Elections-To sacrifice or to be sarcificed

Common sense becomes really common!

Elections are held every now and again in the whole world as democracy is spread everywhere. No need to explain democracy except to give you the root of the word, which we all should remember from school. DEMOS-KRATOS- The connection between the people and the state. The connection is meant to contribute to the well-being of the people and of the state! That connection is being constantly attacked and diluted by spreading the narrative of so-called freedom, liberty, and independence! Why? How? All that became abstract and convinced the masses that government is nothing more than a manager representing the country’s owner-the people. The same people are encouraged to change every government like the worn-out socks. That state of things has managed to produce politicians who do not care about the common good and promote hypocrisy spiced with power knowing that the masses can take them out anytime they are not satisfied with what they get! That is where integrity is lost and corruption is promoted! In all three branches of government! The legislature, the executive, and the judiciary. From judges, MPs, and bureaucracy involved from such minor affairs connected with insurance, car belts, and phones to land development etc… Because we as people are confused and do not comprehend what is enough! What is enough for you to feel fulfilled and happy? Ask yourself! By answering that question you will give a bright example to all that seek to govern!

Instead to abuse power for personal enrichment and promote the downfall of all institutions those who are lovers of authority should comprehend that they are in that place where decisions about the people’s destiny are decided ONLY TO SACRIFICE THEMSELVES FIRST! Not because of personal enrichment! Unfortunately, Democracy became a matter of the right price! Something like the JOBOX! As much as you pay that much you get! Democracy is vulgarized to “You get what you pay for!” Do we really want to live in that kind of society where numerous contradictory opinions are expressed just to make you lost in the labyrinth and keep you there till the real business and decisions about you are being taken and put in motion!

However, things are really simple and that is now changing.

The process of manipulation with insidious postulates like “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” started when the so-called democracies of the west managed to throw the old aristocracy in the garbage and introduced a new aristocracy based on paper wealth called money. Where that insidious postulate has gone? Think! But, that is now irreversibly falling apart! Money is now being printed in uncontrollable amounts and is passed over to the nations to indebt them to the level where they will obey all and everything asked by the money printers! They also want to buy more time and destroy all! “After us, the flood,” became the idea behind those morons’ actions! Morons who will be called accountable for all they did to us!

Even the nations that still have their own currencies are forbidden to increase their money supply in their time of need as they are forced to take loans from the looters the western central banks issuing Euros and USD. Those that tried to change the law and get their financial independence were forced to return to the old one becoming economic slaves of the western looters! Investigate!

So, that is how all became more controllable by the money issuers! They were called before the money changers. Now they have advanced names like Ph.D. and Governors of the Central Banks and Nobel Prize laureates and “scientists” ( not morons) and who knows what kind of outer stupidity etc…

Who cares about the elected presidents that are controlled by Noname personalities!? One Woodrow Wilson was elected with the promise not to engage the USA in World War I and that changed when he got elected as he was influenced by the person who did not have any position in the government popularly called “Colonel Edward House!” It could be said that the one who controls the money supply controls the ones behind the scenes and IS the master of both position and opposition. Now you transfer the modality of then to the events of today and you get the same result with one more substantial difference! Today we have nuclear warheads and deeper stupidity! Oh, and lies! It is the FAILING EMPIRE OF LIES! When I say Empire, it is not one, it is the group united in corruption, blackmail, stupidity, treason, hypocrisy, sick ambition, fraud, bribery, and narcissism that wants to impose on us one control, one code and to have us constantly in the labyrinth forcing us not to have any opinion on political questions and laws that are passed and are affecting our and our descendants lives! But even that is programmed as it wants to force us towards anarchy and chaos as the only way to establish the world government! Solovyov’s unfinished piece of 1900 is suggested to read! That is why we should protect our institutions from the insidious creatures that are constantly attacking them. Journalists with confused blah blah blah included!

Make your eyes to see and your ears to hear and your clean soul to feel! The power of the individual is the most frightening power for all those that plan to enslave us. Right is not in might! It is in belief, in the idea of COMMON GOOD! Not in the world government and remote mountain idiotic villages where morons come and idiots go! You that promote might will lose and now that people learned will be held accountable!

What is to be done?

Some centuries ago this world had TEMPLARS and HOSPITALLERS. Templars got their name from the Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and the Hospitallers became associated with the Hospital of the Saint John of Jerusalem. The first, to put it bluntly, were the people who were sacrificing themself for the good of others while the others became the ones who asked others to sacrifice themselves for them! The first was genuinely following the idea of God while the others wanted the idea of God to work for them. The way of second can be found in the part of “The Brothers Karamazov” book by Dostoyevski with the title “The Grand Inquisitor!” The way of the first ones, The Templars, was explained In the short essay “In Praise of the New Knighthood” by St. Bernard of Clairvaux ( 1090-1153):

“There is no distinction of persons among them, and deference is shown to merit rather than to noble blood. They rival one another in mutual consideration, and they carry one another’s burdens, thus fulfilling the law of Christ. No inappropriate word, idle deed, unrestrained laugh, not even the slightest whisper or murmur is left uncorrected once it has been detected. They foreswear dice and chess, and abhor the chase; they take no delight in the ridiculous cruelty of falconry, as is the custom. As for jesters, magicians, bards, troubadours, and jousters, they despise and reject them as so many vanities and sound deceptions. Their hair is worn short, in conformity with the Apostle’s saying, that it is shameful for a man to cultivate flowing locks. Indeed, they seldom wash and never set their hair—content to appear tousled and dusty, bearing the marks of the sun and of their armor.

When the battle is at hand, they arm themselves interiorly with faith and exteriorly with steel rather than decorate themselves with gold, since their business is to strike fear in the enemy rather than to incite his cupidity. They seek out horses that are strong and swift, rather than those which are brilliant and well-plumed, they set their minds on fighting to win rather than on parading for show. They think not of glory and seek to be formidable rather than flamboyant. At the same time, they are not quarrelsome, rash, or unduly hasty, but soberly, prudently, and providently drawn up into orderly ranks, as we read of the fathers.”

To continue: “If he fights for a good reason, the issue of his fight can never be evil; and likewise, the results can never be considered good if the reason were evil and the intentions perverse. If you happen to be killed while you are seeking only to kill another, you die a murderer. If you succeed, and by your will to overcome and to conquer your perchance kill a man, you live a murderer. Now it will not do to be a murderer, living or dead, victorious or vanquished. What an unhappy victory—to have conquered a man while yielding to vice, and to indulge in an empty glory at his fall when wrath and pride have gotten the better of you! But what of those who kill neither in the heat of revenge nor in the swelling of pride, but simply in order to save themselves? Even this sort of victory I would not call good since bodily death is really a lesser evil than spiritual death. The soul need not die when the body does. No, it is the soul that sins that shall die.”

And that is plain true! All of you who want to govern remember that when you are out and gone, the only friend you will have left is your soul! Will you still have it or not depends only on your deeds! ONLY! NOT by any empty oratory!



You can get initiation and investigate further reading the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond you can order here




“Per me reges regnant”

The above quote in english means:”Through me the sovereigns reign.” Looks familiar? Feels familiar?

20th of January 2023 addition

As meetings are being held at that remote village where they use army helicopters to transport foreign dignitaries one interesting interview took place. Link IS HERE. OPEN IT AND SEE IT. IT IS THE NEWS FROM TIMES OF INDIA.

They say here if you should continue sharing this simple questions video? People were asking simple questions without answers. Simple answers. You remember, trust the science. It is just showing what the plan was- Make the cake with following ingredients: Power, Hypocrisy, Bribery, Fraud, Cunning, and give to the masses to eat! When they eat and digest, make revelations and throw greedy narcissistic creatures to the garbage as they served their purpose. Pity! YOU SHOULD LEARN TO BE WITHOUT THE NEED TO HAVE AS SOME SPIRITUAL PERSON SAID! Conclusions are yours!

It was at the door long time ago and now it is having all meals inside of our houses. We are feeding it! Great achievement by the roamers. They are in the complete dominance and ready to destroy us all. Are you still frolicking in that lukewarm water and don’t really care what will happen? Stop! Go out, dry, and start acting! For them there is nothing more dangerous than individual initiative!

Before continuing let me share with you a talk I had with one of my friends. Namely that person is not vaccinated. That person started to draw a circle. That’s all of us, that person said, by adding spots in the circle. They say that majority of the people is vaccinated( represented as red color spots) and many are experiencing health issues they did not have before, strange and difficult as their immune system is attacked,not by so-called viruses, but by liquids injected. The minority are those that are not vaccinated, showing me the white spots in the circle that were overwhelmed by the red circles. Could it be, that person continued, that the golden Billion they talk about are us that are not vaccinated? Interesting point and another confirmation that we have to do with extremely vile and insidious creatures that are creating narratives which serve to divide and further confuse us forcing us to stay lost in the labyrinth and never to escape from it! They created institutions used to weaken mind by permanent criticism, to break of a habit to thought which can create opposition and to deflect, to transform the power of thought into mere empty eloquence! Can you recall how many times you said- ” That and that said it right!” Eloquence and oratory are promoted to make us to continue swimming in the lukewarm water which is visible instead to see if the words are equaled with deeds.

So, now for those that decided to start a new awake life by jumping out of the melting pot , cleaning themselves from numerous contradictory and confusing opinions let me state that only then we will be in the position to recognise that we were played big time by the same forces who diverted us from noticing crucial things and move our interest towards commerce and industry! And then introduced speculation!Like futures derivatives and who knows what else! Instead of being what it was created for, the means of exchange, money became the ultimate ruler of our lives! Why? Who introduced it? What was behind it? However I suppose you are awake now so you can easily find out by yourself!

Just heard the rummor and do not know if it is true that Black Rock will layoff many employees? Do they also try to jump out of the pot? Interesting. How many of you start your day with the thoughts of your own profit? As you get engaged in the struggle for more profit you will less likely notice the common enemy of all humanity! As you seek more and want but can not achieve supremacy, even in your house or in the neighbourhood, you become disappointed, cold and heartless! Unable to express feelings, unable to feel real love, unable to live! Turn inward and start individual initiative! Like simple making one, only one person a day to smile! That is what is not in the algorithm! Neither in the bank account or gold. It is in our human nature.

It is not in Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzscheism! Or any other creature that is promoted by the main stream media owned and runned by them.

Stop saying, but I saw it in the news or read in the newspaper! Investigate by your self and be patient not to run to the conclusions beforehand! Let that be your aim in life!

As who has the aim will find the way!

Their mathematics was 1000 of us for 1 of them. When they saw that this was not enough they simply increased the first number leaving the second as it is. That is what is “highly likely ” happening now as they are in our houses at our tables! No matter the nation, race, religion! All of us are in the same pot. And as “The Earth Angel” said “The sooner you figure out which chairs don’t belong at your table, the more peaceful your meals become!” Conclusion? It was, it is, and it will always be just and only up to us! Not them!

Be happy and genuinely smile! Really be happy! It makes them very nervous and distracted!

This minutes will be continued



Connect and Respect


It was at the door

July 2, 1878. Berlin Congress. Congress delegate Baron Joseph von Schwegel said when he learned that an assassination attempt had been made on the German Emperor Wilhelm. “To me it looks like the first crowing of a rooster at the dawn of a new day, full of blood that will bring deep sorrow to humanity. Culture and morality will disappear and give way to force and greed. Maybe we will not witness it, but it will come sooner or later. “

Baron Joseph von Schwegel, in the Congress of Berlin “emphasised the intention of the Austro-Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to use Serbia’s position and the Balkan crisis for ensuring the Monarchy’s long-term geostrategic trade-related economic interests in the Balkans and solving the related infrastructural issues concerning the Danube navigation – primarily through the Đerdap gorge, including the conclusion of construction of the trans-Balkan railway line to enable the penetration of products of the Austrian industry to the south and oppose British and French competition in the Balkans.”

Baron’s predictions came true. He did not know about the plan that was put in motion to replace the real old traditional family aristocracy with new money aristocracy. It was played by using the most “sensitive chords of human mind,” like greed and ravenous selfish desires of man. All shortsighted and all stupid, narcissistic characters are chosen and are being still used by the same forces that will abandon them as soon as their expiry date arrives.

