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This unique 236 page eBook is published on 22/11/2021 with the aim to widen reader perception without enforcement. The best way to awake is always by your self. How the things are developing in the world now- April 2022, many of the hints to read in this eBook are revealing. Plus by ordering the eBook you will be entitled to receive free new eBook with short essays that will be the extension of this eBook and will cover the current situation in the world which is affecting us all.

Blaise Pascal said,” people are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come into the mind of others.” This book is exactly that. It will awaken curiosity and sharpen YOUR conclusions.

As one of our readers said- “Here you will find inspiration to transform, curiosity to proceed, and LOVE to fulfill yourself!” It will help you to pass the way from fear to fate! Be the one who makes the difference!

Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook will inspire you, maybe awake and definitely make you more aware, let you learn, and hopefully drive you to investigate further sharpening your common sense. You will read about human magicians, about how everything made for humanity at first becomes inhumane after starting with the stories from 18th Century Masonic Lodges.

You will read more about simplicity, love, ordinary things, about that humanity is protecting others from yourself as bravery is to protect yourself from the others!

You will “meet,” Thomas Paine and his Common Sense, Leonardo da Vinci, Colonel House, Conspiracy Practitioners leaving the theory to theorists, Greek Zorba, and Alan Ford, about Chopin and Eminescu and about Antoine Bechamp and Louis Pasteur, Trumpism that came, that is now gone and preparing a comeback, Nikola Tesla, Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill, Orwell, vitamin D, some details of the Rosenau 1919 experiment, important today also, about professor Carroll Quigley, the Purpose of Existence, Real Education (Old School), to not believe in anything based on fear, and instead to believe in yourself and your own abilities, and many more. 
We are born to live together and practice mutual aid! Feel that “in the long run, the practice of solidarity proves much more helpful to the species than the development of individuals endowed with predatory inclinations!” Work for long term gains as a person, as a family as community and as a nation!
I hope this book will provide inspiration and add creativity and awareness to every one of you!

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Darko Richard Lancelot

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Connect and Respect

Awaking is possible-Always

Fishermen and the sea

“Midday breeze relaxed mind squeeze New ideas born, extracted is the thorn soul becomes airborne!” Darko Richard Lancelot

We are approaching the times of uncertainty and turbulence. Those times will be more difficult as we became conformist and lost freedom to act for the common good. We are afraid to lose something that is already lost. Freedom of choice is one of those things. Get it back!

We are pressured to perform without freedom to act! It is insidious way to divide us more!

Every industry is runned using same pattern, same cliche, as education system is made by those so called intellectuals, yet idiots , as Nicholas Taleb said in his piece “The intellectual yet idiot.”

The education of today the one we pay for, is not worthy our sweat and our time! Today’s education dulls instead of sharpening us. Makes us robots preparing the ground to be taken by AI. Makes us zombies. Have you ever thought about it? There is no human touch. Only cliche and stupid rules, all made to numb our senses. That state results in more depression and loss of the belief in self. That state results in losing respect for other people views, and rising of aggressive stance towards fellow humans. Divisions and more divisions! Further it introduces fear and social distancing( does the bell ring ?) which finally makes us to be satisfied that we breath. Than, to increase confusion masks are introduced. DOES THE BELL RING? The experiment will go till WE SAY STOP! The “Third wave,” is not enough and fourth fifth, sixth and seven will be introduced.


We can do it! We can introduce values other from narcissistic, egotistical interests. WE ARE THE SILENT MAJORITY! Look recent Philipines election! THAT IS WHAT WE CAN ACHIEVE.

Enough said! Time to get inspired!

Someone said – when you see your workers not performing and sitting at the desk looking disinterested, LEAVE THEM! Maybe some original idea is being borne! Making people perform and being original and inventive needs leadership which is build on Personal Paradigm of being ready every time to sacrifice self for the group.

How to get inspired ? 

Take the positive thoughts and befriend them. Read a book, investigate, be curious, humble and kind. Remember that all people have their own time. Those that are indoctrinated, manipulated, gave their time also. They will awake! Set paradigm, plant the seeds of love and they will join also.

One of those books to get curiosity to take the lead, could be the eBook you can find and get it here Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook

It is about many things but one is essential. It is boosting curiosity while being kind and human. It is then when new great ideas could be born. 

And the last but not the least – a friend of mine was at the swimming pool. A boy in his very early twenties approaches her offering the ice cream. She says to him, thank you, but I am 32 years old! The boy goes. Than suddenly he comes back with a beer 🍺 ! There is hope !

Happy reading! 


Darko Richard Lancelot

All rights reserved


Connect and Respect

9th of May – Awaking


Who ever likes to sleep is encouraged to continue. When the time comes you will wake up by yourself. In the mean time some can continue swarm-buzzling while at sleep. All is human.

The tragedy of the rats. It looks like “they” wanted to become rats. Underground rats that show their strenght only when in a pack. Insidiously. Without any moral! And it looks like that “they” adore places where “they” influence our lives. Rats and wolves. But the wolves are not presented in a right way as even in Rome the La Lupa Capitolina, or”the Capitoline Wolf” which is Etruscan she wolf figure dated 5th century BC is used wrongly. The figures of Romulus and Remus were added in the 15th century AD. Even the quote Man is Wolf to another Man is not interpreted right! That Sigmund Freud, again and always, propagating all exept unity of mind said that Man is Wolf to another Man- “Homo homini lupus,” manipulating the original that says: “Lupus est homo homini, non homo, quom qualis sit non novit,” or in English- “A man is a wolf rather than a man to another man, when he hasn’t yet found out what he’s like.” So in one word- barbarian whom you do not understand! Colonial way, made not only to colonise but to robb the place of all natural resources! Then you act as a “gentleman,” while you call others savages. Belgium and Congo story rungs the bell or sleep is better? Or maybe Opium war no.1 and no. 2 and China? Or resources taken from India and Pakistan, leaving them to fight between them just not to realise the extent of the robbery!

