Is word HAPPY discriminatory?

Is using the word HAPPY discriminatory?
Is being HAPPY discriminatory?
The simple story that the late Mr. Eric Arthur Blair or popularly known as George Orwell would use when writing his novel “1984” many years ago!
Usually, in simple things, the devil is hidden.

So, recently it came to my attention the story of “Aj’s Unisex Hair Salon,” situated some 100 miles from London.
The Salon had an opening for qualified hairdresser and placed the following job advert:
“Part time fully qualified hairdresser, must be confident in barbering as well as all aspects of hairdressing, must have at least 5 years experience working in a salon, after being fully qualified.
This is a busy, friendly small salon, so only happy, friendly stylist need apply.”
So lovely and cute, I would say!

The lady from the Salon got a call from the job center to discuss the above add!
After the introduction, the call, according to Alice, went like this:
The man from the Job center
“I am sorry, but the word happy is discriminatory word, and we aren’t allowed to use it; I can read you the rules on discrimination if you like, but it is a long document, shall we change the word in case somebody thinks that they can’t apply for the job because they are not a happy person.
But I only want happy people.
As I said, it is a discriminatory word, and you are not allowed to use it, somebody who is not happy will be discriminated against.
Well, I will tell you what words I would like to put in the advert instead * and take my advert off your site.
Are you sure.

Apart from bombarding us with bad news, full of fear and without any, any glimmer of hope for something positive, here is the first sign that even the word HAPPY would not be allowed to be used as it is “discriminatory”!
Those are the first signs of repression being tested in various parts of our societies.
Behaviorists with all those expensive diplomas from different well-known institutions are “employed.” or “rented” by those who want to control us.
Instead of respecting hard work or any work at all, they are trying to diminish its meaning whatsoever. Introducing so many regulations and “concerns” and wordings those “Intelectual yet idiot” ( taken from the title of the article by Nassim Taleb published September 16, 2016

), having us as “deplorable” are continuously trying to degrade everything that is being done by hard work of the individuals.
We can not all become corporations! It is just impossible as consciousness is something that we all have and will continue to have. Whatever they try to do to influence our brain and our behavior. Even behaviorists have consciousness. Just watch the movie ” The Manchurian Candidate”!
And for the end, I would like to recall one story from the Second World War as I remember it.
One person was saying
They first came and took the gypsies, and they did not take me as I was a Protestant. Then they came and took the Jews. They did not take me because I was a Protestant. Then they start taking Catholics and Orthodox and others. But they did not take me because I was not them.
Then they came and took me also! THERE WAS NO ONE LEFT TO HELP ME!
Where ever you are and whatever you are doing, do it for the GOOD OF HUMANITY!
Happiness is contagious!
Let’s try to make the epidemic of HAPPINESS!

And as regards the advert, personally, if I was not happy, I would apply for the job to make me happy!

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