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Curiosity does lead to the inspiration of any kind. Positive or negative. I will always concentrate on the positive side. Yesterday late afternoon with working hours expired I wanted to visit the same place for the third time.
The first time was during the second Cyprus lockdown in January 2021. When going to work, I passed by this fantastic place, then obviously closed. I spotted a beautiful garden, and literally next to it, a ship-style bar combined with the sea view, giving the perfect shape to absolutely unique scenery. Then I thought to write about Leonardo Da Vinci and his “Second time among the Cypriots,” imaging what he would say or paint inspired by this place. Maybe in Cyprus, he got the inspiration to leave with us some of the words like: ” As well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.” As many different feelings were playing inside of me, I could not help it, so I went back to a nearby town to take away some food and eat it in, then, utterly deserted place. It was an excellent, fantastic decision. Being alone with the sea, I started singing using the music created by waves. Concerns about the present and future disappeared, replaced by new ideas or, better, old ideas surfacing the soul, reminding me that they were always there, just that I was not ready to feel them! Does it happen to you also?
These thirty minutes of my first stay were a flywheel to continue with all the possible and impossible enthusiasm and understanding of all the actions of our fellow human beings. I confirmed within myself for one more time that people are good! Maybe that many do not know that for themselves, but THEY ARE GOOD! When they realize that it might hurt them, but no pain, no gain. With the pain of admitting your mistakes, you gain wisdom and humanity. Never is too late. Courage and common sense are needed.

So, I left the place with a contract signed in my mind that I will come back. Five months passed, lockdown number two became lockdown number three. However, everything which has the beginning has an end also. We must realize that nothing is forever and that our joint road is taking us all to the same destination. But before that destination, we have many things to do for the good of ALL by starting from ourselves.

Just a week ago, I visited the same place, now open. It was out of curiosity and, as I already said, the contract with my mind. Sudden but safe move and we parked the car to approach the garden and have lunch. It is not always, and indeed, it is not a rule, but this beautiful place also has the most tasteful food. It could be that the whole atmosphere adds to the taste completing the harmony. We enjoyed beautifully presented refined food, amicable service from the entire family wearing the same fashionable and plain T-shirts. Each table has a different number decorations, making visitors accumulate infinite positive feelings. With all this overwhelming excitement, we left towards another place I will write about soon to further increase the pleasure of living in this world. Below you can see some pictures from the second visit.

Meet “PAS TO KIMA” or in English ” AT THE WAVES.”

The story will never be complete as love for a person or place never disappears when you feel it genuinely. You have a need to test it and meet it from all sides!
Just after five days, the third “date” happened. The date with the same place but at a different time. The time for dinner with the sunset. It reminded me of the Third date in Toledo, the poem of 19th century romantic Gustavo Adolfo Becquer! Not because of the third date poem he left with us, but because of the presence of the excess of emotions!

Enjoying food and the scenery, this time having the whole star, our Sun as a companion, I realized that this place exists with one purpose! To help you, to enable us to feel real love! To teach us that we can feel real love many times in our short lives. Especially with these sunsets, like you can see below!

There will definitely be fourth, fifth, and many other dates at this magnificent place “PAS TO KYMA, or “AT THE WAVES,” so let suggestion at the end of this writing be Leonardo Da Vinci words: ” It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment are rarely sitting back letting things happen to them. Instead, they go out and happen to things!”

Extracts from the book “Quarantine diaries and Beyond.” All rights reserved.


by Darko Richard Lancelot


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