Quarantine diaries-Day 32 Good Day


Day 31-Good day!
When I was around seven years old, I remember one specific lesson learned. At the time, I spent some of my summer holidays in the village with my grandparents where I was free to walk without shoes, eat with my hands not always clean, swimming in the nearby river, and sometimes walking up to the top of the nearby hill.
Every day we used to walk around two kilometres to get drinking water from a mountain spring and bring full two 5 liter water canisters back. So I remember when my Grandmother asked me one morning when I was preparing to go for the drinking water if I greet people I meet on the road with one simple “Good Morning”? Sometimes, I replied with curiosity. Well, welcome all the people you see on the way by saying one dull Good Morning! Wish from your heart that they have a good day! You will be surprised, my dear, she said when you see that people start replying to you with the same positivity and with a smile wishing you the same! Good Morning to you too!
I had unmeasured respect to my Grand Mother as she passed many awkward moments in her life. She lost the son in the second world war just towards the end of it 26/4/1945. Her brother was killed and then hanged by fascist in 1941. They tried to take her house. She and her husband, my Grand Father, worked hard, loved each other, and taught their children that it is more important to have a clean soul and be white-handed than to have all the monies of this world. Be always fair and square, no matter what! Through different stories, they were passing the same message to us, their grandchildren.
So having all this in mind, my first cousin and I started greeting all the people, known and unknown, going towards the spring and back. That later was extended when we were going to the town for a traditional promenade. Our experience was terrific! People not only greeted us back, but many of them had a smile and started communicating with us. We suddenly found out that nearly all of the people we were greeting have the same thoughts and shared the same idea about togetherness and the purpose of life! Ordinary great people!
It helped me very much when I was offering my grandparents eggs for sale in the nearby open market. Positivity and compassion towards all the people, customers, or not, made the atmosphere around me that I somehow, in record time, managed to sell all the eggs I brought. 360 in total! Unbelievable for the 12 years old kid!
When we started to convey experiences to our grandparents, my Grandmother said: “Good is always to return with more good, even over time, and bad, even that it can make you think that it passed, will return and ask for repayment than when you are least prepared!”
And it all starts with one simple, genuine, humble, good morning, good day, good evening!
Goodness makes us happy, and happiness shared is happiness doubled!

Be just simple kind towards fellow human beings, and you will be surprised when you see that your “investment” is paying off more than any material one!



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