Otherwise the cult of she wolf seems that it comes from Etruscans as Rome was originally the Latin Sabin Etruscan city under the leadership of Wolf Military Brotherhood, which was celebrated by Wolf’s God Soranus an Etruscan, Capenate, Faliscan and Sabine God that was later adopted by ancient Roman religion. Investigate and you will find tremendous information if you seek more and more! It is available.

So many false information!

So many manipulative theories were invented by the same creatures to introduce, to widen, and to make permanent the state of mind called cabal. They used Darwin and paid Freud and Marx, the idiot Trocky, and Lenin! They conveniently took care of Roosevelt and Kenedy not to mention more. To leave something for you. Douglas Lancelot Reed rings the bell? No? Make it YES!

So, will you awake? Of course not! Who am I to take you from your extraordinary, amazing comfort zone!?! Noooo! You will not! You prefer to be lulled and to snore 😴 while sleeping! So, unfortunate but that is how it is. Does not mean dear sleepwalkers that those who are awake are happier than you! Nooooo. Just they are probably more aware then you. However, both are fellow human beings and happiness has different version for every human being.

When the war was finished at 9/5/1945 , Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov the Marshal of the Soviet Union, said that “they”( rats?) will never forget us that we went to Berlin and won the war.

That is how it looks today. “They,” did not forget or forgive and they wanted revenge! Revenge for what? For organising execution of whole of Romanov family?!?! You rats and killers and robbers. Or for killing many hundreds of thousands babies and children in Iraq? Every blood is cheap exept their own. Here is what will stay behind that creature who died recently, a day before the anniversary of another bombing orchestrated and by her! Here is the link to be remembered, till it lasts! The Link!


Further, It is obvious that more false flags are getting prepared awaiting the right time. But there is no right time as there are people determined to deal with it. Again, the trap will work in the opposite direction. They are staying without arguments as they are lying and lying and lying, while more are awaking, awaking, awaking. Their lies are contributing to awaking of more and more! Common sense is slowly taking its own place in the human soul! Conformism is coming to an end! Water resources and Food resources are playing huge role in that! So unfortunate but it looks again that it is necessary!

However “they” thought that trap looks great and, as usual using someone else to achieve their revenge, the things are, again as per universal law, working in the opposite direction. The trap that they thought they made is actually the trap the others made for them to fall into, by their strategic mistakes. So, “they,”are falling in, some faster than the others, but as they know that they will fall in “they” want to take us with them. Some already have internal issues coming to occupy them for a long long very long time. But, do they care? Their families are more important to them than their people. They are silent that Stalin did not want to exchange his own firstborn son for German Field Marshal Paulus. We do not exchange soldiers for Field Marshals…. Who would from those causing so many serious issues for the future of the world do the same? But to blackmail presidents to sack their attorney-general to get the loan is ok and acceptable? That among other is costing lives of many people.

(From Kusturica movie Underground)

You could also see the movie of Emir Kusturica “Underground.” It looks like that it is another truth projected!

But, undergrounds do not help any more. Rats are all out to be seen. Masks have fallen and they are falling, as the bear is slowly, repeat slowly doing what is necessary. Not for the bear sake only, but for you that are still at sleep as well. It is a huge tragedy that innocent people, many of them, in the prime of their youth indoctrinated to hate, are loosing life and are being deprived of achieving something in their existence. They are the real tragedy! Fighting with no, or a completely manipulated aims, they are being used by “them,” (manupulators).”They,” or “them,” have names of course. And laptops due to the rise in the technology. You, the readers, even sleepers know their names. Remember “flattening the curve,” story? Or lockdown? Or social distancing? Or trust science not morons? Or deplorable, wretched people? Or Russian military doctors cleaning roads in Italy? Or unelected pressuring elected to destroy their own nations? Those are called commissioners and sometimes Prime Ministers! Something like the College od Cardinals. Or do you recall biolabs in Ukraine? Or biolabs around the world? Biolabs that are against all of us! Do you remember IG FARBEN and successors? Or Standard Oil and the same story? If not you investigate. Awake for God and your own sake! Why living as a slave? Why following fear without any aim?! Why being alive for the sake of being alive? Find the idea worthy dieing for and live the life for that! You will not die! You will live! You will be set free! You will awake!

Will this be accepted at the end or no one will care? Washing hands again? It is for the future to decide as the new court will! And new Alliance of The World Nations!

As this whole system, imposed on us, and we live in is fake it will at best implode. It is fake and insidious, sneaky, immoral. Full of greedy creatures! Made for few to the detriment of many! Awake!

Today there was a traditional Victory Day Parade in Moscow where American veterans were not allowed to attend by their own country?!?!? Is that normal? Is that human? Look at this photo!

What is built on lies and greed will not have a second chance to reform. Take that chance! Be human and practice TOGETHERNESS! Let insidious be ignored. Let them talk with themselves only, using mirror. They will like it.


Darko Richard Lancelot

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Connect and Respect

False Flag in making

How to cover the disaster made? How to provoke the enemy and try to unite your own people? FALSE FLAG! The western part has PhD in that. The preparation for FALSE FLAG is under way. White helmets, senator proposing Bill, sneaky talk in the completely corrupted public channels, etc… Nothing new as those who are paid to do it stayed without original ideas. Could be that social distancing contribute to mind distancing. Mind distancing from reality. Narcissistic mind distancing. Financial and Ecomomic news papers and magazines are involved in that manipulation program. Paid by fresh, hot printed paper. Let’s remember Joseph.

