Letter from 1920

Below is the letter written in 1920 by a Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić. It is the man who have met four characters that determined the world history; Gavrilo Pricip the assassin of Prince Ferdinand as young member of “Mlada Bosna” movement, Hitler as Yugoslav Diplomat, Stalin from the same position and Tito. Knowing how diplomacy works and having that kind of experience he left with us following quote: “If people would know how little brain is ruling the world, they would die of fear. …”

Humble suggestion to all who will spend some time to read the story that includes the letter of only six pages is to change the name wherever Bosnia is mentioned with the name of your country. Maybe then we will all understand how the project works and who is using it and for what. And yes! There are forces who want the Earth trimmed of us, that say, if we will lose our wealth and influence, we will destroy whatever we can. And they still can. Personally I wouldn’t mind escaping hatred by helping other people fighting it, and lose the life for that.

“March 1920. The railway station at Slavonski Brod. Past midnight. From somewhere a wind was blowing, and it seemed colder than it really was to the weary travelers, who wished only to sleep. High above, stars slipped between the clouds. In the distance, yellow and red signal lights traveled faster or slower along invisible tracks, with the piercing sound of conductors’ whistles and the long drawn-out howling of the locomotive, which we travelers invest with the melancholy of our fatigue, and the tedium of our long, bad-tempered waiting.

In front of the station by the first track, we sat on our suitcases and waited for the train. We didn’t know when it would come, when it would leave. All we knew was that it would be overcrowded, crammed with travelers and luggage.

The man sitting next to me was an old friend I’d lost track of for the last five or six years. Max Levenfeld, a doctor and a doctor’s son. Born and raised in Sarajevo, where he had built up a large practice. Jewish in origin, long ago converted. His mother was born in Trieste, the daughter of an Italian baroness and an Austrian naval officer, himself the descendant of French emigres. In Sarajevo, two generations remembered her figure, her bearing, and her elegant style of dress. She was marked by the kind of beauty respected and appreciated by people otherwise quite impudent and vulgar.

Max and I went to high school together in Sarajevo, only he was three years ahead of me, which at that age was a lot. I vaguely remember that I noticed him as soon as I came to high school. He had just entered the fourth class, but still dressed as a child. He was a strong boy, “The little Kraut,” in a navy blue sailor suit with anchors embroidered at the corners of the wide collar. He was still in shorts. And on his feet, perfectly shaped black shoes. Between his little white socks and shorts, powerful bare calves, ruddy and already sprinkled with light hairs.

Then, there wasn’t and couldn’t be any contact between us. Everything divided us–age, appearance, customs and habits, our parents’ financial position and their social status.

But I remembered him much better at a later point, when I was in the fifth grade and he in the eighth. Then he was already a lanky young man with light eyes that betrayed unusual sensitivity and a very lively mind; well, but carelessly dressed, with thick blond hair that fell in heavy slicks, now to one, now to the other side of his face. We met and came closer during a discussion with some senior boys in the park on a bench.

Such schoolboy arguments acknowledged no limits and showed no respect for anything: all principles suffered, and entire philosophical worlds were mined to their very foundations by our bombast. Afterwards, of course, everything remained in place; but those passionate words were significant for us and the fate awaiting us, as a foreshadowing of the great achievements and painful perplexities of the combative times that were yet to come.

After one such lively discussion, when I started for home still trembling with excitement and convinced of my triumph (just as my opponent was of his), Max joined me. This was the first time that the two of us had been alone together. This flattered me and intensified my sense of triumph and high opinion of myself. He asked what I was reading and looked at me carefully, as if seeing me for the first time in his life. I was answering excitedly. All at once he stopped, looked me straight in his eyes and said in a strangely calm way: “You know, I wanted to tell you that you didn’t quote Ernst Haeckel correctly.” I felt myself blushing and the earth slowly moving from under my feet, and then back again into its place. Of course I had quoted him wrongly–my quotation was from a cheap pamphlet, uncertainly remembered and, most likely, badly translated. All my former triumph turned into a pang of conscience and feeling of shame. His light blue eyes watched me without sympathy, but also with no trace of malice or superiority. And then Max repeated my ill-fated quotation in the correct form. And when we got to his beautiful house on the bank of the Miljacka, he firmly shook my hand and invited me to come the following afternoon to look at his books.

That afternoon was an experience for me. I saw the first real library of my life, and it was clear to me that I was seeing my own destiny. Max had many German and some Italian and French books which belonged to his mother. He showed me all this with a calm that I envied him more than the books. It wasn’t really envy, but rather a sense of limitless contentment and a strong desire that one day I too would move so freely in this world of books from which, it seemed to me, streamed light and warmth. He spoke just as if reading from books, freely, and moved without boasting in this world of glorious names and great ideas. And I trembled with excitement, with vanity, as I shyly entered this world of great men, fearing the world I had left outside to which I had to return.

These afternoon visits to my old friend’s house became more and more frequent. I improved quickly in German and began to read Italian. I even brought those beautifully bound foreign books home to my wretched apartment. I fell behind in my school work. Everything I read seemed to me to be the sacred truth and my sublime duty, which I couldn’t escape if I didn’t want to lose my self-respect and faith in myself. I knew only one thing: I had to read it all, and try to write the same or similar things. I couldn’t envision anything else in my life.

I remember one day in particular. It was May. Max was getting ready for his final examinations, but without any fuss or noticeable effort. He led me to a small, separate bookcase with Helios Klassiker-Ausgabe engraved on it in gold. And I remember being told that the bookcase was bought together with the books. The bookcase seemed to me a holy object, its wood imbued with light. Max took out a volume of Goethe and started to read Prometheus to me.
Cover thy spacious heavens, Zeus,
With clouds of mist,
And, like the boy who lops
The thistles’ heads,
Disport with oaks and mountain-peaks;
Yet thou must leave
My earth still standing;
My cottage too,
Which was not raised by thee;
Leave me my hearth,
Whose kindly glow
By thee is envied.

At the end, he rhythmically but powerfully pounded the arm of the chair he was sitting in with his fist, his hair falling down on both sides of his flushed face.
Here sit I, forming mortals
After my image;
A race resembling me,
To suffer, to weep,
To enjoy, to be glad,
And thee to scorn,
As I do!

That was the first time I had seen him like that. I listened to him with awe and slight fear. Then we went outside and continued our conversation about the poem in the warm dusk. Max saw me to my steep street, and then I saw him to the river bank, then back we went to the street, and back again to the bank.

Night was falling and the people had begun to thin out, but we continued to measure that path pondering the meaning of life and the origin of gods and men. I remember one moment particularly well. The first time we reached my nondescript street and stopped at some grey wooden fences, Max stretched out his left hand in a strange way and said to me in a sort of warm, confidential voice, “You know, I’m an atheist.” A thick clump of elder was blooming above the tumbled down fence and spreading a powerful, heavy scent which came over to me as the scent of life itself. The evening was solemn, everything around us was quiet, and the dome of heaven above me, full of stars, seemed brand-new. I was so excited I couldn’t say anything, I just felt that something important had happened between me and my older friend, that now we couldn’t just separate and each go our own way home. And so we went on walking until late into the night.

Max’s graduation separated us. He left for Vienna to study medicine. For a short while we wrote to one another, but the correspondence petered out. We sometimes saw one another on vacations, but without our former intimacy. And then came the war, which separated us completely.

And now, after several years, here we were, meeting again at this ugly and boring station. We had traveled from Sarajevo on the same train, but we didn’t know it, and only saw one another here; and now we were waiting for the uncertain arrival of the Belgrade train.

In a few words we told each other how we had spent the war. He graduated in the first year, and then worked as a doctor on all the Austrian fronts, always serving in Bosnian regiments. His father died of typhus fever during the war, and his mother left Sarajevo and moved to her relatives in Trieste. Max had spent the last few months in Sarajevo, just as long as he needed to put his affairs in order. By agreement with his mother, he had sold his father’s house on the Miljacka and most of his things. Now he was on his way to his mother in Trieste, and then he might go to Argentina, or maybe even Bolivia. He didn’t say it explicitly, but it was clear that he was leaving Europe for ever.

Max had grown larger during his life on the front, had roughened; he was dressed like a businessman, as far as I could tell. In the darkness I could just make out his strong head with its thick blond hair and hear his voice, which had become deeper and more masculine over the years, and his Sarajevo dialect in which the consonants are softened and the vowels slurred and drawn out. There was a certain feeling of insecurity in his speech.

Even now he spoke as if he were reading from a book, using many strange, bookish, learned phrases. But that was the only thing that remained of the former Max. Otherwise there was no reminder of either poetry or books. (No one remembered Prometheus any more.) First, he spoke about the war in general, with a great bitterness revealed more in the tone than in the words, a bitterness that did not expect to be understood. There were not, so to speak, any opposing fronts for him in this great war; they had mixed, flowed into one another, and utterly merged. The general suffering had blinkered his vision and deprived him of an understanding of everything else. I remember how shocked I was when he said he congratulated the victors, and that he pitied them deeply, for the conquered see what they’re up against and what needs to be done, while the conquerors can hardly suspect what is in store for them. He spoke in the caustic and hopeless tone of a man who has lost a great deal, and can now say what he likes, well aware both that no one can do him much harm for what he says, and that it cannot do him any good. After the great war, there were many of these embittered people among the intelligentsia, embittered in a peculiar way, about something indefinable in life. These people couldn’t either manage to reconcile themselves and adapt, or find the strength for firm decisions in the opposite direction. He was, it seemed to me at that moment, one of them.

But the conversation quickly ran aground, because neither he nor I wanted to quarrel that night, after so many years, at this strange place for a reunion. So we talked about other things. Actually, he did the talking. Even now, he spoke in carefully chosen words and complicated sentences, like a man who spends more time with books than people, in a cold matter-of-fact manner, without beating about the bush, just as when we open a medical textbook, and find the symptoms of our illness inside.

I offered him a cigarette, but he said he didn’t smoke, stating that hastily, almost with fear and distrust. And while I lit one cigarette after another, he spoke with somewhat forced nonchalance, as if driving away other, heavier thoughts.

“You see, the two of us have just come to the first main-line station. That means, we’ve taken hold of the latch of the door that opens onto the wide world. We’re leaving Bosnia. And I will never go back, although you will.” “Who knows?” I interrupted, pensively, spurred by that peculiar conceit that makes young people want to see their own fate in distant lands and along unusual paths.

“No, no, you’ll come back for sure,” my fellow traveler said with certainty, as if making a diagnosis, “while all my life long I’ll be struggling with the memory of Bosnia, as if with some Bosnian disease. What its cause is–the fact that I was born and grew up in Bosnia, or that I’ll never be coming back again, I don’t even know myself. Not that it matters.” In a strange place, at a strange hour, even conversation becomes strange, a little like a dream. I looked sideways at the large, hunched silhouette of my former friend next to me and wondered; I thought how little he resembled that young man who pounded with his fist and recited, “Cover thy spacious heavens, Zeus!” I thought, what will become of us if life continues to change so quickly and profoundly for us; I thought that only the changes I noticed in myself were good and right. And while I was thinking all this, I suddenly noticed that this friend was talking to me again. Rousing myself from my thoughts, I listened to him carefully, so carefully that it seemed to me that the station noises around me had fallen silent and his voice alone murmured in the windy night.

“Yes, for a long time I really did think that I should spend my life treating children in Sarajevo just like my father, and that my bones, like his, would rest in the graveyard at Kosevo. This conviction was already shaken by what I saw and experienced in the Bosnian regiments during the war, but when I left the army this summer and spent three whole months in Sarajevo, it became clear to me that I could not go on living there. And the mere thought of living in Vienna, Trieste, or some other Austrian city revolts me, revolts me to the point of nausea. And so I began to think of South America.” “Fine, but may one ask what it is you’re running away from in Bosnia?” I asked, with the recklessness at that time typical of people my age asking questions.

“Well, ‘one may ask,’ but one isn’t likely to get a concise answer in transit at a railway station. But if I still had to say in one word what is driving me out of Bosnia, I would say: hatred.” Max suddenly stood up, as if he had unexpectedly run into an invisible fence in his speech. And I emerged to the reality of a cold night at the railway station in Slavonski Brod. The wind was beating stronger and stronger, colder and colder, signal lights were winking in the distance, tiny locomotives were whistling. Above us, even that diminished sky with sparse stars had disappeared, and just fog and smoke made a blanket worthy of this plain where, it seemed to me, man sank up to his eyes in rich, black soil.

At that moment we heard the roar of an express train, immediately followed by its heavy whistle, muffled, as if coming out of a concrete tunnel. The entire station instantly came to life. Hundreds of previously invisible figures moved about in the darkness and began to run to meet the train. And the two of us jumped up, but the crowd we were caught up in separated us even further. I only managed to shout out my Belgrade address.

About three weeks later, I received a rather long letter in Belgrade. I couldn’t guess who it was from by the large handwriting. Max had written it to me from Trieste, in German: “My dear old friend, When we ran into one another in Slavonski Brod our conversation was disjointed and difficult. And even had we had a far better occasion and more time, I don’t believe we would have understood one another and gotten to the bottom of everything. The unexpected meeting and abrupt departure made that quite impossible. I’m getting ready to leave Trieste where my mother is living. I’m going to Paris, where I have some relatives on my mother’s side. If they’ll allow me, as a foreigner, to practise medicine there, I’ll stay in Paris; if not, I’m truly going to South America.

I don’t believe that these few disjointed paragraphs I am writing in haste will be able to explain the matter fully, or justify in your eyes my ‘running away’ from Bosnia. But I send them anyway, because feel I owe you an answer, and remembering our school-days I don’t want you to misunderstand me and see in me an ordinary Kraut and “carpetbagger” who lightly leaves the country he was born in, the moment she is beginning a free life and needs every ounce of her strength.

But let me come straight to the point. Bosnia is a wonderful country, fascinating, with nothing ordinary in the habitat or people. And just as there are mineral riches under the earth in Bosnia, so undoubtedly are Bosnians rich in hidden moral values, which are more rarely found in their compatriots in other Yugoslav lands. But, you see, there’s one thing that the people of Bosnia, at least people of your kind, must realize and never lose sight of–Bosnia is a country of hatred and fear.

But leaving fear aside, which is only a correlative of hatred, the natural result of it, let us talk about hatred. Yes, about hatred. And instinctively you recoil and protest when you hear that word (I saw it that night at the station), just as every one of you refuses to hear, grasp, and understand it. But it is precisely this that needs to be recognized, confirmed, and analyzed. And the real harm lies in the fact that no one either wants or knows how to do it. For the fatal characteristic of this hatred is that the Bosnian man is unaware of the hatred that lives in him, shrinks from analyzing it, and hates everyone who tries to do so. And yet it’s a fact that in Bosnia and Herzegovina there are more people ready in fits of this subconscious hatred to kill and be killed, for different reasons, and under different pretexts, than in other much bigger Slav and non-Slav lands.

I know that hatred, like anger, has its function in the development of society, because hatred gives strength, and anger provokes action. I know that there are ancient and deeply rooted injustices and abuses which only torrents of hatred and anger can uproot and wash away. And when these torrents dwindle and dry up, room for freedom remains, for the creation of a better life. The people living at the time see the hatred and anger far better, because they are the sufferers by them, but their descendants see only the fruits of this strength and action. That I know well. But what I have seen in Bosnia–that is something different. It is hatred, but not limited just to a moment in the course of social change, or an inevitable part of the historical process; rather, it is hatred acting as an independent force, as an end in itself. Hatred which sets man against man and casts both alike into misery and misfortune, or drives both opponents to the grave; hatred like a cancer in an organism, consuming and eating up everything around it, only to die itself at the last; because this kind of hatred, like a flame, has neither one constant form, nor a life of its own: it is simply the agent of the instinct of destruction or self-destruction. It exists only in this form, and only until its task of total destruction has been completed.

Yes, Bosnia is a country of hatred. That is Bosnia. And by a strange contrast, which in fact isn’t so strange, and could perhaps be easily explained by careful analysis, it can also be said that there are few countries with such firm belief, elevated strength of character, so much tenderness and loving passion, such depth of feeling, of loyalty and unshakeable devotion, or with such a thirst for justice. But in secret depths underneath all this hide burning hatreds, entire hurricanes of tethered and compressed hatreds maturing and awaiting their hour. The relationship between your loves and your hatred is the same as between your high mountains and the invisible geological strata underlying them, a thousand times larger and heavier. And thus you are condemned to live on deep layers of explosive which are lit from time to time by the very sparks of your loves and your fiery and violent emotion. Perhaps your greatest misfortune is precisely that you do not suspect just how much hatred there is in your loves and passions, traditions and pieties. And just as, under the influence of atmospheric moisture and warmth, the earth on which we live passes into our bodies and gives them colour and form, determining the character and direction of our way of life and our actions, so does the strong, underground and invisible hatred on which a Bosnian lives imperceptibly and indirectly enter into all his actions, even the best of them. Vice gives birth to hatred everywhere in the world, because it consumes and does not create, destroys, and does not build; but in countries like Bosnia, virtue itself often speaks and acts through hatred. With you, ascetics derive no love from their asceticism, but hatred for the voluptuary instead; abstainers hate those who drink, and drunkards feel a murderous hatred for the whole world. Those who do believe and love feel a mortal hatred for those who don’t, or those who believe and love differently. And, unhappily, the chief part of their belief and love is often consumed in this hatred. (The most evil and sinister-looking faces can be met in the greatest numbers at places of worship–monasteries, and dervish tekkes.) Those who oppress and exploit the economically weaker do it with hatred into the bargain, which makes that exploitation a hundred times harder and uglier; while those who bear these injustices dream of justice and reprisal, but as some explosion of vengeance which, if it were realized according to their ideas, would perforce be so complete that it would blow to pieces the oppressed along with the hated oppressors. You Bosnians have, for the most part, gotten used to keeping all the strength of your hatred for that which is closest to you. Your holy of holies is, as a rule, three hundred rivers and mountains away, but the objects of your repulsion and hatred are right beside you, in the same town, often on the other side of your courtyard wall. So your love remains inert, but your hatred is easily spurred into action. And you love your homeland, you passionately love it, but in three or four different ways which are mutually exclusive, often come to blows, and hate each other to death.

In some Maupassant story there is a Dionysiac description of spring which ends with the remark that on such days, there should be a warning posted on every corner: “Citoyens! This is spring–beware of love!” Perhaps in Bosnia men should be warned at every step in their every thought and their every feeling, even the most elevated, to beware of hatred–of innate, unconscious, endemic hatred. Because this poor, backward country, in which four different faiths live cheek by jowl, needs four times as much love, mutual understanding, and tolerance as other countries. But in Bosnia, on the contrary, lack of understanding, periodically spilling over into open hatred, is the general characteristic of its people. The rifts between the different faiths are so deep that hatred alone can sometimes succeed in crossing them. I know that you could argue, and with sufficient reason, that a certain amount of progress can be seen in this direction; that the ideas of the nineteenth century have done their work here too, and after liberation and unification all this will go much better and faster. I’m afraid that this is not quite so. (In these past few months I think I have had a good view of the real relationships between people of different faiths and nationalities in Sarajevo!) On every occasion you will be told, and wherever you go you will read, “Love your brother though his religion is other’, “It’s not the cross that marks the Slav’, “Respect others’ ways and take pride in your own’, “Total national solidarity recognizes no religious or ethnic differences’.

But from time immemorial in Bosnian urban life there has been plenty of counterfeit courtesy, the wise deception of oneself and others by resounding words and empty ceremonies. That conceals the hatred up to a point, but doesn’t get rid of it or thwart its growth. I’m afraid that in these circles, under the cover of all these contemporary maxims, old instincts and Cain-like plans may only be slumbering, and will live on until the foundations of material and spiritual life in Bosnia are altogether changed. And when will that time come, and who will have the strength to carry it out? It will come one day, that I do believe; but what I’ve seen in Bosnia does not indicate that things are advancing along that path at present. On the contrary.

I have thought this over and over, especially in the last few months, when I was still struggling against my decision to leave Bosnia for ever. Of course a man obsessed with such thoughts cannot sleep well, and I would lie in front of an open window in the room where I was born, while the sound of the Miljacka alternated with the rustling of the leaves in the early autumn wind.

Whoever lies awake at night in Sarajevo hears the voices of the Sarajevo night. The clock on the Catholic cathedral strikes the hour with weighty confidence: 2 a.m. More than a minute passes (to be exact, seventy-five seconds–I counted) and only then with a rather weaker, but piercing sound does the Orthodox church announce the hour, and chime its own 2 a.m. A moment after it the tower clock on the Bey’s mosque strikes the hour in a hoarse, faraway voice, and that strikes 11, the ghostly Turkish hour, by the strange calculation of distant and alien parts of the world. The Jews have no clock to sound their hour, so God alone knows what time it is for them by the Sephardic reckoning or the Ashkenazi. Thus at night, while everyone is sleeping, division keeps vigil in the counting of the late, small hours, and separates these sleeping people who, awake, rejoice and mourn, feast and fast by four different and antagonistic calendars, and send all their prayers and wishes to one heaven in four different ecclesiastical languages. And this difference, sometimes visible and open, sometimes invisible and hidden, is always similar to hatred, and often completely identical with it.

