She came! She appeared, and only by her presence my complete emotions erupted! Did you see “Breakfast at Tiffany’s and legendary Audrey Hepburn? Well, this is the one, new! With the same energy radiating!
I was sitting in the cafe making friends with my thoughts and trying to structure them, MY WAY, when she entered the place! She wore long earth colors dress in cream semi-open lounge shoes, checkered heels, a beautiful summer hat with black ribbon lace around, and a sweet, stylish bow. And under her right arm, apart from the bag, she was carrying- guess what?! The book! I fell in love! No need to talk! Her appearance was enough for million words. You need only to observe some women and let them pass by you without any disturbance! Feelings and imagination are enough! Words said can, sometimes, only contribute for the dream to finish suddenly!
She took off the hat, letting her black medium-long hair to come to the fore! I looked better at the face. White with the french nose, feminine D’Artagnan shape, and calm but highly expressive black eyes! Honey cheek, soft skin with natural groomed nails.
She ordered coffee and started to read the book with utmost care and interest. A beautiful warmth passed through my body, accompanied by the feeling of sorrow as this “ritual” is slowly disappearing from today’s world. But that gives her an exceptional place in my heart!
Then I noticed that she put on the mask. I got puzzled as she did not look overwhelmed with fear and concern. She looked more like all those stylish, common sensed people in France who have their coffees and wine and food in front of the restaurants as they forbid to show any pass introduced by the ruling class. Shortly after, my observation was confirmed! She took off the mask and continued reading. It proved to me once again that mask is becoming a habit!
After a while, she started talking over the phone, and curious as I am, I wanted to find out where does she come from. Again my intuition was working well! French, that beautiful Gauls language, started stroking my ears! She spoke slowly and firmly, moving her beautiful hands with sense like my dear french friends.
I do not know her name. But it doesn’t matter! The only thing that matters is that she exists! You nameless lady, you beautified my day, softening my soul! You anonymous woman, you inspired me to structure my thoughts, MY WAY.
She reminded me about the scene I saw in Sergiu Nicolaescu’s 2004 movie Orient Express. A battler asked Nicolaescu about his love life, specifically mentioning his affair with a French lady when living in Paris.
He asked- Master, what about your French lady love? I am sure she was very beautiful! Wasn’t she? Nicolaescu, while sitting deep in thought, crammed into an armchair near the fireplace, after a while replied- Well, MY DESIRE MADE HER BEAUTIFUL!
You nameless lady, be happy, healthy, and without any fear!
My desire is to send you chaste kisses wherever you go!

Darko Richard Lancelot
As part of the upcoming book Quarantine Diaries and Beyond you can learn more here https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/2021/06/17/better-be/

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