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Everything starts with the coffee(extracts from the eBook)

Extracts from the 227 pages eBook “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond,” you can purchase in Euros for immediate delivery by email using below link https://buy.stripe.com/4gw6oDeSTeEw2MofYY and in USD you can use following lin https://buy.stripe.com/8wM9AP267bsk2Mo9AC “Coffee shops are used to fight the monotony and boredom of social life.From 1661 when an Indian called Budan brought the coffeeContinue reading “Everything starts with the coffee(extracts from the eBook)”

Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook

Click to the link below to purchase the 227 page eBook without using PayPal  https://buy.stripe.com/4gw6oDeSTeEw2MofYY When you order please send mail to philosophyofgoodnews@gmail.com to enable us to send you the eBook immediately! Thank you! And as Bob Dylan said-“Stay Observant”! I had a talk with one of the people interested in the book. I told her that forContinue reading “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond eBook”

Let your soul be your guide

We live in a world made of manipulation, lies, and fairy tales.Manipulation keeps you intact and busy not to think to investigate further; lies are used to attack common sense and project the fear of losing conformity, pseudo conformity, and fairytales that serve as a sweet without letting you learn how excessive sugar affects yourContinue reading “Let your soul be your guide”

Quarantine Diaries and Beyond Extracts

Here are some of the extracts from the upcoming book Quarantine Diaries and Beyond to be published soon. Day 33 Today I had in mind how I would describe myself in one photo.The above photo, the photo I use in the philosophyofgoodnews Facebook page, was in front of me to help me reflect on theContinue reading “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond Extracts”

Green Pass/Safe Pass/Code Pass/

Are we sane? Do we realize where this all is going? Do we comprehend that no matter about so called science represented by idiots, we are not walking but running towards abyss! The concept guys planners and practitioners managed for many of us to get the liquid. Now when is getting obvious that the liquidContinue reading “Green Pass/Safe Pass/Code Pass/”

To enhance or to suppress?

In recent weeks many beautiful events have occurred that made me more confident that HUMANITY WILL PREVAIL!Meeting people with different backgrounds, speaking different languages, having different life experiences helped me realize that we all have one thing in common!Need for LOVE AND TOGETHERNESS!I will publish the stories of two recent trips soon as they willContinue reading “To enhance or to suppress?”

Lost Swimming Trunks

Swimming trunks forgotten Who cares, you or some of you would say when reading the title! But if the title was “She Again!” then your blood would start circulating faster as your curiosity would immediately reach high levels! Well, I was thinking of controlling the circulation by slowly going to the point! But in vain!Continue reading “Lost Swimming Trunks”

A for Afghanistan and B for Biden

There are many comments from many critics of current USA President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw the US Army from Afghanistan. Obviously, Afghanistan was a lucrative business opportunity for many in the upper and lower echelons of the establishment. Tax-free, duty-free profits in the range of two thousand percent at least, and beyond comprehension amountContinue reading “A for Afghanistan and B for Biden”

Magic of living

Waking up in the magic place, something nearest to my idea of paradise, with thoughts about what represents friendship and what happiness inspires me to enjoy life. It immediately reminded me of Pythagoras and what he said, that “the art of living is to live in the present,” whatever that present might be. When youContinue reading “Magic of living”

Snails and United Cyprus

Meet the edible snail of Karpaz and whole Cyprus While recently hiking in the Karpaz peninsula on the beautiful island of Cyprus, while on the road towards three churches built near the ancient and important city of Urania and recently restored by EU, UNDP, and both Cypriot communities, I found this fantastic snail shell. IContinue reading “Snails and United Cyprus”

Book on the beach

Going to the beach is a ritual to many. Preparing towel, sunscreen cream, maybe a sandwich or two, mask, changing dress and anything else your mind says, is definitely a ritual. For many is rush but, I want to believe, to as many is a ritual. That is called “old school,”where all that is worthyContinue reading “Book on the beach”

Old School project Books on the beach

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Old School project game

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How to take over the world

Following video of the “Early Warning Cartoon” made in 1930s which I just found courtesy of one of the commentators in social media outlets, is of real interest. It could be the inspiring tool for many awaiting the right technology to do it! Could it be that it is happening now? You conclude. Many moreContinue reading “How to take over the world”

“All Greek to me”

“All is Greek to me!” that used to be! Before starting, it is an absolute must to state that a tiny group of provocateurs can not diminish the greatness of all the other people participating in this unique event! NOOOOOO! Of course not! “All is Greek to me” idiom expression is used in English whenContinue reading ““All Greek to me””

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