This uniquely Bosnian hatred should be studied and eradicated like some pernicious, deeply-rooted disease. Foreign scholars should come to Bosnia to study hatred, I do believe, just as scientists study leprosy, if hatred were only recognized as a separate, classified subject of study, as leprosy is.

I considered whether I should devote myself to the study of this hatred and, by analyzing it and bringing it to the light of day, make my contribution to its destruction. Perhaps I was in duty bound to try, since, although a foreigner by birth, it was in Bosnia I first ‘saw the light of day,’ as they say. But after my first attempts and much reflection, I realized I had neither the strength nor the ability to do it. I would be required to take sides, to hate and be hated; and that, I neither wanted nor was able to do. Perhaps, if it had to be, I could have consented to fall a victim to hatred; but to live in hatred and with hatred, to be a part of it–that I cannot do. And in a country like present-day Bosnia, the man who does not know how to hate, or, what is still better and harder, consciously does not want to hate, is always something of a foreigner and freak, often a martyr. That holds true for all you who are born in Bosnia, and even more so for a newcomer. And so on one of those autumn nights, listening to the strange chimes of the various and many-voiced Sarajevo towers, I concluded that I could not stay in Bosnia, my second homeland, and did not have to. I’m not so naive as to look for any town in the world that has no hatred. No, I only need a place where I’ll be able to live and work. Here, I would not be able to.

You may now repeat your remark about my running away from Bosnia with mockery, perhaps even with contempt. This letter of mine won’t have the power to explain and justify my action to you, but it appears that there are occasions in life when the ancient Latin maxim non est salus nisi in fuga holds true. I beg you to believe one thing only: I am not running away from my duty as a man, but only attempting to perform it more completely, without hindrance.

I wish you and our Bosnia the best of luck in its independent life in the new state.

Yours, M. L.”

Ten years passed. I rarely thought of my childhood friend and would have forgotten him completely, had not the basic idea of his letter reminded me of him from time to time. Some time around 1930 I found out quite by accident that Dr. Max Levenfeld had stopped in Paris, that he had an extensive practice in the suburb of Neuilly, and that in our colony of Yugoslavs he was known as “our doctor’, because he examined workers and students free of charge and, when necessary, bought medicines for them himself.

Seven or eight years passed. One day, again by chance, I learned the further fate of my friend. When the civil war broke out in Spain, he abandoned everything and joined the Republican army as a volunteer. He organized a first aid station and hospital and gained notoriety for his keenness and expertise. In early 1938 he was in a small town in Aragon whose name none of us could pronounce properly. An air raid was carried out on his hospital in broad daylight, and he perished along with almost all of the wounded.

Thus ended the life of the man who ran away from hatred.”

The letter in English is presented here, with huge thanks, from https://www.thefreelibrary.com/%22A+Letter+from+1920%22.-a0165021316

There are some sentences here from which not one but the volumes of books can be written. One I chose will be published as a story soon. It has to do with beauty.




(is it still? Or we lost it?)


“Is the WWIII near?”

(Foto: Pixabay)

Colorful Lie is coming to an end, either by WWIII or by the Collapse of all the Lies.

Below is the article written by Mr. Nebojsa Vasovic professor of the Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade, translated and published with his kind permission. This article was first published in Serbian on May 17th on the standard.rs web page under the title
“Is the WWIII near?”

It is more important now as many events are fast following one another. One catches the eye and it was the recent talk that Boris, while in the USA, had with Donald about the continuation of help towards Ukraine if Mr. Trump will be elected as the next US President. Why is this interesting? Well, you could see below where the connection might be. Does history repeats itself? Conclusions are always yours.

Is the WWIII near?
Many sapient and well-intentioned people today are saying that World War III is very close. Some claim that it has already begun. Those who are convinced that reason will prevail should remember the 20th century
Blood of Christ (Sangre de Cristo) is a mountain range located in one of the most remote parts of the United States of America. The world’s greatest scientists gather in a lonely ranch house, among them many Europeans. Near the house, in the darkness, from the top of a steel tower hangs a bomb, which is to be tested that day. The test is codenamed “Trinity”, and the name was inspired by John Donne, the favorite poet of Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific director of the project.

Robert Oppenheimer, one of the most famous scientists of his time, loved literature and the desert of the southwestern United States. He was a peaceful man destined by fate to create the most destructive weapon of all time.

In the last few minutes, everyone fell silent as the countdown began. At five hours, 29 minutes, and 45 seconds in the morning, on the sixteenth of July 1945, the atomic bomb exploded. The light was brighter than the sun, and some of the scientists feared that it had ignited the atmosphere itself. Watching the explosion, Oppenheimer remembered the lines from the Indian hymn Bhagavad Gita, “I have become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Just a few kilometers away, there is the military commander of the project, the most important undertaking of the American state in World War II, Brigadier General Leslie Groves. He dislikes unreliable civilian scientists and is crystal clear that Russia is the prime target for the bomb, not Germany or Japan.
“Just two weeks after taking responsibility for the project, I realized that Russia is actually our main enemy and that the whole project is based on that,” Groves said after the war. Collaborators claim that Groves is one of the most unscrupulous people in the US military, and according to Henry Wallace, US Vice President, who followed scientific developments, he is “pathologically anti-Semitic and an open fascist”.
During the twenty days that passed from the successful test to the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima, Groves participated in falsifying reports to the US War Department, demanding that the commanders in the field remove from their dispatches the parts describing the effects of conventional bombing and stating readiness for the capitulation of Japan. “After three years of working under conditions of continuous tension, I did not want MacArthur and the others to get into a situation where they could say that the war would be won without the use of the bomb,” he declared after the war.

With these terrifying weapons, the US has turned from the peaceful haven of its founders into a militarized monster state. The great Franklin Delano was no longer alive. The USA was led by Harry Truman and his trusted men, the most prominent of whom were Jimmy Barnes and James Forrestal. They believed that the demonstration of the bomb on the soil of Japan would influence the USSR (as the state of Russia was called in one period of history) and force the Russians to back down and withdraw from Europe.

Contrary to that belief, the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not make the Soviet Union any more lenient. The calculation of Truman and his inner circle, those arrogant ignoramuses, was wrong. The Russians did not retreat…

Party coup
Few remember the sultry Chicago night and the Democratic Party convention in July 1944, when Henry Wallace was almost nominated as the vice-presidential candidate in the upcoming US elections. Although his health was failing, Roosevelt easily secured his candidacy for a fourth term. Henry Wallace, his vice president, was probably the second most popular man in America. Over time, he made many enemies. In May 1942, he gave his famous speech on equal men:

“Some talk about the American era, and I say that the era we are entering, the era that comes after this war can and must be an era of equal people.” There must be neither military nor economic imperialism in it. In the last 150 years, the march towards freedom has been taking place as a great people’s revolution. We had the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Latin American Revolution, and the October Revolution. They all fought for equality among people.”

Wallace called people all over the world to revolution against colonialism, and his hatred of imperialism was well known and liked by the people. He was very popular with the working class because he said, “The future must bring equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender and race.”

In Britain, they were not enthusiastic about his speech. Churchill assigned his secret agents to spy on Wallace. Wallace despised the British Empire, saying: “I say openly that the notion of Anglo-Saxon superiority, embodied in Churchill’s approach, is offensive to many”. On another occasion, after a lot of whiskeys, Churchill replied: “Why should I apologize. We are superior. We have a common heritage developed over centuries in England and perfected by our constitution.”

In March 1943, Roosevelt sent “Wallace on a goodwill tour” of South America. He was to secretly recruit those countries to join the US in the ongoing war. 65,000 people greeted him in Costa Rica, 15 percent of the entire population. More than a million people cheered him as he walked through the streets of Santiago, Chile. Upon his return to the US, a dozen countries declared war on Germany, more than anyone expected.

In America, according to a Gallup poll, 57 percent of voters were in favor of Wallace succeeding Roosevelt, but within the party itself, he had a huge opposition, a powerful group of party leaders of the Democratic Party, united by their hatred of him. Wallace’s opponents told Roosevelt that Wallace’s re-election as vice president would destroy the party. The president did not respond to that ultimatum. He chose silence.
You sent
When the convention began, Wallace expected the president’s support. Roosevelt, probably due to illness, did not come, but sent a message from San Diego: “If I were at that convention, I would vote for Henry A. Wallace.” Apart from those words, he did nothing else. The president was not willing to fight for his vice president. Wallace, however, remained the favorite.

Desperate party leaders led by Edwin Polley, Robert Hannegan, Ed Flynn, Ed Kelly, and others were in frantic need of a last-minute replacement. They chose Missouri Senator Harry Truman, a man of extremely modest means but with few enemies. He only finished high school and had three failed businesses. His biggest business venture, a haberdashery shop, failed in 1922.
In 1933, he wrote: “Tomorrow I turn 49, and considering how much I have achieved, I can throw 40 years into the water.” The following year he was elected to the Senate, and his mentor, Tom Pendergast, said that he wanted to show that even an “office guy” could be sent to the Senate, thanks to the “well-oiled party machine.” Most of the other senators despised him.
Wallace lost the nomination through vote-stealing and a party coup, staged by Democratic party leaders in close contact with British intelligence agents, terrified of him becoming vice president again and then, in the future, succeeding the great Franklin Delano. Many voters were offered ambassadorships, administrative positions, and money.

Despite this, after the first election round, Wallace had 429 votes, and Truman 319. In the second round, after additional offers, the bosses’ deals came into force. Chicago Mayor Kelly’s police prevented thousands of Wallace supporters-voters from entering the building where the election convention was taking place. In the end, Truman won by a score of 1031 to 35. It was all over. Henry Wallace accepted defeat and pledged loyalty to the Roosevelt-Truman list.
Behind-the-scenes events
Today, the events of the Democratic Party convention in July 1944 are largely forgotten. However, they changed the course of history. The man who could have been president could now only watch the course of events from the sidelines. This outcome would not have been possible if Roosevelt had personally been present and fought for his candidate, Wallace, one of the unsung heroes of World War II, who showed the world the better face of America.

(Foto: Wikimedia/Oulds/Public domain) Tehran meeting 1943

There were other behind-the-scenes events in that critical year of 1944. Churchill flies to Moscow in October 1944 to see Stalin alone. On the back of a piece of paper, Churchill outlined who’s “share of influence” would be in post-war Europe. The USSR would gain 90 percent influence in Romania, 75 percent in Hungary and Bulgaria, 50 percent in Yugoslavia, and only 10 percent in Greece (because Greece was vital to Britain’s position in the Mediterranean and trade with India, close to Egypt and the strategic Suez Canal). Stalin took the paper and made a large tick with a blue pencil. He demanded that Churchill keep that historic piece of paper, which the Prime Minister of Great Britain called a “wicked document”.

Historians claim that Churchill traveled to Moscow because he was distrustful of Roosevelt’s optimism about Europe, that neither he nor Stalin, having experience with US isolationism after the First World War, seriously believed that American troops would remain in Europe after the war and that Churchill had to strengthen the British positions as much as he could.
Writers of modern history also say that Roosevelt made the biggest mistake in his brilliant career by accepting Harry Truman. He would have, with the support of the people, Wallace as vice president, despite the resistance. However Roosevelt got tired of defending his vision of world peace, and he felt that he was close to death.

“Smart People” continue: “What would the USA have been like if Wallace had succeeded Roosevelt in April 1945 instead of Truman? Maybe atomic bombs would not have been dropped on Japan? Maybe they would avoid a nuclear arms race and a cold war? Perhaps a civil, racial, and true woman would have triumphed in the first years after the war? Perhaps colonialism would have ended decades earlier, and the fruits of science and hard work would have been spread more fairly around the world? We’ll never know.”
Even when they are smart, honest, and well-intentioned, historians make mistakes.
Things, most likely, unfolded like this. In a party coup at the Congress of the Democratic Party in July 1944 in Chicago, Truman was elected instead of Wallace. Wallace and Roosevelt were enemies of the British Empire and colonialism, and therefore mortal enemies of Churchill himself. The coup and the theft of votes were organized by a network of British agents and spies, and domestic helpers-mercenaries of the Americans. The network was organized and managed by the English intelligence services, with Churchill at the head. Then, Churchill travels to Moscow to negotiate with Stalin about the division of the world. Stalin immediately understood what it was all about, that Great Britain had taken over the management of the USA, and that he should and must agree on everything with Churchill as if Roosevelt was no longer alive.

After the Stalin-Churchill deal in Moscow, the English intelligence services could calmly prepare for the assassination of the Great Franklin and wait for Churchill’s order. The great Franklin Delano, the longest-serving president in American history, died on April 12, 1945. A man who had been living in the shadow of death for decades, seriously ill, died as a result of a massive stroke, most likely caused by an injection given to him by a British agent.
Wallace had no chance of being elected. It is very possible that Roosevelt realized who he was dealing with and tried to save his vice president for the future when circumstances would be more favorable. If that were true, such tactics would be the biggest mistake of Roosevelt’s career.
Churchill could not allow the Great Franklin to live to see the capitulation of Germany, to go down in history as a victor. Only Lord Winston, the “savior of the free world”, a sociopath and a murderer, should have remained on the stage, to tell the great story of the war, which will be remembered by generations, convinced that it is the real truth, that everything was just like that. And it’s not…

Profile of Truman
By dropping the atomic bomb, the Americans and their accomplices, the British, ended a chapter in human history and changed the nature of war. Two men bear full responsibility for this act, a direct threat of annihilation to the human race, which is much more than a war crime. They are Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain, and Harry Truman, President of the USA.
Missouri Senator Harry Truman is famous for his statement in 1941 in the Senate: “If we see that Germany is winning, we should help Russia, and if Russia is winning, we should help Germany.” Let them kill each other as much as possible”.
Truman’s father, John Truman, extremely short in stature, often fought men much taller than him in Missouri to prove how tough he was, and he demanded the same from his sons.
Harry Truman had a rare eye disease and had to wear thick glasses, so he couldn’t play sports. Other boys abused him, called him blind and weak, and chased him after school to beat him. When he would arrive home shivering, his mother would comfort him by telling him that he was supposed to be a girl anyway. The gender question, of what exactly is a boy or a girl, has been bothering him for years. He repeatedly referred to his feminine traits and features, and economic difficulties were an addition to those troubles.
This family heritage could explain his behavior at his first meeting with Molotov, the USSR Foreign Minister, on April 23, 1945, 11 days after Roosevelt’s death. Truman then accused the Soviets of violating the Yalta agreement, especially in Poland, rejected any attempt by Molotov to clarify the point of view of the USSR leadership, and quickly ended the meeting with the words: “That would be all, Mr. Molotov.”
After the meeting, he boasted: “I told him everything without twisting it.” I showed him, I shut his mouth.” By bullying Minister Molotov, he proved that he was no longer a softie and that he could deal with the leaders of the second most powerful country in the world. His father, for whose praise he had unsuccessfully fought all his life, would be proud of him now.
As a young man, Truman wrote to his future wife that “all men are equal, as long as they are honest and decent, but not the negroes and the Chinese. God made the white man out of dust, the black man out of mud, and made the Chinese out of waste.” Instead of a black man, Truman always used the word “negro” in his communication with his immediate surroundings.
Lord Halifax, the British ambassador to the USA, called Truman “complete mediocrity and a confused dilettante”, and British agents described him as “a fool surrounded by servants”. In recent decades, Truman has been generally considered a good president, routinely showered with praise by members of both the Democratic and Republican parties. Former security adviser and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Time magazine that Truman was the man of the century.
Millions of viewers have seen the 1995 film Truman, which creates the myth of Truman as a “little man who follows his conscience,” struggling with moral dilemmas. The actual Truman’s attitude towards the atomic bomb and Japan is shown completely falsely, and the real Harry Truman is a much, much darker character than the underdog hero portrayed in the film.

Profile of Churchill
“History will be kind to me because I intend to write it myself,” Winston Churchill once said. He was a great mass murderer, but, unlike Hitler, he was not hated in the West.
Churchill’s fame rests almost exclusively on oratorical skills that came to the fore during World War II. Words are one thing, but actions are something completely different. During the Second World War, Churchill advocated “terror from the sky”, for “absolutely devastating, exterminating attacks by heavy bombers”. The result, among other things, was the bombing of Dresden with incendiary bombs.
On the night of February 13, 1945, the beautiful baroque city of Dresden on the Elbe River, full of refugees before the Red Army, almost without military significance, disappeared from the face of the earth. 25,000 people died in the British night bombardment, which American forces resumed the next morning.
Winston Churchill’s criminal and bloody trail can be traced through Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kenya, Greece, and others. The most prominent of his victims were the Indians, “a beastly people with a beastly religion,” as that charming English lord spoke of them.
He refused that the same rights apply to people of different skin colors, colored, as to himself. His views on race were so extreme that they cannot be justified in the spirit of the times. Leopold Amery, the minister for India, emphasized that “he sees almost no difference in the attitudes between Churchill and Adolf Hitler”.
Churchill was directly responsible for the deaths of around four million people in Bengal, who died of starvation in 1943 because he banned the distribution of food to the vulnerable population. When they reminded him of the sufferings and sacrifices of the Indians, he replied that the famine was their own fault because they “multiply like rabbits”.
It is hard to understand why a few bombastic speeches were enough to wash the blood off Churchill’s racist hands. We should remember him as a war criminal, an enemy of decency and humanity, a narrow-minded imperialist, who did not care about the suffering of lower races, people of color, even Slavs.

(Foto: Pixabay)

Atomic bomb
In December 1938, two German physicists, Fritz Srassman and Otto Hahn, stunned the scientific world by splitting the uranium atom, which made the development of the atomic bomb theoretically possible. The first part of the work was done in Great Britain, and when it was transferred and concentrated in the USA, English scientists also participated in it.

At first, the project was small, but in September 1942, now under the name “Manhattan”, it was handed over to the US Army. General Groves informed his superiors that he expects concrete results very soon. Strangely, at the head of the Los Alamos project, Groves placed Robert Oppenheimer, who was a declared leftist and admitted to being a member of every Communist Party organization on the West Coast of the USA, and who at one time gave 10 percent of his monthly salary to help the Republican forces in Spain.

Although completely opposite in nature from Oppenheimer, Groves, with his help, assembled an incredible international team of scientists, among whom were Enrico Fermi and Leo Szilard, who was the first to cause a chain reaction in a nuclear reactor, built in the squash hall of the University of Chicago. The scientists in the desert were doing their best, fearing that Germany would beat them in the atomic race at the last minute.
At the end of 1944, it turned out that Germany had abandoned work on the bomb as early as 1942 and directed its top scientists and resources to the development of the Fau1 and Fau2 rockets. Despite these findings, American scientists continued their work.
The war against Germany ended in May 1945, when the bomb was still only a project and did not exist yet, but in June it was already known that it would soon be ready. The news that it would be completed and made available for the war against Japan was already known to the very small circle of people who, at this stage of the war, worked to create American policy.
As soon as he received news of the successful tests of a new and formidable weapon, Truman decided to use the bomb. He thought it was unnecessary to discuss it. On August 3, 1945, he ordered the atomic bomb to be used against Japan as soon as the weather permitted. On the other hand, Churchill and everyone around “his table” (in the War Council) never discussed whether to use the atomic bomb against Japan. The decision was made unanimously, automatically.

Opposition to bombing
It is important to point out that six out of seven American five-star generals of the army, who received their last star in World War II, believed that the bomb was morally unacceptable, militarily unnecessary, or both. Eisenhower was against dropping the bomb on Japan for two reasons: 1) he believed that the Japanese were already ready to surrender and there was no need to do something so horrible to them and; 2) he did not want his country, the USA, to be the first to use such a weapon.

General MacArthur, the supreme commander of the Allied forces in the Pacific, believed that the bomb was completely unnecessary from a military point of view and that the Japanese would have surrendered as early as May 1945 – if the US had guaranteed them not to touch the emperor, as they eventually did.
Japanese cities were destroyed and civilians killed throughout 1945 in a terrifying conventional “terror bombing” unprecedented in the annals of warfare. Only on the night of March 9, 1945, 330 American bombers attacked Tokyo, the capital of the Eastern Empire. They carried incendiary bombs made of napalm, white phosphorus, and other inflammable substances.
Tokyo was built of bamboo and wood for 1000 years, it was called the city of paper. B-29 planes destroyed more than 40 square kilometers of the city and killed over 100,000 civilians, leaving about a million people homeless. In that boiling hell, channels were boiling, metal was melting and people were spontaneously combusting. The stench of burnt human flesh was so strong that the crews vomited in the planes.