Joseph Goebbels. The Hitler propaganda guru! At the 1934 Nuremberg Rally he stated: “While enemy states produced unprecedented atrocity propaganda aimed at Germany throughout the whole world, we did nothing and were completely defenseless against it… Just as we were militarily and economically unprepared for the war, so also with PROPAGANDA. We lost the war( WWI) in this area more than in any other. THE CLEVEREST TRICK USED IN PROPAGANDA AGAINST GERMANY DURING THE WAR WAS TO ACCUSE GERMANY OF WHAT OUR ENEMIES THEMSELVES WERE DOING!”
That is what is happening now! The West is accusing Russia and it is preparing to accuse even more of what it has been doing all these years and continues doing!

The times are serious and it is important to repeat what Joseph the propaganda guru of German Nazi regime that was used to implement the idea of Nazism invented elsewhere said: “While enemy states produced unprecedented atrocity propaganda aimed at Germany throughout the whole world, we did nothing and were completely defenseless against it… Just as we were militarily and economically unprepared for the war, so also with PROPAGANDA. We lost the war( WWI) in this area more than in any other. THE CLEVEREST TRICK USED IN PROPAGANDA AGAINST GERMANY DURING THE WAR WAS TO ACCUSE GERMANY OF WHAT OUR ENEMIES THEMSELVES WERE DOING!”

Have that in mind dear fellow human beings.

Here you will find the links to some of the recent FALSE FLAGS. The Truth

Plus another truth https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/2022/02/23/sane-or-insane-no-8-the-truth/

The first hints that were projected you can find here- Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook


Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect


Alliance of the World’s Nations

Will the “Alliance of the World Nations,” become the new organisation of all independent nations? If yes than its headquarters should be in London as UK is a civilised country and the real owner of the USA.

That new organisation will be global in the best way, propagating togetherness and universal love. London will be the centre of the world and the place where all nations will work together to achieve the new way of progress and especially education. Russia and China, India and Pakistan will definitely accept that and honour the idea of London being the centre of this new beginning of the world!

For that to happen, people with the high morale and ideas that UK have should work together with all the other nations of the world being honest, human and with especially high morale! There are many like that! Let them come infront and start to develop the idea of ALIANCE OF THE WORLD NATIONS, the soonest.

If that idea comes out and practical steps are taken the world will see such a progress, not in manufacturing goods only but in the spiritual advancement as well, that will make our planet a real paradise. The paradise for all!

That kind of stance will show once more that UK can be the leader for the world advancement as it will control the forces in America that are currently making troubles by blackmail and corruption.

In that way America will not be destroyed, on the contrary, it will be reformed and Britain’s role will be highly recognised!

Is this a fairytale?

You decide!


Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect

Our attic our ladder

You are what you are and they are what they are

Is there,still, the light at the end of the tunnel?

West plays AS IF game! AS IF all is well in the state of Denmark, AS IF all of us will be well, till it implodes without warning. It looks like again the Germany will be paying the most for its deep weakness. Or UK? Less likely France. Many messages, important for those connecting puzzle and reading between the lines are sent as the way to communicate in public without public! Lavrov recent statement during his interview on 1/5/2022 to Italian Mediaset television had a message. He talked about Greenspan*( Zelen is Green in Slav languages) questioning the idea of denazification. Lavrov said: “His( Green-Zelen) argument was: How can there be Nazism in Ukraine if he is a Jew? I may be mistaken but Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood, too. This means absolutely nothing. The wise Jewish people say that the most ardent anti-Semites are usually Jews. “Every family has its black sheep,” as we say.” When todays Prime minister of Israel went to see Putin, then Sholtz and Zelenski, there was a report that fact finding was difficult as in Nazi battalions there were people that are coming from that part of religion. Very difficult and so extremely embarrassing. That is why all this attack to Lavrov. But maybe they forgot about Russian plane insidiously provoked to be shot down https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45556290

For full Lavrov interview in English please visit “thesaker” here Lavrov interview 1/5/2022

Well nothing is forgotten. But, from the bottom of the heart, the wish is that wise people are on both sides and they will calm it down, to our relief.

Let’s continue. So, what you are? It is rhetorical question you can answer to your self. That is the freedom you still have. How amazing is to feel free and answer to yourself the simple question- What am I?

At the very same time you might start thinking about them. Than you answer the question – Who are they? The answer could be influenced by many simple things. The things of plain interest. Your reply can be I’m the light of blackmail someone is using against you demanding to behave by their own selfish aims. Usually, if not every time, the reason is blackmail. Than, if you do have any courage left, if you had any at the beginning, you start to behave as a slave of insidious interests of those blackmailing you. That is what those leading us should know from the beginning! But, they thought other things. They thought that Blitzkrieg of sanctions and new sanctions and robbery of more than 300 bln USD of Russia assets is ok!?! All that is showing only one thing! Russia anticipated what was prepared and forestall the actions against her and Donbas and Lugansk, to prevent the real and present danger to Russia mainland! Russia temporarily sacrificed some of the assets knowing that those intellectuals are so arrogant and materialistic that will never get a clue that it was not a bluff. They were playing poker while Russians are playing chess.

But whatever! It is a real tragedy!

There are moments when your consciousness reacts before your logic and injected patterns of behaviour, as in Manchurian_Candidate movie. To save what is left from your soul you reply- “They are what they are!’ Poor, so poor. The person who would be remembered, if it would be remembered, will be just one tragic figure for so many families and so many people in an out of the place that person inhabit. Tragedy!

That person will produce tears in the end, when he will be sobber and his soul awake as the Manchurian Candidate did before he sacrificed himself for the future of all of us. There Manchurian_Candidate showed how humanity wins over any lies and ideas to conquer and destroy the world.

