November 3, 2020.
Nothing looks certain still! Nor will it be allowed to look! Uncertainty is the ultimate tool of control and manipulation.
Regarding the quantity of money, those from up think that they will live forever and have a headache on how to project their influence and maintain the influx of cash. Those who lack money would like to live forever and have a headache of obtaining more cash!
Three common denominators are Immortality, Headache, and Cash.
Or to put it fashionably by today’s values; Cash, Headache, and Immortality.
First is CASH, the ultimate thing which runs the machines of today’s concept!
Second is HEADACHE, caused by the worry and fear of protecting, preserving, and expanding the cash.
The third is a deep-down concern and wish to become IMMORTAL.
All three are connected with one, just till before ten months, a very ordinary process! That of Breathing.
If you breathe, then all can be done! If you respect and breathe even more, can be done! If you are protecting others from yourself, if you breathe and genuinely know what the LOVE is, you can change yourself and contribute to the world to change. You might even become slightly(Measuring is one way of making profits) immortal!
It is not easy! But nothing is easy till it becomes easy!
These ultrarich are not very brave people. Instead, to stay and face the storm, they escape it, thinking that this will help. It will not. We have to deal with sickness passed from generation to generation for nearly 2000 years.

Colonel House, that enormously important figure in American politics stated in his novel of 1912 when President asked him to organize his campaign that he got the opportunity to “tighten a nearly invisible coil around the people, which held them fast.

Do not forget that there was someone who allowed you to become ultra-rich. That someone came, or it is coming to give the invoice and demand doings! Escape is not a viable solution. To face things is!Listening and talking with many people recently give me the impression that we are stuck. Why and how is a long story to be presented in further diaries. Or Beyond!

The photo below is from National Museum of Serbia Picasso painting “Head of the Woman”

As the day slowly approaches the end in Europe, you could see some of the rulers postponing another lockdown decision till Wednesday the 4th, just a day after the USA Presidential Elections. Brave hearts they are!
Do they employ Intuition, or do they not, that is the question!
Let’s define what Intuition is, even that By Oscar Wilde “to define is to limit!”
Intuition is:
1) Direct perception of truth, fact, etc..independent of any reasoning process, immediate apprehension.
2) Fact, truth, etc.. perceived in this way
3) Keen and quick insight
4) Quality or the ability to have such direct perception or quick insight
It comes from the Latin word “Intuitio” aged 1400-1450.
However, even before the word Intuition was placed in our vocabulary, people had the ability to project the events without having all the statistics, trends etc…
They used just ordinary, clear, human mind, enhanced with real-life events, and faced up with common sense and upgraded by reading books as the extra exercise of the superior, unique muscle called BRAIN.
The philosophy of good news is not a political site. Never will be. However, as it looks like we are all going to be affected, one way or another, by the outcome of the USA election Philosophyofgoodnews would like one thing to win!
Common Sense! Pure common sense, as stated by Mr. Thomas Paine in his pamphlet with the same title published January 10, 1776!
Intuition says that all men are good. Intuition also says that all men want to leave something good behind themselves. Intuition also says that what is started and had results is about to continue to have even better results.
Will World be a better or worse place after we do not know. We will realize that the world has changed and that we need to participate in that change for the better!
Will there be opposition? Yes!
What we should take care of is, as Hindu proverb tells us: ” Choose well your enemies, because before too long, you will become like them.”

And in all the meantime, practice LOVE!



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  1. It’s great that you are looking. And you are right to be seeking love as a goal. And the ability and urge to practice it comes from God, the source of love. Thomas Paine, hindu proverbs, or our own intellects are not going to help us love. Immortality? People do not die. Their bodies do. Their soul (who you are) lives. The question is: where do we go? if we choose for God, we get to be with Him. If we choose against, we get to be apart from Him. That is not a good decision to live apart from the source of love, light, and forgiveness, acceptance, grace. Our ticket to life with God is faith. He sent us a part of Himself. It was Himself in a human body, in order to teach us, forgive us, free us, accept us, give us eternal life with Him. He was known as the Christ, the Messiah, the One Who was to come, and did come. They called Him Yeshua while He was here for a while. We call Him Jesus today. He was really here. When we believe God and have faith in his Messenger/message and discard our own pride and sin to embrace His definitions and ways, we are saved from being apart from God. Believing in yourself isn’t going to cut it. Believing in our intuition isn’t going to do it. Only believing in the Christ as Lord of our lives and forgiver of our pride through belief in His substitutionary atonement for that pride, is going to give us life. He provided the way to God. Take it and live in peace with God. Refuse it and despair. “Without faith it is impossible to please God…He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him” Seek Him, Seek Yeshua the Christ, discard your self, and He will reward your faith

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