Biden Putin or Putin Biden

Biden Putin or Putin Biden meeting?

From the first videos and expressions, two men had it looks like Putin is eager to convey practical points and requests and is ready to negotiate. At the same time, on the other side, Biden looks like it is in bewilderment what to do as the dream of unilateralism fades away.
Will this meeting prolong the disaster in the making or be the foundation for clearing things? Time might tell, even not publicly. But the point is that there is not much time left. America needs to reform, and Russia needs to continue developing. Both are expirienced, especially Biden who is in the system all his life. Here you can see a photo from meeting with Andrei Gromyko and thank, follow up letter he sent to Tito of Yugoslavia in 1979.

Both can not forget China and the increasing power of first among equals in all spheres of human life.
One should not forget that all three powers have deep states and enormous private interests looking for their own gains, or at least, for maintaining the influence.
Will those two and their governments be able to deliver stability and reorganize the world for sustainable development, and a safe future will be seen a little after this summit.
Will the deal be sealed to let people know about the virus’s origins, and the control of different virus laboratories is also to be seen soon.
Some cleaning will need to be done.
In the meantime, there is a hope that in this world on all sides, we have more human beings looking forward to developing the world than those who want to destroy it.
The majority is measured by numbers, and the minority by the power of money.
To finish with the beginning, let me quote a beautiful saying of Carroll Quigley
“The main theme in our society today is competition and no truly stable society can possibly be built on such a premise. In the long term society must be based on association and co-operation.”
This can be projected to the world!

Co-operation with all for all as all are needed for the world to function!

To be continued

Darko Richard Lancelot



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