Every single day we have new developments. Germans are preparing their people for war. British also. Like in the eve of the WWII! What is the difference? Well then you had an uncontrolable moron and now you have better controlled actor. He lost the opportunity to become a real statesman.

Well dear governing, elected and positioned you could better think five, ten times before robbing Russian assets and before you show all those nice ironical smiles and laugh when Russian president mentions genocide that have happened to Russian people last eight years. The address you need to call to and talk to is different. First within. How coincidentally was to announce the result of German elections a day before elections? But it was “constructive.” Always the first call is within! So, it is not too late( maybe it is!) but it shows that prolonged war is the strategy Russia is pursuing, contrary to so clever Western analytical mind. Prolonged war is the strategy! Will you awake or you will just continue destroying our beautiful Europe? Is there any statesman who will have the courage to firmly say the truth and come against all those forces of darkness! Those that were let to be free and imported from Nazi Germany after the WWII and organised revenge against the people who liberated Europe in 1945! 9th of May is the Victory Day you insidious, sneaky morons! Such a deep misunderstanding and idiotic behaviour is not seen for a long long long time! Maybe the Queen can be of help with her wisdom! We need personalities with wisdom! Not acting but doing! Saving all of us!

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending of the angle you look at it, they are what they are but if we know what they are and they are in the position to decide our fate than dear citizens WAKE UP! RECOGNISE NAZIS AND STOP PROMOTING THEM, AS THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE! And we need peace!


Darko Richard Lancelot

All rights reserved


Connect and Respect

* Greenspan- coincidence that this is the surname of Alain Greenspan Federal Reserve Chairman that introduced many new ways for the stock exchange to become what it is now! Huge bubble. Warren Buffett rips Wall Street for turning the stock market into ‘a gambling parlor’

All is connected! Observe as Bob Dylan said!

The Truth

The truth will find its way

What it is not and what it is?!

It is not the aim of philosophyofgoodnews to have monopoly to the truth and to judge anyone, but to write facts and let you, the readers to find your truth, by your own reasoning. It is a complete, pure, genuine solo effort not financed by anyone and completely independent, if we can stay independent in today’s world. My strong oppinion is that we can and should make our own decision to stay ourselves and thus determine our own destiny. That is the best way to live this life. At least that is my opinion. Being self gives you one feeling that it has been attacked by forces all around. That of freedom of choice! That of freedom of thought. That of freedom of action. By action I strongly oppose any aggressive move against, both the body and soul. Even when the sneaky, insidious soul attack provokes body attack. However, we all should remember! The truth will shine! Even that those who destroyed our future, and spent all from our pension funds, will try to make more of more to the much more situations to distract our mind and unable us to clearly and deeply think about simple facts that are insidiously covered by plain dirty propaganda, we should, it is a must to manage not to forget and FINALLY make all those manipulators accountable for what they have done. That was done at Nuremberg trials after 1945 and will be done at new trials somewhere else in the near future! Especially when the TRUTH about BIOLABS will be revealed! It can not be hidden forever. Even by the help of all secret intelligence services of all the brave democracies of the world. False flags also! We have another useful idiot copy pasting the insidious proposal, the first step to make another FALSE FLAG already made by so-called white helmets when they did not manage to take USA of Obama to the war in Syria, again against Russia. If you recall, and if you don’t find out, then President of Exeptional USA Mr.Obama postponed his press conference at the White House for an hour or so, talking on the phone and discussing with someone what to do. An interesting event that was. Now, the same forces that think they own us want revenge. Well, they might all be surprised what kind of revenge they will get instead of making it. But, slowly slowly. That plate is served cold. That might be why Russia is not finishing its special operation and will continue to pursue to extend the time as the old proverb says- fight fire with fire. Terrible, but it looks like that.

Well, as already said, the truth will shine. The lies will disappear. Sorry will not be said. But souls, souls know and no propaganda can do anything about it. It is like Hitler attacked Russia. It is exactly the same. Seeds that were planted after WWII when president Roosevelt died under strange circumstances and did not finish his job properly. The one who came in his place was so democratic that two atomic bombs were dropped on poor Japan. We could even say that he was constructive. Poor Japan that is struggling today with everything as so many of the other allies of those democratic people who massacred Indians and many others. Being the ally of robbers is a very tricky business. They will always take out their grandy story you can find about here https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/2022/04/30/will-sun-continue-to-rise-up-to-us-only/

Those that were experimenting with who knows what and using so many who knows whom in their laboratories in Ukraine and the whole world WILL BE CALLED TO EXPLAIN THEIR DOINGS TO ALL OF US! THAT IS NOT FAIRYTALE, IT IS A FACT! IT WILL HAPPEN!


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One simple question arise. Ask everyone and everywhere why USA still did not destroy biological weapons! Why? What the hell those people thing they are!?! Did we the people gave them OK to do it, or all was organised with black funds?The world should ask and ACT! NOW! Because if unanswered we will be, unfortunately, forced to think that those are trying to destroy all of us. All of us! Masks, chips, jabs etc… Will we awake? Just see the The Manchurian_Candidate movie again or for the first time. Will we manage to bring back the Earth to us? We will need in some areas, especially Europe to let clover, shamrock to grow for 10 years to cure the land that got sick, and very tired, from all that poison chemicals used to get more products with less quality. But it is profitable for producers and definitely doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Is it possible to learn that in Germany 13000000 (thirteen million pigs) are slaughtered yearly just to keep the price of the pork meat high!? Is this really possible? Before you pay your bills try to concentrate and learn. Maybe it is not the truth!