In 1945, American aviation bombed more than a hundred Japanese cities, some of which were of no military importance, killing more than half a million people. No one protested the murderous bombing of Japanese civilians, probably one of the most brutal and uncivilized killings of civilians in history. The organizer of those mass murders was the unscrupulous American general Curtis Limey. “Demon Limey”, as the Japanese called him, used to say: “People should be killed.” When you kill enough of them, they will stop fighting.”

In light of those terrifying Limey bombings, dropping the atomic bomb can be seen as a gruesome but logical next step. The atomic bomb was dropped on the first chosen target, Hiroshima, on August 6, 1945. The city of Hiroshima was deliberately not bombed with conventional weapons so that the US could test its new terrible weapon there. The attack was carried out from the island of Tinian, not far from Guam, which had been conquered the previous year.

The plane, a B-29 bomber, was blessed by a Catholic priest for this action. On August 6, 1945, at two hours and 45 minutes in the morning, three B-29 planes took off from Tinian Island for Japan. The first plane “Enola Gay” carried the “Little Boy” uranium bomb. Pilot Paul Tibbetts named the plane after his mother (Enola Gay Haggard).
The flight to the destination lasted six hours and thirty minutes. The unfortunate city lay still, bathed in the morning sun. The goal was a bridge near the city center. At eight hours and fifteen minutes, exactly according to plan, the huge plane went into flight mode over the target, at an altitude of 9450 meters, at a speed of 530 kilometers per hour. As soon as the bomb was ejected from the plane, the plane swerved sharply to get as far away from the explosion as possible.
The bomb was falling more than eight kilometers, to a height of 580 meters, when the two masses of uranium joined and instantly released huge energy, equivalent to the energy of 13 to 18 kilotons of TNT. The plane was about 14.5 kilometers away when it was overtaken and shaken by the shock wave.

The fireball engulfed the densely populated city center. The terrible heat and explosion crushed buildings and ignited debris. The bomb destroyed an area of ​​about two kilometers in diameter, in all directions. An hour and a half later, from a distance of 560 kilometers, the crew of the plane could still see behind them a mushroom-shaped cloud over twelve kilometers high.
In the very center, where the temperature reached 3,000 degrees Celsius, the fireball completely charred people. Their internal organs evaporated in a split second. Between 70,000 and 80,000 people died immediately, about 140,000 by the end of the year, and by 1950 that number had exceeded 200,000 people. The US officially reported only 3,243 Japanese soldiers were killed.
Three days later, on the morning of August 9, the US dropped a second atomic bomb, an implosive plutonium bomb called “Debeljko” (Fat Man), with an explosive force of about 21 kilotons of TNT, on the civilian port of Nagasaki. It caused slightly less damage because it did not cause a so-called firestorm, but its explosion was larger than in Hiroshima.

This time, to show the joint responsibility of the US and Great Britain, another plane with British observers was following the “death” plane. 40,000 people died immediately, of which only 250 were soldiers. By the end of the year, the number of victims rose to around 70,000, and five years later it was more than 140,000.

The astonishing news of the burning and pulverization of human beings, of the damage caused by radiation, of all that indescribable suffering, left a deep mark on most people who lived in those days. According to the data of the Japanese newspapers Mainichi Shimbun and Yomiuri Shimbun, from ten years ago, the number of deaths, as a direct or indirect consequence of atomic explosions, is about 450,000, 287,000 in Hiroshima and 163,000 in Nagasaki.

Fear of the USSR
By a series of incredibly dishonest moves towards both the USSR and Japan, Great Britain, which in a non-paper manner was behind it all, and the United States, kept Japan convinced that the USSR would not enter the war in the Far East and that the Western Allies will not allow the Japanese emperor to remain on the throne. The goal of the Westerners was for Japan to remain in the war so that they could use the atomic bomb on Japanese soil and for the USSR to defeat the Japanese forces in the land war in Manchuria for their – Western account.

Stalin kept his word to Roosevelt. One million and 500 thousand soldiers of the USSR attacked Japan on the ninth of August, on three fronts in Manchuria. The fighting was bloody and the Kwantung Army was practically wiped out. About 700,000 Japanese were killed, wounded, or captured.
The Red Army also attacked the Japanese in Korea, the Kuril Islands, and Sakhalin Island. Western history has almost forgotten that event of enormous importance, because that very morning, on the ninth of August, before Japan could respond to the Soviet invasion, the USA dropped the second atomic bomb on the city of Nagasaki. The date was chosen with the clear intention to erase the entry of the USSR into the war with Japan from the media, to focus the attention of Westerners on another event – which today is called “spinning”.
After Nagasaki, Tokyo was still not ready to capitulate. In that year of death, two hundred planes and thousands of bombs or one plane and one bomb didn’t seem like much of a difference. For Japanese leaders, the devastating news of that August ninth was the Soviet invasion.
The Deputy Chief of the Japanese General Staff emphasized that it slowly and gradually became clear to Japanese officials how terrible the destruction of Hiroshima was, and that, in contrast, the news of the entry of the USSR into Manchuria, accompanied by fear and horror, spread like wildfire.
There is only one reason why Truman and Churchill decided to use the bomb against Japan. It was a merciless and extremely unnecessary warning that the USA and Great Britain will not refrain from using the same bomb against the USSR if it continues to interfere in the affairs of the countries of Europe and Asia.
In ending the war with such gruesome and terrible carnage, the Americans and British put a great blot on their triumph, and one which, as is the case with great historical transactions, may in the future confront the United States and Great Britain with the same horrors.

The opinion prevailed among the Russians that a large ground army should be preserved and deployed over a large territory to reduce losses from the atomic bombing. This was valid until the first nuclear weapon was developed and tested in the USSR in 1949.

The Third World War
After World War II, great efforts were made to limit the use and spread of nuclear weapons. The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons was concluded in 1968, and with that agreement, states that have nuclear weapons undertook to disarm, while states without nuclear weapons promised not to acquire them. The Westerners, led by the USA and Great Britain, have never been sincere in their advocacy, not even regarding the issue of nuclear weapons.

Many smart and well-intentioned people today are saying that World War III is very close. Some claim that it has already begun. Those who think that reason will prevail should remember the 20th century and the fact that world wars started whenever they could start and that wars did happen when the conditions existed to happen! In other words, today, the chances of such a world war happening are significantly higher than the opposite happening.
Perhaps the most powerful nuclear weapon today is “Poseidon”, which is owned by the state of Russia. “Poseidon” is an intercontinental autonomous mega nuclear torpedo, an underwater robot with artificial intelligence, a titanium body, a mass of about 100 tons, a diameter of about two meters, a length of about 25 meters, with an atomic mini-reactor with a power of eight megawatts as a drive, practically unlimited range, with moving sound production like the “Dolphin”, with a speed of about 100 knots (close to 200 kilometers per hour), an operating depth of about 1000 meters, stealth technology to avoid detection, and a nuclear warhead of 100 megatons, which is about 7,000 times more than an atomic warhead bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It serves to destroy naval bases, coastal cities, and groups of aircraft carriers. It produces a tsunami wave about 500 meters high.
Just one launch and England is gone, and the passage of a radioactive tsunami over Britain turns that island, specializing in espionage, into a radioactive desert. So what kind of lunatics lead Great Britain, when they dare to threaten the state of Russia?

In the leadership of the leading Western countries, there is an excessive, critical number of ignoramuses, sociopaths, and idiots. Those arrogant mediocrities are not capable of an agreement with the leading countries of the rest of the non-Western world, above all with Russia and China. The great war that is ahead of us will certainly be nuclear and, most likely, most of the nuclear weapons that humanity possesses will be used. Large areas of land near geologically unstable areas will sink into the sea. Siberia is safe, but the British Isles and the East and West coasts of the US are not.

Anyone who has read the Bible knows that in the end the good prevails. God protect us and give us strength. Don’t be afraid.”

Nebojsa Vasojevic



Connect and Respect

P.S. Regarding the death of the USA President Franklin Delano Roosevelt here is the link we published some time ago following the comment of one of our readers YOU CAN SEE IT HERE

The post we suggest to see is this from March 2022. https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/2022/03/03/sane-or-insane-tragedy-of-the-rats/


Astara–Rasht Railway and Geopolitics of Euro Asia

Courtesy of The National News UAE

From the famous article of Harold John Mackinder that caused so many terrible events and cost innumerable lives because of greed of the ruling class of then superpower, till today passed 119 years and 104 years after his summarised theory that says:

“Who rules East Europe commands the heartland;

Who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;

Who rules the World-Island commands the world.”

The main and crucial word in this statements of this greedy creature is word “RULE.” There is nowhere word cooperation! Only cooperation that counts for them is: mine is mine and what is yours is also mine, as we are the rullers and we dictate the narratives, norms and laws. That is coming to an end.

Today Iran and Russia signed the agreement to build 162 km railway that will be going through the Caspian Sea coast line and become a part of the North-South corridor, rivaling the Suez canal trade route.

As the President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin said:”The unique North-South transport artery, of which the Rasht-Astara railway will become a part, will help to significantly diversify global traffic flows,” 

It’s a sign of growing Russia-Iran ties concentrated for the security and well being of the two countries and its people, as well as all other countries that will be using this corridor for their people advancement and prosperity.

Practical projects always win over the insidious underground organisers of so-called “color revolutions,” that are prepared by the well known forces who will be accountable for all the atrocities done in the past couple of centuries. From French Revolution onwards! And that will be the case. Time is ticking, and fast, as common sense always wins over the corrupted and blackmailed politicians without vision exept own survival.

Mr. Sayyid Ebrahim Raisolsadati the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran confirmed the obvious by saying: “Without a doubt, this agreement is an important and strategic step in the direction of co-operation between Tehran and Moscow.”

The world is changing and those that created Opium wars and various revolutions should be aware that their time is running out.

One part of the world builds and connects balancing their interests, finding the common ground to cooperate, while the other part continues to do what it was doing all this centuries. Blackmailing, Corrupting, Looting, and Destroying is their name of the game. Of course it is covered by debilitate culture that is propagating confrontation and division, and asking to be paid for that. Are we so stupid?

However, no matter how hard they try, they cannot change anything significantly anymore. They can fly their planes following their clients and watching them not to negotiate for peace, having all families as hostages, but that are only the thieves’ last gasps. Those forces are educated to act only from behind as with eye to eye contact they show how insignificant they really are.

But, if they somehow come to their senses, maybe something will come of them. Humanity wish that very much. Not competition but cooperation.

This agreement is another step forward.



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History shows that Conspiracy grows

Preparing new edition of the essay “Conspiracy Practitioners,” requires substantial research. While doing it I found some important information.

Namely, in 1865 Secretary of Treasury Mr. Hugh McCulloch made following statement:

“The people are out of dept and consequently prosperous.”

At the same time Abraham Lincoln stated:

“As a result of the war corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow and the money power will endeavour to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices of the people, until all wealth is at hands of the few, and the Republic is lost”

The people of the USA were free of dept in 1865!

Thirty years after, in 1898, with eliminating patriots from decision making process and the new program in motion, the then seventy million people of the USA were forty billion $ in dept.

Today the people of the USA are in the dept of tens of trillions $.

In the new “Conspiracy Practitioners,” a term used first by this site author, the methods and the personalities behind it as well as the executioners will be presented with hope that the readers will research more and awake till it will not be really too late. One of the Romanov family member who was presented with the certain “minutes of meetings,” said in 1905:” It is too late!” Up to US ONLY is to make it that it was not too late.

We all live in the beautiful planet that if it was not called Earth it would be called Paradise and our duty as human beings is to protect it from all and everything that wants to destroy it.



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Victory Day 9th of May


9th of May 1945 was the day when the Soviet Union declared victory over Nazi Germany, saving the world from the ideology that have cost humanity 56 million lives!

“Deaths directly caused by the war (including military and civilian fatalities) are estimated at 50–56 million, with an additional estimated 19–28 million deaths from war-related disease and famine. Civilian deaths totaled 50–55 million. “

And as we see it now and as we were seeing all those years, it was not enough! Or “it was worth at.” Forces that were behind the wars are active and becoming increasingly insane and uncontrollable. Unfortunately, confusion has been planted all this years blinding many. Disorganisation of the system and forcing countries to overburden themselves till bankruptcy by producing of crisis of all types was and is in their plan!

The descendants of those that were “Conjuring Hitler,” decided to declare the same day, 9th of May as the day of Europe, just not to have to celebrate anything together with the countries that observe it, even that some of them were Allies, with some having a completely destructive ideas then like the “operation unthinkable.” To my memory are coming the words of legendary Marshall of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov. They ring out to remind us about the characters this world was, and unfortunately still is dealing with. Namely, the Marshall, after the win and when they put the flag of the Soviet Union on the Reichstag stated- ” They will never forget us this.” With “they” he meant the forces that are behind all the calamities that have befallen mankind all this time. From the brutal murder of Tsar Nikolai Romanov to the resurgence of Nazism and all forms of Satanism. As per Marshall “they” corrupted so many of us who were not able to resist the insidious offers that made them vulnerable and an easy subject for a wide diapason of blackmails which could jeopardise their advancement and their whole existence. The same has been said and by the President Dwight Eisenhower in his farewell speech.

Who ever shows resistance to their plans is forced by various means and methods of Violence, Cunning, Hypocrisy, Fraud, Treason to obey and subdue themselves and their nation’s and people to slavery. Today they are not conquering our territories but our minds. Those forces, that promote the insane ideology of superiority, organise the constant strikes by throwing masses out of employment etc… Just look around and you will hopefully understand.

That is why the remembrance of the days like 9th of May are crucial to humanity survival. And that is why they want young generation to be deprived of that memory in order to easier debilitate them and made them dependent on masters will. That should never happen! Never. We, as humanity should get rid of all corrupted, insidious, greedy, narcissistic psychopaths that are driving us towards catastrophe! They are leeches that have been sucking the blood of humanity for generations. Somewhere all that needs to stop! The time has come that it will stop. Cooperation, balance of interest, logic, compassion and togetherness WILL PREVAIL! That is what this day, VICTORY DAY ,of 9th of May is teaching us.

It is important to pay tribute to the countries that still observe the Victory Date! They are:




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“Cultural Cooperation”

Cultural Cooperation

What is cultural cooperation? Both words look human and acceptable. The masses can use both words as positive narratives and guiding ideas for life purposes. Nothing wrong? It could be if it were not used to confuse and then bewitch unsuspecting masses innately implanted with goodness and humanity!
How is that done?
By standardizing everything!
Of course, the standards are promoted not by the masses who cherish family values but by the world mafia, which controls the processes.
Why Hitler did not attack Switzerland?
Do you antagonize, or do you follow the orders of your masters?
When standardization takes root, then fear is introduced! The crisis is made!
The environmental crisis, economic crisis, crises of credit, military crisis, health crisis, and wherever you look, there are troubles!
Hatred is planted everywhere, making many increase their stupidity and complete confusion!
I talked just yesterday with my school friend who sent me one of the totally propagandistic articles from the same establishment that wanted to make one Seymour Hersh, the winner of the Pulitzer Prize, a liar. The same establishment that published the below article, “The Art of Propaganda,” “coincidentally” on June 22nd, 1941.

For those that do not know, June 22nd, 1941, is the date when Operation Barbarossa started when led by Germany 3.8 million personnel accompanied by more than 3500 tanks, more than 3000 AFVs, more than 4000 aircraft, up to 23435 artillery pieces, up to 17081 mortars, 600000 horses and 600000 vehicles invaded then the Soviet Union.
Someone financed all this force. You can find out who they were in the book “Conjuring Hitler” by Guido Giacomo Preparata.
Why they did it then, today becomes evident again.
Resources. Resources and Resources.
If you take simple statistics, those that want to steal Russia’s resources make up approximately 15% of the world’s population and consume 75% of all the Earth’s resources. And those are the numbers from the beginning of the 21st Century.
That makes the other, the majority of the world population, and that is 85%, have the remaining 25% of the Earth’s resources available.
However, it is not about governments! It is about international bankers and multinational corporations. Their task is to take all the world’s energy, water, and raw material resources and the infrastructure necessary for people’s livelihood! In a word, ENSLAVAMENT!
They know they are losing and can feel that their grip on the world is cracking. That is why they intensified the making of crisis. That is why we are bombarded only by the negative news. Only the information that provokes desperation is promoted. The media keeps informing us about misfortune, disasters, and suffering. That increases our fear of getting involved in politics and the common struggle for good! Most of us think that everything is ruined, including our future. We become apolitical and stop resisting. Like that, they subdue us to their will. We become enslaved people ready for slaughter when the time comes.
They divide; they pit to control, promoting the idea that the planet is overpopulated, brainwashing us to start fighting between ourselves.
They promote the “golden billion” with the story that the Earth can sustain up to three billion people.
One billion to rule, one billion to serve, and one billion to be as spare! It is the product of complete insanity and psychopathic minds that control the issuance of the paper called money.
Now they want AI to help to reduce the population to two billion.
Common sense says that other people are surplus, and the monstrous plan is for them to die from hunger, infections, drugs, alcohol, etc…

That group of utter minority wants to live forever good in abundance by robing the rest of us. Their plan is to destroy Countries, Nations, beliefs and family! In order to promote destruction they are so insidious that they introduce hope! Hope that you might have a ticket to be one of that two or three billion remaining. And many of us get caught up in it, which produces further division. We think that it will not affect us and that we will avoid the disaster. But we will not! All of us will be affected!
Like that, we all become easy prey for them, my friend from the beginning of this article included.
One of the big, huge lies is that “money makes money.”
A very successful narrative that means nothing!
But can we eat money? We eat bread, not money. We eat bread made by the worker who used flower made from, let us say, wheat, to make it.
Money is “escorting the circulation of goods and services. It is a dept! Goods being an asset!
So, by producing dept, the bankers enslave us all! The whole system is made to promote dept!
That dept that is now rising, as per the plan, and will destroy as many are in the new Titanic.
Those that did not come aboard, the mafia wants to destroy!
Wake up!
Be compassionate! Be human! Learn and practice that the highest expression of humanity is to protect others from yourself!
Then we might have a chance; even that in 1905 one of the well-informed people of the time stated:” It’s too late!”
Let’s make him wrong!




Tucker Carlson- say “I LOVE YOU TO ALL THOSE YOU LOVE.”

Be authentic and say the truth!

For last three years I do not watch TV. But I was following Tucker Carlson because of all those things that all of us were following him. In short. Because of Common sense. Common sense that was somehow lost in those couple of years, where evil governed over goodness. Where greed prevailed over compasion.

Now when Tucker Carlson left FOX chanel many tried to explain stating why’s and reasons that might have influenced the chanel to separate with him. However that was not what I wanted to find out. What I wanted is to see as many as possible videos of him that I omitted to see.

I used my time today to meet him again and again through videos, to watch and listen to him and his programs. It was not spent time! It was gained time as my emotions sparked and awake in me more of a pure, genuine, human compassion and knowledge about life we are living by showing the path towards fulfilment. Watching the speech I share down ,in addition to these writings, made me younger and wiser as Tucker Carlson energy is tremendously posetive and genuinely human.

It’s not my aim to write more about him, even that he said and I agree, that the words are the most powerful tool we have, as I want to let him to contact you and touch your soul through the video I am pleased to share below.

However, what I want to leave here in writing is the paraphrase of his reply to the question what should be at the top of the mind of the people every single morning they wake up.




Below please find the link to the video of his speech celebrating 50th anniversary of HERITAGE.

Let me shut up now and let you enjoy the video.


Thank you Tucker Carlson!

Darko Richard Lancelot



Our attic Our ladder


To Reform, or to Replace? United Nations at the crossroad.

Is any time still left?

I can’t escape the impression that many events are staged, and only some participants know the actual state of affairs and its fundamental aims. Also, I can’t escape the belief that the invisible hand exists and deliberately collapses many crucial proposals that would lead to solutions to difficult situations that would improve our world. That forces, hidden by tremendous propaganda and raw lies from the confused and brainwashed masses, are known to some crucial but narrow circle of the decision-making people from all countries in the world. Many are slowly organizing themselves to create a multipolar world based on the balance of interests havin’ in the core of it advancing of people and nations of the whole world. The motto is cooperation instead of confrontation. Those forces of destruction can be seen by listening and reading about their representatives, as they use corrupt or blackmailed people full of vanity and sick ambition.