Poor new money aristocracy thinks that it is independent, but it is not! The money issuers are the real controllers and all of those that have a slight thoughts that money can buy everything are so stupidly wrong! They are just the pawns ready to be immolated if needed, without any pity!

So, practically! To trash the plan we are the victims of, we all need to sacrifice something. Those that have and those that do not have should “sacrifice” their need to greed and jealousy. To recognise the agents who promote that plan and confuse us more by projecting fear and to fight them with pure love! Honest, genuine, pure, human love! We can do it!

One question arises. Whom to trust then? That is the seed planted by the same plan! Distrust to government, neighbours, family. That is why family is crucial as those values should be reinstated! That is the real education and not the one you get diplomas of! From there begins an avalanche that will bury the enslavement plan that has existed for many, many years and has been persistently implemented.

Instead of being manipulated by “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,” slogan that brought wars by insidiously propagating peace, practice togetherness, solidarity and traditional family values. The rest will be done by the Universe!

Go, and start now!

It might be very too late for politics and politicians but it is never too late for the rest us who’s souls are still in the right place!

Abandon all demoralising authors that were insidiously promoted by the same forces using the degradation of family values to make their own legions of confused individuals. Like Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzscheism, Freudism, Jungism etc..

Your grandparents new the life much better and clearer than all those morons made scientists by the same psychopaths.

Start remembering and start to apply! Simple it is! Do not complicate it as the plan was and still is to complicate things by making many parts of one thing and then make specialist that will be and act like slaves, but narcissistic slaves which is a real human tragedy!

To be continued for those who want to read



Our attic our ladder


The “Ш”

Ш always used bicycle

“Ш”one or many, is, are, familiar with methods, mentality and weaknesses of greedy narcissistic creatures that are self-destructive in their core. The most dangerous detail of all their minds is the thought- after me the flood! Usualy those are inteligent people but with no compassion. And the essence is not in intelligence but in feelings. In the soul, heart, spirit! Being inteligent without soul is the definition of the devil. Dangerous yes, but looser. To remind you, the readers, the plan is not of today. The plan is from the end of the 19th Century and it is using our weaknesses! It is demolishing family values by promoting individuality and constant present! All made to confuse! The tragic that confirms the manipulation and complete confusion is seen in the families that are destroyed by egoism and utter stupidity of manipulated members. The plan is still in motion, everywhere and in every segment of human exsistance! Especially in the education of the young generation! Wake up!

“The world is in the midst of a crisis not less serious than that of the great war.” To continue with quotes-“It is near, at the door.”
It says further it is “concerning something people do not wish to believe and which is so near.”
Even Matthew 24,13 is mentioned! “He who suffers to the end shall be saved.”

The quotes are from the Serge Nilus 1905 book published in Tsarskoie Selo – Russia. Translated to English in 1920.

Question arises. What is the purpose of life?
Is the purpose of life not to know the gender? Is it the purpose of life to kill the freedom of choice to humanity as the Nazi doctors were doing?
Is the purpose of life to destroy all awaiting messiah? Is the purpose of life to live for the moment while the planers plan how to exterminate us? How many of “popular” writers are saying and asking you poor souls to live for today? Ask your self why!

This is short post aimed for anyone who wants to read and investigate further!

Actions matter! So we need to awake first and act!

And the message to all insidious destroyers is another quote from the same papers:

” Slavdom has not yet spoken its last word, and therefore, no matter how cunning and strong the roamers may be, their efforts are doomed to failure, and for this reason there is no need to despair!”

Show is for show and action is for action. We want all reformed and awake! All the humanity!

You decide who is determined for goodness and who is Clown used by the Wonderers, Roamers, the destroyers!

“Ш” the friend or friends of Yuri Andropov knew that!

Let me finish with one anecdote

Namely dear President Obama was talking to Mrs. Angela Merkel explaing to her about the power he has. So he said showing her three buttons- this is the red button and by pressing it the China will be destroyed. By pressing this blue one, the Russia will be destroyed and thos green one is reserved for Europe.

She listened carefully and said: “My grandmother had three toilets. One gold, one silver and one bronze. When she learned that the Russians conquered Berlin she pooped in the kitchen.”

Slavdom will find a way to proceed while the initiators of 33 degree will lose as they are not the genuine one! They just found the way how to usurp a nice idea, like many ideas! However they might join humanity, join us, if they start feeling as humans do!

As it was not widely published here is the link of UN resolution of December 2022 to condemn glorification of Nazism.


You can find how your country voted as the votes will be remembered for as long as there is a need especially having in mind that Nazi doctors trial conclusion at Nuremberg aftervthe WWII was that THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE IS GUARANTEED! Remember that when morons push you to do something you do not want to do! Once – do not be stupid! And use bicycle! “Ш” was using it! Why not you?!

As for the remote village in Switzerland who cares!

Universe is king! And Queen!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate today!


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2022-The year passed while many slept through it

At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, we were still following repression measures instructed by all those corrupted morons that were having private parties or visiting their girlfriends when the lockdown was in place!
And that was just the end of 2021!
2022 was around the corner, waiting to “highly likely” surprise us more!
However, surprises are only for “one-eyed following the blind.”
Unfortunately, two years of the so-called epidemic dulled most of our instincts, keeping us in the dark even when light, a lot of it was around!
Like we were living in the cave that immortally and to the detail Paton described in his “Allegory of the cave!”
Now as 2022 is gone with the wind, and as time passes, many would like to forget it. Don’t!
2022 will be remembered as one of the important if not crucial stepping stones in human history! From all sides! That of destroying and that of building, that of fear and sleepwalking and that of awaking!
From discussing the narrative control(crucial for brainwashing and manipulation) in that remote village in Switzerland with private security
from where you are informed that many of us need to die and as many to have a chip implanted, till Merkel and Holland who confirmed, revealed that the real plan of the so-called west was to buy time for Ukraine with the Minsk agreement and enable it to wage war instead to find peace, reform, and live peacefully with its neighbor! It showed that all plan was, again, to destroy Russia and yes China! It would not be of surprise, that we will learn in the future, that all countries involved have been promised parts of the spoils after conquering Russia, like in WWII.
In between, you had Mr.President XI manifesting a vision for a better world without blackmailing and pressuring, building ties with every nation including India and Vietnam! Just imagine the axis of Germany, China, and Russia with India, Iran, Brasil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and all of Africa! What will be the principle of that cooperation? As another leader stated- it is simply a balance of interest for mutual advancement and sustainable progress! No pressure and blackmail and bribes! Instead, to serve few to the detriment of many, it will be that few will serve many for mutual development! Those few will be visionary, uncorrupted statesmen ready to sacrifice their egos for the good of the society and people they represent!
To go towards that idea and achieve results, the security of the planet should be safeguarded from the hitchhikers of the western world so as not to come to the idea to destroy us all! They are the minority, extremely organized and dangerous but a minority!
Some are called “Straussians.” What and who and why and how is up to you to find out. But please find out! It’s a bunch of fanatics usurping our freedom and projecting fear while protecting their existence! The lives of other people do not matter to them! They do not have a country. They suck countries!
That is why it is of high importance to let them think more than twice about the result of their destructive policies, and enlighten them to learn about the existence of the weapons of deterrence!
Let me take only one example before continuing further.
2022 will be remembered for the resurrection of the Sarmatians, the tribe that lived in today’s territory of Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan from the 4th century BC to the 2nd Century AC. Sarmat-ians were war-like, freedom-loving, and ferocious people with powerful cavalry that used bows with poisonous arrows. Sarmat missiles deployed for the first time for combat duty in Russia somehow perpetuated Sarmatians and their legacy.
So, the year 2022 could be easily and “highly likely” called the year of disaster preparation.
However, the year did not start in January 2022! It began in December 2021 when Russia asked NATO for written security guarantees and negotiations to start “without delays and without stalling” in “any place and any time, even tomorrow.” *( Guardian 17th December 2021)
Russia wanted a “legally binding guarantee that NATO would give up any military activity in Eastern Europe and Ukraine.” * Reuters 17/12/2021

For history, here is the link to the Russian draft proposed
“Treaty between The United States of America and the Russian Federation on security guarantees.” * mid.ru 17/12/2021 13.30


Then a lot of blah blah blah started with the highly ignorant so-called collective west about the worries Russia presented in detail! They thought that they dig the hole for Russia’s existence.
The immature and bribed leaders of that part of the world who learned not to accept to negotiate with anybody but to dictate their conditions to everyone simply ignored all the demands of Russia.
It was very depressing to the common sense people to listen to the explanation of the different low-quality characters representing NATO and all “collective west” countries. Those personalities, the product of the same masters could not and it looks “highly likely” can not distinguish what is diplomacy all about and what is war all about! Narcissism and utter stupidity, as well as fear of their corruption being uncovered, govern them over common sense, ethics, and the progress of whole humanity! They are used by the same forces that promoted them to positions of authority to execute their plans and then to be abandoned! You could see the biography of Lord Balfour. The forces choose him and used his feelings of superiority to implement their strategic plans.

When those that like to be called intellectuals, but are idiots squared, face the truth presented by a serious and powerful opponent they become completely imbalanced. You sometimes can not distinguish if they are human or not! Definitely, psychiatrists have a lot of work as their era, the whole era is coming to an end! The era of lies and looting, and using people. That was predicted by many highly ethical human brains one being Carroll Quigley the professor of Georgetown University and the author of “Tragedy and Hope,” and “Anglo-American Establishment.”
Finally, they have in front a very, very serious opponent that has the truth as the main ally! Apart from Poseidon and Sarmat of course.
Many of those destroyers of humanity, and Malthusians, ignorantly commented about the request Russia officially proposed! Morons that now cost us all more lives and it looks like they”highly likely” want more lives to be taken! They are pushing us towards a world war to cover up their genocidal crimes against humanity! Remember the late Madeleine Albright and her reply about the loss of Iraqi children. Its HERE! Or the advocate with Odesa roots who famously stated “F**k Europe,” and confirmed the existence of Biolabs in Ukraine border areas with Russia.
February 2022 was a month of many developments in preparing for March. March is liked by devils who organized many blood-spiting events around the world throughout human history! Devils like March! The first important event was the statement, the “Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on the International Relations Entering a New Era and the Global Sustainable Development.”
It was February 4th! you can still find it here: http://www.en.kremlin.ru/supplement/5770!
There was a story that circulated that Dragon and Bear were walking and talking. Bear was thoughtful and concerned. The Dragon asked Bera what is going on and why is he so concerned. The Bear said that he needs to react to protect people that are experiencing genocide and that he wants to ask Dragon for one serious loan to sustain that action! Dragon asked how much Bear needed. Bear said the equivalent of 1000 billion USD. The Dragon replied immediately! “I can not grant you the loan.” The Bear disappointed but with relief said: “It’s ok! I appreciate your honesty, dear friend!” Dragon continued! I said I can not grant you a loan but I can transfer to you 1500 billion USD equivalent and you will give me back when you can! Dragon and Bear agreed to upgrade their partnership to strategic! That is happening now, and it will continue happening!
However, they both want the Eagle reformed, freed from insidious destroyers, and roamers to become a full member of the “BALANCE OF INTEREST,” world! That is the truth!

Then, I can say from some distance that a beautiful meeting with a lot of laughs was held on the 10th of February in Moscow between legendary Madame Liz Truss “highly likely” and “its done” lady, and Sergei Lavrov*.
Here is the Youtube link from a joint press conference- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7AWau7tIs4
In that meeting, one with a cool head and just a little experience could understand that the so-called collective ignorant west of today, did not want anything but just and only WAR! The idea was to follow and implement Sir Winston’s old plan of the 1st of July 1945 named “Operation Unthinkable,” and to attack Russia, this time through a proxy, using poor Ukrainian people that were taken as hostages. From the very top to the very bottom!
Sergei Lavrov said that the meeting with Liz Truss was ‘like talking to a deaf person.’



But before that, the gold of the people of Ukraine held at the Central Bank was shipped to the mother USA. Devils like to steal gold! Not only souls.

Could be that all the money Russia held abroad would be used to save one of the major banks in the western world that is busted but it is not announced yet. Maybe they wait for the month of March 2023 to announce that. “Devils do not like only Prada,” they like the month of March also!

