Unmasking the masks



It is unnecessary to be surrounded by fantastic scenery to get inspired. Many times the thoughts, those that change the perspective, when they are ready, when there is a specific time for them to appear, find the road towards the mind, just show up and say: “We’ve arrived, and you can take note if you want!” However, surroundings often increase the flow of thoughts, making you learn to digest them rapidly and then share them with your loved ones and with the world. 
Spending time near the sea, with the sound of the waves that tickle the ears, with the shy smell of iodine silently contributing to our healthy being and with a breeze that moves the canopy and sweeps the trees helping the earth to breathe, the feeling to share the thoughts of togetherness and humanity matures faster than usual. 
I felt that my balance improved, and my awareness awoke, leaving ego aside. That “ego,” which is the central part of us that manipulators, visible and invisible, use to distract and control us drawing all the positive energy, or better converting all the positive, human energy to negative, tearing down the soul and spirit! 
By leaving the ego to sleep forever if possible, our health enhances, our mind clears and sets us free to meet ourselves again and anew and realize how everything in life starts from us first! We do not need mediums to initiate us! We can do it by ourselves. It is simple, and it is in front of our noses! Practice togetherness! Smile, laugh from the heart, whole heart! Learn what to do with your freedom! Be curious and humble! Do not steal! Invent! With a clear mind and face! 
One C.S.Lewis, who was a professor of theology at Oxford after announcing in his 1937 novel “The Silence of the Earth,” the “beginning of a war for the possession of the human soul,” in his last book “Till We Have Faces,” apart from other beautiful words left with us this quote: “ The Gods will not speak to us face to face until we ourselves have a face.” 
So what is covering our face and stopping us from talking with gods?


There are times you spend in the places where air breaths so sweetly, successfully concealing the power of the sun’s rays. You realize the overwhelming power of the sun only later when you become red-faced! Surprise is always for after. 
It is like popular masking in chess, which is explained as follows: “ Masking=moving in stealth(transferred to stealth, or hidden, board). You can only mask or unmask any piece( except for the King) that was just moved at the end of the movie. King cant mask, all other pieces can.” Poor Kings!

With our moves masked or not, we decide to go where we go, meet people we meet, create relations of any kind with them, be honest or not, study what we want to learn or not, marry whom we wish to marry, or do we not? That is the question! How free are our decisions? How deep are our concerns? Why do we have concerns? 
If you go deeper and be honest with yourself, you will find out that ego and fear are the two main issues! 
With them, fear and ego, put aside, you will become you and stop judging, become healthy and happy, stop being grumpy, feel absolute love and compassion towards yourself and others, and when that happens, my dear fellow humans, the sky is short to be the limit! If you desire to fly! 
If you have doubt, which is human and desirable, remember the words of Leonardo da Vinci: “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return!”


I can completely understand and terribly and passionately approve the saying of Ernest Hemingway, admiring his witty remark when he said that “there is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at the typewriter (then-emphasis added) and bleed(always-emphasis added)!” 
To bleed is to create and inspire! 
That can be a red face from the sun, giving you unique inspiration and understanding why you are here! Why are we all here? 
All the happiness comes from bleeding! Life is a sacrifice worthy of your ideas and your aims! More human, genuine drives, happier the life! Be positively satisfied with other people’s achievements! Give good without asking anything in return. As energy floats around, good will always come back. The opposite is also absolute! 
How this fits here, you might ask! 
Well, the emphasis is on the word BLEED! 
Bleed, and you will meet yourself and all your decisions! 
Those decisions that made you lose yourself, your self-belief, and forget that you are special also! 
Believe in yourself unconditionally and doubt everything, always staying observant! 
Do not forget to Love! Love all forms and shapes of nature! How extraordinary are the waves today! They sway like the most charming tango dance! 
Love, even with all the nerves involved! Even if it looks like that will destroy you! It will not! It will fulfill you! 
What is life without love and passion? 
What is life without experiencing irrationality! 
Irrational for them is rational for you as you are you, one and only original, and them-they, poor, do not know that they are originals too, as they are at sleep! They sleep occupied only by themselves. The ego ate them! 
Your irrationality, as they will insidiously label you and call you irrational for being different, is a masked medicine for them to find their lost self! You will be a doctors doctor! Human elixir! 
They will realize that little is needed to disconnect from the false world they are in and connect with the authentic self!


I looked around. The beach is nearly free of people, and the sea is preparing to handle the sunset. 
Sunsets are romantic and sad as time passes quietly but without any stopover, reminding us of the transience of life. We, the people, often do some extraordinary things during the sunset while considering, “We only live once” thought. Like wolves, we bark at the stars and sometimes at someone near us! It is just and regrettably losing of the time we have to spend here! Instead of barking, LOVE! Continue the sunset romantic with sunrise magic! 
In between, make kids! That will make them nervous and you and us happy and satisfied! 
The masks have fallen, and as there are still many, they will still be falling! 
The golden dawn is re-approaching us! Not the society but the magic! 
The magic all of us can feel while seeing the sunrise! Such a positive tremendous, overwhelming, human energy, given to us to use it properly!

To use the words of W.B.Yeats, the grandmaster of Golden Dawn and Nobel Prize winner, who used the name of “Brother Devil in God Reversed,” and wearing the black mask while presiding the meetings of the society: 
“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”



Darko Richard Lancelot

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