Many organizations that have the prefix “united,” “world,” and “international” in their names have lost their ability and, even more seriously, the trust of the majority of the people and nations of our planet Earth. That is why you can see not only the new blocks created but also their widening scope of existence and members. Currencies that were the “bosses” of the world trade and called reserve currencies are slowly but steadily losing their importance and real value. Even China has reduced its USD treasuries to a little more than eight hundred fifty billion USD, which is amazing: it is a message to adjust and reform the USD system as they want the USA to be one of the essential players in the multipolar world, but at the same time there is a limit in their waiting.
The rest of the world will not allow the destruction that is, at least, it looks like every day that passes, pursued by the bunch of irresponsible people that are masterminds behind the people we see in the news.
Unfortunately, the tendency is that they will continue with the same policies and are pushing more and more toward destruction using all methods available. They are staging serious provocations that can cost them first and then the rest of us our future. The good thing is that serious people from all the spectrum realize how serious the tendency is. They are increasingly trying to reveal the truth and the methods of the invisible hand and those employed by it as much as possible.
We could say that we have an invisible hand fighting against visible humanity!
We, as humanity, will always need someplace where our leaders can meet and discuss and plan the world’s future based, to repeat it, on the balance of interests and not on the narratives based on the welfare of one country that is implying the rule-based unilateral order, where the rules are made by one and are must to be followed by all the others!
That place was up to now United Nations with the headquarters in New York City.
Unfortunately, the United Nations, like all other international organizations, has become so corrupt that it is impossible to agree and implement anything that is decided. UN SC resolutions are used “a la carte” according to the interest and power of particular members. Is that the world we want to live in?
We actually already live in it, so the right question would be: Is this the world we want to continue living in?
Do we want a balance of an interest-based world, or do we want a rule-based world, where rules are equaled with the daily interest of the invisible hand running one country that calls itself exceptional?
So, for those who want to learn, here are some quotes from the people who were the protagonists of many historical events.
“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” President Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom.
Below I am sharing a link to a farewell speech by President Dwight D. Eisenhower of 1961 that is crucial for understanding the word balance and all the issues that arose from the unbalanced and super greedy establishments whose motto is: All for us, nothing for the rest! Or, what is ours is ours, and what is yours is ours also.
Many great people warned us about that invisible hand and its aims and achievements. The recent one was the statement of the Chinese Foreign Minister mentioning it.
But the warning is not coming from one side only. Indications and reflecting events that are happening are confirming it day by day. One can conclude that unipolarity has made those serving that invisible hand more dangerous and blind. Is it possible to restore their sight before it is too late? I do hope as I hope from the bottom of my soul that you hope also! Well, it is possible, and it is happening in front of our eyes. Firstly Saudi Arabia and Iran made a deal, secondly, the Chinese Foreign Minister visited the Philippines, looking for the ways to extend cooperation and not confrontation addressing all the issues. So it is Cooperation! Not Confrontation!
Every day there are new revelations, from the way who and how treated the epidemic to who and how planned and organized for the fire to start, and further how they continue adding fuel to the already colossal fire that is threatening to burn us all.
Here you have a highly revealing article explaining who they are, how they got the positions, and how it is possible to control and influence one superpower’s policies. You might get your mosaic ready if you connect it with where they come from and by whose ideas they are affected.
At the same time, from the same author, I am sharing another post to make you all aware of the reaction of some officials demanding jail sentences for Social Media Bosses who do not censor speech. As soon as some social media changed their policies and allowed some common sense people to express themselves, the call for jailing them appeared!
Desperate times call for desperate measures, someone said, omitting to state that in the end, together with methods, the whole system based on threats collapses.
So the system in place will collapse as there will be no more corrupted officials full of sick ambition and, most probably, or better, highly likely driven by blackmail to decide anything that will be against humanity.
The new world order will be based on the balance of interest with the United Nations Headquarters to move somewhere else, let’s say in the triangle between three B’s- Belgrade, Budapest, Bucharest, with Belgrade being the city to host the new headquarters of the renewed United Nations!
Why Belgrade?
Because Belgrade is the city that was bombarded numerous times in the previous century by both enemies and so-called allies, with the last being in 1999 by the 19 NATO countries without the support of any UN resolution!
Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is the most suitable place as it passed numerous disasters and still managed to stay multicultural. It is where all religions live with mutual respect and share the people’s destiny. Believe it or not, as it is worth mentioning, it has the Chief Rabin of the Jewish community who was voluntarily in the army during the NATO aggression of 1999! He did not have to do it as he had the exemption by the law to avoid the mobilization!
This country is stubbornly cherishing its neutrality, refusing to sanction Russia but voting in the UN against the Russian intervention in Ukraine. This country is suffering from the illegal seizure of its part that was realized by unilateral policies of the same people that are today pursuing the policies of destruction and infinite conflict.
Its government issued Conclusions about it on the 25th of February 2022, a brave example of balanced thoughts and showcasing how countries should react.
Here is the link
Also, to avoid the blackmail of any officials, the United Nations Independent Bank should be established to use all the world nations’ currencies, as no universal currency will be accepted. The Bank will be in charge of the finances of all the employees and delegations, thus reducing the possibilities for pressure by any “invisible” hand to the minimum!
Or if all this will not be possible new organization will be formed that will follow the norms of humanity and will not be influenced by any private capital! It will be a new organization with new headquarters promoting a balance of interest as the core principle of international relations!
Budapest and Bucharest could be the places hosting various agencies of the reformed United Nations or the new international organization without any influence of private capital! New Health Organization included. Those two cities have a tradition of diplomacy and patience and are absolutely suitable to act as “co-capitals” of world diplomacy.

Our planet can sustain ten times more people that can be a flywheel for new ideas and progress for all. If someone says differently, it has a secret agenda of Methuselah origin.
Just imagine the possibility of developing the new ideas that a free, humanity-oriented, that compassionate brain can achieve! No AI can do that.
That would be a real togetherness in practice!

As recently the author of the above words had a lot of different conversations with the people who are genuine and compassionate human beings but have been indoctrinated by the lies spread by the “rule-based” centre’s one should be noted. The history of the tragedy that is happening infront of our eyes has different reasons from the propaganda pursued by the same forces. It is the tragedy that has taken many lives and it reminds us of inhuman approach of some officials who stated that 500000 Iragi children that dies during the false flag based USA intervention to Iraq “was worth at.”

The world is moving through tremendous uncertainty but the future that will come will be brighter as the balance of interest will prevail over greed.




Time to awake

Extracts from Darko Richard Lancelot post you can follow here or below

“There are no rules. Just follow your heart,” Robin Williams said. But to do that, first make it clean and healthy.

The world would be healthier without the unbridled passion for plunder and the insatiable thirst for the blood of other people and nations. Especially when those who are provoking peaceful people to react and defend their family, their tribe, their country, and their nation’s security understand that it will become fatal, first and foremost, for themselves! You know, “who digs the hole for others…” Always. It is inevitable!

Insanity, hatred, greed, and corruption rule, all covered by “geopolitics” made famous in Mackinder’s “The Geographical Pivot of History,” with the sole idea of looting! Looting is covered with the words “democracy,”” science,” “free elections,” and “democratic process,” or any other concept serving the same purpose! That of looting and enslaving!

That is where the thirst for reducing Russia to 50 million people comes from, confirmed by that creature of a dock worker made president, who flew out because he always wanted to pretend to be innovative from the times of “solidarnost.”

To continue please see below.






Even if the word collapse from the title was in small letters, it would be enough as the collapse is the collapse is collapse however you write it!
When you have the one who was presented as some example of holiness to the confused, gullible, and highly pliable masses to ask a boy, “suck my tongue,” while the other who represents the only world democracy based on the rules that are invented every time they are needed, to convey to the public “let’s lick the world,” one can not escape the impression that the values and with them the whole system of that part of the world is collapsing. But people continue to applaud and follow the path towards the catastrophe. Collapse is collapse is collapse as the sheep are the sheep are the sheep.

So, what is collapse?
The definition of collapse is:
” to fall or cave in; crumble suddenly.”
“to be made so that sections or parts can be folded up, as for convenient storage.”
“to break down, some to nothing; fall.”
“to fall unconscious or as if unconscious or physically depleted, as from a stroke, heart attack, disease, or exhaustion.”
“to sink into extreme weakness.”
“to come into the airless state.”
If you combine all these explanations and multiply them by ten, you will find a result that reflects where we are now.
And it is not enough!
The multiplying number is rising every day. The most serious of all is the collapse of values that is not of today. It was prepared hundreds of years ago and slowly implemented to reach the peak at our time!

We, the people, are fragile merchandise.
We, the people, want to believe, even satan, just to be left alone and not get involved in anything disturbing. To share a couple of moments more in peace with loved ones.
But dear fellow human beings, that is just not possible.
Just not possible.
We have entirely disastrous creatures furnished with narcissism and destruction ideas that arise from imbalanced severe psychological issues they carry, that, unfortunately, made them become psychopaths from mere sociopaths. As there is no cure for that kind of severe state they are in, one can obviously conclude that we live in extremely dangerous times that can cost us ALL our existence!
The only way out is for the TRUTH to be told and the bandits to be revealed to the whole world. Bandits and looters who think that they are the ones that all of the world should follow. Those that learned to love by stealing and killing other nations, and even being so open to say that the price for killing 500000 five hundred thousand Iraqi children “was worth at.”
The bandits are looters that have innate hatred for all Slavs, and all other authentic human beings that are thinking independently using common sense. They will not hesitate to get us all into conflict to satisfy their personal interests that, at least they think, could cure their psychological state. It would be worth at for them! They are trying all and nearly everything. Like the Nord Stream blowing and things that were some years ago impossible to imagine.
But everything is possible, like the new Earthquakes without epicenters and recent volcano eruptions like the Shiveluch Volcano in the Kamchatka Peninsula. Many of us still can not believe that among us there are people who are provoking these terrible events!
But, if true, the mathematics of those earth destroyers is very wrong. So wrong that they all will be called to answer for their crimes at the new tribunal that will be formed extremely very soon. Those who organized coups like the now famous “f**k Europe” those who financed Biolabs, and those that blackmailed presidents and pushed governments.
Not to mention different Secretary Generals, Chairman or Chairwoman of various organizations with the prefix “international” and “world” in them.
Panic has started and will widen as many of those we saw in the news will be indicted for crimes against humanity.
The same morons, with so much panic that is overwhelming them, wanted to accuse people who were fighting against satanic plans for the whole of humanity, but as the universal natural law says that the truth always wins are now faced with their own misdoings that caused and are still driving the death of so many people.
We are witnessing in front of our eyes how good prevails over evil in this eschatological fight!
So, the message for those who think they still can influence the disasters and tragedy for humanity by repeating the events in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is simple; you are losing, and you will ALL be held accountable!
To conclude, the collapse of those evil ones will be the rise not of the forces of the rule-based order coming from some idiotic remote villages that serve only one but the balance of interest order that serves the whole of humanity!

Projections and further hints about many of the above and more is discussed at Quarantine Diaries and Beyond Ebook you can order by clicking here!




“Them or US, or Them with US?


Will they come tonthe senses and join us or we will be across one another?

Will we wait till it comes to our neighbourhood, to our home or will we react and bring the instigators to the senses?

What would be the price?

Did this happen before?

Interesting post of our Darko Richard Lancelot.





How to recover losses? And fast!

Ups, it should be $.

How to recover the losses?
Recently, on the 19th of March 2023, Credit Suisse bank, founded in 1856 by Alfred Escher, was sold to UBS ( Union Bank Switzerland).
What the deal was, how it was executed, why it happened, could it be avoided, and many other things I leave to the different “specialists,” usually prepaid to act as a JOBOX.

The fact is that many investment funds from different countries with cash excess that were looking to invest it somewhere safe lost their money!
Even some resignations have happened due to “personal reasons.”

Follow the link about the resignation of the Chairman of the Saudi National Bank.

No need to make too much of the analysis as long as we know how to sum up all the numbers from 1 to 100! You know 1+2+3…..+98+99+100=?

The largest investor, Saudi National Bank, found a way.

First, their Chairman resigned for “personal reasons,” and then the result was made public.
The result has been produced using the simple and common sense thought of the marriage of the numbers.
So, 1+100=101/ 2+99=101/ 3+98=101… as from 1 to 100, we have 50 couples of 101, the result is obvious. 50×101= 5050.
This was invented by the mind of young Carl Friedrich Gauss, born in the Principality of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, and implemented as a methodology behind the decision.

Simple, it means cutting the oil production for as much as needed for the price to go up and to recover the lost money. Less natural resources will be provided to the world markets for more money till the loss is covered. With interest! At the same time the payments comming out of this recovery of lost funds will be exchanged for the currency from the photo, or will be kept in the currency of the “ups” down from the photo, that is the question. To get the answer, use same methodology.

That is called the marriage of numbers! Or simply the OPEC-a plus way! This plus is also quite interesting. Like the BRICS PLUS.

The decision of OPEC-a + to cut production does not show only the rapidly disappearing unipolarity. It shows to those that still have eyes to see and brain to think of the chief suspect behind the banking crisis!
Just do the simple equation of 1+1, and you will see it too! No need for AI or algorithms. Pen, paper and clear mind will do!

Darko Richard Lancelot



Balloon, sheep, and reversible pyramid

The sooner, the better

No, it’s neither the Chinese balloon nor the usual suspects, the sheep.
But the pyramid is the pyramid.
The balloon I am talking about is connected with the hoover. The balloon gets filled and filled and filled up and then throws out paper while the hoover is sucking it in. And the sheep? The sheep continue to be called investors, and they love it. “He won so much out of so much; her account is showing a profit; he invested in shares that and in shares this.”
Woooow, the others say and want to join the rest of the sheep, ups, and investors to get rich also. That is how the pyramid works, and it was near achieving the perpetual mobile.

But then the pyramid became reversible.

The vertical invisible hand saw it from the top and reversed it until all is gradually sucked in. That is why the point at the end of the reverse pyramid is called – the invisible hand. Vertically positioned invisible hand.

Actually, it is not invisible. It becomes visible to all those that have eyes to see.

Like just before the Christmas of 1913, when the majority of then-elected officials were thinking about where to spend their holidays instead of concentrating on what Act would be voted for and the agreement of July 22nd, 1944, to be abandoned on August 15th, 1971, when the United States just terminated the USD convertibility to the gold. From then on, USD became the fiat currency. Print print print.
That gave the so-called vertical invisible hand a tremendous opportunity to systematically suck in all belongings of the sheep, ups, investors, and “magically” stay slim. Amazing digesting ability. Does not matter about the quantity of paper! Trillions or whatever. The power is in issuing it, not having it! And everybody is afraid to talk about it as regulations, politics, economic policy, etc., protect it…
Different specialists are there to confuse further and never let the fog disappear. Even presidents are puzzled about what and who they are. As Woodrow Wilson pointed out: “The government, which was designed for the people, has got into the hands of the bosses and their employers, the special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy.” And Mr. W.W. was not alone!
The Secret of that invisible empire to stay slim is simple. Common sense. You know that common sense. Or maybe you are busy counting your profits, ups, losses, and leaving those to get all your wool for free. So, common sense says that they stay slim as they issue and they command the paper. Inflation and deflation and credit! And AI, of course. Do not doubt it. Economy and Finance and so on and so on. Woooow. They use the graduates from world-famous places that are brain-washed and at the same time injected with tons of narcissism and ignorance, so the others, so-called sheep, ups, investors, think they must know something as they are “insiders.” Maybe that was the case for some, just to have the fairytale stories to tell and keep the narrative indefinitely! Like different “dreams,” so that the sheep, ups, investors, want more and more of more to more, but in the end, that more becomes zero as the giant, clever, insidious hoover perfectly works and sucks in all. And then what happens? God forbid this time, but war happens. Disoriented, confused sheep, oh sorry, investors are lost. When they lose all the wool, the time comes to get given the blood also. Tragedy as Chess is not their game. It’s a blackjack.
Can you imagine what would confused, humble, calm, and highly sympathetic sheep, ups, investors talk about if there was no money, bribes, corruption, government-sponsored contracts, and government-controlled contracts? One question arises. Is that the meaning of life? If it is the sheep, ups, investors would lose their life purpose.

If the meaning of life is greed and ignorance for other human beings, then it is a very positive event when that particular meaning is lost. Good luck to all the sheep, ups, investors to whom life fulfillment consists of greed.

For the others, let’s live a life of compassion, respect, and togetherness. Yes, let’s build something of purpose, something that will stay behind us and show the light to future generations. Let’s get rid of vertical and let’s promote a horizontal worldview.
Let’s be kind and positive in all situations. Let’s stop pretending and be ourselves. Let’s radiate the energy of universal ideas and common sense answers. Let’s wake up, and maybe some of the sheep, ups, and investors will also join as they realize that they are being used, being played big time—all of them. To comprehend it, look again and again at the reversible pyramid and start thinking horizontally. It’s infinite and free!


Philosophyofgoodnews.com from

Darko Richard Lancelot



March 2023-Some events

Today some 24 years ago the brave 19 NATO countries started bombing one small country Serbia to forcefully steal the part of it

With many events which have happened till the date of the writing of these words, March 24, and that have shown clearly for those who have eyes to see and brains to think the state of the world, the below message of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano of March 14, which is self-explanatory, follows the quote of March 7, by the Chinese foreign minister about the invisible hand that is obstructing the peace not only in Ukraine but in the whole world. 

Beginning of the Quote


of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America

to the

Founding Congress of the International Movement of Russophiles (MIR)

Moscow, March 14, 2023

    Dear Friends,

    It gives me great joy to be able to address a brief message to you on the occasion of the establishment of the International Movement of Russophiles.

    The Manifesto of this association begins with a word that seems to have disappeared from Western vocabulary: friendship.

    In this case, it is friendship for the Russian people, shared by so many people throughout the world, and the friendship of the Russian people towards other peoples, in that spirit of brotherhood which finds its foundation in recognizing ourselves as children of the one Eternal Father and as brothers and sisters in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    When the Western Roman Empire lost its political role under the pressure of the barbarian invasions, the baton passed to Constantinople.

    And when the Eastern Roman Empire also fell with the conquest of Byzantium by Mahomet II, it was Moscow that saved its religious and political legacy, with its Saints and Holy Kings.

    The present crisis shows us the collapse of a corrupt West, in which there is no Pope Leo the Great to save its fate, but which still has a destiny, if it can recover its providential mission and recognizes what unites it to the mission of Russia.

    Recent events have shown us that the materialist atheism that devastated the Russian Empire and the world since 1917 — as the Most Blessed Virgin Mary announced at Fatima — has today joined liberalism in the globalist ideology which underlies the delirious project of the New World Order.

    An infernal project, as President Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin rightly pointed out in a recent speech, in which hatred for Christian civilization wants to create a society of slaves subservient to the Davos elite.

    A dystopian society, without past and without future, without faith and without ideals, without culture and without art, without fathers and mothers, without family and spirituality, without teachers and spiritual guides, without either respect for the elderly or hopes for our children.

    We cannot be surprised that, after de-Christianizing the Western world, this elite considers Russia an enemy to be overthrown.

    The Russian Federation undeniably stands as the last bastion of civilization against barbarism, and gathers around it all those nations that do not intend to submit to the colonization of NATO, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and that heap of foundations that have as their purpose the indoctrination of the masses, the manipulation of information, the creation of “colored springs” to destabilize governments legitimately elected and sow chaos, wars and misery as instrumentum regni.

    The recent pandemic farce — conducted with criminal methods that I have not hesitated to denounce since the beginning of 2020 — has been followed by new emergencies — including the Ukrainian crisis — deliberately provoked with the aim of destroying the social and economic fabric of nations, decimating the world population, concentrating control in the hands of an oligarchy that no one has elected and that has perpetrated a real world coup d’état, for which sooner or later it will be called to answer before the world.

    The theorists of this coup have names and faces, starting with George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates.

    Those who today declare that Russia is an enemy consider Europeans, Americans, Australians and Canadians as enemies and treat them as such, persecuting and impoverishing them.

    But while World Economic Forum emissaries in Western governments can legislate against the good of their own citizens and hold world leaders in the palm of their hands, regime change that has been successful in other nations has stopped at Russia’s borders.

    On the other hand, the electoral fraud of 2020 in the United States of America was also indispensable to prevent the confirmation of President Donald Trump, just as in 2013 the deep state and the deep church managed to get Pope Benedict XVI to resign and to elect a person pleasing to the New World Order, the Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

    Your commitment must certainly promote Russia’s friendly relations with all peoples, according to that principle of multipolarity which, in a wise long-term political vision, is the best way to combat globalist monopolarity.

    But this friendship, these relations of concord and mutual cooperation, cannot disregard the denunciation of the coup d’état perpetrated against humanity by dangerous subversives whose declared purpose is the establishment of an infernal tyranny, in which hatred of God as well as hatred of man created in His image, illness, death, ignorance, poverty, violence, selfishness, and corruption reign supreme.

    It is the kingdom of the Antichrist.

    This Leviathan must be identified and combated, with an action that involves all free peoples, first of all by rejecting the programmatic points of the Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset with shared initiatives.

    We need an Anti-Globalist Alliance that returns to citizens the power that has been taken from them, and to nations the sovereignty eroded and ceded to the Davos lobby.

