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“To be or not to be…..
I have been following Darko for many years and have followed the birth of his book step by step. Master in saying and not saying, hitting and hiding the hand, Darko has done a remarkable job in terms of content and research. His audience needs great attention and curiosity in following the logical thread of his writings.
The most striking thing is the positivity of his message to all of us, his generosity in sharing passion, love, knowledge and intuition.
Like a patient spider weaves its web every day, Darko writes his thoughts, his discoveries and his message is clear: better be!
A gift of great value in a time where everything seems to be worse but in reality it does not go, we will not allow it.
Thanks Darko!

Adriano Davidoni”

Quarantine Diaries and Beyond will inspire you, maybe awake and definitely make you more aware, let you learn, and hopefully drive you to investigate further sharpening your common sense.

You will read about simplicity, love, ordinary things (as “simple” breathing), is it protecting others from yourself a humanity manifested at its highest levels, Thomas Paine and his Common Sense, Leonardo da Vinci, Colonel House, Conspiracy Practitioners leaving the theory to theorists, Greek Zorba, and Alan Ford, about Chopin and Eminescu and about Antoine Bechamp and Louis Pasteur, Trumpism that came, that is now gone and preparing a comeback, Nikola Tesla, Orwell, vitamin D, some details of the Rosenau 1919 experiment, important today also, about professor Carroll Quigley, the Purpose of Existence, Real Education (Old School), to not believe in anything based on fear, and instead to believe in yourself and your own abilities, and many more. 

I will be happy if I could contribute to add to or sharpen your dimensions and the way you look at the world.
We are born to live together and practice mutual aid! Feel that “in the long run, the practice of solidarity proves much more helpful to the species than the development of individuals endowed with predatory inclinations!” Work for long term gains as a person, as a family as community and as a nation!
I hope this book will provide inspiration and add creativity and awareness to every one of you!

At the same time, it is the place where you can find YOU! Yes, YOU, as you are invited to contribute with one personal diary page signing yourself. You are invited to be a coauthor of your book copy!

The eBook will be ready by end of August and we will personalize it by including one “Personal Diary Page” where you can write your thoughts about a day you passed during this unique situation. We will include the page in “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond” and send you the eBook with your personal, unique page. You can share it with your family, friends, and leave it for generations to come. With your name on it. Plus, you will get the password for all the future articles to be published under subscription for 24 months.

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Once rainbow always rainbow

Quarantine Diaries and Beyond

“Time makes more converts than a reason,” said Thomas Paine in his pamphlet “Common Sense” At the same time we are witnesses that somehow common sense is not so common. Here is the opportunity.! For 10$ only! First time ever! Personalized eBook Quarantine diaries plus Subscription for 24 months. You have the opportunity to contribute by sending one personalized day diary page which we will include in the eBook and send it to you in pdf format. Like that each book will be unique and will bear your name at the bottom of your page if you wish so, to stay for your loved ones to read! We live not for today but for the future. We are what we leave behind us! Take the opportunity and contribute with your personal day diary page! Let the knowledge spread! Quarantine Diaries and Beyond AAA Aware-Awake-Advance Place the order for the eBook now and Subscribe to enjoy the articles about inspirational events and people. Ordinary people like us!. Latest 30/8/2021 the eBook will be published. Share one personal day diary and we will include it in your book copy! Grow with us!


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July 2021


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Old School project Books on the beach

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Old School Project-Books on the Beach

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Conspiracy Practitioners II

Kindly Google the term “Conspiracy Practitioners,” and you will see that the term does not exists. Interesting, isn’t it?

Philosophyofgoodnews is announcing the start of the series of essays about Conspiracy Practitioners. The term Conspiracy Practitioners has been used first time ever by us with the first essay titled Conspiracy Practitioners published February 26th 2021 which is available for subscribers only. Conspiracy Practitioners were always present in the history of our civilization. However people did not used the term Conspiracy Practitioners up to know as it would be counteproductive for those having an idea what that IS, and how it works- Practically. Conspiracy Practitioners were planning, organizing and executing events that shaped the history. No coincidences. Or to many coincidences. The technique used by Conspiracy Practitioners is worthy learning.

