No Amnesty-The Earth is ours

6/12/2022 Here is another report one should read LINK IS HERE you can easily translate it into any language. Dear fellow humans! So much new information is circulating around us, and we still have issues with how to investigate, whom to believe, and to think clearly with common sense!There is a reason!Again it is inContinue reading “No Amnesty-The Earth is ours”

Cosmos 2560

So, here is the news. Yesterday night or today very early morning depending on which time you consider valid, having in mind for those that do not know that the only place which discusses the concept of Time in the whole world can be found at Lomonosov University, the ANGARA 1.2 light rocket launch tookContinue reading “Cosmos 2560”

All the scoundrels of this world, united!

They are now united! All scoundrels are united! They are united and they are the real and present danger for the Earth! They are not controllable and they will do anything to start World War III! Nuclear War!So, why and how and what and if and everything is important to learn. As those rats, allContinue reading “All the scoundrels of this world, united!”

Sane or insane-Awaking will continue

Florida surgeon general advises against the COVID-19 vaccine for young men. Here is the link In the memorable movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Bill Haydon confess to George Smiley continuing with his observation about the western society. He says: “Do you know what is killing western society, George? Greed and constipation. Moral, political, aesthetic.” AllContinue reading “Sane or insane-Awaking will continue”