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Conspiracy Practitioners II

Kindly Google the term “Conspiracy Practitioners,” and you will see that the term does not exists. Interesting, isn’t it? Philosophyofgoodnews is announcing the start of the series of essays about Conspiracy Practitioners. The term Conspiracy Practitioners has been used first time ever by us with the first essay titled Conspiracy Practitioners published February 26th 2021Continue reading “Conspiracy Practitioners II”

Old School project game

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How to take over the world

Following video of the “Early Warning Cartoon” made in 1930s which I just found courtesy of one of the commentators in social media outlets, is of real interest. It could be the inspiring tool for many awaiting the right technology to do it! Could it be that it is happening now? You conclude. Many moreContinue reading “How to take over the world”

Entrapped by own cunning-Tragedy of the system

“Democracy statistically equates stupidity with reason, and to idiots, only if they are enough, allows to rule the world! ” These wise words are from the novel “Rabies” written by Borislav Pekic, a Serbian writer who was living in exile in London during Tito regime. He knew something we the masses are comprehending now. ItContinue reading “Entrapped by own cunning-Tragedy of the system”

Let’s dance Zorba

Below link is included in the eBook “Quarantine diaries and beyond” you can preorder here and by sending your one day diary became coauthor of the book. Your copy, each copy, will be unique as it will contain your diary page we will include in the copy we send you. https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/subscription-page/ And know as lifeContinue reading “Let’s dance Zorba”


In the upcoming eBook “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond,” there is a day 10 being April 3 rd 2020.The title is THE THIRD WAVE, and it is about a theatre performance held on 20 and 21st of March 2017 by Pancyprian Gymnasium students, which I had the privilege to attend both. I thought that people areContinue reading “THE THIRD WAVE-AGAIN”

“All Greek to me”

“All is Greek to me!” that used to be! Before starting, it is an absolute must to state that a tiny group of provocateurs can not diminish the greatness of all the other people participating in this unique event! NOOOOOO! Of course not! “All is Greek to me” idiom expression is used in English whenContinue reading ““All Greek to me””

Novak Djokovic-“Gde si Brate!?”

Twenty times Grand Slam winner with six Wimbledon titles, Novak Djokovic is writing the unique history of tennis!Before going further, it is good to give it a try and translate the expression “Gde si brate,” from Serbian to the English language.So “Gde Si Brate!?” can be translated as1) Hey, bro2) What’s up, Brother?3) How yaContinue reading “Novak Djokovic-“Gde si Brate!?””

It will pass

It looks like that it is the day of stories!So, here is one from ancient China.Fater and son, from a young age, were working hard at the rice fields.Father had a hobby which was Calligraphy. He was teaching his son during their spare time the technique and wanted his son to become a master ofContinue reading “It will pass”

Chill your beans and awake

Do we “Spit in the wind,” when asked not to?In previous thought shared with you, there was a kind invitation not “to spit in the wind” mentioning “Kapos” of the concentration camps in the terrible WWII to somehow awake one or two of us, not to participate in it. If yes, it would be aContinue reading “Chill your beans and awake”

New Epidemiology dictionary (in making)

This is the beginning of new epidemiology dictionary. We kindly ask you to contribute with your word suggestions. Thank you. Family- the place where children who are not vaccinated will transfer the virus to vaccinated parents Variants- If Delta is not enough Delta Plus to be introduced Herd immunity – with every new variant addContinue reading “New Epidemiology dictionary (in making)”

Do not spit in the wind

Old idea new way to implement control and divide and rule policies. “A kapo or prisoner functionary was a special type of prisoner in the Nazi concentration camps during The Holocaust. Kapos were chosen by the Schutzstaffel (SS) camp guards to help run the camps. Some kapos were in charge of other prisoners, who had to do forced labor.” During the second world war, at concentration campsContinue reading “Do not spit in the wind”

Ignorance or Corruption

Helena Blavatsky said to not be afraid of your difficulties. “Do not wish you could be in other circumstances than you are. For when you have made the best of an adversity, it becomes the stepping stone to a splendid opportunity!” I can’t get rid of the impression that the propaganda is waning. It seemsContinue reading “Ignorance or Corruption”

Common Sense Today

When reading some of the articles covering this situation we are passing through now, one needs to be very optimistic about our human consciousness, which can not be deleted by anything! It can be suppressed by money, nice cars, rare wristwatches, and other corruption methods, but not deleted!  All approval agencies, and please help ifContinue reading “Common Sense Today”

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