Togetherness Kindness

Extracts from the ebook to be published.

Like many words, whose meaning is degraded, inflated, the manipulators continue to use the same technique with the word TOGETHERNESS!
They instruct public figures to talk calmly and use words together and togetherness, making viewers hypnotized, influenced by the tone of the voice and not by the real purpose of using the particular sacred word!
It already happened with the words LOVE, RESPECT, INSTINCT, AWARENESS, and many many more!
We are forced into the darkness, thinking that we see the light!
Our perception of the word love is that of having sex as a result instead of feeling our partner’s soul.
We are thought that whatever we do, we need to gain something instead of doing things without demanding anything!
That is the meaning of LOVE! Simple.
We give with all our being. Pure, genuine, human being!
By giving, we realize ourselves as human beings!
We do not antagonize! We do not cure our complex! We exchange thoughts! Ambition is acceptable as long as it does not hurt others but works with others to achieve it! Not by manipulation but with an open heart! Otherwise, you like it or not; time will pass, the system will use you without noticing it because of temporary conformity you might feel and you will go out of this Earth as a complete failure. No one will remember you in a short time. Can you imagine Aristophanes, who was born some TWO THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED YEARS AGO and is still current!
We all can not become like Aristophanes, but we can become his younger brothers and sisters, neighbors. We can get the genuine inspiration about what our Life Purpose is or would be! We could decide that life is not for today only! That the life purpose is to work for the future! Just think, and no manipulation can affect you. Neither acting of public figures can make you sleepwalk. You will be in the permanent state of alertness, awareness, and completely awake!
Further, whatever is at stake, whatever, BE KIND! That is what just today another beautiful mind friend posted! Just simple two words! BE KIND!
As Plato said: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”
Or Henry James quote about the three most essential things in life ” First is to be KIND, second is to be KIND, and third is to be KIND.”

So, practice, practice, and practice TOGETHERNESS, and in the process, BE KIND, BE KIND and BE KIND!


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