Seeing that Russia did not have enough troops around the border with Ukraine the devils wanted to make sure they provoke more! More! More!
So February 2022 has been used for provocations! Nice, insidious, but when you see it deeper extremely stupid provocations!
Why stupid? Because all this was planned in Russia many many many years ago! Andropov who was looking from his grave smiled as he saw the stupid collective west falling into the trap they dig for Russia!
Andropov Vision could be found here-https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/2022/12/22/yuri-andropov-vision/ The first of many parts that will become a book.

As stupidity and greed and ignorance has no limits, unfortunately, they forced the actor to announce on the 19th of February that he is seeking the cancelation of the Budapest Memorandum on security assurances signed on the 5th of December 1994.
What does that mean? It meant that the actor’s handlers wanted to provoke Russia further by showing that the actor wants to go nuclear.
The thick red line has been passed, and forever! This forever we all should remember. Forever will finish not with the reform of Russia but with the reform or ousting of those corrupted, bribed, and blackmailed, ferocious, greedy, insidious morons who hitchhiked the so-called collective west!
To put salt in the wound the tragic, but sympathetic, ex-prime minister of the country that suffered more tragic Nazi Anders Behring Breivik( coincidence that all those have two names? like Lee Harvey Osvald etc..) attack of 2011 that killed 77 innocent people announced that Russia will not have less but more NATO around(paraphrase). Always accompanied with ” we are ready to talk about security issues..”

Russia moved 24th of February and began the military operation that lasts till today. It needs to last long as it will be painful more for the initiators than for the truth seekers. That was the plan of Yuri! Which Yuri? Yuri Andropov and his friend which we will call “Ш.” Who is “Ш?” Or if it is only one, will be revealed in the next sequels of the STORY!
The “game” tragic “game” started and blood-sucking bastards, where ever they were situated, were happy! To see the Slavs fighting Slavs with an actor acting as Karagoz was an achievement of the Empire of Lies! Just it will be temporary!
Slavs should never forget how they have been played by the group of people that are the minority! Again, as in the October Revolution of 1917.
The time has come for the sealed files to be opened and implemented with minor changes! That has happened and now we are witnesses to many developments that will define the future of the world!
Those in part of the “collective west” began to comprehend that they can not hide anywhere and maybe they are so nervous now, that might even come to their senses.
2022 saw Nord Stream blown away by “someone” that all know who it was but no one from the democratic west is brave enough to say. It was confirmed by the legendary Lizz sms message -“it’s done.”

War was the only way to proceed as the epidemic story was fading and the system started to be seriously affected which will irrevocably result in collapse.

We had many revelations about the so-called epidemic, that was forced upon us as the jab’s effectiveness! Here is the story as a reminder THE EART IS OURS !

Both stories were going on simultaneously. The story of the epidemic and, the story of the war are connected with, of course, PROFITS and BRIBERY! It was amazing to see the nervousness of the organizers that provoke the war how they promoted hatred for Russia who had the nerve to demand to negotiate!
Someone stood up and said enough!

Another small country with great people stood up and showed the balanced view and the integrity to both, to the USA, EU and Russia and the whole world! That country is Serbia! Herebelow is the link of the Conclusions of National Security Council of Serbia dated 25th of February 2022 which will stay in the history as brave, universal and balanced statement that is still valid!

Connected with the story about vaccination and the epidemic that started to fade away it was obvious that manipulation was losing strength! People got fed up with all the lies that were forced upon them as the only truth!
Science became dogma long ago but now it was filled with modern inquisitors!
The reports of counter-indications those liquids caused began to appear in multiple publications, alarming humanity.
If people were muddled, these pieces of information that started to flow as Niagara falls made them even more confused than a mouse at the burlesque show.
Someone sick in mind and low in human emotions wanted us all not to have a clear mind and sharp common sense! Someone planned to subdue us by spreading fear and the lies presented as the only truth! Propaganda is carried to divide us! It continued in the whole of 2022 and it will be intensified in 2023!
Those inventors and executors of that insidious propaganda will, be sure, bear responsibility for their actions.
Ask yourself: is my immune system better or worst with or without foreign liquids untested for the transmission of a so-called infectious agent injected into the body? And do not blame anyone for the lies you believed in! Rise above the blame and unite with all humanity to demand full responsibility from all involved! All!

In July 2022 Shinzo Abe former Japanese Primeminister was assassinated.

On the 1st of September, there was an attempt to assassinate Mrs. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner former president of Argentina. It was coincidentally connected with the first visit of the team headed by Mr. Rafael Mariano Grossi Director General of IAEA to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.

BRICS conference was held, Mr. Sholtz visited Mr. Xi, Mr. Xi visited Saudi Arabia, Mr. Xi and Mr. Putin held a video conference and the list goes on and on.
The war started and is waiting for some event in 2023 to be announced to the ignorant human beings that will affect all of us.

The end of November 2022 was left to Mr. Fauci and his memory which was all well and going till the day he testified. On the day of hearing his memory vanished! Poor Mr. Fauci. However, it is good that he did not use the syntagm- “I was only doing my job.” https://nypost.com/2022/11/25/all-knowing-dr-faucis-memory-suddenly-vanishes-when-he-has-to-testify/
Now, when one thinks of last year, it could come to our mind that 2022 was also the year of unveiling the real agenda of many people that were and still are holding positions of authority that can influence destiny for many of us.

Welcome to 2023.

Truly hope that it will be without the World War of no return!



Connect and Respect


Yuri Andropov vision

This is the beginning of the feuilleton about one man’s vision that is still going on shaping the world! The rest of the writings will be sent only to subscribers. You can subscribe HERE. Those who bought the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond will have all parts of this story send to their emails.

Part ONE

One rainy morning Yuri Andropov* was taking his usual walk. It was the best time for him to methodically structure his already digested ideas and prepare to face the bureaucrats that caused all the mess in the Soviet Union. He knew all of them as he was a part of the same system for many years!
He also knew that, after WWII, Stalin and Beria had structured a plan to reform the Soviet Union. It was ready to be implemented! However, it was abandoned with the curious death of Stalin and the execution of Beria. They were well aware that the addition of all those countries that the Soviet Union got under the umbrella after WWII was a mistake. Forced mistake! Strategic mistake! Because one thing is to conquer, and the other is to rule! Especially as the descendants of Khazars*, were occupying neuralgic positions in many of the eastern countries that were influencing educational policies from primary schools to universities in a smart, yet very insidious way. Since 1917, remnants of the Khazars have infiltrated the key parts of the state apparatus, although they were always a minority. They were the masters of using human weaknesses!
Like today, Andropov thought!
But! Every mistake caries the opportunities!
With that thought on his mind, you could see a smile on his face! Andropov was a visionary old wolf! Time shows, and it will show more how it passes that the decision Andropov made was deep and far-reaching!
While enjoying the walk and breathing many negative ions that are well known for their healing capabilities, he continued with his thoughts.
Generally, the west was more successful as they established the “paper” sweetened with the gold standard, to be used as the world currency.
That was a modern way to enslave the nations by creating the dept!
For that reason and that reason only, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World this and World that were created! And the people were buying it!
Even after 1971, when Nixon abandoned the gold standard and with the great help of then (1974) newly appointed U.S. Treasury Secretary William Simon and his deputy, Gerry Parsky, made the secret deal with the house of Saud that established the petrodollar! The stage for creating more and more debt to other nations is set!
“Who controls the dept controls everything! Andropov was aware of that many years before the popular movie “The International.”

Andropov, perfectly well informed by the visionary KGB agents, knew the attitude of the eastern countries’ elites. They championed corruption and mismanagement, even more than in the Soviet Union! He knew and decided that something needs to be done!
He was also well-informed about the state of the world economy and affairs and projections for the next decades!
As a Chairman of the KGB, he sent a top-secret request to all of the KGB key officers worldwide. He asked for their assessments that will help him confirm his deep inner thoughts and encourage him to make the most critical and future-oriented strategic decision!
He knew that the majority of Americans were crazy about casinos and blackjack while the majority of Russian were following and enjoying playing chess! He wanted to use that!
We need to do something to accelerate the greed of our “friends” Americans and wait for them to go for a deep self-loving narcissistic sleep while we reform and structure Russia, Andropov said to himself!
Yes, Russia! The stage should be set in a way that all involved would act without knowing, or being able to contemplate the real strategy, due to their character limits.
The special, and existential operation that was projected to last for decades!
The question was simple, and he asked for a simple answer!
So, he asked: “What will happen to Russia if Warshaw Pact ceases to exist and the Soviet Union as we know it shrinks?”
He knew that all the personalities on the receiving side would clearly understand the aim of the question and what was coming.
The rule that there are answers to every question in its wording was well known to all high-ranking people.
But, as he trusted their opinion and patriotism, he was at ease with his consciousness. He wanted to leave something behind and to be remembered by future generations that would live in prosperity and peace! But first, he said, is to save Russia and make it powerful again!
His mind went back to 1953, the moment when Stalin died, and Beria was arrested and executed.
As a chairman of the KGB, he read all the documents and knew all participants and all details of that still highly hidden and little-publicized event.
He wanted once more to recapitulate history and make nearly sure that he would not have the opposition who would act as in 1953 or 1963.
Especially that so well known in the west, due to President Eisenhower’s farewell speech, but still a secret in the east, the Military-Industrial Complex and crazy bureaucrats of the Soviet Union were powerful and without any scruples.
That group of highly influential people, Andropov thought, did not care to sacrifice top-ranking generals to achieve their objectives. One of them is the major General Nikolai R. Mironov. Mironov was the one who, with another colleague, pushed and influenced terrified Brezhnev to become the new General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
That bold clown, Khruschev, whose granddaughter is teaching propaganda in the USA, was dismissed on the 14th of October 1964.
Mironov was in the plane that crashed in Avala mountain near Belgrade on the 20th of October 1964, together with many other world war heroes that were coming to the official visit to Belgrade. All of them were sacrificed to get rid of General Mironov. Tito did the “service” to Brezhnev as he wanted to stay without the witnesses of his cowardly behavior!
Andropov knew that they could try again to influence the decisions of different members of the Politburo, again using blackmail and murder techniques.
But Andropov decided! He was about to start promoting a new way to try to recover and reform Russian society first! The rest would be cut as cancer!
He made up his mind when he got the reply from KGB people that, in the vast majority could be interpreted as, “NOTHING! THE STRATEGIC PROGRESS OF RUSSIA WILL INCREASE OVER TIME!” – no word SUSTAIN has been used at that time! That word was introduced later…
Now he needed to balance the methuselah politburo with new personalities. His choice came to then not well-known Mikhail S. Gorbachev. He knew his limits, his lack of deep vision, and his malleability toward the influence of his wife and he chose him exactly because of that! He was planned to be the smokescreen and stepping stone! The west was going towards the hole they thought was dug for the Soviet Union. So, the Soviet Union was given for Russia’s sake! Till it reforms and becomes stronger! The bone with a lot of meat was thrown to the blackjack greedy western oligarchs and the stage was set, waiting for time to do its work.

To be continued and published for the subscribers only.

*Yuri Andropov was the KGB chairman from the 18th of May 1967 till the 10th of November 1982 and General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from the 12th of November 1982 till his death 9th of February 1984

*Khazars Tribe that took Judaism as their religion was destroyed by Sviatoslav I of Kyiv in the 10th century.

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Darko Richard Lancelot



Kitchener, Horatio Herbert, and his short stay in Cyprus

Photo from the book of M.A.Sofocleous- “Pissouri, a village bathed in light”

“Cyprus, a little world in itself… no wild beast or reptiles disturb the solitude. The water is sweet and cool, the wine is nectar, and the food plain and good: above all, I know that my grave will be respected and that kind hands will close my eyes.” – From the 1936 book Historic Cyprus of Rupert Gunnis. 

While visiting the famous HANI restaurant and coffee shop with still amazingly tasty halloumi cheese and tomato sandwiches, in the village of Pissouri, halfway from Limassol to Paphos, I heard the traditional talk about the history of Cyprus and the organization of the island land registry. I was excited to have the privilege to be at this place at the right time and enjoy a lively exchange of knowledge. 

Time stopped for a while. I remembered my many stopovers at this place when the highway did not exist. Memories awoke and became alive again. Here we always had discussions about everything! From the exploration of the universe, the Cyprus issue, water supply, or simply daily news. Beautiful times when people were more relaxed, when simple common sense held all diplomas of this world, and when smiles, open hearts, and curious eyes were a regular feature. That was the secret, as said in the Little Prince-“It is quite simple: man sees well only with their heart.”