    The Russian Federation will play a decisive role in this effort, as will the message that the International Movement of Russophiles will bring to the peoples of the West, which needs to return to being proud of its Faith and proud of the civilization to which Saints Cyril and Methodius also contributed.

    We are fighting an epochal battle: we shall remain under the mantle of the Most Blessed Virgin, the glorious Nikopèia, together with the Archangel St. Michael.

    The victory belongs to Christ, and to those who choose to align themselves under the holy banner of the Cross.

    + Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

End of the Quote

Just to add the fact which is not widely known that in his life story the Saint Cyril reports that in then Salonica( circa year 800) all the people were talking in the “clear slav language.” Common sense question arises- who has such astonishing hatred towards Slavs?


On March 20 to March 22, President Xi visited Russia and had extensive meetings with Russian President Putin.

Many things have been signed, some we know and some we guess, and the short exchange between the two Presidents during the departure of President Xi revealed many crucial things! 

Always remember that little things are not critical; they define everything!

President Xi Jinping said to President Vladimir V. Putin: “Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years, and we are driving this change together,” To get the reply of President Vladimir V. Putin: ” I agree.”

Then President Xi continued with, ” Please take care, dear friend.”  You can see it here.

The rest of the events you can see developing in front of your eyes and hopefully understand the truthfulness in all those details that are shyly approaching the public. 

Take care, fellow human beings



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“Endless money forms the sinews of war.”

During WWI, money circulation doubled in the UK, tripled in France, and it went fourfold in Germany. Another sign that we are already AT WAR! Not announced yet, but we are!

The above title is a quote of Cicero from the book Lords of Finance by Liaquat Ahmed. I am extending it, following the idea of Cicero and stating that endless lie forms the sinews of humanity’s destruction. As the Chinese Foreign Minister recently pointed out: “There seems to be an invisible hand pushing for the protraction and escalation of the conflict and using the Ukraine crisis to serve a certain geopolitical agenda.”
Exactly a day after, you had further degradation of another institution with the prefix “international,” confirming once more that the whole system is approaching collapse. Blackmailed officials are issuing statements for which they will be personally accountable. There are no signs of stopping anywhere till the total destruction. Greed and arogance is governing. That will cost us all if we do not instantly awake and defend our freedom and future. We can not allow being the sheep used by that invisible hand and pushed to go towards the abyss.

However, some are waking up, especially when they lose money. Saudis and Iranians made a peace deal, and the Saudis are back in Syria, also. Losing money to looters is painful. (https://www.cnbc.com/2023/03/20/saudi-national-bank-loses-over-1-billion-on-credit-suisse-investment.html) Just for the history, Credit Swiss was the first European Bank which was listed in the New York stock exchange by buying First Boston Bank. One of the vice presidents was the late Richard Holbrooke.

At the same time, Russia is promoting the use of the Chinese currency in dealings with African nations and not only.

One is the common denominator of all these countries. Natural resources. So one could say that the countries with natural resources do not want anymore to have anything to do with looters except to sell them their products for sound money. Not the money of QE and “Swap lines.” That is making looters, popularly called investors, panic. This time they did not choose Jekyll Island but Omaha. HERE IT IS.

The 1913 Jekyll Island establishment found a new expression- “Swap lines.” It’s the other name for an already inflated term of QE. All these terms with short words are made to further brainwash and force you to stay on the surface. Surface only! Going deeper is not allowed. Scratching more can be lethal for Conspiracy Practitioners (you can find out more in the book Quarantine Diaries and Beyond), so all the methods are to make you, us, continuously on the surface only. So new fruit is “Swap lines.” Both QE and “Swap lines” are other words for inflation. Inflation is like diabetes. It starts slowly and insidiously affects your body till the moment when you realize that the damage is irreversible. This is what is happening now, and it is accelerating every single day. Just these days, it was announced that UK inflation in February raised “unexpectedly” to 10.4%. That unexpectedly is what made me worried more! Brainwash continues as more “unexpected” events will take place, and people will believe that they are actually “unexpected.” That is combined with the statement that the UK will send ammunition with depleted uranium to Ukraine. Another confirmation of the quote from the title.

How are the lies projected? What is the method that lies follow? You might think that it is something scientific or something complicated. Something that only a few know the answer to. Those few like calling themselves, or worst, like being called intellectuals or elite. That kind of creature was explained in the article by Nicholas Taleb, “The Intellectual yet Idiot.”
That is what the practitioners of lies and conspiracies want and push you to think! They desire for you to be afraid to express your own view, to be a hostage of the matrix they formed to confuse and destroy you, us. They do not want us to concentrate, structure thoughts and to look deeper! That is what the methods of the “invisible hand” are.

There is an invisible hand. There is a catastrophic invisible hand. There is an insane and uncontrolled invisible hand. What should be our aim is to make that hand visible and accountable! Accountable to all humanity! That hand is involved in all the confusion, pain, and calamity of the world and us, the citizens. The time has come for that hand to be degraded and thrown in the history garbage forever. Not easy as it is interwoven in all segments of life, but very possible.

I know it is not possible to eat books! But give a chance to your brain to become alive again! As the process we start passing through will be tragic and terrible due to the greed and narcissism of that “invisible hand” coming from the “powerhouse,” we really need to be prepared and aware! To use a quote from this remarkable book originally published around 1923! “And yet knowledge is the only power-now as ever. A little mechanical device will wreck your navies. A new chemical combination will upset every rule of war. It is the same with our commerce. One or two minutes changes might sink Britain to the level of Ecuador or give China the key to the world’s wealth. And yet we never dream that these things are possible. We think our castles of sand are the rampant of the universe.” So it was, and it will always be, crucial to get the knowledge, increase, and revive our human emotions to become increasingly compassionate and have a chance to save humanity! And never to stop observing. But deeply!


Instead of extra money, print meaningful books. Let books with human ideas and wise, deep knowledge become the new means of exchange! Exactly what money has been made for! Means of exchange! Books that do not confuse but clear the mind of humans. Books that promote common sense, subtle feelings of love and togetherness, inspiring minds, and sharpening instincts. One good idea can extend and promote and advance humanity more than anything! That is why the same “invisible hand,” being afraid of new ideas for the advance of humanity, promotes writers who are confusing by selling shallow inspirational concepts! How to distinguish one from another? You feel it when you read the book and think you want to continue not only reading it but to further deepen your knowledge by investigating more. You also feel that something is missing if you do not continue reading it. If you feel that it touches your soul and sentiments, then that is the book! But please keep in mind that the right book is not the one that is written by highly exaggerated white hair writers who are used to confuse you more by taking you towards the path of disorientation, introducing and implying false rules. Like the statements – “forget your past,” “live for today,” “life is too short,” and other expressions that do not expand but limit your ability to fly, to enjoy, and to actually live life and breathe with full lungs! That is where the introduction to compulsory mask-wearing came from! To limit you! To distract you! Not to help you! So, one could say the more promoted and marketed so-called bestsellers, the less we should be looking into it! Make your own best-selling list! That it best “sells” to your heart and soul, but beware of the insidiousness that the forces of “rule-based” lies use to deceive you! That is why your mind needs to be clear. One way to become clear is to stop watching TV. Instead, read books and investigate the notes. Somewhere there, a piece of secret knowledge is hidden. And that is the truth!

We need to start understanding things that we think are not understandable by changing our concept terms! That can be done only by continuous learning, curiosity, instincts, and a lot of patience.

In these above words, everything is connected, but intentionally it is not said in the order. Maybe you can make your order and go deeper. Somewhere there, as stated above, maybe, a piece of hidden truth or knowledge is awaiting to be discovered. By you!


Darko Richard Lancelot for


Our Attic Our Ladder


World War III?

Let’s turn and go up!

Update 5/5/2023

Drone attack on Kremlin has happened on May the 3rd. Insanity is not curable. From epidemic to provoked war and constant provocations everything points that the sect is determined to destroy the Earth. Will it happen? There are people on Earth that are fighting it, however it is not enough. To fight it the laws, the death sentence against pedophiles is a must! HERE IT IS FOR YOU TO GET INFORMED. Governor DeSantis has signed the law.

Death sentence should be made law against all promoting untested liquids, forcing people to inject it, and all those who gave permissions for testing using various nations! All those need to know that there is no escape. At the same time spreading of traditional family values, high morals, compassion, love, is the way! Insidious demagogues spreading fear and brainwashing people will be accountable for all misdoings they did. Those that sell national resources presenting themselves as “leaders” will also be accountable. That is why Russia is a problem as it holds its natural resources and is independent. Posetive is that Russia is not alone. There is majority of the people on this Earth that understand and are well aware what is the plan of modern Methuselahs. Here please find the article of another great man Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano from March, which is self-explanatory. God help us.

Update March 18th 2023

Chinese foreign minister statement after phone call with Ukraine counterpart:

“There seems to be an invisible hand pushing for the protraction and escalation of the conflict and using the Ukraine crisis to serve a certain geopolitical agenda,” This is exactly what it is. From the beginning. The invisible hand that started the First the Second and numerous other wars is in motion now more than ever. Infront of our eyes we see the corruption, the blackmail that overtakes governments and destroys what is left of democracy. Laws are passed by some articles of force and not by the vote of elected representatives. More is to come as they prepared new disasters. Previous ones will look like a joke. The system of the invisible hand wants us all to jump to abyss and die. They use everything in their disposal and by using they destroy the last drops of confidence in the system. We, humanity, are dealing with the monsters who usurp power to destroy us all. What is to be done?

In now far 1990s when Soviet Union was dissolved the world did not have any doubt that nuclear arsenal of the Soviet Union would be a danger for the humanity existence. It was simple and common sensed feeling. The country which succeed Soviet Union, Russia, did not have any need threatening the world with its vast number of nuclear weapons. The culture, the deep feeling of loss of tens of millions of Russian during various wars in the last centuries was the guarantee that this would not happen. All has to do with values. When your values are balanced between material and spiritual, when you share strong family values, when you clearly distinguish between mother and father, sister and brother, and not parent number 1 and parent number 2 , shows that you are on the right side of history.

But when you have a place on this earth which is taken hostage by a bunch of lunatics and has enormous power of destroying the world many times over, and further, has the track record of being the only place that dropped not one but two Atomic Bombs to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, just to make sure that the Bombs work, then you start being very worried. Very worried having seen that the lunacy is spreading fast, first in Europe that is a hostage of lunatic zombies and then to the rest of the world, but with less success. It looks like that zombies are deciding the fate for all of us. Do you accept this?


What is to be done?

Immediately, yesterday, or better the day before yesterday, stop obeying orders that are taking us towards abyss. On the contrary, spread the truth, humanity, compassion and togetherness. That is hurting zombies. That is the best answer to all that are seeking the complete destruction of life on Earth.

No one knows if it is too late or if the time has runned out, however it looks so much like the zombies have lost control and are acting in complete dismay, or worst, in complete lunacy. Even their acting is not being done well. They are desparate and because of that and their innate hatred they are absolutely dangerous.

There is a circle of lunatics that still have enormous powers, who use, who actually handle and old man who’s only purpose of existence is to stay a little bit more around and mess up with as many people as he can. You understand, hopefully. It is a pity but it is as it is.

Now to make things cooked, the entire US Congress votes to declassify COVID-19 Origins Intel. Timing is great. Now the “intel” will be blow-dryed and presented in that way to accuse China, Zanzibar, Mars, Venus and maybe Pluto. All this are steps in “the right direction, ” for zombies to reach the point of no return called WWIII. So so much hope that this is not the case! So much! 

No need for more words, analysis etc… Actions are needed. To put it bluntly. Accept Russian proposal of December 2021, and hope that Russia would accept it too. This is not a joke at all. AT ALL.

Let’s hope for good news.





Big in small, it is near at the door or already inside the house

Tesla Wardenclyffe Tower reflects Eleon Musk recent statement about 2014 coup

Update 18/3/2023

Below is the Chinese foreign minister statement after his talk with Ukraine counterpart.

“There seems to be an invisible hand pushing for the protraction and escalation of the conflict and using the Ukraine crisis to serve a certain geopolitical agenda,”   This is exactly what it is. From the beginning. The invisible hand that started the First the Second and numerous other wars is in motion now more than ever. Infront of our eyes we see the corruption, the blackmail that overtakes governments and destroys what is left of democracy. Laws are passed by some articles of force and not by the vote of elected representatives. More is to come as they prepared new disasters. Previous ones will look like a joke. The system of the invisible hand wants us all to jump to abyss and die. They use everything in their disposal and by using they destroy the last drops of confidence in the system. We, humanity, are dealing with the monsters who usurp power to destroy us all. What is to be done?

The system is cracking as poor Slavs are being sacrificed again.

It was February 24.
Before starting and giving you the full text of the Chinese paper for the solution to the crisis in Ukraine, let’s have the quote of the legendary James P. Warburg declared on February 17, 1950, to the US Senate: “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether the World Government ( repetition is the mother of knowledge! – writers note )will be achieved by conquest or consent.” It was then near at the door.
All of us who follow the “cultural cooperation” narrative promoted by the same “third force” that has nothing to do with nations and countries mentioned on February 24, 2022, with the sum of numbers being 5. The number 5 that is the sum of the numbers of the dates when WWI, WWII, the Declaration of Independence, and even the proclaimed death of Queen Elizabeth II.
But before February 24, there was January 27 of 1945, when the terrible, genocidal Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the advancing Soviet Union( popularly called Russian) Army. There, at Auschwitz, at least 1.1 million people, mainly Jews, were killed. The commemoration held this year, 2023, was the first time the delegation from Russia, the country that lost 14 000 000 people and liberated this genocidal camp, was not invited. On the contrary, the new nazi “edelweiss” army division is becoming operational. Not in Garmisch Partenkirchen, where this SS division was formed, but elsewhere. It looks like it goes together with Leopards and other animals.
Coincidence or not, time will show, or better, it already gives a clue.
However, some time needs to pass for those that are right to be seen as right. Because who is right before the right time is not right. That is, unfortunately, always happening. Especially recently! Remember the jabs and liquids?
Those jumping to a conclusion could be confused as they slowly realize that the narrative, like Trump is evil while Joe is good, does not seem as it used to appear, making them even more perplexed. What we all need to realize, and fast, is that misjudgments have costs—tremendous costs.
Evidently, the planers, that “third force” without the statehood that we call globalists, organized to hit the pride of those confused with the aim to keep them quiet and to diminish any possibility for them to become the force of real change or mutiny. In the great majority, they will stay mute and will change the subject till they make the same mistakes and cause more confusion. Without wanting, they, many of them, became the unconscious force of that “third force.”
Globalists are absolutely happy with them as they are a satisfying example of how the “culture cooperation” method works—fashion UBER ALLES. If you are honest with yourself, please remember the narrative, not if the jabs are safe, but which trademark is better!
That is the answer you need to give yourself first. Those from the cabinet that is handling the boss are ignorant of any peace plan and are dangerous as they still have installed mechanisms to influence poor Europe through politicians who have lost their credibility. How and why is not for us to say but for the European people to see and react.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry released a 12-point position paper on a political settlement of the Ukraine crisis.

The full text is below:

China’s Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis

February 24, 2023

  1. Respecting the sovereignty of all countries. Universally recognized international law, including the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, must be strictly observed. The sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all countries must be effectively upheld. All countries, big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor, are equal members of the international community. All parties should jointly uphold the basic norms governing international relations and defend international fairness and justice. Equal and uniform application of international law should be promoted, while double standards must be rejected.
  2. Abandoning the Cold War mentality. The security of a country should not be pursued at the expense of others. The security of a region should not be achieved by strengthening or expanding military blocs. The legitimate security interests and concerns of all countries must be taken seriously and addressed properly. There is no simple solution to a complex issue. All parties should, following the vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security and bearing in mind the long-term peace and stability of the world, help forge a balanced, effective and sustainable European security architecture. All parties should oppose the pursuit of one’s own security at the cost of others’ security, prevent bloc confrontation, and work together for peace and stability on the Eurasian Continent.
  3. Ceasing hostilities. Conflict and war benefit no one. All parties must stay rational and exercise restraint, avoid fanning the flames and aggravating tensions, and prevent the crisis from deteriorating further or even spiraling out of control. All parties should support Russia and Ukraine in working in the same direction and resuming direct dialogue as quickly as possible, so as to gradually deescalate the situation and ultimately reach a comprehensive ceasefire.
  4. Resuming peace talks. Dialogue and negotiation are the only viable solution to the Ukraine crisis. All efforts conducive to the peaceful settlement of the crisis must be encouraged and supported. The international community should stay committed to the right approach of promoting talks for peace, help parties to the conflict open the door to a political settlement as soon as possible, and create conditions and platforms for the resumption of negotiation. China will continue to play a constructive role in this regard.
  5. Resolving the humanitarian crisis. All measures conducive to easing the humanitarian crisis must be encouraged and supported. Humanitarian operations should follow the principles of neutrality and impartiality, and humanitarian issues should not be politicized. The safety of civilians must be effectively protected, and humanitarian corridors should be set up for the evacuation of civilians from conflict zones. Efforts are needed to increase humanitarian assistance to relevant areas, improve humanitarian conditions, and provide rapid, safe and unimpeded humanitarian access, with a view to preventing a humanitarian crisis on a larger scale. The UN should be supported in playing a coordinating role in channeling humanitarian aid to conflict zones.
  6. Protecting civilians and prisoners of war (POWs). Parties to the conflict should strictly abide by international humanitarian law, avoid attacking civilians or civilian facilities, protect women, children and other victims of the conflict, and respect the basic rights of POWs. China supports the exchange of POWs between Russia and Ukraine, and calls on all parties to create more favorable conditions for this purpose.
  7. Keeping nuclear power plants safe. China opposes armed attacks against nuclear power plants or other peaceful nuclear facilities, and calls on all parties to comply with international law including the Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS) and resolutely avoid man-made nuclear accidents. China supports the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in playing a constructive role in promoting the safety and security of peaceful nuclear facilities.
  8. Reducing strategic risks. Nuclear weapons must not be used and nuclear wars must not be fought. The threat or use of nuclear weapons should be opposed. Nuclear proliferation must be prevented and nuclear crisis avoided. China opposes the research, development and use of chemical and biological weapons by any country under any circumstances.
  9. Facilitating grain exports. All parties need to implement the Black Sea Grain Initiative signed by Russia, Türkiye, Ukraine and the UN fully and effectively in a balanced manner, and support the UN in playing an important role in this regard. The cooperation initiative on global food security proposed by China provides a feasible solution to the global food crisis.
  10. Stopping unilateral sanctions. Unilateral sanctions and maximum pressure cannot solve the issue; they only create new problems. China opposes unilateral sanctions unauthorized by the UN Security Council. Relevant countries should stop abusing unilateral sanctions and “long-arm jurisdiction” against other countries, so as to do their share in deescalating the Ukraine crisis and create conditions for developing countries to grow their economies and better the lives of their people.
  11. Keeping industrial and supply chains stable. All parties should earnestly maintain the existing world economic system and oppose using the world economy as a tool or weapon for political purposes. Joint efforts are needed to mitigate the spillovers of the crisis and prevent it from disrupting international cooperation in energy, finance, food trade and transportation and undermining the global economic recovery.
  12. Promoting post-conflict reconstruction. The international community needs to take measures to support post-conflict reconstruction in conflict zones. China stands ready to provide assistance and play a constructive role in this endeavor.

If you read it and hear the reactions of the cabinet that is handling the boss whose office begged Russians to give guarantees for his visit to the tragic country of Ukraine, plus other corrupted creatures that are influenced or blackmailed by the same cabinet, you will be disturbed! Disturbed and deeply worried as to why West is ignoring this plan as the basis to start the negotiation and are declaring the plan not interesting! Those who were organizing the 2014 coup in Maidan and those that declared “F**k Europe.” Bad words are not expected to be heard by one lady, even with inherent hatred toward Russia and its people.

They want destruction! They think that they can use the 24th of February to be starting point of the new history that will clear all the nazis before them and their current genocidal doings all around the world. Well, that will not happen no matter what, how, and why. Before that, “no matter,” it would be wise for humanity to wake up and send this minority to the dustbin of history. Humanity will never forget who dropped two Atomic Bombs on mostly Orthodox people in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the moment when Japan was ready to surrender. In the end, those in the cabinet should be aware that those behind them will drop them as soon as they see that things are approaching the time of no return and will fly with their assets elsewhere as they also want to see America destroyed! However crazy it may sound to you, neither Russia nor China nor India want to see America destroyed but reformed! This Earth is the place of all of us and has enough wealth to sustain 20 billion people and more! One thing is needed only! Instead of “rules-based” on the interest of one, there should be the principle of the BALANCE OF INTEREST applied with common sense that one can recognise in the speech of Mr. Victor Orban the Primeminister of Hungary you can find here.

Those in red are falsely presented as world as they think they can rule os or destroy us.



