The coming man

The coming man
The coming man who is not coming but “only” awaking. Very much, hopefully!

Some so-called life border situations define us as a person and design the road towards our future life. Will we take it or not depends only on us! No one else!
Loss of someone dear, overwhelming gain or loss of weight, depression, betrayal, treachery, accidents, and illness can cause us, humans, to lose faith in life, human relations, and the world around us.
We realize that many try to “reinvent the wheel,” not being able to clear their souls and become genuinely human. Those fellow human beings judge everything as judging is a way for them to feel falsely alive. Those fellow human beings lie and diminish ethics as something “old-fashioned,” or having two mistresses together with wife. Those, our fellow human beings, could be so-called intellectuals yet idiots who do not comprehend that all their doings will vanish faster than expected as others will learn to “fret no more.”
Signs of troubling times?
Times are rarely without trouble. Actually, times are always connected with trouble, just that today due to the internet and instant connection we have with whole the world, it looks that the problems are in excess!
We look at those issues forgetting to look first inside our souls. We forget that we are created for one another. We overlook that tolerance and respect for others make us more happy and satisfied with ourselves!
We draw a blank, not realizing that we make enemies because we avoid communication with people; we do not feel one for another. We do not make an effort to listen to each other, count to ten, and then again reflect, think over, bethink!
When ultimately, we start thinking, as they say, out of the box, going deep inside our souls, figuring out why we are here and what our purpose of existence is, we trigger the process of awaking. There are no definitions or rules, just meditation between you and yourself before including others.
Then, surprisingly, we even rediscover dreaming! During long nights of waiting for hope to fulfill itself, we find time to make company with the moon and stars, sometimes sharing thoughts with people dear to us. Even that a friend of mine explicitly told me that she was looking to the moon only during those nights, I am sure that the stars were looking at her, awaking angels!
At those times, times of truth, we discover who we are and define our life purpose. In times like that, books are made, poems were written. Love is ready to go where maybe it was not expressed enough or in the right way. The decision to serve people and sacrifice for them to fulfill yourself enters the mind.
Somehow we set free our soul and let her to unite with our body and mind! That is the cure for any “disease.”
I had the pleasure to be invited to book promotion, “Letters from the Soul,” of the lady who has passed many life inquiries and tests and allowed us to meet her and her thoughts from the soul through rhymes.
Aggeliki Savva is, as her name says, the angel.
The angel we all have inside of us. In some, it is sleeping. In some, it has a headache, and in some of us is alive and ambulate.
From the angel of Aggeliki, here are rhymes in my free translation from the greek:
“Love, with all the capacity of your soul.
Love, like you know only that to do.
Give all your being, as that is all you have.
Enjoy every moment, as you choose to live it,
to obtain a wealth of memories.
They are invaluable.”

Ask for forgiveness, and it will happen! Decide to love genuinely as love is giving, not receiving!
Do not forget to adapt to the “old school” ethics and be faithful to your statements, your family, your friends, and most importantly, to yourself!
You could even get inspired to write your thoughts about ” How to live a happy, fulfilling life?”
Or live that life!
Do not try to do anything by force! All of us have our own time machine, which works differently. Some of us will convert fast, some later, and some never. But regardless, give all your patience, especially to yourself.
And in the meantime and forever, do not forget to LOVE!!!

Copyright by Darko Richard Lancelot as part of the book “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond,” you can preorder here



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