Love, Respect, and Passion

If you want to learn something, learn to listen to the ladies. Whatever they say!
Initiate and do not interrupt.
With women talk, you will forget about the Global Governance system, as woman IS a Global Management System!
And you will be lucky if the woman wants to express herself as if she ignores you, then nothing can be of help! Her silence is as powerful as her words!
Having a pleasure to talk with many of the Global Management System representatives, below, you will find some, just some extracts as a continuation of “Quarantine diaries and beyond” eBook, to be published by the end of coming November.
Recently I heard from a dear friend explaining her relationship experiences that she was in the “state of adjustment” as his boyfriend was from a higher caste and very demanding! This story could have the title “The lawyer and the maid.” However, the statement is crucial!
Our dear Global Management Representatives are in the state of permanent adjustment!
Women adjust while men are sleeping! Could it be that this is the real truth?!
There is always a story behind two men! Two women! Or sometimes only one! The status of that women is irrelevant. It can be a first or second wife, daughter, granddaughter, mistress, etc…
The point is that it influences the ear of the particular men.
Man play while the women govern! That is the truth!
What could be said is DO NOT TRUST THE MAN WHO DOES NOT HAVE A TASTE FOR A WOMAN! Even that taste is many times abstract but always reflects the state of the man and his desires!
Another piece of the same story is how the men talk!
In the legendary Romanian movie “Orient Express,” Sergiu Nicolaescu, the director and actor, said to his butler when asked about the beauty of the particular French lady he had the relation with while in Paris- “My Desire made her beautiful!”
So women govern as they know how to awake desire, then they adjust to see the reaction and proceed towards LOVE giving their Respect and Passion!
The triad of LOVE, RESPECT, AND PASSION reflects the trio of Mater, Information and Measure, Thought, Word, and Letters, both being in the core of explaining human existence.
Erich Fromm stated that in LOVE, a paradox occurs that two beings become one and yet remain two! However, Fromm did not have in mind that the woman is in the constant state of adjustment as it knows the secret of MEASURE, the secret of NUMBERS, the secret of COUNTING! It is one in three or three in one! Just like GOD is.
Mary Magdalene is a crucial example!
“Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved!” (again Erich From)
When going for the lady, go not because of sexual attraction as that will diminish fast! Not because of you but because of her!
Instead, add value to relation! If you can not, be not sorry for your crippled personality but work on yourself! From within it will come!
To be happy with continuously adjusting women, you need to adapt too!
You need from boy to become men as this does not have anything to do with the age!
“Immature love says:”I love you because I need you.” “Mature love says: “I need you because I love you!”” ( Erich Fromm)
To be continued in the eBook “Quarantine diaried and beyond” ! http://philosophyofgoodnews.com/subscription-page/



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