Novak Djokovic Australian Saga-One step made! Common sense prevailed! For now…

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Nothing is finished yet if you have to do with unbalanced people who think that power is to be exercised as medicine for the ego!
But, from the positive side, COMMON SENSE prevailed as the Judge has it for export! It was just beautiful and highly educational listening to him and following his line of thought!
Novak had a dream and still has dreams! He came to Australia not to harass anyone but to follow that dream. With INTEGRITY!
Novak Djokovic is free and is going there where he wanted to go! To play at the Australian Open! In the tournament, he won nine, NINE times! That is what no one can change!
Or, as one-eyed is following the blind, he will be deported by the same people who were messing in politics, like in Peaky Blinders.
I thought how interesting it is to see the masses react, once again! Those who shouted about how privileged his father is, not knowing basic FACTS! Not informing themselves first that his father borrowed money from everywhere to pay for his son’s academy in Germany, risking his own existence! HE BELIEVED!
Mr. Srdjan Djokovic is a hard self-made person! Very hard, self-made person! Learn from him!
I read comments that say, “free to leave,” mentioning that “making your own decisions also comes with the responsibility of accepting the consequences of your decisions.” I must say that it is absolutely true and very well said! However, it is projected towards the WRONG PERSON! That dear author of the above statement is to be told to those that harassed Novak.
Or those that say that he, Novak, messed up and continue with, “Do not like it? Do not come.” I needed to react with the following reply.
“Nothing is messed up here. All clear as documents presented to the court show. But as this goes on and on and will go on with more blah blah of blah, let me use this opportunity to share one short article (https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/2022/01/06/gde-si-brate-no-2-integrity/).

And “Do not like it? Don’t come,” is something you will not have when you visit Serbia, dear human being. On the contrary. But this is for you to experience when you visit. I wish you all the happiness and fulfillment in New Year.” To continue when my dear human being stated that he needed to be vaccinated.
“It is not a vaccination he needed. It is a recovery certificate. My dear, when you get an Australian Visa from relevant Australian authorities, you are accepted to enter. But maybe we did not understand that there are states in beautiful federal Australia that do not care what federal authority is doing. That is an internal issue that should not be reflected to any visitor. So sorry that we are dividing ourselves over other people’s intentions. Very sorry.”
So many have projected hate towards Djokovic. Even Spectator, the last common sensed weekly, had an article, “Hating on Novak has become a national sport.”
That made me think who is firing up and succeeding for people to lose reason, sapience, and respond as they reacted!
The answer is obvious. It is not them! It is not any government as they are nothing without us! It is not him, Novak! It is us! Us!
That hate comes from us! And we are the ones that the system is manipulating and injecting so many bad feelings and pressure in a perfidious way. We think that an easy way is to let the visitor go where he came from as masses believe that an easy way is to do what manipulators tell you! It will not last.

Who remembers the name of British Governor of India? Who remembers Ghandi?
First come and go second stay for eternity.

Addition 14/1/2022

Poor people in that what is called continent. Poor distracted people. Lets forgive them, but never forget. NEVER!

Everything else is just mor of pointless BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.

The easy way is always THE WRONG WAY! That’s it!

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