When people started to awake and to ask questions about events that happened in front of their eyes mid of 20th century, Conspiracy Practitioners came to an idea to introduce to the public so called term “Conspiracy Theories.” Beautifully thought as it opens so many passages for discussion and antagonizm.

However even that it was one of the clever moves as it was counting on many different aspects of human character, nothing lasts forever and the Conspiracy Practitioners got somehow entrapped in their own cunning. It is natural for those to think that all will last forever.

Since, for decades they achieved the aim. Divide and Rule. Still it is present but as awaking is irreversible process let’s see what will happen.

So, Conspiracy Theory term has been thrown to the masses as fog that covers the atmosphere. One eyed started to follow the blind and Conspiracy Practitioners continued freely with their longterm plans.

Here you will not learn theories, but historical facts. Conclusion will always be yours.

It is decided that this series which will present at least fifty personalities their actions and practices that changed the course of history and known to history, but are less known to general public will be for the subscribers only.

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Old School project game

Old School project game

TRAIN THE BRAIN You are invited to participate in the game! In shameless society, where integrity is reduced, culture of lie starts to govern. To confront it let’s go back to old school. To the school that teach to learn how to learn and does not brain wash with “label driven” dry to comply education. The school that makes you aware and awake and helps you choose your own method to advance! Where you want to! At any age and zero impositions! Free and fearless. The Game has symbolic contribution and symbolic prize. To join, send 1$, and kindly, give your thought of “HOW DO YOU SEE THE WORLD WE LIVE IN?” Leave your reply at the comment section or send it to below email. PLEASE USE MAXIMUM 11 WORDS. THE GAME WILL LAST TILL THE END OF AUGUST WHEN WE WILL VOTE FOR THE FIRST 3 WINNERS. 1ST PRIZE 500 USD 2ND PRIZE 300 USD 3RD PRIZE 200 USD All participants will have their quotes published in a separate booklet( if there will be enough quotes) to be send to each of you in pdf format. Memory to stay for future generations. Your kids, your kids kids and beyond, never, for real NEVER, to be forgotten! Wishing you a happy and awake game! Let the thoughts flow freely and fearlessly!


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How to take over the world


Following video of the “Early Warning Cartoon” made in 1930s which I just found courtesy of one of the commentators in social media outlets, is of real interest. It could be the inspiring tool for many awaiting the right technology to do it!

Could it be that it is happening now?

You conclude.

Many more intriguing information plus a lots of LOVE AND COMPASION you will find in the upcoming eBook “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond” you can preorder here and use the opportunity to become a coauthor! https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/subscription-page/

Below is an “EARLY WARNING CARTOON” we omitted to see and take notice!

You can join the game of the OLD SCHOOL here https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/2021/07/28/old-school-project-game/

And the eBook…



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Entrapped by own cunning-Tragedy of the system


“Democracy statistically equates stupidity with reason, and to idiots, only if they are enough, allows to rule the world! ”

These wise words are from the novel “Rabies” written by Borislav Pekic, a Serbian writer who was living in exile in London during Tito regime. He knew something we the masses are comprehending now.

