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When you hear one bad, fear-based news, immediately express three positive human thoughts! Say it loud! Helps a lot!
Or come here under the rainbow!  
Quarantine Diaries and Beyond share cognition, let you learn, and make you investigate, further sharpening your common sense. You will read about simplicity, love, ordinary things (as “simple” breathing), Leonardo da Vinci, Greek Zorba, and Alan Ford, about Chopin and Eminescu and about Antoine Bechamp and Louis Pasteur, Trumpism came gone and preparing a comeback, Nikola Tesla, Orwell, vitamin D, some details of the 1919 experiment, important today also, about professor Carroll Quigley, Conspiracy Practitioners, not theorist, and many more. 
At the same time, it is the place where you can find YOU! Yes, YOU, as you are invited to contribute with one personal diary page signing yourself. You can find details at the subscription page!
“Do you prefer to get paid 50 pounds, dollars, euros, or instead to get one book of your choice to read?” “A book to read,” was the reply of one student. To confirm the thought, I asked: “Why?” I got a swift response! “As I am driven by curiosity, and I seek inspiration to proceed fearlessly with my life, I would always choose a book, especially about the subject I like, that of existence and human experiences, she confidently replied!” Fearlessly! “Do not believe in anything based on fear,” and instead believe in yourself and your own abilities!  
Learn that protecting others from yourself is humanity at its highest levels! 
Learn that we are born to live together and practice mutual aid! Feel that “in the long run, the practice of solidarity proves much more helpful to the species than the development of individuals endowed with predatory inclinations!” (Kropotkin.)
I hope this book will provide inspiration and creativity to every one of you!
Darko Richard Lancelot

Once rainbow always rainbow

We are pleased to introduce a new eBook you can personalize with the title “Quarantine diaries and Beyond”

It costs symbolic 10$ and includes a personalized eBook and 24 months subscription for the

The book will be ready by end of June and we will personalize it with numbers, including one “Personal Diary Page” where you can write your thoughts about a day you passed during this unique situation. We will include the page in “Quarantine diaries and beyond” and send you the eBook with your personal, unique page. You can share it with your family, friends, and leave it for generations to come. With your name on it. Plus, you will get the password for all the future articles to be published under subscription for 24 months. For further information, you can visit the subscription page

Wishing you love, health and happiness

Revised and reposted- May 4th 2021


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