Quarantine diaries -Day 7

Day 7
Usually, after the week, everywhere you get statistics with many of us trying to see a pattern, to explain something, all from the fear of unknown.
And since there will be a lot of changes in the world after this is passed, could it be that this outbreak is based on 80% fear and 20% actual as it is the perfect way to shut down the system and restart it with the new
concept of power, of social governing taking place.
Statistics can help with that. We concentrate on statistics, become statistics-driven as we need hope from somewhere, thus not paying attention to how the world is molding in front of our eyes.
Before unbelievable events are happening!
Russia sends 11 cargo planes to Italy, and Russian Army doctors are actively participating in helping Italian state and Italian people.

To be honest, I wanted to start this day diary by mentioning an absolutely astonishing article of http://stratfor.com dated 23/8/1999 with the title “Putin: Yeltsin’s Madness or Silent Coup?”. It was an analysis about Mr. Putin appointment to the place of Prime-minister of Russian Federation. Prediction of http://Stratfor.com became true. Legal and nice! The article conclusion was, to quote:

“We can’t be sure, of course, but Putin is a man who looks like he
has staying power. A coup involves illegality. There was nothing
illegal here. But we think something definitive has happened in
Russia. Putin is not just another pretty face. The KGB is sitting
in the prime minister’s chair. To put it differently: having
forced Primakov out of the chair, the shadow forces fighting the
KGB in the Kremlin lost another round, and put the boss himself in
charge. Yeltsin announced to anyone who would listen that he is
healthy and doesn’t need hospitalization. That may be true. But
it isn’t clear that he is still in charge.”

The last sentence was the trigger when I was reading some of the analysis of the speech of Mr. Putin on 25th of March stating that he showed that he did not like the script given to him. Speculation followed till even more unbelievable information, following the telephone conversation between President Trump and President Putin, that Russia is sending two cargo planes as humanitarian help to the USA.

Furthermore it has been confirmed by Department of Energy Spokeswoman Shaylyn Hynes to TASS news agency, that US Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette will discuss ways of solving the problem of volatility on global oil markets with Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak. It looks like both Presidents are masters of the game!

Well, unimaginable is becoming believable. Furthermore, following its announcement in August 2018 about “limiting exposure to quoted equities” https://www.rt.com/business/435490-rothschild-new-world-order-stability/
and just recent warning about financial hit https://www.rt.com/business/484549-rothschild-warns-financial-hit-coronavirus/
both coming from a historic banking firm, Rothchild, shows that we are living the times of reset.
President Trump gets back Federal Reserve and will print money, cash money, in the range of 2.2 trillion USD ( excuse me if I am wrong) to help each American Familly. Directly!
Cash-free society? Looks no.

To finish with a small but significant happening.
I attended on 16/1/2018 in Berlins Volksbuhne theatre a very intriquing talk with Jean-Luc Nancy and Peter Egelmann.
The title was ” Democracy to be reclaimed by the people?”
Apart from philosophical points about democracy and the state of the human mind in our days at one point, Jean-Luc Nancy stopped for the moment and mentioned Lenin ( Vladimir Ilic Ulianov) and his quote: “Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country.”
Then he said calmly: “Now that we all enjoy the electricity, what
will happen if we switch off the light?”
There was dead silence in the auditorium.
Well, we will restart it. But it might not be the same things we will be seeing after restarting it.
It is a constant change as Benjamin Franklin said:
“When you are finished changing, you are finished!”

And as Bob Dylan said “… Stay observant…”

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