Quarantine diaries Day 30-We will rise again

Day 30In now far 1990s, there was a significant shift in the world. The Soviet Union collapsed, the Warsaw pact ceased to exist, Germany was united even that Margaret Thacher opposed it fiercely but late! The so-called “Cold War” finished with USA President George Bush declaring the win for the USA and its allies, mentioningContinue reading “Quarantine diaries Day 30-We will rise again”

Quarantine diaries-Day 29 And we rise again

Day 29Nearly a month in the quarantine. I was thinking about people’s reactions following lockdown. It is confirmed once again that we are never satisfied. However, if it was justified or not, we will find after some time. What we have now is to follow the instructions and be patient until this is all finished.Continue reading “Quarantine diaries-Day 29 And we rise again”

Give wax, take wax Quarantine diaries-Day 26

Yesterday it was a day we got many new information about China, USA, Russia, the UK, Italy, Germany, France and, of course, Trump.More powerful, you can find below the exchange of thoughts with my Italian friend!Further, the day has been spiced with specialist reports about the economy, virus laboratory in Wuhan giving us just beyondContinue reading “Give wax, take wax Quarantine diaries-Day 26”

Dragon strike-2021 instead of 2001

It is a part of quarantine diaries as it originated in quarantine we all are in still. I will baptize it Day X=26 ! Twenty-three years ago, the book “Dragon Strike” The Millennium War published by Humphrey Hawksley and Simon Holberton tried to make future history and predict the coming war with China in 2001.Continue reading “Dragon strike-2021 instead of 2001”

Quarantine diaries-Day 24

Here is the link for eBook- https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/subscription-page/ Day 24With lockdown and quarantine going on and as various Governments are looking for ways to introduce new grants to the economy concerned about the reaction of the people when this situation is allowed to be behind us quarantine diaries are a way to go back reflect andContinue reading “Quarantine diaries-Day 24”