Teatrul National”Vasile Alexandri”Iasi memories

My first live “encounter” with Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre has happened the night I arrived in Iasi.It was Sunday, and after checking in the hotel, I decided to drive around alone.I took my rented car, and start driving to learn the routes for next day appointments and to feel a little bit of Sunday nightContinue reading “Teatrul National”Vasile Alexandri”Iasi memories”

About the quote of the day-second edition

All is said. Sometimes it needs to be combined to reflect different “achievements” from experiments like “The Little Albert”, The third wave”, “Milgram experiment”. Let’s salute all real Heros especially volunteers and all the others who learn how to protect others from themselves! 5/4/2020 Philosophyofgoodnews Connect and Respect Our ATTIC our LADDER

Corona and us-The opportunity

Viruses are everywhere. They are with us from the beginning of time. Extra small and dangerous accompanying every living organism! At his immortal book, “Rabies” Borislav Pekic stated that virus has no less right to kill to live than humans have to kill to rule! Or at “The Plague” Albert Camus remarked perfectly: “But whatContinue reading “Corona and us-The opportunity”