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Philosophy of looting-Reality is ticking

Philosophy of looting-Reality knocks at the door While EU parliamentarians do not have anything to do except serve the interests of the groups that finance them and spend their enormous salaries and presents for their wellbeing only, the people that supposed voted for them are preparing for a significant decrease in their economies and theirContinue reading “Philosophy of looting-Reality is ticking”


Every day we learn more! The question is, why we did not know about it before? So-called – “incident!”It reminds me of Russian planes shot by Turkish F-16s and Syrian air defense provoked by Israeli F-16s. Or about the story in the book of Jeffry Archer, “The Fourth Estate.” Recommend this fantastic book!Namely, Keith TownsendContinue reading “7/11/1944”

Sokollu Mehmed Pasha

Long before American independence Ottoman Empire ruled many places. One of the memorable statesman was a Grand Vizier of three Sultans, Mehmet Pasha Sokollu. Some years ago monument showing two brothers or two close relatives, Mehmed Pasha Sokollu – Sokolovic and Makarije Sokolovic, was unveiled at Andric Grad near Visegrad. Visegrad is a home townContinue reading “Sokollu Mehmed Pasha”

Insane Delusion

It is throughout the history that we have those creatures around us acting for us without us! They are delusional and insane. Tragedy.
The term insane delusion is used by J.M.Keynes in his remarkable 1919 book “The Economic Consequences of Peace.” ….

Brief thoughts

Lithuania – who looses in strategy looses nerves first and uses others to get punched as no courage left! That is an island country, so poorly runned ex colonial power. Without reforms ex will stay. From TASS news agency “Vilnius is not blocking Russia’s Kaliningrad, says Lithuanian PMEarlier, it was reported that Lithuanian officials hadContinue reading “Brief thoughts”

While Drinking Beer

While drinking beer, not for 100 euros (https://philosophyofgoodnews.wordpress.com/2022/06/19/beer-and-profits/ ), I got many messages from concerned people reading the above post sharing their thoughts about what we are passing now. They all share the same feelings. That of uncertainty, fear, anger, and despair. Few are positive. Increasing prices of all products became daily news, drastically affectingContinue reading “While Drinking Beer”

Beer and Profits

Recently I came across below anecdote. “A German walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender tells him: “That’ll be 100 euros.” The German is in shock. “What do you mean, 100 euros? Yesterday it was only 10!” “Well today it’s 100.” “But why 100, dammit?!” “I’ll explain it to you now”, theContinue reading “Beer and Profits”

Observant and Curious

As the atmosphere initiates inspiration, and while taking notes of my thoughts one name came to my mind. Namely, just recently, I was talking to the very dear friend. He introduced to me Khalil Gibran( 1883-1931) the famous Lebanese philosopher, poet, writer… whom he rediscovered recently. Sign that we sometimes read the book and areContinue reading “Observant and Curious”

Sorry we made a mistake

It looks like some not widely visible forces pushed and highly managed to destroy all the  communication bridges between Russia and the so-called Western world. Just to state the obvious. So-called Western world has around a billion( 1,000,000,000) inhabitants while the projected world population on Jan. 1, 2022 is 7,868,872,451. However minority learned to rule majorityContinue reading “Sorry we made a mistake”

The worst is better

Who do you think you are to pressure and corrupt people of foreign lands to commit their economic suicide? You have more than 800 hundred military bases around OUR planet, EARTH! You destroyed numerous countries to make military bases. You are not the owner of OUR EARTH! You are just a small, SMALL member ofContinue reading “The worst is better”

9th of May – Awaking

Whoever likes to sleep is encouraged to continue. When the time comes, you will wake up by yourself. In the meantime, some can continue swarm-buzzing while at sleep. All are human. The tragedy of the rats. It looks like “they” wanted to become rats. Underground rats show their strength only when in a pack. Insidiously.Continue reading “9th of May – Awaking”

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