It is becoming evident by each passing day that the fairytale is approaching an end. It is not possible anymore to lull the people to the extent they been lulled one year ago, not to mentions fifty years or even a hundred and fifty years ago. People became increasingly fed up with insidious, sneaky, and often beyond logic and stupidity propaganda placed by so-called mainstream media channels, financed by freshly printed money irreversibly losing value. The system started to look like a house of cards. I ask myself if it was always a house of cards getting help from another house of cards to increase the existence for some decades till politicians, then in the place pass and go into history as “great” leaders leaving a mess in the making behind!
One day we might wake up, and there would be no world we used to think it will last forever. See the story of the German Democratic Republic and the Berlin Wall. Another history lesson, not digested by the western part of the world as the postulate “it will never happen to us,” is still alive.
At that time, if or when it comes, it is crucial not to forget to practice the purest possible love, compassion, and togetherness.
Only then will we prevail, we will inspire, and we will survive! Only then will our lives have a real purpose for existence. It is also an opportunity to find the aim worthy of advancing life awake, aware, and free!
Third Reich or Fourth Reich or whatever Fifth that will come out of the minds of those extremely intelligent yet highly destructive people, we need to awake fast, soon, and be productive! Our education system needs redefinition and turning to the so nicely called “old school!” About the proposal for the “old school,” I will come back to you soon enough to discuss how that could be achieved practically and with lots of love!

But before that, I am inclined to share with you one story from history.
History, as you know, is called the teacher of life, and still we, or better, most of our leaders, are forgetting that simple quote, and are due to make the same mistakes over and over again!
So many stories from the past would be of tremendous importance for those concerned about their posthumous fame that are currently receiving orders from the behind curtain planers. Those are called first time by philosophyofgoodnews “Conspiracy Practitioners!”
Unfortunately, our leaders got blind from relative power, relative greed, and wealth, ceasing to be interested in the common good, as many of them could experience perfidious blackmail involving usual human weakness. It would be a tragedy for our system, us, and our so-called leaders if that were allowed to continue happening. Maybe that below story would be used as an eye-opener to some till there is still some time left.
The particular story from 1451-1453 came to my mind, as it reflects how a short-sited mind makes shortly lived decisions resulting in the tragedy affecting many many many people for centuries and centuries!

Byzantine Empire with its capital, Constantinople, and the Ottoman Empire started negotiations about different matters in 1451. That year, Sultan Murad II died, and his son Mohammed II was enthroned and became a supreme leader and Sultan of the Ottomans.
Byzantines thought that the opportunity has come to gain more economic advantage from the new Sultan to cover their sizeable public debt with short repayment terms and try to buy time. To mention that due to the financial difficulties, the famous maker of big cannons, Hungarian Orban left the service of Emperor Constantine and entered that of Sultan Muhammed II. Sultan immediately gave Orban four times higher salary than that he was receiving from the Emperor.
The Byzantines used the Sultan campaign in Caramanica to “kindly” present that the agreed sum of 300000 aspers per annum was not enough to support the Ottoman Prince ( in this case, Orhan) with dignity.
If the Sultan would not agree to increase the sum, the Byzantines would or better might “restrain the action of Orhan-Effendi.”
By the way, the Ottomans and Byzantines had an agreement for the latter to keep Ottoman Prince in Constantinople for the agreed amount as the Ottomans wanted to stop killing heirs to the throne and wanted them to stay isolated but alive.
After listening to Byzantines demands, the Grand Vizier Chalil Pasha, whose father was of Serbian and mother of a Greek origin, said the following words as per Ducas and repeated in the book of the Serbian diplomat in London Cedomilj Mijatovic, dedicated to His Royal Highness Prince Constantine, then the Duke of Sparta and Heir to the Greek throne:” You foolish Greeks! Long ago, I learned to know your falsehood and your cunning. While Sultan Murad lived, it was possible for you to go on comparatively well, because he was just and conscientious. But Sultan Mohammed is quite another man. If Constantinople escapes his impetuosity and his power, it will be proof that God does not punish your crooked ways and your sins. Fools! The ink on the documents of peace concluded between us has not yet dried, and you come to us with silly threats! You are mistaken. We are not interested and simple children to be easily scared. If you really believe you can do something, you are free to do it! If you desire to proclaim Orhan Sultan of Romania, go and proclaim him! If you desire to recover the countries you have lost, try! Be sure, however, of this one thing: you will only succeed in losing the little that remains your own!” This was the continuation of the beginning of the end of Constantinople!
What happened? The payment for Orhan-Effendi was suspended by the Sultan, and he sent emissaries to ask if he could use a piece of land on the Byzantine territory around five miles from Galata to build the castle today known as Rumelian Castle-Roumeli Hissar Castle or Strait Blocker Castle(Bogazkesen Castle).
They received the answer from the Byzantines: ” The Emperor would cheerfully oblige his friend Sultan, but unfortunately the territory in question did not really belong to him, having been ceded long ago to the Franks of Galata, and he, therefore, feared the building of the forth on the Frankish ground might bring the Sultan into collision with Frankistan!” (1)
The Grand-Vizier Chalil Pasha being an experienced diplomat and knowing the character of the young Sultan, “smiled in his beard.”
He brought the answer swiftly, and it said: ” The Sultan, unwilling to hurt the feelings of his good friend the Emperor, did not wish to begin to build without his formal permission; but as the Emperor now declared the ground belonged to the Franks, the Sultan, who does not care a straw for feelings of the Franks( most probably because they were not his neighbors- writers thought), will without further delay proceed with his forth!”
After that, Constantine asked for help from the west, but as history shows never received the one resulting in the fall of Constantinople on May 29th, 1453!

