Teatrul National”Vasile Alexandri”Iasi memories

My first live “encounter” with Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre has happened the night I arrived in Iasi.
It was Sunday, and after checking in the hotel, I decided to drive around alone.
I took my rented car, and start driving to learn the routes for next day appointments and to feel a little bit of Sunday night atmosphere in Iasi.
Further, I needed, definitely, to refresh, renew, my feeling of driving on the left side as my experience of more than twenty years is in driving on the opposite side with occasional exceptions, like this one.
During investigative drive towards Palas moll, I passed by the Theatre building.
First time!
And then instead of going to the moll, I went back and passed the Theatre second time just to be sure that the building I was looking at, is The Theatre I saw in numerous photos before my trip.
And then I passed the third and fourth and fifth (!) time before deciding to stop somewhere near and walk towards that so impressive building!
Feelings of respect, admiration, and God knows what else, erupted from my inner self. Even now, I get goosebumps when thinking about it! Perhaps it sounds kind of crazy; however, I felt that the building was trying to communicate with me, watching my moves and mimic carefully, trying to learn what this intruder is looking for in the middle of the night!
Even immovable, or as per our perception immovable, this respectful edifice, opened in 1840, can somehow conquer the attention of passers-by, to outwit and thus to win them not as blind followers, or only admirers, but as active participants, which one realize when actually enters the building! I must say that the standard and quality of the people I have met reflects absolutely the beauty, the history, the purpose of The Theatre!

The week started with one part of me concentrated on Thursdays performance!

Monday morning approached fast and , somehow, overwhelmed by meeting new people and having work to do ,apart from early morning investigative walk , I cornered the feelings for The Theatre knowing that they will surface in the coming days.
I needed first to obtain reserved tickets, and second to get Liliana’s confirmation of joining me.
Tuesday came fast as it is usually happening when you have an amazingly great time. Early morning inquiring long walk through many of Iasi neighborhoods,meeting people, talking, taking the tram, and making pictures. Visit to Copou Park and “meeting” Ioan Creanga and Victoria Micle making friends to great Mihai Eminescu. Somehow I had a feeling that I just missed morning coffee they had between themselves! Tuesday was also the deadline for obtaining tickets for Thursday performance at Vasile Alecsandru National Theatre of Iasi. Dressed as a jogger, I got at the office where the tickets are sold. I asked for Mrs. Simona, even if I found her details on FB and through that application “met” her beautiful family as well.
She looked at me in a professional yet surprising way, but having a disarming smile, made me be at ease.
To justify my appearance, apart from usual, thank you, nice to meet you, and looking forward to the performance, I mentioned that I know about the dress code and that I was dressed as jogger due to a long walk I have been doing that day. While receiving precious tickets, I also noticed a second smile, which made me facilitate and proudly get out of the office, thinking that I will remember it for a very very long time.

Wednesday is not very important for my story except that Liliana confirmed that she is coming.
I got confident that, even if I saw the performance in my native language and reread it in English to be prepared, I will have an exceptionally well educated, eloquent lady to enrich the atmosphere and help augment the knowledge.
Thursday came, and if I remember, as I do remember but just writing “if” to make it mystic in a kind, the day was sunny and a little windy and full of expectations! It is absolutely fascinating to have hopes and absolutely stunning to live it!
I will maybe disappoint you as I will not analyze the “VIZIT” performance in detail, but will focus on the atmosphere.
I was waiting for my classy date to appear and was caught flatfooted by the beauty and elegance of Liliana. She was like a muse, inspiring me to feel more and now to write this article. Maybe I should deduct the word “like” in front of muse and keep just muse as she was, and still, I am sure, is a muse!
Going inside of The Theatre is a ritual! The people attending were beautifully dressed, showing respect, with open eyes, ready to learn, and enjoy! Awake, aware, attentive, mindful, bursting with admiration and proudness and yet, as I said, being active participants in the continuing history of “ Vasile Aleksandru National Theatre Iasi”!
The ladies offering the program were awaiting us with a smile, again smile, so natural thing in Iasi and its Theatre that have set my standards very high for future experiences.
The feeling I had was the one of entering another world! Another way of living, anticipating, understanding. Divine magnanimity!
Together with Liliana, we took our seats, and, as awaiting performance to start, I observed people, trying to get further inspiration.
One detail stayed in my mind, and it is the beauty, love, respect couples have. Namely, I assume, husband and wife, were exchanging seats between them two times as man was trying to help her to see better the stage. Patiently with such a great tact, the man was serving his wife that this had made me very emotional before the performance started!
And it happened! It started!
For two and a half hours, all of us attending were “hypnotized” with the power of play and its participants!
Strongly suggest you read the VIZIT of Friedrich Durrenmatt as it has never aging issues concerning life values!
I concentrated on actors’ expression, tone of the voice, grimace, movement etc…
I was amazed by professionalism, so real authentic acting, yet infused with deep human feelings, and have enjoyed every second, checking from time to time with Liliana my memory of the wording! And mind was working!!!!
Not only actors, and not only the main actors Mihaela Arsenescu Werner and Emil Coseru, even that they gave a unique tone managing to transfer extraordinary feelings to the audience, but all the play participants! From colleague actors, which, even without having a text to say were participating so lively with their mimics, from Light Master, prompter, Technical Director, Art Director, Back Stage and Sound people, Decoration, Costume(The Costumes!!!!) designer, Makeup artists, Music, Graphics, Marketing, and Management, till the last but certainly not the least the Director Claudiu Goga, made us all feel the power of being human!
To learn that we exist and that we can make the difference!
This is what theatres are for, especially THE National Theatre Vasile Alecsandri Iasi!

Even that this event happened three years ago, it enriched us with many always current messages.
Connect and Respect

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