“I miss God!” Quarantine diaries talk


Days pass, we are stuck with the necessity to stay home and do activities we did not have time, or we were not in the mood of doing.
But first, most of us had to overcome the fear planted by people who were authorities in their fields. I say “they were” because some of them resigned after managing to pass to the majority of us their statistical models who did not have any touch with the reality. After that shock and like coming out of being drunk, we woke up and started thinking about other more important things which are enabling us to live life! We found time to open to ourselves, we began to think with our own brain and heart. We engage our soul in the whole process and start looking for the answers. We have the answers. However, we need compassion from somewhere. Not as a sign of weakness! On the contrary, it is a sign of togetherness! It is the sign that we are still human beings!
As we are programmed to run after money, and as the system made us believe that the time is money, we forgot to stop and reflect. To look at our face in the mirror and ask ourselves some questions! Demand answers also!
One simple question would be: “What will happen if I do not do this?”
That is how you could approach a specialized knowledge! The knowledge of self! It was a shame that seeking particular knowledge was replaced with different artificial needs we developed over time. Unfortunately, we lost the ability to concentrate and look inward! Instead, most of us were looking outward to satisfy the need for happiness, fulfillment, and purpose.
Exchanging the thoughts about that purpose with friends living the same, uniform situation, I heard a short statement of three words!
“I miss God!”
He conveyed to me that because he is disappointed with the situation in his religious circle, and due to the continuous mistakes being made in proclaiming some other values strange and disconnected from the original ones, he is thinking of changing religion.
Quarantine, as I said before, made us feel deeper!
It was not a religious statement ! On the contrary! It was the pure, beautiful, genuine, love for life statement conjoining with the though of togetherness and mutual aid!
We discussed the matter with all the love for human anticipation and concern about the specific religious beliefs. I think that we came to a conclusion, not explicitly said by either of us, but sincerely meant by me at least, that the religions we currently claim that they represent us to God, do not necessarily convey what is needed to be expressed.
That is definitely due to the same difficulties, into which they fell following us, or taking us, ordinary people towards the same frustration. More material and very less spiritual. More interest in one than the interest of many! “Distinguished” persons are measured by money and not by spirituality and humanity!
Maybe the situation we are passing through is an opportunity!
The opportunity for the people expressing different religions to start acting as unifiers and not dividers out of fear to lose influence and material conditions.
As a starting point, I would like to mention Nikola Telsa, who gave all his life to science and goodness for all mankind! Who tore the contract with famous Westinghouse for his dividends in using Alternative Current to produce electricity at Niagara waterfalls! He just refused material! Loads of US dollars!
In one interview, the journalist asked Nikola Tesla, that larger than life men, is he religious? Tesla replied: “I am a deeply religious man. I believe in one God, which is not described in any of the existing religions.”

I hope that at least you will have food for thought!

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