Sunrise on Sunday Soul awareness


Mid-October 2020.
The world, as we know it, is changing. Corruption is everywhere, like there is no tomorrow.
You can plan and plan and corrupt as much as you can, but humanity will prevail! Do you know why?
It is not because of the sunrise on Sundays! It is not because of the sea and the Sun! It is not!
It is because of us! Us THE PEOPLE! PEOPLE! Simply and firmly! The People!
I woke up early this Sunday, ready to write about nature, love, sea, Sun, magic sunrise near the sea. I was ready!
I made many photos and videos to make a memory and store it somewhere inside my soul to use it when things become foggy. To be my secret weapon against negativity! Against lies and greed! Against corrupted people who think that we own them something!


To make the experience even more memorable, I swam in the perfect sea! Clean, very smooth, enriched with rising sun rays, the sea was yet another source to boost already high positive energy and inspiration and love for life! Passion for life and sharing! Compassion!
The time has come to sit somewhere and transfer the feelings to the words. I think that it is counterproductive to suppress emotions. The opposite, to share indisputable, absolute positive feelings with as many people possible is the way to free all that tremendous energy and let it “infect” many human beings!
It works! It is real!
So, I was driving around trying to refresh my memory where I could have breakfast with ordinary, happy, genuine people around. Sea view would be the standard extension to my wish! Being near the sea, breakfast with the sea view is something familiar. However, something made me change the road and go to the place I know for so many years, not to say decades. They were always serving early morning breakfast!
But that place does not have a sea view!
No sea view!
Before parking, I passed by, asking from the car if they serve breakfast.
The affirmative answer made me really happy, moving stored memories towards the surface. I felt warmth and excitement as there was some time to visit the place due to the so-called “epidemic.”
I sat at the same “my” table and ordered coffee and breakfast, still in doubt if I made the right choice, denying myself a sea view.
And then it started! Sun energy, Sunday’s sun energy is everywhere if you have it in yourself!
All three ladies are familiar to me as they work as many years as I was coming. We mention the lost season, the comedy in the play, and hope for the future! We remembered old stories with respect and genuine love towards the persons we were mentioning. I remembered my friend Alin and his statement, “How hard is to be Romanian,” which I renamed to “How beautiful is to be Human.”


Such awesome energy, such colossal humanity expressed, such extraordinary feelings were signs that I did not make a mistake! The Sun rising power just directed me towards the place where that energy can be felt and shared to the best!
I was overwhelmed with feelings that I said to the fantastic Romanian lady that she made my day! Then, as it was not enough, I said: You made my week also!

What I realized this Sunday Sunrise morning is that it is unnecessary to have the sea view if you do not have the view of yourself first, as that fabulous lady said!
It inspired me to say to her that the sea view is just felt by me here and now! The sea view is what I see now! You and this roundabout in front of me is my sea view!
She continued with: “WE need to value ourselves! As we love ourselves, others will respect us more, and if there are enough of us, we would not be treated as sheep!

At the same place, there was another blue-eyed lady who brought me a bottle of water and wanted to open it and serve me. I refused, saying that I will do it myself. She looked at me with those magic blue eyes and said: ” You do not trust me?” and without waiting for my answer, continued: ” You are right not to trust women, except myself!” Then she smiled and quickly walked away, not allowing me to say a word!” Generally, it is difficult not to reply to those two interesting statements asking for some more explanations!

Even though it was an early morning till noon my day, my Sundays Sunrise experience day had so many feelings expressed that it was enough for Sunday!
The rest of the day will be used to accumulate some of the very positive energy for the coming Monday!



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