Entrapped by own cunning-Tragedy of the system

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“Democracy statistically equates stupidity with reason, and to idiots, only if they are enough, allows to rule the world! ”

These wise words are from the novel “Rabies” written by Borislav Pekic, a Serbian writer who was living in exile in London during Tito regime. He knew something we the masses are comprehending now.

It is becoming evident by each passing day that the fairytale is approaching an end. It is not possible anymore to lull the people to the extent they been lulled one year ago, not to mentions fifty years or even a hundred and fifty years ago. People became increasingly fed up with insidious, sneaky, and often beyond logic and stupidity propaganda placed by so-called mainstream media channels, financed by freshly printed money irreversibly losing value. The system started to look like a house of cards. I ask myself if it was always a house of cards getting help from another house of cards to increase the existence for some decades till politicians, then in the place pass and go into history as “great” leaders leaving a mess in the making behind!
One day we might wake up, and there would be no world we used to think it will last forever. See the story of the German Democratic Republic and the Berlin Wall. Another history lesson, not digested by the western part of the world as the postulate “it will never happen to us,” is still alive.
At that time, if or when it comes, it is crucial not to forget to practice the purest possible love, compassion, and togetherness.
Only then will we prevail, we will inspire, and we will survive! Only then will our lives have a real purpose for existence. It is also an opportunity to find the aim worthy of advancing life awake, aware, and free!
Third Reich or Fourth Reich or whatever Fifth that will come out of the minds of those extremely intelligent yet highly destructive people, we need to awake fast, soon, and be productive! Our education system needs redefinition and turning to the so nicely called “old school!” About the proposal for the “old school,” I will come back to you soon enough to discuss how that could be achieved practically and with lots of love!

But before that, I am inclined to share with you one story from history.
History, as you know, is called the teacher of life, and still we, or better, most of our leaders, are forgetting that simple quote, and are due to make the same mistakes over and over again!
So many stories from the past would be of tremendous importance for those concerned about their posthumous fame that are currently receiving orders from the behind curtain planers. Those are called first time by philosophyofgoodnews “Conspiracy Practitioners!”
Unfortunately, our leaders got blind from relative power, relative greed, and wealth, ceasing to be interested in the common good, as many of them could experience perfidious blackmail involving usual human weakness. It would be a tragedy for our system, us, and our so-called leaders if that were allowed to continue happening. Maybe that below story would be used as an eye-opener to some till there is still some time left.
The particular story from 1451-1453 came to my mind, as it reflects how a short-sited mind makes shortly lived decisions resulting in the tragedy affecting many many many people for centuries and centuries!

Byzantine Empire with its capital, Constantinople, and the Ottoman Empire started negotiations about different matters in 1451. That year, Sultan Murad II died, and his son Mohammed II was enthroned and became a supreme leader and Sultan of the Ottomans.
Byzantines thought that the opportunity has come to gain more economic advantage from the new Sultan to cover their sizeable public debt with short repayment terms and try to buy time. To mention that due to the financial difficulties, the famous maker of big cannons, Hungarian Orban left the service of Emperor Constantine and entered that of Sultan Muhammed II. Sultan immediately gave Orban four times higher salary than that he was receiving from the Emperor.
The Byzantines used the Sultan campaign in Caramanica to “kindly” present that the agreed sum of 300000 aspers per annum was not enough to support the Ottoman Prince ( in this case, Orhan) with dignity.
If the Sultan would not agree to increase the sum, the Byzantines would or better might “restrain the action of Orhan-Effendi.”
By the way, the Ottomans and Byzantines had an agreement for the latter to keep Ottoman Prince in Constantinople for the agreed amount as the Ottomans wanted to stop killing heirs to the throne and wanted them to stay isolated but alive.
After listening to Byzantines demands, the Grand Vizier Chalil Pasha, whose father was of Serbian and mother of a Greek origin, said the following words as per Ducas and repeated in the book of the Serbian diplomat in London Cedomilj Mijatovic, dedicated to His Royal Highness Prince Constantine, then the Duke of Sparta and Heir to the Greek throne:” You foolish Greeks! Long ago, I learned to know your falsehood and your cunning. While Sultan Murad lived, it was possible for you to go on comparatively well, because he was just and conscientious. But Sultan Mohammed is quite another man. If Constantinople escapes his impetuosity and his power, it will be proof that God does not punish your crooked ways and your sins. Fools! The ink on the documents of peace concluded between us has not yet dried, and you come to us with silly threats! You are mistaken. We are not interested and simple children to be easily scared. If you really believe you can do something, you are free to do it! If you desire to proclaim Orhan Sultan of Romania, go and proclaim him! If you desire to recover the countries you have lost, try! Be sure, however, of this one thing: you will only succeed in losing the little that remains your own!” This was the continuation of the beginning of the end of Constantinople!
What happened? The payment for Orhan-Effendi was suspended by the Sultan, and he sent emissaries to ask if he could use a piece of land on the Byzantine territory around five miles from Galata to build the castle today known as Rumelian Castle-Roumeli Hissar Castle or Strait Blocker Castle(Bogazkesen Castle).
They received the answer from the Byzantines: ” The Emperor would cheerfully oblige his friend Sultan, but unfortunately the territory in question did not really belong to him, having been ceded long ago to the Franks of Galata, and he, therefore, feared the building of the forth on the Frankish ground might bring the Sultan into collision with Frankistan!” (1)
The Grand-Vizier Chalil Pasha being an experienced diplomat and knowing the character of the young Sultan, “smiled in his beard.”
He brought the answer swiftly, and it said: ” The Sultan, unwilling to hurt the feelings of his good friend the Emperor, did not wish to begin to build without his formal permission; but as the Emperor now declared the ground belonged to the Franks, the Sultan, who does not care a straw for feelings of the Franks( most probably because they were not his neighbors- writers thought), will without further delay proceed with his forth!”
After that, Constantine asked for help from the west, but as history shows never received the one resulting in the fall of Constantinople on May 29th, 1453!

Shortsighted, short gain minds caused long-term gain for others. The history is repeating it self?
You can project this story to today’s happenings in the western world with financial issues and inflation ready to come on the stage and show us how it is to live with immense difficulties.
Will this happen?
It is up to us to reform before we are reformed.

And whatever, do not, really do not forget to love! Without strings and many thoughts!
Love awakes!

1- From the book of Cedomil Mijatovich “Constantine: The Last Emperor of the Greeks.”

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