Those times are gone, but still, I confirmed once again that there are places, the oasis on this beautiful island you can find and feel the warmth of pure human souls. They are always right! Always! 

My attention got tickled further by the mention of Kitchener’s name. It was a short story about then lieutenant Kitchener I did not know. Kitchener came to Cyprus, did his job, and left to go to the legend! Those times are gone, but still, I confirmed once again that there are places, the oasis on this beautiful island you can find and feel the warmth of pure human souls. They are always right! Always! 

He became a famous visionary. That brave man went to the rank of Field Marchal and 1st Earl Kitchener. He was the British Secretary of State for War in 1914. He had tremendous authority in the whole British Army and he held that position until his sudden death on June 5, 1916 while on board HMS Hampshire. He was going for strategic talks with Russia by the order of then Primeminister Asquith who wanted to ensure that Russia would stay at war. Someone said that the “Good authorities concur that he was the one man who might have sustained Russia.” 

Strange things happen but never by coincidence! Especially if you learn that Primeminister Asquith resigned on December 5, 1916, to be succeeded by David Loyd George. Conclusions are yours, having in mind how the Bolshevik revolution developed and who were the organizers. If you do not know, investigate. 

As my memory refreshed, we started talking about the land registry and the experts that the British Crown sent to survey in 1878.

Here is the quote from https://maps.nls.uk/cyprus/info.html that explains the historical events and presents the work of Kitchener.

“In June of 1878, the Congress of Berlin took place where the “Great Powers” negotiated over the distribution of the Turkish possessions in the Balkans and elsewhere following the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-78, in which Russia liberated almost all Ottoman European possessions. Through independent agreements with Russia and Turkey, Britain was given the administration of Cyprus. As a result of these negotiations, the island of Cyprus was ceded to Britain and came under the control of the Foreign Secretary, the Marquis of Salisbury, in 1878.

During the three hundred years of Ottoman occupation, there had been no detailed surveys or technical advances in the land mapping of Cyprus. Some considered the “best” existing map at the time of possession as that by the Venetian artist Giacomo Franco, printed in about 1570. The Foreign Office immediately recognized that a proper survey of the island of Cyprus was required. Kitchener was recommended to take on the survey work based on his recently completed trigonometric survey of Palestine. Kitchener’s Palestine survey was recognized as a model of its kind and one of the first where difficult terrain had been mapped with consistent accuracy.

Kitchener’s remit was to produce a survey of the island of Cyprus that would meet the requirements for administrative and revenue purposes.”

Kitchener, then a young rising star lieutenant of the Royal Engineers, came to Cyprus in 1878 after completing a survey of Palestine. 

It was another assignment he took seriously by personally visiting all the places in Cyprus overlooking the map making. 

The owner of Hani Restaurant and Coffee shop, who was quietly listening to our lively conversations, surprised me by presenting a copies of two articles posted on July 1st, 1927 in the Alithia newspaper and December 5th, 1936 in Cyprus Mail. Both were talking about the event that happened on December 5th, 1882 at the toponym known as “Strongilolaogo” at Pissouri village. 

So, what has happened?

Namely, on December 5th, 1882, while he was at the Pissouri village inspecting the road at the toponym “strongilolaogo” shots were fired at him! 

Image from the book of M.A.Sofocleous- “Pissouri, a village bathed in light.”

As one Moustafa Merixian of the Plataniskias in the Limassol area that was accused of the premeditated murder of one Mouharem Salih Aga of the same village, together with Salih Kritikos of Stavrokonnou who was accused of stealing sheep and goats from the farms in his village in Paphos area, escaped from detention and were wandering around Pissouri village area.

They spotted Kitchener in uniform riding the white horse. They thought that he was a policeman. Frightened that he was looking for them, Moustafa fired at Kitchener. The first bullet missed. He fired the second shot. Fortunately, Kitchener got just bruised by the second bullet and stayed alive! How would the history developed if Kitchener was assassinated one can just imagine. However we know how history developed after.

He reported this incident and a month after that, on January 4th, 1883 he left Cyprus, to go some years after directly to the legend! 

In the English School of Nicosia they still evoke memories of the 1st Earl Herbert Kitchener by naming one of the school’s sports teams after him.

Darko Richard Lancelot




All rights reserved



“Any thought that occupies our mind becomes true for us and tends to turn into action.” Hope that this photo awakes beautiful thoughts to you and increases your posetive imagination!

George, let’s call him that, woke up with a toothache late at night. As a result, he decided to go to the nearby hospital ambulance to receive treatment. There he discovered that no dentist was on duty, but the gynecologist was on call. “I can’t extract your tooth because, obviously, it’s not my specialty, but I can give you good advice,” the gynecologist said. “When you now go back home,” the gynecologist continued, ” during the walk start repeating the following phrase in your step intervals: My tooth does not hurt me anymore.” “You will discover that autosuggestion works.” George followed the gynecologist’s advice and kept saying “the tooth doesn’t hurt anymore, the tooth doesn’t hurt anymore,” and by the time he got home, the toothache disappeared! There at home, his wife awaited him to see how is he. As they both could not fall asleep, they started making love. When they did it for the first time, George told the wife that he would go to the kitchen. When he returned, they continued having sex. And after the second time, George said to his wife that he would go to the kitchen again. When he came back, they continued having sex with the same passion as before. When for the third time after sex George repeated that he would visit the kitchen the wife, surprised by his desire for sex, followed him to see what he was doing in the kitchen. This was unusual for George, she thought! And so the wife reached the kitchen where she found her husband George moving around the table and repeating following his step intervals: “this is not my wife, this is not my wife!”
Autosuggestion makes miracles!
We can not disclose the name of the wife for obvious reasons.
Anecdote aside, did you know that one gentleman called Emile Coue wrote the book with the title “Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestions?!?”
He wrote it in French in 1903 to be translated into English for the USA market in 1922!
Before going further, please repeat for ten times the title of this post

You will discover after some time that you do feel better and better! I can say that a friend that has diabetes type 2 did this and together with his treatment he start feeling better and better approaching the state where he will drop all the medicines! Very interesting and quite promising!
It is not Yoga, Buddhism, or any other meditation idiotism that, instead of making you alive and awake, projects you to advance, or to continue sleepwalking. That is making you completely harmless for the conceptual power manipulative processes and highly vulnerable to many stupidities that have organized themselves and made a whole new system of values intending to collapse the society and to advance everything primitive!
Thus you hear identical words in many languages marketed in the films, serials, and interviews of different morons. Words like “F**k it,” or simply “f**k,” like “sh*t,” are being said so often till the brain is washed and washed again! Then those words are steadily taking place of the simple human humble “good morning.” Instead of “good morning,” youngsters use “f**k or sh*t” as a “modern” way to communicate “informally”! That is an autosuggestion used in practice to degrade human behavior!
Further, many other words are imposed on us. We finally accept the statements like “he is a deep thinker,” or “it is all organized by the deep state.” The word deep has been implanted in our subconsciousness to confuse us not to see things clearly and make us fear them more! We are shoved into the gloomy corridors with the idea of staying there as long as we live! We are forced to stay and obey!
We are stuck as the feeling of losing something if we react is so spread out that we are fearfully closing our eyes to any light that is approaching us!
Wouldn’t be wiser to have wider, instead of deeper knowledge, understanding? What about the stereotype saying-“I see the light at the end of the tunnel?” Have you ever thought about the meaning of this? Wider meaning!
To look at the things horizontally gives you light while looking at the things deeper projects darkness nailing us back to the cave!
Read Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.”

They, the manipulators, corrupted officials from all segments of so-called power, do not want us THE PEOPLE to look at things horizontally, see the light, and comprehend the truth!
The light helps WIDEN OUR WORLDVIEW!
The worldview that is attacked by manipulative forces is horizontal, and the worldview promoted by the same destructive force is vertical! Insane, narcissistic oligarchs want the rest to OBEY every rule their debilitating mind introduces through legislative power that has the backing of the judicial and executive branches!
Thus the Pyramides and the Eye and the quote “Novus Ordo Seclorum” you can see at the back of ONE DOLLAR.
Symbols are crucial for those mentally ill, narcissistic morons that are ruling us with lies and more lies! And even more lies!

Will you awake or you will await the collapse of the system first?

So, the one who looks wide can comprehend more, see the light, and become aware and awake in the process! Can protect himself and cherish pure, humble, human family values! That makes it much more dangerous for the concept of the system!

The conceptual power aim has always been the same. However, now it is becoming clear how we all have been played. These insidious planers always declared “human” values that are universally accepted but NEVER implemented! It is the weapon to subdue the masses!
They weaponized currencies, especially the USD by printing enormous amounts of paper and buying assets in the whole world knowing that the time will shortly come when that paper will be like toilet paper, if not cheaper!
That is when the whole structure of the vertical system will be destroyed. The “ALL-SEEING EYE” will become blind as we, the majority, will wake and see through! We will be going out of the cave in which we have lived for the last centuries!
What does this have to do with autosuggestion?
Well, it has all!
What would happen if we all start thinking that USD($) is just a paper, or that cryptocurrencies are a fraud? That both are invented to enslave us instead to make our life easier. That both are used as assets instead of as means of exchange. That was originally their use. Money is dept and goods are the assets!

After money changers used it to rob all of us with debt and credit! Who owns the dept owns everything! Our work and our goods are traded to serve the banks and not the people! And the cost of the credit given by those insidious creatures is next to nothing for them the money changers and their descendants! That is how they exploit people and nations!
Would we become enlightened to the level that any other manipulation and explanation coming from those that occupied our government and legislative and judicial authorities will become nonsense? If yes, they, the usurpers will lose their insidiously established positions, and their purpose for existence will either change or disappear! Remember that it is ONLY up to us! They count on our disaccord and are afraid, deadly afraid, of ALL OF US TO BE UNITED AND UNCORRUPTED!
Everything starts with autosuggestion! Positive and highly human!
That is why the book of Mr. Emile Coue is so valuable! It awakes suppressed thoughts and feelings! It helps you realize that YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR FAITH! NO ONE ELSE!
We could start repeating many things, but one could be of help to all of us, ordinary, beautiful, exceptional human beings with universal values: TOGETHERNESS! LET’S PRACTICE TOGETHERNESS!
You, me, and all of us will stay surprised by the result of this repeated sentence! It will result in releasing of tremendous energy and passion like when George was repeating the sentence going around the kitchen table!

“It is always the imagination that wins over the will, without exception,” Emile Coue said.
Do not let insidious, manipulative, sneaky, debilitating, narcissists destroy your imagination abilities! Never! If we succeed we will win. We will prevail! If not, the cave is always ready to receive us back!

Darko Richard Lancelot
Our Attic Our Ladder
Connect with Respect


No Amnesty-The Earth is ours

Is it still? Will there be enough of us?


News says that the British MPs call for probe into massive spike in deaths as nearly 3000 more than average Britons are dying on A WEEKLY BASIS, and it is not Covid.

You connect that with the news from the moronic mountain village in Switzerland where hypocrites go and do secret deals to destroy us more. Here is the video you can see. Conclusions are yours. Or maybe you would like to see more? Great – here it is. Wake up! Hahahahaha is over.

And even more!

They are finding new narrative to cover sudden deaths! It is unbelievable but the truth. You will be seeing slowly the narrative like that climate change is responsible for the “phenomenon” of sudden deaths in sleep! Morons, hypocrites called scientists, the same that marketed narratives of flattening the curve, the narrative of liquids and who knows what. All of those are bribed and will be hold accountable! They and their descendants. That will become new universal law! You can laugh but it will happen as not all of us will die in sleep! In 2 in 5 in 10 years maximum, but it will become. And never forgotten! With those that financed creating the narratives that costs human lives included!


Recently I learned about the book called Virus Mania published in 2007. So many plain truths are there awaiting you to discover it. Highly recommended to all. It is alarming how the genocidal planers play with our health and our future. Greed and Profits reign over humanity! We are definitely all at risk. All. Including “kapos” that are used by organisers to control us with the popular slogan- I JUST DO MY JOB! Idiots. Corrupted morons! Like in concentration camps. We are only apparently free. In fact, we are a species of slaves that is expiring and will be replaced by machines. The thought you have now, when reading this, “it will not happen to me as I have enough means to survive,” bla bla bla is completely false! At the end, there will be no one left to protect you!