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Environmental Justice Officer

Someone noted that monotonous patterns, certain low-lewel frequencies that exist in radio and TV produce a stupor that renders people vulnerable to hypnosis…. Maybe for the farts the point system will be created and if breached fines will be paid.

Equity Initiative and Environmental Justice Officer are happening. The excellent equity initiative is taking shape, and there will be a need for more expenses employing MANY AND MANY MANY MANY ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE OFFICERS! Aplications will follow for sure!
WOOOW! When we fail, let’s fall in style and take as many many many with us! Who cares about spending? We continue printing as Equity Initiative is crucial! Families are involved! At least sixty of them.
As this happens in the greatest democracy the World has ever experienced, it will definitely spread to all the allies that blindly follow the achievements of that exceptional democracy! It will apply to all that are drunk of their own importance everywhere! To those that were employed to sell flattening the curve story, even without any benefit. That is the achievement! To play with the consciousness and to spread confusion! Minutes of meetings from the end of the XIX century, mistakenly published in 1905, even that it was “too late,” warned us, but in vain as we were running to become rich! Really? Rich in what? The plan is to “donate” all that richness to the World Equity Fund! And still, be happy! Did you not hear about it? Well, neither me, but it will happen! It is common sense!
The World Equity Fund will be run by the same players that all organizations with the prefix WORLD are run. After the words PROGRESS( do you still remember this word?) and SUSTAINABLE( that is now not in fashion as it used to be, but it is still used to limit the desires of humans), we will be introduced to two words EQUITY INITIATIVE!
Watching how they present this equity initiative gives me the feeling that they really have a great time! When the camera is off, they can’t stop laughing! At least, that is the feeling that is overwhelming me. Laugher prolongs life! I wish them to have extended life to clearly, without dementia or Alzheimer’s issues, see their achievements and deeds.
Looking at Europeans, the leaders of that thing called the EU, one can feel pity.The amount of fear that grips them is impressive.

It reminds me of the statement by Woodrow Wilson:
“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. They know that America is not a place of which it can be said, as it used to be, that a man may choose his own calling and pursue it just as far as his abilities enable him to pursue it; because today, if he enters certain fields, there are organizations which will use means against him that will prevent his building up a business which they do not want to have built up; organizations that will see to it that the ground is cut from under him and the markets shut against him. For if he begins to sell to certain retail dealers, to any retail dealers, the monopoly will refuse to sell to those dealers, and those dealers, afraid, will not buy the new man’s wares.”

That was at the beginning of the XX century! A plan was then in motion for at least 100 years, and as the insider declared, “it was too late,” just imagine how much the tentacles have expanded and, of course, strengthened.
The agenda is simple, as legendary James P. Warburg declared on February 17, 1950, to the US Senate: “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether the World Government ( repetition is the mother of knowledge! – writers note )will be achieved by conquest or consent.”
They did not give up. They just scaled back. For a while!
Two narratives are at war!
The narrative of the rule that is based on the current wishes of the looters and the narrative of the balance of interest that is being slowly implemented outside the circle of lies and fear.
In that struggle, people die, and elites get richer. Not on paper, but on land! However, whatever foreign lands are bought will only have meaning for a while before it is deleted and stopped forever. The word forever has meaning if applied at the right time. Now is the right time.
The pure EQUITY INITIATIVE will happen outside of the planned minutes of meetings, to the great astonishment of the ancestors and today’s hatred-filled descendants.
They are going to join their ancestors in the dustbin of history. Chameleons are not in fashion anymore.
As a bonus, here is the link to the video that inspired me to write the above words!







“The wound is the place where the light enters you” Rumi

When recently visiting the great city of Istanbul, I did not know that besides I would write about my memorable experiences and encounters I had with Turkey’s beautiful people who were not only hospitable but were sharing their vibrant energy and genuine human curiosity, there would be other events that will make me deeply shaken, would influence my feelings and make me very sad but profoundly human.
First, just after I left Istanbul, I got Zulfu Livaneli’s “The Serenade for Nadia” book in English, which I had longed for nearly four years. I took it with love and recently raised and acquired curiosity. Read it fast, with my concentration advancing after every page. That happens when the writer manages to pull you in, identifying you with his story. My impassioned reactions had increased both horizontally and vertically. Livaneli points out that we are all humans, and if we want to leave something after us, it’s better to share our life stories with the world. It is then when you realize that your heart is ready and hungry for both love and pain, and your soul is positioned in the right place to become emotionally curious! It is a part of the fulfillment process that teaches us how to live and “, in fact, learning us to die”( the quote from the book “In the heart of the Desert by John Cryssavgis). I felt the eye expression of the leading personalities. As the eyes are the windows of the soul and heart, I thought I penetrated deep inside their being, sharing the atmosphere of the past. One is certain! We all suffer for something!
Just in a few days, I finished reading it. While trying to sort out impressions and structure my emotions, this book awakened in me a tremendous tragedy occurred.
Turkey and Syria experienced two separate and deadly earthquakes! While writing this, I am listening to the fantastic quantity of news and events that preceded the quakes and learning that they were without an exact epicenter. Also, I am watching videos that are, to say mildly, very strange! The first earthquake was at 3.17 am, and as I was sleeping on the third floor of a building in Nicosia, Cyprus, I felt it very strongly! At first, I was in disbelief and could not comprehend when I saw the information about the magnitude! It was reported that it was 7.8 degrees on the Richter scale! Then, at noon the same day, February 7th, there was the second one, separated from the first. It was not an aftershock; it was a new shock! That one was 7.4 degrees on the Richter scale! Like someone, some force wanted to be sure that there would be tens of thousands of innocent victims! That someone can be anything from nature to personalities with name and surname. I am still in complete dismay while writing these words! I am not a supporter of different theories; however, I do follow the quote that “it’s hard to believe in coincidence, but it’s even harder to believe in anything else.”
What are those coincidences?
But before coincidences, please find herewith the link for the donation accounts-


To make myself clear. I donated and will do more to help. That is the decision of one human being toward fellow humans that are in need! From both Turkey and Syria!

My mind is filled with all the pain that the people in Turkey and Syria are experiencing. I felt outraged when the mosaic started to connect! When insidious things began to happen! However, first are human lives and after coincidences! As someone said wisely, the book about these events, this tremendous tragedy, will be opened later! I sent donations to two different accounts for my heart and nearby soul to feel some alleviation. I am unsure why I did it, but it was purely spontaneous. Maybe I did it to feel more relieved but in vain! The number of victims is still rising, and the tragedy is presenting itself in a horrifying light! I thought if this is the price one land needs to pay for following its own independent policies?! Photos and videos show us the level of tragedy, pain, and suffering but also the decisive, humility, humanity, and compassion! With some, only some minority that wants to exploit human tragedy to their advantage, the vast majority of the people are humble, compassionate, beautiful human beings! They send their message! That suffering and tragedy bring people together! However, we learn, and I do hope that we finally realize that we do not need tragedies to unite us as humans! But, I thought, maybe the universe wanted all those people who lost their lives to become the seeds for humanity to unite and advance!
Greek and Turkish rescuers, Russian and Ukrainian rescuers, Serbian and Albanian rescuers, Greek Cypriots with Turkish and Turkish Cypriots rescuers, Armenians and Turkish and Azeris rescuers, Chinese from mainland and Taiwan rescuers, Indians and Pakistanis rescuers work together. That is another message! That people understand who is pulling the strings for hatred and division and united as humans are saying that WE DO NOT WANT THOSE WHO PROVOKE WARS! We do not want those who connect their existence by sucking other people’s blood! Will the majority understand and react? I very much hope so.
That is another message to those who trigger wars and loot countries and people using foreign blood. To those who organize coups and fund terrorists! Those with insatiable greed and no morals! Those who steal other countries’ resources! They are corrupt, incompetent, and unfortunately bribed, blackmailed, and crazy, as someone else pointed out. They are irreversibly sliding toward catastrophe! I hope that it will become their catastrophe and not ours!
As technology advances, we now have the opportunity to find sources, information, events, and people who wrote about the methods used by this, as someone called the “third force” representing a huge minority but with tremendous resources and possibilities of using deception and the secret knowledge to confuse and keep us enslaved.
Many of us feel that something exists but that all of that is far away from us and that we will not be affected. But all of us will be affected, whether we like it or not. How? Oh, I do wish that I am wrong!

That “third force” is global and without the country. That “third force” is the one that uses the methods and has ways of implementing them, which are not easy to be understood and acknowledged. Just imagine that there is a 100-year plan made and put in motion while most countries have five or a maximum of 10-year plans for their citizens. The positioning is completely different. Even the heads of the powerful states that do not comprehend the methods of this “third force” global policy become their hostage!
In his well-known book Pharaoh, published in 1897, Boleslaw Prus, born Alexander Glowacki, described the power struggle and methods for manipulating consciousness, not only of the people but Pharaohs as rulers of Egypt, keeping them in check to be used as the priests wanted.
This book was popular as it “continues to point analogies” to this day!
The book is not highly advertised, so I use this opportunity to recommend it to you! Let the awareness and knowledge spread! That is what this “third force” is afraid of, and that is why each of us as an individual has the opportunity to start changing something!
Below are some quotes:
“It was not the Pharaohs who created Egypt, but the Gods and Priests. Not Pharaohs determined the height of water in the Nile and managed its spills. Not Pharaohs taught people to sow, gather fruits, and breed cattle( in those days, there were many cattle). Not Pharaohs treat patients and protect the state from the intrusions of external enemies. Can the activity of Pharaoh be compared to ours? And in the case of differences, who should concede? We or him?”
The comment of one commoner says it all!
“You can tame the Lion, kill Phoenician, move Lybian to pity, but the Egyptian priest who tasted the luxury and power, it is impossible to entreat.”
Precisely this is what we are facing now! Plus, complete insanity pre-harnessed with the idea of total destruction that will welcome their messiah!
All those fellow human beings that lost their lives in this strange moving of the land left with us their souls and spirits! They will talk to us, guide us, and be our protectors! Together we will win over the insidious globalizators who, like the Egyptian priests, want to trim the earth of life using the “cultural cooperation” narrative method! What is that? It is that fairytale presented with “trick mirrors” where everything needs to be put upside down!
Our souls need to be cleansed to function freely, without fear, and with common sense!
The souls are cleaned with the help of tears. Tears that we all experience these days! The tears I experienced when in Saint Nicholas Church and Sokollu Mehmed Pasha Mosque in Istanbul.
“Tears signify an opening of new life, a softening of the soul, a clarity of the mind. They bring us to rebirth and the world of healing. They signify a true homecoming. Through tears, we are able to enter the treasury of the heart…” ( from the book “In the Heart of the Desert” by John Chryssavgis)

May God rest their souls in peace and give us the strength to find and communicate with them! They are the seeds that will unite humanity!



Our attic Our ladder


Mother and Father, Son and Daughter, Sister and Brother

Hi! Family is everything ❤️

The title could be different. In a word it can be called just and simple FAMILY.

So, welcome to the family. Did you have a family? Do you have a family? Do you have a mother? Do you have a father? You know, the mother is the person that had you for nine months in her belly. The Father, you know, is the person who shared his sperm with your mother, and that is how you came to this world.

Did you forget it?

Mother and Father or if you wish Father and Mother are the best friends you will have all your life. Quiet, stubborn, nice or not, hard-working or not, rich or poor, with or without problems, with or without divorce, Mother and Father are the best friends you will ever have!

Do not forget that when you are bombarded by anyone! Anyone! Those anyone are poor creatures. Those anyone need help. Give them! They are also human. Unfortunate humans with huge emotional issues and hidden hatred towards anything normal. Their new normal is our abnormal.

Give them love! Share love with them! Your warmth will help them! Our warmth will give them the opportunity to realize the same! That Mother and Father are their best friends and that the world is being manipulated to divide us and easily rule us all.

Those that are instigators can not be changed. But to those also provide the love! Pure genuine, clean love! If that can not change them then it will make them nervous, and that is something!

As to one Burmese Proverb- “In times of test, family is best!”

Never ever give the chance to any fashion and manipulation to blind you and seduce you! Mother is one, Father is one Brother is one, Sister is one! Family is the one and only! Cherish the memories you have, they will help you when you are lonely! No fashion and rainbows! Only family!

However you think that family has issues, the world you live in has more as it is filled with hypocrisy, fraud, and treason! Family, with all the issues was, is and it will always be an oasis for our soul!

To finish! Mother is Mother, Father is Father. They both are parents. And the daughter is a daughter and the son is a son like the sister is a sister as the brother is a brother!

For others, God help their poor souls.




Elections-To sacrifice or to be sarcificed

Common sense becomes really common as simple things shine again

Elections are held every now and again worldwide as Democracy is spread everywhere. No need to explain Democracy except to give you the root of the word, which we all should remember from school. DEMOS-KRATOS- The connection between the people and the state. The connection is meant to contribute to the well-being of the people and the state! That connection is constantly being attacked and diluted by spreading the so-called freedom, liberty, and independence narrative! Why? How? All that became abstract and convinced the masses that government is nothing more than a manager representing the country’s owner-the people. The same people are encouraged to change every government, like the worn-out socks. That state of things has produced politicians who do not care about the common good and promote hypocrisy spiced with power, knowing that the masses can take them out anytime they are unsatisfied with what they get! That is where integrity is lost, and corruption is promoted! In all three branches of government! The legislature, the executive, and the judiciary. From judges, MPs, and bureaucracy involved, from such minor affairs connected with insurance, car belts, and phones to land development, etc… Because we as people are confused and do not comprehend what is enough! What is enough for you to feel fulfilled and happy? Ask yourself! By answering that question, you will give a bright example to all that seek to govern!
Instead of abusing power for personal enrichment and promoting the downfall of all institutions, those who are lovers of authority should comprehend that they are in that place where decisions about the people’s destiny are decided ONLY TO SACRIFICE THEMSELVES FIRST!

Not because of personal enrichment! Unfortunately, Democracy became a matter of the right price! Something like the JOBOX! As much as you pay, that much you get! Democracy is vulgarized to “You get what you pay for!” Do we really want to live in that kind of society where numerous contradictory opinions are expressed just to make you lost in the labyrinth and keep you there till the actual business and decisions about you are being taken and put in motion!
The manipulation process with insidious postulates like “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” started when the so-called democracies of the west managed to throw the old aristocracy in the garbage and introduced a new elite based on paper wealth called money. Where that insidious postulate has gone? Think! But that is now irreversibly falling apart! Money is currently being printed in uncontrollable amounts and passed over to the nations to indebt them to the level where they will obey everything the money printers ask! They also want to buy more time and destroy all! “After us, the flood” became the idea behind those morons’ actions! Morons who will be called accountable for all they did to us!
Even nations with their own currencies are forbidden to increase their money supply in their time of need as they are forced to take loans from the looters, the western central banks issuing Euros and USD. Those that tried to change the law and get their financial independence were forced to return to the old one becoming economic slaves of the western looters! Investigate! So, that is how all became more controllable by the money issuers! They were called before the money changers. Now they have advanced names like Ph.D. and Governors of the Central Banks and Nobel Prize laureates and “scientists” ( not morons) and who knows what kind of extreme stupidity etc…

Who cares about the elected presidents that are controlled by Noname personalities!? One Woodrow Wilson was elected with the promise not to engage the USA in World War I. That changed when he got elected as he was influenced by a person who did not have any position in the government, popularly called “Colonel” Edward House! It could be said that the one who controls the money supply contains those behind the scenes and IS the master of both position and opposition. Now you transfer the modality of then to today’s events, and you get the same result with one more substantial difference! Today we have nuclear warheads and more profound stupidity, spiced with immeasurable greed and narcissism.
Not that we did not have that before, as Carrie Chapman Catt said in her short speech on March 30th, 1938: “…What Germans are now bent of doing to the world has been done before-not once, but many times…..Despite the fact that most of the people of the world are Morons,(that is, endowed with twelve-year-old intelligence), we ought to meet this situation with more common sense and wisdom than similar problems have received in the past….”

Oh, and lies! It is the FAILING EMPIRE OF LIES! When I say Empire, it is not one; it is the group united in corruption, blackmail, stupidity, treason, hypocrisy, sick ambition, fraud, bribery, and narcissism that wants to impose on us one control, one code, and to have us constantly in the labyrinth forcing not to have any opinion on political questions and laws that are passed and are affecting our and our descendants lives!
But even that is programmed as it wants to force us towards anarchy and chaos as the only way to establish the world government!
Solovyov’s unfinished piece of 1900 is suggested to read! That is why we should protect our institutions from the insidious creatures constantly attacking them. Jobox journalists with confused blah blah blah included!
Make your eyes see, your ears hear, and your clean soul feel! The power of the individual is the most frightening power for all who plan to enslave us.
Right is not in might! It is in belief, in the idea of COMMON GOOD! Not in the world government and remote mountain idiotic villages where morons come, and idiots go! You who promote enslavement will lose again and will all be held accountable again!
What is to be done?
Some centuries ago, this world had TEMPLARS and HOSPITALLERS. Templars got their name from the Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, and the Hospitallers became associated with the Hospital of the Saint John of Jerusalem. The first, to put it bluntly, were the people who were sacrificing themself for the good of others. In contrast, the others became the ones who asked others to sacrifice themselves for them! The first was genuinely following the idea of God, while the others wanted the concept of God to work for them. The way of a second can be found in the part of “The Brothers Karamazov” book by Dostoyevski with the title “The Grand Inquisitor!” The practice of the first ones, The Templars, was explained In the short essay “In Praise of the New Knighthood” by St. Bernard of Clairvaux ( 1090-1153): “There is no distinction of persons among them, and deference is shown to merit rather than to noble blood. They rival one another in mutual consideration, and they carry one another’s burdens, thus fulfilling the law of Christ. No inappropriate word, idle deed, unrestrained laugh, not even the slightest whisper or murmur is left uncorrected once it has been detected. They foreswear dice and chess, and abhor the chase; they take no delight in the ridiculous cruelty of falconry, as is the custom. As for jesters, magicians, bards, troubadours, and jousters, they despise and reject them as so many vanities and sound deceptions. Their hair is worn short, in conformity with the Apostle’s saying, that it is shameful for a man to cultivate flowing locks. Indeed, they seldom wash and never set their hair—content to appear tousled and dusty, bearing the marks of the sun and of their armor.
When the battle is at hand, they arm themselves interiorly with faith and exteriorly with steel rather than decorate themselves with gold since their business is to strike fear in the enemy rather than to incite his cupidity. They seek out horses that are strong and swift rather than those which are brilliant and well-plumed, they set their minds on fighting to win rather than on parading for show. They think not of glory and seek to be formidable rather than flamboyant. At the same time, they are not quarrelsome, rash, or unduly hasty, but soberly, prudently, and providently drawn up into orderly ranks, as we read of the fathers.”

To continue: “If he fights for a good reason, the issue of his fight can never be evil; and likewise, the results can never be considered good if the reason were evil and the intentions perverse. If you happen to be killed while you are seeking only to kill another, you die a murderer. If you succeed, and by your will to overcome and to conquer your perchance kill a man, you live a murderer. Now it will not do to be a murderer, living or dead, victorious or vanquished. What an unhappy victory—to have conquered a man while yielding to vice and to indulge in an empty glory at his fall when wrath and pride have gotten the better of you! But what of those who kill neither in the heat of revenge nor in the swelling of pride but simply in order to save themselves? Even this sort of victory I would not call good since bodily death is really a lesser evil than spiritual death. The soul need not die when the body does. No, it is the soul that sins that shall die.”
And that is plain true! All of you who want to govern, remember that when you are out and gone, the only friend you will have left is your soul! Will you still have it or not depends only on your deeds! ONLY! NOT by any empty oratory!
To cut it and finish as more words are unnecessary for those who will be initiated, let me point out that

Darko Richard Lancelot


31/1/2023 and revised 4/4/2023

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“Per me reges regnant”

The above quote in english means:”Through me the sovereigns reign.” Looks familiar? Feels familiar?

20th of January 2023 addition

As meetings are being held at that remote village where they use army helicopters to transport foreign dignitaries one interesting interview took place. Link IS HERE. OPEN IT AND SEE IT. IT IS THE NEWS FROM TIMES OF INDIA.

They say here if you should continue sharing this simple questions video? People were asking simple questions without answers. Simple answers. You remember, trust the science. It is just showing what the plan was- Make the cake with following ingredients: Power, Hypocrisy, Bribery, Fraud, Cunning, and give to the masses to eat! When they eat and digest, make revelations and throw greedy narcissistic creatures to the garbage as they served their purpose. Pity! YOU SHOULD LEARN TO BE WITHOUT THE NEED TO HAVE AS SOME SPIRITUAL PERSON SAID! Conclusions are yours!

It was at the door long time ago and now it is having all meals inside of our houses. We are feeding it! Great achievement by the roamers. They are in the complete dominance and ready to destroy us all. Are you still frolicking in that lukewarm water and don’t really care what will happen? Stop! Go out, dry, and start acting! For them there is nothing more dangerous than individual initiative!