But the truth is that the chief of German Inteligence was in Ukraina after 24th of February and needed to be evacuated by road as obviously was not in the capital but was probably, or to use now famous synonym, highly likely, doing a sightseeing at the black sea shores? Here it is.

Maybe another truth is highly likely to make you think deeper “Burned alive” Odessa 2/5/2014! Anyone said anything or Russian blood is not the same as our blood? Shame on us!

As regards to the numerous false flags let’s mention some Račak 1998, Another one, And another one, 1898 ….

Do we have a memory bigger than fish has? Hope we do. If not, what was Rhodesia? Or how many foreign bases USA has and how many Russia and China have, combined? What is the cost for all that and how it is paid for? Who makes us fools? And for what?


Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect

Will SUN Continue to Rise-UP TO US ONLY!

The beauty of our planet

When those that are lulled to think that are exceptional say that they want the others to act constructively, that constructively meaning in plain language is – act as I tell you! Every time!

That is over now. Not completely but it is loosing momentum every single moment.

Let’s refresh memories as many of us have memory equivalent to the fish.

Ukraine gold shipped to USA! Anyone remembers this? If not here is the link to refresh your mind. https://news.metal.com/newscontent/100058331/Ukraine-Gold-Reserves-Reported-To-Be-Hastily-Aircrafted-To-US/

Awake!!!! To add so-called lend-lease! Slowly all is coming out! Gold and All should be called! Just unbelievable! And confirmation that it was prepared is below mentioned in the article of Paul Craig Roberts stating among other that “The lend-lease bill was introduced in the US Senate on January 19, 2022, a month prior to the Russian intervention in Ukraine.”

That was constructive gesture of Ukraine towards new sponsors, ups… robbers! Poor people! Completely subdued! So, the constructive establishment likes sucking foreign reserves as they eat completely their own. So sanctions or “constructive” gestures? That is the question!

Would you make love with my grandma? They could ask. When you, young and handsome reply NOOOOO ,of course not, they would frown and say, WHY? My grandma is not good for you? Knowing that they are aggressive, your fear starts to rapidly increase, and than you reply: I would !

What you would, they asked? I would make love with your grandma, you confirmed, thinking that your troubles are going far away! Like in Beatles “Yesterday.” But, to your astonishment, they became increasingly angry, and reply – REALLY?! MY GRANDMA LOOKS like a whore to you? AAAAA ? SHE IS MY DEAREST GRANDY, NOT A SLUT! Then you understand that being constructive is a moody state especially if you do not have more than 40-50 tonnes of gold to give! When you stay without gold, the next best thing to give is your blood. They are inspired when foreign blood starts flowing. AWAKE!

Some two thirds of the world is fed up with all this long-term harassment.

Will morons awake, will idiots clean themselves from corruption and blackmail, that is the real question. Those morons thatbwere advertising “Trust science not morons!” Like they were looking themselves in the mirror!

We, did not experienced anything yet! This is just the beginning.

The events taking place now are tragical but the awaking does not happen during the state of hedonism and sofa life! OK, not only sofa, seaside is also included! Awaking happens, unfortunately, in the state of pain and suffering. Than we could become even more creative and human! Read Viktor Frankl. Many to learn!

Will it stay at the begging it is ONLY UP TO US!


That is the ONLY WAY to stop them exercising their GRANDMA STORY!


Darko Richard Lancelot

All rights reserved

Connect and Respect



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P.S. Just got this from a friend.

It is an old joke placed by western island intelligence when Nikita Khrushchev, who’s grand daughter is teaching in New York now, gave his speech at the 20th Party Congress in February 1956 denouncing Stalin. Just to keep in mind that Khrushchev was promoted by famous but not so well known to the public of the west Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich born 22 November 1893 at Kabany, Kyiv!
Kagan is the name of Khazar King. Khrushchev with one signature in 1954 “constructively” annexed Crimea to Ukraine!

It looks that old ideas and propaganda are being launder, recycled again, as new can not be invented. No material! Much try but in vain. That says a lot not about the opponent but about themselves. Such real morons. Those morons that are working at those,ones highly rated, services, are “highly likely,” like their bosses. No new ideas. Or maybe they think we are morons as we constantly and easily bite the same bait! Pity to all! Awake.

How to degrade a human No.2″It’s a long way to Tipperary!”

Quarantine Diaries and Beyond-Awake and Make

“My friends, we’re being played for fools.” But at least we started awaking and realizing it!
This morning I read a highly awaking article about our freedom and what it really means and looks like today. The subtitle is from there.
Here is the link https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/the_illusion_of_freedom_were_only_as_free_as_the_government_allows
To continue with the quote of Noreena Hertz, I used at the No.1 here: https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/2022/04/27/swarm-buzzlingor-how-to-degrade-a-human-no-1/

“The problem lies with us: we’ve become addicted to their certainty, their assuredness, their definitiveness, and in the process, we have ceded our responsibility, substituting our intellect and our intelligence for their supposed words of wisdom.”

Do we actually and really and genuinely care?
If we do care, then we should do things. Peaceful and deep, that take time but are irreversible! Revolutions are not an option! That is what usurers want. Revolutions make a profit and drop out our blood, the thing that usurers like and get excited about! So, NO REVOLUTIONS OUTSIDE! UPRISING FROM INSIDE!
The only option left is that given to us by birth! Our body and soul. It is difficult to disengage from the manipulation and a constant projection of fear, but it is worth starting and continuing no matter what! Steady and with determination, like when you decided to quit smoking, and you did it in one day!
Ask yourself- What is my purpose of existence?
Again, getting the answer is not easy as we are programmed to think quantitatively and not qualitatively, so it will take time. Simplicity always takes time!
To complicate things is easy to simplify; it became difficult.
If we all, the majority, at least find out our purpose of existence, the minority ruling us by manipulation will be puzzled. As Artificial Intelligence is not near yet, they will not have more sheep and enslaved people to use! So before AI starts getting severely used by these insidious manipulators, we need to find a way to free ourselves!
From inside first! The rest is easy!
Finding the inner balance is the most challenging part for us and the most difficult for them, the usurers, to penetrate! “It’s a long way to Tipperary,” but it is up to us to cross it and be the winners!
By succeeding with the inner uprising, we will progress and sustain those that want to sustain us! Then we can humbly offer them to practice sustainability for their sick ideas, sustaining them all.