Shortsighted, short gain minds caused long-term gain for others.
You can project this story to today’s happenings in the western world with financial issues and inflation ready to come on the stage and show us how it is to live with immense difficulties.
Will this happen?
It is up to us to reform before we are reformed.

And whatever, do not, really do not forget to love! Without strings and many thoughts!
Love awakes!

1- From the book of Cedomil Mijatovich “Constantine: The Last Emperor of the Greeks.”

Part of “Quarantine diaries and beyond” book you can order visiting below link.

All rights reserved.

Darko Richard Lancelot
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Let’s dance Zorba


Below link is included in the eBook “Quarantine diaries and beyond” you can preorder here and by sending your one day diary became coauthor of the book. Your copy, each copy, will be unique as it will contain your diary page we will include in the copy we send you.


And know as life is to enjoy!

Let’s dance!




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Darko Richard Lancelot


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In the upcoming eBook “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond,” there is a day 10 being April 3 rd 2020.
The title is THE THIRD WAVE, and it is about a theatre performance held on 20 and 21st of March 2017 by Pancyprian Gymnasium students, which I had the privilege to attend both.

I thought that people are being warned and prepared years before something happens but usually do not have either time or interest to go deeper and investigate. We all are preoccupied with material and running after material things, thus losing the balance of our being. We become easy targets for manipulators bringing the situations we are passing through now.
Below is the article from March 2017.
It is about “The Third Wave” experiment taking place in 1967, trying to explain the obedience and acceptance of the German population of the Nazi regime. In 1963, there was a Milgram experiment trying to measure the “Obedience to Authority.” Interesting how all have some pattern of continuation. But before all that, there was a Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834) who wrote many things, one being the essay on the “Principle of Population” where he says: “Any great interference with the affairs of other people is a species of tyranny.” And the message to all that are living today’s events- “Evil exists in the world not to create despair but activity!!!” So, everything that we experience today is an opportunity to become more active than before! Activity transmutes the mind and awakes the soul! Evil would not approve that, but that is what it produces! The action of otherwise lazy and lulled people.
Below is the article with minor changes.
Hope is important! Everything in this life starts with hope for love and from a genuine need of people to be hugged, as one of our young actresses so bluntly and hearty, stated in beautifully performed “The third wave” play, done in Nicosia, Cyprus by students of Pancyprian Gymnasium. No social distancing neither lockdowns!
In Greek is called “Trito Kyma”!
This experiment was initially performed out of love for a job young Professor Jones had. His character was brilliantly portrayed by David Anastasiou, the multitalented young man!

