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As a continuation of “Quarantine Diaries” there is a simple yet important, crucial thought shared with you!! “Believe in Yourself” and “Do not believe in anything based on fear!”

Before starting, one thing is significant! To get our common sense back!
To connect with respect! Those they cause our fear and pain, let them pause, and let’s see if they will join!
Let us comprehend that to wear the mask in the open is another way to degrade and to subdue ourselves to the corrupt, unhuman minority! We can take care of our destiny! We do not need untrustworthy, profiteering, unethical, fraudulent people to play with us and our lives! Do you want to become a slave of the vast business interests? To accept all that propaganda filters and never question anything? That is “1984” plus plus plus coming back to us! Just see the smile of Gates couple letting us know what attention “next one” will get!


That is why believing in yourself is crucial, even if you make mistakes! Encourage mistakes! Play with them freely without fear! You will convince yourself first that to believe in your self is a way of advancing as a human being, and second, your common sense instincts will sharpen.
That is what I was saying to my children from the moment they started to talk! Believe in your selves!

Even that many of us had an issue, as one Romanian poet described with his poem title, “If I hadn’t been forced to speak,” we learned how to speak, and we went to the world full of antagonisms, judging, and continuous measurement of all we do. It is not easy to have a constant belief in yourself.

There is one way to extend faith in yourself for a long time, and that is to become and stay positive! Optimistic without giving importance to the sneaky system put in force. The system does not like people thinking freely! From down till up! From those who got some crumbs from the system to cure their fears and get some sick importance till the upper echelon who thinks of us as “deplorables.”
And what we want? Just the freedom to decide for ourselves! But that is frightening the concept! No! It can not be accepted! So concept is fighting that, which, if it spreads, can be more contagious than any epidemic made! Feeling free unmasks all the manipulation. To confront the feeling of being free, the concept introduces new types of fear and worry as two essential ingredients of control. The aim is to cut, diminish any possibility for people to develop and exercise freedom of choice and belief in themselves.
The epidemic we are not informed of, all these years is the epidemic of fear and anxiety! The epidemy which is disorienting the people, making them easy to be open for further manipulation. That is transferred to us directly by the news, some called “independent” but in reality rented and presented. Those are decoys. Trojan Horse! To silence common sense more fear is introduced! Total absurdity! However, many are caught in the net of absurdity! Everywhere you go there is some kind of survey “for your own sake”, for “your own good!” That makes you even more vulnerable if your life is not in order. And for many of us life is not in order as we forgot, or do not know what is to be done!


What can we do practically to stop giving attention to the news reported without any positivity?
Easy and simple steps!
Find words that are calming you and repeat them laud as they have suggestive power and will take you to the state of mind free of all or as many as possible “breaking news,” spreading fear and worry!
Two of them I found in the beautiful book ” The Power of Positive Thinking” by N.V.Peale are
Tranquility- said to be one of the most melodic words in English. Just by repeatedly saying it will take you to the state of TRANQUILITY! TRY IT! It is still free!
Another one is “SERENITY.” Imagine serenity when you say this word. Repeat it slowly in the spirit that this word symbolizes. TRY THIS ONE ALSO! It is also still free!
To do that, we need to empty mind from troubles, hates, insecurities fears—all the negative feelings and thoughts. If you remember how in the movie “The Last Samurai,” Tom Cruise tries to learn how to use the Samurai sword in vain. He got a tip from a young Samurai saying: “Too much mind! Free your mind.” He followed it and became a good, great genuine Samurai!
So, free your mind from all the negative thoughts and feelings and fears!

“He who dares, he may! You do not give a dam about fear! He who knows no fear beats and goes forward!”
The quote from the beginning and the above one are quotes from the trilogy called “Times of Death,” written by Serbian Writer Dobrica Cosic



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  1. Great article. As someone ones said….WE WERE ALL BORN TO DIE ONE DAY. The only question is are we between these two for all without exemption final and inescapable dates going to live a life worthy or perpetuate slow and agonizing death in fear bestowed upon us by the worst scum of humanity whose last for power and control ravages our Mother Earth and all of its children….live a life no matter how long or short it may be….

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