That is what is going on now!
Want to be a part of that?
Start with yourself- NOW!


Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect


Swarm Buzzling(or how to degrade a human) No.1

Do you remember the still circulating pattern that dogs are more valuable than humans? How many of us are still accepting it? How many of us were or still are “infected” with the same status?
Instead of the innate feeling that humans are good, we, THE HUMANS, consolidate the opposite feeling that humans are bad, but never include ourselves! Strange?!
So, humans are bad?! And what are we? AI? Or humans? Do we comprehend what are we talking about and from which kitchen this is served? Did we analyze why we or some of us are more or less bad? Why did we let compassion dry? Why do we react fast, shallowly making assumptions and conclusions without matured, concentrated, structured, more profound thoughts? How and why have we reduced our interest in books and increased mobile phone usage by reading short, brief titles that make us swarm buzzing as it influences our behavior? Let’s say Twitter! It could be that Elon Musk purchased it because the tendency will be reversed in the coming time! This purchase looks to me as trbute tribe paying! Everything else is acting! Let’s see.

Well, we became highly pliable! Same techniques are used, but now they have an instant result to most of the world due to the web. In 1870 an article in “The New England Farmer” said: “In these fast days of steam and electricity, mankind, particularly Young America, have become electrified, and they must get up and get, or there is no enjoyment. Live fast, die young is the principle.” Long before James Dean, who died in a car crash in 1955.
Well, in 1870, they could not even dream of the World Wide Web! For that to happen, a Serb from Lika, then Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, named Nikola Tesla, appeared and left with us so many inventions and shared dreams, including the world wide web! Plus, some four patents registered in the Soviet Union, which still today, are not in the public domain!
You can find an essay in my eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond with some not widely known facts about him, about the uncle of President Trump, and about President Putin’s speech in 2018 presenting new weapons… The particular eBook is a low-cost, significant return investment!

All is simple! Create money! Create Needs and Wants! Distribute it! Increase wants to become greed! Cherish jealousy and fear to make Division! Then make more Division!
That creates DEPT! That dept is now in the range of the NEW BABEL TOWER! The independence of the states is non-existent! Elections in so-called democracies of “WE THE PEOPLE” became a circus.

Painting by Alexander Mikhalchyk

And still, there is not enough money! More sucking is needed, and that is why new ideas are being sold to us! Hopefully, only to the part of us, so-called “exceptional,” to use President Obama’s words when describing the US of A in his UN speech some years ago! Exceptional!
At least he was not shaking hands with the air.
Hopefully, those sneaky ideas covered with the “human” touch can not be sold to those of us who are labeled “deplorables,” by another interesting character and a bolsterer of Saul Alinsky! ( word bolster is used in Masonry as a timber or the like connecting two ribs of a centering)

In her anticipating book “The silent takeover,” I read two decades ago, Norena Hertz said: ” From solar to electric cars, from geothermal to reconfiguring the grid, the scale of investment needed in green technologies in order to meet whatever agreements on emissions reductions are finally agreed will be immense.” IMMENSE is the word usurers like it as long as they pay with their own printed paper, or electronic whatever!
Now, when Ruble is in the game and printed elsewhere, they got ballistic, losing balance! How will they continue to control the DEPT? Well, the dept created is coming back to them! So interesting. Who digs the trap…..

To continue, the debt is paid with interest, which is not at all of the value! Peanut butter!
The real profit is elsewhere!
When you create paper money out of thin air and find out that the 100 USD bill costs 14.0 cents a note, maybe you will open one eye by counting the profits, please! PLUS THE DEPT CREATED! THE DEPT is OF TREMENDOUS VALUE AS IT IS CONTINUED BY USURY! The sucking of people’s lives, souls, and spirituality continues till we humans are of any interest to those sneaky, so-called humans! When we reach, if we reach, the retirement, we are just a cost and of no interest for usurers!
Nuclear war was not an option, but the infection was! Now when the infection is somehow behind us but still awaiting a second chance, the story about nuclear war is placed in front of us! NOOOOOO! You can not awake! Stay where you are, they say! Fear is covered by more fear! All is conditioned as we do live in a WORLD of LIES!

Here is one of the TRUTHS!
When Price Svyatoslav, by the end of IX and the beginning of the X century, destroyed parasitic growth on the Middle Volga river and the North Caucasus that bore the name of Khazaria, he did not know that this would not be the end of that tribe; but the beginning of revenge that lasts till today! That tribe practiced usury and charged tribute for ALL trade between East and West!
Will, the BELLs, start ringing is the question!
Maybe, and it is our genuine wish, that all will come on terms to share the profits of future trade and thus save the planet, or the part of the West that is corrupted and blackmailed will wake up and save the world from that minority with the massive power over the majority!
In the meantime, more of the Swarm Buzzing tactic will be used to raise the stakes in the secret negotiations that are taking place now!
To quote Norena Hertz again- I left it for the end of the beginning of more essays to try to keep wakefulness on high levels!
” The problem lies with us: we’ve become addicted to their certainty, their assuredness, their definitiveness, and in the process, we have ceded our responsibility, substituting our intellect and our intelligence for their supposed words of wisdom.”

