Sane or Insane-It is not about the subject,it is how you treat it

I unfriend you from your biolabs

Biolabs are rising as mushrooms after the rain. Someone decided to make a surprise and present us with discovered proofs and documents. Just to make sure that the destiny of the findings will not to be like with NATO expansion promises. With that promises all are playing fools now. All those corrupted officials everywhere! “Where are the written documents on that,” they ask. They provoke, thinking that we all are in the state of manipulated mind, and that we all will believe in the doubts they are insidiously implanting. I think that we all wish to find out the truth about 9/11 also. Comming after then Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld found about that famous financial hole in Pentagon finances. No more idiotic deceiving manipulated informations is wishful thinking but still! No more going around and round is another wishful thinking, but still!

Is it possible that this world will finally find out the real truth about that part of it who wanted, and still want, to subdue us and even to genetically modify our organisms! They are runned by complete insanity and ,believe it, or are, many of them, descendants of Nazis or Nazi collaborators. Does it matter? Well it did not till it started to matter! We, with “we,” I mean humanity as a whole, have to deal with an absolute evil! Someone was more diplomatic calling it “the Empire of Lies.” That is the empire which is behind so many black operations, so many killings, so many bombings and in short so many inhuman activities that corrupeted individuals everywherewant to water it. At least recognise them. The best medicine against manipulationis the TRUTH. The “Empire of Lies,” is the Empire representing people who are GOOD, with FAMILY VALUES, who practice TOGETHERNESS and KINDNESS, and are now subject of tremendous authoritarian practices of the minority moronic, insidious, inhuman, corrupted and mostly stupid creatures. Here it is not about countries, no! It is about people running it!

One of the readers of this website mentioned in his comment that “U.S.S.A. is an evil, war-loving, sodomy-promoting, gender-confused, hedonistic, pro-abortion, pornified, anti-family, anti-Christ nation.” It is not about a nation, it is not about a geographical term it is about people! Not to go 1000 years before but to mention 1913 and Federal Reserve Act. Privatisation of money supply. Money which was invented to be the means of exchange, producing dept while goods and services are always an asset! Stock exchanges with casino type futures and other derivatives are just another way to take us from real values! Values of produced goods and services provided, such as tourism. However, that is what will happen now! Goods, commodities, services are to get their place back! They will become an asset while all this thin paper will either go back to its original meaning or it will dissappear together with those that are running the casino type system!

With the system in chaos, or better, approaching chaos, all those brain washers lost it and are asking for assassination of presidents of foreign countries. The others are wishing forvthat to happen to cover practices of their family members in Ukraine. The idea of assassination most probably came out because of the experience they had with JFK and the memory about Lincoln they like to think of, plus the warning they gave to R.Regan. That is a complete insanity! That is the danger for the whole Earth! America became the hostage of insidious and corrupted creatures. Some of those have hate so deeply stocked that any cure is of no help. Tragedy!

So, those we see them on our screens thought that Bioweapons near the borders of China and Russia is a Great idea. However, as always they omitted to acknowledge that producing bioweapons has one crucial problem! It can not be controlled. It can and will be a boomerang. It can spread to all the Earth population and not only to the one that is targeted.Do not forget that when this so-called pandemic started Russia sent help to Italy and Serbia. Plus planes to USA with goods. However the help for Italy and Serbia was in men! Doctors. But those doctors were wearing military uniforms and their vehicles were military vehicles. Remember? So if the epidemic was natural why military personnel of Russia was sent, with consent of NATO country Italy, to help with the epidemic or what ever it was. It confirms that moronic fascist were behind this event and took us, the people as hostages! Awake for GOD sake.


One can ask, what is to be done? Practicaly it can! First stop, stop immediately with all activities that are contributing to brain wash! Read books, love people, be kind, ignore idiots and morons, avoid manipulated beings as they will need their own time to awake, and contribute your well being to the well being of your family and friends. That is the start.

There was a story comparing crisis situation in West and Russia. The best indicator in the Western part of the world that crisis started was the increase in abandoned dogs, while in Russia all those years with difficulties the increase of abandoned dogs did not happen. Why? Well because in Russia those that did not have dogs were sharing leftovers of their food with dog owners. They were practicing togetherness! So simple! MORE TOGETHERNESS LESS MANIPULATION!

That is why we were bombarded with lockdowns, social distancing and quarantines! That IS the crime against humanity!We did not protect others as manipulators were propagating, and instead, we were harming ourselves and our ability to trust and live together!

Now, the same idiots and morons that were propagating social distancing, lockdowns, trial jabs not tested on mouses but on people, are at the side of the same propaganda that will fall like house of cards. All of us know who they are and how they manipulate. Their awaking will come sooner if we just ignore them. Their usual way is to ask questions and to reply with questions. Than to avoid the obvious using the narratives like parrots. By avoiding them we will provide time for their consciousness to start cleaning the dirt. Than, as we will always have open arms for those who had their hands clean of any atrocity, they will join us, again!



Darko Richard Lancelot


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