Sustain is to limit? Who and what?


Below is the Quarantine Diary day included in the book “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond.” Today 2/8/2021 there is a following addition! Namely, we all need to comprehend that these dark forces will go towards achieving their goals! No need to explain more! It is happening in front of our eyes! Many of us are still sleepwalking with a wish that we will go back to the same world we knew in 2019! However, unfortunately and tragically, more is to come and be forced upon us. When the vaccination will be finished ( third dose plus children) there are other events being prepared to take the place. Slowly programs installed in large computers are feeding AI to decide about us, for us, without us! Big DATA they got with all this forced tests! But they are not human! And all those algorithms will fail! Maybe not immediately but it will happen! Better sooner!

One is certain! Western world is in irreversible decline! There is still a chance for reform! Still, as Western hemisphere accumulated huge wealth! I remember reading somewhere some time ago that Chinese Central bankers said to the Americans that they hate them but that they do need them! There is a hope that the Americans and the west could say the same and reform! Finally reform before it is too late. Simple! Corruption out, real LEADERSHIP in! There will be a reaction from those unelected forces that will be losing but when you have people with you, at lest you KNOW that you will stay in the history, REAL history, and become IMMORTAL! LEADERS OF THE WORLD UNITE! UNITE WITH YOUR PEOPLE! DO NOT TREAT THEM AS THEY ARE NOTHING! Change the attitude and if you can not, LEAVE! Leave and let others ,genuine LEADERS, come and clean the house! People will help! Both, vaccinated and not!

Throw in to the trash can divisions! UNITE!

Here is a post, Diary day of 14/10/2021 plus extra photographs! Life is beautiful.

Diary continues as it is a way to share thoughts and feelings with a friend who never complains. It used to be a blank paper and know it is still an empty paper with a kind of relative, computer blank screen.

After complete lockdown, partial lockdowns are coming into our lives.

There is no way back. Instructions are received, and now we are at the stage of practical application. 

It is to sustain epidemics. It is to limit the virus—marketing at its best. To get people’s fear up and reasoning down. Organized by non elected forced to elected. Words are nicely wrapped to cause confinement and confusion. Behind all is a knowledge, or cognition that stars have a tremendous influence on us! When Euclid was writing his Geometry, where he was looking for inspiration? Down or up? What is up? When Nikola Tesla was growing up in his village of Smiljan, where was he looking to? One great lady wrote a book about that called “Star Counters.”

Stars! Look at the stars! Instead of watching the news, use that time to just simply look at the stars! Then do not sustain your feelings! Let them grow and inspire you! Do not forget to simply wash your hands. Some of Vitamin D can be of help. At least the French National Academy of Medicine says some of it. 

The word Sustainability or better, term Sustainable Development was introduced in 1987! It was mentioned in the UN report OUR COMMON FUTURE or Brundtland Report named by Gro Harlem Brundtland. She was a Prime Minister of Norway three times and then Director-General of the world health organization from 1998 till 2003 and VP of the World Socialist Party. The first official mentioning of Sustainability was introduced in 1992 in the document called UN sustainable development agenda 21! Today is simply known as Agenda 21! However, many are using the word Sustainability as a necessity! Come on! 

To sustain is to limit! To limit is to exclude! To exclude is to diminish! Is it that what, between the lines, is all this about? 

That idea of diminishing started many years ago when some thought they have the right to decide what the Earth will look like and how many of us should live in it. 

How has this happened, and we are trapped? 

Let’s ask ourselves where we were in 1987, 1992 etc.? It is not a blame game, but an understanding one! 

Today some human beings tend to accuse other human beings that we are worst than animals and not worth the Earth we live in, and many more! Those that are accusing, who are they?! They are also part of us! Those that are making plans on how to destroy FAMILY VALUES are also part of us. It would be for a laugh if it was not for tears! And just ask yourself, why is this all happening? Could it be to, first of all, introduce the worm of doubt, sneaking suspicion, gualm into human relations! Divide and Rule! Simple it is! So on the side of the divide, there are many tools! Fear is one of the main! 

We have our concerns about making families, having kids, the right job to make our future to the best of our ability! With all those bad news, with all those fear projected, we are still giving a hand to those in need. That is the consciousness being alive, and well, even that in some of us is stored deep, very deep in our soul. 

We are under attack! Our souls are under attack! By the same concept that introduced the word sustainability and made so many presentations and propaganda about it! Men against the man! Humans against humans! Again injecting uncertainty, fear for existence! With fellow humans to blame only. Your neighbors, family and relatives? Will we come to the senses?

Did we trust, and are we trusting our elected officials? Are they used by other interests? Those of nonelected people? If yes, they need to find the strength to lead, again! We will be with them!

We just want to live our lives in peace! To pass through this Earth as better as possible, leaving our most precious achievements to contribute more to the better towards general goodness and advance of mankind! We brought up our children! Our children! We dream of becoming grandparents! We dreamed about celebrating 50 years of successful marriage or partnership with our wife or husband. We still do! That is called building, continuous building for the future! 

Some of us are trying to program their lives in the system that was not, still, in the boiling water stage, some sleepwalking and enjoying life, thinking that all that will last forever. “Time makes more converts than a reason!” Thomas Paine said! Common sense is the title of the pamphlet. 

We were played to live for today only! Forgetting our past and being lazy to build our future! We let others plan about our and our kids, kids, kid’s future! That minority organized such underhanded, sneaky policies like PPP( Public-Private Partnership with tax breaks to implement Sustainability!). They also understood that their THE TIME IS RUNNING OUT, and they proceed with remarkable speed! But people are awakening everywhere. Even WHO, World Health Organisation is pouring the water into the wine by WHO envoy Dr. David Nabarro telling The Spectator that “We really do appeal to all world leaders: stop using lockdown as your primary control method.”

Till those they call themselves leaders, influencers were being rented by a minority to impose their will on the majority, we were swimming in the lukewarm water, and we liked it as the frog likes it! To repeat the story of the frog! A very true one. When you put the frog in the boiled water, it will jump out of it immediately! But if you put it in lukewarm water, it will swim with the pleasure and will not notice that the pot is placed on fire as the warmth will increase gradually. The frog will enjoy the heat so much until it has been cooked!


Small detail we did not take into consideration as it was a pleasure at the time to swim and enjoy! Small piece but crucial! Those little things define everything! 

Other details are also developing! Science gives other explanations than before, while lockdowns are forced over people, forbidding us with the air we breathe. Or just making the habit to wear masks. In this stage everything is possible as the trust is approaching very low levels.

Twiter from Jordan Schachtel @JordanSchachtel Oct 12

“CDC: 85% of COVID-19 patients report ‘always’ or ‘often’ wearing a mask”. 

So, the “science” argument is slowly going to an end! 

What is to stay?

There is no free lunch! 


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