Before continuing let me share with you a talk I had with one of my friends. Namely that person is not vaccinated. That person started to draw a circle. That’s all of us, that person said, by adding spots in the circle. They say that majority of the people is vaccinated( represented as red color spots) and many are experiencing health issues they did not have before, strange and difficult as their immune system is attacked,not by so-called viruses, but by liquids injected. The minority are those that are not vaccinated, showing me the white spots in the circle that were overwhelmed by the red circles. Could it be, that person continued, that the golden Billion they talk about are us that are not vaccinated? Interesting point and another confirmation that we have to do with extremely vile and insidious creatures that are creating narratives which serve to divide and further confuse us forcing us to stay lost in the labyrinth and never to escape from it! They created institutions used to weaken mind by permanent criticism, to break of a habit to thought which can create opposition and to deflect, to transform the power of thought into mere empty eloquence! Can you recall how many times you said- ” That and that said it right!” Eloquence and oratory are promoted to make us to continue swimming in the lukewarm water which is visible instead to see if the words are equaled with deeds.

So, now for those that decided to start a new awake life by jumping out of the melting pot , cleaning themselves from numerous contradictory and confusing opinions let me state that only then we will be in the position to recognise that we were played big time by the same forces who diverted us from noticing crucial things and move our interest towards commerce and industry! And then introduced speculation!Like futures derivatives and who knows what else! Instead of being what it was created for, the means of exchange, money became the ultimate ruler of our lives! Why? Who introduced it? What was behind it? However I suppose you are awake now so you can easily find out by yourself!

Just heard the rummor and do not know if it is true that Black Rock will layoff many employees? Do they also try to jump out of the pot? Interesting. How many of you start your day with the thoughts of your own profit? As you get engaged in the struggle for more profit you will less likely notice the common enemy of all humanity! As you seek more and want but can not achieve supremacy, even in your house or in the neighbourhood, you become disappointed, cold and heartless! Unable to express feelings, unable to feel real love, unable to live! Turn inward and start individual initiative! Like simple making one, only one person a day to smile! That is what is not in the algorithm! Neither in the bank account or gold. It is in our human nature.

It is not in Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzscheism! Or any other creature that is promoted by the main stream media owned and runned by them.

Stop saying, but I saw it in the news or read in the newspaper! Investigate by your self and be patient not to run to the conclusions beforehand! Let that be your aim in life!

As who has the aim will find the way!

Their mathematics was 1000 of us for 1 of them. When they saw that this was not enough they simply increased the first number leaving the second as it is. That is what is “highly likely ” happening now as they are in our houses at our tables! No matter the nation, race, religion! All of us are in the same pot. And as “The Earth Angel” said “The sooner you figure out which chairs don’t belong at your table, the more peaceful your meals become!” Conclusion? It was, it is, and it will always be just and only up to us! Not them!

Be happy and genuinely smile! Really be happy! It makes them very nervous and distracted!

This minutes will be continued



Connect and Respect


Yuri Andropov vision

This is the beginning of the feuilleton about one man’s vision that is still going on shaping the world! The rest of the writings will be sent only to subscribers. You can subscribe HERE. Those who bought the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond will have all parts of this story send to their emails.

Part ONE

One rainy morning Yuri Andropov* was taking his usual walk. It was the best time for him to methodically structure his already digested ideas and prepare to face the bureaucrats that caused all the mess in the Soviet Union. He knew all of them as he was a part of the same system for many years!
He also knew that, after WWII, Stalin and Beria had structured a plan to reform the Soviet Union. It was ready to be implemented! However, it was abandoned with the curious death of Stalin and the execution of Beria. They were well aware that the addition of all those countries that the Soviet Union got under the umbrella after WWII was a mistake. Forced mistake! Strategic mistake! Because one thing is to conquer, and the other is to rule! Especially as the descendants of Khazars*, were occupying neuralgic positions in many of the eastern countries that were influencing educational policies from primary schools to universities in a smart, yet very insidious way. Since 1917, remnants of the Khazars have infiltrated the key parts of the state apparatus, although they were always a minority. They were the masters of using human weaknesses!
Like today, Andropov thought!
But! Every mistake caries the opportunities!
With that thought on his mind, you could see a smile on his face! Andropov was a visionary old wolf! Time shows, and it will show more how it passes that the decision Andropov made was deep and far-reaching!
While enjoying the walk and breathing many negative ions that are well known for their healing capabilities, he continued with his thoughts.
Generally, the west was more successful as they established the “paper” sweetened with the gold standard, to be used as the world currency.
That was a modern way to enslave the nations by creating the dept!
For that reason and that reason only, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World this and World that were created! And the people were buying it!
Even after 1971, when Nixon abandoned the gold standard and with the great help of then (1974) newly appointed U.S. Treasury Secretary William Simon and his deputy, Gerry Parsky, made the secret deal with the house of Saud that established the petrodollar! The stage for creating more and more debt to other nations is set!
“Who controls the dept controls everything! Andropov was aware of that many years before the popular movie “The International.”

Andropov, perfectly well informed by the visionary KGB agents, knew the attitude of the eastern countries’ elites. They championed corruption and mismanagement, even more than in the Soviet Union! He knew and decided that something needs to be done!
He was also well-informed about the state of the world economy and affairs and projections for the next decades!
As a Chairman of the KGB, he sent a top-secret request to all of the KGB key officers worldwide. He asked for their assessments that will help him confirm his deep inner thoughts and encourage him to make the most critical and future-oriented strategic decision!
He knew that the majority of Americans were crazy about casinos and blackjack while the majority of Russian were following and enjoying playing chess! He wanted to use that!
We need to do something to accelerate the greed of our “friends” Americans and wait for them to go for a deep self-loving narcissistic sleep while we reform and structure Russia, Andropov said to himself!
Yes, Russia! The stage should be set in a way that all involved would act without knowing, or being able to contemplate the real strategy, due to their character limits.
The special, and existential operation that was projected to last for decades!
The question was simple, and he asked for a simple answer!
So, he asked: “What will happen to Russia if Warshaw Pact ceases to exist and the Soviet Union as we know it shrinks?”
He knew that all the personalities on the receiving side would clearly understand the aim of the question and what was coming.
The rule that there are answers to every question in its wording was well known to all high-ranking people.
But, as he trusted their opinion and patriotism, he was at ease with his consciousness. He wanted to leave something behind and to be remembered by future generations that would live in prosperity and peace! But first, he said, is to save Russia and make it powerful again!
His mind went back to 1953, the moment when Stalin died, and Beria was arrested and executed.
As a chairman of the KGB, he read all the documents and knew all participants and all details of that still highly hidden and little-publicized event.
He wanted once more to recapitulate history and make nearly sure that he would not have the opposition who would act as in 1953 or 1963.
Especially that so well known in the west, due to President Eisenhower’s farewell speech, but still a secret in the east, the Military-Industrial Complex and crazy bureaucrats of the Soviet Union were powerful and without any scruples.
That group of highly influential people, Andropov thought, did not care to sacrifice top-ranking generals to achieve their objectives. One of them is the major General Nikolai R. Mironov. Mironov was the one who, with another colleague, pushed and influenced terrified Brezhnev to become the new General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
That bold clown, Khruschev, whose granddaughter is teaching propaganda in the USA, was dismissed on the 14th of October 1964.
Mironov was in the plane that crashed in Avala mountain near Belgrade on the 20th of October 1964, together with many other world war heroes that were coming to the official visit to Belgrade. All of them were sacrificed to get rid of General Mironov. Tito did the “service” to Brezhnev as he wanted to stay without the witnesses of his cowardly behavior!
Andropov knew that they could try again to influence the decisions of different members of the Politburo, again using blackmail and murder techniques.
But Andropov decided! He was about to start promoting a new way to try to recover and reform Russian society first! The rest would be cut as cancer!
He made up his mind when he got the reply from KGB people that, in the vast majority could be interpreted as, “NOTHING! THE STRATEGIC PROGRESS OF RUSSIA WILL INCREASE OVER TIME!” – no word SUSTAIN has been used at that time! That word was introduced later…
Now he needed to balance the methuselah politburo with new personalities. His choice came to then not well-known Mikhail S. Gorbachev. He knew his limits, his lack of deep vision, and his malleability toward the influence of his wife and he chose him exactly because of that! He was planned to be the smokescreen and stepping stone! The west was going towards the hole they thought was dug for the Soviet Union. So, the Soviet Union was given for Russia’s sake! Till it reforms and becomes stronger! The bone with a lot of meat was thrown to the blackjack greedy western oligarchs and the stage was set, waiting for time to do its work.

To be continued and published for the subscribers only.

*Yuri Andropov was the KGB chairman from the 18th of May 1967 till the 10th of November 1982 and General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from the 12th of November 1982 till his death 9th of February 1984

*Khazars Tribe that took Judaism as their religion was destroyed by Sviatoslav I of Kyiv in the 10th century.

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Darko Richard Lancelot



No Amnesty-The Earth is ours

Is it still? Will there be enough of us?


They just stopped using any narratives about sudden deaths! They runned out of excuses!They are in complete dismay! They do not know what to do and how to react but one is certain, they do not care as money is big and people are leving this world faster! Their birth certificates are accelerating, as one of my friends poined out when this story about liquids started. It is a tragedy of all of us humans! All those “scientists” with huge psychological issues should first treat themselves and then with clear mind do experiments first with their bodies and then with other fellow humans. Biolabs financed by military that are positioned as mushrooms around the world are the real, present and future danger for all that will not yet die suddenly from cardiac arrests or brain hemorrhage. If you think that it will not affect you you are mistaken. It will. It is the matter if there will be anyone left to protect you. Wake up. Honestly, humanly, genuinely wake up!


News says that the British MPs call for probe into massive spike in deaths as nearly 3000 more than average Britons are dying on A WEEKLY BASIS, and it is not Covid.

You connect that with the news from the moronic mountain village in Switzerland where hypocrites go and do secret deals to destroy us more. Here is the video you can see. Conclusions are yours. Or maybe you would like to see more? Great – here it is. Wake up! Hahahahaha is over.

And even more!

They are finding new narrative to cover sudden deaths! It is unbelievable but the truth. You will be seeing slowly the narrative like that climate change is responsible for the “phenomenon” of sudden deaths in sleep! Morons, hypocrites called scientists, the same that marketed narratives of flattening the curve, the narrative of liquids and who knows what. All of those are bribed and will be hold accountable! They and their descendants. That will become new universal law! You can laugh but it will happen as not all of us will die in sleep! In 2 in 5 in 10 years maximum, but it will become. And never forgotten! With those that financed creating the narratives that costs human lives included!


Recently I learned about the book called Virus Mania published in 2007. So many plain truths are there awaiting you to discover it. Highly recommended to all. It is alarming how the genocidal planers play with our health and our future. Greed and Profits reign over humanity! We are definitely all at risk. All. Including “kapos” that are used by organisers to control us with the popular slogan- I JUST DO MY JOB! Idiots. Corrupted morons! Like in concentration camps. We are only apparently free. In fact, we are a species of slaves that is expiring and will be replaced by machines. The thought you have now, when reading this, “it will not happen to me as I have enough means to survive,” bla bla bla is completely false! At the end, there will be no one left to protect you!

What I also can recomend, is Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook, not because it is published by philosophyofgoodnews but because it will subtly shake you and awake you inspiring your curiosity to use your brain more and less rely on manipulative propaganda you are bombarded every single hour! Yes hour! The moto of the ebook can be described by the quote of tje Blaise Pascal who said: ”people are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come into the mind of others.” This book is exactly that. It will awaken curiosity and sharpen YOUR conclusions.

As one of our readers said- “Here you will find inspiration to transform, curiosity to proceed, and LOVE to fulfill yourself!” Be the one who makes the difference!


Here is another report one should read LINK IS HERE you can easily translate it into any language.

Dear fellow humans! So much new information is circulating around us, and we still have issues with how to investigate, whom to believe, and to think clearly with common sense!
There is a reason!
Again it is in front of our noses, but still many can not see it!
So let’s put it bluntly! Maybe it can help!
Let’s say that you are vaccinated!

Let’s say that you got 3 or 4 jabs!
You did it as you maybe
1st- trusted the system
2nd- trusted science and not morons
3rd- wanted to be “free” and “help the others.”
4th- Could not cope with the pressure from your environment- family, business etc…
5th- fear started to govern you

Whatever it is from those five points or anything else that made you decide to take the jabs, you did it, and you became the “member” of the group of those that followed the orders!
That is all so human and so normal.
However, the same process did not only inject some unknown and not fully tested liquids of “new technology” into your body, but it penetrated your psyche and made friends with hidden narcissism, stubbornness, and “I know it all” feelings.
After that, when things started to reveal you became embarrassed by yourself and stopped reacting to news that show how we all were and still are played by those insidious, inhuman, evil forces!
You became like the raped woman that is afraid to report a rapist!
That is what they were counting on!
However! However!
Whatever papers and lawyers they will have and employ!
When you play with people’s lives in such an insidious greedy evil way no law will protect you as new laws will be written especially for you ALL!


Revelations started. About FTX, lockdowns, statistics about jabs, and more and more coming out. All of those involved will be called to answer for their doings that are costing the planet, at least the western side of it! Fear projected people depressed and confused do not know whom to trust. There are those that still have face masks while being alone in the car. Many are even not reporting their rising health issues like becoming deaf and having different blood and heart problems. Society became increasingly decadent, corrupted, and filled with hundreds of millions of lies! More you can get more here at https://www.gospanews.net/. You can translate it into English easily.

Plus this small photo with some statistics


But! We will prevail! The EARTH IS OURS!


One of the additions that will be published here is how time goes by. The conclusions are yours. Here is the LINK.

I remember a friend of mine told me that during the lockdown they, a group of enthusiasts, used to have a coffee outside in their neighborhood next to the river to discuss the situation they, and all of us were experiencing. One of her friends, from IT sector, said a sentence after getting the jab that stayed in my mind. He said: “I think that my birth certificate went into acceleration mode!” It is alarming to hear that funerals are accelerating too! More of the stories and thoughts you can find in my eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond YOU CAN ORDER HERE.


No mercy for anyone! No forgiveness for those who played that is clever while corrupted! Those who, by their insidious actions created the atmosphere of concentration camps and acted as kapos. Those that were propagating this dogmatic pseudo-science and idiots called scientists spreading fear while ignoring and suppressing those real, genuine, noble, human, and passionate professionals, and genuine experts sharing with the world their opinion and procedures that had so much success in saving people’s lives! From the USA, Europe, and India!
No amnesty for those destitute characters, who think that the rest of us, might die sooner while they will survive serving the system. Those are the characters you can see every day in the news brainwashing us by talking about brainwashing! The strategy is one and only! To Confuse and Confuse more! They became corrupted even if some did not get material incentives, which is unlikely. Inferno is awaiting them as well.
No amnesty!
They, the idiotic, satanic, cretinous narcissistic psychopaths operated on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks showing us their vaccination certificates and using banners around their profile pictures like – “Trust Science Not Morrons” and  “Vaccinated to Protect You!”
Really? Unfortunate fellow human beings.
How will you respond when those who produced these substances claim they weren’t tested for viral transmission? That has happened.




Did you yawn? Has your concentration dropped? If yes, it is a sign that manipulation works. Want to fight it? Continue reading!

However, knowing how insidious they are the instinct says that for them to admit something is always done with an idea to cover something else. That “else” is of immense importance, that if it becomes public, can make great trouble and completely destroy them. So they, to use the popular phrase “highly likely,” decided to announce a “non-testing…” story just to avoid the other crucial question!
That question is:
They used the old technique, as it says in Machiavelli’s quote: ” For a long time I have not said what I believed, nor do I believe what I say, and if indeed sometimes I do happen to tell the truth, I hide it among so many lies that it is hard to find”
That is the crucial question we need to demand the answer to!
For that answer, we can grant amnesty to the whistle-blower!
To others, there is no amnesty! For them and all their descendants till the third generation! That is, unfortunately, the only way to eradicate further tragedies! That should become universal law! That should be practiced to fight initiators’ ignorance and the sense of impunity! Only then it might, it only might stop!
It should be applied not by the United Nations as we see them today, but by the new, pure, genuinely human, and rejuvenated World of Nations! The nations do not need the prefix united to be united! Usually, the united prefix is there just because it is fashionable and because there is no unity! It does not reflect the actual state of matters! The nations, like the people, will become bound by their deeds, morale, and the balance of interests! Not by blackmail and bribes!

Wake up, people! We will all die! Some sooner, others later! Even if those demons live 100 years or more, they will still die! That is what the universe says! Even if they are iced they will still die. And they will come to join us somewhere else! Oh, it will be a memorable encounter!
They will be inspected for the quantity of greed, inhumanity they practiced, and corruption they were involved in during their planet Earth life. After the inspection, they will be greeted to hell or inferno! Dante’s Inferno is still available to read it. He wrote it for twelve long years and finished it one year before his death!
So, all those that are meddling with us our lives, calling us hackable animals, picking our biometric data, and deciding our and our kid’s future without us, will face all nine circles of inferno, but all at the same time! That will happen! To remind you about the circles, here are they:
Limbo for unbaptized and virtuous pagans
Lust “a part where nothing gleams.”
Gluttony is where you face “putrid slush produced by a ceaseless, foul, icy rain”-“a great storm of putrefaction..”
Greed for those “who hoarded possessions, and the prodigal, who squandered them.”
Warth, where beneath the water lie withdrawn the “sullen (the passively wrathful) “into a black sulkiness which can find no joy in God or man or the universe.”
Heresy, where heretics are “trapped in flaming tombs.”
Violence, which is divided into three rings hosting the violent.
Fraud – “Evil ditches” hosting fraudulent and malicious. There is a scale measuring simple and serious fraud. For new “guests” one is the fraud- their participation in criminal fraud of ordering jabs and playing with the present, and future health of the rest of us.
Treachery where the “sinners guilty of treachery” are trapped in the ice, “each according to his guilt.” From here, those who will reveal the truth, the real story behind the jabs, will be saved! So, start! Start talking!
Clean your soul and buy the ticket to paradise! Or at least avoid HELL.

Our civilization is dying. Creativity decay, moral decay, greed, and inhuman egoistic behavior are accelerated! Words and expressions like respect, love, common good, rules, compassion, togetherness and many more are inflated and are losing their genuine meaning! We are getting injured every day! These deep psychological wounds are inflicted by insidiously projected hatred, fear, and mistrust. The system is made up of many cretinous creatures that overawe us and use every opportunity to sow more negative feelings! Instead of concentrating and spending time to sharpen our common sense which is the cure for fear, hatred, and mistrust we are “still the dupes of our simplicity and greed…” ( The Prince”)
We are confused! We are programmed by the minority of devils to become biological waste. Our kids are programmed not to have kids! Our kids are being programmed not to communicate with us, the parents. They are manipulated with idiotic ideas that play with their genuine rebellious feelings! Instead, to act against the system and making it better they are projected to act against their family and parents! Their values are manipulated! They, like the rest of us, are taught to live lives in the moment and not learn more about history, tradition, virtues of the ancestors, and family values! Not to do self observation, but to judge others mostly.
The lie became truth, and the truth is distorted and presented as a lie!
In all segments and at all levels! The higher the level the bigger and more dangerous the lies become!
So many of us suffer from unexplainable mysticism that destroys the thin line which connects our soul with our body.
All that atmosphere makes a pure human being with a beautiful soul to become disoriented and gullible!

We are losing ourselves.
Still, sleeping?
Wake up!
There is an opportunity!
This unique opportunity where we, by self-observation can achieve and meet that exclusive, rare person, the self!
Then the universe becomes real, and we more clearly exist!
I had a conversation with one of my beautiful soul friends about her experience while visiting one country widely known by name but very little in substance by the vast majority of us. While listening to her I understood how precious pain can be! How creative! Very! To get to that we need to accept it, let it grow, and then balance the imbalances!
Pain teaches us that we are alone!
When we get in balance, we understand that the loneliness caused by pain is “the luxury of the rich spirits.” ( I.Andric)
“Every real, eternal problem, however, is an equally real eternal guilt; every answer is atonement, every understanding a recovery!”(O. Weininger)

Then the commonly sensed stance on many burning topics is the obvious result.
One of them was vaccination with non-tested jabs that was justified with the so-called urgency of saving lives and introduced when the “curve” was nearly flat!

Don’t you remember? There were countries where so-called scientist expressed their huge narcissism by saying that it is counterproductive not to have registered cases of that what they called an epidemic. They managed to change the epidemic definition first! Inform yourself, or do you prefer to sleep? Just do not snore, please!
The deception has been planned and executed! Now that they can see that it is working, the same methodology is applied to cover all segments of life! They created an opportunity, and they will not let go without us making it go!

