Quarantine diaries


Day one!
People are good! They are always good! Even those that are bad! Even those that are selling to others their research regarding behavior. Even those that transferred Pavlov’s dog conditioning( now conveniently called “classical” conditioning) to emotional conditioning with like “Little Albert experiment” done 1920 at John Hopkins University. Great tradition.
All people are good! To someone.
So, as usual, I took the dog for a morning walk not knowing if it is vise versa as she dragged me with a lot of enthusiasm towards the nearby park.
I was thinking that I am the lucky one as the park is situated just over 100 meters from the place I live but after I realized that those having a quarantine near the sea or those having the house in the village are better off than us staying in the city.
And then common sense answer appeared! Be happy with what you have! Enjoy that what you have!
And the best thing you have is YOU!
Having that in mind my walk was combined with very optimistic thoughts about the future. Because of one ingredient! Just simple TIME! If this what is happening today with our civilization is a product of man-made alternations using protein Cas9 genome editing technique and derivates of it, then again time will show. And it will pass!
Sometimes is beyond comprehension why are some people looking forward to other people suffering. Because it will pass! Instead to be remembered by future generations(many of them!!!) for philanthropy and altruism nearly all will disappear without being mentioned anywhere in 200 years when we, humans, will be settling in other planets. But first is the moon!
However, thoughts were flying due to spare time, there are tremendous positive things which will, definitely, happen during quarantine! After a week of preparing and another week of getting crazy the third week will be producing some of the most unique thoughts humanity experienced! Even we might find out in the next one to two decades that new Nikola Tesla is among us! That new way of development of human species started taking place in the days of quarantine!
What a gold for behavioralists! Good one!
In the end, all those scientists might realize that real science is somewhere else.
It is in us!

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  1. I d like to share with you this painting, that i think it s fantastic!! -when i read …”first is the Moon”, in your post, I remebered this pic i ve seen some days before..Coronavirus brings us the opportunity to bring the moon in different ways..writing, painting, discovering the universe..

    Thank you!

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