eBook-Quarantine Diaries and Beyond

October 2022

It is so alarming to hear, read and be informed that the death rates are rising. Did you asked yourself WHY? In some of the diary pages and “Beyond” part you can find hints about 1919 Rosenau experiment and other information.

August 17th, 2022

This 237 page eBook is here as its author is prepared to cease to exist with hope that he would exist later and for a long time.

It is written to mark the period that nearly all Earth went to lockdown and we were deprived of our basic rights. We could not go to walk around the lakes, rivers, sea, ocean. We were forced to stay in houses and have the “Ausweis,” to go out. Than jabs came and the divide started to grow. With so many mixed feelings the book Quarantine Diaries and Beyond was born. The aim is to have it to stay for generations to come, and show all sides of human beings. Romantic, curious, investigative, visionary, concerned, angry, doubtful but full of love for all fellow human beings. We all deserve better life! So you will find inside many stories that, I hope, will inspire you, and make you investigate further. You will have some first time ever stories and assumptions like the story about Leonardo da Vinci visit to Cyprus in 1481, then Queen of Cyprus Caterina Cornaro and Mona Lisa! How? You can find it inside!

You will read about Nikola Tesla and some crucial parts of his life and patents (four of which were patented in Russia, and till today, we do not know what those are about), or you will be enlightened, at least a little, about the way how “Conspiracy Practitioners” work and prepare, first the WWI. After it was copy pasted with different players. It is still continuing! You will get as a bonus the story of H.H.Kitchener and see how certain circles use people and then throw them to waste.
And about the TRUTH! Ah, that TRUTH! As said in the eBook, the truth is very slow, but when it comes out, it will spread like volcanic lava!
That is what is happening now, even with all this manipulative censorship!
The insidious system is cracking, and the process is irreversible.
Apart from all the above stories, the reader will also be inspired to read about genuine, subtle, humble human feelings of LOVE, without which we can not live properly!
To realize that nobody can do anything to you if you really love! True love can be without kisses, without touch, and without words, just as beauty is more intoxicating in trembling than in the grip of passion!
Those feelings make us better human beings and less greedy, aggressive, and narcissistic!

Usually, we are prepared by other people, thinkers, and insiders for the events approaching, but we do not hear or do not listen and often ignore them!

We prefer to trust different conformist manipulators that are paid to brainwash us not to think about the future but only of the present moments. Now they decided to use the printing press and produce a tremendous amount of money out of thin air and keep you at sleep. Till next time.

We accepted the “philosophy” to “seize the moment” without considering what that “seizing” would bring! Shortsightedness occupied us! We became confused, jumping fast to conclusions. Often wrong. Very wrong.

In the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond, the reader can find many of those hints and warnings that were announced to us, and still, we continued to neglect the messages! Even today!
One of the stories is from January 16th, 2018.

Berlins Volksbuhne Theatre organized an event titled -“Democracy to be regained by the people?” ( That will definitely happen soon!) with French Philosopher Jean Luc Nancy and German Publisher Peter Egelman.
Apart from philosophical points about democracy and the state of the
human mind in our days; at one point, Jean-Luc Nancy stopped for the moment and mentioned Lenin ( Vladimir Ilic Ulianov) and his quote:
“Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country!”
Then he said calmly: “Now that we all enjoy the electricity, what will happen if we switch off the light?”
There was dead silence in the auditorium. No one took it seriously, but I noticed ice sweat in the auditorium where one could see technocrats and careerists primarily, most probably using the event not to awaken but to advertise their presence to their friends, colleagues, and companies.
Jean-Luc Nancy continued: “Well, we will restart it. But it might not be the same thing we will see after.”
Great Reset warning in January 2018!
You will find more about different events and warnings inside this beneficial eBook – Quarantine Diaries and Beyond.
Third Wave experiment and the theatrical play of Gymnasium students in Cyprus. That Third Wave which was applied to all of us with lockdowns and “flattening the curve” behavior, remember? Or those slogans “Trust science, not morons.” It is never late to awake!
Happy reading!

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October 2022

Darko Richard Lancelot

Wishing you love, health, and happiness


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