What I also can recomend, is Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook, not because it is published by philosophyofgoodnews but because it will subtly shake you and awake you inspiring your curiosity to use your brain more and less rely on manipulative propaganda you are bombarded every single hour! Yes hour! The moto of the ebook can be described by the quote of tje Blaise Pascal who said: ”people are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come into the mind of others.” This book is exactly that. It will awaken curiosity and sharpen YOUR conclusions.

As one of our readers said- “Here you will find inspiration to transform, curiosity to proceed, and LOVE to fulfill yourself!” Be the one who makes the difference!


Here is another report one should read LINK IS HERE you can easily translate it into any language.

Dear fellow humans! So much new information is circulating around us, and we still have issues with how to investigate, whom to believe, and to think clearly with common sense!
There is a reason!
Again it is in front of our noses, but still many can not see it!
So let’s put it bluntly! Maybe it can help!
Let’s say that you are vaccinated!

Let’s say that you got 3 or 4 jabs!
You did it as you maybe
1st- trusted the system
2nd- trusted science and not morons
3rd- wanted to be “free” and “help the others.”
4th- Could not cope with the pressure from your environment- family, business etc…
5th- fear started to govern you

Whatever it is from those five points or anything else that made you decide to take the jabs, you did it, and you became the “member” of the group of those that followed the orders!
That is all so human and so normal.
However, the same process did not only inject some unknown and not fully tested liquids of “new technology” into your body, but it penetrated your psyche and made friends with hidden narcissism, stubbornness, and “I know it all” feelings.
After that, when things started to reveal you became embarrassed by yourself and stopped reacting to news that show how we all were and still are played by those insidious, inhuman, evil forces!
You became like the raped woman that is afraid to report a rapist!
That is what they were counting on!
However! However!
Whatever papers and lawyers they will have and employ!
When you play with people’s lives in such an insidious greedy evil way no law will protect you as new laws will be written especially for you ALL!


Revelations started. About FTX, lockdowns, statistics about jabs, and more and more coming out. All of those involved will be called to answer for their doings that are costing the planet, at least the western side of it! Fear projected people depressed and confused do not know whom to trust. There are those that still have face masks while being alone in the car. Many are even not reporting their rising health issues like becoming deaf and having different blood and heart problems. Society became increasingly decadent, corrupted, and filled with hundreds of millions of lies! More you can get more here at https://www.gospanews.net/. You can translate it into English easily.

Plus this small photo with some statistics


But! We will prevail! The EARTH IS OURS!


One of the additions that will be published here is how time goes by. The conclusions are yours. Here is the LINK.

I remember a friend of mine told me that during the lockdown they, a group of enthusiasts, used to have a coffee outside in their neighborhood next to the river to discuss the situation they, and all of us were experiencing. One of her friends, from IT sector, said a sentence after getting the jab that stayed in my mind. He said: “I think that my birth certificate went into acceleration mode!” It is alarming to hear that funerals are accelerating too! More of the stories and thoughts you can find in my eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond YOU CAN ORDER HERE.


No mercy for anyone! No forgiveness for those who played that is clever while corrupted! Those who, by their insidious actions created the atmosphere of concentration camps and acted as kapos. Those that were propagating this dogmatic pseudo-science and idiots called scientists spreading fear while ignoring and suppressing those real, genuine, noble, human, and passionate professionals, and genuine experts sharing with the world their opinion and procedures that had so much success in saving people’s lives! From the USA, Europe, and India!
No amnesty for those destitute characters, who think that the rest of us, might die sooner while they will survive serving the system. Those are the characters you can see every day in the news brainwashing us by talking about brainwashing! The strategy is one and only! To Confuse and Confuse more! They became corrupted even if some did not get material incentives, which is unlikely. Inferno is awaiting them as well.
No amnesty!
They, the idiotic, satanic, cretinous narcissistic psychopaths operated on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks showing us their vaccination certificates and using banners around their profile pictures like – “Trust Science Not Morrons” and  “Vaccinated to Protect You!”
Really? Unfortunate fellow human beings.
How will you respond when those who produced these substances claim they weren’t tested for viral transmission? That has happened.




Did you yawn? Has your concentration dropped? If yes, it is a sign that manipulation works. Want to fight it? Continue reading!

However, knowing how insidious they are the instinct says that for them to admit something is always done with an idea to cover something else. That “else” is of immense importance, that if it becomes public, can make great trouble and completely destroy them. So they, to use the popular phrase “highly likely,” decided to announce a “non-testing…” story just to avoid the other crucial question!
That question is:
They used the old technique, as it says in Machiavelli’s quote: ” For a long time I have not said what I believed, nor do I believe what I say, and if indeed sometimes I do happen to tell the truth, I hide it among so many lies that it is hard to find”
That is the crucial question we need to demand the answer to!
For that answer, we can grant amnesty to the whistle-blower!
To others, there is no amnesty! For them and all their descendants till the third generation! That is, unfortunately, the only way to eradicate further tragedies! That should become universal law! That should be practiced to fight initiators’ ignorance and the sense of impunity! Only then it might, it only might stop!
It should be applied not by the United Nations as we see them today, but by the new, pure, genuinely human, and rejuvenated World of Nations! The nations do not need the prefix united to be united! Usually, the united prefix is there just because it is fashionable and because there is no unity! It does not reflect the actual state of matters! The nations, like the people, will become bound by their deeds, morale, and the balance of interests! Not by blackmail and bribes!

Wake up, people! We will all die! Some sooner, others later! Even if those demons live 100 years or more, they will still die! That is what the universe says! Even if they are iced they will still die. And they will come to join us somewhere else! Oh, it will be a memorable encounter!
They will be inspected for the quantity of greed, inhumanity they practiced, and corruption they were involved in during their planet Earth life. After the inspection, they will be greeted to hell or inferno! Dante’s Inferno is still available to read it. He wrote it for twelve long years and finished it one year before his death!
So, all those that are meddling with us our lives, calling us hackable animals, picking our biometric data, and deciding our and our kid’s future without us, will face all nine circles of inferno, but all at the same time! That will happen! To remind you about the circles, here are they:
Limbo for unbaptized and virtuous pagans
Lust “a part where nothing gleams.”
Gluttony is where you face “putrid slush produced by a ceaseless, foul, icy rain”-“a great storm of putrefaction..”
Greed for those “who hoarded possessions, and the prodigal, who squandered them.”
Warth, where beneath the water lie withdrawn the “sullen (the passively wrathful) “into a black sulkiness which can find no joy in God or man or the universe.”
Heresy, where heretics are “trapped in flaming tombs.”
Violence, which is divided into three rings hosting the violent.
Fraud – “Evil ditches” hosting fraudulent and malicious. There is a scale measuring simple and serious fraud. For new “guests” one is the fraud- their participation in criminal fraud of ordering jabs and playing with the present, and future health of the rest of us.
Treachery where the “sinners guilty of treachery” are trapped in the ice, “each according to his guilt.” From here, those who will reveal the truth, the real story behind the jabs, will be saved! So, start! Start talking!
Clean your soul and buy the ticket to paradise! Or at least avoid HELL.

Our civilization is dying. Creativity decay, moral decay, greed, and inhuman egoistic behavior are accelerated! Words and expressions like respect, love, common good, rules, compassion, togetherness and many more are inflated and are losing their genuine meaning! We are getting injured every day! These deep psychological wounds are inflicted by insidiously projected hatred, fear, and mistrust. The system is made up of many cretinous creatures that overawe us and use every opportunity to sow more negative feelings! Instead of concentrating and spending time to sharpen our common sense which is the cure for fear, hatred, and mistrust we are “still the dupes of our simplicity and greed…” ( The Prince”)
We are confused! We are programmed by the minority of devils to become biological waste. Our kids are programmed not to have kids! Our kids are being programmed not to communicate with us, the parents. They are manipulated with idiotic ideas that play with their genuine rebellious feelings! Instead, to act against the system and making it better they are projected to act against their family and parents! Their values are manipulated! They, like the rest of us, are taught to live lives in the moment and not learn more about history, tradition, virtues of the ancestors, and family values! Not to do self observation, but to judge others mostly.
The lie became truth, and the truth is distorted and presented as a lie!
In all segments and at all levels! The higher the level the bigger and more dangerous the lies become!
So many of us suffer from unexplainable mysticism that destroys the thin line which connects our soul with our body.
All that atmosphere makes a pure human being with a beautiful soul to become disoriented and gullible!

We are losing ourselves.
Still, sleeping?
Wake up!
There is an opportunity!
This unique opportunity where we, by self-observation can achieve and meet that exclusive, rare person, the self!
Then the universe becomes real, and we more clearly exist!
I had a conversation with one of my beautiful soul friends about her experience while visiting one country widely known by name but very little in substance by the vast majority of us. While listening to her I understood how precious pain can be! How creative! Very! To get to that we need to accept it, let it grow, and then balance the imbalances!
Pain teaches us that we are alone!
When we get in balance, we understand that the loneliness caused by pain is “the luxury of the rich spirits.” ( I.Andric)
“Every real, eternal problem, however, is an equally real eternal guilt; every answer is atonement, every understanding a recovery!”(O. Weininger)

Then the commonly sensed stance on many burning topics is the obvious result.
One of them was vaccination with non-tested jabs that was justified with the so-called urgency of saving lives and introduced when the “curve” was nearly flat!

Don’t you remember? There were countries where so-called scientist expressed their huge narcissism by saying that it is counterproductive not to have registered cases of that what they called an epidemic. They managed to change the epidemic definition first! Inform yourself, or do you prefer to sleep? Just do not snore, please!
The deception has been planned and executed! Now that they can see that it is working, the same methodology is applied to cover all segments of life! They created an opportunity, and they will not let go without us making it go!

How does the deception works?
( courtesy of “The Daily Bell”)
First, one needs to control attention where the big move covers the little, and the target looks where the mastermind looks! That is when attention drops, and repetition reduces vigilance!
Then comes Perception.
I will not elaborate more except by using these four words: Eliminate, Blend, Recreate, Initiate!
“Exploit prior beliefs… repetition creates expectancies…swap the real for the false and vice-versa”
The very important part of the deception is where cognitive, psychological, and affective stress is created and exploited!
Last but not least even as it is the result that if successful can project the deception without extra energy from the conceptual power is:
Behavior stipulates action and the outcome. Then disconnect behavior from the outcome and channel behavior!
For all this to succeed they leave a lot of blank space!
People will fill in the blanks out of a feeling of self-importance, having also in mind their own deepest fears and speculations. *

Perpetuum mobile is created and left to do its job! That of permanent deception!
To cement deception interference in society never stops however stupid and illogical sounds!

Concealment is one of the most powerful strengths. Let me quote from another place
“The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation. None is fitter than the three lower degrees of Free Masonry( the word Free is a long-time gone-authors note); the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it. Next to this, the form of a learned or literary society is best suited to our purpose, and had Free Masonry not existed (or, God forbid became Free again-Authors note), this cover would have been employed; and it may be much more than a cover, it may be a powerful engine in our hands. By establishing reading societies, and subscription libraries, and taking these under our direction, and supplying them through our labors, we may turn the public mind which way we will.”

They always thought that we were sheep. They want us to disappear as they prepare AI to serve them! That is why the “energy crisis” is developed! To leave more for the robots to function! We are those “deplorable!” Remember who baptizes us like that? Can not recall? Investigate! Helps concentration and fights manipulation!
They look at us, analyze our weaknesses, and take advantage of our hidden desires and our complexes by poisoning us with their insidious lies!
How to defend ourselves and react?
It is really easy!
At the beginning of this essay, I mentioned self-observation and not self-ignorance and self-deceit! The first enlightens your purpose for existence the other two produce chaos and feelings of nothingness, both highly destructive and increasingly dangerous!
Do not be afraid of being curious and different!
When you find your purpose for existence there will be no fear of dying! There will be only a concern to finish your life’s aim!
Many have done that and succeeded without expensive diplomas given by the system that is built on lies!

