Swarm Buzzling(or how to degrade a human) No.1

Do you remember the still circulating pattern that dogs are more valuable than humans? How many of us are still accepting it? How many of us were or still are “infected” with the same status?Instead of the innate feeling that humans are good, we, THE HUMANS, consolidate the opposite feeling that humans are bad, butContinue reading “Swarm Buzzling(or how to degrade a human) No.1”

Dancing on the sinking ship

It is now evident that tiny, little, insidious characters do not have any capacity to proceed. They just dance and make different show in the circus while the ship is sinking. Once, on the surface stable economies based on pure greed that destroyed all manners and virtues in communication between people are facing disaster. PoliticiansContinue reading “Dancing on the sinking ship”

Sane or Insane-Tragedy of the rats

23/3/2022 Hate! Hatred! Institutionalised Hatred! Such a degradation that will leave scars at our societies for a long long time. Will we remember what has been done what is being done? If memory is satisfied desire, said by Carlos Fuentes, then it is better to forget. Immediately! To stop, to take a deep breath, toContinue reading “Sane or Insane-Tragedy of the rats”

Sane or Insane- To Talk or To Fly?

I do not know from where to start. After so many years, the Nuclear Deterrent Forces of one of the superpowers have been put on the “highest alert.”“Personal dogmas, idiosyncratic conceptions of the world, can serve the same purposes, making particular beliefs both plausible and rigid, impervious to communications from the opponent. Simple misinformation orContinue reading “Sane or Insane- To Talk or To Fly?”

Sane or Insane No.8 The truth

The truth. Big word. Huge word. That is why it is always being manipulated and complicated by more questions and more explanation. That is how you “water” it. I do hope that what you find here, together with your own investigative talents and curiosity, can be your truth also.“One of the surest paths to theContinue reading “Sane or Insane No.8 The truth”

Table of Content for eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond

Complete Table of Contents for you to get informed. You can purchase this 236 pages eBook at https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/quarantine-diaries-and-beyond-book/ For euro payments please click below link https://buy.stripe.com/4gw6oDeSTeEw2MofYY For USD use this link https://buy.stripe.com/8wM9AP267bsk2Mo9AC For GBP use this link https://buy.stripe.com/9AQ7sH3abbsk5YAfZ1 TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction Page 3Foreword Page 6Before the Diary Page 8Just near the start Page 9QuarantineContinue reading “Table of Content for eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond”

Flattening the curve

So, where are all those specialists analyzing the statistics and how to flatten the curve? Where are those “Trust science not morons?”So many stupidities have been said and done all for one experiment! And again, many of us succumbed and, instead to awake, continued sleeping. Sleeping is a state very well known to humans—the easiestContinue reading “Flattening the curve”

AO 2022 winner IS HUMANITY!

Cover photo is a collage from Canada, Australia and Netherlands with huge sorry for all the others who are not included. You will be! THIS IS A HUMANITY GRAND SLAM! As manipulated AO tournament is finished, no one will remember who won as the NUMBER ONE was thrown out of it using the most insidiousContinue reading “AO 2022 winner IS HUMANITY!”