AO 2022 winner IS HUMANITY!

Cover photo is a collage from Canada, Australia and Netherlands with huge sorry for all the others who are not included. You will be! THIS IS A HUMANITY GRAND SLAM! As manipulated AO tournament is finished, no one will remember who won as the NUMBER ONE was thrown out of it using the most insidiousContinue reading “AO 2022 winner IS HUMANITY!”

“Inherit the Wind,” Novak Djokovic

“Inherit the Wind,” Novak DjokovicIntegrity lost AO closed. Whatever the wishes. It is closed.Poor people. For sure, they did not bother to read Thomas Paine!“Time makes more converts than a reason!” and even more important“Do to others what you would like them to do to you!”Some years ago, when in London, I went to seeContinue reading ““Inherit the Wind,” Novak Djokovic”

Human Saga-“Time makes more converts than a reason.”

“Do to others what you would like them to do to you.” THOMAS PAINE 12/12/2022 Nearly one year passed and still we are struggling. We are in the constant preasure not to let epidemic of fear go! The system is huge and it is collapsing slowly until it reaches the point of no return. MaybeContinue reading “Human Saga-“Time makes more converts than a reason.””

To enhance or to suppress?

In recent weeks many beautiful events have occurred that made me more confident that HUMANITY WILL PREVAIL! Meeting people with different backgrounds, speaking different languages, having different life experiences helped me realize that we all have one thing in common!Need for LOVE AND TOGETHERNESS!I will publish the stories of two recent trips soon as theyContinue reading “To enhance or to suppress?”

Conspiracy Practitioners

(1) (2) “How Diplomats make War” Francis Neilson- 1915( Leo Amery speech-Remember “Peaky Blinders?”) (3) ” Nicholas and Alexandra” Robert Massie 1968 (4)”How Diplomats make War” Francis Neilson-1915 (5)Translation of the author from the book “Pukovnik Apis” Milan Z Zivanovic 1955 (6) “How Diplomats make War” Francis Neilson-1915 (7) H.H. Asquith “Letters to VenetiaContinue reading “Conspiracy Practitioners”