But the system never stops pursuing division!
Let me mention one, if I can judge, outrageous point 7 from May 2022 issued by the German Federal Ministry of the interior and Homeland:
“FAQ: Disinformation related to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine” which you can read from the photo attached! It is complete nonsense that again tries to divide jabbed and not jabbed! It shows again that they are desperate and that the amount of debilitation of the writers and the degradation of the democracies in Europe is immense. Here is the link and another link and below is the photo of the page 7. Conclusions are yours

At the end of this writing, I would like to present you with the link where the letter of the French General Christian Blanchon can be read. “Superheroes, as “They Embody the Best of Humanity.”

Just do not forget to pursue everywhere with everybody that THERE IS NO AMNESTY FOR THE CRIMES THEY ALL MADE AGAINST US, OUR CHILDREN, OUR FUTURE, and OUR EARTH!

If you have stories how you survived these two years of lockdowns, social distancing, suppression of your freedom to walk when you want and many more please feel free to send it here or at philosophyofgoodnews@gmail.com.

We will continue publishing the stories of our heros both jabbed and not, as we deeply think that we are all victims of that small minority who use us.




We Will Prevail


Sane or Insane-Tragedy of the rats

History repeats? Usually does. Just with different actors

23/3/2022 Hate! Hatred! Institutionalised Hatred! Such a degradation that will leave scars at our societies for a long long time. Will we remember what has been done what is being done? If memory is satisfied desire, said by Carlos Fuentes, then it is better to forget. Immediately! To stop, to take a deep breath, to start using common sense and begin building or better rebuilding first ourselves! To rediscover the self! That self we let go allowing hatred to overcome us. That self which is made for love, kindness, compassion, togetherness. That self which is made for connecting and not separating! That self bigger than any specialisation, which instead to connect is separating, dividing, segregating and depriving from the human culture! Wake, wake up. Or be accountable for the tragedy! As everything starts with us! Just and only with us!

21/3/2022 Just a small addition as it looks like that we are under siege of so many negative feelings that are attacking our spirituality.

Nikola Tesla interview

“The source of most disease is in the spirit. Therefore the spirit and can cure most diseases.”
In his famous, yet still not well known1899 interview Nikola Tesla talked about many things one being a diseases he had several times in his youth. It gives a guideance for today and every day!

“Journalist: In youth you have several times been seriously ill. Is it a disease and a requirement to adapt?

Nikola Tesla: Yes. It is often the result of a lack of exhaustion or vital force, but often the purification of mind and body from the toxins that have accumulated. It is necessary that a man suffers from time to time. The source of most disease is in the spirit. Therefore the spirit and can cure most diseases. As a student I got sick of cholera which raged in the region of Lika. I was cured because my father finally allowed me to study technology, which was my life. Illusion for me was not a disease, but the mind’s ability to penetrate beyond the three dimensions of the earth.”

Psychology is not the science. It is the art. The art of human behaviour. The art of contemplating pain and hate many humans carry with them. It is so unfortunate to see how those that are masterminds seeking more than 1000 years revenge, manipulate with human suffering.

There was a country that collapsed. It is not Russia neither Ukraine.

It is Romania. That country was giving their babies to be adopt by foreigners. Their youth was destroyed and young men and woman started to look how to continue their lives abroad escaping the hardship. I will not talk about human trafficking, but about soul trafficking which is the worst atrocity those so called Wonderers have managed to do. But still, when I read their writings there are signs of doubt. The truth does not have doubt.  Those people burned alive in Odesa are the truth. Surprised? Propaganda? https://www.peoplesworld.org/article/ukrainian-rightists-burn-alive-39-at-odessa-union-building/  The only happy are Wonderers! Those that rape human souls.

It is a tragedy that the pure human consciousness in all those our fellow humans, manipulated to hate, comes out only after the unbelievable inhuman rage and firing of hatred. Many of those try to find a way to come back to humanity but in vain. Wonderers made them slaves and slaves they will be till they breathe. Such a tragedy!

As for Wonderers there is no mercy. No soul, no consciousness. Zero. They, the Wonderers are the core of all the tragedies our planet had last 1000 years. Absolutely yes  Everywhere and with everyone.  It is not about Conspiracy or about Who did what to whom. It is about how the Wonderers, by getting the right to “produce” paper money infiltrated all segments of our lives, blackmailing and threatening and corrupting all and everybody. Those that did not want to be everyone and everybody they conveniently got rid of. Remember Kennedy Dollar? And then 22/11/1963? Or Lincoln? Or Regan? Well Regan had a vice-president then to help with “continuation” of government. Zapata Oil.

To return to those fellow humans that are programed by their history to sow hatred. They do not stop,blinded with half truth and their experiences forced by circumstances made by Wonderers.  They will never escape those. But at least they try, poor souls. That is called the soul rape done from behind by the whole system made by the same Wonderers and the people they own!

Even that awaking of many is not certain let’s say that in 1936 Soviet Union wanted to make alliance to fight growing fascists threat. The meeting was organised in Poland. However the UK made sure the meeting was not successful, as then as now the forces behind 1666 fire exactly within the City of London borders, wanted Gemans to invade Russia. You all know who from European countries sent soldiers to fight Soviet Union. If you don’t then find out.

What is happening now, many poor souls think that it has to do with the trap wonderers made. Well you, when in trap those that feel that there is no way to go up dig more down till the hole of abyss is open. That hole might take them, even that the skillful diggers can go also left and right to protect themselves while all coming from up will be going strate to, as Dante Alighieri named it, inferno. Wonderers included. If that will not be the case and world reacts establishing new concept, pure and genuinely human, free of fascist and Wonderers, we as homosapiens have a chance. 

How the things develop the smallest country represented here in February 1945 will be replaced with the country with the biggest population and economy. So unfortunate if that happens.

Taken from the marvellous book of Chris Bellamy – Absolute War. Self explanatory. Those who investigate can find out which countries still supported Nazi Germany at the particular time and had their soldiers at these theatre of operations. Pity.

And usually, when bear starts walking doesn’t stop till there is an end. It does not have to do, all the time, with money and payments. It has to do with survival and higher idea. It has to do either patriotism and family values instead of insidiously promoted imbalances. Where is that going to end? Well there is no world war yet. But the theatre is being prepared for the war to start as economic situation of wanderers controlled system is cracking and imploding. From inside. They still have actors and other theatre equipment but in vain as the reality is awaking  citizens.

Courtesy of the book of Chris Bellamy-Absolute War

The tragedy is that Slavs are now fighting Slavs. That is unacceptable! If those wonderers had balls they would fight. However the Denazification will happen again.

And the truth will rise and enlighten our poor fellow human souls.  To quote myself from https://philosophyofgoodnews.wordpress.com/2022/02/23/sane-or-insane-no-8-the-truth/

“The truth. Big word. Huge word. That is why it is always being manipulated and complicated by more questions and more explanation. That is how you “water” it. I do hope that what you find here, together with your own investigative talents and curiosity, can be your truth also.
“One of the surest paths to the true future is to go in the direction in which your fear grows. “Milorad Pavic Dictionary of Khazars. Sir Winston Churchill said that” the truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end there it is.”

When we help ourselves God is ready to provide  help also.



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Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect


Comments and Criticism are encouraged as long as they are civilised. Thank you for understanding.


Human Saga-“Time makes more converts than a reason.”


“Do to others what you would like them to do to you.” THOMAS PAINE


Nearly one year passed and still we are struggling. We are in the constant preasure not to let epidemic of fear go! The system is huge and it is collapsing slowly until it reaches the point of no return. Maybe that point is reached already. However, the system is still struggling to survive. Won’t just give up. If it can not survive system wants to self-destruct, and in the process, wishes to take us with it. And it’s still nice for us. Isnt it? We are continue simmering in lukewarm water adorned with beautiful fragrances! We do not smell war still. However it is being discussed how to promote it and to use us a little bit more till we get cooked completely. The sooner we understand, the better for all of us! Happy awaking!

Now I go for coffee to wake up and get inspired. I hope with all my heart that I will inspire others. At least one! And do not forget

“Do to others what you would like them to do to you.”

-‐—————————————————————————— 11/1/2022

I often visit one place, a coffee shop where tales are exchanged, and boosters for the soul( I mean coffee ) are drunk. Following that booster ( I now use a modern word to be understandable to the majority), I asked my dear friend if he could change the music and introduce one in which vibrations awake the soul, smoothing the heart and inspire the brain. Try it. It is a winning move! And investigate for a bit. Two minutes of your time would be a good start. 

So, my little experiment started. Some young men near me began to listen to other music using their cell phones. It continued for just some seconds three times, and then they stopped. By themselves. It is a free world. The balanced vibration music has overwhelmed the coffee shop. Ether, healed and cleared, starts to function, spreading the music vibes to us and the universe! Do you hear? You can! 

Little is needed to feel well if you are in the right frequency. Reading interviews of Nikola Tesla from the beginning of the last century will be revealing! 

Remember, nothing is possible if YOU are not prepared! To be prepared is a difficult thing requiring a lot of continuous work. Forget Darwin! Many forgot, but the system let you get indoctrinated by the words that even Darwin did not mean! Then the same bunch of people made you think that Kropotkin is “anarchist” in the way they made this word sound! That man who wrote the book- Mutual Aid! Mutual aid! Mutual is that what bothers all those costing us our development! Find out! Gurdjieff said that “the evolution of man depends on his understanding of what he may get and what he must give for it.”  

If we want to proceed with our evolution, we need to grow! Horizontally! Vertical is what the system wants, and horizontal is what humanity needs! There is nothing like overpopulated Earth! There is nothing like global warming! Investigate! Science, that one for the masses, became dogma! Dogma with their inquisitors! Their manipulators and kapos! 

And while I was writing this one, a caring message awake me further! One message that said- All ok with you after the earthquake? Connected with the music and with these seven words, I stopped with a wish to change the world and open the eyes of my fellow human beings! Instead, I wanted to feel the love! To live love, and give all my being to care for that beautiful soul lady with magic hands! And that is true! Feelings are developing slowly, rising carefully not to be disturbed until the foundation is made! Like a child learning to walk! Purpose of life? To love! To love without asking anything back! Everything will be in place for us if we are consistent, genuine, pure! 

Hedonists? Maybe! To the point and without exaggeration! Hedonist one can be having a small glass of wine accompanied by the person caring about! Or just feeling genuine warmth. Your senses will sharpen. Your sight, hearing abilities, smelling, taste, and touch will improve! One after the other! From the state of sleep, you will rise towards the state of waking. 

And love! Be patient and consistent! But love with full lungs! 

Dream! When you are waking, do not forget to dream! We are a complex machine but a machine with the soul and feelings! Whoever aims to complicate, abandon it and proceed towards simplicity and common sense! We are free only when we unchain our inner self. Only when we learn that less is more! Accepting less, we get more! Reflect, and you will see. 

Yesterday 10/1/2022 it was the date that my son was born like many other human beings. Still, at the same time, it was the date when the pamphlet Common Sense of Thomas Paine, one of the founding fathers of the USA and one of the contributors to the declaration of independence, was published! 

Advocating independence of American colonies from Britain, using simple language, as a medicine for the manipulated human soul it left with us a beautiful, deep meaning of his saying that “time makes more converts than a reason,” as well as teaching us that “the more simple anything is, the less liable it is to be disordered, and the easier repaired when disordered.” 

He did not mention greed, setting standards for what would be enough for one to have! In my essay, “what is enough,” I gave numbers and reasons for them! Many told me that this is crazy, but I like being crazy for writing the numbers! Just let me present you with some statistics, which is self-explanatory! Conclusion? Every idea is great as long as it is balanced! After that, it becomes destructive! 


I set the limits here https://philosophyofgoodnews.wordpress.com/2020/10/05/what-is-enough/ and in the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond you can see here I left many hints and as many stories that will clear your mind and take you towards awaking! BETER BE!

By achieving that limit, one should work to help others achieve it. The success would be measured by the COMMON GOOD and DEVELOPMENT of THE EARTH as a whole! Many of us will achieve immortality! By the way, Earth can sustain( you remember that word?) more than 20 billion people. Not slaves! People! For them, for all of us, to live in peace and develop, education is the key! Education about human values! Here Thomas Paine comes back again! 

He left with us words with which every person involved in education on this Earth should start his lesson with:  

“Do to others what you would like them to do to you.”