She said it before Nicholas Taleb confirmed it in his essay “The Intellectual Yet Idiot.”

Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect

Following the obituary

At the place where seeds were planted

Today could be baptised as sandy day where I spend my time in life. Sand covered the sky and dispersed into the atmosphere creating mixed feelings. Sometimes, I thought, it is necessary to have the weather like today as it gives the opportunity to reflect deeper into self than when sun and clear skies overwhelm us. Clear sky makes all things clear, but can we live with all things being clear? We definitely need “barbarians,” of Constantine P. Cavafy to find the reason to exist. Without them we are lost? At least we are lost, if we take last 2000 years. But what is 2000 years in the terms of human existence? Or we do not know that also? We say existence but we do not know what existence really means, what it really develops in us and around us.

And then with this dull weather on the top of me and around me I came through the real meaning of life! It has been expressed by few words that mean all and everything! That left me to dream of the present and to try to answer the question how far I am from those deep, simple, loving, respectful words? Then I realize that I still exist and have the opportunity to work and achieve the fulfilment, that state of being when merely staying alive would not matter any more. What a great opportunity we have, all of us,  and we just throw it away by malicious hypocrisy.

Instead to cherish life our life and the life of others and the purpose of it, we get lost in vicious circle of nothing! Nothing! As all material is nothing compared to those few words a dear friend of mine wrote to her friend who died today! The obituary goes

“A very dear friend has left. A discreet but steady friend. God rest his soul.”

How many of you, of us would like to be characterised like that? Wasn’t that enough? Was that more than all greed and insidiousness and villas, and last model cars, and the biggest yacht in the world, and all billions of millions of trillions? Because when you have all that and lose yourself, who will be left to write to your soul, your self fulfilling obituary?

You might say, who cares! I want to live till the end as hedonistic creature without thinking about such “trivialities” as friendship, ethics, discretion…

To all having those thoughts and attitude let me say that at the end



Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect


Biolabs-Insanity of Mengele continues

Blacksmith National Museum of Serbia- late 8th, early 7th century BC

Being racist is not by declaration. It is by practice. The practice of experimenting on various viruses and them making new pathogens to affect particular race. Like Slavs. Both Ukraine, New Russia and Russia people. And all other Slavs now nurtured by hatred towards other Slavs! Like sympathetic Polish, Czech and Slovakia people. Wake up! Wake up all as we are being manipulated by infiltrated wanderers in all segments of our societies. East, West, South and North. Everywhere. No one is safe! No one, remember that! At the of this essay there is a story for reminder. (1)

Are Germans so stupid? Do those comprehend that they are used again? Do they realize that they will, again, pay the price for their huge narcissism and deep stupidity?

Germany WILL BE AGAIN DIVIDED! With undeclared publicly but with strict lines. The people living there, who ever they are, will be working to pay taxes to others! To Khazars and Russia if they come to the terms. Want to trade? You will have to pay taxes, modern tribute, to Russia and Khazarian west. Or it is only a fairytale? You decide before the circumstances decide for you.

In one of the essays in the series of ‘Sane or Insane, I mentioned following-

“It is confirmed another time that manipulation of consciousness has far-reaching effects. It became so substantial and is taking those incapacitated so-called politicians like the centripetal force down towards the abyss! Their existence and survival are based on lies, combined with insidious stupidity!
What was the German chief of intelligence BND looking for in Ukraina prior to the Russian Special operation? Well he did not receive the files of Ukrainian fascists killings of civilians and mass graves. That was given, as some say, to the new German Chancelor by diplomatic post. However, the BND boss was not in Kyiv, as reports say. He was somewhere else and did not reach Kyiv to be evacuated with others, but the special team needed to be sent to pick him up and evacuate him by road.” (2) You can see the link below


Now when we learned that German institutes were involved in the Biolabs experiments things became more clear. To take it mildly, it might be that he wanted to enjoy the sea climate and was at Mariupol visiting up and down facilities….

So, insidiously stupid, again! Those are the crimes against humanity! Against all of us, including those involved!

The price will need to be paid, again.

Then, the Germans will be used again to develop the army and to try , again, to absorb Russia. 100 bn paper money of the west will be invested in the modernisation of German Army. Are they with the normal senses? It confirms once again that narcissism is not curable!

In the meantime, as Afghanistan is gone, Boris goes to Vlad like Winston went to Benito in 1927 as Chancellor of Exchequer during prohibition(3). Business is business. Something like Ukraina, UK, Turkey connections…. Why Turkey? Well new Stewart Menzies is also a Turkish speaker. Just we do not know yet who is the new TRICYCLE(4). Peaky Blinders in the real time are being made. So exiting! Or frightening? You decide.

To make things even more obvious UK is sending weapons to crippled territory of Kosovo. Just in case to protect people? Nooooo! Business is first and the only interest of those. Again substituting Afghanistan.

And Germans? They are just tragic. Did you know my dear readers where from Otto von Bismarck came to Prussia with the mastermind idea to unite 1871 what we call Germany today? Coincidence or not he was at Saint Petersburg. Definitely not for tourism, like the BND boss was not in Ukraina for tourism. Just read his thoughts about relations Gemany and Russia should have.

That is how the world works and it looks like that we are a couple of months away from the deal about tributes. West awaits Russia to finish, but also to suffer, and Russia waits for the West to show to their public its irrevocable systemic issues. The winner is?

Well, the loosers are- all of us as humanity! Firstly those loosing lives, secondly those who continue living with face masks in the car while driving alone. And not only…

And everything started, the history will say, because of refusal of the NATO and US to give simple non expansion guarantees to Russia. Remember the SG of NATO saying in Munich Security Conference from 18-20 of February 2022 that if Russia seeks less NATO will get more NATO. I leave characterisation to you.

