It will pass

It looks like that it is the day of stories!So, here is one from ancient China.Fater and son, from a young age, were working hard at the rice fields.Father had a hobby which was Calligraphy. He was teaching his son during their spare time the technique and wanted his son to become a master ofContinue reading “It will pass”

New Epidemiology dictionary (in making)

This is the beginning of new epidemiology dictionary. We kindly ask you to contribute with your word suggestions. Thank you. Family- the place where children who are not vaccinated will transfer the virus to vaccinated parents Variants- If Delta is not enough Delta Plus to be introduced Herd immunity – with every new variant addContinue reading “New Epidemiology dictionary (in making)”

Do not spit in the wind

Old idea new way to implement control and divide and rule policies. “A kapo or prisoner functionary was a special type of prisoner in the Nazi concentration camps during The Holocaust. Kapos were chosen by the Schutzstaffel (SS) camp guards to help run the camps. Some kapos were in charge of other prisoners, who had to do forced labor.” During the second world war, at concentration campsContinue reading “Do not spit in the wind”

“Better Be!”

While the book is being prepared for internet and paperback editions, I started getting first feedback from the readers. I will share one which is self explanatory. In English and in Italian. Written by Mr. Adriano Davidoni my long time Italian friend, art and book lover, writer and collector of wrist watches. “To be orContinue reading ““Better Be!””