We, as public, somehow magically lost the feeling of time and followed, blindly, that fantastic, powerful performance of the students of Pancyprian Gymnasium.
We felt in the audience that we were manipulated together with the class of Mr. Jones. Just to the point of the experiment, and amazingly, also, as I could see, some fear!
Discipline, Involvement, Team, special Salute as the upgrade, then Songs were used to achieve a manipulation. If you take the above words one by one, they will be acceptable to the masses but presented together, and in the group, they become the means for manipulation. Like today’s slogan, “Vaccinated to Protect You.”
We, in the audience, became sleepwalkers, following the play as the vocabulary used excluded words like love and compassion.
Mr.Jones had a secret thought and desire to discover hidden forces in his students and in himself. By performing the play, he tried to see invisible forces in the general public and make them participants in the experiment.
I feel that we all have moments of feeling lonely and having the need to love and be loved to hug and embrace. When this happens, as we are afraid to lose our comfort and our way of life, we become easily manipulated.
As already mentioned in one of the quarantine diaries, manipulation is not violent! It is a temptation! It is the state of mind where the human being is doing something that others want him to do, coercing him to want to do that! Men might become the victim of manipulation only if he becomes coauthor, an accomplice of it. That is what “The Third Wave” experiment taught us! Reflecting doings of those so-called “kapos” in the concentration camps during WWII.
The play induces the awakening bell to ring in our organisms!
As “being awake is everything.” For those seeking to awake, one little, tiny suggestion! STOP WATCHING THE MAINSTREAM NEWS!
One pure moment of a need for being awake and a need for love have happened during the play. Showing how lovely human beings we all are. Namely, a son needed to leave the theatre, and my eye caught the moment when mother fingers have tried to touch the son leaving, in so smooth, human, full of love way, only the mother can give. It made me feel warm and positive that humanity is not lost and can not be lost whatever manipulation is applied!
And as of now, July 2021, the manipulation is applied, and the target is the relation between children and parents! Those paid to manipulate imply that THE UNVACCINATED CHILDREN ARE TRANSFERRING THE VIRUS TO VACCINATED PARENTS! However, the love is subconscious and is ready to react and diminish any form of manipulation. Not easy at all, but that is what will be the end result!
Love is around us and in vast quantities, and it will always find its way back!
And unconditionally, love!
We are attacked! And as an action, we are in the process of change. In that process, we will fight, we will be manipulated, we will awake on and on, we will sleepwalk also, but we will prevail!
New ideas, fresh air, revolutionary moves are all, always, in the past as now, faced with antagonism. That is encouraged as long as it is genuine and productive for the common good. When it becomes a part of the manipulation of consciousness, we need to react immediately to not have the life of the frog! It is important to be repeated!
When you put the frog in the boiled water, it will jump out of it immediately! But if you put it in lukewarm water, it will swim with pleasure in it and will not notice that the pot is set on fire as the warmth will increase gradually. The frog will enjoy the heat so much until it is cooked!
And I have a feeling that somebody just switched off the fire under the pot we were in! It is still hot, but there is not the same intensity of fire under!
As time passes, that fire will stop, and we, alive and awake, will help the others find themselves again!
Patience, humanity, togetherness, love!
Genuine and from the soul, let’s practice them all!
All in One and One in All. We need them all with us!

Extracts from the book ” Quarantine diaries and Beyond” -Better Be- you can preorder here


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“All Greek to me”

Nicosia 18/7/2021

“All is Greek to me!” that used to be!
Before starting, it is an absolute must to state that a tiny group of provocateurs can not diminish the greatness of all the other people participating in this unique event!

