or decades, but simple moments. They still play blackjack.

Every day we are bombarded by more and more unexplainable news lacking basic common sense, but providing to deeply sleeping conformists a false feeling of satisfaction. It is also noticeable that those who are manipulating people are themselves manipulated and educated to see only surface and follow lies and propaganda presented by instant impressions. It is what it is and there is no way out of it unfortunately. Many “lost cases,” have been created in the last two years.

WHO which is financed by private people, tries to impose the rules to the public. New fear is projected and slowly spread by the same sick and catastrophic malthusians! Malthusianism they follow and even that they represent one tenth of the earth population they want to reduce the population they control. This paper money printing will eventually stop and they will be brought to trial! It will be the trial for humanity future! Not a world government. No! The alliance of the World FREE NATIONS! But they still play blackjack and now they started to look at the poker… Are biolabs found in Ukraine part of poker game? Or those are also Conspiracy Theory done by Conspiracy Practitioners. You can read an essay about cricket Conspiracy Practitioners as a part of my book Quarantine Diaries and Beyond .

It looks like that Russia decided to abandon its membership there at WHO and India wants to sue Indian member of that same WHO. By the way, how many people India vaccinated and how many India treated by Ivermectin? Not to forget that President Trump stopped financing them at WHO. But the big democratic “exeptionals,” are continuing it. Will America stop with blackjack and not start with poker instead is still to be seen. Will America change? Highly unlikely, to use the expression that will “highly likely” be used again by the confused people from the cricket place.

What is cricket? Its a game not understandable to outsiders that “highly likely,” produces confusion and false confidence. Highly likely.

From Wikipedia: “The game proceeds when a player on the fielding team, called the bowler, “bowls” (propels) the ball from one end of the pitch towards the wicket at the other end, with an “over” being completed once they have legally done so six times.” Here the beautiful expression is “have LEGALLY done..” Beautiful to confuse and use the word LEGALLY giving the IMPRESSION of justice. Again impression, but this time mixed with more of confusion. There is always an opportunity to change what is legal if you see you are on the loosing side. That is exactly what we see now. If we want to see!

Will the cricket country find a way to stay united or it will be disintegrated is the question no one can answer, yet. They, as always , know better than others, peasants as they call us. Just peasants. 9.

However make no mistake that in both blackjack and cricket there are beautiful minds! The people who cherish peace, cooperation, togetherness and advance of the whole of humanity! So much wish for them, common sensed, to take the lead and save us all! So much!

Bobby Fisher

Do you remember Bobby Fisher and his destiny or maybe Nigel Short? Does name Chess rings the bell? Do you know how to play it?

Well those two persons are the only one from the “exeptionals” that not only knew and know how to play chess but also had success in playing against the majority of the best players of that game, coming from the country of Fyodor Dostoevsky, that one who is forbidden to be mentioned in the schools in the so called west,the country of Russia.

So, the special military operation started as one of those or many combined?

French Defence

Queen’s Gambit

Slav Defence

English Opening

Petrov’s Defence

Catalan Opening

Sicilian Defence ( no connection to General Paton)

Ruy Lopez

Caro-Kann Defence

King’s Indian Defence( this has to do with India the British colony and the great source of wealth for so many years- so human and democratic)

Italian Game

And many many more….

So, the obvious question is what happens after openings?

Well, having in mind the setup of the minds of today “exeptionals,” it is simple. Russia wins.

Is that good?

Yes if we stay alive No if we don’t.

Does Russia wants to win? No! Russia wants to survive. So the exeptionals yet idiots should understand that and stop immediately with provocations that will make you the malthusians and those insidious wanderers that say “ Europe,” have the same destiny like all the others. There is no exeptionality if we do not exist. Will you finally realise that and follow the wise words of Mr. Henry Kissinger who is at age where he does not have anything to lose.

So, stop inhaling the substances and stay sober and sane and save the world. We know that there are no shortages of anything exept the main shortage of vision in your brains. That shortage us curable if you stop inhaling substances and fight your narcissistic self only for one high reason! To become heros for saving the world from malthusians, robbers and wanderers. You can do it! Russia might still accept” Remi-Draw.”

But one is certain. Biolabs will be revealed and prosecution will take place. That has to do with all of us!


Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect

Awaking is possible-Always

Fishermen and the sea

“Midday breeze relaxed mind squeeze New ideas born, extracted is the thorn soul becomes airborne!” Darko Richard Lancelot

We are approaching the times of uncertainty and turbulence. Those times will be more difficult as we became conformist and lost freedom to act for the common good. We are afraid to lose something that is already lost. Freedom of choice is one of those things. Get it back!

We are pressured to perform without freedom to act! It is insidious way to divide us more!

Every industry is runned using same pattern, same cliche, as education system is made by those so called intellectuals, yet idiots , as Nicholas Taleb said in his piece “The intellectual yet idiot.”

The education of today the one we pay for, is not worthy our sweat and our time! Today’s education dulls instead of sharpening us. Makes us robots preparing the ground to be taken by AI. Makes us zombies. Have you ever thought about it? There is no human touch. Only cliche and stupid rules, all made to numb our senses. That state results in more depression and loss of the belief in self. That state results in losing respect for other people views, and rising of aggressive stance towards fellow humans. Divisions and more divisions! Further it introduces fear and social distancing( does the bell ring ?) which finally makes us to be satisfied that we breath. Than, to increase confusion masks are introduced. DOES THE BELL RING? The experiment will go till WE SAY STOP! The “Third wave,” is not enough and fourth fifth, sixth and seven will be introduced.


We can do it! We can introduce values other from narcissistic, egotistical interests. WE ARE THE SILENT MAJORITY! Look recent Philipines election! THAT IS WHAT WE CAN ACHIEVE.

Enough said! Time to get inspired!

Someone said – when you see your workers not performing and sitting at the desk looking disinterested, LEAVE THEM! Maybe some original idea is being borne! Making people perform and being original and inventive needs leadership which is build on Personal Paradigm of being ready every time to sacrifice self for the group.

How to get inspired ? 

Take the positive thoughts and befriend them. Read a book, investigate, be curious, humble and kind. Remember that all people have their own time. Those that are indoctrinated, manipulated, gave their time also. They will awake! Set paradigm, plant the seeds of love and they will join also.

One of those books to get curiosity to take the lead, could be the eBook you can find and get it here Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook

It is about many things but one is essential. It is boosting curiosity while being kind and human. It is then when new great ideas could be born. 

And the last but not the least – a friend of mine was at the swimming pool. A boy in his very early twenties approaches her offering the ice cream. She says to him, thank you, but I am 32 years old! The boy goes. Than suddenly he comes back with a beer 🍺 ! There is hope !

Happy reading! 


Darko Richard Lancelot

All rights reserved

Connect and Respect