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What it is not and what it is?!

It is not the aim of philosophyofgoodnews to have monopoly to the truth and to judge anyone, but to write facts and let you, the readers to find your truth, by your own reasoning. It is a complete, pure, genuine solo effort not financed by anyone and completely independent, if we can stay independent in today’s world. My strong oppinion is that we can and should make our own decision to stay ourselves and thus determine our own destiny. That is the best way to live this life. At least that is my opinion. Being self gives you one feeling that it has been attacked by forces all around. That of freedom of choice! That of freedom of thought. That of freedom of action. By action I strongly oppose any aggressive move against, both the body and soul. Even when the sneaky, insidious soul attack provokes body attack. However, we all should remember! The truth will shine! Even that those who destroyed our future, and spent all from our pension funds, will try to make more of more to the much more situations to distract our mind and unable us to clearly and deeply think about simple facts that are insidiously covered by plain dirty propaganda, we should, it is a must to manage not to forget and FINALLY make all those manipulators accountable for what they have done. That was done at Nuremberg trials after 1945 and will be done at new trials somewhere else in the near future! Especially when the TRUTH about BIOLABS will be revealed! It can not be hidden forever. Even by the help of all secret intelligence services of all the brave democracies of the world. False flags also! We have another useful idiot copy pasting the insidious proposal, the first step to make another FALSE FLAG already made by so-called white helmets when they did not manage to take USA of Obama to the war in Syria, again against Russia. If you recall, and if you don’t find out, then President of Exeptional USA Mr.Obama postponed his press conference at the White House for an hour or so, talking on the phone and discussing with someone what to do. An interesting event that was. Now, the same forces that think they own us want revenge. Well, they might all be surprised what kind of revenge they will get instead of making it. But, slowly slowly. That plate is served cold. That might be why Russia is not finishing its special operation and will continue to pursue to extend the time as the old proverb says- fight fire with fire. Terrible, but it looks like that.

Well, as already said, the truth will shine. The lies will disappear. Sorry will not be said. But souls, souls know and no propaganda can do anything about it. It is like Hitler attacked Russia. It is exactly the same. Seeds that were planted after WWII when president Roosevelt died under strange circumstances and did not finish his job properly. The one who came in his place was so democratic that two atomic bombs were dropped on poor Japan. We could even say that he was constructive. Poor Japan that is struggling today with everything as so many of the other allies of those democratic people who massacred Indians and many others. Being the ally of robbers is a very tricky business. They will always take out their grandy story you can find about here https://philosophyofgoodnews.com/2022/04/30/will-sun-continue-to-rise-up-to-us-only/

Those that were experimenting with who knows what and using so many who knows whom in their laboratories in Ukraine and the whole world WILL BE CALLED TO EXPLAIN THEIR DOINGS TO ALL OF US! THAT IS NOT FAIRYTALE, IT IS A FACT! IT WILL HAPPEN!


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One simple question arise. Ask everyone and everywhere why USA still did not destroy biological weapons! Why? What the hell those people thing they are!?! Did we the people gave them OK to do it, or all was organised with black funds?The world should ask and ACT! NOW! Because if unanswered we will be, unfortunately, forced to think that those are trying to destroy all of us. All of us! Masks, chips, jabs etc… Will we awake? Just see the The Manchurian_Candidate movie again or for the first time. Will we manage to bring back the Earth to us? We will need in some areas, especially Europe to let clover, shamrock to grow for 10 years to cure the land that got sick, and very tired, from all that poison chemicals used to get more products with less quality. But it is profitable for producers and definitely doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Is it possible to learn that in Germany 13000000 (thirteen million pigs) are slaughtered yearly just to keep the price of the pork meat high!? Is this really possible? Before you pay your bills try to concentrate and learn. Maybe it is not the truth!

But the truth is that the chief of German Inteligence was in Ukraina after 24th of February and needed to be evacuated by road as obviously was not in the capital but was probably, or to use now famous synonym, highly likely, doing a sightseeing at the black sea shores? Here it is.

Maybe another truth is highly likely to make you think deeper “Burned alive” Odessa 2/5/2014! Anyone said anything or Russian blood is not the same as our blood? Shame on us!

As regards to the numerous false flags let’s mention some Račak 1998, Another one, And another one, 1898 ….

Do we have a memory bigger than fish has? Hope we do. If not, what was Rhodesia? Or how many foreign bases USA has and how many Russia and China have, combined? What is the cost for all that and how it is paid for? Who makes us fools? And for what?


Darko Richard Lancelot


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