Black Jack, Cricket and Chess

Impression, confusion and the beauty of the strategy. Impression, the way that once important news outlets work today is irreversibly tragic. They are all in a total dismay. When you start with lies and not repair it fast but continue with even bigger lies the expiry date instead to be prolonged is shortened and fast.Continue reading “Black Jack, Cricket and Chess”

Will SUN Continue to Rise-UP TO US ONLY!

When those that are lulled to think that are exceptional say that they want the others to act constructively, that constructively meaning in plain language is – act as I tell you! Every time! We have to do with dementia influenced personality, following the policy of his advisors that are sect educated hypocrites, induced withContinue reading “Will SUN Continue to Rise-UP TO US ONLY!”

How to degrade a human No.2″It’s a long way to Tipperary!”

“My friends, we’re being played for fools.” But at least we started awaking and realizing it! This morning I read a highly awaking article about our freedom and what it really means and looks like today. The subtitle is from there.Here is the link continue with the quote of Noreena Hertz, I used atContinue reading “How to degrade a human No.2″It’s a long way to Tipperary!””

Swarm Buzzling(or how to degrade a human) No.1

Do you remember the still circulating pattern that dogs are more valuable than humans? How many of us are still accepting it? How many of us were or still are “infected” with the same status?Instead of the innate feeling that humans are good, we, THE HUMANS, consolidate the opposite feeling that humans are bad, butContinue reading “Swarm Buzzling(or how to degrade a human) No.1”

Biolabs-Insanity of Mengele continues

Being racist is not by declaration. It is by practice. The practice of experimenting on various viruses and them making new pathogens to affect particular race. Like Slavs. Both Ukraine, New Russia and Russia people. And all other Slavs now nurtured by hatred towards other Slavs! Like sympathetic Polish, Czech and Slovakia people. Wake up!Continue reading “Biolabs-Insanity of Mengele continues”

Dancing on the sinking ship

It is now evident that tiny, little, insidious characters do not have any capacity to proceed. They just dance and make different show in the circus while the ship is sinking. Once, on the surface stable economies based on pure greed that destroyed all manners and virtues in communication between people are facing disaster. PoliticiansContinue reading “Dancing on the sinking ship”