Pythagoras and variants II-MUU is here

In my short article”Pythagoras and Variants,” published just two months ago, there is a mention of Pythagoras theorem and Greek Alphabet.It was written before Afghanistan and before Putin and Baiden and Xi talks.Well, I must say that it was omitted to mention one crucial letter of the same alphabet, which is indirectly mentioned in termsContinue reading “Pythagoras and variants II-MUU is here”

A for Afghanistan and B for Biden

There are many comments from many critics of current USA President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw the US Army from Afghanistan. Obviously, Afghanistan was a lucrative business opportunity for many in the upper and lower echelons of the establishment. Tax-free, duty-free profits in the range of two thousand percent at least, and beyond comprehension amountContinue reading “A for Afghanistan and B for Biden”