Letter from 1920

Below is the letter written in 1920 by a Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić. It is the man who have met four characters that determined the world history; Gavrilo Pricip the assassin of Prince Ferdinand as young member of “Mlada Bosna” movement, Hitler as Yugoslav Diplomat, Stalin from the same position and Tito. Knowing howContinue reading “Letter from 1920”

“Is the WWIII near?”

Colorful Lie is coming to an end, either by WWIII or by the Collapse of all the Lies. Below is the article written by Mr. Nebojsa Vasovic professor of the Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade, translated and published with his kind permission. This article was first published in Serbian on May 17thContinue reading ““Is the WWIII near?””

Astara–Rasht Railway and Geopolitics of Euro Asia

From the famous article of Harold John Mackinder that caused so many terrible events and cost innumerable lives because of greed of the ruling class of then superpower, till today passed 119 years and 104 years after his summarised theory that says: “Who rules East Europe commands the heartland; Who rules the Heartland commands theContinue reading “Astara–Rasht Railway and Geopolitics of Euro Asia”

History shows that Conspiracy grows

Preparing new edition of the essay “Conspiracy Practitioners,” requires substantial research. While doing it I found some important information. Namely, in 1865 Secretary of Treasury Mr. Hugh McCulloch made following statement: “The people are out of dept and consequently prosperous.” At the same time Abraham Lincoln stated: “As a result of the war corporations haveContinue reading “History shows that Conspiracy grows”

Victory Day 9th of May

9th of May 1945 was the day when the Soviet Union declared victory over Nazi Germany, saving the world from the ideology that have cost humanity 56 million lives! “Deaths directly caused by the war (including military and civilian fatalities) are estimated at 50–56 million, with an additional estimated 19–28 million deaths from war-related disease and famine. CivilianContinue reading “Victory Day 9th of May”

“Cultural Cooperation”

Cultural Cooperation What is cultural cooperation? Both words look human and acceptable. The masses can use both words as positive narratives and guiding ideas for life purposes. Nothing wrong? It could be if it were not used to confuse and then bewitch unsuspecting masses innately implanted with goodness and humanity!How is that done?By standardizing everything!OfContinue reading ““Cultural Cooperation””

Tucker Carlson- say “I LOVE YOU TO ALL THOSE YOU LOVE.”

For last three years I do not watch TV. But I was following Tucker Carlson because of all those things that all of us were following him. In short. Because of Common sense. Common sense that was somehow lost in those couple of years, where evil governed over goodness. Where greed prevailed over compasion. NowContinue reading “Tucker Carlson- say “I LOVE YOU TO ALL THOSE YOU LOVE.””

To Reform, or to Replace? United Nations at the crossroad.

I can’t escape the impression that many events are staged, and only some participants know the actual state of affairs and its fundamental aims. Also, I can’t escape the belief that the invisible hand exists and deliberately collapses many crucial proposals that would lead to solutions to difficult situations that would improve our world. ThatContinue reading “To Reform, or to Replace? United Nations at the crossroad.”

“Them or US, or Them with US?

https://darkorichardlancelot.substack.com/p/them-or-us-or-them-with-us Will they come tonthe senses and join us or we will be across one another? Will we wait till it comes to our neighbourhood, to our home or will we react and bring the instigators to the senses? What would be the price? Did this happen before? Interesting post of our Darko Richard Lancelot.Continue reading ““Them or US, or Them with US?”