How does the deception works?
( courtesy of “The Daily Bell”)
First, one needs to control attention where the big move covers the little, and the target looks where the mastermind looks! That is when attention drops, and repetition reduces vigilance!
Then comes Perception.
I will not elaborate more except by using these four words: Eliminate, Blend, Recreate, Initiate!
“Exploit prior beliefs… repetition creates expectancies…swap the real for the false and vice-versa”
The very important part of the deception is where cognitive, psychological, and affective stress is created and exploited!
Last but not least even as it is the result that if successful can project the deception without extra energy from the conceptual power is:
Behavior stipulates action and the outcome. Then disconnect behavior from the outcome and channel behavior!
For all this to succeed they leave a lot of blank space!
People will fill in the blanks out of a feeling of self-importance, having also in mind their own deepest fears and speculations. *

Perpetuum mobile is created and left to do its job! That of permanent deception!
To cement deception interference in society never stops however stupid and illogical sounds!

Concealment is one of the most powerful strengths. Let me quote from another place
“The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation. None is fitter than the three lower degrees of Free Masonry( the word Free is a long-time gone-authors note); the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it. Next to this, the form of a learned or literary society is best suited to our purpose, and had Free Masonry not existed (or, God forbid became Free again-Authors note), this cover would have been employed; and it may be much more than a cover, it may be a powerful engine in our hands. By establishing reading societies, and subscription libraries, and taking these under our direction, and supplying them through our labors, we may turn the public mind which way we will.”

They always thought that we were sheep. They want us to disappear as they prepare AI to serve them! That is why the “energy crisis” is developed! To leave more for the robots to function! We are those “deplorable!” Remember who baptizes us like that? Can not recall? Investigate! Helps concentration and fights manipulation!
They look at us, analyze our weaknesses, and take advantage of our hidden desires and our complexes by poisoning us with their insidious lies!
How to defend ourselves and react?
It is really easy!
At the beginning of this essay, I mentioned self-observation and not self-ignorance and self-deceit! The first enlightens your purpose for existence the other two produce chaos and feelings of nothingness, both highly destructive and increasingly dangerous!
Do not be afraid of being curious and different!
When you find your purpose for existence there will be no fear of dying! There will be only a concern to finish your life’s aim!
Many have done that and succeeded without expensive diplomas given by the system that is built on lies!

But the system never stops pursuing division!
Let me mention one, if I can judge, outrageous point 7 from May 2022 issued by the German Federal Ministry of the interior and Homeland:
“FAQ: Disinformation related to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine” which you can read from the photo attached! It is complete nonsense that again tries to divide jabbed and not jabbed! It shows again that they are desperate and that the amount of debilitation of the writers and the degradation of the democracies in Europe is immense. Here is the link and another link and below is the photo of the page 7. Conclusions are yours

At the end of this writing, I would like to present you with the link where the letter of the French General Christian Blanchon can be read. “Superheroes, as “They Embody the Best of Humanity.”

Just do not forget to pursue everywhere with everybody that THERE IS NO AMNESTY FOR THE CRIMES THEY ALL MADE AGAINST US, OUR CHILDREN, OUR FUTURE, and OUR EARTH!

If you have stories how you survived these two years of lockdowns, social distancing, suppression of your freedom to walk when you want and many more please feel free to send it here or at philosophyofgoodnews@gmail.com.

We will continue publishing the stories of our heros both jabbed and not, as we deeply think that we are all victims of that small minority who use us.




We Will Prevail


Sane or Insane-Tragedy of the rats

History repeats? Usually does. Just with different actors

Updated 17/3/2023

Chinese foreign minister statement after talking with Ukraine counterpart.

“There seems to be an invisible hand pushing for the protraction and escalation of the conflict and using the Ukraine crisis to serve a certain geopolitical agenda,”   This is exactly what it is. From the beginning. The invisible hand that started the First the Second and numerous other wars is in motion now more than ever. Infront of our eyes we see the corruption, the blackmail that overtakes governments and destroys what is left of democracy. Laws are passed by some articles of force and not by the vote of elected representatives. More is to come as they prepared new disasters. Previous ones will look like a joke. The system of the invisible hand wants us all to jump to abyss and die. They use everything in their disposal and by using they destroy the last drops of confidence in the system. We, humanity, are dealing with the monsters who usurp power to destroy us all. What is to be done?

23/3/2022 Hate! Hatred! Institutionalised Hatred! Such a degradation that will leave scars at our societies for a long long time. Will we remember what has been done what is being done? If memory is satisfied desire, said by Carlos Fuentes, then it is better to forget. Immediately! To stop, to take a deep breath, to start using common sense and begin building or better rebuilding first ourselves! To rediscover the self! That self we let go allowing hatred to overcome us. That self which is made for love, kindness, compassion, togetherness. That self which is made for connecting and not separating! That self bigger than any specialisation, which instead to connect is separating, dividing, segregating and depriving from the human culture! Wake, wake up. Or be accountable for the tragedy! As everything starts with us! Just and only with us!

21/3/2022 Just a small addition as it looks like that we are under siege of so many negative feelings that are attacking our spirituality.

Nikola Tesla interview

“The source of most disease is in the spirit. Therefore the spirit and can cure most diseases.”
In his famous, yet still not well known1899 interview Nikola Tesla talked about many things one being a diseases he had several times in his youth. It gives a guideance for today and every day!

“Journalist: In youth you have several times been seriously ill. Is it a disease and a requirement to adapt?

Nikola Tesla: Yes. It is often the result of a lack of exhaustion or vital force, but often the purification of mind and body from the toxins that have accumulated. It is necessary that a man suffers from time to time. The source of most disease is in the spirit. Therefore the spirit and can cure most diseases. As a student I got sick of cholera which raged in the region of Lika. I was cured because my father finally allowed me to study technology, which was my life. Illusion for me was not a disease, but the mind’s ability to penetrate beyond the three dimensions of the earth.”

Psychology is not the science. It is the art. The art of human behaviour. The art of contemplating pain and hate many humans carry with them. It is so unfortunate to see how those that are masterminds seeking more than 1000 years revenge, manipulate with human suffering.

There was a country that collapsed. It is not Russia neither Ukraine.

It is Romania. That country was giving their babies to be adopt by foreigners. Their youth was destroyed and young men and woman started to look how to continue their lives abroad escaping the hardship. I will not talk about human trafficking, but about soul trafficking which is the worst atrocity those so called Wonderers have managed to do. But still, when I read their writings there are signs of doubt. The truth does not have doubt.  Those people burned alive in Odesa are the truth. Surprised? Propaganda? https://www.peoplesworld.org/article/ukrainian-rightists-burn-alive-39-at-odessa-union-building/  The only happy are Wonderers! Those that rape human souls.

It is a tragedy that the pure human consciousness in all those our fellow humans, manipulated to hate, comes out only after the unbelievable inhuman rage and firing of hatred. Many of those try to find a way to come back to humanity but in vain. Wonderers made them slaves and slaves they will be till they breathe. Such a tragedy!

As for Wonderers there is no mercy. No soul, no consciousness. Zero. They, the Wonderers are the core of all the tragedies our planet had last 1000 years. Absolutely yes  Everywhere and with everyone.  It is not about Conspiracy or about Who did what to whom. It is about how the Wonderers, by getting the right to “produce” paper money infiltrated all segments of our lives, blackmailing and threatening and corrupting all and everybody. Those that did not want to be everyone and everybody they conveniently got rid of. Remember Kennedy Dollar? And then 22/11/1963? Or Lincoln? Or Regan? Well Regan had a vice-president then to help with “continuation” of government. Zapata Oil.

To return to those fellow humans that are programed by their history to sow hatred. They do not stop,blinded with half truth and their experiences forced by circumstances made by Wonderers.  They will never escape those. But at least they try, poor souls. That is called the soul rape done from behind by the whole system made by the same Wonderers and the people they own!

Even that awaking of many is not certain let’s say that in 1936 Soviet Union wanted to make alliance to fight growing fascists threat. The meeting was organised in Poland. However the UK made sure the meeting was not successful, as then as now the forces behind 1666 fire exactly within the City of London borders, wanted Gemans to invade Russia. You all know who from European countries sent soldiers to fight Soviet Union. If you don’t then find out.

What is happening now, many poor souls think that it has to do with the trap wonderers made. Well you, when in trap those that feel that there is no way to go up dig more down till the hole of abyss is open. That hole might take them, even that the skillful diggers can go also left and right to protect themselves while all coming from up will be going strate to, as Dante Alighieri named it, inferno. Wonderers included. If that will not be the case and world reacts establishing new concept, pure and genuinely human, free of fascist and Wonderers, we as homosapiens have a chance. 

How the things develop the smallest country represented here in February 1945 will be replaced with the country with the biggest population and economy. So unfortunate if that happens.

Taken from the marvellous book of Chris Bellamy – Absolute War. Self explanatory. Those who investigate can find out which countries still supported Nazi Germany at the particular time and had their soldiers at these theatre of operations. Pity.

And usually, when bear starts walking doesn’t stop till there is an end. It does not have to do, all the time, with money and payments. It has to do with survival and higher idea. It has to do either patriotism and family values instead of insidiously promoted imbalances. Where is that going to end? Well there is no world war yet. But the theatre is being prepared for the war to start as economic situation of wanderers controlled system is cracking and imploding. From inside. They still have actors and other theatre equipment but in vain as the reality is awaking  citizens.

Courtesy of the book of Chris Bellamy-Absolute War

The tragedy is that Slavs are now fighting Slavs. That is unacceptable! If those wonderers had balls they would fight. However the Denazification will happen again.

And the truth will rise and enlighten our poor fellow human souls.  To quote myself from https://philosophyofgoodnews.wordpress.com/2022/02/23/sane-or-insane-no-8-the-truth/

“The truth. Big word. Huge word. That is why it is always being manipulated and complicated by more questions and more explanation. That is how you “water” it. I do hope that what you find here, together with your own investigative talents and curiosity, can be your truth also.
“One of the surest paths to the true future is to go in the direction in which your fear grows. “Milorad Pavic Dictionary of Khazars. Sir Winston Churchill said that” the truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end there it is.”

When we help ourselves God is ready to provide  help also.



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Comments and Criticism are encouraged as long as they are civilised. Thank you for understanding.


Human Saga-“Time makes more converts than a reason.”


“Do to others what you would like them to do to you.” THOMAS PAINE


One word is occupying my mind! TRAGEDY! It has to do not only with the war in Ukraine but with the state of mind of so many of us. Blind to the disasters that were prepared by one side and blind to the loss of life from all sides, we as humans are degrading ourselves to the point of draining our souls and consciousness.

Maybe the following quote from legendary Saul Alinsky and his book “Rules for Radicals,” could show the light in the tunnel: You do not need to agree with his whole concept, but you can not deny that his ideas are always current.

“As for Vietnam, I would like to see our nation be the first in the history of man to publicly say, “We were wrong! What we did was horrible. We got in and kept getting in deeper and deeper, and at every step, we invented new reasons for staying. We have paid part of the price in 44,000 dead Americans. There is nothing we can ever do to make it up to the people of Indo-China—or to our own people—but we will try. We believe that our world has come of age so that it is no longer a sign of weakness or defeat to abandon a childish pride and vanity, to admit we were wrong.” “Such an admission would shake up the foreign policy concepts of all nations and open the door to a new international order. This is our alternative to Vietnam—anything else is the old makeshift patchwork. If this were to happen, Vietnam may even have been somewhat worth it.”


Nearly one year passed, and we are still struggling. We are under constant pressure not to let the epidemic of fear go! The system is huge, and it is collapsing slowly until it reaches the point of no return. Maybe that point is reached already. However, the system is still struggling to survive. Won’t just give up. If it can not survive system wants to self-destruct, and in the process, wishes to take us with it. And it’s still nice for us. Isnt it? We continue simmering in lukewarm water adorned with beautiful fragrances! We do not smell war still. However, it is being discussed how to promote it and to use us a little bit more till we get cooked completely. The sooner we understand, the better for all of us! Happy awaking!

Now I go for coffee to wake up and get inspired. I hope with all my heart that I will inspire others. At least one! And do not forget

“Do to others what you would like them to do to you.”

-‐—————————————————————————— 11/1/2022

I often visit one place, a coffee shop where tales are exchanged, and boosters for the soul( I mean coffee ) are drunk. Following that booster ( I now use a modern word to be understandable to the majority), I asked my dear friend if he could change the music and introduce one in which vibrations awake the soul, smoothing the heart and inspiring the brain. Try it. It is a winning move! And investigate for a bit. Two minutes of your time would be a good start. 

So, my little experiment started. Some young men near me began to listen to other music using their cell phones. It continued for just some seconds three times, and then they stopped. By themselves. It is a free world. The balanced vibration music has overwhelmed the coffee shop. Ether, healed and cleared, starts to function, spreading the music vibes to us and the universe! Do you hear? You can! 

Little is needed to feel well if you are in the right frequency. Reading interviews of Nikola Tesla from the beginning of the last century will be revealing! 

Remember, nothing is possible if YOU are not prepared! To be prepared is a difficult thing requiring a lot of continuous work. Forget Darwin! Many forgot, but the system lets you get indoctrinated by the words that even Darwin did not mean! Then the same bunch of people made you think that Kropotkin is “anarchist” in the way they made this word sound! That man who wrote the book- Mutual Aid! Mutual aid! Mutual is what bothers all those costing us our development! Find out! Gurdjieff said that “the evolution of man depends on his understanding of what he may get and what he must give for it.”  

If we want to proceed with our evolution, we need to grow! Horizontally! Vertical is what the system wants, and horizontal is what humanity needs! There is nothing like overpopulated Earth! There is nothing like global warming! Investigate! Science, that one for the masses, became dogma! Dogma with their inquisitors! Their manipulators and kapos! 

And while I was writing this one, a caring message awakened me further! One message said- All ok with you after the earthquake? Connected with the music and with these seven words, I stopped with a wish to change the world and open the eyes of my fellow human beings! Instead, I wanted to feel the love! To live love, and give all my being to care for that beautiful soul lady with magic hands! And that is true! Feelings are developing slowly, rising carefully not to be disturbed until the foundation is made! Like a child learning to walk! Purpose of life? To love! To love without asking anything back! Everything will be in place for us if we are consistent, genuine, and pure! 

Hedonists? Maybe! To the point and without exaggeration! Hedonist one can be having a small glass of wine accompanied by the person caring about it! Or just feeling genuine warmth. Your senses will sharpen. Your sight, hearing abilities, smell, taste, and touch will improve! One after the other! From the state of sleep, you will rise towards the state of waking. 

And love! Be patient and consistent! But love with full lungs! 

Dream! When you are waking, do not forget to dream! We are a complex machine but a machine with a soul and feelings! Whoever aims to complicate, abandon it and proceed towards simplicity and common sense! We are free only when we unchain our inner selves. Only when we learn that less is more! Accepting less, we get more! Reflect, and you will see. 

Yesterday 10/1/2022 it was the date that my son was born, like many other human beings. Still, at the same time, it was the date when the pamphlet Common Sense by Thomas Paine, one of the founding fathers of the USA and one of the contributors to the declaration of Independence, was published! 

Advocating independence of American colonies from Britain, using simple language, as a medicine for the manipulated human soul it left with us a beautiful, deep meaning of his saying that “time makes more converts than a reason,” as well as teaching us that “the more simple anything is, the less liable it is to be disordered, and the easier repaired when disordered.” 

He did not mention greed, setting standards for what would be enough for one to have! In my essay, “what is enough,” I gave numbers and reasons for them! Many told me that this is crazy, but I like being crazy for writing the numbers! Just let me present you with some statistics, which is self-explanatory! Conclusion? Every idea is great as long as it is balanced! After that, it becomes destructive! 


I set the limits here https://philosophyofgoodnews.wordpress.com/2020/10/05/what-is-enough/ and in the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond you can see here I left many hints and as many stories that will clear your mind and take you towards awaking! BETER BE!

By achieving that limit, one should work to help others achieve it. The success would be measured by the COMMON GOOD and DEVELOPMENT of THE EARTH as a whole! Many of us will achieve immortality! By the way, Earth can sustain( you remember that word?) more than 20 billion people. Not slaves! People! For them, for all of us, to live in peace and develop, education is the key! Education about human values! Here Thomas Paine comes back again! 

He left with us words with which every person involved in education on this Earth should start his lesson with:  

“Do to others what you would like them to do to you.”

At the same time, he stated:

“Our present condition, is, legislation without law; wisdom without a plan; a constitution without the name; and, what is strangely astonishing, perfect independence contending for dependence… The property of no man is secure in the present unbraced system of things. The mind of the multitude is left at random, and feeling no fixed object before them, they pursue such, as fancy or opinion starts. Nothing is criminal; there is no such thing as treason; wherefore, everyone thinks himself at liberty to act as he pleases.”

Do those words look familiar today?

To be continued…

After many of the philosophyofgoodnews readers and followers requested, this writing is open and in the public domain! 


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Everything starts with the coffee(extracts from the eBook)

Extracts from the 237 pages eBook “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond,” you can purchase in Euros(9.00€)for immediate delivery by email using below link https://buy.stripe.com/4gw6oDeSTeEw2MofYY

and for USD(9.90$) you can use following lin


“Coffee shops are used to fight the monotony and boredom of social life.
From 1661 when an Indian called Budan brought the coffee to Amsterdam, the seeds for establishing coffee shops were planted. People started to use coffee shops for drinking this “magic” potion and exchange ideas, gain knowledge, and comment about everyday life. Generally to socialize freely! Coffee shops were not only serving coffee to the people. They were serving people offering coffee and the right atmosphere enabling them to open to one another. Coffee shops firstly became the places of awaking. Then when the concept of awaking started to affect the ruling class, coffee shops were penetrated with manipulative strategies. But till today, manipulation intensity is low there! We, the people, manage to purify the atmosphere by inventing new ways to communicate and awake each other.
I will share two stories that happened at the coffee shop I usually drink my morning coffee.
After the first quarantine and while we still have a lockdown after 11 pm, visiting the coffee shop was more than a ritual! I felt that the majority of us were coming there to feel awakened after a long sleep! We were starting to rediscover the significance of visiting a coffee shop.
One of those days, I wanted to make the atmosphere more alive and started playing the capital cities game! Capital cities game is the game of geography and imagination and further of inspiration and awareness. You say the country’s name and ask the people to tell their capital city!
That was the game I used to play with my children with the companion of the atlas.
We were looking at the atlas contemplating the position of the countries and learning the names of their capital cities. Then, at the second stage, the atlas was closed, and the blank paper entered the game!
I started to draw the shape of only one country and then asked my children to let me know which countries were bordering that specific country and what are the names of their capital cities. As they slowly found the answers, I transferred my pen through the imaginative ocean and asked them about other continents’ countries and capitals.
When I started the game at the coffee shop, my dear human beings serving the coffee began to react and started to play the game. We “found out” about Australia capital-Canberra, Venezuela’s-Caracas, Chile’s-Santiago, Turkey’s-Ankara, Romanian-Bucharest, Peru’s-Lima, Nederlands-Amsterdam, India’s-New Delhi, Pakistan’s-Islamabad, Malaysia’s-Kuala Lumpur, Ireland’s-Dublin, Serbia’s-Belgrade, Cyprus-Nicosia till the moment where a beautiful young lady asked about the capital of Madagascar!
I must say that she found my “Achilles tendon!” I did not know, even that my mind immediately went to the story of an Italian friend of mine who adopted the child from Madagascar! But, still, in vain, I could not recall the name of the capital!
So, we agreed to open the internet and find out!
So we were delighted! Valentina, that is her name, that she found a capital I did not know, and me that I learned it!
The result was that we all, including our dear friend George, were wholeheartedly smiling and enjoying these beautiful, highly human moments where we did not talk about “flattening the curve” and counting bad things but learning new positive, inspirational information!
Inspirational as by mentioning all these capital cities we were initiating imagination and dreams how life should be! Contrary to all those that want us desperate and in fear! But the story did not finish here!
The next morning I came to the same place, and Valentina and George greeted me with broad smiles and happiness one can easily feel when all is genuine! Then it happened!
Valentina’s beautiful hand went into the pocket of her trousers where she took one piece of paper! She smiled. Her sweet, humble, human, genuine smile disarmed me, and I was waiting to see what happens next.
She asked me: ” So, what is the capital of Madagascar?” Hahaha. I forgot!
I said that I had forgotten!
She took the paper and read it-Antananarivo!
I was, and I am still impressed with her zeal to play and contribute to our psychological, human well-being! Both George and I were utterly and positively amazed by her attitude and way of thinking! Antananarivo became the code name for initiating all that human, genuine friendship between us! Valentina is the name not to be forgotten!……..”

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Darko Richard Lancelot

“Quarantine Diaries and Beyond” eBook First edition 22/11/2021

eBook          ISBN: 978-9925-594-57-3

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