Quarantine diaries

Awaking is possible-Always

“Midday breeze relaxed mind squeeze New ideas born, extracted is the thorn soul becomes airborne!” Darko Richard Lancelot We are approaching the times of uncertainty and turbulence. Those times will be more difficult as we became conformist and lost freedom to act for the common good. We are afraid to lose something that is alreadyContinue reading “Awaking is possible-Always”

9th of May – Awaking

Who ever likes to sleep is encouraged to continue. When the time comes you will wake up by yourself. In the mean time some can continue swarm-buzzling while at sleep. All is human. The tragedy of the rats. It looks like “they” wanted to become rats. Underground rats that show their strenght only when inContinue reading “9th of May – Awaking”

False Flag in making

How to cover the disaster made? How to provoke the enemy and try to unite your own people? FALSE FLAG! The western part has PhD in that. The preparation for FALSE FLAG is under way. White helmets, senator proposing Bill, sneaky talk in the completely corrupted public channels, etc… Nothing new as those who areContinue reading “False Flag in making”

Alliance of the World’s Nations

Will the “Alliance of the World Nations,” become the new organisation of all independent nations? If yes than its headquarters should be in London as UK is a civilised country and the real owner of the USA. That new organisation will be global in the best way, propagating togetherness and universal love. London will beContinue reading “Alliance of the World’s Nations”

You are what you are and they are what they are

West plays AS IF game! AS IF all is well in the state of Denmark, AS IF all of us will be well, till it implodes without warning. It looks like again the Germany will be paying the most for its deep weakness. Or UK? Less likely France. Many messages, important for those connecting puzzleContinue reading “You are what you are and they are what they are”

The Truth

What it is not and what it is?! It is not the aim of philosophyofgoodnews to have monopoly to the truth and to judge anyone, but to write facts and let you, the readers to find your truth, by your own reasoning. It is a complete, pure, genuine solo effort not financed by anyone andContinue reading “The Truth”

Will SUN Continue to Rise-UP TO US ONLY!

When those that are lulled to think that are exceptional say that they want the others to act constructively, that constructively meaning in plain language is – act as I tell you! Every time! That is over now. Not completely but it is loosing momentum every single moment. Let’s refresh memories as many of usContinue reading “Will SUN Continue to Rise-UP TO US ONLY!”

How to degrade a human No.2″It’s a long way to Tipperary!”

“My friends, we’re being played for fools.” But at least we started awaking and realizing it! This morning I read a highly awaking article about our freedom and what it really means and looks like today. The subtitle is from there.Here is the link https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/the_illusion_of_freedom_were_only_as_free_as_the_government_allowsTo continue with the quote of Noreena Hertz, I used atContinue reading “How to degrade a human No.2″It’s a long way to Tipperary!””

Swarm Buzzling(or how to degrade a human) No.1

Do you remember the still circulating pattern that dogs are more valuable than humans? How many of us are still accepting it? How many of us were or still are “infected” with the same status?Instead of the innate feeling that humans are good, we, THE HUMANS, consolidate the opposite feeling that humans are bad, butContinue reading “Swarm Buzzling(or how to degrade a human) No.1”

Following the obituary

Today could be baptised as sandy day where I spend my time in life. Sand covered the sky and dispersed into the atmosphere creating mixed feelings. Sometimes, I thought, it is necessary to have the weather like today as it gives the opportunity to reflect deeper into self than when sun and clear skies overwhelmContinue reading “Following the obituary”

Biolabs-Insanity of Mengele continues

Being racist is not by declaration. It is by practice. The practice of experimenting on various viruses and them making new pathogens to affect particular race. Like Slavs. Both Ukraine, New Russia and Russia people. And all other Slavs now nurtured by hatred towards other Slavs! Like sympathetic Polish, Czech and Slovakia people. Wake up!Continue reading “Biolabs-Insanity of Mengele continues”

Dancing on the sinking ship

It is now evident that tiny, little, insidious characters do not have any capacity to proceed. They just dance and make different show in the circus while the ship is sinking. Once, on the surface stable economies based on pure greed that destroyed all manners and virtues in communication between people are facing disaster. PoliticiansContinue reading “Dancing on the sinking ship”

Sane or Insane-The Prize that Vandalize-OIL

As Daniel Yergin said at the beginning of his (another Prize to Utilize) 1991 book “The Prize-The epic quest for oil, money, and power:” “IT WAS A MATTER of the missing $526.08.” That was 1854! But before that, there was a curiosity of some businessmen, the predecessors of todays popularly called “startups,” that heard andContinue reading “Sane or Insane-The Prize that Vandalize-OIL”

Sane or Insane-Common sense is not so Common

After the head of one house used such words for the head of another house, the world is in deep trouble. Hopefully all this hate projected and injected will not last as long as Methuselah which life span according to Bible was 969 years. Some months maybe, but it would be enough for great manyContinue reading “Sane or Insane-Common sense is not so Common”

Sane or Insane- Paying the tribute

It’s not enough. Never will be till the Empire is, or reformed or it dissappears, it fades away. The Empire looks now like the house of cards. When there is no idea to unite it, no spiritual values to make people move with vigour and be ready to sacrifice for, when leaders elected are corruptedContinue reading “Sane or Insane- Paying the tribute”

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