By the way, “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

Otherwise “Huston we have a problem,” huge comprehension problem.

1- https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/2022/04/14/dancing-on-the-sinking-ship/



4-TRYCYCLE is the code name for Duško Popov who gave the inspiration to Ian Fleming for James the Bond.

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Darko Richard Lancelot


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Dancing on the sinking ship

Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook details

It is now evident that tiny, little, insidious characters do not have any capacity to proceed. They just dance and make different show in the circus while the ship is sinking. Once, on the surface stable economies based on pure greed that destroyed all manners and virtues in communication between people are facing disaster. Politicians in todays EU and beyond are lost. Corrupted, blackmailed and lost. Bankers also. Banking stopped being banking now long ago and became casino. Printing became lucrative and necessary business. Laundering also. Just from prohibition in 1920s and Churchill then Chancelor of Exchequer, vist to Musolini in January 1927, the operation widen and became more covered between the families involved. Before the Italians did the job, today in that place are others Just look who visits whom and connect by your self.

The others are taken to the state of deep sleep and are snoring. All are buying time, consciously and unconsciously, but the point is that they do not have a clue for what they buy that time. Without any idea how to continue the so called elites that are lulled by their own thoughts of being “special,” are trying to postpone the inevitable by conditioning fear and hate, thinking that it will also cover their complete failure! Even the BALCKROCK CEO acknowledged that “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is reversing the long running trend of globalisation.” 10 trillions worth is stable when there is a strong, solid idea that moves societies. When idea is based only in accusing by raw conditioning of fear and hate, than 10 trillion, even as a BIG,HUGE NUMBER, becomes just a number. It is a real tragedy for our society that has contributed to numerous advances of humanity is irrevocably changing from progress towards the new normal, new vocabulary, sustainability. To sustain is to limit. To define is to limit, as Oscar Wylde said. To limit all, our freedom, our ability to proceed, even our wish to substantially communicate, concentrate and comprehend the events that are happening around us. Sustainability- to sustain is to degrade, and the history of that term and how it entered our lives you can find in the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond .

The RESET is approaching, but not the reset that those “so-called” elites had in mind to project to “deplorables,” but the real reset. That of values. Will it work? No one knows, but we are heading there. If one thing is taken and thrown in the trash can, we will have a real better future! Greed! To diminish, to destroy, completely destroy the greed, it looks like that unfortunately the system needs to collapse. Exporting inflation projects has come to an end. Inflation is happening there, from where it was exported all those years. What is to be done? For anything new to succeed, to develop the IDEA AND TRUST are the main ingredients! That will come, as the time passes. In the meantime we all will suffer, yes, but at least we would find the pure, human aim for living the life! Simple it is, again, but still, for all of us, difficult to practice – TOGETHERNESS! Further, instead of learning how to protect ourselves from others we should learn, and fast, HOW TO PROTECT OTHERS FROM OUR SELF! That is the GREAT RESET! Everything else propagated is just manipulation of human consciousness, increasing intrigues to make the masses to refuse to acknowledge or maintain any connection with reality. Sleepwalking is the state of consciousness that those insidious, and now disoriented, elite wants, somehow awaiting miracle or worst complete destruction.

In my book Quarantine Diaries and Beyond(For details click here) there is a part where I shortly described my participation some years ago(January 2018) in Berlin Volksbuehne theatre discussion event by Peter Eckermann hosting Jean Luc Nancy with the title: “Democracy to be reclaimed by the people?”

Apart from philosophical points about democracy and the state of the human mind in our days at one point, Jean-Luc Nancy stopped for the moment and mentioned Lenin ( Vladimir Ilic Ulianov) and his quote: “Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country.” Then he said calmly: “Now that we all enjoy the electricity, imqgine what will happen if we switch off the light?” There was dead silence in the auditorium. Did he knew anything we did not even think about those days?

Table of Content for eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond

Well, we will restart it. We might even awake! But it might not be the same thing we will see after. That is what is happening now, with the music still playing, to, again, blind us from reality. What is the cost? Will lessons be learned finally? What I see is that all of the countries involved in todays events want to assure their place in the world. That is because those that were thinking that are ruling the world thought thatbthey are exceptional. Exceptional! That is the word the president of that country used in his UN speech. After that it came the turn of another president of another country to ask in his speech at UN – “Do you realize what have you done?” It was 2015. Was anyone listening? Maybe, but definitely not with care! Deplorables, they thought!

As the change IS constant, the democracy will be regained by the people and for the people! The rest of those who will still be exercising their non curable narcissistic behaviour will just go to the history trash. And change is inevitable and the only way as “When you are nished changing, you are nished!” Benjamin Franklin.

Definitely we have a problem. And it is not in the outer space. It is here and now! As long as you see our fellow human beings wearing a mask while driving alone in the car you understand how deep manipulation and conditioning of the fear have gone. No smiles, just suspicion, sneaking suspicion, mistrust, qualm.

All that is now rooted deep in the psyche of so many of us as conformism of the sofa rules over the higher idea of practicing humanity by PROTECTING OTHERS FROM YOURSELF! And the last but not the least, again from the ebook a short story paraphrased – Namely when Nazis took the power in Germany they started to banish different races sending them to concentration camps. So, one who was a protestant said- first they came for gypsies and took them. As I was not a gypsy they did not take me. Than they came for Jews and Slavs. They did not take me as I was protestant. Then they came and took Catholics. I was Protestant so they left me alone. Than they came and took me! Then I realise that there was no one to protect me! Dear all, practice TOGETHERNESS till we still have some chance! Otherwise there will be noone left to protect YOU and ME and US!



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To be continued…

Darko Richard Lancelot



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