Following the obituary

Today could be baptised as sandy day where I spend my time in life. Sand covered the sky and dispersed into the atmosphere creating mixed feelings. Sometimes, I thought, it is necessary to have the weather like today as it gives the opportunity to reflect deeper into self than when sun and clear skies overwhelmContinue reading “Following the obituary”

Mihai Eminescu “Of all dreams we will dream the happiest”

Mihai Eminescu is back! He is always ready to be back! When the soul is at the right place and working, we are ready to welcome magicians back! One of those magicians is Mihai Eminescu.”The godfather of modern Romanian language”. Mihai Eminescu was called many names like “Romanian Shakespeare” and “The last Romantic”. I thinkContinue reading “Mihai Eminescu “Of all dreams we will dream the happiest””