NOOOOOO! Of course not! “All is Greek to me” idiom expression is used in English when you do not understand something. From yesterday that used to be as there are situations when Greek is understood and perfectly comprehended.
That happened yesterday in Nicosia, the last divided capital of Europe. More than 16000 people, some say even 20000 attended the protest against insidious policies of the safe pass, vaccination, and general state of human existence. For Cyprus, a divided, beautiful Mediterranean island country, the number of participants was a significant surprise for the so-called “elite” and many others. No one was expecting such a vast response of the ordinary people, and clearly, no one was prepared for it. It was obvious from the beginning that the small group of people, youngsters, were planted to distract and discredit such a tremendous expression of genuine human feelings concerned about the future. One British lady participating described them as “bouncers from the doors at the Bar Street.” Well, they were blind, and if peaky time will tell! Enough of them!
As regards the exact number of participants, there is one source that can confirm it. Two drones that were deployed by the police to fly above the heads of peaceful human beings. Of course, high from the sky, but they were there and could confirm the numbers. Maybe one day, when the majority awakes and all this comes to an end, we will learn about the stories that happened yesterday. Until then, it looks like, that the protests will attract more and more people. No matter vaccinated or not vaccinated. ALL.

Yesterday there were both groups united in one! That group of human beings living together and sharing the same human values! Family values and practicing togetherness!
Interesting to say is that 99% of the people did not wear the masks! Neither showed so perfidiously called “safe pass!” But SAFE PASS WILL PASS! Short or long but it will pass and deeds of all of us will stay to be written in the history. Yesterday it was history.

But they might be at sleep! They became blind by power and other more severe downsides! However, as any jab can not modify human consciousness, they still have a chance to show their human face and follow the people they were elected to serve! This does not apply to Cyprus only but to all the people and countries on the Earth.
People were very emotional and proud. Some secretly covered their tears of joy and sorrow; some lively talking and smiling and some dreaming. But all were inspired and determined to express their feelings of togetherness and save family values from destruction.
With huge disappointment, many of us might learn that our children got indoctrinated by the system filled with “The intellectuals yet idiots.” Those that want to destroy families and are working towards enslaving us, THE PEOPLE! Thus such a massive reaction of the masses which will only grow bigger regardless of the attempts to discredit, reduce or destroy it!
Any attempt to discredit such a pure human-based peaceful expression gives one more reason to continue the struggle and leave behind us the world with awake people. It is not easy, but it is challenging. This tiny and beautiful divided Mediterranean Island of Cyprus with all its exceptionally hospitable inhabitants showed yesterday that freedom and integrity are not for trade!
With all corruption being blatant, people are slowly but steadily going back, awaking and regaining integrity. That is freedom!
That is what happened yesterday. Provocations will continue till they stop! And they will stop. Peaky or sneaky, they will stop.
In the meantime, new words and expressions are introduced, like “anti-vaxxers” or “sprayed.” Those and many more terms, labels are made “fashionable” and are used with such an easiness that always reveals more our fellow human beings saying it than the person on the receiving side.
The duty of those participating in such beautiful, awaking, and highly human events is to be steady, peaceful, and patient. To love our indocrinated fellow human beings. They have the right to know and to awake!
More of our fellow human beings will awake, and both “sprayed,” and “unsprayed” will join because we are all one! With or without jabs, we are all one!
The faster those that are so-called “elite” comprehend it, the better for all of us.
Doors are always open as what happened yesterday showed that love of the people is expressed towards genuine people with high integrity.
Integrity can be lost for some small pleasures of riding donkeys but can be regained fast as a great story of Don Quixote representing the EGO, and Sancho Panza expressing SELF, teach us.
It is the wish to have all with us and us with all! Peacefully and clearly!

The message to all thinking to gain short and lose long is the quote from Don Quixote: “The truth may be stretched thin, but it never breaks, and it always surfaces above lies, as oil floats on water…”

Gain long!


All rights reserved

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Novak Djokovic-“Gde si Brate!?”

