Conspiracy Practitioners II

Kindly Google the term “Conspiracy Practitioners,” and you will see that the term does not exists. Interesting, isn’t it?

Philosophyofgoodnews is announcing the start of the series of essays about Conspiracy Practitioners. The term Conspiracy Practitioners has been used first time ever by us with the first essay titled Conspiracy Practitioners published February 26th 2021 which is available for subscribers only. Conspiracy Practitioners were always present in the history of our civilization. However people did not used the term Conspiracy Practitioners up to know as it would be counteproductive for those having an idea what that IS, and how it works- Practically. Conspiracy Practitioners were planning, organizing and executing events that shaped the history. No coincidences. Or to many coincidences. The technique used by Conspiracy Practitioners is worthy learning.

When people started to awake and to ask questions about events that happened in front of their eyes mid of 20th century, Conspiracy Practitioners came to an idea to introduce to the public so called term “Conspiracy Theories.” Beautifully thought as it opens so many passages for discussion and antagonizm.

However even that it was one of the clever moves as it was counting on many different aspects of human character, nothing lasts forever and the Conspiracy Practitioners got somehow entrapped in their own cunning. It is natural for those to think that all will last forever.

Since, for decades they achieved the aim. Divide and Rule. Still it is present but as awaking is irreversible process let’s see what will happen.

So, Conspiracy Theory term has been thrown to the masses as fog that covers the atmosphere. One eyed started to follow the blind and Conspiracy Practitioners continued freely with their longterm plans.

Here you will not learn theories, but historical facts. Conclusion will always be yours.

It is decided that this series which will present at least fifty personalities their actions and practices that changed the course of history and known to history, but are less known to general public will be for the subscribers only.

In order to start receiving the essays second being ready in one week you can subscribe for 24 months and get “Quarantine diaries and beyond” eBook, for only 10 $ following below link.




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