Sultana Marija Mara Brankovic

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Did you know that Serbian Princes Mara Brankovic was the third wife of Sultan Murat II? Mara Brankovic or Sultana Marija or Despina Hatun was the daughter of Serbian Despot Djuradj Brankovic and step mother of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. When very young future Sultan Mehmed lost his mother and Mara Brankovic was in charge of his education. Mara was something like Jelena Gencic to Novak Djokovic. Teaching him poems, languages and virtues needed for the person who was destined to lead or die. There was strong love towards Mara Brankovic from Sultan Mehmed. He used to call her “mama” – mother.

There is a legend that after Sultan Murat II death and when the siege of Constantinopole was evident on site, Mara Brankovic received marrige proposal or let’s say marrige inquiry from Imperor Constantine which she rejected.

There are many historians who have thoughts that if Mara Brankovic accepted to marry Imperor Constantine Sultan Mehmed might transform his campaign against Constantinopole to something else.

We have in mind that there might be some kind of marriage agreement like in the case of Caterina Cornaro and James in Cyprus which said that if Caterina Cornaro stays without successors all her property will be transfered to Venice!

Which actually happened !

This article about Mara Brankovic, Serbian Princes, third wife of Sultan Murat II and loved step mother of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror will be continued.



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