Photo taken from the TV screen

Twenty times Grand Slam winner with six Wimbledon titles, Novak Djokovic is writing the unique history of tennis!
Before going further, it is good to give it a try and translate the expression “Gde si brate,” from Serbian to the English language.
So “Gde Si Brate!?” can be translated as
1) Hey, bro
2) What’s up, Brother?
3) How ya doing, Brother? Whoo!
4) Hey, my Brother! What’s going on, man?
5) Yo, chillin’.
6) Where are you, Brother?
7) Where you at, my Brother?
8) Where are you, Man?
9) Hey, Brother, Man!
10) Hey, what’s happening, Bro?
11) Hiya, Buddy
12) What go on, Coz?
As you can see, but still maybe not identify, a simple saying can be translated in many ways, and it has many meanings interacting with plenty of feelings!
Meanings do become feelings, and feelings cause our mind and body to react in a specific manner. Placing the finger on your forehead( Novak move in the final of Wimbledon 2021) is a sign that you got it, as you gain the patience to continue with the slice backhand and wait! Pays off!
Novak Djokovic comes from a country where people talk with eyes, dream often and deep while being perfectly awake, fly high and safe, and have a unique way to express their common sense using intuition while being the masters of improvisation! To get to the Novak Djokovic multidimensional mindset is not possible! That is why he is what he is, and that is why he is where he is, and of course, that is why he will be where he will be the best of all times in tennis and further, and beyond!
To enlighten my readers about the place Novak Djokovic and his great family comes from, let me tell you a story that happened, if the memory serves me well, in the 1977 EuroBasket semifinal between then Yugoslavia and Italy. Then the playmaker, Belgrade born and 180 cm high Zoran Slavnic, the soul of the team and the soul of every team he coached and played for, had made one of the memorable moves that honestly describe the way how the champions are born and, most notably made!
As Yugoslavia was wining Italy with a safe lead, Moka ( Zoran Slavnic- nickname) spotted at the stand the coach of the Soviet Union, 165 cm high, Colonel Alexander Gomelsky. The Colonel watched the game and took notes as the Soviet Union in the previous semifinal beat Czechoslovakia. Moka, as he knew the Italian language used his knowledge to ask the opponent, the Italian defender playmaker, to stop for two seconds and shouted towards the surprised Colonel- “Colonel, what are you writing about? Our system, method of play, tactics? Well, we do not know what we are playing either!”
That was in now far 1977!
When I first saw the interview of Mr. Srdjan Djokovic, the father of Novak, I was so impressed with his skills as a parent and his mindset! He was not playing basketball. He was skiing, but he was and always will be the fantastic, unique, exceptional playmaker for his family and, yes, Novak! This is not a “secret.” This is the way life works in the country they come from, the proud land of Serbia!
In that country, playmakers have a special place!
If life is a play, then so-called playmakers are mastering the life-making by stacking mosaic to perfection! They are the ones that cooperate with the right people at the right time; they are the ones making strategic decisions and controlling the outcome armed with instinct and improvisation, two skills that can not be copied! They, the playmakers, are not very loved by many but are respected by all! They are unique, and they are the MAKERS! That is what is happening in the land of Serbia. Till I write this short tribute about Novak Djokovic, knowing that not mentioning him so many times will be understood by him and by the place he comes from, many youngsters are working hard, waiving up their relative comfort and through sweat and dedication follow their dreams often spending nights by counting the stars and imaging raising the Wimbledon Trophy like Novak did six times now!
Novak Djokovic’s success shows that integrity is not negotiable and that strategic decisions are never made alone but with the whole family’s contribution.
For all the youngsters it is crucial to understand that their parents are, by nature, the best and the most trusted people they will ever have. Then, having that values as the guiding idea, finding the partner, and making your life meaningful will be much easier.
From the follower of his playmaker father, Novak Djokovic, the best ever tennis player, is becoming the playmaker for his beautiful family and trusted friends. Wise, with manners and skills in and outside of the court, Novak Djokovic shows the real meaning of life and how many, if not all, of us, could achieve it! No matter the age!
Do what you like, and forget doing what you do not like, to, after, do what you want! Do it from the beginning and enjoy it all! Happiness, disappointments, ups, and downs. Learn from all situations, and do not stop! Better buy experiences and do not sell them! Keep them for you and your loved ones.
Keep going and keep enjoying all, even when you blow it up! Because it is YOU!
Life is not easy and should not be easy! It should be excitable and above all enjoyable!
Get inspired by Novak Djokovic and his personality! That is a unique opportunity!
And do not forget to dream as Langston Hughes’s poem “Dreams” inspire us!
“Hold fast to dreams
for if dream die
life is a broken-winged bird
that can not fly.
Hold fast to dreams
for when dreams go
life is a barren field
frozen with snow.”



