Flattening the curve


So, where are all those specialists analyzing the statistics and how to flatten the curve? Where are those “Trust science not morons?”
So many stupidities have been said and done all for one experiment! And again, many of us succumbed and, instead to awake, continued sleeping. Sleeping is a state very well known to humans—the easiest one. Sleep, give in to the wishes of others to pass through. It is the same when humans are raped! Here we have the rape of millions! Someone, including “kapos,” must be held accountable for their actions! We all know those manipulators from social networks who should answer to the rest of us!
It is tragic to see how deformed and manipulative they all are!
Unfortunately for them and all humanity, this is not to be forgotten as the results of these lockdowns, quarantines, safe, green, whatever passes done under the coercion, will have terrible effects on human population health in the years to come.
Those, all of them should be accountable to themselves first and then to all of the others!
Regarding the state of sleep, here is one story narrated to me by a couple of dear friends from Hungary.
The wife wanted to take her husband to see the ballet “Swan Lake.” She bought the tickets, and they prepared to go. The husband, a foreigner from a small Mediterranean country, did not attend ballet before and, as his wife told me, was excited to go but not that excited.
So they went, took their places, and the ballet started. Her husband was concentrated for the first twenty minutes looking at the performance. Then suddenly, she saw him closing his eyes and beginning to sleep. She pushed him gently and quietly said, George, wake up. So George woke up and continued watching the performance, but sleepily. He closed his eyes again, and now he was in a deep sleep. His wife, now desperate, pushed him and pushed him and pushed him, saying quietly but firmly, “George wake up!”
After some time, George opened his eyes and looked at his wife, asking her: ” Is she still jumping?”
She confirmed, and he continued his nice deep sleep till the end of the performance.
Any “jumping” is not suitable for us! We want to sleep, and they use that!

Darko Richard Lancelot
Connect and Respect

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