Quarantine diaries-Day 29 And we rise again


Day 29
Nearly a month in the quarantine. I was thinking about people’s reactions following lockdown. It is confirmed once again that we are never satisfied. However, if it was justified or not, we will find after some time. What we have now is to follow the instructions and be patient until this is all finished. That is what we have, and those are the people we have, so the best option is to hope that they will somehow take us till the end. Never forget that they are the product of the educational system that is made by someone to take away general knowledge about the world we live in and to implant the specific knowledge not concerned with the general well being of the humans. Louis Pasteur or Antonie Bechamp. World always have options!
Vaccines or no vaccines? That is the question. But before that, if I remember well, Shakespeare started with “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”
Well, as there will be continuous talk about the quality of vaccines and the people behind it, we just need to use common sense. When you hear the word “depopulation,” your inner bell starts ringing and hopefully is awaking your senses. And it is open. Sources are open. People who are on one side will react, their agents will start talking about the scientific approach and how science is all that matters. They will forget to let you think that the same science produced the atomic bomb and after used the same energy for making the electricity. They will omit to let you know about the experiments on children in Africa and the homeless also. What is essential is never to stop investigating. Never to abandon reading as art is often, if not always, the place where the truth reveals its self. It will help you to “smell” the greed!
So stay awake, stay curious, and stay observant! I just can not let the word observant go! Two words “Stay Observant” Bob Dylan used when sending the message to the people after publishing his 17-minute song about the J.F.Kennedy on 28/3/2020 are reflecting precisely what we need to practice! March is just a preparation for April, which is a special month, as I mentioned in Day 28 diary.
Extract from Bob Dylan Song
“Freedom, oh freedom
Freedom above me
I hate to tell you, mister, but only dead men are free
Send me some lovin’, tell me no lies
Throw the gun in the gutter and walk on by
Wake up, little Suzie, let’s go for a drive
Cross the Trinity River, let’s keep hope alive
Turn the radio on, don’t touch the dials
Parkland hospital, only six more miles”

“Wake up little Suzie!”

After this all ends, and we rise again, we can talk and discuss and find out how this has happened. Where it came from and who are those responsible. It will happen.
The point is, to repeat the questions and answers we get, as repetition is the mother of knowledge( Repetito mater studiorum est), to stay focused and observant as we go back to the society that will be opening slowly again.
There will be, as there always are, attempts to inject doubt, mistrust through the irony of so-called educated fellow human beings who see the others as “basket of deplorables” and themselves as “exceptional.”
Just be aware.
Instead of complaints, we need to exercise togetherness, solidarity, compassion towards our fellow human beings. That is the best answer to all that might have other plans for us and this planet. Those that were and still are introducing “new” words in our vocabulary. It started with the word “PROGRESS” than it went to today’s modern one, “SUSTAINABILITY” connected with “DEPOPULATION,” and who knows, maybe with “LOCKDOWN” and “SOCIAL DISTANCING” also.
Get to know one gentleman who gave us the honor to live on this planet, and his name was Milutin Milankovic. He is not the product of western education? No exceptional? No. He was just one man who, as young, was lying on the ground counting the stars! And after he left with us, “Cannons of the Earth Isolation” and “Milankovich Cycles.” Climate change?

He was ranked among fifteen top minds in the field of earth science by NASA in the edition” On the Shoulders of Giants.” Why I mention Mr. Milutin? Well, first of all because he was counting the stars!
How many of our children are doing that “non-exceptional” activity? How many of our children are encouraged to imagine instead of sweating in the classroom learning how to antagonize?
It starts with each one of us. And we begin with our children! No matter if the system is taking the time from us! Calm down and focus on your children! Communicate with them. Learn stories to tell them if you do not have your own. Let us try to leave to our children the world better than it is now.
Let us practice what we preach ( Facias ipse quod faciamus nobis suades) as said in beautiful ancient comedy Asinaria(the story about Donkeys) written in 195 BC by Titus Maccius Platus!
And do not forget to investigate the quotes that are now deep inside of us without their full meaning! Deceptions are everywhere. Go, investigate deeper.
Like the famous one, “A Man is a Wolf to another Man” from the same comedy! However, the complete quote is more in-depth, and I leave you to think about it till next quarantine diary day, number 30!
“Lupus est homohomini, non homo, quom qualis sit non novit”
” A man is a Wolf to another man when he hasn’t yet found out what he is like!”



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