Darko Richard Lancelot
All rights reserved


Connect and Respect

It will pass


It looks like that it is the day of stories!
So, here is one from ancient China.
Fater and son, from a young age, were working hard at the rice fields.
Father had a hobby which was Calligraphy. He was teaching his son during their spare time the technique and wanted his son to become a master of it! He was constantly repeating to his son that he was sorry that he could not leave him with more money but extremely satisfied with his sons’ advances. His son became the real master in Calligraphy!
As father felt that he would pass away soon, he wrote two sentences and put the one in the small black box and the other in the small white box.
He then asked his son never to open the boxes except in two cases. The first case when he should open the white box, father said, would be as if he was desperate and running out of fate and hope for life’s purpose.
The second case, when the son should open the small black box, would be if he made such a massive success that he thought that all his life purpose was fulfilled and that he achieved the top of his life and carrier!
After some time, the father died, and the son was left alone to fight for his survival at the rice fields. As he was a very open person giving all his trust to all the co-workers, some of them used that trust and stole from him all the equipment he had together with the food he stored as a reserve not to starve if there would be a food shortage. He was in a complete downflow, and he starved as the only way to work was with his hands which was not enough to get some decent food to survive. He tried very hard, and when he saw, or thought, that his suffering will not end, he decided to give the end to his life. Then in the millisecond, he remembered the two small boxes he always carried with him and decided to read the sentence his father left at the white box before he takes his life. He opened the white box, and there he found in beautiful calligraphy the following sentence: ” Dear Son, It will pass!”
He decided to give more time to his life and to try to survive. Some of his co-workers saw how difficult and desperate his suffering was. They knew how talented a calligraphy writer he was and decided to help him by giving him more food and teaching him how to make his own equipment again. He managed to survive and became dedicated to continuing with his life, looking for a better future.
Some of his co-workers heard that the master of the whole land fields was looking for someone who knows how to write to employ him in his central offices to help with his personal correspondence.
He finally got a job and started to advance his carrier in the master house, and after some time, when the master’s daughter fell in love with him, they decided to marry, always with the consent of the girl’s father and the master of the whole land!
They got married and had a beautiful life. Had six children, and all were brought up to have respect towards all. Their parents taught them to practice togetherness, always giving them a chance to advance their talents!
One day as he was sitting on his balcony, satisfied with all his life achievements, he thought about the small black box his father left with him and decided to open it and read the message.
He opened a small black box and read the sentence written in exceptional calligraphy by his father.
It said: “Dear Son, this will pass too!”


To continue with wise words, I asked and Ukrainian gentleman who conquered Mount Everest about what he thought when only twenty meters from the top. He said without hesitation, “I was thinking how to go safely down!”

All that we are living today will pass. What will stay are our actions and remembrance about the suffering caused to other fellow human beings. That and only that will take all to the dustbin of history!
We all have a choice! Will we protect our integrity and democracy, or will we make half of our population feel like livestock!
It is up to those that govern us all.

Just remember that all will pass, with the deeds to stay.
I am honestly concerned if the results of all this going on with pushing the people to do something they do not want to do will be without human loss.
Someone said, “If I knew that you exist, I would go to hell immediately!”
How easy would it be to trust all those involved and do as instructed. However, things are not at all clear yet.

Darko Richard Lancelot



Connect and Respect