Hazy Sunday or any given day?

As per dictionary word hazy means lacking distinctness or clarity; vague; indefinite; obscure; confused.
We are living in those days!
The days of confusion. One might ask when humanity was living other days from days of confusion?
Behind the mountain, a new, devastating economic crisis is approaching us. The concept of power, of obedience, is in disarray, especially in the west. Narcissistic corruption is common. But, of course, it is never all that bad. There are always people who recognize the manipulation, and by sharing their thoughts, send the rays of awakening towards others. Some people want genuinely to leave goodness behind them as we all pass away one day. As I was writing, I got a phone call from a very good friend, and as I shared my writings and ideas with him, he narrated to me a story about two fictional characters, two people. He named them Mario and Mathew. Double M is coincidental. So Mathew had a bachelor’s degree from Trinity College, and after he went and obtained his Master’s degree from Oxford and got his Ph.D. from MIT. On the other hand, you have Mario, who started to work in construction when he was 12 years old and throughout the years learned plumber craft and other work.
So, who do you value more, he asked, immediately giving the answer that their intrinsic value is the same. SAME!
Think about it. Think about how the conceptual power breaks morale and makes people deprave. How immorality becomes a way of functioning and how this profoundly affects our spirit and our soul.
We struggle for as long as we know our civilization. But we somehow omit understanding that history, real history, is covered with a veil of secrecy. Not in a sense that you can not find it but in a sense that you can not see it! Someone said that the best way to hide something is to place it in open view. Believe! All is written somewhere and placed on www. Read a lot, and the ability to read between the lines will come by itself! Fear will be gone at the time when you recognize that your way of thinking is crossing the barriers established by manipulation. Then you will be cured of blindness. Lessons of corruption are everywhere, so they do happen today, every day. It all starts with children being taught about competition and antagonism! Be better than the other as you will advance further, forgetting that our intrinsic value is the SAME!
How the French Revolution started?
People were brought in a hazy state and manipulated by Maria Antoinette using the expression, ” give them sweets!” Instead, Maria Antoinette used the expression from the book “Confessions” of Jan Jacques Rousseau, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche,” which means let them eat pastry, the food for the rich. But who cares today about that? Or about the fact that the food shortage was organized by Louis Philippe II Duke of Orleans, cousin of King, who voted for King Louis XVI to be executed and after he himself got executed in 1793. Interesting story about how the destiny of the traitors and usurpers can become. There are so many similar stories where the people are managed by disorientation and systematic uncertainty and placed between severe punitive measures and promises of good treatment, like the story of a bad cop and a good cop. That is combined by spreading contradictory news, making the situation unclear, thus developing an individual to cease to comprehend if a particular plan would advance toward or away from the goal set. That leads to demoralization and makes the majority follow whatever is planned for them without them.
I strongly recommend the “Tale of the Anti-Christ” by Vladimir Soloviev, published in 1900. If anyone is interested, I can send a link.
We, humans, lost thousands of years for so-called advancement. From donkey to the space shuttle, and did something intrinsically changed? Yes! Our morals became corrupted. Our sins became our everyday companions. Some are proud of it. Some disobey the advancement of their countries for their own.
People are methodically and systematically brainwashed without being cognizant of it!
Serbian Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric who saw many historical characters of his time warn us by saying that”If people would know how little brain is ruling the world, they would die of fear…”
So what is to be done?
First and foremost is to get education back to its roots! Education is the future!
If you want to succeed, teach your children values and demand from all teachers’ associations everywhere to rebuild, remake programs. Programs build on truth! Programs with morale in the core and love towards fellow human beings as a standard. But not watery stuff! No manipulation and sleepy things! Active, awake, and aware programs build, as I said on TRUTH! Truth is the most significant and most effective medicine for manipulation!
And as programs are changed, learn your children from home! They can start changing their teachers after! That is a good thing to have them home! Teach them values and show them your morals! If any issue is there, just include love for the family, and all is fixed!
Love pure love is the medicine for all!
There is a try from many sick brains to degrade words that accompany profound feelings! Give them their real meaning and transfer that to your children!
And we will prevail!




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