At the same time, he stated:

“Our present condition, is, legislation without law; wisdom without a plan; 

constitution without the name; and, what is strangely astonishing, perfect independence contending for dependence… The property of no man is secure in the present unbraced system of things. The mind of the multitude is left at random, and feeling no fixed object before them, they pursue such, as fancy or opinion starts. Nothing is criminal; there is no such thing as treason; wherefore, every one thinks himself at liberty to act as he pleases.”

Do those words look familiar today?

To be continued…

After many of the philosophyofgoodnews readers and followers requested, this writing is open and in the public domain! 


Darko Richard Lancelot

Philosophy of good news

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Everything starts with the coffee(extracts from the eBook)

Extracts from the 237 pages eBook “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond,” you can purchase in Euros(9.00€)for immediate delivery by email using below link https://buy.stripe.com/4gw6oDeSTeEw2MofYY

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“Coffee shops are used to fight the monotony and boredom of social life.
From 1661 when an Indian called Budan brought the coffee to Amsterdam, the seeds for establishing coffee shops were planted. People started to use coffee shops for drinking this “magic” potion and exchange ideas, gain knowledge, and comment about everyday life. Generally to socialize freely! Coffee shops were not only serving coffee to the people. They were serving people offering coffee and the right atmosphere enabling them to open to one another. Coffee shops firstly became the places of awaking. Then when the concept of awaking started to affect the ruling class, coffee shops were penetrated with manipulative strategies. But till today, manipulation intensity is low there! We, the people, manage to purify the atmosphere by inventing new ways to communicate and awake each other.
I will share two stories that happened at the coffee shop I usually drink my morning coffee.
After the first quarantine and while we still have a lockdown after 11 pm, visiting the coffee shop was more than a ritual! I felt that the majority of us were coming there to feel awakened after a long sleep! We were starting to rediscover the significance of visiting a coffee shop.
One of those days, I wanted to make the atmosphere more alive and started playing the capital cities game! Capital cities game is the game of geography and imagination and further of inspiration and awareness. You say the country’s name and ask the people to tell their capital city!
That was the game I used to play with my children with the companion of the atlas.
We were looking at the atlas contemplating the position of the countries and learning the names of their capital cities. Then, at the second stage, the atlas was closed, and the blank paper entered the game!
I started to draw the shape of only one country and then asked my children to let me know which countries were bordering that specific country and what are the names of their capital cities. As they slowly found the answers, I transferred my pen through the imaginative ocean and asked them about other continents’ countries and capitals.
When I started the game at the coffee shop, my dear human beings serving the coffee began to react and started to play the game. We “found out” about Australia capital-Canberra, Venezuela’s-Caracas, Chile’s-Santiago, Turkey’s-Ankara, Romanian-Bucharest, Peru’s-Lima, Nederlands-Amsterdam, India’s-New Delhi, Pakistan’s-Islamabad, Malaysia’s-Kuala Lumpur, Ireland’s-Dublin, Serbia’s-Belgrade, Cyprus-Nicosia till the moment where a beautiful young lady asked about the capital of Madagascar!
I must say that she found my “Achilles tendon!” I did not know, even that my mind immediately went to the story of an Italian friend of mine who adopted the child from Madagascar! But, still, in vain, I could not recall the name of the capital!
So, we agreed to open the internet and find out!
So we were delighted! Valentina, that is her name, that she found a capital I did not know, and me that I learned it!
The result was that we all, including our dear friend George, were wholeheartedly smiling and enjoying these beautiful, highly human moments where we did not talk about “flattening the curve” and counting bad things but learning new positive, inspirational information!
Inspirational as by mentioning all these capital cities we were initiating imagination and dreams how life should be! Contrary to all those that want us desperate and in fear! But the story did not finish here!
The next morning I came to the same place, and Valentina and George greeted me with broad smiles and happiness one can easily feel when all is genuine! Then it happened!
Valentina’s beautiful hand went into the pocket of her trousers where she took one piece of paper! She smiled. Her sweet, humble, human, genuine smile disarmed me, and I was waiting to see what happens next.
She asked me: ” So, what is the capital of Madagascar?” Hahaha. I forgot!
I said that I had forgotten!
She took the paper and read it-Antananarivo!
I was, and I am still impressed with her zeal to play and contribute to our psychological, human well-being! Both George and I were utterly and positively amazed by her attitude and way of thinking! Antananarivo became the code name for initiating all that human, genuine friendship between us! Valentina is the name not to be forgotten!……..”

More inside the book


Darko Richard Lancelot

“Quarantine Diaries and Beyond” eBook First edition 22/11/2021

eBook          ISBN: 978-9925-594-57-3

All rights reserved

Mother and Father, Son and Daughter, Sister and Brother

Hi! Family is everything ❤️

The title could be different. In a word it can be called just and simple FAMILY.

So, welcome to the family. Did you have a family? Do you have a family? Do you have a mother? Do you have a father? You know, the mother is the person that had you for nine months in her belly. The Father, you know, is the person who shared his sperm with your mother, and that is how you came to this world.

Did you forget it?

Mother and Father or if you wish Father and Mother are the best friends you will have all your life. Quiet, stubborn, nice or not, hard-working or not, rich or poor, with or without problems, with or without divorce, Mother and Father are the best friends you will ever have!

Do not forget that when you are bombarded by anyone! Anyone! Those anyone are poor creatures. Those anyone need help. Give them! They are also human. Unfortunate humans with huge emotional issues and hidden hatred towards anything normal. Their new normal is our abnormal.

Give them love! Share love with them! Your warmth will help them! Our warmth will give them the opportunity to realize the same! That Mother and Father are their best friends and that the world is being manipulated to divide us and easily rule us all.

Those that are instigators can not be changed. But to those also provide the love! Pure genuine, clean love! If that can not change them then it will make them nervous, and that is something!

As to one Burmese Proverb- “In times of test, family is best!”

Never ever give the chance to any fashion and manipulation to blind you and seduce you! Mother is one, Father is one Brother is one, Sister is one! Family is the one and only! Cherish the memories you have, they will help you when you are lonely! No fashion and rainbows! Only family!

However you think that family has issues, the world you live in has more as it is filled with hypocrisy, fraud, and treason! Family, with all the issues was, is and it will always be an oasis for our soul!

To finish! Mother is Mother, Father is Father. They both are parents. And the daughter is a daughter and the son is a son like the sister is a sister as the brother is a brother!

For others, God help their poor souls.



Autosuggestion-“I am not cold, I am not cold,I am not cold.”

Photo from Reina Sofia museum-Madrid

Just read the news that some 3,300 ‘warm banks’ have been opened across the UK, as more than 16 million people will be unable to pay their energy bills…

Following our masters'( they like it when we call them like that, as they try to cure their huge egos and uncountable stupidity thinking of us as slaves) catastrophic decisions based on corruption and blackmail that are using their weaknesses and lost integrity, so many of us will be facing tough winter and serious existential issues. Their ocean of lies is unmeasured! It will very soon not be enough to say, “it doesn’t affect me,” as it will affect you also. And then, as an old story says, there will be no one left to protect you!

That kind of idiotism and egoism brought us to this point. This kind of statement like the Nazis saying ” I am only doing my job or I am only following the orders,” have degraded our societies to the point of no return. Not for us, but for them! We have a chance to act! They can only try to suppress the inevitable for some time! After that many of them will run like Bolt!

Anything positive, human, is not presented as positive anymore. Conceptual positivity is based on so many different stupidities and plain lies! Lies! The truth disappears or is covered with all techniques invented a long time before, with Machiavelli’s thoughts being used and implemented for the deception! We, many of us, just follow it thinking, fearful that ” it will not happen to me.” Really?

Well, it will! Rather sooner than later, you like it or not.

In that case, autosuggestion can not help.

However, it can help after, when you experience so serious issues that the only way left is to START TO BELIEVE IN YOUR POWER, and to start practicing it!

No supplements will help you! You will realize that even supplements that are excessively used will cause weakness in your immune system. Both, metaphorically and literally speaking!

When we all realize that we have been deceived with different philosophies as sweeties to give us unreal and in their core insidious, scapegoats, then and only then you and I and all of us will be ready to act! To act, and, or to change the way the system works, or to change the whole system. To get rid of the greed, and corruption by eruption! The eruption of action!

That starts with education! Educate your children every day for half an hour, you can find the time for that, about VALUES, real VALUES! FAMILY VALUES! ABOUT VIRTUES! RECYCLE THE VIRTUES AND VALUES OF YOUR ANCESTORS! Not all of our ancestors were nazi officers! Even if they did, some virtues stayed as no one is completely evil! Forget the school programs that are made to dull instead advance and inspire the children’s brains and imagination! That is what the system wants! So, what do we do about it? We stay full of fear and do not react when we see our children being taught about degradation presented as modern advances, or we stand up and act! Act! Act first at home, making it an oasis, the garden for freedom and values, family values!

Do you comprehend that we live in societies that are highly decadent? Where decadence is presented as fashion as freedom as some achievement! Act! Or be acted as they from the corrupted system want you to! Stay slaves. That is also one decision. Respected but not accepted!

When you get cold, not from the freezing temperature only but from all, start saying




It is easy! You are, to use the “revolutionary,” “technological,” and “modern” expression, one click away to start acting!

Acting will make you alive again, free again, and human again! It will contribute to your house, your neighborhood, your village, town, city, and finally country and the whole world to BE GREAT AGAIN! Let’s clean up the accumulated chaff and clear the Earth of decadence, of moral degradation!


Darko Richard Lancelot




It is finishing, however…

We will prevail

Projection number 1

The west is abandoning its stupidity and stubbornness…

Projection 2

The deal will be made, if it is not already made

Projection 3

Nuclear World War III is avoided, for now…

Projection 4

Nord Stream job will be paid in full. Plus interest. The details might be known after couple of decades, or earlier.

Projection 5

Sect and Wonderers are to be demolished but it will be hard to diminish their influence. However humanity will prevail! Those like FTX and conference companions are to be dealt with.

Projection 6

Different families will face the rage of the world. Which are those you figure out by yourself.

Projection 7

World will not be safer place but at least business will try to function again!

Projection 8

Biolabs will be destroyed and scapegoats will be found to be accused. Usualy they will be old enough that are becoming unusable. Comprehend? Capici?

Projection 9

This all is just a pause. Hopefully it will last for a long time. Not so optimistic!

There is no number 10. We finish with 9 as 9 is an interesting number! Not like number 5. There might be a cancellation of number 5 ! Complete cancellation as it is involved in many terrible doings.

We do “smell” the hand of one sovereign who helped the situation to deescalate and would like to THANK HIS MAJESTY VERY MUCH. The voice of reason, common sense, vision and nobility is crucial.

How does that come? Well dear readers, there are numerous messages that are interweaved around us and what we need us just to look, listen and learn…

Finally, are those projections good? They are the best one can get from the public domains and between the lines messaging they all use. Symbols included! Very much included!

So the blackmail from the forces that are non governmental did not work out and we avoided WWIII. For now. If we do not get rid of the Sect and insane Russian and Slav haters positioned everywhere and corrupting as many as possible idiots we will be in even worse situation in the future. Now we can say that Russia special military operation is special not because of Ukraine but because of all those forces that thought and still think that they can rule us by lockdowns, social distancing and constant fear! It is not easy to fight confusion that is the product of continuous manipulation and huge lies!

When we say non governmental we think also about various advisors and non elected officials at important posts.

Igor made the deal with the family and went aside as George and his family. George and son will slowly transform their activities… Klaus and his morons will go bye bye! Bill will finaly shut-up and find his peace, maybe. Jeff continued not to appear. Maybe he will join Elon in making the world clearer place.

Those insidius, insane forces are “kindly” requested to give away and await for their destiny to be decided elsewhere. Maybe it is already decided but it is not announced yet. Fauci is also bye bye! Russia won and will continue winning, together with all those that are the oposite of the sect and wonderers. Western part will try to go through major shake up without tremendous loses as western basket of currencies will face severe issues that could lead to the complete collapse of the system as we know it. Just imagine if the government stop paying the police and the army. Will you be safe? Of course YES! That would be golden opportunity to show that WE THE PEOPLE are not only the dead letters on the paper but alive and ready to act!

That brings the idea of PROGRESS! It will be done if we all follow that to BE HUMAN IS TO PROTECT OTHERS FROM OURSELVES than we will not face any issues that can not be resolved and solved.

Love, not in corrupted but in the real meaning will prevail.

Project love, and love will surprise you! In all and everything!


Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect

To be continued…

Peace-Peace means War-War – The Pandemic of Lies

Documentaries by Boris Malagurski

“The truth you know has all been a lie,” said A.D. Aliwat

Do not believe? Get some two hours of your time and see part 3 of The Weight of Chains documentary. Find out about the 15 tons- 15000kg of depleted uranium being dropped from the planes of the “brave” 19 NATO member states to one country of 8 million people. They used, as they now say, the term “Operation Noble Anvil.” It is certainly so noble to drop 15000 kg of depleted uranium.

In this extraordinary documentary The Weight of Chains 3 ( youtube link is free) the author, Boris Malagurski presented us, all of us, those with and without common sense included, with astonishing, truthful facts about the treatment of us humans by others also called humans that act completely and with unimaginable zeal against their fellow human beings. Maybe after watching part 3 you will be more curious to see other parts of his The Weight of Chains documentaries.

His work and his documentaries are presented in a way that leaves no one pococurante, indifferent, or apathetic. The truth is always stored somewhere awaiting some bell ringer to reveal it and get our attention to awaken us from stereotypes, manipulation, and lies. Boris is doing exactly that. He is our bell ringer! He communicates with us, the viewers, in the frequencies that are awaking suppressed common sense and understanding. The pieces of information he conveys are documented, and truthful. Surprisingly truthful. It is where you realize that the “truth” you knew has all been a lie. Exactly as A.D.Aliwat have said. Then you start questioning all the narratives imposed upon us all these years! You see how “noble” is the mind of insidious looters! Better ever than never!

At the same time, it shows the beauty of the human mind as “Dr.Nele” points out in the documentary that “The threshold of tolerance of the human race is always lowered, so people say that something is not radioactive, but only a little radioactive.” It is like saying that we are not dead, but only, just slightly dead, or that we are not manipulated and used but just a little used and played like sheep. That is what is always happening to us humans. Including so-called and presented to us as a pandemic. The pandemic which definition has been changed prior tonthos so-called we are still passing through as the genocidal organisers like it so much. They live their achievements that by using the word health they do exactly the oposite Like the word PEACE. However, one could be the truth! That we are living in a pandemic of lies! For that kind of “pandemic” o e is the cure, one is the jab! That one of awaking!

By unraveling the truth connected with the tragedy of so many people of different nationalities Boris Malagurski tickles our curiosity and enables us to proceed with our investigation further, taking it to the next, universal level. That of the millennium struggle between the truth and lie. Looters lie to continue their lucrative business and we the people are stuck between our innate goodness and the manipulation imposed on us. That of PEACE and PEACE, URANIUM WITH PEACE. Like the jabs with health.

He raises many questions, one being in the core! Did the debilitation process take so much upon us that we became egotistical, narcissistic idiots? Do we comprehend that we are all deplorable for that small group of scoundrels? Even those working for their insidious methuselah plans of depopulation of the planet! Including law-enforcing poor human beings who serve as executioners to the organizers of the most genocidal plans ever! WAKE UP!

If someone could characterize THE WEIGHT OF CHAINS with two words it would be a WAKE-UP CALL! WAKE UP CALL FOR EVERYTHING AND ALL! Connect and you will awake if you are in sleepwalking mode!

WAKE UP! People are dying suddenly and from causes that are all connected with “PEACE,” “HEALTH,”

The weekend is approaching so this documentary would be an inspirational addition to your schedule.

You can find this documentary also here on Vimeo and help the author.


Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect

Everyone raised their hands on us! What a magnificent surrender!

The title is taken from Student newspaper of Belgrade during 1968 students demonstrations

Throughout recent years, attempts have been made to stifle human initiative and kill the interest in further research by burying us with nonsense and meaningless information and idiotic rules presented as the only truth. Especially the rules about history research! Not knowing the real history makes you vulnerable to the present and absolutely unprotected from the future!
And everything is based on a plain lie.
The lie is conveyed through bombastic headlines and ridiculous content wrapped in wafers of sweet and agreeable, “clever” words. Conformism at its best!
Lie one and Lie two are dropped as the bones between us.
We spend time, so precious time, discussing Lie 1 and Lie 2, never coming to a conclusion that can help our understanding!
Thus we become nervous, confused, and in the end fearful and suspicious of all and everything coming from other sources! We are so hard to convince ourselves that we believe in lies as those lies are interwoven in all segments of our lives.
A growing number of us stopped believing in ourselves. We are being easily manipulated, and our thoughts and perceptions are shaped by those vile people who are paid and overpaid, to do so.
Spreading confusion became a very profitable job!
Time is the ingredient that is attacked stealthily. As a result, we are deprived of quality time. Quality time equals understanding the method’s time! Once you understand the methods you understand everything!

The methods for brainwashing and introduction of stupid rules that serve no purpose if we had a clear consciousness are vigorously, and forcefully applied! Those that are behind it, idiots, and evil people can’t go back to reverse the process. They can’t because, poor souls, are recruited by those who know how to take advantage of human weaknesses. And the greatest human weakness is fear! Fear of anything and everything. It goes hand in hand with conformism. Fear from mosquitoes to the virus. From losing our job and income to becoming sick. Instead of using lifetime to make deeds that will outlive us, we consume it for treating our, unfortunately, never-ending fears!
And what you can not see makes the fear grow exponentially!
That’s how they came up with the idea of ​​viruses that are living with us for thousands of years. And they didn’t have enough of harassing them with their genocidal experiments, but they advance it by developing the technology to unnaturally change them. And everything takes place under the guise of advancing science for the benefit of man. I wrote about it in my 238 pages eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond.
However, those forces, all forces, will have to answer for their deadly experiments! Mengele was doing the same, isn’t he? Doctors’ trial at Nuremberg says it all! Did you know? Then connect it with many Biolabs that were present in Ukraina doing experiments with birds etc, financed by the US of A. That was confirmed, but the mainstream Blah Blahs are not allowed to report it further!
Everyone who wants to see and hear about the truth behind this can do it as long as it takes some time to reflect and clear their mind! Of course and to concentrate!
That could be the beginning of a new feeling of freedom. Freedom from fear and the metamorphosis of man from a man of fear into a man who uses his naturally given common sense!
Instead of changing nature we then get closer to her by understanding its processes. Not those imposed by sick, idiotic, insidious ideas about warming and the so-called green energy, but the simple common sense natural processes.
Not so-called and imposed “green” this and “green” that!
Curious question: what materials are solar panels made of, and how much harmful energy or gases are released in the production process? Or windmills with propellers! Did it ever occur to you that windmills can be more natural without propellers? Think! So if yes, you investigate, why aren’t they here with us? So that the sparrows would not think that there is something better. Like in all of the human technology that is being kept away from us! Greed and again greed!
In the meantime, we are all “taught” that we don’t have time and that all kinds of information will be digested by someone else to “help” us understand the events, etc… That is because they look at us as sheep that are not capable of going deep and concentrating on our own. They propagate that to find our own peace we should meditate instead of concentrate. Well, it’s not the same. Meditation and pacification serve to relax you with the message – Sleep! And do not wake up! We want you to sleep, to be in the state of sleepwalking. We will tell you what to eat, we will instruct you whom to vote for, we will make rules for you to strictly obey, etc.. You will not need self-control as “we will control everything that has to do with your existence!” “Till we make you nonexistent!” “Till you become biological waste!”
But, you still do not believe it? Maybe when you start believing because you start feeling it in your own skin it will be too late.

And in the end, instead of fulfillment, comes what? – where have you been? Nowhere! And what were you doing? Nothing! And you were everywhere, and you did everything. What is that everywhere and everything without finding yourself? It is unfortunately nothing! So you remain unfulfilled looking outward instead of inward. The sooner we all get it the sooner we will experience awaking and real happiness.
Life, my dears, is just a preparation for death. And what is death? Well, it is life if your deeds outlive you!
Be the characters the people will talk about and use as their inspiration!
And if your soul leads to it all this can be done without fear.
Without fear of showing that you are different, that you can love truly, and that you spread kindness and attention, togetherness, respect, and humanity.
And what is being humane? To be humane is to accept and practice the life motto – To protect others from yourself! To balance your interest with others people’s interests!
There is a solution! Never stop being active! Our activity is bothering them, but maybe, just maybe, it can become so contagious and inspirational that will spread throughout the whole planet Earth. Our planet Earth that just recently reached the number of 8th billion human beings!
If the number is right, as I have my humble doubts, it shows that we have a place for at least another 8 billion people! What we need to take care most, is not about the number of people but about their education!
The education that will be based on humanity, and to repeat as it is crucial, to educate all that to be human is to PROTECT OTHERS FROM YOURSELF!

Maybe words can kill us, but they can also change the world!

Be kind and ridiculously good!
We will definitely prevail!

Darko Richard Lancelot
Connect with Respect

Literate or Illiterate? That is the question!

Courtesy of Eva. Thank you!

We all run for education, Bolognia’s way of education. Are we better off? Is our world better with all this specific education so many of us received and still receive with even more of specific to the specific in the specific? In a word-Specific!

However, did you know that Michael Faraday, that is presented today as a scientist, received ” little formal education,” and that Nikola Tesla did not graduate from Gratz university because his professor was ironic to him when he expressed his vision of induction AC motors? He just left the university! Below there is a story in free translation from the Serbian language where the immortal late Serbian writer Momo Kapor narrates it.
He will always be remembered!

There was one Obren (Obrien) Milicevic from the village of Zvjerina(Beast) in Herzegovina. There was nothing in the village except some grass and rocky ground, so most of the inhabitants were shepherds. In 1922 Obrad heard that in the nearby town of Bileca there was an opening, try-out for gendarmes.
As big and tall as he is, 210 cm, Obren applied for the competition. He went to Bileća and passed everything in the competition. He was the best in pistol and rifle shooting. First in shoulder throwing and wrestling. He ran fast, was smart, and bright, and was accepted to become a gendarme.
The time had come for him to sign the accession agreement, and he was told to do so. However, he says: “I can’t.”
Why can’t you sign the good Obren? Well, you were the best at everything, they told him. I can’t because I’m illiterate, answered Obren. And our Obrene, then you can’t become a gendarme. A gendarme must know how to write. You have to write applications, lawsuits, reports, fines…and you couldn’t do that. Disappointed, Obren went to the nearby port of Kotor and he got, on loan, a ship ticket, and went to America. Directly to New York. The day he came there, he said that it was exciting as it was a “market day” and all shops were open! In his Herzegovina market day was once a week! Every Friday!
He did not stay long in New York. He went to Arizona. For him, Arizona was like Herzegovina, a wasteland with water shortage. Obren, now Obrien( The name of all immigrants is changed when coming to America, so Obrad became Obrien as even his surname Militzewitch was hard to pronounce), built a rock house where he slept near the fireplace covered by ram’s skin, as he was doing in his native Herzegovina. He had a sheep farm and was selling his sheep to the butchers in the city of Phoenix. His sheep were of very good quality as he had experience in how to breed them.
One day, he came to an idea to secure his water supply and started to dig the land to make a reservoir for the accumulation of rainwater.
As he started to dig the hole, the jet started to hiss. But it was not water! It was oil! Crude oil!
So, Obrad, Obrien Milichewitsch, started to sell that oil in barrels. He managed to become one of the richest people in Phoenix. One day a representative of a big Texas oil company approached him and asked him to join his business with them. After short negotiations, he accepted the offer, and the lawyers were called to seal the deal.
Contracts were made and when the time came to sign the contract Mr.Obrad,Obrien Militszewitsch, said: “I can’t.”
So the lawyer, surprised, asked “why Mr. Obrien?”
“All the details were negotiated and agreed and you will have tremendous profits,” the lawyer continued.
Obrad, now Obrien Militsewitzsch, said: ” Yes all is ok for me, but I cant sign because I am illiterate.”
The lawyer smiled and said: “Mr.Obrien, that can be fixed!” “However, Mr.Obrien, as you are now a very successful and rich person, can you imagine what would you be if you were literate?!”
“I know” Obrad, Obrien Milicevic said.
“I would be a gendarme in Bileca in Herzegovina.”

Serbian late writer Momo Kapor narrated the story of Obrad- Obrien

Again, so grateful to the late Momo Kapor for sharing this story with us! That is how you outlive yourself!


Darko Richard Lancelot
Connect and Respect