Quarantine diaries-Day 15

Alan Ford-The Group comics

Day 15
How refreshing it was to remind myself about the comics we read while younger than today! Haha. The expression, younger than today, came just from the thought of ALAN FORD comics!
It all started in 1969 by two Italians, Luciano Secchi and Roberto Raviola.
It is a satire about secret agents and black humor with caustic, biting references towards the Italian and generally Western society. It is
Translated into Portuguese for the Brazilian market, then to French, Danish, and Serbo-Croat languages, it managed to become tremendously popular in ex Yugoslavia.
” Anybody there? – There is no one here! – If there is no one, who are you?- I am not the one you are looking for!- And how do you know whom I am looking for? – And how do you know that I do not know who you are looking for?!”

The”Group” TNT is established by “NUMBER 1,” and their members are secret agents Alan Ford, Bob Rock, Sir Oliver, Grunf, The Chief(Boss) with real name Gervasius De Statui, and Jeremiah. Headquarters were in New York Fifth Avenue flower shop, which continuously operates without flowers. It ridicules the aspects of American and Western societies, including capitalism and racism, introducing COMMON SENSE!
And common sense is simple!
By reading the comic, your brain somehow starts working with common sense as a ruler. It is( brain) gradually cleansed of manipulation and all the stuff complicating your life.
After reminding myself about Alan Ford and the Group I took a dog for a walk. While walking, I was thinking if we require all those laws and norms being voted by elected officials every day, week, month! Do they make our life easier? Or more complicated? The conclusion might be that they are there to justify the presence of different politicians. Those that go in the politics by the idea to offer something and then politics makes them a huge narcissist. They lose common sense.
Many of them had a chance to become Statesman, but unfortunately, some power from somewhere is just not allowing that to happen!
And then there comes Alan Fords Number One and his Group again!
To open up some of the canals in the brain and take us to common sense, again, again!
Having that in mind and walking with the dog at the beautiful park, refreshed with rain, another thought regarding the rules for walking the dog jumped out.
There might be an introduction to certain rules when you walk the dog. The most important is when you walk the dog, you can not sit on the bench. Walk is walk and dog is dog. And siting is not walking. So it is prohibited to sit while walking the dog. You might understand faster that life is beautiful.
Is this acceptable today? To realize that life is beautiful and to fight for that?
Well, think by your self with the help of some of the quotes from Alan Ford Comics.
“To get to an end, you must go back to the start”
“My dear Methuselah, you are young and strong while I am weak and old” – Number One (talking to the biblical Methuselah).
“Buy flowers for the beloved woman, but don’t forget your own”
“If you wish to win, you can not lose.”
“When I fight I do not have enemies”
“Beter something from something than nothing from nothing”
“I am ready to die honorably, but if dishonorable, then nothing”
“Alan, they are two, and we are alone!”
“Its better to be rich than not”
“How is this possible?! I am rich, and I am drowning!”
“Do not believe the woman who lies”
Epitaph- “Here rests one who is gone”


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